423-Additional-free Episode 78 Obake Competition A.Mor...

Apple pie and steamed sweet potato cake are very popular.
I tried to make pumpkin pudding, but it didn't sell as well as I expected, probably because it was not suitable for eating at the playground.
I think I need a plastic container.
If we could take it home, it would definitely sell more.

In the event that you've got any questions, you'll be able to contact us at any time.

You can find a lot more information on the web at: ...... You're abusing the prohibition of the Judgment of Spirits to the point that you're about to be beaten into the church. I'm not sure what to do.
According to Bertina, 'a lie without malice is a different kind of lie from a lie, so it can be interpreted as not being a lie at all.
In short, 'words that are slightly different from the truth, uttered to entertain people, are not lies, but entertainment'.

The "judgment of the spirits" is only activated when a person judges.
The spirit seems to be that we should understand each other's intentions in such matters, but if that's the case, then please tolerate the lies I tell. I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun with it.
I guess. d*mn.

Ginette and the others are sitting in the audience, while Bekko and I are on the stage drawing illustrations.
There is a large blackboard at the center back of the stage, and I am waiting there on a chair placed behind the narrator, a little to the lower side.
There is a table and a chair on the lower side of the stage, along with a variety of art supplies.
...... Hmm?Oh, right. I thought Becco was a thing. Becco is sitting there, yeah.

There's a long table right in front of you under the stage, and that's the judges' table. This arrangement reminds me of the masquerade awards. Just because it's a masquerade event doesn't mean it's a rip-off.Because Umaro designed it, right?This is what it would look like if I were here. No, seriously.

But are you okay? It's pretty nerve-wracking standing alone on stage in front of a jury. I hope the participants can speak well.

--And while I was thinking about that, a bunch of little freaks came rushing onto the stage. It was the kids from the church. Bertina, the leader of the group, walks slowly to the end of the line.
As soon as they reached the center of the stage, they lined up in a horizontal line.

The kids dressed up as ghosts and vampires were greeted with cries of 'cute' from the audience.
There was a momentary scream when a kid had an arrow through his head, but when it was revealed that it was a catsuit, laughter broke out. Nice touch.
A sigh of relief escaped from somewhere when I saw a kid with only makeup and a head piercing infant. It seems that many of them thought it would be too hard.
We've seen Uclines' new costumes every time there's been a problem. I'm sure that even the best sewing mothers would have felt overwhelmed if they were asked to make them themselves.

It's easy enough.
It's just as easy as decorating the kids.

Let's go!
'''Torikku, oh, Torito!

The kids raise their arms and threaten the audience.
The threatened audience, without exception, smiled.

''We're going to give you sweets!
'You're going to teach us a new recipe, aren't you?I'm going to make it with all my might!

Such conversations could be heard from somewhere.

Good feeling. I guess that's it.
Estella, sitting in the middle of the judges' table, was looking at me with a happy face.

By showing examples of costumes before listening to the ghost stories, the people who make the costumes can get some idea of what to expect.
The kids gathered around Bertina with a 'wow'.
The kids' work is done when they get off the stage with Bertina.

However, Bertina, with the kids around her, added one last appeal.
She smiled and opened her mouth. Some in the audience gasped when they saw the sharp fangs in Sister Bertina's mouth. They seemed surprised.

'Sweets, please.

No, no.
I'm not asking that directly. 'You don't want to be pranked, do you?Then you'll give me candy, right?' It's a childish request with a threatening nuance. ...... Well, you can do whatever you want.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to use the site, please contact us.

Bertina bowed and walked off the stage with the kids.
As if to replace her, Natalia now steps up to the stage.
In her hands she holds a few sheets of paper.

She is going to tell the story of the monster I told her at the Sunlit Pavilion as a kind of prelude.
I've given her a piece of paper with the story written on it, and I've told her that she can either just recite it or arrange it a bit.
I am sure that Natalia will be able to do it well.

The purpose of having a prelude is to ease the tension of the participants. Especially the top batter is very nervous.
Furthermore, it is also intended to make the content of the competition closer to what we are looking for by indicating the direction of the competition.

'Now, I will tell you the story of the ghosts that the children of the church dressed up as earlier.

