427-Additive-free Episode 82 Go to the cattleherd

Morning .
A brisk morning.

'Hey, listen, last night Natalia was at .......'
'I'm sorry Estella, can you please not talk about something that makes my stomach heavy in the morning?

The next day, after the Obake competition was over and the big party called the launch had ended without a hitch. Today. Early morning.
Estella had evacuated to the sunny pavilion before the sun had even risen.

'The pavilion smells like crabs. ......'

She complains, sobbing.
Lucia, who selfishly refused to leave, stayed at Estella's mansion in the face of Imelda's fierce rejection.
Moreover, it seems that Lucia has taken a liking to Norma, who has kidnapped her and held an "after-party in the lord's mansion in the 42nd district" (that's a lot of "in"!). (That's a lot of "in"!).
It's a hell of a scene, with Natalia added to the two troublesome tangents. ...... Let's not imagine it. It's a fool's errand to peek into the dark side of humanity.

'I was so frustrated that I pushed Masha to Imelda, though!

It seems that the crabs played an active role in the feast that lasted until the night sky started to turn white, and the smell of crabs filled the entire building.
What were the waiters doing in such a disastrous situation?
With Estella and Natalia's permission, they joined in the revelry.

'Because we've had a lot of events lately and everyone has been working so hard without complaining, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to give them permission for today... ......... ...Are you guys getting frustrated?

Apparently it was such a big party that the Lord trembled.

This morning, the first thing he said when he came to the sunlit pavilion was, 'I think I'll work harder on the waiters.
I guess the waiters were tired, too. They've been expected to be perfect and they've been taking a little too much time off, I guess.

'Maybe for Halloween, I'll give all the waiters a day off to join the festivities.
'Was it bad enough to scare you so much?'
'No, it wasn't. ............ Well, if you want to say it was bad or not bad, it was too bad. ......'

The owner of the building chuckled.

The owner of the building laughed bitterly. 'A quiet girl who rarely makes a sound, you know?She ran down the corridor in her underpants as fast as she could, and said, 'If you run fast enough to be noticed, you're safe! I'm sure you'll understand. ......'
'Sorry, wait. I'm going to say this one more time, but can we please not talk about my stomach getting heavy in the morning?

Stress that doesn't dissipate on a daily basis has been building up.
Halloween. Maybe it's time to be different and let him off the hook. Yeah.

'I'm going to be in the sunshine pavilion on Halloween, so I don't have a problem giving the waiters the day off. You can even stay overnight.'
'Don't decide what you want, man. Let me help you.'
'I'll help you, Ginette.

You're not gonna help me.
Hahaha, was there really a need to declare that?Hmm?

'It's not that. I've always let the waitresses work behind the scenes, so I wanted to let them be participants for a change. They're part of the 42nd district, you know.

I want all my people to be happy.
This is a somewhat reckless, but typical arrangement for Estella, a lord who is not shy about holding on to such wishes.

The next day after the vacation, they will be bombarded with the task of filling in the gaps left by the day's work,......, but I'm sure they'll be able to get through any busyness immediately after refreshing themselves.

'Good morning, Estella-san.
'Oh. Good morning, little Ginette. ............ and,Molly?'
'Good morning, sir.'

Molly bows her head, hiding behind Jeannette's back.

'What?You didn't leave?'
'That's .......'

Molly clams up, and I tell her why she's staying.

'It's a training camp.'
'Ugh ......'
'Oh, ......, for those costumes?'
'...... yes.'

In order to wear the navel-baring dress that was announced yesterday, and to become a wearable buddy, Molly will remain at the sunny pavilion for a while longer.
I thought you were going to produce more ...... sugar?There's sure to be more orders before Halloween.

'This morning, I'm having a root vegetable salad and chicken soup.
'It may not look like much, but root vegetables are hard, so you can chew them well and feel satisfied that you've eaten well, isn't that what this menu is for!
'Yes!Let's eat well and lose weight beautifully!
'Ah ......, Ginette is also desperate, isn't she?
'Huh ......, because I didn't ...... hear about the costume like that .......'

