433-Additive-free Episode 88 Fox's Motivation Switch

Three days have passed since I went to Thomson's kitchen.

'Welcome, sir!
'Yes, sir!

The Gazelle sisters, Cow and Ox, who were training to be waitresses at the Sunlit Pavilion, had managed to become watchable, even if their customer service was a bit dangerous.

'Oh!Trainees, you're doing a great job. You're getting good at it, aren't you?
'Well, this customer is a carpenter, so ......'
''Treat him appropriately: ......''
''Good!Self-serve water, please!
''Hey, Mr. Yashiro!I need to talk to you about your trainees!

You're learning all these weird things so fast, it's really annoying.
But then again, I'm just an old man who can't remember his name at first, like carpenter #6. There's no need to lift me up.

'...... Welcome. My trainees have been rude ...... and I hope you will forgive them.
'Ma, Magda!

The carpenter was bowed to by Magda, the master's favorite.

'No, it's not something Magda-chan should apologize for. ...... It's only natural for trainees to make mistakes!
'...... Yeah. That's right, the water's over there.'
'Self is unshakeable!Oh, no!I thought I became a solid waitress when I became a senior, but now for a moment!

I'm a carpenter, I'm a carpenter, I'm a carpenter.
I don't know why Magda is smugly telling the Gazelle sisters that '...... this is a good example'. I wonder what he has to be proud of.

'Oh, carpenter!You're here.
'Ah, Loretta!I think Loretta is the best!
'Haha!Thank you!Oh, there's water there.
'Loretta-chan too, huh?But I can't hate her!It's so frustrating!

I guess there is such a thing as the Loretta class.
Well, there's also a strong layer of people who prefer ume for rice balls and ususio for potato chips.

'I'm not normal!
'I didn't say anything...'
'Your face told me that you are normal!

What kind of face is that?
You're paranoid.
...... Well, I thought it was 'normal', but...


Magda walked over to me, brushing off the carpenter.

'...... How's it going?Do you think you can fix it?'
'Hmm~...... this might be a real disaster.'

I let out a sigh and look down at the abandoned thing in front of me.
It's very difficult to fix this,............, but more importantly, I don't feel like fixing it.

It's not a problem,...... for me,...... for me anyway,............ for me anyway. I'm not going to do it.
'Umaro, is it still damp?I'm not sure what to do.

Don't be so quick to ask unreasonable questions.
I don't find the mission to 'cheer up Oumalo' appealing in the first place.
But if I don't fix it soon, I won't be able to use it after this. ...... I should fix it.

'Um, Yashiro-san......'

Molly, who is helping out at the sunny pavilion today, asks me with a worried expression.

'What's the matter, Mr. Umaro?

Molly went back to the factory yesterday to discuss how to increase production, so she doesn't know why Umaro ended up like this.

'Look at that.

He pointed to the Halloween decorations in the yard, visible from the window.
It's carved out of wood, with a cute pumpkin shape and a creepy castle.
The 42nd district is now overflowing with Halloween decorations of all sizes.
Walking down the street, you will see ghosts. There are large Halloween decorations in the houses that have been declared as 'Come to our yard! There were ghosts on the walls, and ghost trees towering over the passers-by. There are more and more gaudy Halloween decorations of a quality that is hard to find even in Japan.
Of course, these decorations are made and installed by Torbek Construction.

It's the ...... Yamboldo group of Torbek Engineering.

'Hah!I don't know if I'm not talented enough!
'Umaro ......, you...'

Umaro's architecture is simple, yet functional and very lean. He is also good at making things look flashy, and his sense of how to make things look good is better than mine.
And I don't need to mention his skill in making it happen.

However, Halloween demands 'comical, dangerous, scary cuteness that makes you feel uneasy when you look at it.

It's the complete opposite of the stable and secure architecture that Umaro creates.

'Yambordo is your right hand man, isn't he?You should be proud of him since he's in the limelight so much.'
'Yangboldo ...... is lousy.

