435-Additive-free Episode 90 Main Street Decoration

'You've brought a hell of a lot of stuff with you, haven't you?

During the day, while Umaro was inspecting the site, including adjusting the position and height of the pillars to be erected, he was unexpectedly approached by Estella.
Her eyebrows were in the shape of a c, her lips were bent in the shape of a f, and her chest was flat in the shape of an I.

'...... the letter I'.
'That's loud.'

He presses his brows together in a fluid motion.
Stop, you. I'm the kind of guy whose nose gets all tingly when you point your index finger near the base of it.My nose is itching!

'What are you talking about?
'The boo-boo cushion.

You're talking about that again: ......
That's enough. I've been made to confess as much as I can, and they've confiscated the real thing.

'The confiscated items were delivered to me.
'Oh, it's at your place now?
'...... Natalia was so amused.'
'Wow, .......'
'Now it's all the rage among the waiters. ......'

It was a heavy, heavy sigh.
It seems to have become quite troublesome.

'The senior waitresses set up with the juniors, and then the juniors set up with the juniors again, and now subjugation is becoming popular. ......'
'It's spreading very fast. It arrived last night, didn't it?
'The spirit of trying to hook as many people as possible before they find out the truth. ......'

No one's going to fall for it after it's been spoiled.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
The battle of the girls, terrifying.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please contact us at ....... ......''
Let Natalia take the blame for causing the craze.'

The boom in the lord's house is out of my hands. It's not my place.
I don't want anything to do with the boo-boo cushions anymore.
And I don't want to step foot in a cave where girls fool around with each other.
Girls' high schools, girls' dormitories, and the like are just fine as long as they are beautified from the outside by our own imaginations.
...... It is better not to know the reality.

'At best, be careful not to get caught in front of visitors.
'I'm fine. If you know the story, you can be on your guard and Natalia will be there.

The head waiter is always close to his lord, protecting his life and dignity.
He is very reliable and capable.
But it is precisely because he is capable that ......

'Be careful that Natalia doesn't set you up.
'...... That's what I'm most afraid of, isn't it?

If Natalia is going to do it, she's going to have to be really clever about it.
The most important thing to remember is that you need to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing.

'And so, Yashiro'.

Estella turns her head slightly down and looks up at me with a slight upward glance.
What the hell. Stop it suddenly. You must be a little nervous.

'Today, ......, Ricardo is coming, right?
'You have permission to use it.

That was a very powerful gut-punch.
Did he want to do it so badly?

I mean, it's been confiscated, so why not let it go?
Oh, I see. I guess he wanted an accomplice. You wanted an accomplice to play your silly pranks on other lords. Natalia and the others are her subordinates, they can't go against Estella's decisions and she alone is responsible for them.
So you dragged me into this.
You're a very clever man, ......

I don't know. I'm sure Ricardo will be fine.

'But I'm sure he'll be so disappointed, he'll want to do it to someone else.
'It's already been confiscated, so I can sell it to you. However, since it's forbidden by the church to use it in the 42nd district, tell them not to use it outside the lord's mansion.''
'I won't let you use it in my mansion either. I'll ban you the moment you sell it.'

You use it yourself.
That's a bad use of power. I want it in my textbook.

'I'll use the proceeds to pay for Halloween. It'll make for a great party.'

That's great.
By all means, send the money to the sunny side up.
We'll serve you food that looks gorgeous even though it costs so little.

Oh, speaking of cost...

I heard they're having cotton candy.

'Oh, that's cute, maybe it's for Halloween.

No, it's not Halloween at all.
I'll at least color it and make it look like a pumpkin.

We haven't had cotton candy since the party we had for the BU guys, but Norma has been steadily improving it and has succeeded in mass producing it.
If we sell it to Lucia, she might like it and buy it back.

'Oh, that's right. I remembered it from the party.

Estella must have been remembering the party too, because she seemed to remember something in a chain of events.
Then, she took out a letter from her pocket.

'There was a passionate love letter from Mahr, filled with bitterness.
'Don't bring me such an evil thing. ......'

You accept the letter with reluctance and unfold it.
The letters lined up there were not the neat and tidy letters of a lord, but lovely round letters. I wonder if she even uses ...... different letters, that old lady. It's not that she's dexterous or elaborate, but that she's ...... good at wearing masks.

The letter said, "I heard that you are going to have some interesting event, but ...... I didn't hear about it. I haven't heard of it." The letter was written in a distant manner and was written in full sentences.
If you read between the lines, it came down to 'invite me'.