Like Molly, Ginette will be working on her proportions starting today.
Since she had worried Bertina and the kids last time when she missed the donut party, she was going to accompany them to the church for the donation. However, he has decided on the menu from the beginning and will not eat anything else. And he is going to tell Bertina and the kids honestly the reason and get their understanding.

Yeah. I think the key to success in dieting is to not hide it.
The more people around you, the less temptation there will be.

Most importantly, if you tell people you're going to wear the costume, many of them will support you unconditionally. The thought of her belly sticking out from her cute outfit makes me feel uncomfortable.

'Well, shall Estella and I go to the cowherd's place alone?
'What?I want to go with you.

Ginette seemed to be on board with the idea of going to look for new ingredients, but ...... we'll probably eat something there.

'If we are going to the east side of town, I wanted to check on Thomson's kitchen.

Those gazelle sisters. ......
If we're going to get an edge on the donuts, we'd better get a head start on them before Halloween. So you want to go see them as soon as possible.

But, Jeannette.
I'm pretty sure you're going to end up eating a doughnut.

'Um, ...... if you don't mind, I'd love to .......'
'I don't mean to intrude, but ......'
'That's fine, Yashiro. Come with me, Ginette.'
'...... Don't complain if you have to snack more, okay?'
'Yes!I'm sewing a mouth festival today!

Ouch, ouch, ouch!
You're using it like a mouthpiece, but it hurts!
No, I'm the one who started it.

'Are you going to be snacking more? ............ I'm helping out at the sunshine pavilion!

Molly, who had been failing miserably at temptation, offered detention.
It was a wise decision.

'If Ginette is going out, I'll have to ask Magda and Loretta to stay again.
'We're not going to have many guests today anyway.
'Is that so?
'Yes. Probably because everyone will be practicing their donuts at home.'
'Oh, I see.

That's why I think it's fine to close the store for today. ......

'I'll take care of the manager and Yashiro-san's absence!

We should keep the store open for Molly to stay.

'Speaking of which... Assuming Magda is still asleep, where's Loretta?
'She's not staying here today.
'She said she was afraid of the mysterious voice that Hammaro-san mentioned, and her sisters wouldn't leave Loretta.

Ginette chuckles, remembering last night's situation.
Hammaro's story seemed to have given her sisters and brothers who lived in the same house a tremendous fright, and their little sisters clung to Loretta and wouldn't leave her.

'I'm going to sleep with my sister today!
'I won't sleep without you!
'I won't sleep without you!
'Oh my God, I get it, you'll stop crying!I'll stay with you till morning!

It seems that the eldest sister is the one the younger sisters turn to in their hour of need.
One after another, the younger sisters jumped on Loretta and clung to her, and in the end, she went home with a silhouette like a Shine Muscat.
I wonder if that could be told as a ghost story?As a Shine-Muscat walking down the street at night.

'By the way, Yashiro, do you know about Mr. Javier?About Mr. Javier?
'Oh, by the way, where is he buried?
'He's not buried. He was quiet yesterday, wasn't he?

Absolutely not.
He was so quiet, he had no presence at all.
At the scene where the little kids were crying, he said, 'I'll comfort them! I was expecting him to go berserk and get mowed down quickly. ......

'The reason it was quiet was because it was after the fact, wasn't it?
'It was alive and well. In my chest.

Estella laughed, pointing at her own chest.

'He was given a portrait of his wife.

It seems that Imelda had Becko paint a picture of her mother.
She shows him a portrait of her mother as she used to be at home.

'Mr. Javier is always a calm gentleman in the room with the portrait of his wife,' he said.
'He seems to have been very much in love with her.'
'I've heard that from Imelda, too. The two of you were always close.

So, when he left the mansion with the portrait, left the Forty District, and came to a remote place like the Forty-second District, he seemed to have lost his self-control.

'It seems that the effect was extraordinary.
'Yes. It was so quiet that I thought you weren't there.
'You must be a sincere man, taking good care of your wife.'

