420-Additive-free Episode 75 Early morning lively cook...

Early morning.
I threw Hammaro, who was curled up on my body, onto the bed and I crawled out of bed.
Ugh ...... cold.
I put the covers back on Hammaro, who was wriggling around on the bed, and quickly left the room.

When I went out into the hallway, I yawned as loud as I could.

I'm so tired.
It's so hard, so hard.
Maybe it's because of the crab fair.
I couldn't sleep at all.

I've been thinking about ......, a matter that hasn't even been decided yet, and I've been in agony.
I couldn't sleep at all, d*mn it.
But let's just say that it was because of the Crab Fair. Some of the customers were drunk and bothered.
That's the fault, that's the fault.

I told myself such an excuse and went into the kitchen with my usual face and voice, self-deprecating.

'Good morning.
'Hiya!Good morning!Yashiro hiya!

I knew you were listening, Jeannette. Yesterday's conversation between me and Molly: ......

What should I do? What can I say to excuse ...... or at least excuse ...... but what would you say?

I'm not going to publish my recipe for doughnuts just for you!

...... No, no, no, that's almost an affirmation.
In fact, it's almost an affirmation.

Let's just have a casual conversation and see how Jeannette reacts.

'Oh, you washed the cup for me?Sorry about that. I drank hot milk with Molly last night.
'Oh, wow!I didn't know it was hot milk!I didn't know it was hot milk, haha.

Ginette...... is too bad at this!

And the part that makes it look like you didn't know is not the part.

Apparently, Jeannette is going to pretend that she didn't hear the conversation yesterday.
If that's the case, there's no need for me to ask her to talk. Ginette would be annoyed if I asked her to talk about it.

'Um, cooking is fun!I like cooking!

I know. I know.
I'm well aware of that.

'The more time you can spend cooking, the happier I'll be, and I hope it will benefit the ...... Sunlit Pavilion!

Ginette, shut your mouth!

I'm trying to respect the fact that you want to pretend that you didn't hear this, but if you continue to blurt out everything you say, you're not going to get anywhere.

'Oh, but I like both red bean paste donuts and curry donuts.

With the release of the recipes, the number of opportunities to make these doughnuts will probably decrease drastically in the future.
It's not that I'm happy about that," Ginette would probably say.
It's not that I don't like red bean paste donuts.

'Oh. I'm not forbidding you to make them. You can make them whenever you feel like it, or whenever we feel like eating them. You can even send it to the food truck.'
'Yes, sir. Whenever you want to eat it, I'll make it. ...... Please let me know whenever you want. ...... I'll make it, I'll make it.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please contact us at .......

'Agh, that ............ and I'll continue preparing.'

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
I thought he was grabbing a knife ...... at the workbench, but he covered his face with his hands.

'Before that, I'm going to squat for about five minutes.

I'm not going to be able to do that.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do,......, in this situation.

'...... Please don't worry about it.

I don't know.
What ............ powder is in Jeannette's hair?

The tips of Jeannette's long hair had turned white.
I pick up her hair and put some powder on my fingers.

'Oh no!What?Um, Yashiro-san ......?'

Ginette, whose hair was suddenly touched, shouted and looked up at me with her eyes full.
Feeling her gaze, I sniffed the powder on my fingers. ......

'Flour, huh?
'Huh?...... Ah!

You'll be able to comb the ends of your hair to get rid of the powder.

'This is, well, when I was hiding in the pantry, ...... ohhh, no, um, accidentally, I got flour on the ends of my hair!

Ginette wants to hide where she got it.
It's not uncommon for people to go into the pantry, but if you want to hide it that well,......, then you were hiding in the pantry when I went out into the courtyard last night, right?
Of course you were. There's no way Jeannette could have climbed the stairs with such agility and without making a sound.

Oh, ...... I can just see Jeannette running into the pantry in a panic.

'Well, ...... sometimes you find yourself with flour in your hair, don't you?

'No, but .

'Yes, you do!Yes, there is.

No, but you don't have to be anymore.

You're the one who's not a good liar, that's for sure.
...... can't even make this point. ...... What can I do?

'Good morning!Ginette, are you awake?

As if to break the delicate atmosphere, Paula's voice can be heard from the front door.
She said she wanted to be the first to tell me about the doughnuts, but I didn't expect her to actually come first thing in the morning.

