436-Additive-free Episode 91 Apple Bobbing

'Hello, ladybug.

The preparations for Halloween were in full swing, and the whole forty-second ward was starting to look like a horror town.
Millie brought me a lot of apples.

'I'm sorry, Milly. Assunto's idiot said, 'Apples are in short supply because many households and restaurants want to buy them,' you know.
Are you crazy, Mr. Asuto?Because the demand for apples has increased so much.'
'Running out of apples on Halloween, I don't think he's cut out to be a businessman.
'I see everyone is practicing their ghost apples. The big girls are working really hard too.
'Hahaha. You don't have to work so hard, you can become a ghost without a costume if you stand in front of a mirror without makeup.
'No, you can't!You can't say that in front of your sisters because it will ............ get you in trouble, okay?

A viewing type horror attraction will turn into a feeling type horror attraction.
Okay, let's not say that in front of her.

'Are there still apples in the forest?
'Hmm. There are apples on ...... that haven't fully grown yet. We can't get them all.'

That's why he went to the 40th district, where the apple bombing hadn't happened, and was allowed to pick apples in the forest under the jurisdiction of the flower guild over there.

'Neck and Chick helped me out,' he said.
'Do they have a good relationship with the flower guild over there?
'They're donating a portion of the profits from the sugar beets to the forest to help maintain it.
'They're doing that?

How sycophantic can they be?
They're donating their profits to a guild that has nothing to do with them. ...... Are they cursed to die if they don't always do good?

's ...... chuckle.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.
She beckons me a little and tells me the reason behind it in my ear.

'Because it's an important place that gave me a chance to meet Ladybug-san,' she said. I'm going to take good care of the forest so that the ladybug will come back to see the flowers in Soleil.

Come to think of it, the reason I met the anteater brothers was because I wanted to see the Soleil flowers and Millie introduced them to me.
But that doesn't mean I'm going to pay them to manage it for me.
It's not like I said, "I want to see it again.
I don't have any plans to go see it. ............

'Neck and Chick said that since they met Ladybug, everything has changed for the better. ...... I'm so, so, so grateful.

From the outside, it looks like nothing's changed at all.
He's still living in a ramshackle house, tinkering in the dirt from morning till night, spouting off his ridiculously cheerful junior high school English.
They've been smiling since before they met me.
If they're happy now, it's only because of the way they live their lives.
Don't drag me into this. You make people sound like good people. .......


Millie, who was looking into my face, gave a small laugh.

'...... What the hell?
'Uh-huh. It's nothing. ......Jinette's imitation.'

Ginette also often looks into people's faces and laughs like this.
Especially when someone is trying to make me out to be a good person.

'Do I look that funny?
'Yeah. You have a very nice face.'
'Mm-hmm. Millie voted that I'm good-looking.
'That's not what I meant, though. ......'

A good face is a good looking face.
If the majority of you agree that he is good-looking, I'll post it on the board.
"Obayashi, good looking! That's it.

Yeah, that's right. Got a message from Neck and Chick. "Let's eat apple pie together again.
Did he really say it like that?
'Well, the way ...... I said it was, "Hey, ladybug, I've got something hot ...... for you today. ......I'm too embarrassed to go any further. ......'
'It's tough, having an embarrassing childhood friend.'
'Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.It's not that Neck and Tic are embarrassing people, it's that they're embarrassing to imitate Neck and Tic. ......'
'I'm too embarrassed to imitate those embarrassing people.
'Oh, ...... that's not it, ............ that's not it, the ladybug's being mean... ...'

Millie's face is staining like an apple.
What a cutie. I want three of them. One to display, one to keep, and one to cuddle and sleep with.

I don't want to talk about this!I'm done!

Poof!--Millie makes a jerky gesture of dismissing a topic she's not comfortable with.
Okay, okay. Please add another one!Take it home!

'Are you going to turn these apples into candy apples?
'No, they're for the game.

I asked Millie to choose a slightly smaller variety for me.
It's about two times smaller than the apples we often see in Japan.
They are small but sweet and less sour. It would be perfect for biting into.

