430-Additive-free Episode 85 A kind-hearted girl.

And so it goes.
At the appointed time, we came to the cowherd in the east of the city again...

'There's a lot more people here. What's going on?
'Well, due to various reasons, I guess. ......'

Lucia, Gilberta, Masha, and the sisters Barbara and Teresa had increased.
Morgan, the ranch manager, is frowning in an obvious way.
The number of people has more than doubled. That's surprising.
On top of that, you'd be surprised to see a lord of another district, his head waiter, and the head of the Sea Fishing Guild, which has influence over the whole district.
If it were me, I'd turn him away, yeah.

I'd turn him away, yeah. And he brought all these nice girls with him. ....... Look, my idiots are stopping to admire them.

Cowherds who were working here and there on the ranch stopped with plows and carts in their hands and stared at the beautiful women.
Some of them seemed to be on the verge of losing their souls. Close your mouth, mouth. You've opened it too wide.

'Hmm, a good woman--? You seem to have a gentleman's heart for the opposite s*x. Learn from me, anchovy.'
'Lucia, you look beautiful today.'
'Huh?What's with you all of a sudden? Don't talk nonsense in public like this, you anchovy!

What do you want me to do?

'Hey, you idiots!I'll ban alcohol today if you don't work!Get to work!
'''Hey, hey!

At Morgan's urging, the cowherds who had been observing the beautiful women from afar began to rush about.
The cowherds have resumed their work, but they are still reeling. They were still glancing at each other.

'd*mn, young people these days.

Wow, ...... old men say the same thing no matter where they go.

'Morgan. If your generation is well-behaved and the current generation is not, it means that the generation that raised you is well-disciplined and your generation is not able to educate the younger generation properly.First of all, reflect on yourself.
'Shut up!Don't try to reason with me, young man!

He's not listening to me. You stone head.

Hey, Pepe!I'm out for a bit, but take care of the young ones!

A cowherd with a slightly broad forehead and a sneer on his face straightens his posture at Morgan's command.
That guy's name is Pepe? What a joke of a name. ...... But I remember seeing him somewhere. ............

'That's the guy you saw on the main street before.
'On the main street?

Jeannette also seemed to remember Pepe, and more clearly than I did.

'I think you were the one who was transporting the cattle when Magda-san first came to the Sunken Pavilion.
'Aaah!You're the cowherd who let the rampaging bull escape on the main street?

It was shortly after I met Magda, and after some complications, I was asked to take care of Magda at the Sunken Pavilion, and I was on my way from the hunting guild to the Sunken Pavilion.
A cow escaped and ran rampant in the main street, and Magda subdued it.
That was the first time I saw the Red Moya, wasn't it? And after that, I had a huge appetite.
Thinking about it, that was probably the first time I realized the unparalleled power of the beastman race. I had met Delia before that, so I had a glimpse of her power, but Delia seemed strong to me, and she was a guild leader.
I remember being surprised that a little girl like Magda could have that kind of power.

'But you remembered well, Ginette.
'I'm good at remembering people's faces because of my profession.'

Come to think of it, Ginette remembers a lot of people she's only met briefly.
Even the Gazelle sisters were able to remember the face of another restaurant owner's kid they met only a few times, from a restaurant guild with which they had little connection.

'That's a skill I'll never be able to master.
'Hmm... You're not very good at remembering people's names and faces, are you, Mr. Yashiro?

Unless there's money involved.
I don't want to waste my brain's memory on information I don't need, you know.
There's so much cleavage and sway and frills and see-through to remember.

'Wah~!Oshisan~!You're so big!

Teresa is up on the fence, looking out over the pasture. Or rather, she's leaning forward and having a good time.
I'm relieved to see her looking her age. Teresa has always been strangely quiet and too good at listening.
It's a good idea to make sure that you have a good idea of what you're doing.

I'm not sure what to make of it.

Why should I be concerned about Teresa's education? It's the duty of your sister and parents-in-law!
Get it right, Barbara!

And what about Barbara? ......

I'm not sure what to say.What's wrong with them?What the hell is wrong with these people?Their faces are so big!But more importantly, they stink!
'Looks like we've got a pretty honest girl here, huh?It's okay, if you don't like it, you can leave now, hmm?
'Well, well, well. These sisters are new to the ranch. Please be gentle with them, okay?
'The sisters are the ...... older and younger sisters, not the other way around, you know.

