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When we got back to the sunny pavilion, we were greeted by smiling faces.

'Hey, you!Eeyusha!Tencho-sha!Ryoshusha!

Teresa jumped down from her chair and ran towards us just as we entered the entrance. She kicks the floor with energy and jumps towards me.

Whoa!That's too much!

I hurriedly caught her, and she clung to my body with all the strength in her short limbs.
A little monkey!
Yeah, a little monkey.

Yoo-hoo!Come on!It's so cool!
'Okae?...... Oh, you're a monster.'
'It's an otter. Say it, ghost.'
'Oh, ...... ah, ah, ah!Oh......'
'Say 'n~' and then 'ba'?
'Nn~ba,nnba,nnba~......Oh,nnba,ke. Obake!'
'Oh, good. You said it.'
'Hee hee!

I pat her on the head and she giggles happily.
Her eyes are looking right at me.
You've come to be able to see properly, haven't you?

'Teresa. How many of these do you have?
'Well, ......, two of them are round!
'Oh, you could say "crooked" too. Just remember, in these situations, count the fingers that are extended.'
'Yes, you're right.
'Heh heh~'

Teresa presses her face against mine, as if she's happy to be praised.
She's really excited.
Did something good happen?

'...... Welcome back, Yashiro, manager.
'Oh, I'm home.'
'Thank you for staying, sir. Did you find anything unusual?'
'...... No problem.'
'Magda, I'm back too.
'Why don't you just say 'welcome back'?

Estella becomes strangely lonely for Magda.
I wonder... It's like when a kitten only misses you.

'...... Yashiro'.
I'm not sure.What's up, Magda?
'............ Obake'.
'No, I know you can tell. I think you're setting the bar too low for stroking.'
'Oh, then I'll pet it for you.'

She's desperate.
Estella, you can't hide your desperation by wanting to fondle her ears.
Is this what a man with an ulterior motive looks like?

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

'............You should tell me when you're a D-cup.'
'Why are you telling me this? It's not like I made it up.'

Magda is responsible for what she says.
Even if you're right, it's Jeannette's responsibility to protect and supervise. I'm not guilty.

'Anyway, Magda. Teresa seems to be having a lot of fun, what have you been up to?'
'...... Teresa's been having fun since the beginning. She's been enjoying the ghost competition.'
'Yes!It was fun, wasn't it?
'Does Teresa like scary stories?
'Haunted, shhhh!

Teresa seems to like ghosts.
Perhaps it is because she had many fantasies and imaginations while she was blind.
Or maybe it was because she could enjoy various illustrations now that she is able to see.
I don't know if it's because I've always had that kind of background, but I don't think there's a clear reason why I like something.

Well, if the kids are having fun like this, Halloween is going to be a success.
Then, let's give it one more push and change the image of ghosts from 'scary' to 'fun'.

'Estella. Dress up as 'Nurikabe' for Teresa.'
'I don't know, but I'm going to refuse.
'Okay, Ginette. You'll be the big milkman!
'Please repent.

d*mn it!
They're so backwards about this event!

'Teresa, it's time to continue.

Teresa, who'd been holding on to me, jumped when Loretta called her.
Apparently, Loretta and Teresa were doing something together until we came back. They were sitting across from each other at a table, writing something on a wooden board.

When I peeked into the room to see what they were doing, I found that there were some mathematical equations written on the board.

'I'm practicing calculation with Teresa.
'Oh, calculation.

On the wooden board, there are simple division numbers.

'Six divided by two equals three.
Eight divided by four equals two.
Nine divided by three.

Loretta is holding a pen with red ink, looking a little proud of herself.
The top two answers are marked with large circles.
She's grading them. 'Wow, Loretta,' he says.

'But division is another ...... difficult thing you're doing.
'Yes, sir. It's on a different level from addition and subtraction. It's a different level of difficulty. But there's nothing you can't do!Look!You got two questions right in a row!That's amazing!

After all, it must be fun to teach when your students are good.
Loretta is overjoyed as if it were her own.

