422-Episode 77 is ready.

'Everything is ready,' Natalia said as she arrived at the sunlit pavilion, not long after the Gazelle sisters had left.

'It's so early. I thought it would take a little longer.
'Yes, sir. I also thought it would take a little longer, but we succeeded in getting the cooperation of the hunting guild and the lumberjack guild, and things went much more smoothly than I expected.''
'Hmm?A hunting guild and a lumberjack guild?

Hearing Natalia's report, Estella raised her eyebrows.
Natalia, on the other hand, seemed to have a glow to her skin.

'Thanks to their help in escorting us to the planned port and preparing the road to get there, we've been able to catch a lot of snow crabs!
'What kind of preparations are you talking about!
'What's for dinner today?
'Can you give us a report on the Obake Competition site!
'Umaro-san will take care of it.'
'Throw the whole thing!

Yesterday, when I said to Umaro, who was eating a crab, 'I don't mind if it's not you, but I need some carpenters to help me set up the venue,' he said, 'There's no one better than me! I can't think of anyone more qualified than me!' He rolled up his sleeves and said, 'I'm sure you'll have a very enthusiastic venue.
I'm sure you'll be very excited about the venue,......, but don't slack off on your work, head waiter. You are in a position to take command and oversee.

I've heard that Masha and Delia went to the planned port with the sea fishing guild.
They're going to participate in the event together once the fishing is over.


Three hamsters jumped into the sunny pavilion.

'The setup for the event and the cooking space are complete!
'The peddlers' guild is on the move!
'Mr. Ukrines, you've been working so hard that you've lost two kilos in one night!
'Are you alright, Ukrines?

I'm getting some very unsettling information!
Well, if you're as chubby as Ukrines, you can lose that much if you forget about dinner and immerse yourself in ......?Anyway, when the event is over, I'll invite you to the launch and feed you crabs.

'And by the way...'
'From the Lumberjack Guild!

The three hamsters raise their hands in the air and say something like that.

But, 'incidentally'?

Is it urgent or not? ......
As I was thinking this, a slender, gaunt Imelda walked unsteadily into the sunlit pavilion.
As soon as she sat down in front of Estella, she glared at Jeannette and said loudly.

'Please treat me to a delicious meal on Estella's tab!
'Wait a minute, Imelda!Why me?'
'Estella-san ......, shall I tell you a story about the most horrible monster in the world?I'll tell you the story of 'Fear, Pampering and Crying' ......'
'Oh, yeah, I'm sorry. You can eat what you want.

Imelda had taken care of the two most annoying people last night.
A drunken Norma and Lucia, two huge landmines at the same time!
You should at least buy them dinner.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who can't afford to go home. ......
'You're in a lot of trouble, Imelda.
'I feel like I can laugh at any scary story I hear today.

Imelda, who is scared of ghosts and has a fear of them, said ......
'I knew alcohol was scary.

'I'd like to tell you the naked story of the two of you last night at the competition and ...... keep you from getting married forever.
'Imelda. I'll give you the VIP treatment this time, don't be so rough. What?What, Estella?
'Uh, yes!I think Imelda is the reason for Halloween, me too.

I knew I should've left one or the other out.
Even I can't be bothered with both of them at once.

'Oh, ...... no, but ...... Masha was a pain in the ass, wasn't she?
'So, we'll exchange tonight--'
'I'm sorry, Imelda!I'm really sorry.

Natalia will be drinking tonight.
There is no way Estella can handle this alone.

'Maybe we need to restrict the entry of people with a certain amount of power. How many times a month?
'Or maybe a limit of forty-two wards, no more than one person per day.'

Maybe Ricardo's not coming because Lucia's here.
It's hard enough to deal with all the lords and guild leaders at once.

'Your father looked like a ...... real person.
'It must have been pretty bad,......, yesterday.'

That Javier is now a real man. ......
Javier doesn't seem to be changed by alcohol, and he's a legitimate responsible person if [his favorite food] isn't involved.
If only [my favorite] wasn't involved.

'So, where and what are those two problem girls doing now?
'They're sleeping in the guest room of our house. I've told the people at home to wake them up and have them ready by the time the event starts, so they'll show their faces soon enough.

Imelda wanted to get out of that house anyway.
Come on, Jeannette. Serve Imelda something delicious and sweet.
Well, maybe it's because I was so casual about it, like 'Imelda won't mind', but my conscience is killing me! So this is what guilt feels like~.
...... I'm sorry, Imelda.