Estella is smoothing out Barbara's rudeness.
It's a tough time to be a lord. You're not even officially a citizen of the 42nd district yet, you're protecting Barbara.

'My sister is so honest and cute...'
'E....... Don't tell me you're that kind of person too?

Estella pulled away from Morgan with a disgusted look on her face.
She picks her nose like she smells.

'No, I'm not!I mean, don't pick your nose!I don't smell anything!

I wonder what it is.
Do people of a certain age and status in this city have a tendency to have a taste for little girls?
Like Javier and Donis.

'I'm more interested in mature women like the lord here.
'Hmm. A man with discernment is a man like him. Learn from him, anchovy.
'Lucia, you're beautiful.'
'Kyu, don't praise me so suddenly!I'll have your mouth pinched by a hawksbill crab!

Do you want to be praised or not, which is it?

'Is that a compliment?
'Depends on how you take it, I guess. She seemed happy, Lucia-sama.'

Estella has a sour look on her face.
If s*xy and s*xy are compliments, then erotic is also a compliment. They mean almost the same thing.

'Estella, hiiiiiii☆'
'That's a pure swear word, Masha!

So it's the same meaning but depends on how you take it.

'I get so horny looking at you.

...... Hmm, is that a compliment?

I'm not sure. Stop playing around and let's get going. I've done what you asked. I'm sure he's tired of waiting for you by now.

Morgan advises us, grabbing Barbara by the scruff of the neck.
He's got Thomson's kitchen mistress waiting in the store.

'Come on, you're supposed to be carrying the load. Get ready to go.'

He drags Barbara away from the fence that divides the ranch, pointing at the cows and saying, 'They stink.
He was a little irritated. He's overflowing with the desire to get her out of the ranch.

'Whoa, wait a minute, old man!
'Who's the old man!I'm only fifty-eight!

In Barbara's eyes, you're an old man.
Don't work so hard.

'That cow!What's wrong with you?'

Barbara points to a cow while being grabbed by the scruff of the neck.
The cow was indeed a little tired, and her fur was not so good.

'He's, ......, well, he's a bit ill at the moment,' he said.
'Are you feeding him nutritious food?You can't do that, all you do is eat things that fill you up and sweets!Let him eat vegetables even if they don't taste good.

That's what you've been told all your life.
You say you don't like vegetables.

However, it seems that Barbara's consciousness is slowly changing, and she is becoming more aware of nutritional balance, even if she doesn't understand it.
The incident with Teresa's eyes must have been a big deal.
I'm sure she won't make the same mistake again.

'I'll ask my father to bring you some corn!Your corn is good, you know. If he eats your corn, that cow will be fine in no time, I'm sure!

'Is it really that good?'
'Ahh!It's the best in the world!'

I don't grow sweet corn.
I don't think it's the best in the world for human consumption. It's perfect for making tortillas and popcorn, though.

'Hey, cow!You want some too, right?My dad's corn!'

Barbara waved and asked the cow, and the shaggy cow slowly walked in front of Barbara and licked her face.
Its long tongue caressed Barbara's cheek.


Barbara lets out a strange sound as her face is licked, and the next moment she bursts into laughter.

'Hahaha!What the hell, you!Aashi is not corn!Did it smell that good?I see. You want some of my corn so bad?You're a cow who knows what's good for you!

I picked up the cow's big head and stroked it gingerly.
The cow doesn't show any sign of displeasure and lets me stroke it as I like.

'You're so cute with your sparkling eyes!
'Can you tell?
'Oh!What's with you, old man?
'I'm not an old man!

Morgan lunged at Barbara, who was loving the cow.
Morgan's sudden approach was more frightening than the cow's.

'He's a sickly cow, but he's got a beautiful heart. You can see it in his eyes.He's a good cow who loves a peaceful life.'
'I don't know what you're talking about, but I know he's a good cow.
'Oh yeah, yeah!You get it!Hahaha!

Morgan comes back to us, slapping Barbara on the back.
He nodded his head in satisfaction and said with a knowing look on his face.

'She's got a lot to offer for someone so young.
'I think you're flip-flopping.
'I can see it in her eyes. She's a little rough around the edges, but she's got a good heart.