'You use it for games?
'Oh, yeah. It's called apple bobbing, where you fill a barrel with water and float these apples in it. You just grab it with your mouth without using your hands.'
'That sounds kind of hard. ......'

It's a little difficult.
If you don't know the trick, you can't get it at all. But it's a game for kids, so it's not that difficult.

'Do you want to try it?
'Hmm. I might want to try it. Even ...... Miri can do it ......, right?'
'Have you ever drowned in a barrel before?
'No, I haven't!I'm not that small!
'Then you'll be fine.

I couldn't help but laugh at her cheeks as they puffed up.
I can't help it, she's too cute, I want to tease her. If I don't go easy on her, I'm going to feel really bad if she doesn't like me.

'Well, I'll go tell Jeannette to get you a keg.
'Hmm. Okay, Miri, I'll wait here.

Millie waved me off with a small wave.
I wonder if I need to add two more for sending off and picking up: ......

Thinking about this, I went into the kitchen.

'Hey, Jeannette. There's an unused barrel somewhere. ............ Huh?It's not there.

The kitchen was empty.
Magda and Loretta were away cheering on the food truck, but Ginette and Molly were supposed to be in the kitchen.
That's strange. The courtyard?

After leaving the kitchen, I walked down the corridor, which was no longer creaking at all, and opened the door, which had also stopped making any noise and was now very light and smooth to open and close.

'Hey, Jeannette. Are you there?

As soon as I opened the door, two screams rang out.
I shrugged my shoulders in surprise, but when I calmly checked the situation, I found Molly clinging to Ginette's waist and burying her face in her tits in front of the ...... well.

'Oh, um, ......Ya, Yashiro,-san, ......'
'............How long have you been waiting?'
'You're not going to get your turn to wait!

Oh no!
Because this attraction looks like so much fun!

'Molly, there's a hold-up in the back, we need to switch.
'That's not what I meant, Yashiro-san!For now, can you please stay inside until I say it's okay?
'I refuse!
'I can't see my stomach!

Molly looks desperate.
Hmm. If you ask me, the hem of Jeannette's dress is puffed out.
It's as if she's wrapped the hem inside ......, or rather, she's wrapped the hem inside.

'What are you doing?
It's not that I'm not a fan of the idea, but I'm not a fan of the idea.I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
In other words, as the Halloween season approached, the two of them were going to check each other to see if the results of their dieting were showing and how their stomachs looked.

That is why she did not fold or lift up the hem, but folded it inward and rolled it up so that it would look good from the outside.
If you roll it up too much, your eyes will be drawn to it and your stomach will be obscured. ...... Well, if I were you, I'd only look at her tummy, but we're both girls, so it's not surprising that you'd think that.

And as a result of such ingenuity, when I suddenly came to the courtyard, I couldn't quickly pull down the hem, and Molly's face was buried in her big tits.
I see, I see.

'How much is that attraction, one time?
'And, so, it's not an attraction!d*mn it!Yashiro-san!

Ginette points to the entrance to the kitchen with tears in her eyes.
Well, I guess I'll have to go back with such a nice view in my back. ......

'Is it Molly's turn next?
'I'll check in with the manager's office after ............ closing.'

I see.
It seems I've interfered in some way.
You don't have to worry about me~.

...... All right. I'll go back. I guess I should go back. d*mn.

'Jeannette, if you have a waist-high barrel, I'd like to borrow it. Can you bring it to me later?
'Yes, sir!

As I leave, I tell Ginette what I need from her over my back.
She replied just as the door was about to close, and I went back to the floor, my hair tugging at the back of my head.

'Oh, my ...... ladybug?Why are you crying?
'In the courtyard of the sunny pavilion, you can sometimes find a peach garden,......, but you can't stay there long and you'll never find it again,.......'
'Well, ......, I don't know if it's all right, but ............, you can't be naughty, can you?

It's not s*x!
It's romantic.

Oh, yeah, ladybug. What's your, what's your, what's your?