'I'll be responsible for stopping Javier from breathing on your behalf.
'That's what's going to happen once the event starts, but ...... I'll take care of it.'
'Are you sure you want to ...... stab him in the back?

Molly's cheeks twitch as she brings in a college potato.
Molly. You should at least understand the celebrities in your ward.
That old man is on his last legs.

'Big brother, curry doughnuts, we've got the numbers.
'...... is also ready.'

Loretta emerges from the kitchen and Magda from the garden at the same time.
We're all going to the field today, so we'll be operating out of the Sunken Pavilion.
Since Estella is here, permission to open the restaurant was quickly granted. 'Then I'll take the day off', she said, 'and the permission will be granted soon. Estella is the kind of person who basically wants to eat at the restaurant.

Magda was setting up the okonomiyaki stall.
The menu this time was curry donuts, okonomiyaki, and lots of rice balls.

Since we were going to be demonstrating sweets, we thought you might want to eat something salty and spicy, so that's what we did.
We are also planning to have chan-chan-yaki at the 7th branch. Since Delia and Masha will be there, I'm thinking of grilling seafood.

'Well, let's head out when you're ready.
'Yes, sir.

Ginette nodded enthusiastically as she stuffed a large container full of white rice.
There was a smaller wooden bucket on top of the pot.
I casually opened the lid to find it filled with ...... scrap vegetables.

'No,......, I was wondering if you'd like some to go with your rice balls,......, because vegetables are good for you!

I ate stir-fried scraggly vegetables in the morning too. ......

'Well,......, Molly said it was delicious,.......'

Ginette glanced at me and averted her gaze.
What do you mean 'Molly' too......
I feel like I'm being asked, 'You thought it was delicious, didn't you? I feel like I'm being asked.
I usually call Ginette's cooking 'delicious', but this time, just today, I found it strangely difficult to say 'delicious'.
That's why I didn't say it. ...... Oh, so I made you feel uneasy.

'Yes, you're right. I'm sure everyone will say it's delicious. ...... This morning's was delicious, too.'
'Kyun ............!

You're asking for it, but the more you say it, the more embarrassed you get.
What do you want me to do? ......

'Let's bring a little more!
'Enough!That's enough for me!If it's not enough, I'll buy it from Assunto!

You don't need to worry about scraggly veggies in the first place, it's easier to make a regular stir-fry, and it's more popular!

'...... Yashiro. In moderation.
'I was a little concerned about the manager's lack of energy, but you can't have too much energy. ......'
'...... Hmm. The manager is a natural who appears to be decent at first glance.
It's a shame that he looks so solid.
'I know exactly what you mean.

We've known about Jeannette since before she was solid.
It's not just that one screw is missing, it's that there are so many screw holes that aren't tightened that I'm confused.
It's only recently that he's started to get it together.

But it seems that Magda and Loretta have sensed that Ginette is not well.
It seems that Jeannette needs to be cooked after all.
...... Looking at her current state today, it seems that letting her cook too much is also a problem.
I remember when I was praised, I became the kind of girl who cooks all the time.

The tragedy of the beef cutlet and the uprising of the mabo eggplant are still fresh in my memory.

'Hey, Yashiro!

Estella muttered, staring at the big rice bowl.

'Do you make onigiri on the ground?

If you think about hygiene, it is better to make them in the sunny pavilion and only sell them on the ground.
But they don't get sick from a little bit of food, and we're making it on the grounds. If you are aware of this situation and decide to buy it, you can be sure that you are prepared for a little bit of trouble. ...... although I will be very careful.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
'Onigiri stand?

I'll explain!

'It's a revolutionary service where beautiful women line up at the counter and you can have your favorite girl make you a rice ball with your favorite ingredients with her bare hands!
'......, I thought you were focusing on events, but you come to make money where you can, don't you?

Of course!
In addition to Bertina and the other major beautiful girls from the 42 districts, there are also Masha, Gilberta, and Molly in this event.
You can find a lot of different types, so it's normal to want to sell your favorite handcrafted girl at a high price.

'I'll make Lucia make onigiri as punishment for causing trouble.

'Wouldn't you be ...... reserved about homemade by the lord of another ward?'
'No, I'm a B-cup before that. ......'
'That has nothing to do with it, does it!