Although Yamboldo is no match for Umaro in terms of functionality and accuracy, there is one aspect in which he is more talented than Umaro.
That is design.
The fact that Imelda is a favorite of his shows the high artistic quality of his work.

However, there are times when design is given too much priority and the durability is catastrophic. ...... He has a tremendous 'okay' spirit.
I'm not going to ask Yamboldo to do the job without Umaro. I'd be afraid to use him without Umaro's guarantee.
Or rather, if I let Umaro make it, I can use it reliably for decades. Of course I would choose that.

But this time it's just for decoration.
You don't live there, you don't sing and dance there.
It's just a display of unstable, unbalanced, creepy, comical, physics-defying buildings and decorations in the city.
There would be no problem in letting Yamboldo do as he pleases.
No matter how much Yamboldo wants to, he won't make something so dangerous that it will fall if you just touch it.
His ideas may be a little eccentric, but he is a skilled carpenter, no doubt.
You won't have any scandals caused by collapsed or damaged decorations. ...... Unless you are climbing up on a thin board.

'I even went to ...... to think of a decoration ............'.
'Show me the design, what did they say?
'It's stupid, uninteresting, and doesn't go beyond the bounds of common sense'!Who does he think he is?
'Oh, well, calm down.

Umaro, for better or worse, is a guy who can't get past the foundation of 'absolute safety'.
He probably doesn't want to build a castle with an inverted triangle silhouette.
It's outrageous that the main pillar is wavy.

'That thing will collapse in less than a year!
'It's all right, as long as it lasts a week or so.

Halloween decorations only add to the atmosphere at that time, and then they are torn down and thrown away. After that, they fade away. Just like a ghost.

'Yambold said it was too sensible, so I came up with this bizarre design!

Looking at the blueprint, Loretta said.

'It's kind of ordinary.
'Oh, wow!If Loretta-san calls me normal, I'm finished!
'What do you mean?You're being rude, Mr. Umaro!

Oumalo and Loretta are screaming.
Oumarro's design was a bit eccentric, but it could have been built in a fashionable part of town, and did not have explosive artistic power.

Yamboldo's works, such as the one with the ghost peeking out from the middle of the block wall, or the gate post supported by a stern-looking dwarf with one hand, are not so striking. If you ask me 'what is the meaning', I can only say 'nothing'.
However, such eerie, absurd, meaningless and insane atmosphere fits perfectly with Halloween, and is very popular in the town.

On the first day, Umaro was in charge of the exterior of the house, and the next day the wall was changed to Yambold's design.
It is easy to force Magda to cheer up,......, but there is a reason why it is not possible.

'Um, Yashiro-san,......, I understand Umaro-san,......, but what about Norma-san?'

'Why the woodworkers guild? ...... Why not do it with hardware, like knives and arrows that go through the head? ............ Why the woodworkers? Why are woodworkers' ...... fake ............'
'I gave the job to a woodworker because it's something that kids wear on their heads and metalwork is dangerous.
'You wanted to make it. ......'

Oh, man.
I don't know why these people love their jobs so much.
I wonder if they get a dopamine rush from being recognized for what they've created.
How high is their need for approval?

'......Yashiro. It's about time you did something about it.

Magda pulls my sleeve.
I don't know what to do. ...... They're already adults. You should do something about it yourself. ...... d*mn.

Hey, Umaro. I'm thinking of putting up some handmade decorations at the sunny pavilion, can you make me a decorating stand?'
'Huh, ...... a display stand? ............ That's right, an ordinary shelf that can't go outside the bounds of common sense, that's only functional and has no artistic value. I'm not a ......'.
'No, you ...... don't have to be so sneaky ......'.
'It's good to be a carpenter!You can get a job with just a little work!I'm not a ...... hardware guy,...... anyway.'
'What, Magda, what's with your eyes?Did I make it worse?'

Oh, God!
Don't be so stern!
What if a real ghost comes by?

...... I can't help it.

'Umaro, Norma. Look at this.'

An object is placed on the table halfway between the one where Umaro is lying face down and the one where Norma is prostrate.
At first glance, it's just a collection of wood shavings.
It appears to be a haphazard collection of rectangular pieces of wood, broken branches, and small rounded boards.

