431-No additives, episode 86. Thomson and Heroes.

In front of the restaurant, we assemble the wood we brought from the sunlit pavilion.
It was a table with a hole in the center for a shichirin, which we had prepared in advance.
It took only ten minutes to assemble. The tripod.

'Yashiro-san, the charcoal is ready.
'Good. Then let's get started.

I brought the table into the store and borrowed a chair at random.
There are twelve four-seater tables on tripods.

Me, Ginette, Estella, Lucia, Gilberta, Masha, Barbara, Teresa, Morgan, Leela. And Leela's two kids, that's twelve people.

'Thank you for coming to ...... today, sir.
'Thank you, sir.

I called the kids who had been told to stay upstairs and seated them.
The awestruck sisters and brothers are huddled close to their mother.
The Thomson's probably get nervous when strangers sit at their table, so we leave Morgan at theirs.

So, we go to ......

'Ginepoo is with me!

The two of them pushed me, and we ended up with me, Teresa, Barbara, and Estella, and Ginette, Lucia, Gilberta, and Masha.
Well, we're just cooking meat, so any combination is fine.

'I wish Estella, Barbara, Lucia, and Masha had been paired together.
'That's because my stomach would get stressed out.

While serving small plates quickly, Estella is poking at me without even looking at me.
Isn't it a little sloppy to be talking while you're doing it?
Maybe she just didn't want to face you.

'Always casually by my side, the lord of smiles is my friend Yashiro'.
'No, that's not true!It's just a coincidence!It's just a coincidence!

Gilberta bites down hard.
Every time Gilberta turned her head, he would come around to the front.
Enough, put the small plates on the table.

'Yes, sir. Let's start with the meat.

Ginette brings the meat on a platter.
I borrowed the kitchen and asked her to cut the meat for me. It was quite a lot of meat, but he cut it quickly and efficiently.
Morgan offered to help, but I declined, saying, 'I've never cut it this thin before.

'It's all over, isn't it?

Meat and small plates, homemade yakiniku sauce and cut vegetables.
You have to eat the vegetables with it, it's yakiniku!
The vegetable plate was filled with onions, peppers, carrots, cabbage and corn.

'Hmm?This isn't my dad's corn, is it?
'That's sweet corn.

This is the corn that Umaro bought for Magda as a souvenir when he was repairing the mansion of the lord of the 30th district.
At that time, sweet corn that you could bite into was rare and was said to be the food of the aristocracy, but now it has become a popular item that is grown in the 42nd district.
This corn is one of the successful examples of the Hammock Farm's improved vegetable varieties.
Thanks to the advice and cooperation of Yap Rock, we were able to increase production very quickly and keep costs as low as possible.
Nowadays, Assunto is selling it at a reasonable price.

'I think Tochan's corn tastes better than yours!
'No, you just change the variety depending on how you eat it.

There is no such thing as one is better than the other.
It's just that sweet corn is more suitable for barbecue than popcorn or flint corn.
You just don't grow it in your field, but it's supervised by Yap Rock.

'Hey, young man. Are you really going to eat such a thin piece of meat?The best part of meat is when it's crunchy enough to make your jaw feel dull. That's why it's all so flabby. ......'
'Just shut up and watch.

I put the ribs on the wire mesh.
It's a wire mesh that Norma made for me a while ago to fit the size of the shichirin. I've heard that it has a special surface treatment that prevents it from burning. ...... He's not going to surpass Japanese science and technology with his handiwork, is he?I wonder if he'll be able to carve 1/1000 micron grooves or something. ......

I'm sure you don't have that kind of technology, but the surface of the wire mesh is wavy, so there's less surface to touch, and it's less likely to burn. However, the meat does get burned. It's much better than nothing.

'First of all, put the meat you want to eat on the wire net like this and grill it slowly.
'Anchovies, that's enough.'
'It's too early.

I ignore Lucia who interrupts me from the side and cook the meat.
The fat slowly rises to the surface, and the beef fat falls through the wire mesh and onto the charcoal in the shichirin.
The sweet and savory smell of the fat rises up with the smoke, accompanied by a pleasant sound.

