425-No additives Episode 80 Obake Competition Afternoo...

With our stomachs full, the afternoon session of the Obake Competition began.
Currently, a woman from the Beastman tribe living in the east is speaking.

'Whenever I try to eat my favorite taiyaki, I hear a voice in the room where I'm supposed to be the only one saying, "Give me a bite. ......'

Whenever I try to eat something in my room where I live alone, I hear a voice saying 'Give me a bite' and when I turn around, there is no one there. But when you turn around, you see that the food in front of you has decreased by one bite.
There was no particular reason for this, but my eyes naturally went to Bertina.
No, no, Bertina and the bite monster are not the same thing. I'm sure of it. I'm sure of it, because ...... Bertina wouldn't be able to take more than a bite.

'But I love taiyaki, and it's my favorite, so I took a chance and said. "No! I said. And then I heard this voice: ............ 'Well, two bites.'

The nastiness increased!
The audience laughed at this unexpected development.

The woman who told the story seemed a little unhappy.
Apparently, she had intended to scare them.
If you actually experience it, it must be incredibly scary. ...... I wonder if the story is a true story.
Somehow, I feel that if Hammaro or the like snuck into my room, I would be in a similar situation. 'No, that's not it! Especially the ending that makes you want to shout 'No, that's not it!

So, I drew an illustration that looks like Hammaro and Bertina added together and divided by two.

'Yashiro. Your model is too easy to understand.

Estella pointed out, and when I turned my gaze toward Bertina, her cheeks were puffed out. She was not happy.

'That's terrible, Yashiro-san. I'll take a bite of your supper as punishment.

Bertina says in a sultry tone.
You're not wrong at all.

I'm going to redraw it a bit, since I'm afraid of copyright infringement.
I'm going to make her look less like Bertina and more like a mischievous, pampered kid with mouse ears.

'Hmmm. It's cute. He looks a little like Hammaro.

Ginette, you're right. It's about 70% Hammaro. I tried to emphasize the mischievous rather than the gourmand.

I see. Put a hamster ear on it and you can have a bite.'

Hey, didn't that Sister look unhappy just now?
If you wear this costume, you'll look exactly like the illustration I just showed you. The illustration you rejected.

In the meantime, the sun is getting darker and darker.

When the sky was getting dim, it was time for him to take the stage.
Lucia, the lord of the 35th district, took the stage with a full heart.
Her imposing appearance was already attracting people's attention even before she said a word.

'This is a story that has been passed down in the 35th district...'

In a calm, clear voice, he told me the story of the Shadow that I had been told.

'At a time when the sky was tinged red and the blues were slowly spreading,......, a girl was playing outside.

The scene is more detailed than when it was told to me. The tone of voice that you use will also increase the tension of the listener.
Lucia's really trying to win the grand prize, isn't she?

The sun was setting, and the girl's shadow was growing longer and longer. At that time, the ...... girl suddenly felt a gaze. There was no one around her,...... not a single noise, but someone was watching her,...... she thought.

Someone swallowed a gulp of spit.
The venue was so quiet that such a sound could be heard, and the crowd was so tense that not even a whisper could be heard.

'A shadow at my feet flickered ...... suspiciously. Then the girl said--'

The tension reached its peak.

'Hey, that's weird, I feel like someone is watching me even though no one is supposed to be here...' 'That's weird, that's not good, that's scary, that's scary...'

Hey, hey!
What the hell is Junji River?
Where did you learn how to talk like that?He's not here, is he?There's no one like him in this town, is there?
What?Is that where you end up when you get down to it?

It seemed that I was the only one who was upset, and the hall was filled with a tension that felt like it would crack if I touched it. There were many people who looked as if they would burst into tears if something triggered them.
It's amazing, isn't it, the way he talks.

'From an eerily stretching shadow, a pitch-black, dark arm stretched out and grabbed the girl's leg with a "Gah! It grabbed the girl's leg.

'Gah! Several people screamed.
They must have been startled by the sudden loud voice.
Then, the shadow dragged the girl into the shadows, reminding her of ...... with few words.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact us at ....... ............'

She straightened her posture and smiled quietly.
In the darkened hall, the smile was so shadowy that it was ...... unsettlingly beautiful.

...... Yes. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.

............ Lucia, what have you done to me?

Lucia walked off the stage looking at me with a smug look on her face.

It's so annoying. ...... Don't talk about scary stuff like that. I'm not sure what to make of it.

