424-Additive-free Episode 79 bustling time

At noon, the people who had been snacking on sweets began to line up at the food stalls for a real meal.
Magda and Loretta are making okonomiyaki at stall No. 7, and Ginette is making stir-fried scraps of vegetables and chan-chan-yaki at stall No. 2.
Or rather, Ginette is working hard, moving back and forth between the stall and Umaro's simple kitchen.

The chan chan pancakes have been presented several times and have enjoyed stable popularity, but what was surprising was the high interest in the stir-fried vegetable scraps.
With a little effort and ingenuity, the stems and skins, which are not tasty even if eaten by force, can be turned into a feast in no time at all. Well, that "little trick" is the fruit of professional skill.
The wives were observing Ginette's knife work with great interest.

Ginette seems to be a little nervous about cooking while being watched, but she still seems to be enjoying the process.
By the way, this is the first time I've made stir-fried scraps of vegetables available to the public. I've done cooking classes with my friends before.
It's not the kind of dish you show off. Because it's a stir-fry of trash vegetables.
It's like what people call "fried rice with leftovers in the refrigerator. It's not something to show off in front of people.


'Wow, ......, the stems look so beautiful.
'What, you can use it without throwing it away too?
'Huh~...... is a big deal, for someone so young.'
'When we were young, we didn't have much to eat, so we ate everything without sparing any effort like that.
'No, we also struggled to make ends meet until about a year ago.
'But we couldn't make it that far, as you can see from .......'
'Professionals are amazing, aren't they?
'It's just like magic, isn't it?

That's a great response. The wives are impressed.
Everyone is staring at Jeannette's hand as if they were glued to it. Everyone seemed to be enjoying it.
I know the feeling. I used to love watching the proprietress cook.
The skill of a master is truly an art.

It's no exaggeration to say that Jeannette's knife work is now a form of entertainment.
...... I like to watch it too.

You can't eat fish bones, can you?
'Why don't you try making a broth with the head?You can also deep-fry them twice and use them as bone crackers, or dry them and grind them into a powder and mix them into sprinkles for an interesting flavor.
'You can eat them, bones?

Ginette gives a polite answer to a question from an ordinary housewife.
If she were in Japan, she'd be a charismatic cook on TV. And she has big tits. She also has a pretty ...... face.

I'm sure you'll like it.
'...... Hmm!It's delicious!
'This crunchy texture is also ......!
'Hey, Peddler's Guild!I'll have some burdock root and lotus root!
'Thank you for everything!

Assunto is running around with a glittering face.
It's a demonstration, really. You should get paid, Jeannette.

--And so the wives crowded around Ginette, while the old men ......

I'm not sure what to say.It's so cute!
'I'm going to get in line with the sisters!
'Millie-chan's onigiri is 'hot, hot'!It's so hot!
'Delia-san!Please give me some shake!

They crowded around the rice ball stand of my design.
They lined up to have their rice balls made right in front of them by the girl of their choice from among all the beautiful women.
In order to save time and manpower, each person is in charge of one ingredient.
Paula and Molly are in charge of the rice balls, and Nepheli and Milly are in charge of the plums. Norma makes shiso crape and Delia makes salmon.
Bertina is in charge of Ginette's special seaweed tsukudani. This is another of Ginette's specialties, and it's delicious! It's so good that when I tried to name it 'Gondesuyo', she replied with a straight face, 'It's seaweed, isn't it? He replied with a straight face. Even though tsukudani (food boiled down in seaweed) is not rice, it's still called 'Gohandesuyo'. ......

The reason why Milly is saying 'hot, hot' is because I decided that the rice I prepared in the morning was not enough, so I cooked some more. ...... It was a wise decision, Ginette, an hour ago. You're a pro at judging how much to cook.
There's a huge line in front of every girl.

'Paula, where's your drink?
'Only after the sun goes down.

Paula is very popular with the drinkers.
I think they have a constitution that makes them want to drink when they see Paula's face, don't they?
Pavlov's dog...... no, Paula is the canine.

I'm not sure what to do.I'm sure you'll have a great time.

Nepheli waved at us proudly.

It's really a big success. The onigiri (rice balls) at ......, or rather the onigiri (rice balls) made by beautiful women.
The old men who flock to the onigiri stand are clearly looking at the girls in line, not the ingredients.
You can see some of them standing in the same line over and over again. ...... If they made a set meal with a handshake ticket, it would sell like hotcakes.

