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'What a jerk you are. I didn't know you still had such a great one in your stash.

Estella, who joined us at the church, has been complaining ever since she ate the potatoes. It's all over the place.

'If you have a problem with it, don't eat it.
'I'm complaining about your secrecy. I don't blame you for the potatoes, mooch.

This guy ...... is starting to look a bit like Bertina, isn't he?
I hope you didn't get infected while we were eating together at church.

'You're trying to hide your big tits, aren't you?
'Why do I have to hide them?
'Estella-san, I don't think that's what you should deny.

Molly pointed out and Estella threw a potato into her mouth to cover it up.
Don't put so much in your mouth. I'm not going to take it. We can eat as many as we want later.
Assunto paid for all the ingredients around here anyway. The cost of the trial production at the sunlit pavilion will be reimbursed and collected later.

After the donation to the church, we came back to the restaurant and had a tasting session to discuss the event to follow.
Bertina wanted to come as much as she could, but I left her at the church, promising to feed her properly later. There were some things I wanted her to do.

'Sister, I'm sure she'll be here as soon as she's ready.

Pouring fresh tea into Estella's cup, Ginette echoes Bertina's sentiments, 'Because I can't wait.
No, maybe Ginette herself can't wait. The unveiling of the sweets and the ghost competition.
Currently, Estella's waitresses are going around to each house to tell people about it. They said, "You can get the recipe for the sweets from the Sunlit Pavilion for free.
They're also telling people that a new confectionary will be given as the prize for excellence in the Obake competition.
Estella says she expects a lot of participants.

'Tocklin' no!

The door of the sunlit pavilion was opened and two kids wearing sheets jumped in, shouting the name of the mysterious Italian.

''Trick or treat,'' they said.
''That's it!''
''Don't be a prude.''

I grab the kid's head through the white sheets and shake it wildly.

''Whoa, whoa, I'm drunk!I'm drunk!

These are the kids from the church, and they're going to be on stage as an example of how to dress up before the ghost competition.
The one I'm grabbing by the head is an eight-year-old man, and the other ghost is a six-year-old girl.

'Why me?
'Because it's easier.
'That's terrible!It's favoritism!
'You idiot!Discrimination!
'That's even worse!

This is the way to treat a man of this age who has nothing to offer but energy and strength.
Look. A six-year-old girl is this small. She's lifting her arms and looking at me, but it's not intimidating at all.

'Big brother Yashiro!Are you scared?Gah~!
'I'm afraid I'm going to be kidnapped. ......'
'Don't worry about that, big brother. Imelda is going to be there as well.''
'Hey Loretta. I'm not sure what to do.You are the guild leader of a large guild.

Estella's pretty decisive too.

She's so cute with a sheet over her head that you can't see her face.
It's dangerous to dress up as a cat girl or a wolf girl. There could be more Javiers in this town.

'It's very cute.
'No, Ginette, you're not!I'm scared!
'Uh-huh. Well, if you make it more 'wow', it might be scary.'

The ghost girl raised her hands in a pouncing gesture.
The sheet lifted up, revealing her tiny legs. Ginette can't stop laughing, can she?

'Hey, guys. Can you see what's in front of you?'
'Yes!I'm fine!
'Is it hard to breathe?
'It's a little hot. I've been running.

'Don't run with the sheets on, it's dangerous.
'Because, sweets!
'Didn't Bertina tell you not to run?...... She'll be mad at you later.'
'Oh, ............ what, what, what am I going to do ......'

The ghost boy starts shaking.
How can you scare a ghost? Is it Bertina who scares you the most?
The ghosts are afraid of you because you're a sister. I can make her go away.

'I can't wait to see the other costumes.

Ginette looks at the door expectantly.
'If they're here, then there's going to be a lot of little ghosts coming in.

At the breakfast table, I suggested a little masquerade for the church kids.
The matron's aunts were amused and agreed to make the costumes I suggested by hand as soon as possible.
The matrons were also very excited about Halloween, which I had overheard.

'We have a surplus of cloth and thread in the church right now, so it's just perfect.

