426-81st episode of Obake Competition, closing

The story of the participants in the ghost competition is all over.
Molly's unconscious bombing seems to have left the men in the audience with an indescribable sense of regret, sadness, and disappointment, but there's nothing we can do about that. They say that love is blind.

But I wonder... Isn't it okay to take it out on her? Yeah. And now Percy's here for good measure.

'Then listen to me for the last time.

I'm going to make an illustration of an obake that looks like a series of eyes, as if it were an embodiment of 'ears on the wall, eyes on the shoji', and have Becko color it.
While I'm at it, I'll entrust Becko with a rather large A2 size color illustration that I drew up yesterday. It is the illustration of the monster I am going to talk about.
I plan to present it after my talk is over.

I walk slowly to the center of the stage and look around at the audience.
The sun is setting and the audience seats are dimly lit. It's a nice atmosphere.

He breathes in slowly and begins to speak quietly.

'There was a place where there was a very strong sister and a prodigal brother who couldn't help himself.

My words naturally drew the attention of the entire audience to Percy.

'What the hell?I'm not a prodigal!In fact, I'm very serious!

I'm not going to say that I'm a prodigal, but I'm not going to say that I'm not a prodigal. ...... Well, let me set the record straight.

I'm not talking about Percy.
'Look at that!That's what you're saying!Don't look at me!
He was the kind of guy who left his sister in charge of the factory and became infatuated with other women, angered her with a careless comment, ran away from home, and was driven back to his hometown with a cold stare that said he'd cut off his family if he didn't meet the deadline.
I'm sure you're talking about me, aren't you?
'By the way, my sister is said to run away from home immediately if she comes near the bathhouse while she is bathing.
'That's me, isn't it?
'It's just a fiction. Even if you look like me, you're not me.

I tell her the story's promise and begin the rest of the story.

'My sister has a man she loves...'
'Oh, thank goodness!She's not the same person after all. Molly doesn't have anyone like that.

Percy is relieved.
But the people around you are looking at you warmly. Most of the people here know about it. They don't know about Molly's infatuation or who she's dating.
The only ones who don't know are Percy and the kid who hasn't even fallen in love yet.

'My sister couldn't tell her brother, who was an extreme sissy, that she was in love with someone. He would have disapproved.
'Well, isn't it obvious?A man who messes with another man's sister must be a bad person.
So I didn't want to talk about it, and nurtured our love in secret.'
'Wait a minute!Didn't I just get included in a story?This is fiction, right?

Shut up.
Shut up and listen, you sissy brother.
This is the good part.

'Their secret love affair went smoothly, and before long, they vowed to marry each other.

The source of the strange voice was Molly.
...... What did you imagine?I'm sorry.I'm not sure.
He turned his back to me and was blowing air on his cheeks with both hands.
I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at our own web site. ...... but the brother was very much against it.'
'My brother's a jerk.

Molly's mutterings are filled with murderous intent.
It's fiction, Molly. Well, the same thing would happen if you encountered such a situation in real life.

'But my sister didn't budge, she insisted on getting married. The wedding was to be held in a white chapel on top of a mountain, which she had always dreamed of. It was her dream to have her wedding in a chapel surrounded by birds, animals, colorful flowers and colorful insects, with the sun shining through the trees.
'.................. good'.

Molly nodded very emphatically.
It seemed like a good idea.

'But there was a problem. Her only relative, her brother, was against the idea, and there was no priest willing to be a witness. The sister was troubled and ran to the church. A kind-hearted sister with big breasts, who heard her story, agreed to be her witness. She said, 'It's not fancy, but let's swear our eternal love in a small ceremony.
'A small ceremony to pledge eternal love ...... would be nice.

'Phew ......,' Molly said, letting out a feverish sigh.
The relatively unobtrusive type of girls in the audience seemed to share her sentiments.
Some of them wanted to make a splash, while others wanted to make their vows modestly and peacefully.
Molly was more likely to be the latter.

'Hmph!I'd never go. What do you mean, 'modestly'? It's not the kind of place to invite people up on the mountain. Think of the trouble we'll cause.

Percy, who is now completely linked to his brother in the story, says in an extremely unhappy tone.
He's never been able to learn. ....... I told you it was fiction.