What ...... is a single-celled, stupid monkey who immediately tries to solve problems with violence and doesn't understand half of what people say?
You can't have a kind heart if all the stems, flowers and fruits that grow on it are poisonous, right?

I've been a cowherd for over fifty years. I like women who look like cows.
'Oh, big tits. I know what you mean.
'Yashiro, you don't understand a thing, so shut your mouth.'

Estella grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and pulled me away from Morgan.
We were just about to have a heated discussion about big tits like cows.

'Oh, girl. If you want to watch, watch all you want. I'll pull this cart for you.'
'Hmm?Well, thank you.'
'No need to thank me.
'But you stink, so that's enough. I'll go with you.'
'...... You've gotten to know my cow well enough to swear like that? Nice work, girl.'

No, no, no.
It's just that nothing, nothing at all, has changed.
She's always been a stinker.
"Cute. But she stinks!

You're the one who's changed, Morgan.
What's with that 'once you admit it, you'll defend it at all costs' attitude?
I think I could take over this ranch if I put my mind to it. I'm not gonna take it over.

'Then, Morgan, you take the cart with the food, Gilberta, you take Masha's tank, and Estella, you take the troublesome Lucia.
'Yashiro, it's too much for me.'
'I beg your pardon, Estella and the anchovy!I can walk on my own.'

Gilberta's carrying Masha, so I need a chaperone.
We don't want a kidnapped beastman child playing on the side of the road.

By the way, I won't let Barbara push the tank. Masha has given her the nod.
She says that the water spills when the car starts and stops too roughly, and that she gets motion sickness because she's not good at curves.
I guess there is a technique to push that thing.

'Hero . Where's Aashi?'
'Hold hands with Teresa and follow me.'
'Alright!Teresa, I'll hold your hand.
'Hola!Hey, handsome, handsome!
'Hmm. My sister loves you so much. ...... You have a heart of gold.

Enough, enough, Morgan.
You're starting to confirm everything.
You're too easy for a con artist, you know that?

'All right, Morgan. Lead the way.'
'Yeah. Follow me, boys.'

With Morgan in the lead, we left the ranch and headed for Thomson's kitchen.
We left the road near the ranch and headed down a level street.

Although it was far from the main street, it was close to the road leading from the 41st district, and there were many restaurants frequented by people from nearby farms, hunting guilds that used the gates of the 41st district, and peddling guilds that often traveled to other districts. Thomson's Kitchen existed in such a place.

It was far away from the Sunlit Pavilion, and if it wasn't for this kind of business, he wouldn't have gone there.

'It has a unique atmosphere, different from the main street.
'Most of the people who use this area are drinkers. You and I don't have a stylish place like this sunlit pavilion.

Morgan said and smirked.
It sounded like he was trying to show that he was more comfortable here.
Indeed, it has a rugged, rough-hewn, almost decadent atmosphere, like a barnyard where drinkers can casually drop in without hesitation.
However, this kind of atmosphere must be irresistible to the men who have nothing to do with the glittering stores.
It's as if they prefer red lantern stalls to trendy bars.

'Even this has been cleaned up a lot. It used to be more .......'

Estella shrugged her shoulders, and Morgan looked around as if remembering those days.

'Well, yeah. After last year's heavy rains, there was talk of remodeling the area, and there were a few people who were against it, so there was a bit of trouble. I was in the opposition too. I had a lot of face time with the lady who was acting lord, didn't I?
'Hahaha ...... really, that was a tough time.

This was before the installation of the city gates and the construction of the city roads.
I heard that there was quite a bit of opposition from people who thought it was just fine to be a little dirty.

'But I like the current atmosphere better than before because it retains the good qualities of this place and is generally more compact.
'I'm relieved to hear you say that.

Estella smiles, but she can't hide the fact that she is truly exhausted.
She must have been pushed really hard.
If a bunch of people like Morgan came to complain, ...... it would be disheartening.
'We're fine with the way things are! It's easy to imagine the faces of the drinkers who are throwing out their selfish opinions.

Because 'change' is like a poison to the hard-headed people.
Well, but it is. ......

I have to understand that too drastic a change is not always pleasant.


Ginette walked up to me, paced me, and peered into my face from the side.

