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I put all my skills into this.

'Yo, Umaro. Good work. Sit down for now. I'll buy you a cup of coffee.'
'Really?Well, to have Yashiro-san's appreciation, it was worth the hard work of building the table~'
'Is it already done?
'Yes. It turned out to be a good looking table, even for me. The family in Thomson's kitchen was very happy.
'I see. Here, let me pull out a chair for you.
'I'm sorry about everything, even the cushions. Then, feel free to--'


'Whoa!What is it?I'm not me!What's with the ......, what's with the weird bag?
'Huh-ha-ha-ha-ha!Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
'Was it Yashiro's work?

Startled by the loud farting sound, Umaro stood up, rolled up the cushion and grabbed up the mysterious bag under it.
In the bag, I mischievously put the following words.

"Surprise success!

'Tête-à-tête...' 'The surprise was a great success!
'It's not a great success.What's this?
'It's a boo-boo cushion I made with all my skills!
I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will work for you. ...... I wish you could use it for something more meaningful, but Yashiro's technology is so ............ high quality that it's useless.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We knew the structure, but it was difficult to prevent air leaks and adjust the sound.

I knew how it was supposed to work, but I had a hard time getting the air to stop leaking and the sound to be just right, but I did it!
It took up most of the day, though!
It's already dusk outside.

'It's a great piece of sewing, you know. You can't see the stitches at all, can you?The way you sewed it without leaking air is so innovative! That's my girl, Yashiro.

Ukrines took the boo-boo cushion from Umaro and looked at it closely.
She seems to have taken a strange liking to it.

'If you don't give the ghosts sweets, they'll play tricks on you like this. That's interesting.

If you like it so much, I can sell it to you.
I don't want to give it away for free, though.

'Can't wait for Ginette to come home?
'What?Mr. Uclines?You can't do that!
'Oh, dear. Don't play tricks on me. I've finished the fitting of your dress and I want you to try on the sleeves.
'Oh, is that so? ...... I'm relieved.'
'Mm-hmm. Oumalo-chan. Even if I'm your partner, you'll turn the other way.
'Yes, it's my nature .......'

Even an old lady gets nervous?
Is this guy uncomfortable with adult women regardless of their strike zone?
Well, Umaro's strike zone is Magda. The zone is irrelevant.

'...... But if you get hit, you'll want to try it on someone else. ...... That's it.

Umaro has a bad look on his face.
This is a trend of mass production of victims.

'Since there are only women in the sunlit pavilion, the best place to target is the customers, right?
'Hey. Don't be rude to customers in a restaurant that serves customers.
'Is that what Mr. Yashiro would say?

I will.
Because you don't want it to affect your sales.

'Anyway, Goozuya will be here soon for dinner. In the evening, Delia-san will come with the manager and Molly-chan after the shape-up exercise.

It's been like that for the past three days.
During the time between lunch and dinner, Ginette and Molly go to Delia's place.
And when they finish their exercises, they come back with Delia.

...... No, well. The first day, Molly was working too hard and couldn't walk, so Delia came to carry her, and she gave her some sweets as a thank you.
Yesterday, when Molly didn't participate in the party, Delia came to the sunny pavilion after dropping off Ginette, and she was fidgeting as if she wanted sweets. Ginette gave them to her, though. I don't know why I felt like I was feeding a wild animal. ......

Once they learn where to feed, they'll come back every day, wild animals.
We shouldn't feed them unnecessarily. ......

'So, how do you use this?
'You inflate it with air from here: ......'
'Oumalo-san, my brother was inflating that just now, so if you don't wipe it properly, it will become an indirect kiss!
'Yashiro-san...... Loretta-san, don't you think it's better to keep him away from that pharmacist?
'Excuse me, Mr. Umaro!I'm not going to be the 'ah' one!

Haha. You're an idiot, Loretta.
...... It's contagious. And it's a droplet infection.It's a biohazard if you're not careful.