'You're really good at this, aren't you?
'Heh!We've made it many times at the sunlit pavilion.'

Delia is making a slightly large rice ball with gusto.
Delia's rice balls are powerful and popular with kids and men who work hard. Today, too, there is a line of familiar faces.
Gusuya is looking at Delia with sparkling eyes. Maybe I should charge him a special fee. He'll probably pay.

'Yes, thank you for waiting.
'Chew your food well.

Paula and Nepheli put the rice balls on a platter on the counter.
The finished product is placed on a plate in front of the customer, just like geta in a sushi restaurant. The customer takes it and leaves the line.
The price of the onigiri is the same for all customers, so those who receive the onigiri put their coins in the wooden box next to the plate.
This is a method that prioritizes turnover. I'm prepared for the math to be a little off, but ...... there are a lot of honest people in the 42nd district. If it were me, I'd pretend to get in but don't. They all pay their money diligently. You guys are good.

The regulars who help out at the sunlit pavilion are very good at handling the customers.
So even if there is a line, they don't make you wait long.

But there's one place where there's a huge line. This is Norma's place.
It's as crowded as when Panda first came to Japan.

'Wow, Norma's place ......'
'I tasted it in the morning and it was delicious, wasn't it, shiso crape.
'No, Estella. Look at the faces of the men standing in line. Those are not the faces of people looking forward to shiso crape.
'Haha, ...... at all, the men of the forty-second ward .......'

It is very hot and uncomfortable to see the men who are completely looking for "Norma's rice balls" waiting with their boyishly innocent eyes sparkling.
I'd like to shoot water balloons at them one by one from the front.

'But the line is so long. You don't know when you're going to eat, do you, Gilberta?
'I recommend, Lady Lucia, that you go somewhere else.
'No, wait, Gilberta. As a lord, I think you should be the first to see the pavilion of interest.

A pavilion? The World's Fair?
How did you translate that, "forced translation magic"?
Well, I don't know what you mean.
But Estella, you just want to eat shiso crape.

'Then, Estella. Are you asking me to line up at the end of this line?Oh, I see. If the anchovies line up, everything will be all right.
'Nothing's settled.
'I'd like to eat a rice ball, but it's a pain to stand in this line. You, on the other hand, have no right of refusal. Our interests are aligned, aren't they?
'My interest is nowhere to be seen!

You don't have the right to veto it!

'Don't worry, Lucia-san, I'll invoke the ...... organizer's authority!
'Whoa, that's too much!
'Shut up, Yashiro. It's fine, we're all friends.

This guy usually doesn't wield any kind of aristocratic power, but he makes full use of it in trivial matters like this.

'I really feel sorry for the people in this line.
'It's true that such blatant over-ordering may give our Lord a bad name.

In order to restrain the two lords, who are full of power, the two sensible head waiters stepped forward in front of the men in line.

'Let's be honest here and talk with our fists.
'I like that, me too. There's no need to complain if it's the result of a fair fight!
'''After you!
'''I don't care if there's a line or not, come on!
'''Is that so?
'''If you're so sure, you can all go to .......''
'''Please, please, please!

You're desperate, forty-two ward males.
...... Talking with your fists against two head waiters is as impossible as hunting a wild bear with your bare hands.

'I'm glad I don't have to use my power.
'I'm glad, too.

I'm glad I didn't have to resort to brute force!
I was so wrong. Instead of being sensible, they were very militant, these serving masters.

And so, thanks to the generosity of the people, Estella and Lucia dared to walk in unopposed.

'Your approval rating, it's going down.

'No, no, no!We're really hungry.But their goal is not to satisfy hunger, is it?'
'Well, I guess that's true, but ......'.

But still, as a person who works in a restaurant, I can't overlook the side-stepping. ......
So, ......

'You guys are in charge of the onigiri after you eat.
'What?We'll do it too?
'Are you trying to use me, the lord of another district, as your chum?
'Lords of other districts are the same as Ricardo and Gerasie, aren't they?
'Don't put them together!

No, they're supposed to be together!

'Line up if you don't want to.
'No. I don't take orders from you. I'll let Norma hold it for me.Hey~, Norma-tan?
''Aaahhhh!Don't stick your tail on my back while you're fluffing it!It'll send shivers down your spine!

She seems to like Norma a lot after staying with her yesterday.
Will you take her as your wife, Lucia?You can feed Norma.

