429-Additive-free Episode 84 Pre-prepared meat

'd*mn, Estella's terrible... she closes the door...'
'Don't poke people's cheeks without hesitation.

Entering the sunny pavilion, Masha is poking Estella's cheek with the water from the tank, making it ripple.

It was Gilberta who was pushing Masha's tank.
It seems that when Lucia woke up and went to Imelda's house to play, she found Masha there and was very excited, and the situation was full of trouble from early in the morning.
Good for you, Imelda. I'm glad you evacuated.
When you get back, why don't you take care of the waiters at home?
If you don't want to get into a situation like Estella's, where the alcohol gets the better of you.

'Good morning, my friend Yashiro, my friend Ginette. And the Lord of Smiles and everyone at the Sunken Pavilion.
'You're late to the party, anchovy. You and the others, go after Demilly.'
'No, thank you.

My hair follicles are invincible. ......, I believe.

Lucia is sitting in a chair with a look of naturalness on her face.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... You're the lord of the 35th district, and you're not supposed to come to the 42nd district unless you're in trouble.
I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm not sure what to do.You're the ones in charge, after all.'
'We're closed for fishing for a while...'
'It's a closed day for us too.
'No, Lucia-san, ...... that's not true.'

What do you mean the territory is closed?
It's just that the administration is in a state of stagnation.
Lords don't have vacations. Work as hard as you can for the people.

'Everyone understands, the lords of the thirty-five districts and the waiters in the pavilion.

Gilberta begins to explain on Lucia's behalf.

'The administration is further stagnant, and Lucia-sama is itching to go out and play.
'You lousy lord!
'Excuse me, anchovy!

What's the harm in stating the truth?
You've been vacating your district so often that it's a blur when Gilberta came to District 42 all by herself and you were in a panic. You delinquent lord.

'I've devised and am practicing a method of administration that will run smoothly without me!Even if I'm gone for six months or so, the 35th district won't be shaken!
'Then you're no longer needed!

It's a problem to build a city that goes bankrupt just because there's no lord, but I'm not so sure about a lord who can get by without a ...... lord.

I'll be back by the end of the day. I have a meeting scheduled with the 24th district tomorrow.'
'With Donis?Are you buying soybeans?'
'No, Whitehead wants to do some research to see if he can make malted rice from seaweed and seafood.
'Well, that sounds like a delicious plan.

Seaweed and seafood contain a lot of umami ingredients.
I'd be grateful if you could research the extraction of umami ingredients instead of being stuck with koji.

'I heard that you use seaweed as an ingredient.

Masha waved her hand in the air at Lucia's words.
It seems that Masha gave her this information. Come to think of it, we used to dispose of the seaweed entangled in our nets as 'garbage'.

'Currently, the production of seasoned seaweed has begun in the 36th district. I hear it makes a great taste when wrapped around rice balls.Hmm?

Why didn't you tell me? Lucia glared at me with a resentful look as if to say, 'Why didn't you tell me?
In fact, on the contrary, why should I give you information for free? If you want the information, give me something in return.

'Right, anchovy. I'll invite you to the 35th district next time. I'll serve you some freshly made seaweed.Isn't that fortuitous?
'Why do I have to taste the new product? Do it on your own.
''I'll soon be married to someone from the 42nd district!I want your help!
'I don't want either of you!
'Speaking of which, where's Hammaro?Aren't you supposed to be helping out at the Sunlit Pavilion?
''Today, we're breaking up yesterday's event site. We were allowed to use the kitchen to the fullest, so we had to lend a hand.
'Hey!You're a man who can't read the atmosphere!

I have no intention of being of any use to you.

'So, what are you going to do now, Yashiro-kun?
'Hmm?Ah, I'm just preparing the meat.

Masha points to a hunk of meat and looks excited.
Masha and meat is not a combination I've ever seen, but will he eat it?