'It's okay. Let's talk properly and choose the future you want.

Perhaps it was showing on his face, but he gave me such encouragement.

...... No, not really.
I don't really care. I don't care if they accept or reject my proposal.
It's nothing for me to worry about.
Well, if they accept my proposal, the Gazelle sisters' store will continue, and I'm sure Morgan will be grateful for the fact that his favorite store won't disappear, and he'll be willing to help us out in the future. I'm talking about the benefits of using this restaurant as a test bed for challenges that can't be taken on at Yodamari-tei, or forcing the troublesome processing of motsu on us so that we can enjoy motsu easily and affordably. ......

I'm sure you'll agree. I'm sure you'll be able to find an excuse to convince yourself.
'............ I'm not looking for that.'
'I see. Then you're in the clear.'

I look away from the profile of Jeannette, who is smiling at me.
You know what I'm talking about. ......
It's not like I'm the only one who can afford it.

I'll take a big chunk of your margin if you prosper. It's a great way to get the most out of your time and money.
'Then, Yashiro, you should submit your application to the lord. I hope it goes through.

The lord says.
...... It's written on his face that he won't let you pass if the contract is unfair.
It's probably best not to expose your hand to them in case they turn on you later. Teaching you the tricks of the trade could expose my weaknesses.
It's dangerous to give Estella anything tangible like documents. There are things that will come to light if she analyzes them carefully.
Estella is a difficult opponent to make.
Hmm. So I'll back off for once.
If it were true, I had a secret plan to get a 9:1 split of the barbecue restaurant's profits. Ah, what a pity.

'You've suddenly become very quiet, anchovy.
'It's like a ritual before performing good deeds. It's one of the specialties of District 42.'

Ginette blurts out a 'chuckle' at Estella's nonsense.
You can laugh while you still can, right?
The moment you offend me, the 42nd district will be economically bankrupt. By the time you realize that, it'll be too late. You won't even have time to shiver and sleep.

So until then, you can sit back and relax in peace and tranquility.

'Estella. I'll tell you what I'm thinking about right now.
'What is it?
'Hmm. You guys, have a nice day (......).'
'Well, ...... you're a very good person with a very bad face, but ...... how am I supposed to take it?'

Don't you see, fool? Hmmm.

'Don't worry about anything. I'll take care of it. Right, Yashiro?

No, no. Not at all, Jeannette.
And you don't sound like me. I've never made a raspy sound like that.

'Eeyusha, Hitodasuke, suyuno?
'Yes, I think so...'
'I see. I guess heroes like that kind of thing, like you said.

Teresa, I don't.
Masha, it's not like that.
Barbara, I don't like it.

Because your perceptions are all wrong.

'Ah, let's eat some good mutton!That's why we've come all this way!
'Uh-huh. That's right. After a good deed, the food must be delicious.'

But it's not!
Jeannette, you've been slightly out of alignment all along!

Hey, young man. Could it be that the motsu is that?Is that the offal you brought back from ......?'
'Yeah. That's what I prepped.'
'Hmmm, ...... let me put it this way, isn't that something that only the beasts of the outer forest would eat?It's not for human consumption, is it?

Morgan may have tried it before, but he showed a twitchy face that reminded me of a very bad taste.
The girls in the room closed in on Morgan with a 'Gasp! The girls in the room closed in on Morgan.

'What are you talking about, old man?
'I'm an old man!Chi-you!It's delicious!
'You've been raising cattle for years, but you don't know the taste of that motsu?You've lost half of your ...... life.'
'You should know, you too, the deep flavor of that motsu.
'You should know, you should try the deep flavor of that motsu once you feel cheated. I guarantee it.
The encounter with a new ingredient is almost a miracle. I hope you'll give it a try, Mr. Morgan.
'Well, I still prefer seafood, though...'

All the girls turned, except for Marcia.
Even Jeannette, who was relatively positive, bowed to Motsu, saying, 'I underestimated you.
Estella, a regular flip-flopper, talked about the deliciousness of motsu as if she were an old fan who had been a fan for years.
Lucia is even saying that she's going to open a farm just to eat motsu. The current ranch in the 35th district is said to be small in scale, but she wants to expand it.

That's how great the impact of the motsu was.