Oh, Jeannette. Without a portrait of your wife, a pervert who gets off on little girls and ruffles feathers wouldn't be very faithful.
Or perhaps you invited Bekko to your parents' house in the forty-second ward just to appease Javier. Imelda ...... is just as unselfish as you are. If any strange rumors get out,......, it won't happen. It's a good idea.

I'm not sure what to make of that. Thanks to her, the event went smoothly.
'No one died or went missing? ...... That's impressive.'

'Oh, no, Mr. Yashiro. You can't.'

She giggled and patted me on the shoulder.
Molly stares at Jeannette, stares at my shoulder that Jeannette tapped, stares at Estella, stares at me with eyes that seem to want to say something.

What is it?
What are you trying to say?
You don't have to say anything, but don't give me that look.

'I'm sorry, sir!
'Oh, speak of the devil.'

I heard Imelda's voice, and Estella turned toward the entrance.
Meanwhile, Ginette and I looked at each other.
It's not every day that Imelda comes to the Sunken Pavilion this early in the morning before making a donation to the church.
If she did, it would only be when she was scared of the ghosts and ran away from her empty house.

'Estella-san: ......'
'Hey, Imelda, what's wrong?Your face is so pale.'
'What's with that mermaid?What the hell is that?
'Oh, it's ...... Masha. Haha, isn't it troublesome?
'It was as troublesome as the lord and the hardware duo. ...... You could be cute if you were at least shy. ......!
I'm not sure what to make of that.
'If that's the case, you're a lascivious woman!
'Oh, it looks like she likes you a lot.

What's going on here?
Is that mermaid going to molest me if she likes me?

I'm not sure what to make of that.
''She's a hard-hearted girl.
'Please give me the same consideration!
'Haha, tell that to her. I don't think she'll listen.

Estella looks happy.
I guess she's happy that I can sympathize with Masha's troublesomeness.

...... It's not easy being a girl.

'...... I hope you get the VIP treatment until Halloween is over.
'It's been hard for me too. Yesterday, I even went to Natalia's .......'

Afterwards, the two of them, carrying the drunken beauty on their backs, talked about the hardships they had experienced, or rather, complained to each other, creating a strange sense of solidarity.
You guys are really good friends, aren't you?

I'd like to get some more sleep ...... in a safe place.
'Then you can use my room. The guest room is already being used by Molly.
'That's not necessary. Yashiro-san's room is vacant.
'Don't use it even if it's available, woman.

So, you're the type who doesn't care about rumors, huh?

'You can use my bed, but when you wake up, help me with the sunken pavilion, okay?I'm going out for a bit today.'
'I'll wake you up when I get back from donating to the church.
'It can't be helped. I'll serve you my magnificent rice balls.''

He finally got the hang of it in the latter half of the game. I'll give you my brilliant onigiri.
Oh, I see, you want to grip it.
Or rather, you want to feed it to someone and have them say 'it's delicious'. I see.

'Magda, Loretta, Molly and Imelda will make the day.
'That's true. There won't be many customers.'
'That's no good!Since I'm here, we should be able to attract an overflow crowd!
'No, Miss Imelda. You can't have that many people coming when we're alone.
'Don't worry, Molly!I'm here!
'Let's see, .......'
'Molly, Imelda is probably as good as you think she is. Don't get your hopes up, but keep a warm eye on her.

Molly, who hadn't yet been able to get through to the dense people in District 42, looked at me as if she was asking for help, but she'd just have to get used to it.
Don't worry. It's probably harmless.
I'm not sure.

'Well, I'm going to go get some sleep.

Imelda bit back a yawn as she walked into the kitchen, perhaps feeling sleepy.

'When I wake up from my sleep, I might say I'm going home,' she said.
'Well, Yashiro-san. What should we do in that case?
'If you need a weapon, ask Assunto to--'
'I'd prefer a more peaceful solution.

'Well, that's the quickest way.

'Leave it to Magda.

'I see. You're very dependable, Magda.'

That's right.
I'm the best at dealing with people like that.
Just leave it to me.

'Then let's wake Magda up and head for the church. It's going to be a busy day.