In the hall, kids were clinging to their mothers when they saw the shadows starting to grow, shrinking their bodies to prevent the shadows from growing any longer, and stomping on the shadows with their feet.
That's a lot of influence. All the kids are struggling in vain.
I really think the grand prize goes to Lucia. ......

While I was thinking that, an unexpected person came on stage.

'My turn, next.

Gilberta had entered the competition separately from Lucia.
Somehow, I hadn't expected Gilberta to come out in front, so I was quite surprised.

'I've just entered, I'm going to Lucia-sama's mansion as a servant--'

Gilberta begins to talk in a flat voice and a plain tone, although she is going around and around.
Gilberta tells a story about her experience when she was a new waiter.

Nowadays, Lucia no longer hides her love of insects, but before she met us, she never showed any such pretense in front of anyone other than Gilberta and a few others, even in the mansion.
There are people who served and adored Lucia's father, the former lord, and are still serving him, and it seems that Lucia cannot do as she pleases, no matter how much she wants to.
Even as a young female lord, she is easily underestimated by her neighbors. She could not show any more weakness. --Such a mindset seems to have prevailed in the house at the time.

Such an oppressive atmosphere was even worse when Gilberta first became a waiter, and since her predecessor was still alive, Gilberta, who was of the Gunthaiari tribe, felt quite constrained.

'Even so, it is unusual that a subspecies - the Bug People - would be called into the lord's house.

Gilberta says that the recruitment was done on Lucia's strong recommendation and by force.
The previous lords, who were concerned about discrimination against subhumans, did not oppose it. But even so, he did not welcome them.

'Tacit approval' is the most appropriate word.

Gilberta's father was a very good soldier who guarded the city gates of the 35th district, and the lord was very pleased with him, so Gilberta was able to become a waiter.

So that's how it happened.
I had thought that she had inherited the position like Natalia, but she must have been a great selection.
That must have been why he had so many enemies.
It is said that there were many servants who did not like Gilberta, who was the favorite of the lord's daughter.

'In such a situation, there was one senior who was very kind to me.

It is said that a Firefly woman who had worked as a waiter before Gilberta protected Gilberta from the same situation.
Gilberta said in a happy voice that she had been taken care of by the Firefly woman who had worked as a waiter before her.

'I was taught, I was taught. He taught me how to be a waiter, and everything about it.

It was that senior Firefly who laid the foundation for the Gilberta we know today, she said.
And he must have been Gilberta's emotional support.

'One time, I saw him slipping out in the middle of the night from the servants' dormitory...'

It was a hot and humid night.
He woke up in the middle of the night, opened the window to the uncomfortable heat, and saw his senior walking under the window.
He was walking alone, tottering.

Gilberta still remembers the feeling of the uncomfortable wet shirt sticking to her skin in the damp, windless air.
Wondering where he was going in the middle of the night, Gilberta slipped out of the room and secretly followed him.

She heard the sound of waves coming from the sea, which must have been far away from the house.
With the faint smell of the tide came the roaring, frightening sound of the waves.

The senior had left the dormitory grounds and was heading for the city gate.
The city was pitch black and not a single noise could be heard, except for the ...... sound of the waves, which sounded like moans.

'And then it happened, the strange thing--'

The city gates, which are supposed to be completely closed at night, were open.
And there was not a single gatekeeper.

Gilberta wondered at the situation, but her desire to pursue her senpai overcame her and she moved her feet incessantly.
She kept walking without stopping and finally came to the sea.

The sea at night was pitch black, and the surging waves looked like living things," Gilberta says in an indifferent voice.
The scene flashed through my mind, and the eeriness of it sent chills down my spine.

'It was going on and on, my senior, into the pitch-black sea--I thought it was dangerous, so I ran. So I ran.

I ran along the beach, chasing after the senior in front of me.
I tried to call out to him, but somehow my voice wouldn't come out.
So Gilberta stretched out her arm and tried to take his hand.

That's when.

'He called my name, I said.

'Gilberta! And the next thing I know, I'm being hugged from behind. Multiple arms.
My vision, which until then had been blind except for my senior, suddenly opened up and the world was flooded with sound.
When he turned around, he saw five of the servants of the mansion - Gilberta's senior servants - clinging to Gilberta.
In addition, about ten other servants were looking at her with concern, Gilberta said.

'I asked them, because I didn't really understand the situation.

The senior waiters said that a night shift worker had seen Gilberta leaving the dormitory alone and had followed her with her friends.
They said that Gilberta did not seem to hear them when they called out to her, and that she headed for the sea without any expression on her face, overruling the gate keeper's warning.