Though they change too quickly.
They tried to devour all the motsu, from the one for presentation to the one in the process of marinating.

'Rejoice, Mr. Olson.'

Estella gives Morgan a smug look with her thin chest.

'We've just confirmed that the cattlemen's market will expand!A new mainstay product is born.'

Gelatin already existed, and it didn't expand the sales channel, but motsu could be a new mainstay.
But motsu could be a new mainstay. Estella seemed convinced.

However, since it is restaurants that buy motsu in the end, the sales channel itself has not expanded. ......
In addition to restaurants, gelatin can also be used to make sweets, and there is a demand for it among households, so it could be used to expand sales channels.

'Mr. Yashiro. Let's handle motsu at the sunny-side up restaurant too.

Well, yes.

At least other stores besides the butcher shop will be able to get their hands on it, so we can expand our sales channels.
I haven't told them about the motsu nabe yet, either.

'Offal: ...... Offal: ............'

Morgan is still skeptical, but it's only a matter of time.

While Morgan twisted his head unconvincingly, we arrived at our destination.

Thomson's Kitchen.

...... Mmm.

Morgan Olson.
Morbo Thomson.
Olson, Thomson. ............ It's complicated!

'Hey, Morgan.'
'Change your name.'
'Why the hell not?
'It's complicated.'
'What do you mean, 'somewhat'?

You've got a similar name in the neighborhood.
You're a nuisance.
I don't know what I was thinking when I gave it such a complicated name ...... at all.

'Let's go in for now. I'll carry your stuff in so you can go in first. Hey, I've already talked to them. I'm sure they'll welcome you.'

Morgan says as he secures the cart.
Estella leads the way, followed by me and Jeannette.

A simple log cabin. That's what Thomson's Kitchen looks like. It's reminiscent of rural America. It would not be out of place if a beautiful blonde in western boots were working as a waitress.

'With western boots and blondes, you're bound to have big tits,......,' she said.
It's a good idea to keep your mouth shut if you don't want to be left out in the open, Yashiro.

You're treating me like a small dog waiting in front of a store for its owner while you shop?What if beautiful women flock to him saying, 'He's so cute, I want to hold him. How are you going to deal with that?
I'm all for it, though!

'That's a big door.

Estella looks up at the big iron door.
It sure is big.
The door is too big for the restaurant.

'That's because we're constantly heating up the griddle. We leave that door fully open when we're open for business.'

I see.
So the doorway is wide to let the heat and smoke inside the restaurant go out.
If you look, you will see that there is a metal fitting attached to the outside wall of the store to fix the open door. It was probably connected to the door to keep it open.

The fact that the door is closed now means that it is not open for business.
It was past noon. Normally, it would be open at this time. ......

'Do they open in the evening?

Some bars open in the evening and stay open until dawn.
I wondered if that was the case here, but Morgan shook his head silently.
It's not.
So either they were waiting for us to come ...... or they didn't open because they didn't get any customers. ......

'Anyway, let's go in.

Estella pulled the iron door.
With a click ......, there is a scraping sound of metal and the big iron door opens.

A woman was huddled in the middle of the store.

'Are you okay?

Jeannette shouted, and I involuntarily ran out.
I rolled my back and crouched down beside the woman on the floor, checked her for external injuries, and was about to touch her shoulder when the woman who had been crouched down spoke up.

'I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart!

............ Kneeling?

Hmm, if you ask me, it doesn't look like it, or at least it looks like it, but ...... what?Why?

'Oh, um, Mr. Thomson: ......'
'I'm sorry!'

When Jeannette called out to him, his apology came back even louder.

'At any rate, please calm down. Look up at me. See?
'I'm sorry, .......'

The one who looked up with trepidation was a slightly gaunt, mature-looking beauty.
She had vertical black lines under her eyes, and her makeup looked a bit seductive, but she had the image of a clean, timid mother. She looks like an innocent young lady who has aged, and if you were to visit her at a class, you would be told, 'I like her, she is a beautiful mother.
However, she seems to be unhappy, which makes me feel uneasy when I see her.
When she smiles, she looks beautiful. Her eyebrows are always furrowed.

'Huh. ......'
'Have you calmed down?
'Yes...... I've calmed down, and I'm sorry!