Oh, that looks delicious.

'Look at that, what a waste!You just lost a drop of goodness, anchovy!

Shut up, .......
I prefer to cook them moderately on both sides.

'So, turn it over and--'
'Oh, it's brown already!
'Shut up!You can do whatever you want with it, just cook it yourself!
'No, I'll teach you how to cook it after you're done. Just watch and learn.'

Okay, you're almost raw. ......

'And when the meat is done, dip it in the sauce of your choice, put it on a bowl of white rice, and eat it ......!


'Ah ...... ummah ...... happiness'
'If you want to eat it with rice, we recommend this dark one, if you want to eat it with children, we recommend this sweet one, and if you like to drink, we recommend this dry one.

Ginette introduces the sauce in a small bottle.
This time, with Lucia present, and with the aim of getting Morgan to continue to cooperate with us, we have prepared some alcohol.
It's a dry sake that Morgan said he liked.

'Hmm. Then, on behalf of the anchovies who don't understand the true pleasure of meat, I will give you a lecture on the proper way to cook it.

With that, Lucia took a piece of beef belly from the platter, placed it on the wire mesh, quickly scalded it twice, and put it on her own small plate.
Are you a wild animal?

'Put a little of this in the sauce--too much is the work of a fool. Just a little is enough. The sauce is good, but the best way to enjoy the meat's true flavor is to dip it in a little - and then throw it in your mouth. ............ munching...... ah, it's melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

Morgan gulps.
It's not just that it looked so good ......, it's also that Lucia's "delicious face," which she said she liked, was extraordinarily s*xy .......
I'm not sure what to make of it. It's a different kind of happy smile than Bertina's, and it's a bit more seductive.

Incidentally, when the other lord saw Lucia eating the red, almost raw meat, his eyebrows wrinkled up and he looked at her with a look of 'Oh no! What's that look?
What's that look?
Is that a threat?

'Lucia-san's meat is not grilled, it's hot. I'll show you how to cook it the right way.
'No, thank you. Estella is a strange woman who likes her meat dry.'
'It's not dry!By removing the excess fat, the deep flavor of the meat fibers can be ......!
'You don't need to search that deep, there's plenty of flavor on the surface.
'But it's not!Why doesn't Lucia-san understand the other side of this delicate flavor?

People who talk about how well meat is cooked are always annoying.
Cook it any way you like and eat it any way you like.

'Oh, um, Mr. Sunshine Pavilion.

Leela calls out to Ginette with a puzzled expression.

'Which is the correct way to cook it?I'm ashamed to say that I love my master from the bottom of my heart, and I understand him far better than that sky-high man, but I don't ...... understand his technique, and I don't ...... know the right answer. I don't know.

Don't make fun of me.

In order to steal the technique, I was observing my husband's work, but ...... he was working so brightly that it was difficult to stare at him properly, and the more I stared at him, the more I fell in love with his serious expression. ...I couldn't even look at the technical side!It couldn't be helped, because my husband was too nice!
'Oh, ......, he's so wonderful, isn't he?
'Yes!Do you understand?As expected of a professional who knows the real thing!

What kind of professional does this guy think Jeannette is?
A professional chef doesn't have a discerning eye for men.

'So, if you can tell me the correct answer, please visit ......'.
'There is no right answer.'

Ginette stated firmly.
Leela rolls her eyes, perhaps not expecting it, but Ginette is right.
There is no right answer.
To be precise, there are as many right answers as there are people.

'But, but, that doesn't make the meat taste good, does it ......?
'If there is a way to cook it well, there is only one way.

Ginette asserted with a smile that erased Leela's fears.

'The only way to make it taste good is to have a good meal together.

Lela's eyes roll up in her head.
The imbalance between her eyes and the seductive lines underneath makes her look irresistibly cute.
She looks just like her daughter and son, who are also rolling their eyes next to her.


I hand Morgan the tongs to help the confused Gazelle and her son figure out the correct answer.
I used chopsticks to put the raw meat on the grill, but I think it's safer for Morgan to use tongs.
There are many people who can use chopsticks, but there are also many who cannot.
In case Morgan can't use chopsticks, it would be an unnecessary embarrassment for him.