'...... What's this?
'Are you trying to say that we are like this garbage?

I wonder why you take it so negatively. ......

'Well, just watch. Loretta, Molly, and Cow and Ox too. Close all the doors and shutters.'
'What?If you do that, it'll be pitch black.
'Sir, they're still here.
'Are you sure?
'Are you sure?
'I don't care. The carpenter is the only customer in the store anyway.
'Hey, Yashiro-san!You, you!I'd like you to change your perception first, as a customer!
'If it's only carpenters, no problem. Close it, everyone!
'No problem!
'No problem!
'Oh, ...... well, it's ...... Sunlit Pavilion, so ...... it's okay.
'Oh, dear!This system has been passed down from generation to generation!At last, even Molly has been ......!

The carpenter is holding a glass of self-serve water and is fumbling around.
In the meantime, the shutters are closed and the floor of the sunlit pavilion is darkened.
Perhaps it's because Umaro's design is so solid, but when the shutters are closed, the room is completely dark.

'Magda, get me a lantern.
'...... I'm prepared for that.'

That's great, Magda.

In the darkened restaurant, a single lantern was lit.
You place the flickering light in front of the object you just saw.

'What do you think?Do you understand who this is?

I ask the dimly lit interior.
Everyone gazes earnestly at the object illuminated by the faint light. Trying to unravel the secret hidden there.

'No, no. I don't know anything about this kind of thing. ......'

The carpenter, who was the first to give up, looked up from the object.
At that very moment.

The carpenter shouted.

The carpenter screamed and fell out of his chair.
Too surprised.

'What is it?What's going on?
'And, and, and, and, and, and, beams!The wall!The wall!

The carpenter pointed at the wall with a trembling hand.
The gazes of those present all turned to the wall at once.

There was the silhouette of a monster with its arms raised and its fanged mouth wide open, about to attack.

'Ohhhh!You startled me!
'What is this?

The store was in an uproar.

'This is shadow art.

Move the lantern and the ghost disappears from the wall.
What appears is just a jumbled shadow.
But if you shine a light from a certain spot, the ghost will reappear on the wall.

'If you shine the light from here, you'll get a shadow like this.
'Huh~...... that's strange~......'
'Even though the shapes are totally different, it's ...... strange, isn't it?

Umaro and Norma nodded their heads as they compared the shadows with the real thing.

'Magda, open the storm door.'
'...... Magda?'

'I asked Loretta and the others to do it earlier,' comes the nuanced reply.
'I don't have a choice.

'Because Loretta's a coward.'
'...... convinced'.
'No, no!Because!If you suddenly saw something like this, you'd normally be surprised!
''Loretta is so normal.''
''Why are you two emphasizing that part so much?Everyone is surprised!

Magda opened the shutters, and the store became brighter.
The Gazelle siblings crouched on the floor hugging each other, and Molly was clinging to the table leg. They were scared, I see.

So here's the thing.

''What do you think will happen if we put this thing along the main road?

The fox-human duo raised their ears. up.

'If you set up these objects on the roofs of stores along the main street, or in the alleys where the setting sun shines, you can create a shadow.
'When the sun is high in the sky, it's just a shadow, but when the sun goes down and it's lit up by the setting sun, ......'
'Countless shadows of ghosts on the main street ......!
''I'll need a solid support that won't be shaken by sudden rain, wind, or human impact, and a hardware object that won't come apart, corrode, or distort in the rain and wind. ............ Will you do it?
''Of course! ''Sure!

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

''I'll do this secretly.''
''Yes, it is. We'll do it in secret so no one can disturb us.
'When we're working, Yamboldo's going to ask for more Halloween decorations like this and that, I'm sure.
'Let him say it. Then you can surprise them in the evening. ...... Mmm!

Oh, I've never seen those two getting along so well.

'But can you make such a complicated object?
'......Yes, Yashiro will teach you how to do that. ......I mean, can you accurately calculate the angle of the setting sun?
'U...... that, based on Yashiro's advice, ......'