'...... Disinfect and you'll be fine. I've got boiling water.
'Magda!Thank you for your concern.

...... Is my saliva something that needs to be sterilized with boiling water?

'......Wumalo. Ah~n.'
'No, it's not!It's not the one to disinfect!And boiling water direct is a bad idea!

Oh, so it's the Umaro that needs to be disinfected. Good.

From a sanitary and ethical standpoint, the boob cushion was once disinfected with boiling water.
...... Shouldn't I have inflated it?
Oh well. From now on, it's Oumalo who does the inflating.
The smell of the beast was still there, and it was painful. It's better to smell like rubber.

'I see. When you put air into it, the leather around it is pulled, and that pressure closes the mouth. And when you apply external pressure, the air comes out of here with great force, and this long, strange mouth vibrates and makes a sound like that, is that right?

Umaro looks at the puffed up boo-boo cushion and mutters in admiration.

'How can you tell, just by looking at it?
'If the structure were as simple as this, it wouldn't be a problem. But it looks difficult to make. ......'

It was indeed difficult.
But I tried!

'It's all for the sake of getting back at Regina!
'What?You were planning to use it on Regina?

That's right!
He tricked me with a stupid surprise item that emits purple smoke, so I wanted to get back at him!

But then I realized that ............ I almost forgot, Regina is a girl, isn't she?
'Yes, she is. ...... Sometimes, I almost forget.
'Farting on girls and ...... I'm going to lose my sensitivity, aren't I?
'No, definitely not,......, to the point where no woman will approach you for a while.
'That's not good!It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
'...... I wonder why I don't lose my likability at this point. ...... I wonder why I don't lose my likability at this point. ......'

It's not easy to be hated by girls!
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

'That's where the carpenter comes in!
'There must have been more to it than that, right, carpenter's turn?
'Well, Imelda might be a safe bet as a remnant of a toilet character. ......'
'Absolutely not!She's pretty weak mentally and she's been withdrawn a lot!
'How do you know about that?We're not even close.
'Information on Bekko and the fox lady!
'Oh, the one who's good friends with Imelda.
'Yes. Imelda's best friend.

In this case, who should we pity? ......
It's fun to be friends, isn't it?

'That's why you put up with me as a carpenter.
'Patience': ...... Well, I have no objection to sacrificing my people because I want to set someone up, too!

He's a bad man.
He seems to be enjoying himself.
A vicious man who enjoys the tragedies of his people.
A man who sold his soul to the devil.

'Umaro. Will you surprise Regina for me?
'Absolutely not!
'Because, don't you want to see it?Wouldn't you like to see Regina's surprise? You're right.
'...... Sure, I'd like to see Regina's natural expression, but ...... the method is not good. I'm not sure what to do.

'No, no . It's Regina, remember?She's the kind of person who can open her mouth and say obscene things. A fart might not even be a fart!
'No, if a fart isn't a fart, what is it?

My plan to give Regina a blowjob without damaging my honor was aborted when Umaro showed his reluctance.
'No,' he said a little forcefully. I wonder how strong it was, because when he said it, my arm was so strong that the boo-boo cushion made a light 'bang' sound.


'I wish I could've seen it, Regina.
'Ohhhh. Did you really want to humiliate me in public that badly?

Umaro and I shouted.

''Red, Regina went out twice in one day?
''Why are you surprised, yourself?

Of course you're surprised, dude!
Regina only goes out once a week or so!
It's rumored that the odds of seeing her outside are about the same as a pterodactyl!

'What are you doing here, did Jeannette ask you to do something again?
'No. I overheard a rumor that you and the carpenter are exchanging saliva.'
'Where's the source, that rumor?
'...... a series of them just now, at this speed, to the east side of the city?That's ...... impossible.'

Don't take it so seriously, Umaro.
It's more natural and more believable to think that this guy has that kind of ability.

'Well, I'm glad you came out ......, I didn't think you were going to use me as comfort food.
'I didn't go that far!