'Um, Mr. Yashiro. How am I supposed to calculate this?

Ginette tilted her head as she looked into the problem book.
Ginette is an accountant, but she doesn't have the time to look at the formulas and figure out the answers.

'I'm sure Jeannette can do it. If we divide 9Rb among the three of us, how many Rb should we pay per person?'
'That's three Rb.'
'That's correct.'
'Ah!...... Sorry, Teresa. I answered it myself.'
'Yes!Astronomer, come on!O-rikko-sama.'
I'm sorry. I got a compliment.'

Ginette let out a happy laugh as Teresa patted her head.

'So this is a method of elimination, is it? When my grandfather taught me, he didn't use this symbol, he used this symbol.

Ginette writes '9/3' under '9 divided by 3'.

'That's correct. The idea is the same.

Her grandfather had taught her division, not division.
But he didn't call multiplication multiplication. ...... Well, it's not easy to encounter division in a cafeteria bill. He may have relearned addition, subtraction, and multiplication in accordance with the people around him.
In church, they teach it as 'tashimata.

'That's strange. It's strange that there are different ways of writing the same calculation.
'There are lots of ways to do that. For example, ...... '0.5' and '1/2' are the same, right?
'Yeah, yeah!Are you sure about that?

As I was explaining this to Jeannette, Teresa pulled my sleeve.
She looks very interested.

I'd be happy to tell you. ......

'Teresa, let's do this one first,' he said.

He points his finger at the Loretta-style problem book.
It's not a good idea to cram everything in at once. You should learn the easy ones first.


Teresa turned the problem book in front of Loretta toward her and added a new note: "15 ÷ 3 =".
She then turned it toward Loretta again.

'Wait!Two digits out of nowhere is terrible!I was scared of the big bossy number '9' just now!
'Da-yoo!I can't do it!
''Mmmm!If Teresa-chan expects me to do it, I can't not do it!No matter how long it takes, I'm going to solve this difficult problem!In the name of the Sunlit Pavilion!
What?You're solving it?
'Yes, sir!I'm not good at math!

But that doesn't mean I'm going to let Teresa teach me!Such a small girl!
So you weren't just happy for me, you were happy for me.
I mean, Teresa is amazing at teaching!

'No, wait, Loretta. Then why are you holding a pen with red ink on it?'
'I was having a hard time with the big boss '9', so I circled the '6' and '8' that I had defeated so far to inspire myself!
''You're so shabby, your self-esteem!

Also, '9' is not a big boss.
Well, the number 9 in the ninety-nine is like the last dungeon.
Like the bosses you've beaten are coming at you one after another.

'That's quite a feat. You never cease to amaze me, Teresa.
'Yes, she does. There's a huge difference between understanding something and teaching it to someone else, but it's amazing.

Estella said admiringly, and Ginette agreed with her.

Lately, Ginette has been having more and more opportunities to teach others how to cook.
She must be feeling the difficulty of teaching more and more.
There are many people who can cook by themselves but cannot teach others. Or rather, most of them do.
That's how difficult it is to teach.


Teresa looks up at me with sparkling eyes as Loretta tackles the next challenge.
She wants me to teach her.
Or perhaps she's upping the difficulty a bit to buy herself some time?
If so, this guy's pretty good. He might make a good instructor.

'Okay, Teresa, sit down.

I sit down next to the table Loretta is using, take one of her wooden boards, and explain fractions to Teresa.
I scrape the surface of the wooden board with a knife to erase the letters, and then write numbers in ink on the cleaned surface.

I show her the numerator divided by the denominator, and that fractions can be used to visualize divisible numbers in an easy way.
For some reason, Ginette and Estella were also sitting at the same table, listening to me with great interest.
No, you guys know it at least vaguely.

'I usually use '1/3' a lot, but it makes a lot more sense when it's explained like this.
'Yes, it does. It's hard to understand with the expression '0.333......', isn't it?

Estella and Ginette were able to do the calculations normally, but they didn't seem to care about why the answers were derived.
What is 'common knowledge' to those who know, is sometimes a 'great discovery' to those who don't know. Study is a great thing.