'I'll make your portion first, and you can help me later like Yashiro said. Otherwise, I won't hold it for you.'
'Hmm. If Norma says so, then so be it. Anchovies aside, I can't go against Norma-tan's orders. Fluffy.
'I just told you not to fluff your tail, didn't I?
'I can't hear that.
'You're disobeying me!You're disobeying me, aren't you, before my tongue is dry?

Lucia was rubbing Norma's tail as hard as she could.
I noticed that Regina was in the mix. She always gets mixed up in interesting places. Totally ......
Okay, I'll go join them!

'If you move from there, you will be punished by your father, Yashiro-san?
'Why is Imelda here?

And there's a certain horror, the execution of the father.
Will they do what they did to Javier, or will ...... they treat him like Javier for the rest of his life?
Ugh, I hate the latter.

'Since you're here, Imelda and Regina should join in. The fans will love it.'
'Why would I do such a thing?You've got to be kidding me.'
'Well, if you don't have any fans, I don't see why not.
'Well, please line up!All the boys and gentlemen who want to have their rice balls nibbled by me personally!

Imelda rolled up the sleeves of her dress and wrapped a bright red headband around herself.
It's easy to get on ......, but why are you bringing a field day headband?

I'm not sure what to make of it.

Imelda scooped up the rice from the bowl with the spoon she had pulled from Delia and placed it in her palm.

'It's so hot!

Imelda couldn't even hold it properly, let alone dance with it.
She put the rice back in the bowl and dipped her hands in the water bottle to cool them.
Your behavior is ridiculous.

'Here, Regina. You should try it too.'
'But I haven't washed my hands since I scrubbed my butt...'
'Don't worry. I'll sterilize it with boiling water. Give me your hand.
'You can't do that!That's really steamy, isn't it?That's not good!

It's because you keep saying the same thing over and over again.
Don't tell me what to do.

'I'm telling you, you can't do it at all, can you?
'I don't expect you to do it, so don't get worked up.
'This is really harsh. ...... I can only see a future where the kids will become dominant.
I can only see a future where my children will become dominant.

I don't plan to educate my children to become dominant.

Even the way she held the rice scoop was amateurish.
Scooping up rice with a rice scoop. She's not even good at that.
She's really no good at anything but medicine. And his room looks a mess. His handling of YAKKEN is so brilliant that it's a sight to behold.

'Oh, that's not good. It's so sticky, it's become so ugly.

A bulging, distorted lump of rice is exposed.
There are grains of rice all over your palms and fingertips.
There's not enough water. If you wet your hands properly and grip the rice quickly, it won't stick to your fingers.

'No one wants to eat like this, right?That's why we pass......'.

Before she can say she wants to pass, she snatches up the lump of rice in Regina's hand.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time.

'............ Yeah. It's not salty enough. You can add more if you want.
'No, ...... yourself, what are you normally doing to ruin the taste ......'.
'Yes, you're right. If you wet your hands thoroughly and grip the rice more quickly, you won't get any grains of rice on them.
'No, that's not it!You've eaten a lot of ............, it's so ugly.'

Regina glared at me with a slightly puffy face.
What is it?Are you embarrassed that you didn't do well?I told you, I don't expect you to.

'Your rice balls are rare and valuable enough. I'll spare no effort to help you sell it. If you fail, I'll eat it all, so keep on gripping.'
'...... Come on, come on. It's good that you're not wasting rice, that's ......'.

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of these in the marketplace.

I'm not sure what to say. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

The first time you met Regina, you pretended to take a suspicious potion in order to make her trust you. Don't remember every little thing like that.

'My butt's getting warm. You want a wash?'
'I'll do it myself.
'Well, but if you scrub with these rice grain-filled fingers, you'll get rice grains on your butt. ............ What?He said he'd eat all the ones I screwed up. ...... You don't think he'd let me put rice grains on his butt on purpose and then lick it off?
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
'Don't wash your hands after scrubbing your ass!
'Wash them!

Don't you dare go out of your way to hide your embarrassment!
This is a space where food is handled!
If you keep saying things like that, Estella will get angry again. ......


You see?
I don't know why she's pointing the finger at me--

'I haven't received any report about the medicine you took at Regina's place when we first met?

Oh, it seems like it's spreading to other places!