'Try cooking it a little. I think this is the best way to cook it.

Morgan looked puzzled as she picked up the tongs, but she quickly changed her mind and her expression became full of confidence.

'Hmm... I can't help it. As a meat professional, I'll teach you how to cook it really well.

With a clang of the tongs, Morgan placed a thin slice of belly meat between them.

'Although, I've never had meat this thin before.'
'Oh?Are you getting scared?'
'Don't be silly!No matter what kind of meat it is, it will always taste better when I cook it!

Morgan's eyes lit up with a good amount of amusement.
He puts his hand over the grill and checks the heat.
Then he puts the meat on top and stares at its surface with a serious gaze.

The meat ripples slowly, and fat floats to the surface.
The shiny fat reflects the light and appears to shine.

'All right, now!

As the meat is turned over, the fat that has spilled from the meshes bursts onto the charcoal.

'That's enough!

The underside of the meat is only lightly browned, and Morgan stares at it as it cooks.
Then, after a breath, he throws it into his mouth.

'Whoa!That's good!Maybe I'm a genius, huh?

He seems to have enjoyed the meat he cooked himself, and is praising himself.

'But wait, ...... if it's this good, I can roast it a little more quickly ............ okay, let's try it again'.

Perhaps sensing something within himself, Morgan picked up the next piece of meat.
Then, he placed the meat in the center of the seventh ring - at that moment, flames rose from the ring.

'Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
'That's what happens when you cook only fatty meat.

He places a slice of carrot on top of the flames.
Vegetables that don't lose their fat are perfect for extinguishing the fire.
When you go to a barbecue restaurant, they sometimes give you ice, but there is no ice in this town.

'You're making your customers do this dangerous thing?
'But it was kind of fun, wasn't it?
'What part?
'But, you see...'

Morgan's expression turned grim as he pointed to our table.

'Pfft!That's what beginners do, right?
'Hmm. Morgan, that's the baptism of grilled meat.
'It's the way of the road, for anyone who roasts meat.
'Aashi did it, but Loretta did it many times, didn't she, Teresa?
'Yes!Loretta was doing it over and over again. I was doing it~!
'giggle~☆ You just made a surprised face. ...... giggle~☆'
'Yeah, don't laugh, little girls!

Each of us had at least one barbecue fire and screamed, 'Whoa! or something like that. They were happy to see others make the same mistake.

'Probably, Morgan would point and laugh if he brought someone else into the same situation.
'I don't think so,...... No, wait,...... I bet Pepe's bastard would be surprised at the funny look on his face,...... ......Hmm, if I said I'd buy him a drink, I'm sure he'd follow me. ......Okay, ......Hmm.'

I'm not sure what to do.

It's a great way to enjoy a good meal.

Ginette explained this to Leela.
Then she hands her two tongs and a pair of chopsticks.

'You should try it, too. It will be fun.

But be careful not to burn yourself,' she added.
Leela was puzzled, but handed the tongs to the kids and grabbed the chopsticks herself.

'Listen, kids. When you eat, use your own chopsticks, and when you put the meat on the net, use chopsticks or tongs without touching your mouth.

There is a minimum level of etiquette in yakiniku as well.
Grabbing meat with chopsticks that have been touched may be unsanitary, but it is better to avoid putting chopsticks that have touched raw meat directly into your mouth. Food poisoning is scary.
I would like to make this known to all people who eat yakiniku in the future.

'If a fire breaks out,............, it's scary,......'.

Next to my sister, who is grasping the tongs and turning pale, my brother is nodding his head, also with a pale face.

I'm sure that's why you're using tongs. It's not dangerous when you're that far away.
'Oh, ...... I see.'

My sister was convinced when she saw the length of the tongs.
She grabbed the meat fearfully and placed it on the wire mesh.
The meat started to burn as soon as it was placed.

'Here, Ox, try it.
'Uh, yeah. ......'

The younger brother, also known as Ox, fearfully imitates his older sister and places the meat on the wire mesh.
'......Ox for a gazelle tribe.