'No, I'm not.

I'm not sure what to do with it.No, rather!

I'll take Jeannette's rice ball.
'It's a rice ball!

Oh, no.
I should have demanded it at the last minute, in a natural way, instead of stating my ambition.

'Yes, onigiri, I'm looking forward to it.
'Ginette, you'd better stay away from Yashiro today!I've never seen such a level of 'Face planning something bad' in my life.
'Oh my god, Yashiro-san.'

Ginette puffed out her cheeks.
Behind her, Bertina is smiling a little happily.

I'd like to try it. I don't know if I can make a good onigiri, but...'

I was about to say, 'What, not rice balls? I tried to say that, but she stared at me. He smiled.
Okay. I'll shut up.

But I'm sure the kids will be happy to eat Bertina's homemade rice balls.
I'm sure the ...... old men will flock to it.

'Okay, we're ready. Let's go!

The Obake kids shake their fists vigorously, and the group of the sunny pavilion, which has become quite a large group, departs.

As they pulled their stalls and marched happily along, they drew a lot of attention.
On the main street, I was pointed at and gossiped about.
People in the city, who had probably heard only rumors of Halloween, were smiling happily.

They seemed to have understood that this was the atmosphere.

Unintentionally, we crossed the forty-second district, advertising Halloween, and arrived at the ground where the event would take place.

'Umaro, you've put in a lot of effort .......'
'I've experienced setting up a show like this a few times. You get used to it.

On the ground, there was a magnificent set that looked like a public television recording.
It was a gorgeous stage, too gorgeous to be an event just to listen to the creative ghost stories of ordinary people.

'I've prepared a stone tablet and a stone brush over here.

A large chalkboard and a stone that could be used to write letters like chalk were set up on the stage.
Apparently, I listened to him and drew an illustration of the image here, and Becko copied it on the paper and colored it.
It seems that Becko is practicing to create something from an image, and is eager to test the result.
It might be interesting to see how the color scheme turns out. You can make up your own ghosts with your own ideas.

'That's the kitchen. There was no water, so I installed a modified version of the filtration system I made before. The lumberjacks, hunters, and river fishermen's guilds brought in a lot of water.

Huge bottles of water are lined up in the kitchen.
They are divided into those for filtered food and drink and those for washing dishes.

'The cooking area is also easy to see, isn't it?

Although it is separate from the stage, the cooking area is also designed to be seen. The cooking area is separate from the stage, but it is designed so that the audience can see the cooking process.

'Tell them that I tried to make it easy to see and cook in the kitchen, referring to the kitchen that I built for the luxury of the 40th district.
'Because, Jeannette.
'Yes. I heard you.'

Umaro, who never takes his eyes off me.
I wonder when this guy is going to grow up.

'...... Yashiro. I'll set up the stall for the sunlit pavilion over there.
'Oh, please.

The stalls of the Sunlight Pavilion will be set up alongside the cooking area.
It'll make it easier for us to come and go. Me, too, Ginette.
In addition, you might not get caught if you use the ingredients provided by the peddler's guild in the cooking area at the sunken pavilion. Yeah. Good positioning.


While I was checking the facilities in the kitchen, Milly came over.
She was carrying a tote bag-sized basket on her shoulder.

'Are you dressed as the church children?It was so cute!

Her big eyes twinkled as she spoke enthusiastically about how cute the costumes were.
What is this cute creature? I want to take it home with me.

'Oh, that's right.

She holds out the basket from her shoulder to me.

'I've brought something that the waiter at Estella's place asked me to bring. ...... Is this okay?

The basket was filled with princess apples.
You can make candy apples with this.

'Can I have a taste of one?'
'Hmm. It's small, but it's sweet.

Millie was right, the princess apple was small but sweet, much sweeter than a normal apple.

'They're small, but they're ripe. ...... You're just like Millie!
'No, it's not.
'Oh, I see. Millie's not an adult yet, is she?
'No, I'm not!I mean, Millie's not this small!

Princess Millie.
Oh, no!I want one!

'If there was a Miri this size, I'd catch her and bring her home.'
'Oh, don't bring it back to ............, there aren't any Miri this small!

Oh, so there aren't any. Too bad.

'Since you brought so many, let's try to make some other recipes than the ones we're going to publish today.
'I'll help you!
'I'm looking forward to it!