'But, of course, my brother was against it. 'I'm not going,' he said. 'What do you mean, just the two of us in a small way? It's not the kind of place to invite people up in the mountains. Think of the trouble we'll be in.
'Wait!That's what I just said, isn't it?It's not me, is it?It's fiction, isn't it?
'It's just a coincidence. It's a coincidence.
'What kind of coincidence is that?It's more than a coincidence.

'Shut up, it's fiction, fiction.

'He thought she would give up if he objected too strongly. But she was adamant. There was a forecast that it might rain on the wedding day, but that didn't shake her resolve.
'Love is the most powerful thing, isn't it?

Molly is muttering to herself in a voice no one can hear, as if to say to herself.
It seems Percy isn't the only one who sees himself in her.

'So my brother took a hard line. On the day of the wedding, he kidnapped the groom.
'My brother sucks!
'You're the worst, Percy!
'What a raccoon!
'Hey!It wasn't me!I told you it was fiction!

Percy is getting a lot of flak.
Must be his daily routine, I guess. Yeah. Trust is important, Percy. I'm a fraud, so I'm sure of it.

'The sky was cloudy, and soon it began to rain. The groom didn't show up for the worst weather. My sister will come home in tears, he thought. When she came back into his arms, wounded, he intended to say to her. 'I told you, didn't I?Don't trust other men. I'll protect you forever.
'Well, he's got a point, that brother of his.

No, Percy. No.

' But she never came back. The rain gets heavier and heavier. It was still noon and the sky was dark. Still, she didn't come back. Maybe she went to his house to meet the groom, or maybe she went to the church. I looked everywhere I could think of, but couldn't find her. I was informed at the church that the sister who was supposed to witness the wedding hadn't returned yet either--they're still in the mountains.

I heard a quiet gasp.

'The next thing I knew, my brother was heading for the mountains. He walked step by step toward the top of the mountain, his feet caught in the muddy path made muddy by the heavy rain. On the way, the path was blocked by a landslide. The rain never stopped and my brother was soaked and covered in mud.

'Haha...... haha......,' he breathed into his shoulder.
He looked up at the blocked road and wiped the sweat and rainwater dripping down his chin with his arm.
As the road disappears, he shows a look of anguish, lost in thought.

Then the audience leaned forward. I can feel that they are concentrating their attention on me.
By interjecting such an etude effectively, the narration brings up the scene in the listeners' minds even more.

'I thought of turning back like this. But more than that, my heart was almost crushed with anxiety. I wondered if my sister in the church on top of the ...... mountain would be safe in such a situation.

A sense of tension engulfed the room.
There are a variety of faces looking at me, some flabbergasted, some breathless, some anxious as if they are about to cry.
Percy, linked to the older brother in the narrative, has a pained expression on his face, as if he is worried about his sister's safety.

'Bypassing the crumbling road, my brother stepped into the mountain where the trees were thickly growing. Wading through the grass and trees, getting his feet stuck in the mud, and getting soaked from the relentless rain, ...... he found that it was now well into the night. It would normally take about two hours to reach the summit of the mountain, but because we took a detour, got lost, and took a rough route, it took us longer than necessary. It was pitch black. The rain, which had been pouring down noisily, had stopped, and the mountain was silent and still. In the midst of this, I spotted a flickering light behind the trees.

A bonfire was lit in the hall, swaying in the wind.
Since we were going to talk about ghosts, we had not prepared any glowing bricks. The orange light of the torch illuminated the hall.

'Finally, my brother reached the church. In the dark mountains, a pure white church stood out like a glimmering light. 'Haa...... haa...... finally arrived......'. Breathing on his shoulder, he put his hand on the door of the church. The heavy door opens with a '......gig,............gigy......'.

The girls in the audience huddle together.

'Inside the church, a sister in white vestments and a sister in a dress were standing.

The air in the hall eased for a moment.

'...... Thank God. It's a good thing you're safe,......,' he muttered, and then he became irked. If his sister hadn't insisted on having the wedding in such a place in the first place, and if she hadn't insisted on getting married despite his objections, he wouldn't have had to worry and struggle so much. When he thought about it, he couldn't stand it any longer and shouted. I told you so! I told you so! 'All you have to do is listen to me! And--'

So he closes his mouth for a moment.
An uncomfortable silence, too long to be called a pause, prevails.

The words that broke the silence were small and quick.

'But she doesn't turn around, she doesn't reply.

And then the furious older brother, wildly.