On my knees with all my might after calming down .
Just because you've calmed down once doesn't mean you're okay with it!
Once you've calmed down, you'll have to stay calm!

'Anyway, let's get her up.
'Yes, sir. Mr. Thomson, let's take a seat. ...... Yashiro-san.'

Ginette gives me a look because she can't stand the sight of Mother Gazelle who won't stop getting down on her knees.
So you want me to escort her gently.
I can't help it.

Come on, grab me. Give me your shoulder. ......'
'Oh no!I can't touch anyone but my husband!I'm getting dirty!

Ohhhh ...... me, treated like a biker?

'......I'm leaving.'
'Wait, Yashiro!You're right, that was hurtful!I understand, but if you leave it like this, I'm sure it'll be more trouble than it's worth!
'It's not me who'll have to bear the trouble, it's you, the lord. I have nothing to do with it.''
'Please, please!Please lend me your strength, this way!

Estella bowed her head honestly!
Well, she must have figured it out. ...... 'Oh, another annoying race'.
And once you've dealt with them, you can't just ignore them. That's Estella's character.

So you decided that bowing to me was the least risky and least troublesome thing to do.
You're ...... amazing, you know that? Such a graceful way to let go of your pride.

'Huh. ....... Let him sit down.
'Yes, you're right. I'll take care of her in general. You know what I mean. Think of her as a female version of Umaro, and treat her as such. See?'

I see.
So that's how the girls saw Umaro's rejection.
But Umaro doesn't say 'get dirty'. ............


I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll be fine.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. I was unintentionally comforted a little. It's not often I get this down. It's the first time I've felt the effects of comforting.

'Haha, I knew I did it, Leela.
'Mr. Morgan: ......'

Morgan walks in, smiling broadly.
So you knew, didn't you?You knew that if I contacted this mother gazelle, Leela, this would be the result.
You son of a b*tc*!He must be rotten to the core.

'This is Leela... she's a childhood friend of my Pepe.

Pepe, the cattleman with the weirdly wide forehead who let the cow go.

'He used to run away when Pepe tried to touch him, saying, "My hair follicles will die! He used to run away when Pepe tried to touch him.'
I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure what to say.
I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
I'm not sure what to say.

Leela covered her face with her hands, even her ears were dyed red.

'I'm going to smash your spinal cord to pieces!
'Hahaha!You can't do it yet.

No, the content of the conversation!
That's not something we can laugh about!
Is that what you do everyday?Yeah. ...... Culture shock.

Morgan, unconcerned by this conversation, begins to tell the story of how the two of them got together.

'Leela almost fell off a cliff, and in the nick of time, Beaumo grabbed her arm and saved her.

Oh, ......, you touched this woman? That's very brave of you, Bomo.

The first thing Leela said when she was pulled up from the cliff was, 'You can either take responsibility and marry me, or you can fall off this cliff with me and rot away! That's what she said.

The first thing you should say is 'thank you'!
What kind of education did you get at home?

And then, Beaumo thought.

"This guy's a jerk"?

"This is the only one! '
'What's going on with that guy's thought process?
'He was a single-minded person. ...... Yikes!

'Yikes! No, no, no. It's a case of... It's more of a case.
If I'd told you this story yesterday, I'd have won the grand prize in the ghost competition.
The fact that it's an actual experience makes it even scarier.

'When a male cow licked my face, I was like, "Gah! and then 'Boki! I was like.
'Please don't do that, ......, it's embarrassing.

The parents who made too many mistakes in education?
I'm not ashamed, I'm in awe!

'I'm a kind person at heart.'
'Don't think you can get away with anything as long as you're kind-hearted.

We want to keep our distance from those who lack visible kindness!

'Um, Miz Thomson, ......, is that okay with you, Leela?
'Ha, yes. Um, my lord ......, I'm sorry you had to come all the way to a place like this .......'
'That's all right, can you please listen to me?
'But, ......, we can't have you and the lord spending your time on people like us. ......'

Estella is the one who won't back down even after being told that.
If you want to help Estella, you should ask her for advice. It will save you a lot of trouble.

'Estella-san wants to save you and this store, and Yashiro-san and I want to save your daughter and son. Why don't you tell us your story?'

Ginette smiled at Leela.
Don't include me in this, please. I just want a motu prep man.