'There was nothing that I had to report to ......, or rather, there is no obligation to report!
'Yashiro-san. I might have to ask you a few questions too, don't you think?''
'There was nothing that Bertina could be angry about!

Rather, it was my good judgment at that time that saved us from causing any damage, you know?
If not for me, Regina or Ginette might have been in great danger. You can get a lot of praise for me!
...... But I can't explain in detail here because it's Regina's secret that I was pretending to lick her.

'Stop spreading fire, you black pharmacist!

There's some damage I'm taking for granted because of you, you know?
You should be a little more grateful and considerate!

'Bertina. Can you teach Regina a lesson?'
'Yes. If it's okay with you. Regina, please watch me.

Bertina doesn't usually cook much, but she's the kind of person who doesn't spare any effort for her children. She has been making rice balls for the kids in the church ever since she heard a story about a kid who left his rice at the sunny restaurant and I made him a rice ball and he ate it all.
Her hands were very familiar.

'If you wrap the rice ball lightly with 1,2,3......, you can feel the rice grains unravel in your mouth when you eat it, and it is very delicious.

While saying this, he made a beautiful rice ball in no time at all.
Well done.
It's different from Ginette's, but her hands are very secure.

'Yes, Yashiro-san. Please give me a taste.
'Why me?
'Because you always let me taste it, and I'm returning the favor.

If you want to return the favor, you'll have to give me a substantial amount of money to make up for it. ...... Well, even if you gave me the same amount as Bertina, I wouldn't be able to eat it.
You can't eat the same amount of rice balls as Bertina. I'll be grateful.

...... I'm a little nervous about getting a freshly made rice ball handed directly to me. The fact that it doesn't bounce around on your plate makes it feel special. ......

'Well, itadakimasu.'
'Bon appétit.

Like Jeannette, why does ...... want to watch me eat so closely?
I'm not going to look away until you tell me what you think.
...... I'm nervous about eating while being watched. Oh, man.

'Yeah. It's good.'
'I'm glad. I'm relieved.

When I put it in my mouth, the grains of rice unraveled, the salty taste spread to my mouth, and the umami of the tsukudani seaweed stood out even more.
It's just an ordinary rice ball, but it's strangely delicious.
Maybe it's the special feeling of having it made by Bertina that makes me feel that way.

'Ya, Yashiro-san!
'Oh, ladybug!

Molly and Milly are standing side by side, offering their own rice balls.

'Please judge!
'Can you try Mirii's, too?
'Both of you, your rice balls are too small!

Perhaps their hands were too small, but the rice balls they made were bite-sized.
It's so cute. They looked like something you'd find in a stylish girl's lunch box.

I picked up Molly's rice ball first. As soon as she took it, the rice ball fell apart.

'Molly needs to grip it a little tighter.
'But since you said three times, ...... I can make it six times without it falling apart. ......'
'You should go with Regina to learn from Bertina. Have her show you how Bertina does it.'
'Yes, sir!I'll have it mastered by the end of the day!

Molly is on fire.
Have you developed a restaurant worker's spirit?
...... No way!I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
I'm sorry.I'm not sure what to do.I'm not going to be able to do that.

'Oh, you're a ladybug?Your face is scary ......, isn't it?
'And my childhood friend is so cute!Hey, anteater brothers!
'What?What did Neck and Tic do to you?

If you're asking me what they did, I'd say they're overprivileged!

'I want to be Millie's childhood friend too!
'Yeah, you can't be ...... her childhood friend, but you can be ...... her good friend... ...right?

Oh my god!Millie, you're really cute!

I'm not sure what to do.
I'm not sure what to say.

Since Millie is a good girl, I'll stop making the anteater brothers bleed.
You should be grateful to your lovely childhood friend and to me for my generosity.

'So, next time, Miri's, right?I hope you're right. ......'

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

............ Hmm?

I'm not sure what to do.

'Yeah, what?
'Let's put the ingredients in.'
'Oh, no!It wasn't in there!

It's a perfect salted musubi.

'Well, it's delicious. And the grip is just right.'
'If it was ......, it would be a shame .......'
'It tastes like millet.'
'It's salty, isn't it?

I'm sure you'll find a lot of people who'd like to have a look at it. ...... It's easy to understand, your libido.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to try.
I'll have one of those too!
'I'd love to have it without the garnish!
'Oh ......, I'll put in the right ingredients ......'.
''''No, no garnish! ''''
'...... Ladybug-san............'

