432-Additive-free Episode 87 Potential of viscera

'First, try the standard motsu.'

A beautiful whitish peach-colored plump object is placed on the wire mesh.
It is the small intestine.
Well, I guess it's a safe introduction for a beginner.

'Ginette, striped butterfly!
'I'm a saffron, Ginette!
'I'd like to have some humanoids.
'Aashi, mino!
'Then I'm Gialla!
'Well, in that order, let's go to ......, shall we?

Ginette gave a troubled smile to the orders that came in one after another.

Ginette, you can say it.
'Cook it yourself'.

'Ugh, ......, that's some serious guts.'

Morgan gives me a very disapproving look.
Okay, you eat first.

'Well, Morgan. Taste it.'
'Huh?Why me?

You look like a comedian being punished.
I'm sorry.
You raised this cow, remember?
It's the responsibility of the producer and consumer to eat all the leftovers.

'If you don't want it, go to ......, come on, Estella.

Estella was looking forward to the motsu and was holding back her meat.
With glittering eyes, she dipped the mullet into the sauce and ............ ate it.

'Oh ............ that's so good!

Estella cooks the meat until it's a crispy mess, but the fatty meat from the mutton seems to be just as good.
She wiggles her chin and enjoys the texture.

'Mmmm ......, the timing of swallowing is difficult.

But his face looks like he's having a great time.

'Haha...... delicious. It's also healthy. It's also good for your beauty.

As for the healthy part, it's hard to say because the amount of fat varies depending on the part.
Especially mullet is characterized by its high fat content.

'Is it delicious ......?

Leela asks timidly.

'You'll know it when you try it.
'What ......?'

My cheeks twitch at my words, Leela.
Quickly, Ginette puts some burnt mullet on Leela's plate.

'Please try it. If you don't like it, you can leave it out if you don't want to.
'Ha...... ha............ then.'

The hand that holds the chopsticks is trembling.
I stared at the small plate, glanced at it as if to look at me, and then stared at the mulatto again.

'I'll have a bite. ......!

You take a piece of mullion into your mouth.


He chews it a few times, and then, 'Kuni, Kuni, Kuni, Kuni! and repeats chewing at a great speed.

It's amazing!

The more you chew, the more you chew!

'The more you chew.

'The more you chew.

'The more you chew, the sweeter it gets!

'The more you bite into it, the sweeter it gets!'
--Whoa!That's enough to chew!Drink it, quickly!

After you have chewed and enjoyed it enough, swallow it.

'Is this ...... really internal organs?
''It's 'motsu'. You can call it 'hormones' if you like.'
'...... motsu.'

............ Leela let out a dumbfounded gasp.
The kids are staring at her face as if they can't wait to see her.

'Mother!How was it?Did it taste good?'
'Was it good?

He looks at the kids, then closes his mouth to chew carefully again, and says with conviction.

'It was delicious. It was very good.
'I want some too!
'Me too!

'Me too!'

Finally, a scared old man came forward.
You're not cool. ...... You're a benefactor because you put yourself on the line before Leela, saying 'I'll try it out'. This guy isn't quite a benefactor yet, is he?He can't hide his smallness.

After eating the butterfly, Morgan's aversion to it seemed to disappear instantly, and he began to touch other parts one after another.

'Hmm!This one's really crunchy.'
'That's mino. There are a lot of people who like that crunchy texture.

In fact, Barbara and Teresa seemed to like the mino.

'This one has less fat and is lighter ...... but has a deeper flavor .......'
'That's hatsu, heart.
'Heart!...... Can I eat that?
'No, it's fine. It's good, right?
'...... Yes. Very.'

Leela also tried some of the motsu.
It seems that even among motsu, there are different tastes, and those with strong flavors, such as liver and hachinos, seem to be controversial.

'I'm sorry, can I have some sake?

Finally, Morgan got his hands on some sake.
He dipped a piece of marucho in the sweet sauce, chewed it, and poured in the dry sake.


I gulped down a teacupful of sake in one gulp.
This is the sake that Estella brought, recommended by Natalia.
It is a sake from the 33rd district, brewed with Ribeca's koji. Javier said it was delicious.
Beer is probably the best choice for yakiniku, but I brought this one to suit Morgan's taste for dry sake. ...... He seemed to like it very much.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.