All alone.

As soon as she arrived at the beach, the waiters hugged her desperately and stopped her as she headed straight for the sea.

'...... alone?You can find a lot more information on the web.

You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.
I couldn't find any footprints that my senpai must have made.
There were only black waves lapping at the shore. There was nothing but the sea.

'I've been apologized to by the senior waiters...'

The senior servants said they were sorry for the pain they had caused Gilberta and apologized for their attitude.
Gilberta did not suffer because of the presence of her seniors. Rather, she said that she was sorry for the trouble she had caused the senior waiters because of her inadequacies.
And then...

'What ...... 'senior' do you mean?

A chilly breeze caressed my cheeks, and I shrugged my shoulders.
I'm not sure what to say. ......The Firefly people.

And then--

'You're amazing, you can even do things that 'no one taught you'. That's why, to be honest, there's a part of us that's a little disappointed with .......'

That's what he said to me.

'There was no ....... I checked, and there was no such senior anywhere.

The room was silent.
Gilberta ............, you're a real guy, you know that?

I don't think it's a real ghost,.......
You can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time and are now looking for a job.

'At the time, I was curious, too, and I did some research of my own, and I found out that the 'helpers' that the previous lords secretly hired for their ladies were the Fireflies.
'At the time, they must have been even more worried about what people would think. That's why they were 'maids. They weren't servants, but they were given special treatment, the Fireflies.

The previous lady of the house was Lucia's grandmother.
If Lucia's grandmother was a person who cared about the Bug People as much as Lucia did, she might have secretly hired one of the Bug People to serve her.
If that was the case, it would mean that the Suarez family had been worried about the racial friction for generations. This is unusual for a noble family. Their grandparents would have been older than Sirach, and if they had been concerned about the Bug People even before the tragedy, then they were a caring family. ............ It doesn't matter!

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and how to get there.If he does exist, he must be very old. He's not a 'senior' anymore, he's a 'master'.
Wow, that's definitely not from this world anymore. ...... Wow, ......
Yes, I can't open the window this evening. I'll cry if I hear a noise. Yes, confirmed.

'...... You guys, go back to the 35th district.

You're usually joking around, but you're always talking about scary stuff like this. ...... I'm going to sleep with Magda in my arms, you bastard.

I'm not sure if it's a thing or not.
In the event that you've got a lot of money, you're going to need to be able to pay for it. I'm not sure what to say. ............

'I think, I ...... senior appeared to help ...... before me'.

Gilberta chuckles.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk. It's all thanks to you.

Gilberta's eyes were very calm as she said this, and I could sense nothing but gratitude towards her.
She's taking it very positively, isn't she?
If this is how Gilberta feels, then it is probably true. ......

In the event you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please feel free to contact us. It is not uncommon for strong feelings to bring people and things together.

It's not uncommon to see the deceased in your dreams," Lucia says.

Strong feelings, huh?
I'm sure you've heard of it.
Yes, you may not be wrong. If it is in this town, where magic exists as a matter of course.

As I was idly thinking about this, Gilberta pulled my sleeve.

'I want you to draw my friend Yashiro, my senior.
'No,......, I'll draw it,.......'
'The eyes are like this, a little droopy and round. Egg-shaped, face.'
I'm not sure what to make of it.

Gilberta is giving us a detailed description of the killer's face, as if the victim were describing the killer in a criminal drama.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for, but it's also a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

'Can you tell me a little more about them?How big are they ......?
'Don't get excited, anchovy. You're a real piece of work, you know that?

I'm suddenly feeling very motivated!
You're Gilberta's benefactor, so I'll draw you pretty and plump.

--So, I drew a portrait of him as he asked.

'I want this.

The resemblance was so great that Gilberta stuck to the blackboard and couldn't be removed. It's stronger than a super-strong magnet.

'Is the resemblance that great, this sketch?
'I don't know. I haven't seen it, real or fake.'

Lucia glared at me as I drew it, seemingly a little annoyed by Gilberta's obsession with people other than herself.
It's not my fault, no matter how you look at it.

Gilberta receives the colored illustration that Bekko copied and happily wiggles her antennae.

'Thank you, titty townie.
'Ummm ......, it seems that the image outside the ward is filled with Mr. Yashiro, that my 42nd ward.'
'Idiot, Bekko. It's not me.