I'm not sure what to do.
It's okay, Millie. If you're annoyed, you can hit her with a gouge.
But I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

'Shiomusubi is a connoisseur's favorite. It's fun to have them without ingredients. Millie can be in charge of the salted musubi.

'Ugh ......, I just made a mistake ......'.
'It's from failure that popular products are born.

She pats the dejected Millie on the head to comfort her.
The old men's hopes are dashed. I can't stop now.

As Millie stood at the counter with a determined look on her face, Regina presented me with a rice ball.

'That's good. I think you did pretty well this time, don't you?

The rice ball that was presented in front of me was a little distorted, but beautifully made.
It was a little small, and the ingredients were shifted from the center, so you could see them through the top of the rice ball. Is this a plum?
It was a little small and the ingredients were not in the middle, so you could see them through the top of the rice ball.

'You've passed the test. You can serve it.
'Then you're the first customer. Eat it.'
'No, I ate the one that didn't work. ......'

Before I could finish, he poked me in the forehead and forced a rice ball on me.

It's the first time in my life that I've made a dish for someone else.
'...... Oh, oh.'

The particular green eyes were looking at me with a color that I had never seen before.
You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.

'Well, compared to other people's work, it's probably not very good.
'That's not true.

The slightly small rice ball was more than half gone in one bite.
The salt was still a little lacking, but ......

'It's good.
'............ Sayaka.'

He said in a light tone and turned his back to me.
He pretended to be unconcerned, but ...... his right hand was clenched into a fist. You're not hiding the wrong thing, are you?

I'm not sure. I'm going to take this a little seriously.'

She lifted her long green hair and tied it in a single knot, giving birth to the unusual ponytail Regina.
Regina turned to the counter with determination. Her shoulders shook with a jolt.

'Ohhhh!What's with this line?

When Regina stood at the counter of the Onigiri stand, there was already a long line of people there.
There was a long line of old men with weirdly glittering eyes.

'No~, that was good earlier~'
'What, that sweet and sour feeling?
'That was so moe~!
'My first time cooking ......, I want something like that too!

Here comes the unexpected birth of a Regina fan.
I guess demand exists for everything.

'Wow, there are so many people here. ...... Let's go home.
'Don't go home!It was made well, let them eat it!We're all counting on you!

He glanced at me and lifted the corner of his mouth with a mean look.

'You're such a cheater! You've even played me for a fool.'
'There's no one in this town who can play with you. ......'
'No, no, it's not bad to be praised.You see, I'm the type of person who thrives on being praised.
'Praised', right?Flattery is a different proverb.'
You got it. Didn't you say, 'Even a b*tc* will pole dance if you flatter her?
'A pig climbs a tree!
'Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're so beautiful, why don't you take off your clothes?
'The way you flatter me is unethical!Just make a rice ball!
'Hey, ......, you're losing it.'

The line in front of Regina was getting shorter.
I guess there aren't many people who can tolerate everything Regina has to offer. ......
But Regina seemed relieved that the number had decreased. She seemed to be a little nervous.
He should have more experiences like this to get used to people.

'It's ready!Come on, Yashiro-san, taste it!

Imelda's rice ball was held out in front of her.
Imelda is looking very proud of herself.
It's no wonder.
Imelda's rice ball was a beautiful equilateral triangle that looked as if it had been measured with a ruler, giving it a slightly artistic appearance.

'It's so beautiful!
'Of course it is!
'Well, let's see how it tastes. ............'

I giggled .............

'...... Imelda ............ too much grip'
'It's to keep the shape!
'This isn't a rice ball...... uncooked kiritanpo.'

It's a dumpling, not a rice ball. It's not even a respectable kiritanpo.
The texture and mouthfeel are horrible!

I thought she was going to go to Bertina, but now Bertina is teaching Molly and Regina and doing her own work.
But Bertina is currently teaching Molly and Regina as well as doing her own work, and it would be too much for her to take care of Imelda.
Therefore, I'll leave it to another craftsman.

'You should follow Norma's example.

Norma is very good at what she does, and the result is perfect.
He quickly grasps and mass-produces a large number of rice balls of the same size, shape, and saltiness.

She doesn't look like she's working particularly hard, she looks natural, and yet her motherly nature stimulates your appetite. Like Ginette and the proprietress, just looking at her back as she stands in the kitchen makes me think 'this looks delicious'.
A faint humming sound escapes from her mouth that arcs gently, and her supple fingers that gently wrap around the rice make the unique sound of a fresh yet sticky rice ball, 'nicha, micha', and the words 'it's ready' are filled with the feeling of 'enjoy it'.