I'm not a good listener, I'm not a good listener!

'If you humiliate me in public like that, I'll never be able to marry you. ......'
'You've got a lot of reasons why you can't get married that are even stronger than that,......'.

I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'd like to know what to do.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's had a bad experience.
I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not.I'm sorry.

He pulled the edge of my mouth with both hands.
It's rather strong.
...... Oh, I knew the boo-boo cushion was embarrassing. My ears are a little red.
I'm glad I didn't set it off. If I hadn't, I might have cried.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
'...... extremely, rarely, girlish.'
I'm not sure if you've forgotten, but I'm a girl.

While complaining to Loretta and Magda, Regina threw something small and grainy into my mouth.
Smoke again?

'Hey, hey, what's with the ...... voice this time?
'Squeak, squeak, squeak!What's that voice?I'm sick to my stomach!

I've got a strange voice, as if I've been breathing in helium gas.
These grains aren't solidified helium, are they?It's not harmful, is it?Seriously!

'You really came out here to test this, didn't you?
'Take, take, take!Stop it, you're talking in a weird voice.
'It's your fault, isn't it!
'It's your fault, isn't it?
'Don't do that!
'You're making me horny!
'I didn't say that!
'The voice in your mind.
'My heart's voice is not that high-pitched!

Oh, shit!Long effect!
The helium gas will return to normal once you've spoken. How long is this thing going to last?

'What a bunch of nonsense. ............ Oh, it's back.
'The effect lasts about thirty seconds or so. Depending on your constitution, it can last up to two minutes.

It's a nasty prank item.
I'm very unhappy about this.

'Sell me two.
'Who are you going to use them on?

Umaro moves away, his hands over his mouth.

'You're a rude one. Do I look like I'd do something like that?'
'You did!Boo-boo cushions!

'Wow, that's a boo-boo cushion (a place where men's saliva gets mixed up).
'No, it doesn't have that kind of disturbing subtitle.

What kind of social gathering?

'Oh, yes!I'll set it up quickly and get Goozuya.'

Quickly, Oumarro sets a boo-boo cushion on a chair.
Then he puts a squishy cushion on top of it.
This makes the thickness of the boo-boo cushion look like the thickness of the cushion on top.

'Hmmm. Everyone seems to be having fun.

Uclines is sitting alone, drinking tea in a remote seat.
The shopkeeper kicked him out of the shop because he was too excited about making Halloween costumes. He was kicked out by the shopkeepers because he was overzealous in making the Halloween costumes, and he couldn't leave until Ginette put on her fancy dress costume.

You should take a rest when you can.
Really, I was surprised to see that your jawline has become a little sharper. When I saw you just a few days ago, you were much plumper.

'Magda, a cake for Uclines.'
'...... I know what to do.'
'Oh, it's okay, you don't have to be so considerate.'
'No, it's fine. I just slid the 'I'll buy you a cup of coffee' I said to Umaro to Ukrines.'
'What?Did you go to my coffee?
'Ukrines is working hard.
'I worked pretty hard too!
'Oh, well. Then I'll take your word for it. Thank you, Yashiro-chan, Oumaro-chan.''
'U............. I can't say I don't like it when Uclines-san says so.
'Hmmm. You're so kind.''

Ukrines shakes her shoulders with a face that people like.
I used to be much better dressed.

'Magda, give her some cake and make her fatter.
'Eat with .......'
'Oh, I'll rub your shoulders then, Ukrines-san!
'Oh, no. Am I going to be shipped out?'

While Magda was feeding her cake and Loretta was rubbing Ucrinez's shoulders, the door of the Sunken Pavilion opened.

'Oh no!What's this?

It was Goozuya who walked in.
He must have arrived just in time for Delia's arrival. ...... Not today, though.
He looked around the store, and when he realized that Delia was not there, he shrugged his shoulders in an obvious way. How rude of him.

To such a person, ......

I gently give him a look.
Umaro nodded grimly.