'I'm sorry, ...... not ............!My kids are causing trouble ...... and that's why we're in the middle of nowhere .............'
'That's not true, sir. I've met Mr. Thomson several times, and as a fellow member of the food and beverage guild, I can't leave him alone. ......'
'You've ...... met my husband, have you?'

'Yes,' replied Ginette, grabbing her shoulder, 'Gah! Leela grabbed Ginette by the shoulders and brought her face close to Ginette's.
Her eyes were opened to the limit and her eyeballs were about to pop out.
Scary, scary, scary, scary!It's a scary profile that's going to go down in human history!

'...... What is your relationship with your husband?
'Heh?I've seen him a few times at ...... the meetings of the food and drink guild. ......'
'Did you talk to him?
'Not really. ...... Well, I don't say much at meetings either.

In the first place, the meetings of the food and beverage guild itself seems to have been few and far between before.
I've brought in adult lunches and food courts, and recently there have been a few meetings.
Ginette and Thomson had probably met on more than two hands.

'Have I ever met you before?
'Yes, yes. Twice ......, I picked up Mr. Thomson with his child at the meeting place .......'
'Oh, so you call your husband 'Mr. Thomson' ......'

No, it's normal!
Probably more than 90% of my acquaintances who aren't close to me call me that!

'...... Did you kiss her?'
'No, I didn't!
'Morgan, pull it off responsibly!
'Hey, Leela!Leave it at that!We're guests who came all this way because we care about you.''
'But you might have thought ............ that my husband was nice. ......'
'Oh, um, Leela-san. I'm Alvistan, so I don't do anything like that at all.''
'Oh!Is that so?Oh, no!I'm ...... embarrassed.

So, your sense of 'embarrassment' is a bit strange!
The people around you will only see you as 'scary ......', that's it!

I'm sorry. I'm a bit jealous and ...... useless.

I'm not sure what to say.
It's not a little ....... I've witnessed real madness.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. This is the one where you really need to apologize.

'Estella. Can we go home now?
'A little more!Let's stick it out just a little longer!For the sake of the children!

'No, but Jeannette is... ......'
'I'm not particularly worried about it. I can understand why you're worried, if only a little.

You understand?

'Could it be that ...... Jeannette will become like that, too?'
'Huh?No, no!No way!I don't have a specific ...... person, and I'm ...... Al, Alvistan.

Alvistan, you're using it too conveniently.
...... I see, there is a concept of jealousy in gynet as well.
Well, she'll never be like Leela. You bet. Not like that. She's special.

'He's a sweet guy at heart.
'Enough, heart.'

You're not convincing me, Kokoro.

'But, you know, I heard from the kids that the sunny pavilion teaches you how to make doughnuts. ...... We make doughnuts at ...... that .......'

Leela stammered apologetically.
There is a large counter at the back of the store, with a long iron plate on it.
There are four tables seating eight people. It seems to be a type of restaurant like Cantalcica, where people sit together and take any available seat.
There is a door leading to the back of the restaurant, but the only cooking area is probably the griddle in the counter. There are water bottles and cupboards inside the counter.

It's impossible to make donuts in this kitchen.

'Hey, what's behind that door?
'Huh?That ...... is my love nest. ...... Yikes!

Say home!
I'm not going to be jealous of your love life forever, you know!

It's not doughnuts we're proposing. It's a new way to eat meat.
'Is it ...... meat?'

Leela puts her hand to her cheek and nods her head.
But then she looked up and shook her head.

'No!No, no, no!I can't help you guys!
'But, if you don't do something, you'll have to close your store, you know?This store is filled with the dreams of your beloved husband.'
'My husband's .......'

Leela's eyes widened at Estella's words.
However, she immediately showed a pained expression and shook her head again.

'I can't protect this store by myself. ......'


He clapped his hands loudly.
'I can't,' he interrupted Leela before the negative words could spill out of his mouth.

'Try it once before you make a decision. There's still time, isn't there?

She smiled inappropriately, and Leela nodded weakly, confused.
It felt like she was being forced to nod.
But it's enough for now. It's the first step that feels the heaviest to people.
Once you've taken that step, the rest is easy. It's easier than you think.

'Okay, let's get ready then.

Hearing Ginette's cheerful reply, we began to get ready for each other.