Ginette and I made apple pastry together, quietly removing the similar mother-daughter, the one who specialized in eating, from the kitchen.
Millie is also going to help me. Or rather, she's interested in what kind of sweets we can make.

'Magda. Go get Assunto and get me some chocolate and cinnamon.'
'...... congrats'.

Magda runs off quietly, leaving behind a phrase rarely heard even in Japan.
...... I'm not going to say anything else. Magda is that kind of girl.

I'm not sure what to do.

Stick a chopstick-sized bamboo skewer into an apple, dip it in melted sugar, spin it around, coat it evenly, take it out and let it cool, and it becomes a crispy candy.
This one is fine even if the apple is crunchy.

In the meantime, Magda returned with Assunto.
Hollow out the core of the princess apple and fill it with butter, honey and sugar. Sprinkle with cinnamon and bake the apples.
It would be easier if we had an oven or a burner, but we don't, so we roast them steadily in the kiln.
As the apples become soft and pliable, they begin to emit a sweet aroma.

Then, pour the melted chocolate over the apples.
You can't dip the apple in the chocolate because the body will collapse. The apples are completely coated with the chocolate.
After it is coated with chocolate, make a mold from a thin steel plate that you asked Assunto to make, and make jack-o-lantern-like eyes and mouths with candy. The colored candy was poured into the molds for the eyes and mouths, formed, and pasted on the surface, and the ghost apples were ready.
Three apples with faces are lined up in a row.

'This is so cute.
'It takes a lot of work, though.

It's a lot of work and a lot of dishes to wash.
If you divide the work by parts, it will be easier. You could be in charge of the eyes and mouth, or the baked apple.
In any case, I hope all the neighbors have fun with it.

'Halloween is much more fun with these elaborate sweets.
'Certainly, children would be delighted to see such sweets.
'But it's a hassle to make and a hassle to eat.

To be honest, it's a little difficult to eat such ghost sweets.
Because, you know, a whole apple covered with chocolate and attached to a candy cane?
You can't eat it in one bite, and even if you try to bite into it, you'll get it dirty somehow, and if you try to cut it, you'll have a hard time getting it out of shape.
It's a candy that prioritizes appearance.
It has something in common with candy apples.

'But this looks like it will sell well!

Assunto is very lively.

'So, how do you make this?
'As you can see, it's tedious but simple, so you can spread the word.

When I told him that, he was almost jumping for joy. His nose is all puffed up.
I think Assunto might be having the most fun on Halloween.
Even if I were to publish the recipe, I'm afraid it would be difficult to choose the right person to make the apples, since they're a pain to make and the finished product won't look good unless you're handy.


Estella comes to the kitchen with Natalia.
It seems that she was having a meeting with the people who were setting up, but it seems that it's over.

'There's a very sweet smell ......!What is this, cute!
'Well, let's make it the winner's prize.
'Good idea. I'm sure everyone will want one of these.
'It tastes like a chocolate-covered baked apple, though.
'Haha. Well, I guess that's okay, it's normal.

In the past, most of the new menu items at YODAMARI-TEI have been surprising to look at and impressive to eat, but this time, the sweets are just plain. They are not beyond your imagination.
Therefore, you can make them as you like at home.

'Oh, that's right. It's an event, but we're going to have a demonstration of sweets first, and then a ghost competition.

'You're trying to motivate the participants by showing them the product first.
'Heh, you're right.

It'll be more exciting.
It's a safe choice.

They can jump in and join in with the sweets.

'Well then, Ginette, Magda, Loretta, Paula, take care of yourself.

As promised, Paula and the three girls from the sunlit pavilion practice how to make doughnuts.
The jam, cream, and peanut butter will be purchased from the peddler's guild, and I will teach you how to make red bean paste doughnuts and curry doughnuts.

In the meantime, Molly and I will prepare tortoiseshell candies, calumet baked goods, and college potatoes.
We're going to deep-fry the sweet potatoes to make them look like 'here's a deep fried sweet potato'. It's a lot of work to show it off.
I'll teach you how to make candy apples, too, it's easy.

As I was preparing, many of my acquaintances who had been scattered about began to gather.

Masha, who was being pushed by Delia in a water tank cart to show off her great catch, arrived, and Javier and Use joined her.
These guys must be the team that had been out since morning catching crabs for dinner. Oh, Javier's face is so happy. Are you that excited about the crabs?