The main factors that determine the image of the forty-two districts are Estella, the lord, and Ginette, the owner of the Sunshine Pavilion, who is always talked about. You could say they are the two tops.
If you put Ginette and Estella side by side, the first thing everyone will see is their boobs. 'Oh, so many! And.

'If you look at Jeannette, then look at Estella, then look at Jeannette again, everyone will say 'tits'.
'Yashiro, if you don't shut your mouth, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.'
'Glimpse, glimpse, glimpse, "boobs" ......?It's true, it just slipped out of my mouth. ......'
'Okay, Natalia and Yashiro, you two can leave together!

Estella takes it out on Natalia for demonstrating her theory.
She's not a fan of science. Science?Psychology?No, human mechanics?

'Since the word "boobs" is falling out of my mouth, let's call this the "Law of the Boobs"!
'After all, the 42nd district is the city of boobs.
'Well, it was Mr. Yashiro's image, wasn't it? It's really troubling, that it is, the idea of Mr. Yashiro's boobs.

I tried to prove that it wasn't my fault, but he was convinced that it was.
I'm sure he doesn't understand learning. He's just Becko.

And that was the end of the conversation between Lucia and Gilberta.
But this is not the end.
At the end, I'm going to tell a story for the masquerade.

It's ......, but the air is a bit heavy. I mean, the sub warts on my arms haven't subsided yet, so I'm going to take a break. Fear is a cumulative effect. ......
I'm not trying to scare the crowds. I'm not trying to scare the audience. I want you to listen to it as if you were saying, 'That kind of masquerade is possible!
So, here is the perfect person for such a situation!

'You, say something appropriate.
'Oh, my God!No warning, no warning!

It's okay, it's okay. You can do it. I just want you to let me watch you do it and be soothed. Good luck with your little animal videos. You know, the ones you watch when you want to be healed.

'Well, let's talk about how you're actually my sister!

I told you the ending first!
Nice!That's good, Hammaro!
Keep it up and make it more and more heartwarming!

'My sister stays out all the time!I wonder, does she have someone she cares about?Did you sleep in the same bed with her last night?
'It's Magda-chou!I'm staying at the sunny pavilion!

Loretta's voice came from the audience.
I will immediately correct any suspicious statements from my relatives. Otherwise, it's deep-rooted. ...... Rumors in the 42nd district still haven't disappeared that I'm targeting Nephrite.

'That day, too, my sister left the house to go to Magdacho's place for a sleepover!
'It's not Magda!I'm only going to stay at the Sunshine Pavilion, Cantalucia, or Norma's place!

Are you staying at Norma's too, Loretta?
Stay at home, eldest daughter. She's been playing around a lot, hasn't she?

'But my sister came home in the middle of the night!
'What?...... Did that ever happen to you?
'Knocking, knocking, knocking on the window...'
'A window?I go in through the front door, you know.Even if I lost my keys, I wouldn't knock on the window, I'd knock on the front door.
'It's a wooden window, so I can't see out, and the whole family is going 'peek-a-boo'!
'I don't know what you're talking about, I don't care what you're talking about, let's get on with it!
'Loretta ......, shut up.'
'Huh!The president of the jury is angry with me. ......'

Estella nailed her, and Loretta held her mouth with her hands.
And for some reason, Hammaro is also holding his mouth together.

'No, you should talk, Hammaro.
'That's you!
'...... huh?'
'Stop, you're turning around at this moment!There's no one here!There's no one here, is there?You didn't feel a presence or anything, did you?
'Yashiro, you're annoying too.

Because Hammaro is going to do something scary!

'.................. Hammaro?'

'No, wait a minute, Hammaro!Nobody said anything right now, did they!There's no one else that only you can see, right!
'Estella-sama, please be quiet.
'No, but...'

Estella gets angry with Natalia for making noise.
Yeah, yeah. This is a good example of how unreasonable things can come back to you.
You should have a more tolerant heart, human creature.

And you're actually my sister!The end!
'Wait, Hammaro!I'm sorry for interrupting you, but I haven't finished my story at all!Can you start with the part about the knock on the wooden window?

Hammaro tried to end the story quickly, as if he was bored, but I urged him to continue.
As expected, such an ending is unacceptable. It's really bothering me.

'There was a knock at the door, and I asked, "Who is it? and it was my sister!'It's me,' she said!
'Was it really Loretta's voice?
'There's no way she could have misheard me!
'No, but big brother ......, I've never knocked on a window before, have I?
'He said, "Open, open, let me in!"'