'Norma is the taste of mama!
'I've never been a mother!

How did Norma learn to be so maternal?
And why is it that Norma, who is so impeccable, is still ...... No, let's not. For a moment now, Norma's fingers have strengthened. I'm sensitive to ...... that kind of atmosphere. I'm not thinking about it,.......

I'm not sure what to say, but I'll try.
I want to eat it every day!
It's the ideal taste!

He praised it very much.
Norma, too, seemed to be satisfied with this praise.

'Even if I praise it, nothing will come out of it. ......'

While saying that, he's mass-producing rice balls at a very fast pace.
Do you want more praise?Is your instinct craving for it?

'Ah~, I want to make onigiri too☆ Delia-chan~, come and get me~!
'Nah, I can't help it... ......'

Delia left her seat for a while and came back with Masha.
The guys are buzzing when Masha enters.
An air of anticipation envelops the area.

'Masha, what kind of ingredients do you want?Do you want salmon with me?
'I think I'll go with crape myrtle... ☆ It's a fish from the sea...'

And so, next to Norma, who is in charge of the shiso crape, she grasps the rice ball while shaking her body, smiling, chomping, chomping, chomping, chomping.
Shake it more!More!

'Yes, it's done!

Masha's onigiri was good enough to be a product from the very first one.

'Yes~, Yashiro-kun~, taste it~'

She took a bite of the rice ball he handed her.

'Hmph!It's delicious!

The perfect amount of salt.
So this is ...... the salt from the sea that has soaked into Masha's hands!

One of the reasons why the proprietress's rice balls are the strongest in my history has to do with the pickles.
The proprietress has been making homemade rice-bran paste for many years, and every day she stirs the bed with her bare hands.
By doing so, her hands were imbued with the aroma and flavor of rice-bran paste.
When she made rice balls, the flavor of the bran would be slightly transferred to the rice, giving it an exquisite taste.
It's delicious!
It's not a taste you can get by trying.

The same phenomenon must be occurring in Masha's palm.
The natural saltiness that has soaked in over the years.
There's nothing like it.

As if to prove it, the old men who ate Masha's onigiri collapsed one after another on the spot. It's too good!

'Ugh, ummahhaaaa~!
'Masha's salt!It's the best!
'Masha's flavored rice balls!Just divine!
'A hint of scallop flavor!
I want to eat it every day!
'''I agree with you so much!

And so, all the old men in line in front of Norma moved to Masha's front.

''Hey, you guys!
''No~, I'm sorry, Norma-chan. A man is a creature that can't resist scallops.
''I'm as good as a scallop. I'm ......!
''That's where you shouldn't compete, Norma!

Molly wisely restrained Norma.
If she didn't, Norma might wear scallops right here and now. ............ No, it's okay if she does, isn't it?

'Molly. How about we just let Norma do what she wants?'

'Yashiro-san, please don't say things like that with a straight face. It will destroy your image.'

What kind of image does Molly have of me?
Gentlemanly?Something like that?

'Not at all. Would you mind not causing a scene while we're eating?
'Don't you know the word "moderation", my dear?

The two lords stand in front of me with dumbfounded faces.
Both of them have rice grains on their cheeks.

...... Don't be greedy, my lord.

'You've got grains of rice on your cheeks.
'Is that true, is that your friend Yashiro?'

I was going to say, 'It's not you, it's the Lord,' when I heard Gilberta's voice behind me. ...... There was a grain of rice on Gilberta's cheek, too.
...... You guys.

'Gilberta, come.'
'I obey, I obey my friend Yashiro's words.'

I plucked a grain of rice from Gilberta's cheek as she approached me without question, and ate it because it was a waste.

I'm not sure what to say.Chuu, indirect, piggy, cheek.'
'Calm down. You're messing up my grammar and everything.'

There's nothing for Gilberta to be embarrassed about because I didn't put a grain of rice with my saliva on her cheek.
I just don't want to waste every single grain of rice in my food.

And this is also a warning to the two greedy lords.

'Are you guys following me?

I pointed out, and Estella and Lucia hurriedly wiped their cheeks with their hands.
Not wanting to be eaten by me, they removed the rice grains themselves.
You should have done that from the beginning. You're a lord after all.