'You've come to the right place, Goozuya. I was just giving a shout-out to the hard-working people at the Sunlit Pavilion.

I'm not lying.
All the waitresses are congratulating Ukrines for his hard work.

While I'm talking to Goozuya and turning her attention to me, Oumalo casually pulls out a chair with a boo-boo cushion.

'You're tired, aren't you, Goozuya?You can use this chair.
'Oh?What kind of luxurious cushion is that?Are you sure you don't want me to sit on it?
'I'll give it to you. You've been working hard today.'
'Yah~ I'm so thrilled to be recognized by the master!Well, since you've been so kind, feel free to go to .......'


What the hell?What's this?
'Teteret~' 'The surprise was a great success~!

Umaro laughs in delight at the success.
But how quickly he absorbs. He's already mastered 'tête-à-tête'.

'But you've put so much technology into such a trivial thing as ......!You guys have a bad habit of doing that, you know!Please be aware of that!It's a waste of technology, you know!
'I'll tell Yashiro-san.
'It's the same with the beams!It's already Petite Yashiro-san!
'I'm sorry, sir.
'Yes, both of you!

I gave them the helium balls I'd just bought.

'Geez!Oh no!
'Wait!What's with the weird voice ......, me too?

You'll be talking in a weird voice for about thirty seconds.

'...... Yashiro.'
'What is it, Magda?'
'...... What happens if I feed it to Gustave?'

A man of the ravenous piranha tribe of the hunting guild, with a high-pitched voice.
His voice reminds me of the rats in Chiba's Dreamland.
If you feed him a helium ball that makes his voice high-pitched, ............

'It'll be ultrasonic.
'...... Interesting.'

It's just a shame to spend all that money on Gustave.
Okay, no.

'd*mn, ...... it's frustrating to be left beaten ......'

Goozja says in a strange voice.

'Don't talk in that weird voice, it's annoying.
'Isn't this Yashiro's work!

He complained in a strange voice.
I'm uncomfortable.

'...... You're the only one who calls me cute, aren't you, manager?
'Oh, I think it's cute, don't you?
'......Yashiro-san, you even ...... to Uclines-san?

'Even'?I'm not sure.
I'm sure you're not the only one who has a problem with this.
Would you like to be dug up as a fossil by life forms 160 million years from now as a 'strange looking creature'?Hmm?

'Anyway!I want to play that prank on someone else too!
'Then to Regina.
'You can't do that to a woman!
'You never learn, do you? You still say that?

Apparently, the boo-boo cushions are targeted at men only.
For some reason, Regina is keeping a close eye on me.
You're more on my side than hers. A team of troubled kids who get pissed off every now and then for going too far!

'That's right!Mr. Yamboldo will be here later, so let's hook him up!
'Oh, that's a good idea!I'll surprise that guy who's been on a roll lately!
'Huh?Isn't your voice back, boss?
'Why haven't you gotten yours back yet?

While Umaro's voice had returned to normal, Goozuya's was still high-pitched.
I guess it's true that the duration changes depending on your constitution.

'Well, that's fine!I don't care about that, just hurry up with the trick!
'Here, thin carpenter. Fill this with air. Here, here, at the blowhole, lick it once and then inflate it.'
'Don't you dare plan a saliva social!
'I'll swell it up!

Don't go rotting in the cafeteria.
It's a big hygiene problem. I'll sue you for obstruction of business.

'Now the ...... set is complete!
'Hmmm, now if Mr. Yamboldo comes, ......'
'I'll get caught and say, "No!"'
''Yangboldo! Mr. Yangboldo?

Yangboldo was standing behind Umaro and Gusuya, smiling inappropriately.
He, too, gave no sign of ......

'That kind of mischief is not good for a lady.
'Who's a lady?
'You may have a man's body, but ............ you're an old man at heart!
'Aren't you a complete and utter old man?
'There's nothing ladylike about you, Yang Bold!
'He who has a heart of shame, that is, a maiden.