...... You got your information through Donnis, didn't you?
I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future. I've won the top prize in the ghost story contest. ...... I'm sure Lucia would brag about it.

I was careless.
I didn't expect the information to get around so quickly. ......
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'Estella. Please hurry up and pass the bill to restrict the entry of dense members.
'If the whole BU is against it, it might be hard to resist.

If Ma'ulu opposes it, his brother Gerasie and the idiot Donnis will join him, and the other BU members won't have the guts to confront Donnis and Ma'ulu. Tracy will be more than willing to kill any chance of not seeing Estella.
...... is no good. You can't compete with the weakest forty-two districts, which are extremely vulnerable to diplomatic pressure.

'...... There are no VIP seats this time, okay?
'I'll make sure to let them know that.
'Tell them that if they want to enjoy the show, they should come to the preview.'
'Right. We're still in the preparation stage, but it's already a fun atmosphere, and we might not be able to take our time looking around at all the decorations in the city.

Estella traces her fingers over the intricate Halloween decorations in the street.
That's Becco's work. His practice of creating imaginary creatures from his imagination seems to have paid off, and the decorations are quite interesting.

'So, what's Yashiro doing now?
'Checking out the new decorations.
'If Yashiro is working on his own after being commissioned by the Torbeck engineering store, then ...... he's up to something again, isn't he?
'Why are you being so disrespectful ......?

'Well, I'm plotting.

'Right now, Umaro and Norma are looking around the boulevard. We're going to rent the roof of a store on the main street if we have to, so we're negotiating that as well.

I want to make the shadows of the ghosts appear as evenly as possible.
Umaro is looking around the site, calculating the most effective layout for this purpose.
I'll go there and instruct him on the height of the pillars and the direction of the objects based on the angle of the sun.

'Is it going to take a little longer?
'Well, yes. Another ten to twenty minutes, right?
'Well, why don't you help me with my work until then?
'Is there any breast enhancement exercise that requires assistance?
'I said it's my job!

Oh, no, you didn't.
Estella's attitude towards breast enhancement exercises has reached the level of a craftsman, so I misunderstood her.

'I trust you because you're a Torbeck contractor, but I just want to check the safety of the decorations and whether there's anything against public order and morals.
'Oh, ......, Yamboldo is in charge. I'd better take a look, I swear.

He's a guy who gets carried away when he gets carried away.
There may be things that are too grotesque to be scary and cute, or too s*xy to be erotic and not suitable for children.
Those things need to be removed as soon as possible, and the erotic ones need to be kept in my room. Yeah.

'Well, let's have a look around.

I take a step forward and Estella comes up next to me.
I narrow my stride slightly to match Estella's. I make sure to walk slowly, though not as slowly as Ginette.

'Whoa!Look, Yashiro!There!

Estella shouted and pointed to a wall with a comical representation of a mouse being bitten by a cheese.
It was a bar with a relaxed atmosphere, a place to enjoy wine.
He must have been displeased with something after the rat bit into his cheese.

'Is this another sculpture by Becco? The comical expression is very effective.
'The back wall looks like a work by Jan Bold. These bricks look real, but they are all wood.

Wooden wall that looks like a brick wall. The wood is easy to drill and modify.
It's easy to drill holes and work with wood.

'Hmm?What's this?

Among the wooden brick walls that Yang Bold must have built, there was one brick with the words 'Danger, Do Not Touch' written on it.

'Don't tell me that if I touch this brick, the building will collapse?I have to check.'

Estella, with a stern expression on her face, touches the wooden brick marked 'Do Not Touch'.
At that moment, the wooden brick spun around. The wooden brick spins around, and a vicious biting weed with fangs sprouts out from inside.


At the sudden attack, Estella hurriedly withdrew her hand and jumped back, slightly losing her balance and clinging to me who was right behind her.

'What, what a dangerous trap!
'Look closely, Estella. That biting grass is a fake too.

If you look closely, you'll see that it's a well-made fake made of wood.
It may have a spring or something, and after it popped out, its mouth moved twice, but now its mouth is hanging open.
It's like a surprise box.

It's like a surprise box,' he said. 'It's ...... a bad prank!
'It's definitely Yamboldo's work. The quality is so high that it's really annoying.

I really don't know why I gave him my talent, Spirit God.

All right. I'll put it away properly because it's dangerous.'
You're just trying to increase the number of victims because you feel bad that you're the only one who got caught.'
'That's okay. This kind of surprise should be shared by everyone.