When I looked at Natalia to ask for her consent, she put a grain of rice on her smooth, beautiful cheek and offered it to me.

'Wow, novel. Don't play with your food, boy.

You'd be embarrassed if I really 'ah-ed' you.
You're sure I won't be embarrassed?That's sweet!I'm a man who does it when he has to!If you keep doing that, one day I'll do it for real.
Well, not this time!
I've got kids. It's not good for their education!

Anyway, now that you've eaten, get to work.
Come on, line up at the counter and grab a rice ball.

'Natalia and Gilberta will probably be fine, but ...... the problem is Estella and Lucia.

Estella is handy, but when it comes to cooking, she's no better than an amateur.
Lucia is probably less than that. She may not even know the word "self-catering".

I thought she was ......!

'What's it like, anchovies?
'It's good ...... and delicious!

Lucia's onigiri were just beautiful and tasted perfect.
It was kind of frustrating!

'Because I'm training to be a bride ...... for Hammarotan!
'My motive is the border of impurity!

Still, does that mean the technology is improving? ...... Hammaro, seriously, run away. This woman is for real!

'I want you to try it, my friend Yashiro.'

The rice balls that Gilberta made were just plain delicious.

'Is this the first time you've made onigiri?'
'First time, I made it. I'm worried, is it done properly?'
'It was fine. It was delicious.'
'Ehehe ......'

She didn't say 'I'm relieved' or 'I'm glad', she just smiled happily. Seeing Gilberta like that made me feel very relaxed.

Then there was the other head waiter. Natalia is a perfect person who can also cook.
She can make beautiful rice balls.
She pressed the freshly made rice ball against her smooth cheek and said

'Yashiro-sama, ahhhh...'
'I saw that just now!

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

...... Yeah, I guess God didn't want to make two things at the same time.
It seems that the perfect superhuman was not perfect.

And Estella, who had been grasping the rice while the head waiter was playing with it--

'Ah~, it's no good. It's a little distorted compared to the others.

She waggled her eyebrows at the quality of her rice ball.
It's better than Regina's, but it's not as good as Natalia's or Gilberta's.

I practiced it once before at the Sunlit Pavilion ...... but I guess they haven't made it since then. It looks like it's getting better, though.

It's not ...... inedible, but it's not ............ inedible either.
'If you can eat, that's fine.'
'As long as you find a tolerant husband.
'Our meals are basically left to the chef or the sunny-side up restaurant.

She didn't seem to be willing to put in any more effort.
If he has time to improve his cooking skills, he's going to say he wants to improve his knife skills, isn't he?

'You only need to grip it three times.
'How can I get a beautiful shape in three times?
'I can do it.

Ginette and Norma are doing it.

'Can you do it, Yashiro?
'Of course he can.'

If Estella looks at me skeptically, I can't help but prove it.
Take a good look. Watch my onigiri technique.

Wash your hands, pour in the rice, wrap the ingredients around it.
Once, twice, three times, you'll have a beautiful triangular rice ball.

'How is it?

He hands his masterpiece to Estella.
Estella takes it, bites into it, chews it, squints her eyes, and lets out a happy squeal, 'Mmm~! She squints her eyes and lets out a happy sound.

I'd rather have it made for me. I want to eat such delicious food every day.

The moment Estella said that, the sound in the hall stopped.

'...... Oh, you eat Yashiro-sama's homemade food every day?

When Natalia said that, Estella looked around with a 'bang' and her face turned red as she realized that all eyes were on her.

'No, you're not!I'm talking about the food at the Sunlit Pavilion!Yashiro is an employee of the Sunshine Pavilion!

He points at me and protests furiously.
So, Estella ......, that kind of reaction is supposed to be amusing.
It's really a town where the lord and the people get along well. ...... Don't drag me into this.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll be fine. ......

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
I'm not sure what to do.

'...... I've decided. I'll take Jeannette as my wife.'
'Estella, do you ...... really want to bring the big tits gene into the family?
'No!I'd like it if I could have it.
'...... Estella-sama's daughters all have big tits.'
'I still don't want that gene!

The curse of the Cremona family is still in effect.
The curse of the Cremona family is likely to be inherited for some time to come.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
This is the encouragement of the members of the sunlit pavilion. I'm also worried about sales... I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.
...... Anyway, let's keep away from the self-destructive girl named Estella.

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