'What can I help you with?
'Why don't you help me learn how to make donuts and help me demonstrate?'

'Yashiro-san is planning to make something else besides doughnuts, isn't he? Ginette smiles expectantly at me.
...... Ho. Finally, the usual Ginette is back.
I think it would be better if there was someone else. That's probably it for today. I can't be alone with you.

'Well, I'll tell you what, donut.'
'Yes, sir. I'll keep working on it.'

Ginette washes her hands with water from a bottle. You've touched your hair and everything.
Leaving Ginette behind, he goes to the floor to pick up Paula.

'I know, just tone it down a bit. That tone is hard to take in the morning.'
'Why not~. Yashiro, you're just like my father.'
'You're just like Loretta in the early morning.
'That's too much!Isn't that too much?

Yeah. You're just as bad.

'Good morning, Mr. Manager!I'll be helping you with the preparation today!

I'll be helping you prepare a lot of food today.' A loud, bouncy voice comes from the kitchen.
You're always so cheerful in the morning, Loretta.

''Right?We've got the same kind of energy, right?
'............ Oh, I have a special kind of tension with donuts. Loretta is a natural.Don't ...... lump us together.

I'm sure you'll find a lot of people who'd like to know more about this.
I didn't know you had that skill. You should have told me sooner. That's so cute.

'Ah!Big brother, Paula!Good morning!I'm awake all of a sudden today!I'm up a little early today!
'Loretta, shut up. I know you're awake when I see you, so turn down the volume. It's hard to hear that volume in the morning.

Paula said the same thing to me as soon as she saw Loretta.
It's easy to understand if you put it in your own words, the hassle of dealing with people of different tensions.

Paula let out a huge sigh, walked past Loretta, and went into the kitchen.
'Ginette, good morning,' she asks Loretta, who is about to start sweeping the floor.

'Is Molly still sleeping?'
'I don't know, sir.'
'Hmm?I thought you were sleeping together.'
'That's the thing.'

Loretta said that they had been sleeping in bed together at first, but that Molly had gone to the bathroom in the middle of the night and hadn't come back for a while, and when she came back, she was writhing on the bed.

'I saw her tossing and turning while saying 'nkyun kyu', so I evacuated to Magda's bed.

I'm not sure what to make of that.
I'm sure you're embarrassed as soon as you think about it. ...... Why do I talk like that?
It's scary, isn't it, the tension at night and the blindness of love. The feeling of being drunk on yourself. She said, "If it's just a hint. I guess I was pretty excited, then.

It's what you call a 'gotcha' situation, yeah.

'I think we should let Molly sleep a little longer.
'Yeah, sure. I'll wake her up before we go to church.
'No, it's okay!

I turned around and saw Molly standing there with a slightly red face.
Her hair was tousled and her eyes were red. She must have turned over a lot.

'Oh, um,......, good morning. So, um, Yashiro-san ......'.

Molly looks at me as if she's clinging to me.
I know, so don't bring it up. And in front of Loretta.
It's better for both of us that we don't talk about last night.

I make a gesture of sewing my mouth shut with a needle and thread. I don't have a zipper, so I have to sew it on, but I think I've gotten the point across. Molly did the same, sewing her upper and lower lips together with a ...... U-shape festival stitch!
I see. So Molly is a girl who can sew.

In the meantime, Molly's impatience disappeared from her face, as if she was relieved that her secret would not be exposed.

'Loretta. Take Molly to the well and show her where the facial cleanser is.'
'Yes, sir!Molly, I'm going to wash my face and do my hair.'
'Oh, yes.
'When you're done, Loretta, sweep the floor. Molly, you can help Ginette.'
'I'll take care of it!
'Yes, sir.

And I'll teach Paula how to make donuts.

'So, I'll take half the kitchen.
'Yes, sir. Good luck, both of you.'
'Hmph!I'm going to master it by the end of the day!

Even Loretta could do the frying in a day.
The problem was the fermentation of the dough and the seasoning of the filling.
Anko and curry can't be mastered in such a short time.
I'm planning to make simple and easy recipes available to the public, but I'm planning to have people in the restaurant industry learn more elaborate ones. Also, how to arrange them.
Each restaurant has a slightly different taste. I hope we can have a friendly competition like that.

I hope we can have a friendly rivalry like that. As for the bean paste and curry, I would like each of you to study and pursue your own taste. Today, we'll make them with the flavor of the sunny-side up pavilion.