''Hey!Are you listening to what I'm saying?

He stretches out his arm and grabs the girl by the shoulders. He makes a gesture like that.
...... But he senses an abnormality: the hand that grabbed his shoulder stops and shakes .......

Many people seem to have noticed such a small change, and anxiety immediately spread to the entire audience.

''You know, bro,...... the groom,...... he didn't come,...... I've been waiting for him for so long.... .........' The hand on his shoulder trembled. It was my fault that the groom didn't show up. Doesn't your sister know that?I can't help but think that she knows and is holding a grudge.I couldn't help thinking that. You know,......," he said.

He muttered in a single, eerie voice.
Then she slowly turned around and looked at the audience as if glaring up at them from below.

When he sees his sister looking back at him, he exclaims, "Whoa!

The crowd's shoulders jumped at the loud voice.
The crowd's shoulders jump at the loud voice.

Half of her face was blackened with mud, and a huge rock was stuck in her stomach. When she pulled out the huge rock, her dress, which had been pure white, quickly turned crimson with the blood that had spurted out. And then, looking up at her brother with eyes as murky as the deep darkness where no light dwells, she said: ............ 'I will do as you say, ...... I'll always be by your side.

'Heee! I heard a woman scream.
I quickly looked over and saw Jeannette holding her head and covering her ears.

' My brother sat up and called out for help to the Sister standing next to him. 'Sister!My sister!Sister! Sister! ...... and the sister slowly turned around and looked into my brother's face. I'm glad you're here, brother. ...... I'll never leave you, sister, or me. ......" The sister's face was covered in blood and she had a large gash on her cheek. I'm not sure what to do. It's not that I don't like it, but I do. --Later, the bodies of the sister and the sisters were found in the sand. The bodies of the sister and the sister were later found in the sand. Both had been pierced through the stomach by a huge rock and died instantly.

I take a slow, deep breath.
Scene change.

'A few years later, my brother managed to recover and got married. It was to the woman he had always been in love with.

The audience begins to feel a faint sense of desperation.
'What?You ruined your sister's marriage, and now you're getting married? It's like, 'Percy, you're the worst.

'On the wedding day, it had been raining all morning. When my brother visited the church, he gasped. The church looked just like the church on the mountain. ...... 'No, that can't be true ......,' he told himself, opening the church door. You can find a lot more information on this website at ....... ....... ....... .......I'm not sure what to do. . He screamed as he opened the door. The other side of the door stood a sister in a mud-covered dress and a sister in vestments stained red with blood. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll do fine. In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at our own web site.

--After the last line, he pauses for a moment to catch his breath, leaving the audience in the middle of the narrative. The audience is timing their breaths according to the narrator's breathing, so when we hold our breaths, we lose sight of the timing of our breaths.
The story concludes after the narrator has sufficiently experienced the suffocating silence.

'And so, in retribution for ruining his sister's happiness, Percy was never able to marry.
'Wait a minute!

I bowed at the end and Percy stood up at almost the same time.

'You said this wasn't my story!It's fiction, right?
'Oh, sorry, sorry. That last sentence was a prophecy.
'Don't call it a prophecy!I'm getting married for sure!
'......, you interfered with my marriage.'

'I don't think you do!And the marriage crap has nothing to do with Molly at all!It's fictional, that's for sure!
'Do you have a minute, Percy?

Umaro looks at Percy with a difficult face.

'I apologize.
'That's why it wasn't me!I didn't interfere with my sister's marriage!
'So, when Molly gets married someday, you'll support her, right?
'What?Of course not!I mean, Molly's never going to get married!I can't even find a guy I like!
'Ah, it looks like ...... Yashiro's prediction is coming true.
'No, it won't!

The whole hall is looking at Percy accusingly.
I didn't do anything, but they hate me.

And while I was thinking that, there was only one person looking at me accusingly. It's ...... Jeannette.

'Ugh ...... that's terrible, Mr. Yashiro. You said that Yashiro's story was not scary, but a story for a masquerade. ......'

I'm not sure if I've ever heard of such a thing.
I had told Jeannette that in advance.
No, that's not it.
I guess I just got caught up in the festive atmosphere. ......

I just wanted to scare Percy a little. ......

'It's all Percy's fault: ......'
'I didn't do anything, did I?