Everyone has shame. Except for a few people.

'You tried to humiliate a lady ...... and now you can't marry her.'
'You couldn't go no matter how you tried, originally!
'Goozja, take responsibility.
'It's torture, isn't it, the rest of my life!
'Huh?I don't know why ...... Yambold and Regina are covered.

'I have a girl's heart, too, you know.

That's a bad alliance.

But the boo-boo cushion has a low success rate.
Well, it's also very difficult to lead people to seats with cushions that are obviously suspicious.
Originally, the success rate was not that high even in Japan.

The target is also narrowed down. ...... This is a failure.

I'm back!

A disheveled voice came into the sunlit pavilion.
A moist and sweaty Jeannette is smiling weakly. Looks like you've been worked hard today. If you can see Jeannette's HP bar above her head, she must have a few gauges left.

'Hey, Yashiro~. I've brought Molly~'
'I'm back, I'm back, ..................'

Delia walks in with a glittering face, carrying Molly, whose soul is almost gone from her mouth.
I'm not sure what to make of that.
You've done the same exercise, right?
I can't even feel the fatigue from Delia as she finishes her preparatory exercises.

'Molly, did you work too hard?'
'Yes ...... for the marshmallows ............'.

She's a good girl who keeps her word,......, but it's a shame she can't resist the temptation to snack.

'Yashiro!There's some kind of new candy, right?I'm looking forward to it!

I understood why Delia's face was glowing.
She was expecting it.
Well, after Molly ate it, I made a few modifications, and I have some sweet marshmallows that Delia likes. You might want to give them a try.

'Molly, can you stand up?'
'Yes, ...... is fine and ............ doesn't seem to have been there.'

Molly got off Delia's back and slumped to the floor like a puppet with a broken string.

'Loretta, put Molly in one of the chairs around here. Magda, get Ginette to sit on it.'
'Yes, sir!
'...... Manager, over here.'
'Excuse me, Mr. Magda.'

Jeannette walked back on her feet, but her movements were awkward. I think I'm at the end of my strength too.

'Hey, Delia!Thank you for your hard work!

Goozuya's high-pitched voice rose in tension at Delia's appearance.

'What's wrong with you?What's wrong with your voice?'
'No, this is a bit ............... When will the effect wear off, this?

Depends on your constitution, they say.
It might stay that way for a week or so, you're on the right planet.

'Hahaha!You have a funny voice!That's very funny.
'Huh!I'm sure you'll have a great time.Regina-san, please sell me a dozen of these pills!

No, I'll get bored. You'll get tired of that helium voice sooner than you think.

'Hey, Yashiro!Can I have a marshmallow?The manager said it's okay if you want it!
'I'm curious, too.'

I made these marshmallows while Jeannette was away. Ginette seems to be expecting them.
I've explained what they are, but I guess seeing is believing.

'Well, I'll bring it to you, so just sit down.
'What?Delia-san, what's in there?

Delia tried to sit down on the cushioned seat, but Goozuya stopped her with all her might.
Underneath that cushion, there's a boo-boo cushion: ......

'What the hell?Didn't Yashiro tell you to sit down?'
'No, sir, I mean, um, ...... Oh, yes!Mr. Ukrines!I'm eating cake!
'Hmm?Oh, it's true. That looks delicious, Ukrines.'
'Yes, it's really delicious.
'I like ......, but I'm eating marshmallows now. Heh, that's fine!

Delia took a seat in front of Ukrines, talking to him.
Goozja did a good job of guiding Delia.

'This prank on Delia-san is ...... absolutely not ......!

Her eyes are serious.
It's the eyes of a man protecting the one he loves.

...... Don't sell yourself short in such a trivial place, 'the eyes of a man who protects those he loves'.

'Mr. Ukrines, are you off work today?
'No, I'm not, Ginette. As a matter of fact, I have to do some temporary sewing. ......'