'Yes, yes, there, gently. ...... Yes, well done.
'Haha, I got it.'

Ox looks up at his sister and smiles.
She pats him on the head happily.

And while she's doing that, her sister's meat is getting burnt.

'It's going to burn.
'Huh?Ohhhh!What should I do!Mom, my meat!My meat!

'Da, da, da, it's okay, calm down!If you turn it over, it'll--fire!

The moment I hurriedly flipped the meat over, a fire erupted from the grill.
Leela screamed, her hair standing on end.
Ox hurriedly threw a handful of carrot slices and cabbage onto the net.
When the fire was out, the gazelle and her son were huddled together in a tight embrace.

Their eyes widened in proportion to the beating of their hearts.
The next moment, a burst of laughter erupted.

'Hahahaha!That was scary!
'That was scary~!
'Yes, it was. A little bit, but it's ...... ugh ............ kind of fun.'

Holding their hearts, caressing their cheeks bathed in the heat of the flames, playfully checking to see if their bangs were burned, the three of them laughing together.
I watch the scene quietly.

Morgan, sitting at the same table, stares at the father and son with a tightly drawn mouth.
What's the matter, Morgan?Are you about to cry?
The beloved family of a man who loved them as if they were his own. Are you moved to tears by the sight of a family that's been suffering and stuck for so long, laughing together like this again?Hmm?

'Leela, Cow, Ox.'

Morgan called out the names of the father and son in turn.
Then he stroked his beard and moved his face closer to theirs.

'What are you going to do?My meat is buried in the vegetables!

Did you just yell at me?
What the hell?
Why is he so mad?

I'm not sure what to do.

Don't call cooking meat 'raising' it!

--I almost passed it over, but is your sister Gazelle's name Cow?
This one's a cow too!
What?Did you name her after your father's profession?You did?
It's just too complicated!

I don't know... I think the only gnu in the family that wasn't a Thomson gazelle was named Thomson.
What is this family?It's complicated!

'Hey, get those vegetables out of here!The meat's not cooked!
'I'm sorry, Uncle Morgan.'
'Don't be childish, Mr. Olson. That's what kids do. Don't make a fuss about it.
'Shut up, it's not my place to be a lord!I'm a cattleman!I don't compromise on meat!

I'm a cattleman!
You'll be able to get a lot more than just a thick slice.
It's a great way to get the most out of your time and money.Hmm?

'Cow, Ox. Come here. The table will be a bit small, but you can eat with Teresa.'
'Yes, yes. I'll take care of it, please, at .......'
'Yes, sir!

I vacate my seat and grab one of the chairs that Cow was sitting in.

'Ginette, roast the vegetables over there for him.
'Yes, sir. Which would you like to eat, Mr. Yashiro?'
'I don't need to eat them. I'll teach these guys how to eat here.'

I've eaten enough at the Sunshine Pavilion.
Ginette seems to be following my lead when she hears that I'm going to be teaching.
Well, Ginette's at a time when she needs to cut back on her snacking.

''In the meantime, Leela, you should also grill some meat and experience grilled meat.''
'Ha, yes ...... Mr. Morgan, sorry to bother you.'
'Oh. But this is my territory from here. Don't go in there.'

What camp? ......
What a small-minded old man.

'Mr. Cow, Mr. Ox. Vegetables become sweeter when they're heated, so cooking them like this makes them very tasty. Try tossing them in this sauce.

Ginette dips the grilled cabbage in the sweet sauce and hands it to him.
Ox raised his eyebrows for a moment. Oh, he doesn't like vegetables, does he?He's the type who eats only meat.

Well, just eat it.

Ox takes a bite out of the roasted cabbage with a shuffling sound.

'............ Oh, my God.'
'Really, Ox?'
'Yeah!It's so sweet!You should try some, sis!
'I'll die for it.

My sister was a hardcore vegetable hater!

'Alright, Barbara. I'll hold Cow down and you can force the cabbage into his mouth.'
'Hold on a minute, please!I'll eat it!I'll eat it myself!