The two foxes are staring at me.

'Do you know, gentlemen?Do you know that things need to be paid for?
'I'll make anything you want, I will!Whether it's a display shelf or a hallway repair!
'Me too!Like making the pulley for the well lighter!
'I've already made a commitment to that. But I need your help with something else.'
'What is it?
'Something that won't leave me with too much time to make objects.

After fixing the mood of the bent craftsmen, I asked them to remake the table in Thomson's kitchen.

'Oh, I've been to Thomson's Kitchen once. It's a big table, right?
'Yes. Make it a four-seater.
'Can I use a wire mesh?For the seven rings?
'Yeah. And tongs.'
'I'm sure my boys can do that.

Norma seems to want to start working on the shadow art right away.
She really likes new things.

'Well, I'm going to go and have a look at the table.
'Okay, Cow and Ox. Take them with you.
'Yes, sir!

The two best friends basically work as a set.
Now's not the time to split them up and cram them with work.
Keep them in the same environment, so that if one of them makes a mistake, one of them can follow up.
Well, you're half a man. Two for one.

'Umaro. Thomson, there's a landlady and a ginette in the kitchen, you'll have to talk to them.'
'I see. Hey, you. I'll follow you.'
'What, me?I haven't eaten yet!

Umaro forces the carpenter in the store to accompany him.
...... Well, Leela and Jeannette can't listen to him properly, can they, Umaro? You need a translator.

You can give this to Ginette, then.

He hands a piece of paper to the carpenter who interrupted his dinner.

'Now you can eat the prototype dote yaki and yakiniku. I'll buy you a drink on the condition that you advertise it to the fullest and keep the shadow art you've just seen here secret.
'Seriously?Yashiro-san's treat?Oh my god!Isn't it going to rain a lot tomorrow?

Idiot. Publicity, publicity.
The best way to quickly spread the word about a way to eat meat that's never existed in this town before is to get more people to experience it.
If you spread the word with a smug look on your face and say, 'This is how it's done, watch me do it,' the population of yakiniku will increase like a rat's nest.
You're the first. Other than those involved, you know.

'And by the way. Cow and Ox, go practice serving these guys like they're customers.

When you actually try it, it highlights what you can't do well.
Things you know in your head, but can't do well. There are many unexpected stumbling blocks and other problems that can only be found through experience.

They've got Ginette over there, so they won't need me to go with them.

'Then take care of Umaro and the others.
'Yes, sir!Leave it to me!
'I'm on it!

'This way! Two adult men chased after the Gazelle sisters, who were running energetically ahead.
I don't know why kids are always running in a dash.
It's hard for me to keep up with them. ......

I waved them off as if I were someone else.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the best out of it.I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of material and construction costs ...... out of pocket.
'I'll keep that in mind, .......'

'You don't have to worry about it, Molly.
It's just a remedy for a serious case of approval-seeking. It's charity. All the money goes to the lord.
You can do whatever you want, we can.

'So, Yashiro. How do you make that thing you just saw?'
'It looks complicated, but it's actually surprisingly simple. When the light hits it from this side, the shadow comes out like this: ......'

Shadow art is shadow art at the end of the day, so it can be made as simple as you want it to be.
The fun and skill lies in how to create a gap between the appearance and the unexpectedness.
I'm going to teach him the basics and leave the rest to Norma's motivation and persistence.
It doesn't matter if the result is not so good, as long as it doesn't give away the fact that 'Oh, there will be a shadow of a ghost in the evening.

'I'll get Imelda involved and be very particular about the design!

Well... Norma seems to be very enthusiastic about it.
I'm sure he'll make something amazing. ......

'Yashiro!Can I borrow this object?I'm not sure how to explain it to Imelda.'
'Yeah, I made it to explain it to you, so you can have it.
'Really?That would be great.

She happily takes the object in her hands and holds it to her chest with a happy 'hmmm♪'.
To the chest.
In the chest!
............ Oh, I don't do storage. I'm sure you could if you wanted to.

Molly's dry gaze is thrown at you from an angle, but you don't have time to look at her right now.
Norma moves and bounces a lot.