In a clear, clear voice, Natalia began to tell the story of the ghosts.

She was indeed a first-class waiter. Natalia's storytelling was also of the highest caliber, and I was drawn into her worldview just by listening to her.

The tone of her voice was clear and unhurried, and she spoke with a dignity and delicacy that seemed to bring the scene clearly to mind.

The audience listened to Natalia's narration with excited expressions.
...... But it was only at the beginning that I was excited.

'Oh no!
'Aaahhhh!' 'Aaahhhh!

The hall was engulfed in screams.

Natalia......, you're scaring me with all your talk!
Even I'm a little freaked out knowing what you're talking about!
What's with your acting skills?
Have you ever met a vampire?It's so realistic!
The sound of the blood being sipped is so lifelike and real!
It's like a rakugo noodle!
You've sucked blood before, right?

Look, the kid's crying!
Don't look around the hall making blood-sucking noises!
I'll be d*mned if I make eye contact!

Just when I thought it was finally over, Franken's story came next.
That's right: ...... I gave him five stories, including "The Mummy", "Ghost and Skeleton" and "The Three-Eyed Boy". ......

Where's the voice coming from?
I'm not sure if you have a 3 meter tall man living in your mouth or not.
You have a thick voice!

And so the terrifying Natalia Theater continued for five episodes and thirty minutes.

You know, I think... Bringing Natalia in first was a mistake.
I think the next guy is more nervous than the first guy.

A few kids are crying, a few women are fainting with fear, a few guys are like, 'Oh, I'm fine, man. And a few men are trying hard to hide the trembling in their legs.

Natalia......, you'll always be able to get fired.

The atmosphere in the hall was so frosty that I decided to at least draw a cute illustration.
Combine it with the first disguise, and somehow make it more comfortable.
Here's a cute illustration of a ghost. Stop crying, kids.

'Master Yashiro. In my image, Franken is more evil and vampires are more evil. ......'
'You're going to ruin the event.

Before I hear Natalia's opinion, which seems to suggest that I should redraw the cute illustration in a realistic and dramatic way, I reject it.
What are you going to do when the kids get seriously scared and say they don't want to dress up?
Halloween will turn into a Namahage type of event where kids cry and scream.

More importantly, what will you do if today's Obake Competition turns into a ghost story convention? Who's going to come with me to the bathroom in the middle of the night?
Even Magda won't follow me inside!

...... will tear you to pieces without question if you tell them a toilet ghost story.

The illustration I drew on the blackboard was immediately copied and colored by Bekko.
The result is quite cute.
When I unveiled the cute illustration, the tense atmosphere in the hall relaxed a little. The sound of relieved breathing could be heard everywhere.

Then, after Natalia, who had frozen the audience in the opening act, was dragged off the stage, the competition began, and the first narrator took the stage.

The first narrator took the stage. 'I'm Goozja from Torbek Engineering. I can't speak as well as you, Natalia, but I look forward to working with you.

I bowed to Estella and the others sitting at the judges' table.

This time, the judges for the ghost stories were Estella, Natalia, Ukrines, Umaro, and Imelda.
Estella and Natalia will be judging the stories from the perspective of the committee members and the lords.
Ukrines and Umaro will be in charge of costumes and props, which are essential to create the Halloween atmosphere, and they will choose the ones that inspire them.
And Imelda, ...... you see, had a very troublesome role thrust upon her last night, so she was, well, to put it plainly, ...... entertained?
She was placed on a special jury.

One of the special judges pointed at Goozuya on the stage and said.

'Your face is so plain. Rejected.
'Hey!What does your face have to do with it?Please listen to me!

Goozuya walks out to the front of the stage like a comedian with the number '1' written on his chest.
Fall down!
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not....... d*mn, you didn't miss a step.

'Hey, Goozuya. Say, 'Don't push me' in that spot.'
'You're definitely going to push me, aren't you, Yashiro?

Goozuya hurriedly ran back to the center of the stage.
That's boring!Are you still a comedian?
Is it only your face that's funny?

'So, can you tell us the story of the monster you brought with you?

At Estella's urging, Goozuya begins to speak.