Cow cried out, as if he had felt my seriousness.
I won't tolerate your likes and dislikes in front of me.

'Ugh ...... I'm not a worm ......'.

I'll eat vegetables even if they're not bugs.

'Ugh~............ ah~............ m... ..................... amy...... sweet!'

Cow gobbles up the cabbage in the sauce dish with gusto.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

'Hey, kids!Try the corn. It's not my dad's, but it's good corn.
'Yeah!Which one is ...... corn?'

Barbara laughs at Ox's puzzled look at the pile of vegetables.

'What, you don't know?I don't care. I'll cook them for you, just wait here.
'Yeah!Thanks, sis!
'Oh!So Aashi's your sister!You can call me 'sister' if you want.You can call me sis, too!

Barbara is in a good mood after being called sister by Ox. She forces Cow to call her sister too. But Cow is a little reluctant.
I can't call her that right away, can I?

'Shrimps are delicious too~☆ Okay, Masha, I'll cook them for you~'

I don't know where she got her rivalry from, or if she was just being funny, but Masha pulled out a prawn from the tank and put it on the net.
Wow, that's extravagant.

I guess this guy just wants to spread the word about seafood.
Maybe he wants us to call him sis.

While our table was cooking vegetables and Ginette's table was cooking seafood, Leela and Morgan were cooking meat.

'This is good too!But there must be more!Let's see if we can get it to go with the sauce this time. ......'
'It's pretty easy ......, but I wonder if it's really good ...... I think it's good ......, but... .........'

I'm endlessly comparing the flavor of the meat and the degree of cooking.
If you study it like that, you'll get more and more addicted to yakiniku.

'Hey, Sunshine Pavilion!

Leela calls out to Jeannette.
She straightens her back and looks serious.

'Is there a method of grilling that you recommend, Sunlit Pavilion?
'A recommendation?If you want, I can teach you.
'I'd love to!

Ginette moved to place the meat on Leela and the others' grill.

'First, cook the meat slowly on one side. It's okay if it burns a little.

Ginette places the meat in the middle of the seventh ring, which has the highest heat, and stares at it for a while.
When the meat starts to warp and shrink, quickly turn it over.

Then, the other side should be cooked less, just enough to remove the excess fat.

Transfer the cooked meat to a small plate and present it to Leela.

'Try half of it in the thick sauce.
'Half, sir?
'That way, you can enjoy the richness of the sauce, the sweetness of the fatty meat and the aroma of the charred meat.

Leela brought Ginette's grilled meat to her mouth with a searching hand.

'Delicious ......!The way it's cooked can make such a difference. ......'
'It's just an example. There is no right answer. For example, ......'

With that, I start cooking another piece of meat.
Again, place the meat in the middle of the shichirin.
Put a small amount of chopped green onions on it and a pinch of salt.
When the meat is browned, squeeze a lemon over the top.

She dexterously wrapped the meat around the green onions to prevent them from spilling and transferred them to Leela's plate.

'Try it without anything on it this time.'
'...... It's so light.'
'When you get tired of the taste of the sauce, it's fun to change the taste like this.

Ginette smilingly and confidently made her presentation.
However,......, that's the way I said I liked it during the day. Don't use that as a recommendation. ...... It's a little embarrassing.

Ginette doesn't make many dishes that she thinks are good. I'm sure you've heard of it.
I'm sure you'll be able to find something that you like. ...... I'm sure you'll be able to find something that you like. ...... I'm sure you'll find something that you like. ...... I'm sure you'll find something that you like. ...... d*mn. It's hot, hot, hot. It's hot by the shichirin.


I heard Cow cheering and looked over to see him chewing on a piece of corn with sauce all over his mouth.

'Isn't it?
'Yes. Corn is delicious!
'Baka, cow!Don't worry about the honorifics, Aashi. You're my sister.'
'Yes!Thanks, Barbara!

Cow missed Barbara.
Was the corn that good?
...... even though that corn had nothing to do with Barbara.
It's not fair, is it?

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

Politely, the shelled grilled prawns were transferred to Cow's plate.
Grilled shrimp with grilled sauce tastes so good. I wonder what that barbecue feeling is?I wonder why it tastes so good.