Morgan's breath smelled of alcohol.
His eyes seem to be about 15% firmer than usual.

'How can such stinky guts turn into such delicious food?This one doesn't stink, it smells like fatty meat. Spit it out!What's the secret?
'If I tell you, will you control the method?

Morgan's face changed when I made a slightly serious sound.

'Control, huh?
'Oh. There's a way to handle it that's tedious, but anyone can do it. I'd like you to manage it and pass it on to the cattlemen.'
'...... Are you sure?It doesn't seem like there's any benefit to you guys, does it?

Well, there's no benefit.
But it's worth it just to prevent the disadvantages that we can see.

'You said it yourself. The butcher's shop is a competitor. It wouldn't be good if other stores went out of business because of him.

Besides, if we don't spread the word, the distribution of mutton will remain stagnant.
That doesn't mean the cowherd's sales channels have expanded.

'Tell the people you judge to be in need of it, and sell the pre-processed motsu to the rest.
'So you're saying we should do the processing?
'You guys do the butchering, right?Just think of it as part of that.'
'That's true, but ............ hmm'.

It's a hell of a lot of luck to get the technology for free.
That's why I'm a little cautious.
Especially if you're a hard worker like Morgan.

'Then we're getting too much of a good thing. It's making my ass itch.'
'Our good-natured lord is worried about the rift between the cattlemen and the hunting guild. I'm on the receiving end of it.'
'But... ......'
'And I've also been ordered by my boss to do something about this store.'

Morgan looks at Estella and Jeannette.
They look troubled at my comment, though they don't deny it, 'What can I say?
Seeing these two, Morgan still growls with a difficult look on his face, 'Hmmm ......'.

'If you feel so indebted to them, you can convince them to let you poke their tits a bit.
'Are you an idiot, or what?'
'Yashiro-san. ...... No, not again.'

You're worried about the fact that I don't have any advantages, so the shortcut to a solution is to provide me with an easily understood advantage!
In the first place, even though I'm exaggerating, it doesn't change the fact that I'm releasing technology for you guys, so why don't you let me poke around a bit!It's not like it's going to decrease!

'Let her poke you a little, at least with her tits.
'For the first time, I have an ally!
'Don't spread your bad company, Yashiro!Don't take it too seriously, Mr. Olson!

'...... Already!Mr. Yashiro, do your penance.

As usual, repentance seems to be coming my way.

If that doesn't work, ...... the only other obvious benefit is ............

'Then give the sunny side up priority to the motsu. I don't want it to become so popular that I can't get it.
'Is that what you want?'
'You're okay with that, right?'
'Yes . We haven't decided how we're going to handle it at the restaurant yet, so the quantity is still undecided.

If we do yakiniku, we'll not only be a drag on Thomson's kitchen, but we'll also be in a head-on collision with them and interfere with their business, so we'll have to serve motsu in a way other than yakiniku.
That's right. A certain amount of maruchou will do. Oh, I want to eat nira-leba, so I'd better keep the liver too.

'Also, split the gelatin with me.
'Gelatin. Most of what we're making now is being taken by the peddlers' guild, so if we're going to give it to the Sunshine Pavilion, we'll have to increase the quantity a bit.
'It's not 'just a little', Morgan.

I tell Morgan with an innocent smile as he strokes his goatee.

'I'm going to use it for Halloween, so make sure you start producing as much as you can today. No sleep, no rest. I'm dying.
'What about ............?

Because marshmallows are a staple of Halloween!
And since there's no gelatin in the forty-second district, these people will be meeting marshmallows for the first time.
This will sell!

'In the meantime, if you use the gelatin right now, I'll show you my hidden gem, what do you say?
'How much do you want to use ......?
'Hmm~............ a lot☆'

Morgan looks at Estella with a distinct crease between his eyes.
She looks at Estella and points at me. 'What the hell is this guy talking about? Or maybe something along the lines of, 'Do something about it, b*tc*'.
Estella closes her eyelids, shrugs her shoulders, and shakes her head.
'I can't be too hard on a handsome man,' she said, 'I'm sure, yes, I'm sure.

'I'll consider it depending on the taste of that hidden gem.
'Okay. So long, Jeannette.'
'Yes. Pickled.'