Loretta had donated a large amount of cloth and thread to the church for the new children's wardrobe and also for mending.
The matron's aunts were overjoyed and eager to make new clothes for the hamsters and kids.

'You secretly think you're a good person.
'No, I'm not!My brothers and sisters tore the church kids' clothes. So, in order to pay for it, I went to ...... and asked for a little bit more because I was sure they would do something like that in the future.''
I'm sure you'll have a great time.
'Whoa!I'm embarrassed to be praised by the manager!I can't sew by myself, so I just threw it to the matron. ...... In addition, when I told Ukrines about the situation, she gave me a big discount, so it didn't hurt my pocket that much.

So it's not a big deal, says Loretta, but I don't think it's something you can do.
I wonder why this guy gets embarrassed when he gets a normal compliment.
He's always asking for praise when he's in a situation where he can't give it.


The little ghosts came pouring into the sunlit pavilion.
But vampires don't laugh at bloodsuckers!

''You're all very scary.

We're almost there.
There were only a few ghosts that we could suggest, and it would take time to make costumes, so we couldn't all dress up in costumes.
Only the few who won the fierce rock-paper-scissors battle are wearing costumes.


Bertina slowly emerged from behind the kids.
I knew she couldn't wait for the sweets, so she came early.
Just as I was thinking that...


--Bertina opened her mouth with a cry. There were sharp fangs like a beast.

'Uh-huh. I made the fangs based on Yashiro's idea. They look a little strange, but don't you think they'll turn out pretty?

She must be very proud of her homemade fangs. Bertina is smiling at you.
...... is a good idea.

'Why the 'nyaa'?
'No, I thought the fangs were for cats.
'He's a ghost, so he should sound scarier.
'Is that so?Well then, ......, meow!

I was threatened.
He bent the fingers of both hands open and brought them to the side of his face in a pose that a catgirl would do.

'Okay, let's feed it!
'Yashiro-san. I think the direction of Halloween has shifted a bit.

'No problem, Jeannette, no problem.
I'll give candy to the girl in the cute costume and we'll be friends.
That's what Halloween is all about, in a nutshell.

'Hi!University potatoes are ready!

Paula comes out of the kitchen with a tray.
She had practiced a little with the doughnuts and then made the potatoes.
It was an easy dish for someone with Paula's cooking skills, as long as she learned the recipe for the sauce. Ginette left it to me, too.

...... or rather, Jeannette has already started to improve the sauce.
He must have had several ideas in his mind. He made a few prototypes in the church kitchen, and is still mixing sugar, sake, and soy sauce in a small dish.
I'm also looking forward to seeing what kind of flavor the sweet potatoes will have.

'Yashiro-san. Trick or treat.

Bertina the cat is pointing at the potatoes with a smile.

Don't point at me, point at me. Don't prompt me.

''Well then, it's a performance fee for you to be on stage, and you can eat too.
''It's a sheet!

Oh no, the ghost took the sheets.
A normal six-year-old girl is eating a potato. ...... Or maybe it's just that when the beastmen come out of the ghosts, I feel like I don't need to wear a costume.I don't know.
Well, that's what we think in Japan, but this is normal for these people. It's a pity to treat them like ghosts. I'll keep quiet.

'I like ......'.
'I want to eat it too!
'We want some too!

At the door, there's a crowd of kids from the church who lost the rock-paper-scissors battle.
They seem to have followed Bertina.
After this, they are going to go with us to the east field, the site of the field day.
It is supposed to be an event in which the children play a leading role, so we have heard Bertina's request for us to participate.

'Well, Mr. Yashiro. In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, you can contact us at .......

Ginette is planning to give sweets to the kids somehow.
But you're not a very good planner, are you? You're trying to say something plausible, but you're so unsure of yourself that the end of your sentence is missing.

'Hey, kids. Line 'em up.
'What's that?

I'm not holding you.
What are you trying to do, 'What, carry me? You're trying to line up like that.
I'm not.
And Magda. Don't join the line so casually. I'm not.