'Well, it's something. My geezer told me that if you don't take good care of your tools, bad things will happen to you or you will be punished. Well, she passed away many years ago. And I don't know if it's true or not, but she said with a rather serious face that old tools that have been used for a hundred years get souls, which is a bit scary. ...... The master of the house is also very angry about taking care of tools, so I wondered if there might be such a thing. I wondered if that was the case. ............'

And then, he stopped talking in an indecisive manner and glanced at Gusuya.
What, the end?
What's with that unorganized story?
Why don't you at least put together a little more of a story? I don't care if you embellish it a bit!


Umaro calls out the name of his subordinate on behalf of the judges.

'Don't lick me.
'No, I'm serious, even with this!
'You're not attractive at all!It's not scary, it's not cute, it's not exciting!It's common sense to take care of things in the first place!

A complete and utter failure.
Natalia's story raised the bar even higher.

But the wives in the audience seemed to be relieved.
Maybe this is good for families with children.
But it's also a problem that there's no fun at all.
It won't even lead to ideas for costumes.

It's no use.
I drew some illustrations of familiar Japanese monsters and mourning gods on the blackboard.
Haunted straw sandals, haunted umbrellas, haunted tea kettles, and haunted lanterns.

'Oh, my!Yashiro-chan's illustrations are very cute. I'd like to make a costume with that ghost umbrella.

As if to agree with Ukrines' words, Estella and Imelda also said, 'That one is cute' and 'No, that one is better', pointing to the illustration and breaking down.

Since it seems to be generally well-received, I'll add a monster bra.

''Yashiro, please don't draw obscene pictures.''
'Idiot, Estella. This is a bra that's been in constant use for decades.'
'Master Yashiro. Usually, people who can keep using the same size bra for decades are ...... ha!I'm sorry, but my size hasn't changed at all since I was a child, Estella-sama!
'What is it with you guys and your combination play, perfect without a meeting!

While Estella is pouting, Bekko spreads out the colored illustration.
Hey, Bekko. Don't forget the fake-brassiere.
You'll ruin my plan to have my old boinkie dress up as a monster bra.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that you like, but I'm not sure what you're looking for.
'Then, let's rate it as Yashiro-sama's point.
'Why?It's my story!
'You didn't get any points for your story alone.

Umaro waved for him to leave.
Goozja walks off the stage, her shoulders slumped.

Jan Bold was the next to go on stage.
Trubek's construction company follows.

'I'm the kind of guy who's all in when he falls in love. I'm the type to be devoted.

What are you talking about, horse boy?
Who's interested in your love story?

'I'm so devoted that I'll sneak in and clean a room without being asked while the landlord's away.
'You're scaring me, Yangboldo!
'I'm actually good at sneaking in and completely erasing all traces of my sneaking in.
'That's why I'm scared!But that's not the vector I'm afraid of!

I'm not as bad as Percy and I'm not as lazy as Percy, so I'm even more scared. I'm really scared of just stalkers.
...... There's no deep meaning to this, but I'm starting to want a separate key for my room.

'Yambold, declare that it was a joke and then quickly get off the stage.
'Yes, a joke. Everyone, joke .............'

Yamboldo walks off the stage as Umaro glares at him.
I guess ...... he's really joking.
But I'm glad we have Umaro on the jury. I don't know how he manages to keep all those people together. I almost respected him for a second, but then I stopped myself.

'Umaro, don't mistake me for someone who stayed.
'What's that?I don't understand!

You're ten, maybe twelve years too young to expect me to respect you.

Then, the participants took turns to stand on the stage and tell their ghost stories, albeit poorly.
Some of them, perhaps referring to Natalia's narration, began to make up their voices, pauses, and other tricks.
Few of them succeed, though.

By the end of about ten groups, Natalia's shock had completely worn off and she was laughing at the unique ghost stories.

One housewife told us the same story that Bertina had told her: 'The most frightening thing for children is the ghost who draws a wet map on the futon...' The mothers of the children laughed out loud at this.
The kids with her have a bitter look on their faces. The older they got, the more obvious it became, and I could tell that they were still being told these things no matter how old they were.

Many familiar faces who love the festival were also there.
Mormat walked up to the stage with his helper, a ham.
He lifted the corners of his mouth and looked at me on the stage, as if he was confident.