'...... Magda's '1/2' is made of 'cute'.
'Then what's the other half?
'...... "Eros"'.
'Are you okay with no hunting element?
'...... Then, add '1/2' for 'hunting skill' as well.
'You've gone over the limit for one person.
'...... There are actually 1.5 Magda's.'
'Don't stick out.
'...... Then we'll make it a third each.'
'Keep it that way.

As you can see, once you understand it, you can use it as a joke.

'What?Three 'halves' makes one and a half?Wait a minute, let me do the math. .................. I don't understand the formula!

--and some of them still haven't caught up a bit.

'Speaking of which. What happened to Imelda?

The sunlit pavilion was so quiet without customers that I couldn't help but hold a normal study session, but now it's business as usual.
I hope Imelda didn't leave when she promised to help.

I've asked Imelda-san to be in charge of the 'troublesome'.
'......?Did something come again?

The most likely candidate is Masha, who was left at Imelda's house.
Or maybe Lucia came for Hammaro. ......

'Who's here?


The answer to the question I asked Loretta came from Teresa .
Oh, ...... Barbara, huh.
I don't know what you've done, but that sure sounds like a lot of trouble.

'Barbara, what did you do this time?
'Well, it's not exactly what I did, but ...... actually.'

As Loretta was about to say something, something suddenly shoved me in the back. And then suddenly something came over my back.
A scream escaped my lips at the suddenness of the event.


As soon as I shook it off, it let out a short scream and slumped on the floor.
A closer look revealed that it was Barbara.

'...... What are you doing, Barbara?

I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure what you mean.
I'm not sure what to do.
It looks like I'm going to have to give him a bit of a beating,......," she said, glaring at Barbara.

'............ ...... ......... ...!

...... ... What is this guy crying about?

I'm not sure what to say.

She is tightly bound by both arms, and her face is buried in my chest, rubbing against my chest at high speed.
It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!It hurts, but more than that, what is this situation?
I'm not sure what I did.

I'm not sure what to do.

Imelda comes out of the kitchen with a limp face.
She's holding her shoulder with her hand and twirling her arm around.
I can see that she must have been sitting on it a while ago.

'What's going on here?
'He was scared of the ghost competition yesterday.
'What, you still think so?

It's been a whole night since the ghost competition ended.
If it was last night and you were scared because you remembered it, I could understand, but even though it's still early in the afternoon, the sun is already very high in the sky.
Are you so stupid as to be afraid of ghosts this early in the morning?
Or maybe you're just too scared. Even if there were a monster, I think it would be more scared of you if it ran into you. You're crass and violent.

'You know, Barbara, .......'
'Don't leave me!

I tried to tell her that I wasn't afraid of ghosts, so I pulled myself away and she hugged me even tighter.
Or rather, he clung to me.

'...... heroes............ please, don't leave Aashi...... ......Onegai......'

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
Barbara's character is collapsing in my mind.

'Huh!My brother's a little jealous of you!I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
'...... Yashiro, you're too cholo.'

I'm sorry.
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you have.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help. ...... Well, I'm also a very bad scammer. ...... No, you see, scammers don't commit atrocities face to face.
If they are in trouble, they will help (pretend to help). But then they will charge you an exorbitant reward, or take it without you noticing, but they will not abandon you or push you away. Scammers are all about smart living.

Besides, I'm sure Yap-Lock and Wueller are feeding you well--you're getting a little big, Barbara!
You were a B at best at field day, but now you're a C-minor. If you eat a nutritious diet for six months or so, you can aim for a D!
Good luck, Barbara!

and that's what this is all about. Yeah.

'...... I can't help it.
'...... Yashiro, the fall'
'Big brother, I'm a little worried about you lately.

You're being a jerk, you guys.
The two of you together are chorosuke. ...... Who are you talking to?
If I were a character in a girl's game, the difficulty would be as high as a hidden character that is finally unlocked after all characters are cleared.

'Hey, Barbara.
'No!I can't stay away!I'm scared!

I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name. ......
What's a scary thing? ......