I'm sure you're falling right into Yambold's trap.
He pushed in the biting weed, and the fake brick with the words 'Danger, Don't Touch' on it 'Poof! The fake brick, marked 'Danger, Do Not Touch', snaps back into place.
The fact that it was so easy to set up, I can only assume that it was made with this in mind.
It's a trick that shows how crooked he is.
It's the kind of gimmick that Umaro would never make.

I'm sorry. That was just a surprise. I didn't mean anything by it.'
'What's that?
'Well, it's fine if you don't mind .......'

If I get embarrassed or upset because you hugged me, it will be even more awkward.
...... Don't mention it every time. I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure what to say.
I'm not sure what to say.
'...... Why is this my treat?
'It's part of the tour. You're paying for it.'
'I paid for it myself. I can't afford to waste my people's blood money.'
'You're a cheapskate, my lord.'
'He's not cocky, he's solid. Here, I'll buy you a drink with my own money, what do you want to eat?'

When I think of Estella's own money, it's instantly harder to collect.
It's not like I want to eat anything that badly. ......

'Hmmm!What the hell is that?

My eyes are glued to a store on the main street.
On the wall of the store, there were big boobs sticking out like 'Doh! I'm not sure what to do.

'Ah, ......, the store has been replaced by a pudding store. It used to be a bar that served delicious smoked fish.
'Estella!I want some pudding!
'If you want to go into that store, you'll have to pay for it. I don't want to drop even a single Rb on that place!
'If you touch the body of the god, it might be beneficial.
'................... Haha, no way.

I thought about it.
I can see the struggle in your mind.

'At any rate, let's get rid of that decoration because it'll have a bad influence on the children.
'Why not?I thought tits were for kids!
'It's ruining the scenery!Significantly!
'If we make it look consistent, it won't look out of place!
'If you make it look like a uniform, women won't be able to walk, let alone children!

Due to Estella's strong opposition, the Shinto shrine, which had been the main attraction of the main street, had to be removed.
So, why don't you ask Ukrines to make a big spobra?I think it would be less obscene if she wore clothes.
What do you think?

............ was rejected.

I'm not sure.Yashiro~!Estella~!

As I walked down the main street, I saw Paula waving at me.

'Paula. How are the decorations for Cantalcica coming along?'

I'm not sure what to make of it.

The cantaloupe that Paula looked up at with a sigh was not yet decorated in any way.
In the midst of the stores on the main street, where a variety of decorations had appeared, it was hard to shake the impression that it was somewhat plain.

'Then why don't you leave it to Jan Bold?I've just had a look, and there are a lot of interesting decorations. Right, Yashiro?
'Well, I'm sure Yangboldo will do a great job.
'No, no, no, no!Cantalcica is a restaurant that's different from those restaurants, you know?The decorations have to be the most interesting and cute, just like Cantalcica!

If you're too particular like that, you'll end up losing control.
If you leave it to the professionals, they can make something safe and good for now, but ...... people who are picky won't be satisfied with that.

'What kind of decorations does the sunlit pavilion have?
'It's pretty normal.
'Of course not!There's no way it's going to be a plain decoration with Yashiro here!
'Ginette came up with a joke idea and I rejected it out of hand.
'Oh, the hero statue museum?Ginette, were you serious about that?''

I was serious, serious, serious.
She said 'I have a story to tell you' with a smile on her face, and I wondered what it was, but it was something like 'Let's make a museum in the sunny pavilion with heroic statues in various costumes! I gave her four deco-pins. Four in a row, from index finger to little finger.
Next to Ginette, who was crouched down, we decided to keep the decorations at the Sunlit Pavilion as normal.

On the day of the event, we plan to have a parade on the main street and launch the event at a barbecue restaurant on the east side.
There won't be many people on the west side, where the sunny pavilion is located.
More importantly, if we decorate the sunny pavilion, it might attract too many spectators.

If that happens, Jeannette won't be able to leave the store.

This time, we decided to be on the spectator's side.
Ginette would be participating in the costume parade and we would be there to watch.
When it's over, we're going to wander around town in our costumes.
My sisters were so excited that they wanted to sell sweets while wearing costumes. so I'm planning to set up stores No. 2 and No. 7.
We'll be selling popcorn, marshmallows, calumet, cotton candy, and candy apples. That's about all we'll be selling.

'Well, think about decorating the cantaloupes!I'm sure it'll be great if Yashiro can come up with some ideas!
'Don't get your hopes up.