'Well, I'll go get Imelda right away!She's been bent out of shape over the city decorations without even making a food sample of the motsu. I'm sure he'll agree to help us.

I'm sure they'll be happy to help." ......
I'll leave the troublesome belly button bending girls to Norma.

'Oh, that's right. Hammaro~!

Hammaro, who was supposed to be taking a nap in the upstairs guest room, popped up from the kitchen.
You woke up at the right time. As usual.

'Would you mind running a little errand for me?
'I'm helping out at the Sunken Pavilion today!
'Can't you?
'I'll do it!
'Are you going to do it?
'Norma. You'll run out of stamina if you give Hammaro your all.''

Hammaro is invincible in his sleep.
Delia and Magda are the only ones who can go all out against Hammaro and not fall.

'Well then, Hammaro.'
'Just go down to Hardware Street.'
'To my men.'
'To make wire mesh and tongs.'
'Go tell them ...... are you listening?
'I'm only half listening!
'I'll be listening!

I see.
'Hammaro? 'It's you! If you don't respond, it'll go on and on. That's a new discovery.
....... I guess it depends on your mood anyway.

'Tell our men to take a couple of dozen wire meshes and tongs to Thomson's kitchen.
'Yeah!I'll tell them half the story!
'Wait!Hammaro!Make sure you tell them everything!Hammaro!Should I go to ............ to check on him?
'Don't worry. Hammaro will do whatever it takes.

If he doesn't get the message, the hardware guys will come and ask him.
I'm sure we can work something out.

'Well, I'll be going now.

Norma ran out of the sunlit pavilion with a cheerful gait.
I was relieved to see the fox people, who had been so gloomy in the sunshine pavilion, go home peacefully, but I was also annoyed that this wasn't a consultation center, and I thought about how I could have definitely stored the objects if I wanted to.

'I'm sure you could have stored it at .......'
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.

I'm not going to worry about it.

'...... Yashiro. It froze nicely. That thing you're talking about.
'I can't wait to sample it!I can't stop being excited!

The two of them had been going to the backyard to check on the situation.
Don't pull up the 'refrigerator' too much.

The refrigerator of the Sunlit Pavilion is a simple metal box that is immersed in a well to cool it down. The cooling rate is increased through thin pipes, but it is far from that of home appliances.
However, it can still make coffee jelly, though.

What Magda and Loretta are looking forward to is the marshmallow, which will make its debut on Halloween.

'Well, let's see how they are.
'Are you playing doctor in the middle of the day?You're still as obscene as ever~, self.
'Don't just appear without a sound, you obscene right.

I was standing with my back to the door, and Regina, in her pitch-black witch style, was standing close behind me.
I didn't hear her open the door at all. Umaro, you're making it too pretty, aren't you?

'Trick or s*xual harassment~!
'You're both playing a prank on me.

The latter kind of 'prank' is socially unacceptable.

'No, that's not it. I was walking down the street and some old ladies were giving me a lot of sweets, saying, 'We made a prototype, give it to us.
'They must think you're in a costume, that way.
I can't believe it! It's like I'm the only one who can't wait for Halloween.
'Before that, if your normal clothes are treated as a costume, it means that your very existence is treated as a ghost, so you should worry about that.
'I don't care, I don't care. It's not everyday that I meet someone on the street at night and they say, 'Geez! It's an everyday thing.'
'I pity you, your daily life ......'.

I feel like giving her sweets too. In a different way than the old ladies.

'Here. I've brought the food coloring you asked for.

I receive several small bottles of colorful powder from Regina.
Ginette had ordered them to color potatoes and tortoiseshell candy.
Oh, by the way. Because medicines require specialized knowledge, they are purchased directly from the Pharmacists' Guild, not through the Peddlers' Guild. In the same way, we are directly exchanging goods other than medicines with Regina.

'Also, I made something like this.

What she presented to me was a sheet of paper.
There is some kind of chemical applied to the cardboard, and a thin sheet of paper is placed on top of it.
...... What's this?