He seems to have a plan.

Let's see what you do with the ham.

'On the night of the new moon, when I went to the field, I found ...... vegetables that I didn't plant blooming. Even though there is no moon, the white flowers are shining faintly, and if you listen carefully, you can hear a voice saying, 'Faintly ...... faintly ......'. I can't quite make it out, but the voice is coming from inside the earth. So I thought, 'No way, but I gotta check it out--'

So Mo'amat grabs the squatting Hammock by the head and pulls him up at once.

'Like this, he grasps the base of the flower and pulls out the roots in one go--'
' the roots scream like a human face in agony!

This skit uses a hamster as a mandragora.
Its rating is--

''No, no, no, no!You're crazy!It's scary!

No, Mo-Mat.
It's not scary to have a ham kid do that.
Rather, the reaction of the audience is more correct.

So I did my best to draw a cute mandragora.
It's a Mandragora with the shape of a round radish.
The quality is so cute that if the local government adopted it as a character, it would attract taxpayers from all over the country. I'd be happy to make you some merchandise.

No, Yashiro!It's more of an evil face!It's a human face full of anguish!Just one look at ...... and you'll faint with despair!

Ignoring Mormat's passionate words, he crouched down and pulled out the hamster playing Mandragora.

''This is public opinion.''
''d*mn, ...... when I was a kid, I was so scared of this thing that I used to run home from the fields after dark. ......''

I see.
So it's a story designed to keep farm kids from playing outside forever.

'Regina. Is Mandragora real?'
'I'm here~'
'Oh my god!Are you serious?
'Seriously~, crocodile farmer.'
'Are they for real?Isn't that just a way to scare the kids?
'There are a few victims a year, you know.
'Scary!It's really scary!

When I asked Regina, who was waiting in the corner of the hall, she acknowledged the existence of Mandragora. It seems that Mandragora does exist. I wonder if it's used as an ingredient for medicine.

The competition was expected to be long and intense.
That's why I have Regina on standby.
That's why they built a covered bleachers for Regina. It's the same as the first-aid tent at the field day.
He's more privileged than the lord, isn't he? He's just a recluse who hates the sun.

I looked up and saw that Ginette had disappeared from the audience.

'Ginette ...... didn't you want to hear about Mormat so badly ......'
'No, I didn't!Ginette's gone to the kitchen!It's almost lunchtime!'

Mo'amat points to the kitchen in desperation.
I know. I know. I'm starving too.
But you know what, mormat?

'That doesn't prove that Jeannette doesn't hate Mo-Matt.
'I'm going to cry!If Jeannette doesn't like me, I'm going to cry for real!

This guy is so mentally weak.
When the flood caused a crop failure, he tried to use me as an excuse to make money, but Magda got mad at him and he got really nervous. I was desperate, Mo-Matt.
You're oozing with the thought that you don't need to be popular and don't want to be hated.

'That's why you're not popular, you know.
'Shut up!It's better to be at peace than to be popular with all kinds of people like you.'
'What's that?
'If I were you, my stomach would die from being chased around by lords and guild leaders.

My stomach has almost died many times too.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you out. ...... I think my eyesight is getting worse every time I look at that thing.

But what's a lord?
What kind of lord do you think I'm popular with? That's a hell of an accusation.

'Mormat. To you, does it look like Ricardo is in love with me?I think you've been infected with Regina's disease.''
'Why the forty-first ward!I'm sure there are other wards you can think of!
'That's right!You know your stuff, crocodile farmer!The love triangle with District 29 is really hot right now!
''Look, Momma. You're the one who started it, so you're responsible for dealing with him.'
'Wait, wait, wait!I'm not responsible for anything!I can't, I can't, I can't!It's still too hard to be alone with you!I don't know what to say!
I don't know what to say!' 'You're being so harsh, you're so harsh.

In the event that you've got any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, we'll be happy to assist you.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

You don't have to say anything, you know.Just shut up and take this little bit of weird medicine and we'll observe you on our own.
'That's right, good for you, Mo-Mat.
'It's not good at all!Idiot!Don't push!You'll fall!You'll fall!

The crocodile, whose mouth is too big to speak, is pushed off the stage.
Don't worry. He won't get hurt at this height.
It's about the height of a junior high school gym stage.