'Hmmm!Wow!It's delicious!
'Isn't it~?
'Does eating this kind of food make you like Masha-san?

Cow is staring at me!
The 'like' part of 'like Masha'!
The same part I stare at the most!

I wonder if shrimps have breast implants?
But good luck, Cow!I'm rooting for you!
I'm rooting for you! ...... Genetically, it's a bit of a long shot.

'Maybe I can be, maybe I can't...' ...... So, you can call me Masha, right?

Oh, I want to be called that.
By the way, Masha's friends are all the same age or perverts.
Delia, Estella, Lucia, the leg fetishist, and the half-fisherman.
Now, where is the line between same age and perverted?

It seems Masha wants to be adored by the younger generation.
She said she adores Nikka, the girl who jumped in and joined the sea fishing guild. I guess she has a desire to have younger people in her life.

'If you have meat, vegetables and some kinds of seafood, you can enjoy yakiniku without getting bored.

Seafood would still be expensive for now, though.
But with such a menu, it should be enough for a yakiniku restaurant.
You've been stocking alcohol for a long time, and if you can learn how to cook good white rice, you'll be able to compete with your competitors.

'I don't know, Leela.

Estella said quietly, standing up.

'We don't mean to impose. But you know, Cow, Ox, and maybe even yourself, don't want to fold this ...... store, do you?That's what it looks like to me, no?

We've only prepared the options, but the decision lies with Leela and her family.
That's the stance Estella takes when she asks.
Even if you can't decide right now, if you know that there is this way of doing things, you will have more information to make a decision.
You can look at it from various angles, think about it, and make the choice that you think is best.

It's up to you to decide. We're just here to help you.

Estella smiles at Leela and looks at Cow and Ox.
Cow and Ox give their mother a clinging look.
They don't say anything. They think they shouldn't say anything. But there's so much they want to say. It's obvious. He stares at her with that look.

Eventually, all eyes in the room turn to Leela.
With everyone staring at her, Leela turns her head.
She looks down and trembles a little.

'I'm so grateful for your feelings ...... that I can't even put them into words. ...... I'm so happy ......... ...I feel like crying,............, but I don't think I can do it,......, you know. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this,.......

Yakiniku is something that anyone can get into if they try it.
Not many people would go to the trouble of calling a waiter and asking him to grill for them, so even Leela and her friends, who didn't have the skills to be butchers, could do it.
But even so, Leela's expression was firm.

'It's true that if the customers can cook the meat as they like, that's really helpful. But ...... still ............'.

Leela looks down and meditates.

'I don't have the confidence ...... to be able to run a restaurant like her ...... husband. ......... ...'

Teardrops spill quietly along the dark lines under my eyes.

'If my husband is a T-bone steak that can be both fillet and loin, ...... I am an offal that can't even be a skin for processed products or a bone for crafts... I'm like a worthless offal. I can't ...... protect this store by myself. ......
'You idiot!

Barbara reprimands the tearful, downcast Leela.
He stood up with the momentum of knocking over a chair and strolled over to her.
She then grabs Leela by the chest with all her might.

'Barbara-san!Don't be violent!
'Stay back, manager!You can't understand these idiots unless you tell them right!It's not like they even know they don't understand!

Barbara glared at Jeannette who tried to stop her.
Jeannette looks at me with a harried face.
You're right, it might be dangerous if we don't stop him. Barbara, you're an idiot.

You can find a lot more information on the web at the moment.

'Hey, Barbara. Just calm down.'
'Stay back, hero!These idiots won't understand unless you tell them right!They don't even know they don't understand!

Deja vu?
I'm not sure what to make of it....... Strangely, my arms are creeping up.

'Hey, you. I met you for the first time today, and I could tell just by looking at you for a few minutes. ...... You're an idiot, aren't you?'

Barbara says, her brow wrinkling.
At the same time, a nasty sweat falls down my back.

...... You stupid monkey woman, you're not ............

I'm not sure what to say. You're wrong all the way from the beginning to the end.