I'm not a designer.
I'm not a designer. I can't just come up with some bizarre and funny design.

'I don't care what it is~!If you think of something, I'll treat you to a new product for Halloween!
'What the hell?You're not going to make a hexenbiest sausage covered in chocolate, are you?

Don't tell me you're trying to make it look like candy.

'No. It's a very spicy sausage with the concept of a dead man's groan echoing through the store.
'Is it that spicy?
'I'm sure of it!

Drinkers might like it.
It's like chorizo.

'I'm a little curious. I like spicy food.'
'Lie to me, you sweet tooth.'
'I drink more than Yashiro, you know.

The amount of alcohol you drink doesn't determine whether you're sweet or spicy.
Besides, it's not that I can't drink either. I just don't drink.

'Hey, you know what?Don't you want to eat?So think of something!No one's ever had it before.I'll be the first.Right?Yashiro, please!
I'm not sure what to do.

I don't care if you ask me. ......
The cute little ghost decorations are placed here and there by Becko.
Yambordo has made a lot of bizarre decorations that will surprise you.
You can't make much of an impact if you try to twist things a little too much now. ............

'Well, why don't you make the whole store look like a hexenbiest, and make the entrance look like the mouth of a beast?

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out the best way to make it work.Like .......

'...... is so common?
'No!It's good!That's a great idea, Yashiro!No one else is doing that!
'That could be interesting. Going into the belly of a hexenbiest is eccentric, unusual, and kind of fun.
'Right!And you can eat hexenbiest sausages inside the belly of a hexenbiest!
But it's so spicy that everyone's moaning and groaning, right?

'Yes, yes!And they're all dressed as ghosts!Haha, that could be really interesting!

Paula looked at the store, peeked in, and said, 'I want to put this kind of decoration here, and ...... over there. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results,' she said, her eyes glittering with determination.

'I knew it was the right thing to ask Yashiro!Watch me, I'll make the most amazing decorations on the main street!
'You're going to make it yourself?
'I'll ask Umaro!
'Not Yamboldo?
'Because I want you to do the inside too.

Paula seemed to think that with Yamboldo's design, there was a risk of the place breaking down if the drinkers got a little rowdy.
Maybe not, but it's a customer business and they want to be safe.
Well, I know the feeling.

'Then you'd better make your reservations early. Umaro's running around all over the place with Norma right now.'
'What, is that so?I thought he was bored because Yamboldo took his job!

I guess we're all thinking alike.
Or was it that obvious that Umaro was depressed?

'Oh, that's right. If that's the case, why don't you lend Umaro the roof of the cantartika. It'll make the decorations more interesting.

If you make the shadow of a girl about to be eaten by a wolf appear on the storefront of the cantaloupe, it might create a story.
It would be like Red Riding Hood, with the wolf saying, 'Whoa! and the girl is like, "Aaaree! or something like that.

Yeah!I'll say it. Oh, we can't stay like this!We have to go find Mr. Umaro!
'Oh, okay. I'm going to see Umaro now, so I'll give him your message. I'm going to see Umaro now. It'll save Umaro a lot of trouble and make the work go more smoothly.
'Yeah, I got it!Thank you, Yashiro!Now, wait a minute!

With a smile on her face and her tail wagging wildly, Paula ran into the store.
She must have gone to get the new hot sausage.

'It's going to be an interesting decoration.

We're going to have an event. A lot of people should make a profit.
And if they feel indebted to us and willingly provide us with free labor and materials the next time we do something, we'll be happy.

'Yashiro has a soft spot for Paula, doesn't he?

Estella said absurdly.
'What, after Nephrite, you're now Paula?

'I've been nice enough to you.'
'I don't remember any of that.

You son of a b*tc*.
If you were a Crane, you'd have to work for free for the rest of your life to repay me.

''Here you go, you two!

Paula confidently brings out two hexenbiest sausages.
She takes both of them and gives one of them to Estella.

'Here, Estella. It's on me.'
'My treat? ...... I just heard you say, "Here you go, you two.Isn't half of it for me?'
'That's the price you get for my idea.
'How modest of you, your kindness.

This is ......
There's no such thing as too big or too small for kindness.
Even small kindnesses should be reciprocated with the utmost gratitude.

'Then, I'll accept it gratefully. Kashikomi kashikomi~'

Estella reverently accepted the hexenbiest sausage with both hands.
That's so deliberate.