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.
'Hey, onomatopoeia when you roll it up, that's not it.
'Then, poke this chemical here with your finger and say, "No"...'
'That's why it's an onomatopoeia for poking!
'And then rub your fingers together and say, 'No!
' Then I rub my fingers together, 'No!

Isn't this guy's brain really rotten?
As I was thinking this, a whitish smoke rose from Regina's fingertips as she rubbed her index finger and thumb with the chemical.

'Whoa!Really, you!I've missed you!

It's a ghost kemuri!
I used to see these in candy shops when I was a kid.
It's just a trivial toy that emits smoke when you rub it on your finger, but for some reason, I bought it over and over again, because it had a mysterious addictive power.
I used to buy them all the time, too. It brings back memories.

'This is a standard toy for children at Bao Kri Air. ...... Did you know about it?
'There's one just like it in my hometown.
'I'm really impressed with myself. You know a lot about children's toys and adult toys.

'I never mentioned adult toys!

Stop, labeling me as an expert!

'Well, maybe you miss this too.Here, give it to me.'

I opened my mouth, and he threw something like a ramune candy into my mouth.
What is it?It doesn't taste too bad, but ......

'Is your tongue turning blue?

I'm not sure if it's the same thing as the ghost ice cream that turns your tongue blue, but it's something like that.

'What, me. You don't know about this, do you?Then close your mouth and breathe in through your nose as hard as you can.

I do as I'm told and breathe in through my nose.

'Then, breathe out all the air you've taken in through your mouth.
'What the heck is ............?

When I exhaled, a purple cloud of smoke came out of my mouth. What is this?
What the hell is this?
What a surprise!

'Aaahhhh!Hee~!I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.
'Don't let out a strange laugh!

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.
It appears to be a one-time use, smoke emitting toy. I'm sure it's not harmful to your body,.......

This is a classic Baocli Air prank where the kids surprise the adults.
'Parents would be surprised if you suddenly spit out this kind of stuff.
'Also, if you put it in your father's drink, when he puffs, you'll see a purple kelp. And then, when he did that, the purple kelp would come out with a 'Mukha~! And when he does, a purple kemuri will come out and say, 'Geez! That's what happens!

Regina is laughing her head off.
It seems to be a common prank in Bao Kri Air.
I guess it's like the Japanese equivalent of a boo-boo cushion.
It's just that ...... it's so frustrating.

I think I'll make a ...... boo-boo cushion.

'So, what kind of obscene food did you make this time?
'Why is it obscene only?
'Why, seeing as how the Yurelsky particles are so thin, the manager isn't here, is he?
'What's a Yurelsky particle?
'It's a mist-like spray that is naturally generated when the air vibrates due to the swinging of the boobs.
'Oh, you mean that?
'Big brother, you know it!I'm sure it's a substance that never exists in the flow of things.
'...... Sometimes Yashiro flows in that direction.'

It must be one of those things that's capable of disabling military search radars and the like. I think I saw something with a similar name in an anime when I was a kid.

'Now I'm making marshmallows.
'No, that's not it!Don't be like my brother, Regina-san!

It is true that Hammaro or Lucia would react to the name ...... marshmallow.
I didn't think Regina would be the first, though.

I'm sure you'll be fine.

He left Regina and the others behind and headed for the courtyard.
When I pulled up the refrigerator that was submerged at the bottom of the well, the metal box gave off a cool chill.
When the lid is opened, even colder air is expelled.

I stare at the fluffy sphere squatting in the cornstarch.

...... Yeah. That's about right.

I pick one up and taste it before I take it with me.
............ Yeah. Normal.

But the texture and feel is definitely marshmallow.
At least it's a success.

I transfer the marshmallow to a small bowl in the kitchen and return to the floor.
You are greeted by expectant eyes.

'Here's the marshmallow. Would you like to try some?It's still a prototype, so it may not be very tasty.

I'm going to check the gelatin content of this one, and if it works well, I may add chocolate or fruit juice to make a guimove.
But this time, I'm going to use the basic plain marshmallow.