'Oh, by the way, your friend Yashiro said he had some tedious prep work to do. Can you help, me?'
'It would be a big help if Gilberta could help, but ...... if I ask her to do that, Lucia will come with me. ......'
'What do you mean, anchovies!With or without Gilberta's loan, my participation is confirmed. You'll be serving Ginepu's delicious food anyway, right?I can't leave without eating.
'It's in the evening, you know. It takes time to prepare the food.'
'What a mess. ......'

Lucia had plans for tomorrow and could not stay late today.
She's probably going home, complaining reluctantly.

'Are you staying over tonight too......'
'Go home!
'He'll come when you call him, Donis Donati?'
'I think so, me too. I'm sure she'll come, if she's in the Forty-second Ward.'
'No, I'm sure she'll come for real if we send her through the 29th district. ...... You guys should go home.

If we let them stay in District Forty-two any longer, they might seriously settle there.
We have to drive them back at all costs.

I'll give you some advice on how to get rid of them. ...... You're going to come back on Halloween, aren't you?
'Of course not. If you want to enjoy Hammaro and Milly's costumes without telling me, it's an insult worthy of death.

There's no way.
So, you're still planning to come.

'Well, if the anchovy voluntarily offers to advise Nori and wants to treat me to a big party on Halloween, I'm ready to accept it.
'Why did you add entertainment? ......'
'Don't you want to see Gilberta in costume?'
'...... Huh. 'Ginette, they'll probably be here the day before, so leave the guest room open for them.'
'Sleeping over, my friend Yashiro!
'Only Gilberta. It's impossible to entertain a person as noble as Lucia-sama here.
''Hmph. Did you think you said something auspicious?

Lucia pokes me in the throat.
Stop it, you!Your throat's dangerous!For a second there, I seriously thought, 'Whoa! I thought I was gonna die!

'I'm a very flexible lord, despite my appearance. I don't have any particular preference for where to stay.

Apparently, he doesn't complain that he doesn't like it if the bed doesn't have a canopy or the interior isn't pretty.
Why don't you tell them? And go home saying, 'I can't stay in a place like this! Why don't you just go home?

'I don't want to be extravagant. Just. As long as Hammaro can sleep with me.'
'Excuse me, Miss Lucia. I'm thinking of issuing an ordinance restricting entry to the 42nd district, so I may not be able to invite you.'

Estella is refusing Lucia at all costs.
The people of her district are in danger. Hang in there, my lord.

'No!It's a joke.

She's lying.
Your eyes were serious.

'This is Jinepu's precious store. I can't complain. If Jinepu allows it, I'll gladly take care of it.'
'Yes, sir. I'm afraid it's a bit old-fashioned, but if you want to come, you're more than welcome.''
''Aha!So cute!I wonder if those big tits are actually the features of a beast!
'You'll be banned, Lucia-san.
'I never thought of that!I'll have to check this out!
'I'll kick you out, Yashiro?
''Already. Both of you, please repent.

Ginette puffs out her cheeks in anger at me and Lucia.

'Pfft. ...... The lord of the 35th district is being treated the same as a perverted pharmacist.

Imelda is smiling evilly.
It's true that the only girl that Ginette would tell to repent is Regina.
You're on par with Regina. ...... Pupu!

'You're as good as Yashiro, Lucia.'
'You're talking too much, Dr. Imelda!
'If you don't want to be Yashiro, you should restrain yourself, Lucia.'
'It's a matter of honor~'
'You guys, shut up and get together.'

If we leave them alone, we'll lose the day before we can prepare the meat.
Let's get Lucia out of the way and get on with preparing the meat.

'Well, Barbara. Give me a hand. ...... Huh?Where's Barbara?
'...... Barbara's over there.'

Magda pointed to where Barbara was hiding behind the counter, shivering.
'...... What the hell is he doing?

'Hey, Barbara.
'Eh, hero!He's the one, he's the one, he's the one with the scary stories!Get him out of here!

Oh, I see.
They're the ones who told the scariest stories of all the monsters in the competition. So Barbara has developed a weakness for them.

'Hey, monkey girl.

Lucia approached Barbara, who was hiding behind the counter.