Ginette lays out a number of ceramic bowls on the table, different from the one I've placed on the table.
It's still a bit incomplete due to lack of time, but it's ...... good enough.

'It is made of motsu marinated in a sauce. It will be different from the motsu you just saw.

Smiling happily, Ginette grilled the marinated motsu.
There is a soy sauce base, a salt sauce, and a miso sauce.
The fragrant smell of burnt miso stimulated my stomach, which was supposed to be at the eighth level, and made me think it was at the second level.
Oh, I'm getting hungry.


Estella stands up, walks up next to me and grabs my shoulder.

'You have some of this for us, right?

Estella's eyes are sparkling.
But the strength in her hands is almost threatening.
In the tasting at the restaurant, there was no time to marinate the motsu, so it hadn't appeared yet.
The eyes of Estella and the other girls who had transformed into motsu lovers were glittering.

'It's there, so relax. There's a little left over at the Sunlit Pavilion.
'Good!Great!As a reward--'
'I'll let you poke him a little.
'I'll pet you.'

The queen of sparing.
You don't have anything to give whether you want to or not!

'Come on, please. Please eat.'

Ginette transfers the cooked motsu to small plates.
First Morgan. Then Leela, Cow and Ox bring it to their mouths.

'''' Yum!

The voices came together.
And then all four of them are chewing on the motsu, 'Kun Kun Kun Kun Kun.

'Mom, what should we do? It's too good to swallow!
'Chew it. The more you chew, the better it tastes.''

The gazelle and her son chewed and chewed. --Gum!

'It's alcohol!...... Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!............ Haha!I'm f*cked!

That's it!
The mug slammed on the table.
As the meat is marinated, the umami of the sauce soaks into the meat and intertwines with the fatty meat, increasing the flavor not simply by addition but by multiplication.

'I've marinated it for about three to four hours now, but it will be even better if I marinate it overnight.
'Let's soak it for a year!
'It'll go bad!

You're a cattleman, aren't you?
You know a lot about beef, don't you?
What, are you an idiot?

'Ah!It's going to be so delicious. This is also offal, no, motsu, right?
'Oh. Aren't you surprised?
'Ah!It's got a great flavor for drinkers.

When I heard you like to drink, I looked at Lucia.
Our eyes meet.
Lucia, who was chewing on the marinated motsu with Estella and the others, was staring at me.

'It's .......'
'Pour me a drink!
'You're not going to stay here again, are you!Why don't you go home today?Don't drink and say you're too lazy to go home!
'I can't guarantee that!
'Then don't drink!

If I allow you to stay any longer, you'll be living here for real!
Today is the day I'll get rid of him!

'You can take this home with you.
'I see. I'll take it then.

I'll give you a bottle of pickled giblets.
Can I have my bowl back?It's from the Sunken Pavilion.

'Yo, ......!

Morgan stood up with a slightly red face.

'I promise. Now that you've given me such a good meal, I'll bring you some of the gelatin we have in stock.'
'Oh, wait, Morgan.

There's one more hidden gem.
Motsu has a very strong appearance, so there is a possibility that people will find it repellent.
Therefore, another approach is needed to spread motsu.

Motsu-nabe is a menu item that can be served at the "Hidamari-tei", but there is another menu item that is not suitable for the "Hidamari-tei", but is more suitable for a restaurant that serves alcohol.

Before you leave, try this one too. Ginette.
'Yes, sir.

I prepared a large pot of stewed vegetables, put it in a small bowl, and garnished it with chopped green onions and shichimi.
It's a rich, thick miso flavored stew. It's not quite cooked yet. ......

I'm not sure what to do. I'll be back.

I was introduced to a miso studio by the koji factory of Rebecca, and they had a delicious miso with a rich taste similar to hatcho miso, so I used it. The taste is a little different, but it is still delicious.
If you stew it for a few days, it will become irresistible.

'Young man!

Morgan grabbed me roughly by the chest as he drained the new bottle.

'I'll bring you all the stock left on the farm!Is that good enough for you?

He likes it very much.

'It'll taste even better after three days of stewing.
'd*mn it!I'm looking forward to the next three days!
'I'm sorry, but we can't make it at the Sunken Pavilion. The smell of miso is too strong and will interfere with the other dishes.

At Hidamari-tei, you can also enjoy coffee or tea with your cake.
We can't let the smell of miso fill the air.