'Big brother, I want some too!
'...... Magda is my first priority.
'Um, ............ if you can, I'll have some too ......'.

The eyes of the waitress at the sunlit pavilion shone brightly.
Molly has grown accustomed to it.

'Molly, the more you eat, the more severe Delia's training will become?'
'I'll endure it!

You have to consume as many calories as you eat.
Molly and Jeannette are on a spartan diet until Halloween.
...... Well, there's nothing spartan about it because the diet is so loose.

You can eat it then.
'...... munching'
'Magda, you're early!

The three waitresses jump on the marshmallow.

'Whaaa!What the hell is this?It's the first time I've encountered such a chewy texture!It's not glutinous or fluffy. ...... It's different, but it's also the same!It's meltingly soft, but with a firm elasticity, yet it's not hard, yet it doesn't lose its shape unreliably. ...... It's truly a new texture!This is a new era of sweets!
'......The sweetness is a bit subdued ......but the taste has infinite possibilities.'
'It's strange. ......The things that Yashiro-san makes are all strange, like they came out of a dream. ......'

The girls are munching on the marshmallows.
There are many different opinions, but in general they seem to be enjoying themselves.
But ...... the word 'delicious' doesn't come out because the texture is too fresh and they're concentrating on that, right?It's not bad, is it?It's not bad, is it?

'In that case, why don't you ask me for one?
'There you go.

I bring a small bowl to Regina, who extends her arm.

Well, I don't need to see her reaction to know that.
I'm going to play with the marshmallow again and say, 'It feels like boobs! or 'Tits you can eat! or 'tits you can eat!

Sooner or later, someone will definitely say that.
If Regina is the first to say it, you can let it go with 'yes, yes, you're on the same level as Regina' after that.

Her white fingertips, which rarely appear in the sunlight, pick up a marshmallow and carry it to her mouth.
The mouth, which gives the impression of being small even though it talks a lot, opens and a rather large marshmallow disappears into the mouth.


The marshmallow is quietly chewed.


And Regina's whisper escapes quietly.
A thin, white finger touches Regina's lips and gently arcs them as if to tear them apart.

'I like this ......'.

These honest words came from an unguarded smile that overturned the usual image of a twisted man.
It was such an innocent smile that I couldn't help but admire it.

'Hmm?What's ............?

As I stared at her, Regina turned to me and, with a start, raised her eyebrows in a 'hush'.

I'm not sure what to make of that.That's, that's it!Tits you can eat!

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk.
It's a predictable line,......, but I didn't expect to feel this way.

Regina ...... is embarrassing to watch.

'You're embarrassed, aren't you?
'......It seems that she was embarrassed to reveal her true feelings.'
'Is that so?
'Regina-san, you are embarrassed to be seen with the 'girl' inside you.
'...... Regina, it's just right to be indecent.'
'I see. ...... How can I say this: .................. ......'
I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to say.If you said 'sort of', what did you say?Don't look at me like I'm sorry!

Molly's kindness, 'don't tell everyone' -- it must be a living hell for Regina right now.
When she gets embarrassed, I want her to make a joke out of it. Regina is that type.

For example, like this.

'Regina. I'm thinking of using these marshmallows to make ...... titty marshmallows!
'I knew you were thinking ......'.
'I can't help it, it's ...... Yashiro.'
'Mr. Yashiro: ............'
'Well, I guess I'll need some light pink food coloring.
'I've got a new pharmacist who was shy a while ago!
'...... I can't help it, it's Regina.'
'Regina-san: ............'
'But only a small amount.'
'Small amount............ I see, value added, huh?
'Oh, yes!
'In other words, what I'm trying to create is--'
''Limited quantity of boob marshmallows (D cup)!
''How can you even have (D cup)!
''...... These two, so it can't be helped.''
'Both of you are ............'

Thus, a new confectionary was born in the 42nd district, and at the same time, a confectionary-making project for adults was secretly set in motion.

...... and so on.
I'm more comfortable in this kind of atmosphere with Regina.

Regina's shyness makes me embarrassed to look at her, so once in a while is enough.