'It's not respectful to be frightened when you see someone. I'm not saying that you should be respected as a noble, but as a human being, shouldn't you at least behave in a way that hurts the dignity of others?
'Geez!It's getting closer!

Barbara dodged Lucia, kicked the table, and jumped in behind me.
'Hey, don't step on the table!

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!I'm sorry!I'll wipe it up later!

At least he knows what he's upset about.
Well, maybe he's making some progress, too.

'Lucia. Since there are people like this who are scared, go home for today. I'll feed you the meat next time.'

It won't be long before it comes back anyway.
I urged him to go back to .......

'Gilberta. What's the longest you can stay?'
'Probably fine, until the moon passes just above us. Tomorrow, it'll be hard to get up in the morning.'
'I see. That's not an option, but you'll have to live with it.

Lucia's eyes flashed with a mysterious, provocative light.
...... Ah, he's going to stay.

'Anchovies. Today, tonight, I've decided to eat that very meat and go home.
'What are you deciding? Go home. It's not good for tomorrow.
'I'm the lord. I'm not going to make a mess during the meeting. Even if I'm not in perfect health.'
'If you're going to be professional, make sure you're ready for the day.'

Where are you headed, your professionalism?
That's not where you're supposed to be.

I don't know what you're thinking. ......

'I've always known you were a man who messed with beautiful women without regard for their needs. ......'

Lucia's hand grabs my head.
And then she looks at my face from up close.

'You've never had a woman stick to you like this before, have you?Hmm?Don't tell me you're in love with her?You're getting carried away for an anchovy, aren't you?

What is it?
I'm not sure what you're talking about.
It's not like I'm being friendly. It's because you guys scared him that Barbara ended up like this. I'm more of a victim.

'You're jealous, Lucia, you're jealous.
'Noooo!That's not true, Gilberta!Who cares about anchovies?I'm just trying to save a poor beautiful girl who is about to fall victim to the poison of anchovies. ......!I'm not sure what to do.
You're the one who's holding my head.

Then take your hands off me.

She shakes off Lucia's hand and lets out a sigh as Estella and Jeannette pull Barbara off her.
You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.
I'm not sure what you mean by that. ...... Don't sulk there, Lucia. It's because of your attitude and face that strange rumors ......

'Yashiro-san ...... is amazing.'

Molly. What is the meaning of that muttering?
I'm not going to tell you.

If you say it, all the blame will go to Percy.
Well, I'm fine with that, but ...... I think you should keep your mouth shut for now.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to find the right one for you.
'The ...... from the field day?Ah!That girl with the budding love?
'Koi no mae mume?Are you talking about Aashi?
'Mm!The moment a person falls in love is a beautiful thing.
'Yes, yes. You were so cute!
'No, it can't be that ...... cute or ............ impossible!
'Oh my~?Isn't his tone of voice shifting a bit? I'm sorry.
'Okay, let's bring him home!
'I want you to behave yourself, Lucia-sama. It's time to go, my hand.

Lucia being pulled away from Barbara.
He's the lord of the 35th district, isn't he?
If I may say so myself, he's treated you badly.

'Onee-sha, don't take me!
'What a cute little thing!What kind of cute creature is this?A fairy?Are they Miry's relatives?
'It's Barbara's sister.
'Okay, I'll take a set!
'Put out your hand, I'll!
'Wait a minute, sir!Don't cause bloodshed in the store!

Loretta's saving Lucia's life, Magda's protecting Teresa from the perverts.
I'd like to make some preparations for .......

'Let's see, I'll sacrifice ...... Barbara to shut Lucia up, Gilberta, I need a little help.'
'Wait a minute, hero!I'm still a little scared, so stay with me!

Hey, don't be naive.
I still get goosebumps when you're sweet on me. I'm too used to it.

'I can help you if you want.If you can do it, I'm sure I can do it too.'
'I see. Now, please prepare the meat.

As he says this, he drags out the motsu, which he stuffs into a separate bag from the meat chunks.

It popped out.