I have a terrible sense of déjà vu!
I mean, Estella's pulling out the Conversation Record and starting to salvage her memories from back then!
Jeannette's like, 'What?This? And Jeannette is looking at me with a look like 'Huh?

...... Yap Lock a**h*les, what and how many details are you passing on? ...... Forget it, enough is enough!
And don't spread it!
Don't pass it on!

'You don't have enough money to eat, do you?
'No, no, fortunately, I have some money left by my husband, so I can eat. ............'
'He knows. Make sure your son knows that.

I'm eating, man!
Listen to me, man!

I mean, come on!
This is a different situation!Then and now!

'I'll tell you one more time, you've got it all wrong!

Don't just repeat what you like!Don't treat me like a decisive word!

'You're my father!

You're the mother!

'If you don't have money, you'll have to work!

That's why I'm working, Leela!
And we still have money!

'If you can only afford to buy one serving of food, then take the children's portions and fill your own stomach first!

All three of us are satisfied!You've got to understand!

'Then work like hell to earn enough money to feed the four of us!

One more person!
For whom?
Who's the fourth?

'It's what a father should do to make sure his children enjoy the luxuries they've been forced to endure!

I'm satisfied, you kids!As far as food goes!
And you, mother!You can't do anything but memorize?You're an idiot!Why don't you shut up if you're stupid?


The words finally came out.

...... d*mn, Estella's shoulders are shaking so much while looking at the Conversation Record. I hope it gets submerged in water or something and all the data gets wiped out.

'Barbara, ......, got a minute?
'Stay back, hero!These idiots won't understand unless you tell them right!They don't even realize that they don't understand!
'You're the idiot!
'Ouch, ouch, ouch!Hero, my finger, my finger won't bend that way!

There is a way for the weak to beat the masters.
Grip your little finger and bend it as hard as you can. As you can see, a single pinky finger is no match for the power of my right hand. It may not work on ...... Delia or Magda, though.

'No, no, no!I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's wrong with me.
'And what did you do to Yap Lock when he pointed out your mistake?
'I tried to take his breath away and shut him up.'
'You're experiencing a real-life example of a bad idea!You should have realized it there!
'But Aashi, you can beat this old lady, right?
'I'm not here to twist you around and make you listen to me, you know!
'That's right, Barbara. Yashiro appealed to people's hearts with that line.
'That's not what I meant, Estella, you idiot, you, Estella, idiot!

Estella joined the fray, amused, 'House! and put her in a chair.
It's not that ...... 's easy to understand because Yashiro has a limited vocabulary when he's embarrassed!
I'm a verbal fantasista. I'm a wordsmith.

Barbara. I've got two things to say to you.
'What's that?
'One. It's irresponsible to impose your opinion on someone when you can't understand their situation or feelings, so don't do it. You'll end up causing resentment.''
'Mu...... cough ni...... hmm?'

Learn the word 'responsibility' before you say 'all-out'!Engrave it in your brain!

'Mr. Barbara. Irresponsible means a cunning person who does not take responsibility.
'Oh, I know what responsibility is!You're the best one!

'Oh, I know responsibility! ......
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to say. It is possible that you are translating "I have a strong sense of responsibility" into "I am very responsible. ...... Isn't that too flexible and inconvenient for you?
I'm sure you'll understand.

I'm not sure what to say. If you don't want to be the sly sister, be careful what you say irresponsibly.
'Oh!Aashi is going to be the most responsible sister ever!

...... Yeah. Well, maybe she can't, right?I don't know.

'So, one more thing.'

He holds up his index finger and presses it against the bridge of Barbara's nose. And press it against the top of Barbara's nose.

'...... Don't spread that stupid line any further. What?
'Ouch, ouch, ouch!The sisters and missus said no rough stuff, hero!

Yeah, not very convincing!
So there's no need to listen!

'Barbara, it's ......, isn't it?

Leela walks up to Barbara, who is rubbing her tears from my eyes.
She comes right up to her and squeezes Barbara's hand.

'I'm awake!I've been struck in the heart!

You've been struck!

'You're my hero.'

A new hero is born!