As if she couldn't see me slumping my shoulders, Milly raised her voice to change the atmosphere.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

'Oh, that's a pinata ball,' she said.

But it's not the kind you pull a string on and it breaks, it's the kind you smash with a stick.

'Can I see it?
'Oh. It's easy to break if you put too much pressure on it, so please be careful.

Millie runs up to the smoldering ball.
...... If you want to, you can get into the smoldering ball. ............?

'Wow, it's hollow.
'Oh. You can put all kinds of things in it.'
'Wow~...... interesting~. Strange~'

The beautiful hollow sphere seemed to be interesting, and Miry lifted it up and looked into it, looking at the sides and bottom like an urn connoisseur.

'How do you make it?

The secret of the hollow lies in the boo-boo cushion.
You can use the same method as the boob cushion to inflate the leather balloon of a hexenbiest, and then paste paper dipped in water-soluble glue around it. Make sure there are no gaps, but make it thin, yet firm.
When the glue is dry, deflate the balloon, and the hardened paper will become a hollow sphere.
The most important point is not to tear the paper when deflating the balloon.

'What's a piñata?
'It's a game. ...... Well, let's try out the piñata along with apple bobbing.'
'Hmm!Let's start with apple bobbing, the game with apples, right?'

Millie looks up at me with excitement in her eyes.
I think that's a sign that I can take it home with me.

'I'll take the product, Millie!
'Oh, no, no, no, no. ......'

No, no, no, no, no.

'Okay, Millie, can you help me get ready?
'Hmm!I'll do it.'

I put two tables together and sit side by side with Millie. The bigger the work space, the better.
I prepare colored paper and scraps of paper and paste them on the kusudama.
The mummy man, the lantern ghost, the one-eyed boy with his long tongue sticking out, etc. Paste eyes and mouths on the balls and make some comical ghosts.

'Oh, he's so cute!
'Is that Millie?That's right!
'Oh, no, it's not ...... the ghost, it's ............ but, hehehe... ...I'm glad.

What is it?
I'll keep saying it as long as it takes to make you happy.
I'm not sure what to do. ...... oops, that makes me a lion. Gah!

'Millie. Watch out for predators.'
'Huh?And we're not going to meet any, are we?

You idiot!
All men are predators!

'If Milly wore a red cape, I'd be a wolf.
'Well, I don't know, ......, but don't eat ......, okay?

Yeah, I know what you mean. 'Don't push it, okay?Don't push it. That's the one. Yeah, yeah. I know what you mean.

'Hey, ladybug, ............!I know.

Oops, I guess it showed on my face.
Let's make some serious balls.

While I'm making a ghost smoldering ball, Millie is puzzling over 'hmmm ...... hmmm ......' and designing a ghost.

'I wonder how I can make something as cute as the ladybug's.'

'This kind of thing is an idea. ...... I guess so. Then try to make the face you think Millie would be most scared of.'
'Huh?I'm sure you'll be able to do it. .................. Wait, not that one!

I stood up, silently opened the window, and shouted from the bottom of my stomach.

I'm not going to be able to do that.
'Oh, come on, ladybug!That was a mistake!

Millie lifted up the corner of her eyes with both index fingers.
In other words, a face with upturned eyes is scary.

'Then, why don't you make a ghost like this?

On a piece of paper, she drew a devilish character with slanted eyes.
It also has a slit mouth and fangs.

'giggle...... cute'.

I guess the reason why the finished product looks so cute is because my retinas are seared with Millie's haunted face from earlier.
I'm not sure what to say. Is that ...... on purpose?I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it.

I'll try to make a copy of this one.

She cuts the paper with scissors, glues it with her fingers, and when it sticks out, she squeals and looks like a ...... preschooler.

'Miry, are you sure you don't want to take a nap or something?
'Miri, I'm not a child!

She puffs up her cheeks as she makes a smoldering ball.
Her mouth is open in an attempt to make a scary face. to make a scary face.
When I draw a smiling face, I smile too, and when I draw an angry face, I become severe too.

'Mr. Yashiro, is this barrel okay?