'You know, once you've made this, you can keep adding to it ...... and adding to it and adding to it and 'growing' the broth. The longer you simmer it, the more delicious it will be.
'...... Won't it go bad?
'If you take care of the environment, stir it every day without fail, and check the taste, it won't go bad.

There are secret dashi that have been added for decades all over Japan.

'The umami of the stewed motsu seeps into the soup stock, and the motsu is boiled again in the soup stock with the umami seeping out. ...... I wonder what kind of taste the dhoteni we will eat this time next year will have?

With the dhoteni, you can maintain your superiority even if other restaurants imitate the yakiniku restaurants.
The secret soup stock is not something that can be imitated.
The advantage of the pioneer is maintained.

And the 'Original' sign.

'I'm sure a place with a lot of drinkers could handle this guy.
'd*mn it!That's what I'm talking about!

Letting me go, Morgan closes in on Leela.
Leela, who has never touched a man other than her husband, stiffens.

'Leela!I'll do my best to help!Please, can you leave this store?
'Yes, with ......, but .......'
'You're the offal, aren't you?It's true, Beaumo's guy was like a T-bone steak, the flower of the cow!But, you know, offal has its own awesomeness!Now you've experienced it, haven't you?Hey, why don't you try a little harder?This store was built by him and Beaumo to protect you and your family, and now it's up to you and your family to protect it!
'Our family will ...... protect the master's store .......'
'Let's do it, mom!I'll help you too!
'I will!Dad's store, let's protect it!
'You guys ...... so much ............ yeah. You've done so much for me. ...... You've said so much for me. ............ I'm worried, but... I'm sure I can't do it as well as my husband, but I'll try my best. ...... Thank you for your help.

Next to the hugging father and son, Morgan raises her fist high in the air.

''Yes!Now we can have a good drink again!

In return, you're going to have to protect this place.
Teach him your knowledge of meat.

Estella. I'll leave the contracting to you.'
'Yes. I'll take care of the rights for the processing of the meat and the negotiations with the peddlers' guild.'
'Ginette. Can you come by for a while and teach him the sauce and stew?
'Yes, sir.
'Oh, sir!

Leela raised her voice.

'If you can teach me, I'll come to you!
'I'm sorry, but I can't make dhote-ni in the sunny pavilion.

'I'm sorry, but we can't make dhote-ni at the restaurant. I'm afraid they'll complain.

'However, dhote-ni, yakiniku, and motsu are not exclusive knowledge of this restaurant. If Cantartica or any other bar wants the knowledge, we'll give it to them. Imitators will soon emerge. You and your family will discuss and decide how to survive among them.

Just because you're the "original" doesn't mean you can go anywhere.
You need to show some seriousness.

'Kids. You can't afford to be naive. Training is hard. Especially in a restaurant, you need to get it into your head that a mistake can cost a customer his life!
''Yes, sir!

This is not a threat.
Even a single liver can cause food poisoning if it is not properly managed and cooked.
Well, that can be said of any foodstuff.

None of these people have the eyes of a chef or a producer.
You have to learn that in your body.

It will take time for them to develop the eyes of Delia and Ginette, but ...... Morgan will do his best to teach them.
For the sake of his students' families.
For the sake of a good drink.

'Also, we need to change the table to barbecue specifications. ......'
'Yes, that's right: ......'

Leela gently pats one of the tables in the store.

'I'm inclined to keep the table that my husband chose, but ...... if I don't change, I won't be able to protect my children or this store. ......'
'If you don't mind, I'll introduce you to someone who can reuse this table and make a table for you.
'How can you reuse this table?
'Yeah. It's big, strong, and of good quality. You can still use this one.
'I'd love to!
'Also, I need a bricklayer who can make this kind of shichirin, and someone from the hardware guild who can make wire mesh and tongs. ......'
''I'm sorry for everything and anything!

Leela bows her head.
The kids follow suit, bowing their heads.

'Ms. Leela. Mr. Cow and Mr. Ox too.

Ginette stops them.
She smiles just like Bertina and says quietly.

'Ms. Estella and Mr. Yashiro are acting out of the goodness of their hearts.


Aside from Estella, I don't have the slightest bit of good intentions.