The milky-white and light-pink internal organs appeared.
Masha squealed adorably, "Aah! Gilberta shakes her shoulders for a moment, Magda stares blankly but her ears are flattened, and Loretta frankly says, 'Wow, that's gross! Imelda wrinkled her brow, and Barbara made an understandable noise, 'Geez! Imelda wrinkled her brow, Barbara made a clear noise, and Teresa hugged Barbara, saying, 'Are you okay, sweetheart? and Molly covered her face with her hands.
Molly covered her face with her hands. They all said they didn't like the way she looked.

And Lucia, who didn't react, said...

'...... phew'.
'You're down!
'Surprisingly, I'm not very good at splatter stuff,' Lucia said.

It seems that even the invincible female lord with an iron mentality has her weaknesses.
For the time being, I'll let her sit at the end of the floor since the noisy ones have quieted down.

In the meantime, Gilberta seemed to have gotten over the sight of the motu and was peering at it with an interested gaze.
Teresa is also interested, and approaches to observe.
Masha doesn't show any avoidance, but she doesn't want to get too close.
Estella is also smiling.
Loretta is saying, 'It's gross~, wow~, it's a mess~,' and observing normally.
Magda, on the other hand, was standing by the wall on the floor with her back to us.

'Magda. Didn't you ever dismantle a hexenbiest before?
'...... I don't do much dismantling. I hire the hunting guild to do it for me.'
'I see. So you're not good at looking at these things?
'I'm fine with looking at ....... It's just that ...... it's smelly and unpleasant. Just looking at it brings back that unpleasant feeling.''

That's not okay to look at.
You don't want to look at it because it's not disgusting, but because it's like looking at a food you don't like.

I see. Magda eats hexenbiests raw. He probably didn't like the offal because it smelled too bad.

At any rate, the only ones who don't seem to be repulsed by the appearance of motsu and don't seem to mind touching it during preparation are Jeannette and Gilberta.
I don't need to tell you that. She doesn't even want to be seen.

'Um, Yashiro-san, ...... are you going to eat this?'

Molly asks with a pale face.

'These are the offal ......, right?
'Yeah, from a cow.
'I thought it would taste better if we ate the ............ meat?'

'Of course I eat meat, but...'

'Motsu is lower in calories than meat and rich in vitamins and minerals. It also contains collagen, which is good for your beauty.

But it's also high in purine, so you have to take it in moderation.

The texture is lumpy, fluffy, and thick, and the smell disappears if you prepare it correctly. It's delicious, motsu.

You can grill it or cook it in a pot.
Javier will be crying with joy again if you cook it in a pot.

'It's also rich in zinc, so Teresa should do her best to eat it.
'Mm-hmm. Eat it, Miyu.'

Teresa is positive, if a little hesitant.
Barbara is once again behind the counter, face down, shivering.
People who don't cook rarely see the offal.

'So, Ginette and Gilberta. Can you help me prepare it?'
'I'd like to try it, I am!I want to help, my friend Yashiro and my friend Ginette!
'Loretta, help me prepare the sauce, and Magda, help me cut the meat.
'I'm on it, sir!
'...... can cut the meat.'

So, here are the members on their way to the kitchen.

'Then, Estella and Imelda, take care of Lucia and Masha!
'I'll help too!
'I'm coming too!
I'm not drinking right now, so I'm fine!
'Oh, you like to joke around, don't you, Masha?
'That's right, ...... Masha is a pain in the ass when she's excited about a night out or something, even when she's not ......'.
'That's a great way to put it.
'...... Masha's cuteness can be hard to stomach.'
'Oh, I know what you mean.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.
Don't they understand each other on a very deep level?They're already best friends.

'Oh, hey!Aashi, I'll help you too!I want to be useful to the ...... heroes. ......'

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.
No, you don't have to do this,.......

'So, if you get scared, let me hug you!
'I'll take the fear away so you don't have to hug me. ......'

I'm sure the sunlight will take away the chill that covers your skin and make you feel half as scared.
In the meantime, let him guard the fire and he'll forget about the chill.
And after that, if you tell him a story about a unique ghost, he will be able to manage.