I have two daytime appointments.
I'm sure I'm going to be busy, even though I'm not expecting any visitors.

After all, this time it's gelatin I'm after.
Unlike agar, which is made from tongsa,......, it's very hard to make.
The tendons and skins of cows and pigs are boiled and alkalized,...... and the heat and smell are terrible,...... and it's a bit depressing.
But if you can get them to learn how to do it, they might become a little more tolerant.
If we can find a new sales channel ......

With this in mind, we headed to the cowherd after we finished our church donations and preparations for the opening of the store.

'What?Do you have it?
'Yes. It's one of our main products.'

We arrived at a large cattle ranch, where the ranch manager, Morgan Olson, told us a surprising fact.

'Glues and gelatins are common products among cattlemen,' he said.
'Well, there's ...... glue, so there must be gelatin, too.

I remember that Umaro used glue before. ......
To put it crudely, it is only natural that gelatin exists, since it is made from the same raw materials by a similar process.

It was just that Jeannette didn't know about it.

'I've never seen it before. This is gelatin, isn't it?

What Morgan's ranch produced was gelatin in plate form.
Wow. It's almost the same as what we have in Japan.

'And?Is this the 'new product' you guys were talking about with your superior faces earlier?

Morgan sniffs with a slightly mocking look.
...... d*mn.

As I negotiate with Morgan, a roughneck who has never been in the hospitality business, I ask him, 'Would you like to hear about a new product that might help the cattlemen expand their sales channels? Would you like to hear about it?

But they already have it: ......

I'm so embarrassed!

'I'm sorry, Mr. Yashiro. I'm sorry, Mr. Yashiro. I just didn't know what I was doing.
'No, ...... I should have approached Assunto first, but I was too lazy.'

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ......Yeah, I was just trying to look good, to be honest!

The birth of gelatin has opened up a new market for cattle farmers and solved one of Estella's problems!
I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's had a bad experience.

Oh, Yashiro, you're wonderful!Oh, Yashiro!I'm going to have to mug you!

I was kind of hoping for something like that!Is that bad?
It's okay, you've been busy with your knowledge and running around as a member of the event committee lately!
You deserve a reward!

Yeah, that's right!
I got carried away!
I got carried away and blew myself up!
You think that's funny?
If you want to laugh, laugh!

If you want to laugh, go ahead. ...... But if you laugh, you'll get hurt, right?

'Yashiro, that's clearly taking it out on me. ......'

Maybe it's the cowherd's fault for withholding such information!
It's the Assunto's fault for not asking him to talk about it!

That's right!
If Assunto were to bring gelatin with a smug look on his face and say, 'Actually, there is this amazing foodstuff~ (pfft, you guys probably don't know about it),' you'd be like, 'Oh, gelatin?You knew about this? You knew? I could've had the upper hand!

'You're being lazy, Assunto!
'Oh, don't make a fuss in the pasture. You'll scare the cows.'
'I'm sorry. He has seizures like that sometimes.'
'Have the pharmacist take a look at him.
'Ha, don't you know?Don't you know that mixing him up with the pharmacist is dangerous?

Estella and Morgan are talking rudely.
You two should stomp the shit out of a cow.

'Well, I'll just remember that you were thinking of us. Thank you, my lord.'
'No, no, ...... I just...'

Estella is a little embarrassed to be thanked so squarely.
He likes to hear people's high praise in secret, you know. He doesn't know what to look like when you say it to him face to face.
Is this the result of hiding his true identity for so long?

'But, well, the results were disappointing,' he said.
'I'm sorry to have made you so happy.
'Our sales channel didn't expand, but I think we can narrow down the sales channel of the ...... hunters, don't you?You know?
'That's a little .......'

If we can't move up, we can move down. This is why we keep losing to the hunting guilds.
If you want to make your beef more tender and juicy, you can do so with a little effort.
There are many ways to make beef tender and juicy, you know.There are many ways to make beef tender and juicy,............, a technique often used to disguise the origin of beef. I'll keep my mouth shut.