......, shut up!

What do you mean, "new"?I don't even recognize you, I'm a hero!
I'll give you the title of hero!
Congratulations, Barbara, you're a hero from now on.

That's not Aashi's word. That's what the hero here said when he saved Aashi's father.
'This one is ............, hero-sama.'

It's growing!
The number of people calling me a hero is steadily increasing!This is a serious situation!

I want to file a damage claim against Yap Lock!I have to!I'm going to do it!

I've been clinging to the idea that there's someplace I can escape to, but ...... these words have made up my mind.

I've been clinging to the idea that there's some way out of this, but with your words, I've made up my mind.' Straightening up, Leela looks straight ahead and declares.

'I'm going to close the store and go out to work!

You've ended up with the exact opposite of what you thought!

'I will earn money for the happiness of my children!
'Let's wait a minute, Leela!Calm down for a moment!

Estella hurriedly stood up, grabbed Leela by the shoulders and forced her to sit down.

'Look at the children's faces.
'The kids?'

Then, looking at the faces of the kids, ...... Ahhh. They look so disappointed.
That's right.

'What's the matter, boys?Mom, I'm going to work a lot to earn money. Then we'll all eat meat like this again. See?

Sister and brother puff out their cheeks.
Their cheeks are puffed out and they're glaring at me.

What ...... are you going to blame me for?
I'm not sure what to say.That's the least you can do. ......

Haha .......

'Leela. Money is not everything in this world, you know?
'The ...... of the genie' ......!
'Calm down, Estella-san!
'Oh, I'm sorry, Ginette!I just ...... couldn't help but ...... my hand on my own ......'.
'It's all about money, isn't it!
'Please calm down, Yashiro-san!It's okay. I think Estella-san was just a little surprised!

I'm not happy that you're a little surprised!

'Miss Leela. Money is important, yes. But ......'

Ginette looks at Cow and Ox, then around the store.

'There are more important things than money, for your children. And for you.'

In fact, Leela didn't say she wanted to quit the store.
She's just not sure. She's not sure she can run the same kind of business that her husband ran.
Well, maybe not in the same way.

'I, too, care more about the Sunshine Pavilion and everyone who works there than anything else.

Before she knew it, the employees had become one of Ginette's most important things.
The most important thing to him was the sunlit pavilion. I thought there was no room for doubt in my mind.
But before I knew it...

You've entered ......, I see.

And the people who come to this store are very important to me. For me, the sunny pavilion is an irreplaceable and irreplaceable place.

And then, 'right? She asks Leela.

'Isn't that what this store is to you, Leela, and to your children?
'Yes, it is!
'I don't want the store to disappear!

Unable to help themselves, the kids raise their voices.
With impatient faces, they appeal to their mothers not to give up.

'But if we don't, you guys will be in trouble.You'll have to struggle for a long time, and you might not be able to do what you want every day.'
'No problem!
'It's okay!

She got up, ran out, and clung to her mother.

'I'm going to protect my father's store with my mother forever!
'I'll always be with my dad, mom, and sister!

Together with my family.
Maybe that's what Leela was thinking.

"It's hard to keep a store going when the owner is gone.

But to the kids, he wasn't gone at all.
Their father is still in this store.
At the counter.
In the kitchen.
On the floor.

Just like Ginette sometimes sits at the table and stares at the counter.

I'm sure these kids have seen their father in this store before.

You can't lose him, no matter what.


Leela hugs the kids with tears in her eyes.
Her true feelings are leaking out.
You don't need to ask me what I really want.

So I'll give you a push.
I'll give you a little push, so you decide for yourself.

Because if you don't make your own decision, you might end up stopping somewhere else.

'You were comparing yourself to your husband just now. If your husband is a T-bone steak with both fillet and loin, then you are the offal.
'...... Yes. I have no value whatsoever,.......'


and put the ceramic urn on the table.
Ginette and Estella's faces light up.
They must have seen the end coming. They have good looks.

'I'll show you something. The infinite value of your organs.'

He gave Jeannette a look, nodded silently, and began to prepare.

'Come on, let's have a motsu party!