'In times like this, I think it would be better to say thank you instead of apologizing, so that the other person will be happy.
'Yes, that's ....... I really can't do anything. ...... I have no confidence. ............ But today, the day I met you, the day you treated me so well. I'm going to change on this day.

Leela's smile, which looked thin and unhappy, turned a little more colorful.

'Thank you very much. Thank you all.'
'Thank you very much!
'Thank you very much!

The father and son bowed together.
Estella, with her arms crossed, smiles broadly as if to embrace them.
Ginette gazes at the father and son with a truly happy expression.
Morgan is looking up at the ceiling and rubbing her eyes. ...... She's crying.

And then there are the rest of us who are gobbling up the marinated motsu.
Hey, you guys. You should pay a little attention to me!

'Yes, yes, yes!Yashiro-kun!

Masha raises her hand, making the water in the tank chug and ripple.

'I'll lend you seafood at a discount, so can you advertise it widely in this store?You don't get many chances to grill it on the grill over a shichirin, even at the Sunlit Pavilion, right?I think this way of eating is the best way to convey the taste.

Well, grilled seafood is delicious.
I wonder why it tastes so good when it's just grilled.

That's what they say. What do you think?
'Oh, no!There's nothing wrong with me!I even want to ask for it myself!If you want, you can even refrain from being a little presumptuous!

That doesn't seem to be a problem for Leela.
Then have her put the seafood on the table.

'In return, ......, you can give me a freebie when I come.
'Of course!We don't take any money from anyone here!I'm always willing to treat you!

An annual free pass?
That's delicious .

Even though it's ....... You shouldn't make such a promise before the restaurant is up and running.

'Make it a coupon or something. You can upgrade it when it gets popular.'
I'd like to support you by paying for it.

The guild leader of the Sea Fishing Guild is not troubled by money.

'But, I have to give something back to ......, no, I have to give something back to .......'
'Miss Leela.'

A step, Ginette stepped forward.

'We're here at the behest of Mr. Cow and Mr. Ox. I thought it was a bit much, but I couldn't pretend I didn't see the seriousness in their eyes at the time.

The young siblings didn't know what they should do to keep the store going, but the answer they came up with was to come to the Sunlit Pavilion to learn how to make doughnuts.
They are still too young to be accused of relying on others. It can't be helped, they're just kids.
But the fact is that when they were stuck in a deadlock, the solution they chose was the bean-jam doughnuts that are just now starting to be talked about. I think you should give him credit for that.
For a kid, he's got a good sense of the times.

If the recipe is published, I'm sure they will teach it to us if we ask.
Then maybe we can do it too.

For a kid, he's thinking about what he can do within his means.
Well. We're not quite there yet.

But still.
The actions of this young sibling were enough. It was enough to sway the most good-natured man in the city.

I look at Jeannette.
For some reason, Jeannette looked at me at the same time.

'Mr. Cow and Mr. Ox. I'm sure your strong beliefs have reached them. To the most good-natured man in town.'

'Right? And then a misguided question comes at me.
He passes with flying colors.
I dodged it like a genius matador.
Don't force your sycophantic character on me. That's for you and Estella to do.

I'm not a softie so I'm going to force these guys to work. You'll have to take it as a price. It's free labor.

'We're going to have an event called Halloween in about ten days, ...... and I want you guys to open up your store for the launch.

'What?You want me?'
'Ah. Halloween is centered on the main street, so there will probably be parties at Cantalucia and the stores on the main street, but we'll use this as the main venue on the east side. I hear the cattlemen are cooperating fully. Hey, Morgan?
What?......, you're so selfish. Huh, fine. I'm on a boat, I'll help you or whatever!
'Well then, all you can eat meat that day.'
'Hey, ......!Do as you please!I'll release all the meat I've got!

All you can eat grilled meat!

Morgan turned away, his shoulders shaking with annoyance.
His stubble-covered cheeks relax slightly.

'...... Hmm. By forcing people to participate in this way, we can spread the cowherd's meat to more people. ...... I see. That's why hunting is so important. ...... Obayashi, huh? I'll keep that in mind.

I'll keep that in mind.' It seems you've taken the liberty of misunderstanding me.
If you want to thank me, worship me, and bring me benefits and happiness like the Seven Lucky Gods, I won't stop you, and I won't correct your mistake.
Come on, pay it forward!Come on, worship me!