'Cause I gave these snacks to my kids as a performance fee. Wouldn't it be unfair if they ate them without performing?'
'No way?
'That's cheating.'
'I see. ......'
''So, if you guys are going to be on stage, you can eat too.''
'''I'm up!'''

All-out screaming by kids in the single digits is bad for the eardrums.
Shut up, kids.
That's why I don't like kids, me.

You really like kids, don't you, Yashiro?

What are you talking about, Estella?
I'm sure your optic nerves are worn out in proportion to your bust size.

'But, Yashiro-san. You don't have a costume to dress up in, do you?
'There are costumes that can be made without a costume. Ginette, pass me that paint.

In fact, cosmetics are gentler on the skin, but ...... the kid's skin is invincible, so it's a little better.
The skin is plump and freshly pounded, so it doesn't matter if it's a little damaged. I'll be fine for a day or so.

So, I smeared paint all over my face.

'That tickles!
'Oh, um, Yashiro-san?What the hell are you doing at ......?'

Bertina makes a nervous noise as she watches the kids' faces turn colorful.
Ginette is also freaking out along with her.

In the meantime, the first one's face is painted.

'Hey, there's the Three-Eyed Boy~'
'Whoa, whoa, whoa!That's scary!

The ghost boy looked back at the kid's face and his shoulders shook. The ghost boy's shoulders shook.
Just a little, because I drew a realistic third eye with vivid blood vessels in the eyeball. If you look at it from a distance, it will look 3D.
I tried to show the technique of trick art without regret.

'You're ...... really handy, aren't you ......'.

Estella puts the potato back on her plate and looks at the three-eyed boy.
She looks into his forehead and lets out a gasp of admiration at the realism of his eyes.

'You can become a ghost just by drawing a little picture on your face like this.
'Do it for me too!
'Me too!

The kids who lost the rock-paper-scissors battle crowded around.
So, line 'em up.
Oh, sure it's not a hug, Magda steps away from the line.

'Ginette. When you made the tactile catsuit, do you have any leftover catsuits?'

'Yes, I think I have it. I'll bring it to you.'
'Also, Magda. Get me a bow and arrow I don't need from Use's place. Just the broken ones.'
'...... Magda's arrows are in her room if you want them.'
'Did you ever use a bow?
'...... I was inspired to start practicing at the field day.'

Where and what inspired you?
I heard that you want to master the technique that Ricardo demonstrated during the ball-juggling event, where he used a single ball to knock away two balls.
Medora told him that in order to do so, he needed to have the shooting skills to accurately hit a moving target.

'Magda ......, are you admiring Ricardo ......?'
'......No matter how much Yashiro says or does, we cannot tolerate his trampling on Magda's honor. I'm asking you to take it back. I'm sure you're not the only one who can't do what Ricardo can.
'I see. I don't want Ricardo to look like an a**h*le.'
'...... Yeah. Ricardo.
'That ...... is not the way to talk about the lords of other districts.'
'Oh, I'm fine, Molly. It happens all the time.'

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
Molly must have the kindness of a saint to be so concerned about Ricardo.

So, at the end of her intense training, she received an arrow with a tattered feather and a cracked arrow shaft.
...... What kind of intense training did you do?

'Yashiro-san. Are you okay with this?'
'Oh, thank you.

As I waited while applying ghost makeup to the kids' faces, Ginette brought me a catsuit.

''Wow, everyone's got scary faces.
''giggle. It's going to be hard to go to the bathroom at night.''

Ginette shakes her shoulders as she looks at the kid who painted his face purple with upturned eyes and a mouth slit up to his ears, and the kid who painted his face white with gray cheeks and purple eyes in the style of Japan's Very Famous Demon Lord.
Yeah. This demon can be used in other worlds. It's so perfect.
So, if the kid is old enough to put up with color on his face without scrubbing it off, then makeup is fine, but there's a two-year-old kid in the church. But we have a two-year-old boy in the church. He is also at an age where if he doesn't like something, he doesn't like it.
So I can't let him wear makeup. He'll get his hands all over it and then he'll put it in his mouth.
So I'll make him a simpler costume.