While listening to this conversation, I headed for the kitchen.
Since marshmallows can be stored at room temperature, there are several kinds of marshmallows that have already been made and complemented in small bowls.
At the moment, there is a special marshmallow in the refrigerator.
I'm not going to show you that one right now. ............ You can enjoy them privately when you are more mature. ...... Mmm.

'Here you go. Here's your marshmallow.'
'Whoa!That's a marshmallow!

Delia's eyes glittered.
...... This guy couldn't remember "Barbara" for a long time, but he remembered "Marshmallow" at once. It's a rather difficult name to remember.

'That's a weird feeling. Is it because Yashiro made it?'
'What do you mean, Delia?
'Doesn't it mean that the boob factor of the Demon God of Boobs might have oozed out?
'Shut up, I know, I know, I'm not checking, shut up.

I intimidate Regina, who often talks about unnecessary things.
But Regina, who seems to be quite fond of marshmallows, doesn't care and secretly relaxes her cheeks at the colorful marshmallows.
What's with the sneakiness, like a skeleton hiding the fact that he actually likes cute little things?
Why don't you just say that you like marshmallows?
'Oh, they feel like boobs,' everyone will agree.

'Mmmm!It's ...... delicious!
'It's delicious!There's a hint of fruit in the aroma.

Delia smiled meltingly, and Jeannette watched closely as she took a bite of the marshmallow.
Delia ate a marshmallow with chocolate inside, an ambitious work that required a little extra effort to keep the chocolate inside soft.
Ginette ate a fruit marshmallow with citrus juice mixed inside.
There are also marshmallows with jam inside.

Eventually, I'll try to make a guimove with lots of fruit juice, but for now, I'll limit myself to marshmallows.

'Oh, um, ...... if I eat a marshmallow now, when will it be trained?
'Hmm?Well, I guess ...... tomorrow, huh?'
'Well, I'll have a bite!

Hearing Delia's answer, Molly reached for a marshmallow.
Apparently, today was absolutely impossible. Will she be able to manage tomorrow?

'Crap ...... is delicious again!This ...... won't help me lose weight no matter how much I exercise. ............!'

You don't have to eat it.
Don't give in to the temptation of snacking.

'Plain is best for us.
'What?Regina-san, you should try these chocolates!It's better than plain!
'It's a difference of taste.
'...... pure black chocolate inside a pure white marshmallow...... I see, perfect for Loretta.'
I'm not sure what you mean by that.And you're already reaching for the fourth one, Moriri!I'm not sure what to say.
'Because!I've got a lot of flavors.
'I'll eat all kinds too!
'It's not fair, all you do is eat Delia!

Molly, it's not cheating.
You can eat them too.
But you have to move for it.
If you can do the same amount of exercise as Delia, you can get in shape like Delia. If you can.

'Hey, Jeannette. Can you take a break and put on your fancy dress?Oh, and Molly.
'Oh, yes. Well, I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
'The tentative sewing ............, what about the stomach?
'It's open like this...'
'I'm going to stop eating now!
'That's right!Let's go work up a sweat so we don't get our costumes dirty, Molly!
'Yes!Go somewhere where the temptation of marshmallows can't reach you!

Ginette and Molly took off together after seeing the temporary costume.

Maybe if we keep this costume on the floor, we can break Molly's temptation to snack.

'............ Ah!

Ginette and the others, you said you were going for a quick sweat?
I don't think they're going to take a hot bath with Ukrines waiting for them, so they'll probably just wipe themselves down with water from the well.
Water from the well............The well............The well has a "refrigerator" inside. ............In the "refrigerator" is ............... ...

'Oh no!'

I was about to get up and run out when I saw Bertina's smile between my eyes.

'Sorry to keep you waiting, sir.
'No, I didn't call for you, did I?
'I was invited by Ginette.

'You don't need an invitation to come, you know.

'These are the marshmallows you've been waiting for. They come in a variety of flavors, so feel free to pick your own.'