'Oh, my God, you're so cute!
'Are you okay, Teresa?
'I'm fine!
'Well, there are knives and fire in the kitchen, so you'll have to stay with me.'

Teresa held hands with Jeannette, Magda and Loretta carried the meat, I took the motsu, and we went into the kitchen.
Ah, we can finally do the preparations.

'Ginette. Once the motsu is prepared, we'll marinate some of it in the sauce.
'You're going to marinate them?
'Yes. When you grill them, they're delicious!
'The sauce will burn and become fragrant. The smell of it burning will stimulate my appetite.'

That's Ginette. Can you predict it to some extent?
I promise you it will be even more delicious than that.

' So, let's prepare the motsu. Magda, cut the meat into blocks.'
'...... at your service.'
'Barbara, you'll be Magda's assistant for now.
'Oh, yeah!............, you have to stay close to me, okay?'
'Hey, hey, .......'

It's not that big of a kitchen anyway.
You'll be able to see them.

First of all, have them cut the huge chunk of meat into blocks of different parts.
Ginette and I will do the slicing later.
The way you cut the meat will affect the flavor.

'Now, let's prep the entrails.

First, we need a lot of water and salt.

'Loretta, fetch me a lot of water.
'I'll do it!

Throw the motsu into a bowl and pour salt on it.
The salt absorbs the slime on the surface of the motsu and the smell.
The slime on the surface is fat and impurities. ...... Well, it's dirt and grime. This makes the meat taste bad. So scrape it off thoroughly.

You should rub it with a lot of salt like this. Then rinse the salt off with a lot of water.

I would like to expose them to running water, but there is no running water, so I give up.
If you change the water frequently, you can get by.
Since motsu absorbs water, drain the water thoroughly after rinsing. It will lose its flavor.

After removing the slime to some extent, wash the motsu with flour instead of salt.
The process is the same. Sprinkle flour liberally on the motsu to scrub off the smell and slime.
Use flour sparingly to remove the slime, then rinse with a lot of water and wipe off the water.

'Sun-sun ...... hmmm, still a bit smelly?
'It's persistent, the smell!

Her curiosity got the better of her, and Loretta watched the preparation with a frown on her face.

'Let's boil them a bit. Then I'll soak them in milk.

Boiling them lightly removes their odor.
Likewise, milk also removes the smell. This is an easy way to remove the odor of beef as well. In addition, milk makes the meat tender.

It takes a lot of grip, so I only prepared a small amount.
Ginette and Gilberta will help me with the rest.

'But first, Ginette. Let's make the soy sauce sauce and salt sauce.'
'Yes, sir. Loretta, please help me.'
'I'll take care of it!

I'm a little tired too, so I'll take a break and do something else.

Using soy sauce as a base, add white sesame seeds, garlic, ginger, sugar, and sesame oil to taste. For spiciness, I use soybean paste. You can also add grated apple.

Hmm!...... It's spicy and delicious.'

Ginette passed the test.

'I want to make a sauce to eat with the grilled meat and a sauce to marinate it in.
'Then let's make this one as a dipping sauce. If you're going to marinate it, you might want to make it a little richer. ......'

He pulls out some seasonings.
Oh, you want to add miso? You know what you're doing. Chili peppers are good. Yeah.

'Big brother, I'm in trouble. ...... I don't have a job!
'Give it up. Ginette has just left for another world.'

There's no stopping Jeannette now that she's on fire.
I have no choice. I'll just make a simple salted sauce with Loretta.

'Loretta. Bring me some chicken broth.'
'Yes, sir!I have a delicious secret recipe from the manager!

Having mastered consommé, Ginette has been studying various soups since then.
Her latest hit is a luxurious chicken soup made with whole chickens.
I thought the meat might be a distraction, but it's quite delicious,' he said.

Then, lemon and garlic. And chop up some green onions.
'I'll do it!

Loretta took out a leek and cut it into slices.

'Yes, stop!
'Oh!It's only two slices!
'When you chop green onions, you cut them lengthwise and then chop them like this!