'Listen, Leela. It's hard to understand what he's saying, but he's encouraging us to do well and get a lot of customers because we'll be promoting the event.
'I see. ...... That's how he phrased it. ......'
'He's shy, you know.
'I think Yashiro's virtue is that he is not condescending.
'Hero-sama is a humble person, isn't he ......'

Wow, ...... those three over there are so misunderstood.
I think I'll have to pass on that kind of reverence. ...... Or, don't say hero.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle it in another week, though.There's so much to learn. ......'
'I think it's going to be tough unless you work really hard. But I'm sure you guys will be fine.'

Ginette smiled softly as she looked at the three gazelles and their children.

'If you all have a strong will to protect your precious store, you will be fine.

Gazelle and her son held hands and smiled at her smile, which was like the light of the sun rescuing the lost people who were about to be swallowed by the darkness of the night.

It's really a sunny smile.

I wonder...

Now, let's start with the basics. Let's learn to cut the meat.'

Ginette and Leela walked together to the kitchen behind the counter.
This is the slice of meat that Morgan gave up on. At the very least, we have to get this cleared up. We can't have Ginette cutting it every day.

'If you pull the knife like this, you'll get a more even cut and a better look.

I show her how to do it, tell her the point, and hand her the knife.
Leela grabs the knife and looks at the lump of meat.
She stares intently at ...... and shouts.

'So, I can't do it!

Leela throws the knife away and holds her head.
She looks terrified.

Why all of a sudden, when she's been so motivated?

She rushes to the counter and questions the trembling Leela.

'You can't do it, why?
'Because ...... this meat .................. is a male cow!

'What about ............?

'I can't touch a man other than my husband!

What, that one?
............ What?

I'm not sure how you can tell the difference between a male and female in this state.
I'm sure you've got an eye for meat.

'The s*x of the cow can be removed from the category of chastity, can't it?
'No!Even my husband wouldn't let me touch a female cow!

Females taste better than cows!

'Isn't it adultery to touch the meat of a female cow in the kitchen?
'No, it's not adultery, is it?
'Because it is!Because ............ is more than naked, it's naked!Not only does he not have any clothes on, he doesn't even have any skin on!It's ...... insolent!

The insolence is in ...... your head.

''Mr. Sunlit Pavilion!You, at such a young age, touching the raw flesh of someone who is not your fiancé, you should not do such a thing lightly!

'No, I don't care much about ...... that kind of thing. ............'

Ginette glanced at me as she said: 'What is it?
What is it?I'm not sure what you mean by that.
'Do you mind, Yashiro-san? What?
How could I care? Then what is it?I ate a chicken breast and said, 'Yoo-hoo!Chicken tits! Do you think I'm going to be overjoyed?No.

...... You don't have to worry about whether I care or not, do you? ...... Don't worry about it.

This is a great way to get the most out of your time and money. ......

I'm not sure what to say.What's wrong with your face?
'Hey, man. What's wrong with your face?I'm a little tense.

Ha-ha-ha. Teresa, you're wrong.
Well, maybe you're not seeing clearly.
Eat your liver, eat your liver. Take lots of vitamins.

I'm not shy. I'm not!

'...... Morgan.'
'What are you, young?
'I need a female cow ASAP.'
'Okay. Bring me some gelatin.'

I didn't think it was even a good idea to practice. ......

After that, I practiced cutting with the meat of a female cow, and after teaching her the basics, I decided to give her plenty of practice until tomorrow.
Tomorrow, I'll invite the Gazelle sisters to the Sunlit Pavilion to learn how to make charcoal and serve customers.
In the meantime, Leela will follow Ginette to learn how to mix sauce and cook tote. It will be after that that we'll start making dhote-ni in Thomson's kitchen.
First, we need to make sure you're familiar with the basics of customer service at the Sunlit Pavilion.

Oh, there are some people I need to talk to and ask for their cooperation.
I wonder if they'll be all right. ...... I hope they don't get too worked up.

So, even though they struck out once in the morning, Estella's concerns about the cattle ranchers expanded, and Ginette's concerns about Thomson's kitchen began to take a viable path.
The route may have been different, but it was as planned.

And yet, somehow, only the reward is not going as planned.

"Lovely! Mug!

You're always welcome here!

It was at dusk on an ordinary day when I shouted such a thing out loud in my mind.