'Hey, sweetie, I've been a little scared all night.
'You haven't slept at all, have you?
'If I sleep, the ghosts will come.

It's not coming.
You're not coming to ......, are you?What?

Yeah, it's not coming.
The ghost is just a misunderstanding on the part of a sleepyhead.

'Hey, girl, in the morning, shadows, small places.'
'You're in the shit, you know that?
'Don't leave me!If you leave me, you'll get a shadow!
'Actually, big brother. 'Actually, big brother,' said Barbara, 'the shadows are chasing me! She ran into the sunken pavilion crying.'
'No, that's obvious. ......'
'...... Magda was rather moe.'

It's good that you're able to keep to yourself.
It's not a situation where you can be moaning, you're involved.

'...... was too noisy, so I sacrificed ...... and entrusted ...... to the right person.
I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out the best way to avoid damage. It's not fair.

'I've been a piggyback bunny ever since I was forced into it.
'Obake?Do you think piggyback riding brings ghosts?
'You're the piggyback ghost!
'Aashi, you were a monster!When did you die?
'It's a figure of speech!
'A figure of speech?What's that?Is it like a special move?
'Not at all!

What the hell.
You look surprisingly fine, Barbara.

'It's already light outside, and talking with Imelda and the others will make it less scary. Get away from them.

I didn't think there was any need for me to go to the trouble, but Barbara was stubborn.

'Please, Hero,......, ............, only Hero can protect Aashi... ...I can only rely on the heroes......mon............'

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it. ...... Where did you learn such girlish gestures and expressions?I'm not sure.

'Hero ...... help me ...... Aashie ...... I'm scared, I don't like it ...... ......Please,so............'
'Oh my god!All right, get away from me!

It doesn't matter how scared you are or how weakly you cry, a young woman shouldn't be all over a man in the morning.
In the first place, you're in love with Percy.
Don't hug other men.

Come on!
Estella's looking at me all warm and fuzzy!
And Ginette looks like she's in trouble, like she wants to say something!

'Barbara. I know you're scared, but don't get too attached to a man you don't like. You'll start strange rumors.'
'I don't mind!Aashi, I like the hero!

What about ............?

No, you dumped me, didn't you?
Even though I didn't show any favoritism, you dumped me very selfishly, right?

'I was tossed around by the waves of fate a bit, and our red thread didn't connect, but Aashi and Hero were on the verge of marriage!
''I didn't go there!

If you really believe that you're one step ahead, then it's probably just a matter of the goal being in plain view from the start, and in order to get there you had to go around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around To get there, you had to go around and around in a roundabout way.

You've been playing with Neffery a lot, haven't you?
What's that, 'tossed about by the waves of fate'?
You used that expression like you just learned it and couldn't resist using it. I'd say about 80% of you use it without knowing what it means.

'What would you do if you saw Percy hugging a woman who said, "I can't marry you, but I love you.
'Die ............ or kill him?

That's scary!
What is this guy?
I'm not sure what to do.
You can enjoy a little more refreshing, sweet and sour period!

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
'That's what's called yakimochi. And don't you think that Percy would feel the same way if he saw what you're going through now?

The only way to teach this guy common sense is to talk to him about everything in terms of Barbara.
Oh, that's too much trouble.

'When Percy saw ...... Aashi and Hero, he was jealous ................... Heh.

Are you happy?
You want to be jealous?

What is it?
You've already started to show glimpses of a demonic woman!
You're ten years too young to be playing games in love!

But, ...... I see. You can't be too attached to a hero,.......'

'Yes, you're right. You're a young woman, Barbara, so you might want to cut back a bit.'
'You should learn to reflect on your own words and actions, you know.

Ginette and Estella casually widened the gap between me and Barbara.
I was gently touched by Ginette and let my body fall back, and Estella naturally pulled Barbara away when she stopped moving in her thoughts.

'Yashiro-san is very kind, you know.

After muttering, her big eyes glanced at me.

'I can ...... understand why you would want to spoil her.