Teary-eyed Percy.
'Yeah, you're not pretty enough to cry about, and you're not going to make me squirm.

'Molly's in a bit of a rebellious phase right now, so don't say anything that'll make me look bad, seriously!

I didn't see any sign of that at all.

'Yes, she is!When I open the door to my room, she gets angry and says, 'Knock! She gets angry when I open the door to my room, she tells me not to go into the bathroom when I'm taking a bath, and she throws me out of my bedroom when I try to sleep with her. ......'
'Percy, it's not rebellion, it's self-preservation instinct.

You do that all the time? I'm surprised she hasn't run away from home. You're a good-hearted girl, Molly.
Well, she's currently a runaway.

'I was away from the factory for a while, and she got really mad at me, saying, "Work! ......'.
'That's a perfectly valid argument.

If you ask a hundred people, a hundred people will say 'you're wrong', that case.

'Even now, he's gone away with his eyebrows raised like this: ......'

Percy's shoulders slumped.
When you see a weak expression like that,.................., you can't think or feel anything. You deserve it.

'Becco~, Jeannette's scared, show her the illustration~'
'Wait!Don't ignore the whole conversation with me!You can comfort him, right?
'There's no need to comfort me, is there?
'I don't even know which one you are!

Ignoring the noisy Percy, Becko comes to the center of the stage with two illustrations.
These are the illustrations I gave him earlier.

'Hmm. That's Mr. Yashiro, that he is. This kind of idea has yet to come out of me, that it has. I need to study even more, that I do.

He gazes at the illustrations with admiration, and then holds them one by one in one hand and shows them to the audience.
Vividly drawn on a large sheet of A2 size paper are illustrations of a deceased bride and a deceased sister.
We are proud of the beauty of the illustrations, which would attract hundreds of thousands of new registrants if they were used for social games.

When the audience saw the illustrations, they exclaimed, "Wow!
Well, well, well. I'm still as good as Becko in this field.
Things that don't seem to exist in this world draw out and stimulate people's creativity.

Yashiro!I want to make this outfit!

Uclines was a great catch.
It looks like a beautiful dress that has been torn apart, yet it's a well-proportioned and attractive design.

'Wow, ...... is pretty cute.'

Estella also said in an impressed voice after looking at the two illustrations.
The content of the story is a little strange, but the illustrations themselves do not inspire fear.
Well, there are a few red blotches on the white vestments and the bride's face is stained with mud.
Even with this kind of make-up, the models look pretty enough.

When I looked at Jeannette, her expression of fear had completely disappeared and a completely different expression had appeared on her face.
It was, 'Huh?...... No, but I don't think it's ...... but ............ hmm? It was an expression of confusion.
Hmmm... I think someone other than ...... Ginette would have noticed it at once.
I've drawn it up so clearly.

So the other Molly is .......

'Big brother'.

She came back to Percy with a tray, looking a little unhappy.
The tray was covered with a cloth so you couldn't see what was inside. ......, but that bulge...

'Molly!Where the hell have you been?Listen, that was your creation, okay?I had nothing to do with it!Don't be mad, seriously!
'...... Then, what would you do if I brought a man to you who wanted to marry me?
'I'd hit him.
'Duh, wait!No, no!No, I'd talk to him first, and then I'd hit him!
''Haha, ...... brother, you're totally .......''

Molly holds out the tray with a dumbfounded look.
Percy accepts the tray with a puzzled look on his face. He seems to be unable to grasp the meaning of Molly's actions.

'Huh?What's this?
'Well, it looks like you worked hard and met the deadline.
'Delivery date?...... Ah, ah!Sugar. Yeah, I made it. Right on time!The last minute push was really great!We all hugged each other afterwards, seriously.
Seriously. Isn't it fun, your job?
'Hmm~...... well, if Molly was here, it would have been even better.'
'If I was here, you'd be gone.'
'Ugh, ...... that's where, you know, ...... sharing?Like that?
'...... brother?'
'Oh, no!I work hard too!I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.She's a serious person!
'That house is too big for me to live in by myself, so ...... do your best not to get kicked out.
'Yeah!I'll leave it to you!
'Then ...... reward your brother for his hard work.'

He removes the cloth from the tray.
On the tray, there were three beautiful triangular rice balls in a row. Next to them was a cup of tea with steam rising from it.

'Molly ...... this?
'I made it myself. Isn't it good?