'You guys are really close, aren't you? It seems like Yashiro is only favoring Estella.
'What?That's not true!
'I've just been told that I'm too soft on Paula.
'What?No, not at all!
'No, no, no, I'm not.'
'I don't have anything at all!
'That makes it sound like I'm not nice to anyone.

I don't want you to think I'm a nice guy.

I don't want you to think I'm a nice guy, but considering my contribution, it wouldn't hurt to have a boob carnival with all of you.
'Why don't I punish you instead?

Huh. A lord like you wants to take the place of a spirit god?

You're too impolite, you rude man.

'Heh heh heh, that was a nonsense. I've been told by someone not to do anything that would lower my value, so I can't do anything like that, you know.

This guy ...... is talking about old stuff again.

'What's that?I don't know about that.
'Why are you trying to figure it all out? There are plenty of things you don't know.'
'As a lord, I want to know everything about this city.

That's absurd.

'Heh, this is an important ............ thing that someone told me when I was at my hardest.

As he was about to say it, his tail fluffed up and he looked at me, 'Ugh! A gasp escaped.

'Come on, come on!You two are going to Umaro's place, right?We have to hurry up!Make sure you tell him what I want!Come on, get going!

Paula pushed Estella and me back.
I'll see you later! and quickly went into the store.
Ugh, the door is closed. He always leaves the door open.

'Looking at your Conversation Record at ......, it looks like you've recorded a lot of interesting things.
'Not as much as your interesting conversation record.
'I'm sorry. Sleep-talking is not recorded in the Conversation Record.
'Is that so?
'Yes. Only words that you hear with your ears when you are conscious are recorded. Otherwise, all the noise of the crowd would be recorded.
'So, swear words said inaudibly will not be recorded?
'It will be clearly recorded in your Conversation Record, though. ...... I'll have to do a spot check next time.

This is the most important personal information you have. I can't let you see it.

'Then how are mishearing recorded?
'Mishearing, for example?'
'For example, .......'

I looked over and saw Hammaro walking towards me, bouncing happily.

'That's the kind of guy.'
'Oh, ......, I'll have to check that out.'

Hammaro nodded his head.
It's a good opportunity, so let me investigate.

'Hey, Hammaro. Can you show me your Conversation Record?
'I probably don't have it!
'No, it's common!All the people in this town have them!
'I don't know how to use it!
'Maybe Loretta didn't tell you because she didn't want you to know about her ugly behavior at home.
'Oh, ......, I'm sure the ham kids would show it to her without warning.

They're probably trying to prevent people from finding out about things they can't tell anyone at home.
If we teach him how to use it here, Hammaro will probably go in and out of the Conversation Record here and there.

...... Yeah. That's dangerous.

'Yes, it is. Maybe Hammaro doesn't have it.'
'Maybe he does!

If he doesn't have it, it's a possibility, not a lie.
That's not true, though. Even I, a person from another world, have it.

'Hey, what's that?Looks delicious.

Hammaro's eyes twinkled when he saw the hexenbiest sausage I was holding.

'Hmm?Yeah, you want to try it?
'I'm afraid to take something that belongs to you!

It's so ostentatious.

'So, please, Lord Ryoshu, give me some!
'...... Let's have a three-way meeting with the eldest daughter next time, okay?Okay?
'Oh dear ......, I have a feeling I'm going to be pissed ............, but I'm happy for you!
'I'm glad you're happy ......'

These guys like to plan ahead.
They'll turn any appointment into something to look forward to. I envy them. I'm not trying to emulate them in the slightest.

'Well, you can have a bite. But it might be spicy.'
'Then no thanks!

'...... You're free, aren't you?'

You demand food from your lord, and when it's offered to you, you refuse. ...... Yeah, if it wasn't for this city, you'd be in a lot of pain.
You're lucky to have a world like this.

'From Umaro?
'Yes!Let's see, ...... 'Wow, I'm fine with that fox lady over there, but I can't talk to Imelda-san directly!
'Yeah. That's not the message you asked for.

Oh, so Imelda is with you.
You don't need to see it to get a clear image of the scene.

'Let's see, ...... 'The center of the main square is lonely. Do you have any good ideas? He said!
'The Grand Plaza.
'Oh, you idiot!
'You're missing a 'hiro', Hammaro.'
'Missing Hammaro?
'No. I didn't say anything bad like that.'

I really wonder what's going on with Hammaro's Conversation Record.
If an honest person were to read it, he or she would probably lose sight of the concept of conversation and become confused.

'Anyway, you want me to come to the Great Square.
'Well, let's go then. I'm curious to see what you guys are up to.