'Yashiro. Is there anything I can help you with?'
'Well, as Magda's assistant, I'd like you to make the devil's popcorn.'
'Devil's popcorn?

It's just caramel and honey popcorn colored with food coloring.
After a bit of experimenting, I found that red, blue, purple, and green were beautifully colored. It's a good looking popcorn.

Not long after, Norma, looking a little pale, and Lucia, looking quite healthy, arrive together.
Gilberta is doing just fine.

'......My head hurts. ............'

Norma seems to have a hangover.

'Are you okay, Norma?Do you want me to fluff your tail?'
'That's only good for you. ......'

Perhaps it was the effects of the hangover, or perhaps it was the fact that he'd spent the night drinking, but Norma's attitude towards Lucia had become quite lax. You can tell when you've spent the night together. Lucia has no need to be reserved.

'I get drunk easily and wake up easily, Lucia-sama.
'That's a good thing. It's a ...... good thing.
'I agree, me too. However, it's not so easy for the people around me.

They get drunk quickly, make a lot of noise, and are fine on their own the next day.
If it were me, I'd be so annoyed I'd probably punch him.

'Anchovy. Can I help you with something?
'It would be most helpful if you returned to District 35 right now.
'It's impossible!
'It shouldn't be impossible!
'In fact, I don't think it's possible, to bring Lucia back, in front of such a joyous event.

It's only Lucia's feelings, isn't it?

'Oh!What's this, an anchovy?Aren't they cute!Do you want me to take it?
'What kind of a jerk are you?

What's mine isn't yours.

'That's a prize. It's not for you. If you really want it, you'll have to wait until Halloween or win the competition.'
'Hmm, interesting. Then I'll join you in that competition!

This guy knows the rules, doesn't he?

'There is a horrible demon lore in the 35th district. ...... Don't be scared, anchovy.'
'Don't let the aristocrat's lady say 'chibi'.'
'Once upon a time, a girl from the Bug People tribe who was playing alone at dusk suddenly disappeared. ......'
'Isn't that you, the culprit?
'You idiot!In my case, I'll get permission from her parents before I kidnap her!
'Don't you dare kidnap me!

'I want to kidnap her! I want to kidnap her!' What kind of parent would say, 'Go ahead'?

The girl was kidnapped by a demon called 'Shadow'. ...... A long, eerie shadow demon appears at the feet of the little girl and drags her into its dark shadows.

I see.
It's a ghost story inspired by the shadows that grow at dusk.
Even small children have long shadows at dusk. Sometimes longer than their own height.
So it is a cautionary tale to teach children that such a phenomenon is uncanny and that it is dangerous to play outside until the time when the shadows grow.
It's very well done, isn't it?

'How about it, are you surprised?Give me that pretty candy.'
'Talk on the stage. Not now.'
'Why didn't you tell me that first?Oh, my God!You've wasted my time and effort!I'm claiming compensation!Give me the Miry-tan rubbing ticket!

'Huh!I can't, I can't, I can't!'

Millie grabbed me by the hem and hid behind me.
I knew it was this guy who kidnapped the Bug People, didn't I?

'Lucia-san. I'm sure you'll be fine.
'Hey, Estella. Why did you leave me out?

I'm the one you should be worried about.

'Hmm... Oh well. From the way you're reacting, I'd say you're on the right track. Speaking on stage in public is my specialty. I'll make it a little more interesting and put the people of the 42nd district into a state of fear. ......

In the event that you have any questions regarding where by and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following web page.
I'm not sure if ...... it's safe.I'm not sure what to do.

In contrast to my anxiousness, Estella leaked a smile as she looked away from Lucia as she moved away.

''Hmm. I hope we get to hear a lot of fun stories like we just did.''
'I guess so. I hope we don't overlap.'
'Oh, ......, that's hard to say.'

Even if you practice hard, you'll be disappointed if your stories overlap.
I'll just have to ask the spirit gods to pray for me.

'Yashiro-sama, Estella-sama. It's time to go.

The announced start time was fast approaching.
Before I knew it, the venue was filled with many of the local residents.
There were many parents and children in attendance.

If this many people can participate, I guess we can call the first event a success.
As for the content of the event, ...... can be made as lively as you like. Basically, most people are very friendly.

Mr. Yashiro. Donuts are ready.'