Wait a minute, isn't this getting slightly scary?

'At first, it was 'kong kong', but then it became 'more and more', and 'open' became 'open!Let me in!Do as I say! I'm sure it's not me!
'That's definitely not me, is it?
'The voice also went from my sister's voice to a low, dirty voice of an old man I don't know!
'You should have realized at that point that it wasn't me!
'You can do it, big sister!
'Don't get your hopes up without any evidence!
'My big sister is a great big sister who can do anything!
'Huh!I can't betray my brother's innocent envy. ......!It's me!
'It's definitely not you, Loretta!
But, brother!Can you say that?It's not me.''
'It's definitely not me, so just say it is!
'No, I can't deny the possibility that it's me!I'm sure there are times when my old man's voice comes out without me even realizing it!
'That's why I'm worried about you!

You might be possessed or possessed, you know?

''But you were giving me orders even though you're my sister, so I ignored you!
'Whoa!I'm not sure what to say.What do you mean by 'but'?
'A stew with bamboo shoots and dried bonito flakes!
'That's not "kuseni", it's "tosa-ni"!It's a delicious dish made by the manager!If you're interested in it, please come and try it at the Sunlit Pavilion!
'My sister's Tosa-ni!
'You're talking out of your ass!What happened to the voices outside in the end?
'I was shouting so much that I ended up gulping...'
'You're surprisingly weak!I wanted you to be more invincible with some kind of power, like a grudge or a curse!
'I fell asleep before I realized...'
'Even though the window was being slammed and you were being shouted at right outside!
'Once you get used to it, it's a bit of an energetic lullaby!
'You have so much courage, even though I'm your sister, I'm a little surprised!
'I went to bed and woke up to find you gone!
'I gave up and went home, didn't I?
'But there was blood all over the outside of the window!
'Please don't throw in horrible facts in an innocent voice!
'And you're actually my sister!
'No, you're not!I should have been removed from the list of suspects at the first step!
'But it sounded like your sister.
'But it was your sister's voice.' 'And then it became the voice of an old man I don't know, right?
'My sister can do that!
'Haaaaah!My little brother is so cute and innocent!
'You guys, shut up, all of you.

I don't know if this is a scary story, a comic story, or a family boast.
But if you just imagine the facts as they happened ............, it's just plain scary, isn't it?It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.

d*mn it, I'm really not going near the window today!
I'm gonna reinforce it with boards and make sure it won't open!
Well, what do you mean?My room is on the second floor.There's no way I'm going to let anyone knock on my window. ......

'Excuse me, do you have a minute, Hammaro?
'Hamma...... okay!
'If you're going to say it, you have to say it!
'You don't have to add what's missing!
'Muzukashii ...... shun.'
'It's not something you need to reflect on that much!
'I'm not sorry!
'This guy is ...... ah, that's enough. More importantly, Hammaro, your room was on the second floor, right?
'...... How do you tap on the second floor window from outside?
'Hmm~?............ Good luck!
'Oh ......, the answer to 'how' was mentalism ......'.

So, Hammaro's bedroom is on the second floor.

You're giving me unnecessary information!

I'm not looking at the window!I don't listen!I'm not singing!

'All right, I've drawn an illustration!

My whole body was creeping out, so I quickly drew an illustration.
It came out very cute, yes.

As Hammaro testified, it's a three-headed character that looks just like Loretta.
However, he has a thief's beard around his mouth, and in the speech balloon, I added a line in a font that sounds like a rattling rasp.

'Hey, big brother!Please don't do that with a face that looks like mine!You're ruining the image of the cute Loretta!
'What?You're saying 'Bohe~'?
'I didn't say "Bohe~"!
'The coloring is done, that it is!
'You're working awfully fast, that you are!Is it malice?Is this a challenge to me?I'll accept it!

Loretta ran onto the stage, "Pong, pong, pong! She ran up to the stage and closed in on Becko.
The audience laughed, but even their voices were a little stiff.
He must have been scared for some reason.
...... Hammaro ............ I'm disappointed!
I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure what to do now, but I'll just tell him my story and be done with it.

'Molly!Just in time for delivery!

A man who had been completely forgotten in my mind. Percy came running towards me at full speed with a strange expression on his face and a big wave of his hand.

'Brother ......'.

Molly stood up and stared at Percy with an anxious look on her face.
That expression on her face, is she worried about looking so skinny......

'......Sorry. I just forgot.'

Oh, it was guilt.
It's okay, it's okay. Maybe everyone forgot.