You can find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.
It's a good thing that you are the manager of the restaurant closest to the sisters.

In Alvistan's view, it must be undesirable for a man and a woman who are not in a relationship to get close to each other.
...... I'm sure he's not jealous.
I'm sure you're not.

'But I'm ...... scared and ...... ugh ............!
'You know, Barbara. I don't believe in ghosts. No, they're not. Don't be afraid of them.
'Ohhhh ......, your brother is doing his best to put himself on the shelf. ......'
'...... So, I won't have to escort you to the bathroom at night anymore?
'Oh come on, Magda. ...... That's not what I'm talking about.'

I'm afraid of the dark, whether there are ghosts or not.
The scariest thing is when you think there's something out there.

'Aren't heroes scary too!I'm afraid of ghosts!
'Barbara, you haven't been listening to me about vampires, have you?
'I can't listen to them, they're so scary!
'Well, I'll tell you something that won't scare you, so listen up. 'Hello, I'm Kyu-tan the vampire.'
'Whoa!That's kind of cute!I want to hear about it!
'...... Magda will accompany you.'

As Barbara and the rest of the audience lined up, I told them a story about a vampire that wasn't scary, with a comical twist.
The content of the story was the same, but I made the vampire make a few jokes, so that even a scared kid could listen to the story with a smile.
The most important part of the story is the end.

'And so the night dawned, and the vampire that had been hit by the sun disappeared into the dust. It was a happy ending.
'Does the sun's light make ...... disappear?
'Oh. Most of the time, ghosts don't like sunlight. So there's no need to be afraid of it when it's bright.
'Then, then, what about the shadows?
'They only appear to bad kids who play alone until late at night.
'Bad boy ......?

Barbara looked at Jeannette, as if she didn't quite believe me.
Ginette smiled serenely and nodded definitively.

'From what I've heard, the ghosts haunt bad children who don't listen to them. I don't hear many stories of righteous people who help others and pray to the spirit gods every day encountering ghosts.

Ginette expressed the threat of 'Be good or the ghosts will come' without telling a lie.
I think Alvistan chooses words with as few lies as possible. It was very natural to exclude lies.
The phrase "I have heard" is not a lie, and "I have never heard of a righteous person encountering an obake" is not a lie. In the first place, you don't encounter an obake.

'Yeah, ...... is starting to look a little less scary.
'That's good. Now go home.'
'You know what, Eeyusha?

I tried to push her out of the way, but Teresa grabbed my sleeve.

'Hey, Teresa, I'm off today.
'Day off?
'Whenever the tomoroko shakes, the lady says 'yuck', and the father says it's okay to have a parent's day.
'In other words, you want me to go away because it's too noisy.

It's annoying if they're screaming every time the wind blows. I'd kick them out too.

'I'm sure Eeyousa will scoop up the lady! I said.
'Who's "sucking up"? ......'

You're so selfish.

'So, Barbara and Teresa, would you like to spend the day with us?

Teresa's 'squeak' seemed to be cute, and Ginette was becoming more aggressive.
She's still at the age where a lisp is unconditionally cute.
If this were done by someone of Loretta's age, it would be annoying and annoying.

'Well, I guess Loretta can't say that either.
'That's not true!I can say it properly, at least 'please save me'!............ Huh?I'm just a little pulled!I'm not going to do that.

Wow, you really can't say that. ......

I'm not sure what to say.

'No, please don't!I wasn't aiming at you!I was just a little careless!
'...... mocking'
'No, you're not, Magda!That's a misunderstanding!

'Oh, dear!
And Loretta flails her arms.
She's embarrassed to be seriously wrong.

'All right, Loretta. I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself.'
'Whoa!You're so sweet, big brother!
'No, Loretta ......, you can't redeem your name.

Don't sweat the small stuff, Estella.
Whether you clear your name or not, the result will be the same, in Loretta's case.
Either way, she'll just be an interesting disappointment.

'Loretta. "Operating room.
'Shoo, shoo!Huh!Isn't the difficulty level going up!Of course you can't say this!

Yes, I can.