Well, if you get pushed off the stage, you'll feel a certain amount of fear, but ...... just take it, that's about it.

You should have said it in a way that made it clear you were joking.
I'm a little pissed off, aren't I?

In the event you're not sure what to do, you may want to check with your doctor.

'Mo-Mat ......, go apologize.'
'Did I say something wrong?It's not my fault, is it?'

Downstage, Estella says, leaving Mo'amat confused.
With her elbow on the judges' table, Estella asks with a smile.

'...... Can you tell me a little more about the lord who favored Yashiro?
'Huh?Oh, no, no, no, no!That wasn't really about Estella. ......'
'It's not about Estella, it's about ......?

Lucia is standing behind Estella.
Her eyes are 'squinted' though.

'I'm sorry .............'
'Don't worry about us.

Estella shrugs her shoulders and pretends to be a kind person.
I'm scared, that's the type of person I'm most afraid of.

I'm sure you're not the only one who's had it.
No, I didn't mean that at all!No, I'm serious!I didn't mean it like that, Regina!
'Haha, I don't think you care about that.

Regina is waving her hands in the air, but she's lying.
She's the kind of person who feels lonely when people refuse to be with her.
You're the one who refuses to be with someone at all costs.

'Really, this is such a trivial thing, but ...... you two are so overprotective.

I'm not doing anything.
I didn't do anything to you.

I look down at Mo-Matt from above the stage and say.

'Do you understand, mormat? I'm sorry if I tell you the truth that being with Regina is annoying, tiring, and sometimes makes you want to kill her.
No, I didn't say that!You're terrible!
'That's right, Yashiro. No one is saying that Regina is more obscene than dangerous, or that she should have her mouth sewn shut, or that a 10-kilometer radius from the Pharmacist's Guild should be off-limits to boys and girls, or any of the other true things.
'You're even worse than that, Estella!
'What, are you two hiding your embarrassment~? Really, you're so cute that I wonder if I should restrict myself in public...'

''Mo-Mat is too noisy.

''Mo-Mat, your voice is too loud.''
''That's right.''
''d*mn it!Every time I get involved with you guys, it's always my loss!

Mormat exits, his footsteps rattling.
But halfway through, he turns around and says

'But, I'm sorry, Regina!

I apologize in a loud voice.
He's honest, basically.
Well, there's a fine line between honest and stupid.

Regina waved her hand in embarrassment and retreated further into the shade.
As I was feeling the situation was under control, I was approached by a troublesome fire that seemed to be still smoldering.


Lucia stood behind Estella, arms crossed, glaring at me on stage.

'Don't take mere rumors for granted.
'I know.'
'I don't know. Don't get your hopes up, because you'll get us in trouble.'
'Who would?
'Besides, it could be the 27th district.
'If I'm going to be popular with those illusion tits, I want to be!
'Yeah,......, you should reconsider,yashiro.......'

I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.
What happened to you, when we didn't know?
It's such an annoying finish, huh?

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk.

After letting out an annoyed sigh and pointing at me, he turned his wrist 180 degrees and bent his index finger upward, snapping it in a slight upward motion and calling me.

'In return for your apology, I'll let you buy me lunch. Quickly introduce your recommendation and offer it to me.'
'Why don't you just say, "Let's have lunch together", Lucia?
'Don't play dumb with me, anchovy!Come on, get on with it!Your stomach and back will stick together!
'...... Your chest and back are almost attached.'
'Alright, Yashiro!I'll even let you buy my lunch, so be grateful and give it to me!

Wow, the lord is arrogant.
The lord is arrogant. He's wielding his power to do whatever he wants.

My ears perked up as I heard Umaro's words, which he must have stifled to keep anyone from hearing.

'...... No matter how you look at it, you're popular with the lord, aren't you?

Okay, let's use Umaro's wallet. Yes, decided!
...... Give me the money if you don't want Estella and Lucia to find out, Oumalo. It's a good idea.

...... If they don't want to be gossiped about, they should be a little more aware and self-aware.

Yeah, it's not my fault!

When my innocence was confirmed in my mind, the Obake Competition was temporarily suspended and we took a lunch break.