'However, I'm grateful to you, sunny pavilion.
'Huh?For us?
'Yes. You guys make all kinds of food, right?I guess that's the influence. More and more people in the east are starting their own restaurants. You mean creative cuisine like yours?There's a restaurant that makes that kind of food.

In the past, most of the restaurants in the 42nd district were bars like Cantalucica, and there were only a few restaurants like the Sunshine Pavilion.
In the 42nd district, where money was scarce, the culture of ordinary people taking their families out to eat was not so deeply rooted.
There were some, but they were few in number.

The few restaurants that did exist had an infinitesimally small variety of dishes in order to avoid wasting ingredients.
Even the Sunlit Pavilion used to have a small menu.
Cantaloucica had only smoked meat on the grill.
In any case, the art of cooking was not very mature in this town. The 42nd district.

No wonder gelatin was not widely available.

I heard that in the central wards, where the royal families live, and in the wards where the rich people live, people eat for pleasure, or rather, they eat to look good, and they often use gelatin.
Sugar and gelatin are ingredients that are monopolized by the rich.

Gelatin is not considered a luxury food because of its raw materials, manufacturing method, and especially the stench of its production.
It must seem barbaric to the aristocracy to boil bones and skins to a crisp.

'Our beef, too, used to be bought only at certain stores. Even when it was sold in stores, it was grilled on skewers and served with sake. That was the only way.

The stores that sell beef basically serve steaks, he said.
They cut the meat to the size requested by the customer and grill it.
Bite into the meat. And then drink up.
Or, cut the beef into chunks and skewer it.
So you have two choices, steak or barbecue.

'What a waste. It would be so much better if it was stewed.
'It's also good in curry, isn't it?
'I used to like beef cutlet, but I haven't eaten it lately because of some ...... reasons.'

I know, I know.
I understand, so don't say anything, Estella.

'What's a beef cutlet?
'It's a dish where beef is wrapped in a batter made of flour, eggs and breadcrumbs and fried until crispy.
'Breadcrumbs?Bread crumbs?...... How extravagant.'
'No, ......Yashiro-san is ......'.
'Black bread, which is good for nothing but hitting people, is useless unless it's made into breadcrumbs.

Ginette buys a certain amount of black bread every month, probably because she has a strong connection with the church. You see, the bakers' guild is an organization under the influence of the church.
But there's no black bread at the Sunshine Pavilion. They don't get orders.
It's said that even before I came to live there, there was almost no sales, and now that there are rice, pasta, and all sorts of other delicious foods, it goes without saying.

But the black bread is bought.
So what to do?

You have to make breadcrumbs!

'So, I'm making cutlets and fried shrimp.
'I slice it thinly and make sandwiches with it.
'That's not a sandwich, that's a cracker.

Tacos are a better sandwich.
Taco sandwiches are a regular item that we get a certain number of orders for every month.

'I didn't know there was such a thing.
'Yes. Mr. Yashiro is teaching me a lot of things.
'Wow, you're really something for such a young guy, bro.

The old ranch foreman, with his short, gray hair neatly trimmed, stroked his bearded chin.

'Looks like I'm going to have to rethink my assessment of the dumb bastard who came to teach me gelatin.

Hey!You're a jerk, you old man!
He's got a big body for an old man.

'Anyway, I welcome the addition of new dishes.
'Because it increases the demand for beef?
'That's part of it. That's part of it, but ...... we'll be eating each other, the butcher.'

Morgan says that a butcher shop is a restaurant that specializes in serving meat.
How can they be eating each other?

'The ingredients are the same, right?All the restaurant does is cut it up and grill it. Because it's such a simple process, the difference in technique is obvious in the taste. Even the size of the meat, the degree of cooking, and the way it's cut can make a difference. ...... If you're going to eat the same thing, why wouldn't you go to a good restaurant?

Just cook the meat.
If the price is the same, the better restaurant will attract more customers.
In other words, a restaurant without skill will not attract customers.
Even if you have fixed customers, if you lose your skills, they will leave in a flash.

'That's true, isn't it? Beef tastes different depending on how it's cut and cooked.
'Oh, you understand that, young man?
'Yes, I do.