Break off a damaged arrow and fasten it to either side of the catsuit.
Put it on the kid's head and--

'Look, there's an arrow stuck in your head~'
'Ha-ha-ha!That's so cute!
'It looks like it's really stuck in his head. Hmm. Oh my God, what should I do?

Estella is laughing hysterically, and Ginette is holding her mouth and giggling.
Seeing everyone laughing, a two-year-old kid smiles happily.

'Hey, how's it going?

The kid turns to Bertina and asks with sparkling eyes.
Bertina smiled and nodded, gently patting the head where the arrow had pierced.

'Yes. It's very scary and very pretty.

She seems to like it.
It's a standard item in Japan, and it's rather a dangerous item that keeps slipping off the whole time you're wearing it, but it will be popular for the time being in this town where it's perceived as a novelty.
It's especially funny when the kids are happy to wear it.
...... Well, I just hope that the old people who don't know what's going on don't get so surprised that their hearts stop beating, though a little part of me thinks that.

'This way, even young children who can't dress up can easily participate.

Apparently, Bertina is under the impression that if you can't dress up, you can't get candy.
I don't think you need to wear a costume to go around with them, but perhaps it's because it's their first time participating in this event.

'Shall I ask Ukrines to mass produce this?
'Instead, why don't you leave it to the woodworkers?We don't have to stick with the catsuit.

There are woodworkers who craft long handles, baskets, and architectural structures.
If you can bend a piece of wood into a catsuit, let them do it for you.
In addition to arrows, I want variations like axes and knives.

'If we're going to use knives, maybe the Hardware Guild?
'Real ones would be dangerous. Fake ones are fine. As long as it looks like one.'

I don't care if it's blatantly fake. Even if the quality is like a plaything.

'Ukrines will be busy for sure, so don't bring in too much work.

'I guess so.
'If you're going to ask her to do something, have her make a baby hat with demon tentacles and demon horns.

'Like this,' said Estella, drawing an illustration of the image, 'if I show this to Ukrines, she'll definitely make it,' she said, putting the illustration in her pocket with a certain certainty.

'In a pocket with great storage capacity!
'What do you mean!
'...... Estella. What Yashiro is trying to say is that there is more space in the chest than average ......'
'I know what you mean, so don't bother telling me, Magda!

Magda is making a face like 'hmm'.
She looks like she's trying to tell you something.
It's adorable. It's the kind of look that could build three houses if you showed it to Umaro.

'Now the kids who can't stand up can participate.
'If all you have to do is put on makeup, it's easy for children from families with no money to participate.
'I'm very happy that everyone in the church can participate together.

These are the thoughts of Ginette, Molly and Bertina.
They love children and are happy to be in their shoes.

It's okay to go to ....... Why are you all looking at me like that?
Don't look at me like that.

'Really, Yashiro, the child is ......'.
'That's a misunderstanding, so don't say anything else. I'll keep the information confidential.

I'm simply trying to make the event a success.
If Halloween is a success, sweets will spread and take root in the 42nd district, and people will be able to eat them here and there without having to prepare them at the Sunshine Pavilion.
Then Jeannette will be able to ...... do whatever she wants. I don't know.

And you know what?
If you're satisfied with a 9Rb red bean paste donut, you'll lose money per customer.
You eat a meal and buy an an-donut as a snack. That's about right.

'Listen, Estella. This is a way to raise the price per customer and make a net profit .......'
'Ah, yes, that's right.'

She's not listening to me at all!
What a lord!
How dare he not listen to the good people!

I'm going to stuff her mouth full of potatoes. ......
Oh, and I'd like some marshmallows, too.
I feel like squeezing them in to see how many I can fit.

'Hey, Jeannette. Do you know what gelatin is?'
'Gelatin, sir?
'What's that?Zera-chin?
'How dare you pop up at the wrong time, you walking toxic library!

Regina appeared from behind Jeannette as if she was growing.
Don't add one more letter. One letter difference makes a big difference in impression.
Well, it's probably on purpose!