'Molly, I worked hard!I worked the hardest I've ever worked!

Percy comes up to me with tears in his eyes.
Watching Percy, I gently lift Molly up onto the stage.

'Hey, you!What are you doing?
'No, it's just a reunion, and it's going to be a long one, so I thought I'd show everyone anyway.
'Don't do anything unnecessary!It's between brother and sister!
'Brother. Did you get the delivery in time?Are the employees okay?Did you push them too hard?'
'!And Molly, why are you talking to me from the stage?Get down here!You're really standing out!
'Answer the question!
'I'm fine!Aunt Zessica, you were so excited. ...... You were so hard on me. ......'

It seems that the old employee (a motherly girl) has been squeezed a lot.

As I looked at him, my cheeks grew even more gaunt by a factor of four.

'I see. Good job, bro. You worked hard. Good job.'
'Mo...... Molly!

Percy's eyes welled up with emotion as he ran up to the stage.
He then tried to hug Molly with his momentum, but she flinched away from him. Molly, nice move.

'Why are you avoiding ......?
'Big brother, you haven't taken a bath, have you?You smell so sweet.'
'I've been working all this time!
'That's great. But don't get attached to my sweet smelling body.'
'What do you mean, "sweet smelling"?That's the first time I've heard that word.

If it's too sweet, it'll certainly make you go '......! I know.
I know, I know.

'So, Percy...'
'Don't do that!At least make it (sweet)!
'Stinky, stinky, stinky...'
'The smell is too strong!It's been eroded by my name!
'Now that you're on stage, tell us a story about a ghost.'
'A story about ghosts?What's that?
'That's what this tournament is about.

Tell some impromptu story, and maybe a little bit of a slippery slope.
That's your raison d'etre.

'What's a ghost like?I don't know, seriously.'
'He's kind of scary. Do you know anything about it, bro?If you're chosen as the best, you get a special candy. Here, work hard.
No, good luck. ...... Molly, do you want some candy?I think it's a die .......'
'......Just say something.'
'Molly is staring at me with a scary face!

Percy, who was half crying when he saw his sister again, started crying when she stared at him.
He's so annoying. Why don't you just say something quickly and slurp it up?

'Ah~......, so I don't know if you're a ghost or not, but let's talk about last night.

Percy scratches his head in annoyance, and with a resigned look on his face, he begins to talk.

'Yesterday, I was home alone. Normally Molly is there, and even if I don't hear anything, I can feel her presence. It's very calming, but ...... yesterday I was seriously alone ...... and it was a bit creepy. A house all by myself. It's quiet, it's dark, it's your house, you see it every day, but it's just different and it's scary.

A few people in the audience nodded at Percy's words.
They must have remembered it. The experience of a house without parents, a night without children, a strange quiet and cold atmosphere.

'No one is supposed to be there, but somehow there is someone there. ...... Someone is watching me. ......'

It's just a little thing, but I can imagine it so real, it's strangely scary.

'And since it was so creepy, I asked the Carey brothers to come stay with us for the night.
'What?Brother, what did you just say?

........................ Ah!The anteater brothers.
That's a complicated way of putting it.

So, Molly.
Your face looks like crap. Are you okay?

'...... did Mr. Neck and Mr. Chick stay over?At our house?'
'Oh, yeah. They agreed to it. I'm really grateful. Thanks to them, I managed to sleep through the night and didn't oversleep. Isn't that great?
'............ I wasn't there, you know?
'Yes, you were!But I managed to wake up!See?Isn't that great?
'...... Why did you call me on a day when I'm not here, but not on a day when I'm here?'
'Hmm?Oh, Cary brothers?I mean, what's the point of inviting Molly when she's here?

'No, no, no?
'To ......?'
'I'm sure there's no such thing, can you think about it, brother?
'Hey ...... Molly, your face looks terrible. What ...... are you mad about?'
'What?I'm not mad at you.'
'No, you're mad as hell!
'I'm not mad. I'm not mad at you, but you should have stepped down the stairs when you got off the stage.
'What did I do?Hey, Molly!

Molly seems to have lost all admiration for Percy's efforts.
Well, I understand your frustration. ......

'Yeah, ...... Molly, ...... yeah, .......'
'The Cary brothers are, uh, the sugar radish brothers?...... yeah............'
'No way. ...... yeah............'

Molly. I think your secret's out in the whole hall.

I wonder how long it will be before the pissed off Molly realizes that.