Insert the knife into the white side of the leek and make the appropriate number of vertical slits.
Then chop it horizontally and you can chop it in no time.

'Here, try it.
'But my eyes are already watering from the last two slices!I'm nearing my limit!
'It's because you're touching your eyes with the hand that cut the leek. ......'

This guy's cooking skills aren't getting any better.

'Then grate the garlic for me.
'Yes, sir!

Give him a clove of garlic and have him grate it.
In the meantime, sprinkle white sesame seeds on the green onions, pour in the chicken stock, season with salt, squeeze lemon as much as you can, and mix in the grated garlic. Add a little sesame oil for aroma.

'Loretta, taste this.'
'Yes, sir!'

I take a small amount on a small plate and give it to Loretta.

'What's that smell?What's that smell of my fingers?Wait!Does garlic smell this bad?

That's what happens when you pick at garlic.
Is this the first time you've used garlic?

'Whoa!I can't get rid of the smell even if I wash it!

Oh, God, you're annoying.

'Loretta. Try wiping your fingers with this.'
'It's a squeezed lemon.
'No, thanks.

If you get the smell of garlic on your fingers, wash them with diluted vinegar or lemon to remove the smell.
However, vinegar has a strong smell, so the vinegar smell may remain even after the garlic smell disappears.
Therefore, lemon is recommended.

Surprisingly, there is a secret technique to remove the smell by touching stainless steel.
I've never tried it, so I don't know how effective it is, but it is said that metal ions break down the smell of garlic.

'Whoa!The smell is gone!It doesn't smell anymore!
'Rorenesh!Oi, oi!
'Would you like to smell it, Teresa?Here, you can smell it.'
'Don't sneeze!

Two close minded people having a good time.
No, I'm sorry. That was a little rude. To Teresa.
She's better at math than I am.

'Hmm ......, it smells good, but it tastes a little strong ......'.
'Of course it is. You're eating it with meat.

It's not a soup, so you have to taste it with something else.
Let me see. ...... Yeah. Look at that, it's perfect.

'I tried to imitate my friend Yashiro. I want you to check it out.

While I was making the sauce, Gilberta was washing the motsu.
The plump little intestines are glistening with flavor.
The smell is well removed. Well done.

'That's the head waiter. You learn quickly and work carefully.'
'I've been taught. I learned how to be a waiter from my senpai.'

It's rumored that he's been trained in the serving techniques of his seniors. It seems he's inherited it well.
Well, the fireflies weren't the head waiter, though.

'Then, let's try a little tasting.
'I guess so. I want to see which sauce goes best with it.

I'd like to see which sauce goes best with it,' said Ginette, smiling, as a dozen or so small plates were lined up in front of her.
...... If you sample them all, it's not a tasting anymore. It's a meal.

'Do you want me to get the sisters?
'No, I'm fine.'
'...... Yeah. Yashiro's right. Sister Bertina will come sooner or later, as long as the meat is cooked.'
'I agree!
'You know, everyone ...... has a role to play in the church, so they don't have much free time, right?

Ignoring Ginette's unreasonable follow-up, Magda and I sliced the meat into thin slices.
We sliced the meat into bite-sized pieces so that we could shorten the cooking time, but still keep it chewy and firm.

'...... Yashiro, the shichirin is ready.
'As expected of Magda. You're very thoughtful.
'...... Of course. I'm the assistant manager.'
'What, when did that happen?
'......In order of career.'

I wonder if ...... I'm the newest one.
Well, that's okay. It's not like I want to be an assistant manager or anything.

'chuckle. Then, assistant manager. Let's bring in the meat.

'...... Mmm. Good luck with that, boys.

Magda, Loretta, Ginette, and Teresa bring in the meat.
I return to the floor with several kinds of sauce.

'Wow~!There's so much meat here~☆'
'Anchovy ......, what about the entrails?I hope you threw away the entrails properly.
'Who's going to throw it away? It's a waste.

You don't have to eat it if you don't want to.
I'll eat it.