'Hammaro came to me saying, "A favor from the manager..."'
'Did you ask him to do something?
'Yes. Food coloring. I thought if I made the potatoes colorful, it would look like a ghost candy.

What a surprise.
Ginette seems to understand Halloween completely now.
In Japan too, there was a lot of colorful popcorn and marshmallows on sale.

'Let's try to make colorful popcorn.
'...... That's good. Leave it to Magda, she's sure to succeed.'
'Well, you and Loretta can help me with that.'
'...... Mm.'
'I'll take care of it!

If we add some color to the honey we put on the popcorn, it will turn blue or red.
Molly rolls her eyes as she sees the members of the Sunlit Pavilion suddenly come to life.

'It's amazing. So this is how new things are born one after another.
'They're so unprincipled, these guys.
'Haha, you say that, Yashiro?

I will.
Of course I will, Estella.
It's always the people around me who get more excited than I do.
I'm just giving them a chance.

'So, what kind of obscene stuff are you planning to make with your naked dick?
'Don't use the wrong word with a confident look on your face, okay?It's gelatin. It's used like agar, but the ingredients are different. Ginette, have you ever heard of it?'
'Not for me, no. Have you heard of it, Mr. Assunto?

If Jeannette doesn't know about it, there's a chance it's not in this city.
I'll ask Assunto about it.

It's made by boiling down the skin of a pig or cow and extracting the animal protein. ...... If you talk to the cattleman, he might be able to make it for you. Meat seems to be struggling with the meat of Hexenbiests, so if you can make some extra income, I'm sure they'd be willing to do it.
'If it's valuable, they'll cooperate. During the field day, there was a dispute with the hunting guild about the amount of meat to be shipped. ...... If that can be alleviated even a little, it would be good for me.

Well, the squabbling there is like a tradition. I don't think it's going to go away even if the cowherd makes a profit.
It's even possible that they've reached the point where they feel uncomfortable if they don't fight each other.

'Do you want to go with me after today's event?
'You're coming too?
'As for me, it would be convenient if the conflict between the cowherd and the hunting guild is eased.

That's why Estella and I decided to go see the cowherd later.
Cows. ...... must be smelly.
In my mind, I remembered the scene of the farm we went to on a field trip when I was in elementary school.
'A cow! I remember getting excited and then losing it. The smell of their feces is very strong.
The smell of their feces is very strong. ...... Well, I'm sure it's full of nutrition.

'Sorry, please ......'.

While the floor is filled with people talking about Halloween costumes and candy, a reserved, slightly frightened voice blends in.
As I looked, I saw two young sisters standing hand in hand at the entrance.
They were ten and five years old,......?
The younger one has straight little horns and a gentle face.
They both have long ears and a black line running from their eyes to their chin.

I've seen that face before. ............ Oh, it's a gazelle. Thomson's gazelle.

These gazelle-like sisters and brothers looked at the kids on the floor wearing make-up and let out a squeal. They let out a squeal.

'Oh, no. That's Thomson's kitchen.

Ginette notices the gazelle sisters and runs up to them.
They seem to know each other.

'Um, Sunlit Pavilion ......, .......'
'These are the children of the church. There's no need to be afraid.

Ginette smiled at her siblings, who were glancing at the ghosts, and brought them up to eye level.

'Which kid is this?
'They're the kids from a restaurant called Thomson's Kitchen, which is a member of the Food and Beverage Guild. I've met them a few times. There's a restaurant on the east side of town. See?

Ginette asked, and the siblings gave small nods of approval.
Thomson is the name of the founder and the father of the siblings. Thomson of Thomson's Gazelle?
How easy to understand.

'So you're Gazelle people.'
'Yes. But Mr. Thomson is a Noonian.

Only Thomson is a gnu, not a Thomson gazelle!
It's so complicated!

'Does the child of a Nootian and a Gazelle become a Gazelle?
'Let's see... ...... The beast traits are inherited from one of the parents, so the beast traits determine what race you are.