Molly looks down, embarrassed.
Percy is frozen in place, as if moved.

Oh, right.
So this is why Molly was practicing her 'I'll master it today' onigiri.

What the hell.
You're Percy.
The lucky guy.

'That's awesome!That's really great, Molly.
'It's only a rice ball, ...... you're overreacting.'

But Molly looks happy.

'No, I'm seriously freaked out. You take care of all the household chores, but no matter how hard you try, your cooking never gets any better. You're perfect in everything else, but your cooking is so bad that I can't even believe it.
'Give it back if you don't want to eat it.
'I'll eat it!I want to eat it!Because it looks decent!
'...... Brother?I'm leaving the house.
'Why are you doing this?I'm complimenting you!

No, you're disrespecting me big time, man.
Oh, so Molly ...... can't cook? Well, there are not many people who can do everything.
Especially if you lost your mother when you were young, there's no one to teach you how to cook.

'Yummy!What is this!It's so good!

'You're already ............ overreacting.'

Molly turned her face away in embarrassment as Percy fussed over the rice balls.
But the face that was turned away was happy and relaxed.
After all, Molly's a bit of a bracero too, isn't she?

'Molly, you've been practicing for me, huh~? huh?My sister's the best!She's the cutest thing in the world!
'Oh, my God!Don't say that in front of everyone, it's embarrassing!

She wants you to say it when we're alone.
'Oh, Percy, I hope you don't choke and fall over.

'You're the best, Molly!I'll never give her to anyone else!
'.................. brother?'

Molly's happy, embarrassed, loose face instantly changes to a crisp, cold expression of absolute zero.

...... My creative ghost story might not be fiction anymore.

I'm sure you'll be fine.
'Hey, Molly!I'm not sure what to say.

Molly turns her back on Percy, who clings to her.
Then she notices the two illustrations on the stage.
She stares at them, mutters, '......What? and rushes to the illustrations.
He stares at the illustrations at close range, then turns his gaze to me with the awkward movements of an oiled-up tin doll.

'Oh, is that ...... Yashiro?

She looked at the illustration alongside Molly and muttered, '...... I knew it.

'I'm sure it's just my imagination, but ...... this is...'

Molly and Jeannette stare at me together in front of the illustration of the deceased bride and the deceased sister.

'It kind of looks like us ......, doesn't it ............?

The desire to deny it twists the grammar, but I can't help but think that 'don't we look alike? But if you replace 'don't they look alike' with 'don't they? does not change the reality.
Because you are the models.
I mean, you look exactly like them, right?
The deceased sister's breasts are like no other, they're so big, no, they're huge!

''This is the costume you guys will wear for Halloween.

We both looked at the illustration again at the same time.
Then, they both pressed their cheeks together again and--

''Oh, my stomach is ......''

-- and muttered the same words at the same time.

That's right, isn't it?
The clothes were torn by the sand and dust, and both the deceased bride and the deceased sister had their bellies exposed,......, or rather, they were designed so that the eyes would be drawn to their bellies.

''......That thing was serious, wasn't it ......''

That's what I said.
"Would you like to walk down the street with your stomach out?
I wasn't lying or drunk or anything.

''Until the show, let's work hard together.
''Huh, ......!

Ginette and Molly put their hands on each other's shoulders, and both covered their stomachs with their hands at the same time.

After that, the best winners were announced and given their new sweets.
The winner of the grand prize was - to my great regret - Lucia.

'Let's make it a family heirloom!
'Eat it!
'If you eat it, you'll lose it, anchovy!
'Are you Imelda?

After staring at us and bragging about it here and there, he said, 'I'll eat it again next time, so make it again,' in a very superior manner.
Next time, I'll take your money, okay?

After the closing remarks, the party went on to a large banquet as a matter of course.
Just as at the field day, liquor and meat were brought in from Cantalucia, and the Sun Goddess Pavilion joined the party by cooking Assunto's ingredients in a simple kitchen.

The revelry continued until late at night, and it was not until late in the evening that we arrived back at the Sunken Pavilion.
Both Jeannette and Magda looked sleepy and were going back to their rooms as soon as we arrived at the sunny pavilion, so I managed to secure Magda and completed the last toilet of the night.
The rest will be done tomorrow, after the sun comes up.

...... Please pray that the windows don't make any strange noises and that I can sleep peacefully. ............