Since the dough has not yet finished fermenting, I'll teach you how to make the red bean paste and curry first.
Ginette has already finished chopping the azuki beans, so this should be ready in a few minutes.
I can smell the good smell of red beans.

'I'll make the curry first.
'I can make curry and rice.
'It's a little different from curry and rice.

Curry in a donut is different from curry over rice.
While explaining how and why they are different, measure out the spices. He grinds them into powder with a pestle and mortar, heats them up, and makes a roux.

'Wow, that smells good!

Paula's nose twitches.

'Come to think of it, Loretta once told me that Jeannette smells like curry.
'Huh!I don't like that, it's kind of embarrassing. ......'

She sniffed her elbow and looked at me with a troubled face.
Maybe it was in your hair?The smell of hair lingers.

'Mmmm ......, it smells more like flour than curry.
'Oh, um, don't sniff it, Paula-san......'

I'm not sure what to do.
The wheat smell comes from hiding in the pantry after a bath. ......' Okay, let's not touch it.

'Mwah, it smells good!I'm going to go wipe down the table.

Loretta, who had returned from the courtyard first, headed for the floor with her hair pulled back.
Shortly after, Molly returns, having finished washing her face.
Her hair has been neatly combed.

'Manager, Yashiro-san. Is there anything I can help you with?'
'Well, I can prepare these vegetables. Molly, can you use a knife?'
'I can use a knife, ......, I've never used a knife before.

Most families in this city cook with knives.
A kitchen knife is a professional tool.

'It's easier to cut with a knife. Shall we practice a little?
'Yes, sir. Please teach me.

'My pleasure.'

Ginette and Molly stand next to each other, chatting happily. She is carefully teaching them how to hold the knife.

'Here, Yashiro!This one's a donut!Curry, can it be like this?
'Okay. Then, let's make the bean jam next.

I'll just make the filling and let it sit.
I'll fry the doughnuts after I get back from the donation.

After boiling and steaming azuki beans for a while, pour them into a colander with boiling water.
The steam that smells so good hits me in the face. It is hot, but it makes me feel happy.

'Wow, it smells so good!
It's the best part of making bean jam.

The steam from cooking the rice and azuki beans is a treat to smell.
Mash the azuki beans with your fingers, and if the core is gone, it's done.
Then add sugar and mix it with azuki beans to make anko.
It takes a lot of time and effort to make anko, so you should ask Ginette to teach you how to do this.
I was once pointed out that azuki should not dance in the water. Ginette is much better at making red bean paste than I am. She is much better. I knew I couldn't beat him in heat and water.

Unlike other beans, azuki is relatively easy to cook without soaking in water overnight. Anko for the public will be quite easy to make.
The taste is much different, though.
You know, you want people to say, "The professional ones are delicious! right?
Anko is a taste that cannot be imitated easily. It's very deep.

Yashiro-san. With today's azuki, you can use less sugar.'

A professional's eye is amazing.
Do you change the amount depending on the azuki beans?
And you can figure it out by glancing at it in between preparations? You're amazing, Jeannette!

'Finally, pour a little bit of the red bean paste into a small pan, mix it with the syrup, put the mixed red bean paste back into the original pan, and knead to mix it all together.
'Wow!The anko is now glossy!Looks delicious!
'Ginette, give me a taste.
'Yes. ...... Yes. It's very good, Mr. Yashiro.'

Ginette passed.
It's just the right amount of crushed bean jam.

'Is it koshi-an if I strain it?
'No, koshi-an is made by straining it before adding sugar. It's made differently.
'Oh, that sounds troublesome.

Of course it is.
In the world of Japanese sweets, it takes years to learn how to cook azuki beans.
It is such a difficult and laborious process that there are stores where the owner is the only one who makes anko.

It is possible to simplify the process, so you should use the level of anko that suits you best. ...... The An-Donut of the Sun-Damari-Tei will be safe for a while, isn't it?
I'm sure you'll agree.I'll learn how to make a good one!

Making anko is not something you can do in a day.
For the time being, Ginette's dominance would not waver.

'Oh, that's right. Molly.
'Yes, what is it?

Molly, who had been chopping vegetables, stopped her work and turned to me.

'Other than doughnuts, all the sweets use a lot of sugar, so the demand might increase a bit before the event.
'That much, sir?
'I guess it depends on how excited the people in District 42 are.