As Ginette reported, Magda and the others exchanged glances and nodded at each other.

'Alright!We're ready to go. Estella, I'll leave the rest to your timing.
'Alright. Natalia, inform the relevant authorities. We'll start the event in ten minutes.
'Yes, sir.

As Natalia ran, a sense of urgency filled the kitchen.
It's supposed to be a casual event, but my heart is suddenly beating faster.

All right, let's make a splash.

The venue is ready, and after Estella's opening speech, the sweets demonstration begins as planned.
The recipe for the rumored red bean paste doughnuts was being taught by the head chef, Ginette, so everyone's eyes were serious, whether they were professionals or amateurs.

Then he taught how to make jam doughnuts and cream doughnuts as variations, and after telling them that it was a little more difficult, he started to demonstrate curry doughnuts.
Some took notes frantically. Some were impressed by his skill. Others simply admired the dish. While all sorts of eyes were watching, the various donuts were completed.

Afterwards, I explained how to make tortoiseshell candy, calumet pancakes, and college sweet potatoes, showing them to them as I had done at the Sundaemari-tei.
The audience cheered when the calumet dumplings swelled up. Mm-hmm. A good response.
After the college potatoes, I showed them how to make candy apples, and then unveiled today's winning prize, the obake apple.

The kids were excited and the adults let out a gasp at the shape.
The cute, visually appealing snack had a good feel to it.

When it was announced that this was to be presented to the winner of today's competition, those who had planned to participate in the competition began to raise their eyebrows, and some of those who had not planned to participate began to declare their intention to participate.

And this is where the demonstration of sweets ended: ......

'Ah, gentlemen!

I went up to the stage and called out to the people in the hall.

'Isn't it a little ...... hard to be shown all these sweets and not be able to eat them?

The room buzzed.

Even if you publish the recipe, it is difficult to judge whether you have recreated the original taste if you cannot understand it.
So here it is.

''During the competition, we will offer these sweets at a special price.

Sweets such as tortoise-shell candy and calumet baked goods, which are troublesome to make in the future at the Sun Goddess Pavilion, but don't sell for a very high price, should be sold as limited items at times like this. They should be sold as limited edition products.
You can only eat them now, so go ahead and splurge.

I mean, the taste of these products is so ordinary that many people may buy them out of curiosity at first, but it is doubtful whether they will buy them a second time.
Therefore, I'm going to make a lot of money right here and now!It's a Sunlit Pavilion exclusive!

'As you can see, I can't give up the first prize, the obake apple, but ......'

The number of apples is limited, so they can't be made into a product. Too bad, d*mn it.

'Instead, we'll be selling our special Halloween devil's popcorn!

At my signal, Magda and Delia ascend the stage, carrying crates.
Then, showing the same fake fangs that Bertina is wearing, they open the lid of the crate. and open the lid of the crate.
Then, from inside, popcorn of awful colors of bright red, bright blue, bright purple and bright green appears.
The kids got excited and screamed at the sight of the two men with fangs and the popcorn in colors they had never seen before, and the venue became very lively.

The adults also asked, "What's that? What's the flavor? They seemed to be interested in it.
Yes, yes.
It tasted ordinary, but I'm sure it would sell well at this event. Interest is an irresistible desire.
Let's take this chance and sell it off!

'Come on, gentlemen!Let's watch the fun and exciting events that are about to begin, while eating some strange and scary treats!You kids, go to ......!
'Mom, please buy some!

It's nice to be honest.

'Yashiro ...... is really good at this kind of scheme, isn't he?

Estella's eyes greeted me as I stepped off the stage.

What are you talking about, Estella?
It's hard to overlook such an obvious bonus stage.
Look at that long line of people. Look at the happy faces of those kids in line. And the parents who can't resist those happy faces!

'Children really are angels, aren't they?
'You can't say that with your eyes the color of gold coins, that's ......'.

A child's begging is a businessman's friend, isn't it?
They are easily fooled by trivial things and beg for them.
The combination of the festive atmosphere and the kids' excitement will loosen the parents' purse strings!
It's the same even in other worlds!

I love kids!
So, ......, huh. You can do whatever you want.

I'm not doing anything illegal.
I was just being a little overly aggressive.

Well, I'm releasing the recipe for free. It's not like I'm being punished for making this much money.

So, the coins came flying in, and with a smile on my face, I was sure that today's event would be a success.