How to handle the muscle, how to remove the fat. If you want, you can even mix in how to age it.
Just because you don't know any of those things, your taste will be a notch or two lower than other restaurants.

'There's one place that's really bad.

Leaning against the pasture fence, Morgan looks up at the high clouds.

'About twenty years ago, a sniveling little boy came to work for us as an apprentice. But he wasn't going to be a cowherd.'
'A restaurant?
'Yeah. He said he wanted to know everything about cattle and own a restaurant that served the best beef. I told him to apprentice himself to a restaurateur if he wanted to be a restaurateur, and I kicked him out, but he was stubborn. He persisted and persisted, and finally he got me to accept him.
'And?Did you get him to do it?
'Oh, yeah!I gave him a thorough beating. By the time ten years had passed, he was a full-fledged cattleman, no better than any other cattleman.
'If the owner is like that, I'm sure I'll get some good meat.
'Yeah, it was delicious!I've decided to go to his store when I drink. That's what I decided. ......'

Morgan's tone of voice and gaze dropped.

'What an idiot ...... to leave such a beautiful wife and little ones in such an accident ......... ...and he died alone.'
'Oh, that ......, Mr. Morgan.'

Jeannette asks Morgan, who is rubbing her eyes.

'That man, Mr. Thomson, is he ......?
'What, you know Beaumo, little girl?
'I've only met him a few times, but...'

Apparently, it was the father of the Gazelle sisters who had trained under Morgan.
So Beaumont Thomson was trained here.

'It's a waste of time for Beaumont, he was a good wife, but ...... as expected, he can't copy the techniques that he's been practicing for ten years. You can't copy a skill that's been practiced for ten years. No matter how long you've been together, skill is something that resides in the hands of the individual.

Thomson's kitchen lost its mainstay, its taste and its customers.

'Yesterday, I was consulted by ...... that they are planning to close the store.'
'Well, it seems like the little guys are trying to make the restaurant work on their own. ...... That must have been hard for them.
'Is it ...... to work together as a family?
'No, it's not, sweetheart. ...... It's hard to see how such small children were trapped to the point that they felt they had to move on their own. Parents want to act as if nothing is wrong in front of their children.

Ginette squeezed her hands together in front of her chest.
Ginette must have remembered this.
Ginette must have remembered her mother's constant smile, trying not to worry her, no matter how hard it was. Bertina is the type to be strong in such situations.

'I heard that you said that you promised to teach me how to make donuts. ...... Could it be?'
'Yes. Your children asked me to, so ......'
'I was grateful for that. But you can't make donuts there. They don't have the equipment before the know-how.

If all they do is cut and cook meat, they might only have a griddle.
If you want to sell enough doughnuts to support your sales, you'll need a fryer.
You will also need to invest in equipment and remodel the store.
If you are attached to the store that your husband left behind, it might be difficult to do so.

So, he said he would gracefully close the store and find a job that would allow the three of us in the family to live modestly.
'......, but will that make you all happy?

I'm sure the families of Thomson's Kitchen are all thinking the same thing.
I'm sure they don't want to quit the restaurant.
But running a business is not that easy. If you hold on too tightly, the debts will mount and you won't be able to survive.

'I wanted to help you, too, but ...... I'm afraid that's all I can do. ...... Well, if it's all right with you, I'll hire you. The only thing is, if you do, you won't be able to drink until you find a new restaurant. ......'

Morgan stroked his goatee indignantly.
It's always sad to lose a place you're attached to, isn't it?

I can understand that. I can, but I can't understand why Estella and Jeannette are staring at me like that.

You know, we can't use doughnuts to gain an advantage and keep the store alive.
And you know what Morgan said?Because it's a simple food, just cut meat and cook it, restaurants related to it are competing with each other.
If you favor one restaurant over another, the other restaurants will complain.
In the first place, the restaurant was built on skills that took ten years to acquire. It's impossible for us to teach them those skills overnight.

Well, there is a solution to this problem: ......