If they all want to try making it, I think a good amount of it will be sold.

'...... We have enough stock, but we'll increase production. I'm sure you'll be able to find something you like.

It's easy to do. Maybe it will spread to other districts.
However, it's not the kind of thing we'd go to the trouble of selling at the Sunken Pavilion, so if it spreads, it should.


Even though it was still early in the day, I could hear the voice of an old man in a strangely good mood.

'That's Assunto's voice. Loretta!Lock the door behind you.'
'Why, sir!I'm sure he's here to talk about today's event.

With a bang, Loretta jumps into the kitchen.
Hey, don't come back when I told you to lock the door!

While this exchange was going on, Assunto came into the kitchen.

'I hear you, Yashiro-san.

Assunto's face is smiling and in a good mood even though he's holding a grudge.
I didn't order anything, so don't come in here without permission.

'I thought I'd ask you in advance if there's anything you need for today's event. I'd like to have everything ready by the time the event starts.
'I see. For now, sugar, sweet potatoes. I also need some alcohol.
'Liquor, sir?
'Yashiro, are you going to make another roast with shell miso?

Paula holds her nose with both hands.

'Don't drink it. It's used for sweets.
'Liquor, sir?Do you think it's safe for children to eat?

Jeannette says uneasily, but there is no problem.
Just mix it with sugar and substitute mirin.

'Also, if you have a thin steel plate that's easy to work with, let me have it.
'How big is it?
'About three centimeters wide and thirty centimeters long. It can be as long as it's easy to cut. But make it as thin as possible. It should be able to be folded and bent. Of course, it should be soft enough not to break during the processing stage.
'That's something I'll have to ask Norma at .......'
'And while you're at it, get me some ladles. Not wooden ones, but iron ones.'
'Ladles, sir?I can't imagine what you're planning to do now.

Assunto's brow wrinkles as he takes notes.

'I have no idea either. I wonder if it's sweet potato candy .......'
'Well, let's try making some now.

I want to see the reaction.

'Oh, I'll go wake Magda up then!I'm sure he'll want to see it!
'Then take care of Hammaro, too. I'll be in my room.
'I'll take care of him!

After Loretta ran out of the room, I shaved the bamboo skewer with a knife.
I don't have a mold, so I'll just use a simple one for now.

'I want to make a mold of the thin steel plate like this.

Make a triangle with the shaved bamboo skewer.
Straight bamboo can only make such a simple mold.

'If I can bend the steel plate, I can make a more complicated mold, right?
'I see. Steel plates make molds, don't they?
'If it becomes popular, you can ask Norma to make several different molds for you.'

What I'm imagining is something like a cookie mold.
With them, it would be easy for any family to make pretty sweets.

'Ginette, cut the sweet potatoes into bite-sized pieces and fry them in oil.
'Yes, sir.
'And share a little sake with me.
'Is cooking liquor okay?
'That's fine.

And so, while Magda arrives, I make my preparations.
Assunto seems to have been intrigued and has come into the kitchen. I made him wash his hands properly and put on a tour apron.

'Jeannette. Where did I find the baking soda?'
'The one Regina-san made for you. I'll bring it to you now.'
'What ...... do you use Regina's medicine too?Hey Yashiro, is that really candy?''

Paula wrinkles her nose.
'It's not medicine, baking soda is.
I've been buying it regularly since I found it in Regina's store. Baking soda is useful for many things.

'Yes, Yashiro-san. Baking soda.'
'Thank you. Then put the sweet potatoes in room temperature oil and fry them.'
'You're putting them in from room temperature?
'That way, they won't lose their shape.

There is also the method of frying them twice to make them crispy, but it's too much trouble, so I'll use the easy way this time.
If I had a microwave oven, it would be easier.

In the meantime, Magda and Hammaro came into the kitchen.

'Wake up refreshed!
'.................. as well'.

No, no, Magda.
You look awfully sleepy.

There's nothing refreshing about it.

'Now that we're all here, let's start cooking.

Feeling a little nostalgic, I put the frying pan on the fire.
The things I'm going to make are all things I've made in elementary school.
Two of them are from the cooking class. The other was a science experiment.

'First of all, I'm going to make tortoiseshell candy.
'...... Bekko candy?
'Big brother, you're not making a good impression. I suggest you change your name.'
'No, it's not tortoiseshell. Tortoiseshell. It's the shell of a tortoise, a yellowish translucent material used in ornaments and jewelry that's expensive.'
'...... I see, a valuable item. I'm going to rename you Becco.
'Yes, sir!
'Both of you, don't say that.