'Even Magda-chou can't say that!
'...... Operation Room'
'Huh?I can say it!'
'No, no, no. ......'

'Forced Translation Magic' prank?I thought it sounded like the difficulty level had dropped?

'Moriri-chou seems to be good at this kind of thing. He's very good at it.
'That's not true ........ But I think I'm rather good at fast talking. He doesn't say things wrong or chew too much.'
'Then, big brother, give Moriricchou a subject too!
''I want to eat your sugar beet with you every morning.''
'No, I can't say that, it's like a marriage proposal!Aaah!
'I can't say it, it's the wrong direction!But it's irresistibly cute!
'You guys are really lively, aren't you?

Estella is looking at Loretta with cold eyes.
Oh, you're looking at me coldly now?
It's Loretta's fault that I'm in trouble. ......

'It's fine for Teresa to come with me, but Barbara is going to be in the way ......'.
'Why the hell not?I'm not getting in your way!'

What are you talking about? ......
You're making a lot of noise just by being here.

'...... hero ............ I'm still a little scared of you ......'.

So don't spoil it for me. ......

'Can you promise to be quiet and help?
'Yeah!I'll take care of it!

I bet I could turn him into a frog any time I wanted to.
There aren't many people as careless as him.
If I don't correct him at some point, Theresa will have a lot of trouble .......

'Well, I was just in need of a beastman's strength.
'Indeed. A lump of meat is heavy, isn't it? It took a lot of effort just to carry this much.

The lump of meat that Morgan the cowherd had given us weighed ten kilos.
The three of us shared the load, but it was still quite heavy. I'm not a fan.
We had to divide it into two kilos, three kilos, and five kilos.
Carrying 5kg across the city is ...... hard~....... I don't want to do that again.
And we're going to be carrying even more next time.

'Barbara, take care of the luggage.
'Oh!I'll take care of it!'
'Oh, you too, Tetsudou!
'Well, Teresa-san, let's do the preparation together.'

We will now prepare the meat.
First, we make the sauce for the barbecue and marinate the meat in it.
If we marinate the meat for about three to four hours, it will have a reasonable taste.
In fact, I would like to marinate the meat overnight, but that can be done later.

The problem is that ......

'More importantly, what are you going to do about the Yashiro ...... thing?I'd rather not touch it.

The object that made Estella's face ooze avoidance was contained in a separate pouch from the lump of meat.
It looks 'throbbing' and slightly grotesque.
If you touch it, your hands will become sticky with fat, and at first glance, it is not a part that can be used as an ingredient.
But if you're going to do yakiniku, you can't miss it.

Yes, motsu.

'I never thought I'd eat cow's guts. ......'
'It's delicious if it's processed properly!
'That's right. There are many people who say that the internal organs of fish are delicious, and if cooked correctly, they may be delicious.

Ginette had some expectations for an ingredient she had never used before.
However, she frowned when she saw the bulging internal organs.

It's also a good idea to have a friend or family member who can help you out.
I'm not sure what to say.Aashi, you can probably do it!

No, you'd be like, 'What the hell is this?It's so sticky and gross! I bet you'd throw it away.
It's a lot of work, and your arms will be tired, but ...... I'll have to do it.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... When I let out a sigh, the voice roared.

'You seem to be in trouble, anchovy!
'Magda, lock the door at once!
'...... already.'
'What?It won't open!Come on, anchovy!Open up!

A stupid lord banging on the door.
...... Are you sure he doesn't want to go home?

'I'll go deal with him. ......'
'Send him back. For the sake of the 35th district.'
'...... if I can, you know.'

Estella slumped her shoulders and hobbled over to greet Lucia.
Magda unlocks the door and opens it.

'Ta-da!Even though I wasn't invited, Masha☆'

Masha is in the fish tank with a big smile on her face.

Estella silently closed the door.
Imelda nodded silently and gave Estella a thumbs up.
It seems as if a common understanding is developing between the two of them.

...... Masha, it's going to be very messy when you drink.

I can hear you screaming outside the door.
Oh, God.
It's going to be another ...... intense day.