While the timid Lucia and the skeptical Estella, as usual, looked at him quizzically before eating, he proceeded to prepare the barbeque.
Since there is no smoke exhaust system in the sunny pavilion, we open the large windows and grill outside.
It's hard to get rid of the smell if it sticks around.

'First, let's cook the meat as usual and check the taste of the sauce.
'Loretta. I'll have a large bowl of white rice, please.'
'Rice, sir?

When it comes to yakiniku, it's white rice!
That's common sense!

'This reminds me of hand-rolled sushi, doesn't it?
'Yes, it does. The way the ingredients are lined up before cooking is similar.

Estella and Ginette are sitting next to each other, messing around.
...... or rather Estella. You realize that's the best position, right?The best food comes out next to Jeannette. Via Jeannette.

'Hey, hey, Yashiro. Isn't the meat a little too thin?'

Masha said that the meat she had eaten before was much thicker and chewy, which made her jaw tired, and she thought that seafood was the best.
He thought seafood was the best.

'It's all right if the owner cooks it boldly on a big griddle, but this is a style where the customer cooks and eats it himself, so if it's not this thin, he can't wait.

Grill it quickly and eat it quickly.
That's the yakiniku style.

'Why should the customers cook it themselves?
'Because I'm more particular that way.
'Obsessive, huh?

Lucia raised her eyebrows quizzically, but didn't deny it, saying, 'Let me see for now.

'Then I'll show you an example.

Not much of an example, but I took a piece of meat and placed it on the wire mesh.
As I waited for a while, the red beef began to turn a delicious dark brown.
The fat dripped down onto the charcoal, giving off an irresistible aroma.

'I like to cook one side thoroughly and eat it when the other side is slightly rare.

Cook it until it is not overcooked, and add it to the sauce on a small plate.
Then, throw it into your mouth with a round of white rice.

It's delicious!

Then, immediately, eat the white rice!


This is yakiniku!
Steak is good, but there's nothing like the feeling of slurping up a bowl of white rice with yakiniku!

If you don't care about fat or lean meat, you can cook it well. This is a way of eating that allows you to cook meat to your liking without being disturbed by anyone else, and to enjoy your own meat dishes by yourself.
'Oh, that's true. If you go to a restaurant that's particular about the way it's cooked, you may be judged on the degree of cooking. ......'
'What kind of restaurant is that?
'And if you don't like it...'
'That was very unpleasant. ...... I don't like the red juice oozing out of the meat when I press it.
'Then make it well-done.'
'Alright, I'll make it well-done!

Estella puts a piece of belly on the wire mesh and starts to cook it firmly in the center of the shichirin.
And Lucia said, 'Wait a minute, Estella,' and developed her theory.

'Do you understand?The flavor of beef lies in the sweetness of its fat. It would be foolish to remove all the fat. Rather, it is best to sear it lightly.

As he said this, he placed the belly on a wire mesh, lightly seared both sides, and transferred it to a small plate.

'What?Is that all you need?It's almost raw!
'It's not raw, it's rare.'
'Wow, ...... red~'
'Hmph. Well, Estella may not understand yet, this adult taste is ...... delicious!What's with the sauce?It's too good to be true, anchovies!

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.
He's still the same guy who talks while eating.

'Let's see, one more!

Without waiting for Estella's first piece to be cooked, Lucia quickly seared the second piece and tossed it into her mouth.

'Yum!Yuck!It sure makes me want some white rice. ...... Give it to me, anchovy!
'Ask him to bring you a new one!Don't take away my food!
'I can't wait!

And the arrogant lord snatched away the white rice.

'Hey, anchovy!How dare you put sauce on my rice!It's dirty!
'You idiot, that's where it tastes best!

Rice with yakiniku sauce.
How many more things are there in the world that can beat this?I can't even count them!

'I dare you to make it one bounce. That's what people do.
'Hmm, what a foolish thing to do. ...... Well, I'll try it once.
'I'm rather straightforward, when it comes to food, Lady Lucia. I know that the food my friend Yashiro brings is delicious.'