No, Jeannette.
If it's Becko, it's safe.

'It's easy to make, just heat the sugar water and when it turns color, put it in the mold and let it cool and harden.

Pour the colored sugar water into the triangle on the bamboo skewer you just made, and make a circle by dripping the sugar water so that it touches one corner of the triangle.
The circles will stick to the triangles to form a teru teru bozu.
Place a black sesame seed at the position of the eye, and sink a bamboo skewer into the candy before it hardens so that you can hold it.
The candy hardens in a few minutes, and a beautiful translucent tortoise-shell candy (teru teru bozu shape) is completed.


Ginette's eyes sparkled at the reunion after a long absence.
You really like teru teru bozu, don't you? And the snowman.

'It's so cute!
'Can you eat this without crying?
'It's a waste to eat .............'

At any rate, I'm relieved that he didn't react with 'pity'.
This town cares about pretty food, you know.

'...... Yashiro. I want Magda to be a tiger.'
'I don't have the materials to make a mold, so I can't right now.'
'...... Then a cat would be fine.'
'Ask Norma.'

It's hard to draw a cat with melted candy.
Oh, maybe I could do some candy art. No one can imitate ....... I could do it with a little practice, but in this town, the only one who could do it is ...... Becco.

'Ginette, are you close imo?
'Yes,............, they're still a little hard.'
'Well then, the next step is to roast the carmine.'

With Ginette's permission, I put a ladle on the fire.
The hole in the kiln is too big to hold the ladle. Of course.
I'll have to order something to hold the ladle in place.
...... If I tell Norma, she'll make a pot for carmelizing.

'Put some water and sugar in a ladle and put it on the fire.
'Is a little bit like that enough?
'Well, just watch.

After a while, the sugar water will start to boil and turn slightly golden brown.
At that moment, take it off the heat and quickly add baking soda.
Then, mix it quickly to crush the bubbles.
When the mixture is thoroughly mixed, quickly pull out the mixing stick and wait for the moment!

All eyes are on the ladle.
The liquid in the ladle swelled up right in front of everyone's eyes.

'Whoa, whoa!It's swollen!
'What the hell is this?

Loretta and Assunto shouted in astonishment.

'I see. It must have been inflated by the power of baking soda.

Ginette understood the properties of baking soda, so this phenomenon seemed to make sense to her.
Magda and Molly stared at the swollen carmine.
Hammaro, ......, is leaning against the workbench, asleep.

Look at that!
And be impressed!
To tell you the truth, I did it partly to surprise you!
d*mn, I wish I could have gotten the kid's honest "Oh, wow! I wish I could have gotten the kid's honest reaction of 'Oh, wow!

When we made it for a science experiment, the whole class went wild.

'This will be a hit with the kids!If it is popular with children, their parents will practice it. A ladle and a cauldron to hold it ...... Or, better yet, why don't we just make a one-handed pot specifically for calumet cooking and sell it ......'

Assunto is playing the abacus around in his brain.
The sound of the abacus crackling inside his brain seems to be leaking out through his eardrums.

'...... Yashiro. Can I try it, please?'
'Yes. It's hot, so be careful.'

He hands Magda a freshly made calumet.
He plays with it a little with his fingertips and sticks his slightly pointed canine teeth into the calumet.

Magda takes a bite out of it with a crunchy sound.

'...... available'.

He likes it.
In the extreme, it's like a swollen sugar water, so it may be liked or disliked by different people, but it may be just right to be too sweet for kids.

'Mr. Yashiro, the sweet potatoes are fried.
'Well, I'll make the sauce, so drain the oil.

The crispy sweet potatoes are mixed with the sauce and made into university sweet potatoes.
The sauce is made with sugar and mirin, but since we don't have mirin, we substitute sake. The salt and soy sauce are up to your taste. ...... Never mind, let's just make it the way I like it.

Make the sauce in a one-handed pan, put the fried sweet potatoes into the sauce, and mix them well.
Spread it out on a bat and sprinkle black sesame seeds all over it before the sauce hardens.
After a while, the sauce will harden and become crispy.

It's easy and delicious.