'Morgan. How many restaurants deal mainly in steaks and skewers?
'If we're talking about specialized, then ...... seven restaurants.'
'There are six more besides Thomson's Kitchen. How is the business situation there?
'One of them is very strong, and it's the only one that's always overflowing with customers. It's not uncommon to not be able to get in.

That one restaurant must be technically superior.
If I'm going to eat the same meat, I want it to be good. That's why people come to that restaurant. There seem to be too many of them.

'Other restaurants also have a good number of customers. If you want hard food, you go here. If you want fatty food, you go here.
'There's a lot of variation in how people like their food cooked.
'Yeah. For me, I like to eat it half raw, with the meat still bright red, almost uncooked. The sweetness of the fat is irresistible. I like it when the meat is still red and half raw.

In other words, there are many drinkers who are picky about how they cook meat.
Then, if we make that restaurant, it'll be popular.

'Morgan. You said earlier that you wanted to help Thomson's Kitchen ......, right?
'Mr. Yashiro!
'Stop, Jeannette!Don't come close to me with such a happy face!

I stopped Ginette from jumping at me.
If she jumps at me, I'll have to make an effort. I'm only making a suggestion.

'It's Morgan who needs to work. Not me.'
'What do you want me to do?
'Teach her about meat. Little by little. What's tender, what's fatty, what's light. How to use a knife to cut it, how to age it, how to process it, and so on.
'That's fine, but it's going to take ...... a while.Besides, I can teach you how to dismantle the meat, but I'm not an expert when it comes to cooking it.
'You don't have to teach me how to cook.
'Are you sure?
'Yes. It's the customer who cooks the meat.

If there are so many customers who are picky about the degree of cooking, why don't you let them cook the meat themselves?

'Just turn it into a barbecue restaurant.

You'll have to change the interior of the restaurant a bit, so we'll have to consult with you. ...... If you have Theron make a shichirin, you won't have to make such a big change.
If you can get Umaro to make a chimney for the smoke and a table for the shichirin, you can get by.
The chimney is Norma's.

'Wait a minute, young man!Do you want customers to work in the kitchen?That's too much dependence on the customers. The customers pay for their food. Why should they help ...... with the work?'
No, no, no. I'm eating while I'm cooking.'
'In the kitchen?Why don't you let me sit down and have a drink?

That's right.
This town doesn't have hot plates or simple stoves.
We didn't even have a shichirin. I guess they don't have the idea of eating together.

Oh, that's right. When you go to the forest, you make a bonfire, right?You roast meat around the fire, right? It's like that.
'Huh!I don't want to eat meat from a beast in the forest, I don't want to eat that kind of savage food like hunting!

Wow, the ...... feud is deep-rooted.

Let's just give it a try. If it motivates the Thomson kitchen lady, help her. If not, you can help her get a job.'
'...... Well, we have to ask her about her intentions. There's no point in us making a fuss about it on our own.
'Then, provide us with a little bit of delicious meat that has been aged.

'Helping people, helping people. You like that, don't you?'
'f*ck you!I'm not .......'
'This is the family of a man who's been my teacher and disciple for ten years. It's like a family now, isn't it?

'Hmm?' When I looked into his face, Morgan wrinkled his nose and eyebrows and clicked his tongue loudly.

'...... Chi!It's just like the hunter said!If you get involved with you, you're going to lose us!

What were they talking about?
What were you talking about? Don't let those who are at odds with you find sympathy in strange places.

'All right. I'll prepare the most delicious meat. I'll prepare the most delicious meat you'll ever eat.
'Well then, we'll go back to the sunken pavilion and make preparations. Can you give us about five hours?I'll go to Thomson's kitchen and set up an appointment for you. And do some light persuasion, so they'll listen to you.
'You're a hard man to please, you're ...... all right. I'll do it.
'Also, there's a little something I need you to prepare for me...'

When she looked up at him with her adorable begging face, Morgan shrugged, looking as pale as if she had suddenly caught the flu. He shivers and shivers.
Chills, the whole shebang. d*mn. I'm gonna milk you for all you're worth.

We borrowed a few ingredients from Morgan's ranch to prepare the meal and headed back to the sunlit pavilion.