I seared another piece of meat, dipped it in sauce, bounced it off the rice, ate the meat, and gobbled up the rice with the sauce.

Is this the revolution?

I heard it was quite tasty.

I don't know if it's okay to say .......
I don't know if it's okay, but the noblewoman is shoveling in a lot of the rice I'm eating.
It's got grilled sauce on it.

'What happens here may not be told to anyone...'

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
Lucia ......, thinking back on her actions.

'Ladies and gentlemen, I've brought you some food.
'Oh, I'm sorry, Ginepoo!Here, I'll give it back to you, anchovy.'
'Don't return the sardines!

This is not the sort of thing that can be peachy-tongued and gossiped about!
Even middle-aged couples don't share a meal like this!

'Mmmmm!It's delicious!The salt sauce I made is too good!
'...... soy sauce sauce, so deep.'

Loretta and Magda are also starting to cook and eat the meat as they like.
They seem to be studying different ways to cook the meat. I hope they will find their own preference.

'Okay, this is about right!

Estella confidently picked up the meat, the fat was already completely gone.
It was almost charcoal, wasn't it?

'Yes!It's delicious!It has a great texture!This sauce is delicious!

The way to cook meat is not to everyone's taste.
But, Estella. Don't cook it that much in front of people. They'll know you're not a gourmet.

'How about Molly and Barbara?
'Yes, they're delicious!
'Hero!I want to feed this to my parents!And Miss!
'Maybe next time.
'Oh!I'm sure the girls will love it, Teresa!

They're loving it over there.

'Where's Imelda?
'She went to find Becco.'
'...... Is he deciding on taste?To make it or not?Not the way it looks?'

'And Masha,' he said, '......

'Yes!This salted sauce goes well with scallops!
'My own scallops are coming out!

Before we knew it, seafood was lined up on the grill.
This guy's love for seafood is as unshakable as Delia's salmon.

'Meat is also delicious~'
'But seafood is better, isn't it?

Well, seafood's good too.
I'll have a scallop too.

'Yashiro-san, Yashiro-san!

Ginette, who had been grilling the meat and tasting the sauce, tugged on my sleeve with a bright smile.

'The first wasshoi is out!
'What's that curious new word!

At any rate, he seemed to have found a satisfactory sauce.

'This one has more impact, but this one brings out the flavor of the meat more. But this one is also a little dry and has a taste that lingers.

Let's try the three recommended by Ginette in order.
The sauce, which is said to have been the first one, was very tasty, as expected.
However, the sauce was so good that the taste of the sauce left a strong impression on me no matter which meat I ate.

'This would be good for someone like Estella who is not interested in fatty meat, and for Lucia, it would be better to let the taste of the meat stand out. Also, for those who want to eat meat with alcohol instead of white rice, the spicy one that leaves an aftertaste will be good.
'I see, you can use different kinds of sauce depending on your taste!

Perhaps satisfied, Jeannette began to cook the next piece of meat.
Apparently, she was cooking a smaller piece of thin meat to check the taste of the sauce.
But this time, it was a full piece.
He wanted to see how the meat tasted, including its texture.

'So, what do you think, Bertina?
'As expected of Ginette!This is going to change the world!

As most of us expected, Bertina had entered the circle while the meat was cooking.
She was munching on the meat with a happy face.
Well, well, it's good.

'Okay, let's try the motsu next.

After eating the meat lightly, he brought out the motsu that he had finished preparing.
Lucia and Estella frowned and said, 'Why don't we just use meat? But I ignore them and put it on the wire mesh.

All right, motsu.
I can't get enough, motsu.
I can't wait to cook and eat it, motsu.

In a yakiniku restaurant, the small intestine called mullet, the large intestine called shimachou, mino (first stomach), hachinos (second stomach), semmai (third stomach), giara (fourth stomach), liver and hatsu, and the diaphragm called harami are grilled in order.

Immediately afterwards, there was a shock at the restaurant.

It may have been at this very moment that a meat revolution took place in the 42nd district.