There is no such thing as a 'university' in this world, and few people can explain why the name 'university' is attached to the name itself, so I'm very curious how it will be translated here.

'Yashiro-san, may I have some?
'Yes. Be careful, it's hot.'

Jeannette sticks a bamboo skewer into the potato and bites into it.
At that moment, Jeannette's eyes lit up.

'...... or .............'

You've got a new version!
That's what it feels like when you're too surprised!

'This, is delicious, Yashiro-san!
'Right?It's so easy.'
'I'd like to serve this at the Sundaemari Pavilion at .............'

Ginette glanced at me.

I think she knows I regret bringing in too many new dishes, and is hesitant to take in anything at all.
...... So, you ...... don't want to hide it anymore, do you?

'You can take whatever you like. There's nothing wrong with making it in moderation, rearranging it in your own way, and making it your own dish.
'Yes!I like this pastry!

He took a second bite and narrowed his eyes.
I'm sure you'll like the spinning baked goods and the potatoes ....... You like astringent sweetness, don't you, Ginette?

'Yashiro-san!This!This will sell!You can even make a specialty store in each district!But instead of setting up a store, why don't we pack them in small portions and put them in the marketplace so that wives can buy them while they are shopping ......?As a snack for the kids. As a treat for yourself. ...... Well, if you can set the price range from 10Rb to 20Rb and market it as a position where people can buy it on the way home, ............ '

That's great, Assunto.
That's exactly what a Japanese supermarket is doing.
They put them in the side dish section or next to the cash register.
They are usually priced around 100 to 200 yen.
You got that much idea at first glance? You're getting more powerful, aren't you?

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... I'm sure it's a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ......I want to do business right now!
'Um, Yashiro-san, ...... is this kind of thing normal in the 42nd district?
'No, Assunto seems to have just developed some sort of disease. Don't think this is the norm, Molly.

It's just that there's a little too much livestock in the Forty-second Ward.

'I'm going home to learn how to make potatoes!
'Mr. Paula, what about the doughnuts?
'I'll remember that too!I mean, you've already learned it, right?Then come and teach me, Cantaloucica!
'I have a sunlit pavilion!
'Six hexenbiest sausages!
'I'll talk to the manager about it!

That's cheap, your travel expenses.
I expect that for a while households will be practicing red bean paste doughnuts more and eating out less. Whether they fail or succeed, they'll be made in large quantities and we'll have to eat what we make.
So it would be a good idea to dispatch Loretta when she has time.

'Yashiro-san. Is there anything else that's easy and convenient that could be spread to the general public?
'The only other things I can make are sweet natto and the candy apples I made at the ...... 'banquet'.'
'That's interesting, I'd love to hear about it!
'It takes a long time to boil red beans for sweet beans, and I'll have to consult with Millie about candy apples.

It's hard to eat candy apples, so it would be nice if you could find some princess apples or apricots.
Also, sweet potato steamed buns and ...... pumpkin steamed buns are good.
However, since we can't use the name "bread," we can use ...... "steamed cake"?
I have a steamer, so I can make them. It will take some time to prepare, though.

'I don't care about anything else!I'm sure they'll all sell!Aha!Great event!Hooray for Halloween!The Forty-second Ward is truly a trendsetter!I'll never leave this city!

Apparently, Assunto has completely given up on going to the center.
In fact, he's on the verge of refusing to go to the center even if they try to recruit him. Is that what you want to do with your life?

We decided to practice sweets after the donation and breakfast, and then helped prepare the donation.
Assunto said, 'I'll be as ready as I can be before the event starts! and ran out of the sunny pavilion in high spirits.

Paula volunteered to help with the donation, asking to be taught how to make sweets.
Loretta and Magda were also very happy with the new sweets.

And Molly...

'If we don't produce more sugar ......, we'll never have enough ......!

She looked a little pale.
You don't have to take on all the work yourself, you know. There are several sugar factories in the three neighboring districts. There's one in the forty-second district. But they're not very productive yet.

And as for Jeannette, ......

'Mr. Yashiro. Please look forward to ...... today's breakfast!

He looked smiling.
What he's going to make is a secret, but ...... he's working hard to prepare the scrap vegetables, so it's pretty obvious. ...... Should I point it out or just leave it alone? ...

Anyway, Jeannette.
It's like you totally heard the conversation between me and Molly yesterday.
And almost the whole thing.

...... haha.

Premonitions always come true when you want them to come true.