He wants me to play a part in the plot.
In a way, he's probably a workaholic too.

After parting ways with Hammaro, Estella and I walked toward the main square.
Biting into a hexenbiest sausage.

'Wow, that's hot!

Estella holds her mouth and pulls the sausage away from her face.
You don't like spicy food, do you?

'Yes, it is a little spicy. It'll be hard without a drink.

I try a bite, but my tongue goes numb.
If you wash it down with a carbonated beer, it should be quite stimulating.
Maybe it's not an exaggeration to say that the roars of the old men echoed throughout the restaurant.
I see, you're confident.

'I should have given it to Hammaro at .......'
'He'll cry, he'll cry.

It's hard on a child.

'Okay, I'll feed it to Umaro.'
'I see. That's a good idea.'

There's a lord next to me with an evil smile on his face.
Well, I don't think he'll eat Estella's food.
She'll eat mine. Okay, let's feed her.

They play tricks and laugh at each other.

'You look like you're having a lot of fun, are you on a date?

Natalia's face appeared from between Estella and I, and Estella and I jumped to the left and right.

'What, where is this date?It's an inspection!Patrol!
'Isn't it a perfect date to eat and walk around ...... happily looking at Halloween decorations with a light meal in your hand?
'That's why, it's not like that. ......!
'It looks delicious. ............jii'

Natalia is staring at Estella's hexenbiest sausage.
You're sulking, Natalia.
Estella, why don't you share a bite with her. It'll put her in a better mood.

'All right. I'm about to eat, do you want a bite?'
'No, it's too much.'
'Where did you leave your respect, boy?

The head waiter calls the master's food 'fat'.
If the waiters grew up following his example, they'd make a very interesting group.

'So, Master Yashiro. I'll be your guest.
'Isn't mine too tight?
'In the case of Yashiro-sama, if it's moderately tight, the feeling of being ...... defiled is immoral. ......'
'Okay, shut up now.
'What do you mean, people like Regina?
'It's similar, no longer.'

Let's not lose our sense of shame, ladies and gentlemen.

I'm not sure what to say. I'm not sure what to do with it.

Then he points to the side of the sausage.
I've already taken a bite of the tip, so I guess he wants to take a bite of the unmouthed part.
Natalia's cheeks, which were slightly turned away from me, were slightly stained with cherry blossom.

...... If you have that kind of shame, you should be a little more careful about what you say and do.

'Good. Here.
'Now, if you'll excuse me.

I offer her the sausage, and Natalia gently grasps my hand as she holds it.
Even though I offered her the sausage to hold it herself, Natalia puts her own hand on my hand and puts her face close to the sausage while letting me hold it.
Then, when her lips almost touched the sausage, she peeked out her tongue and licked the side of the sausage from the base.

'Hey, hey!
'It's delicious. Here's the rest.'
'You can't eat it!

The whole side of the sausage is covered in your saliva!

'But I'm sure he also has a dominant side that would be delighted to have a beautiful woman spit on him~' said a certain pharmacist.
You're not going to hide who you are, are you?I know who you are and I don't have that kind of s*xuality!

It's scary because this kind of malicious prank will eventually be told as if it were the truth, this town!
You have to dig up and eradicate the seeds before they germinate.

'Take responsibility and eat it all.
'It can't be helped. Let's eat it.

Natalia accepted the sausage with a look on her face that suggested she had been aiming for this all along.
If that's the case, why didn't you just take Estella's?

'I can't be so shameless as to eat the same food as a gentleman in broad daylight.
'What's so shameful about it?It's normal, it's normal!
'It's the first time I've had a boyfriend, look at all the happy wannabes! I don't think so.
'No, I don't!I'm not going to say 'all the cotton poppies' or anything like that.
'Is this the reason why you've been so nervous since this morning?
'No, I wasn't nervous!I just happened to see you, so I asked you to help me with the inspection, not me. ......'
'Then, please prove here that you're not currently wearing victory pants!Open the pants!
'I can't show you that!
'No, let's have a look.'
'Will you please shut up, Yashiro?

The squire and his wife, who are always lively when they see each other, made a lot of noise in the main street, and finally they had to compete in a hot sausage eating contest, and Estella lost to Natalia by a small margin. Natalia was finally in a better mood.

Are you okay with that, your relationship?

After that, they met up with Umaro and the others and had a meeting about decorating for Halloween.
The lord and the head waiter were very interested and decided that the shadow art would be a big surprise for the residents.