I'm not in the mood for that right now.

'Well, I'll invite you in.

Bertina sits down on a nearby chair.
There was a plump cushion on that chair.
A boo-boo cushion was placed on the trap.


The color drained from my face, Umaro's and Goozuya's.
They were not blue, but earthy, or perhaps the color of ashes after being burned up.

Like the moment when a running lantern starts, the world goes into slow motion.
Gradually, gradually, Bertina's hips moved closer and closer to the cushion, and she put all her weight on the plump cushion.

It's over. ......

I thought so.
But ......

'Hmm!It has a very strange and delicious texture.'
'Why ......?'

Bertina sat down on the chair as if nothing had happened and chewed the marshmallow.
A dud?
Did the air escape?
No, but the cushion was inflated. ...... What?

I'm sorry.What's wrong?

I'm sorry. Bertina tilted her head to the side.
Something's not really going on.

'Excuse me, Bertina. That cushion.'
'Ah!I'm sorry. I shouldn't have sat down, should I?'
'No, ...... shouldn't, I mean .......'

Bertina hurriedly got up and moved away from the chair.
The cushion plumped up on the seat.

That's strange.
Could it be that Bertina's weight is so light?She's so light that she's defying the pressure of the air?

'How many kilos does Bertina weigh?
'What?Oh, I can't tell you!Did I gain weight?

Bertina held her cheeks with her hands and was flustered.
It's not about that. ...... No, it's not about that, but if you're worried about that, you should think about how much you're eating. At least within the bounds of common sense.

No, I mean.
You're supposed to be about the same weight as a person, Bertina.
You're right, she had normal weight when I held her before.
But no shot.

It was broken because Umaro breathed into it randomly. ......?
It's not that complicated of a mechanism. ......

I'm going to try sitting on it myself.


That was a big bang.
A big fart.
A loud farting sound reminiscent of the stench of a wild bird crashing in the woods.

It's not broken.
There's nothing wrong.

If there's something wrong, it's ......

'Is it a miracle,......?
'I'm sure it is, boss. The sisters are protected by the spirit gods, lest their dignity be damaged by malicious mischief.'
'Sister, you're a maiden, just like me.'
'Don't be like that.

A miracle?
With the Spirit God's favor at her disposal, could Bertina be protected from such mischief?
But if so, that explains a lot.

I can't think of any other way to put it.

In the event that you've got a beautiful appearance and magnificent breasts,......, it's a lie that God doesn't give two things.

It's a great way to get a better idea of what's going on in your life.


I'm not sure what to make of that.

...... Ah.
This is a bad idea.

'I require a detailed explanation.

The quiet voice rebelled against the voice in my mind that said, 'Even if I die, I don't want to face that way! I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

When she looked up, Bertina's face was red with shame.
Her ears were red.
Even the base of her neck was red.
Even her hands on her shoulders were red.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to try. I'm not sure what to say.

It's a force majeure, and I didn't plant it on Bertina.
If anything, it was Goozja who planted it here.
You can make all kinds of excuses.
A mild reprimand will do.

...... so long as no charges are added.

"Mr. Yashiro.

I hear Jeannette's voice in the kitchen.
If you look over there, you'll see that her face has turned bright red again.
How can a mother and daughter both be blushing?

'What are you making in the well?

The food was carefully taken out of the refrigerator and placed on a platter for all to see.
There was a magnificent pair of beautiful white breasts standing out.
I went to ...... to get it before noon, all the way.

This is a great way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your money. ...

'Oh my god!I'm sorry!Please repent!
'No, Jeannette, that's the thing: ......'
'Come on, let's go to church. ............ I won't let you sleep today.'
'No, Bertina, this boob cushion is not my fault either ......!

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
--I tried my best to repeat such arguments, but ............ the timing was not good.

I was lectured until the end of the night, and I was forbidden to make boob marshmallows during business hours, and I was forbidden to make boob cushions.

No, it's okay outside business hours!