It seems that beast traits don't mix.
There is no such thing as a dog and a zebra becoming a striped dog.
If I marry a beastman and his child has chemo ears, it means he is a beastman. Well, it's normal if you think about it.
It seems that there is no such thing as a half-breed, even though sisters and brothers may be of different races.

'So, what can I do for you?

It's hard to imagine two sisters of ten and five years old coming to eat at a restaurant.
If they are neighbors, but if they have a restaurant on the east side, it's quite far from the Sun Goddess Pavilion. In addition, they are new customers.
If he is a customer, he would come with his parents.

If he is not, then he must have some business to attend to.

'That ......!

My sister clenched her fists as if she had made up her mind and turned her gaze to Jeannette.
She squats down, stares at Jeannette at eye level, and tries her best to spit out the words that seem to be stuck in the back of her throat.

'Please teach me how to make donuts!

Following his sister, his younger brother also bowed his head.
I could feel the desperation in his eyes.

'Um, ......'

Ginette turned to face me with a troubled look on her face.
The recipe for the doughnuts is to be made public, and there is no problem in teaching it. Even Paula is currently practicing.
However, the young siblings are so desperate that I'm a little amused.

'The recipe will be available at today's event, and we're planning to teach those in the restaurant industry how to make it separately.
'Really?I'm glad to hear that.

My sister looked deeply relieved.

'But we'll be using oil, so you'll have to come with your parents.

Even Magda and Loretta were in danger of splashing oil.
You can't teach kids alone. There has to be a proper guardian.

More importantly, a workshop for people in the food and beverage industry requires a level of perfection that is acceptable as a "product". If it is just a kid's helper, you are in trouble.
It would be meaningless to have the owner of the restaurant, the head chef, or an equivalent person come to the workshop.

However, ......

'......Mom, I'm busy. ............'

The sisters and brothers nodded their heads and dropped their shoulders.
There seemed to be some reason for this.

'Yes, of course. ......'

Ginette also seems to know the situation and shows a somber expression.
And then, she shows a pretense of twisting her head to see if she can somehow help the young siblings.

'So, let's hold a doughnut class for the two of you some other time. I'll make them with you, so please tell your mother that.
'Yes!Thank you very much!
'Thank you!

My sister's expression, which was clearly trying to be tough, softened.
When Jeannette held out her pinky finger, she happily intertwined them and cut her fingers.

The Gazelle sisters bowed their heads one last time and waved their hands as they left the sunlit pavilion.
Ginette, who was watching them go, waited for them to stop waving and asked them.

'What happened to that house there?
'Actually, earlier this year, .......'

He closes his mouth once, swims his gaze as if searching for words, and then opens his mouth with concern.

'Mr. Thomson had an accident. ......'
'I see.'

I didn't ask any more questions.
His mother must be running the store now, having lost her mainstay.
That's probably not going so well.

That's why she's trying to help the business by learning how to make red bean paste doughnuts. ......

'But if all the other stores start making red bean donuts at the same time, you won't be able to make as much profit as you want.
'Yes, that would be .......'

I want to help you if I can.
That's how I feel.
But it's not our job to do that.
We can't save everyone in trouble.

Ginette seems to have learned that lesson, and no longer offers a helping hand to those who are in need.
But her face tells me that she wants to do something about it.

'If you're going to hold a special class, you should teach them something that will make them stand out from the rest.

Ginette's downcast look was detrimental to the profits of the Sunlit Pavilion.

'If we can successfully differentiate ourselves from others, we can continue to maintain a certain level of profit.'
'Yes. That's right.

So, this is necessary advice for the management of YODAMARI-TEI.

'...... Thank you, Yashiro-san.'

I told you, there's no need to thank me like that.

'Well, if I do my part, I might be able to manage this store, too.

Regina, who was sitting on a nearby chair picking a college potato, looked up at me and said with a gentle smile.

'I'm going to take off my skin and give you a naked cock-like service to increase customer satisfaction--!
I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.

A black pharmacist who doesn't like the sun is thrown out into the sunlight.
She was squirming in the sun, but I didn't care and closed the door.

Really. I'm pretty sure he's the biggest monster in town.