Ginette comes to the floor with Molly, carrying a barrel.
Her stomach is neatly hidden.

'Oh, Miss Milly. What are you making?'
'Let's see, ...... a smolder?
'Well, they're pretty.
'These ones were all made by Ladybug-san. Do you want to join us, Jinetto-san?
'Yes. I'd like to make one.

Giggling happily, Jeannette sat down next to Millie.
...... It's funny. It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out the best way to make it work.

'Yashiro-san, what should we do with this barrel?
'Well, put it in the middle. So, I'm sorry, but can you help me get some water?
'Yes, sir.
'It's heavy, the water ......'
'Yes, but the pulley in the well at the Sunken Pavilion is surprisingly light, isn't it?

Norma was very enthusiastic the other day.
Still, water is heavy. It's hard to carry a tub full of water back and forth.


Molly glanced at the smoldering scene.
She looks like she really wants to do it.

'Let's make one later, Molly.
'Yes!...... Can I ask you to design one?'
'Well, I want you to make the face you think Molly would be most scared of.'
'What?Scariest, is it? ............'

Molly puts her fingers to her chin and thinks.
And then, 'So, let's go like this: ......' The expression she made was expressionless.

'This is the face that scares my brother the most.
'...... Yeah. I know. When you've got something to hide, that's the scariest expression you can make. ......'

But you know what, Molly? That's not it. That's not what I'm looking for. ......

For now, I'll draw an illustration of a frozen, expressionless snow woman.

So I fetched some water, made a kusudama, and got ready.
I stuffed various things inside the ball.
From prizes, to traps, to all sorts of things.

'Yashiro~. I've been summoned by Hammaro.
'I came along as a chaperone for my lord, who has been running around a lot lately.'

Estella and Natalia both show up.
One after another, acquaintances began to gather.

'Yes, yes!All participants line up here!
'...... This is a demonstration. Therefore, the number of participants is limited. ......The first one to line up wins, or, fisticuffs.

'The sooner you get here, the better!We're not looking for such a bloody battle!

Magda and Loretta deal with the customers coming to the Sunlit Pavilion.
They move the tables to the edge of the room to make the floor more spacious. We've set up a few easy seats, and the rest of the floor is reserved for games.

'Ginette, be prepared. It's going to get pretty messy, isn't it?'
'Yes, sir!I'll do my best to clean it up!

Lately, there have been few customers because of the town's addiction to experimenting with Halloween dishes.
It's unlikely that there will be a huge influx of people coming to eat later today.
A few light snacks will be enough to keep us open.

So today, everyone at the Sunlit Pavilion will be participating in the game.
We all need time to play once in a while.

Especially since Magda and Loretta have been filling in the gaps left by Jeannette for the past few days.
Enjoy yourselves.

'Oh, yes. Becco.'
'What is it, Mr. Yashiro?
'Would you mind stepping out into the open for a moment?'
'Out front, that it is, I understand!

Make sure Bekko is out, and close the door.
Lock it.

'Well, let's get started!
'Let me in, please!Mr. Yashiro!

Boom, boom, boom!--And the door is slammed.
Don't hit the door!Don't hit it!If you break it, you'll pay for it!

'What brilliant harassment. ...... I'm glad I'm not the target.

Umaro is doing shadow art with me right now.
Besides, you fixed the hallway and the door so I could get a glimpse of Jeannette's throbbing situation.

'It's my punishment for not making a food sample of motsu.
'I will, that I will!Within a day or two, that I will!So please let me in!I'm lonely, that I am!
'Yashiro-san, isn't that ...... pitiful?
'''' Molly, are you an angel?
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I think it's a good idea.

Molly's worried about Becco.
It's amazing.
I didn't know such a kind girl existed.
This world's not so bad after all.

With Molly's generous heart, we start the game, including Bekko.
Anyway, Imelda, do you really want a food sample of motsu?I thought you wanted to keep something beautiful forever.Isn't it becoming a collection of delicious food, lately?

'Oh, Yashiro. Is this the game?

Javier peeked at the keg of liquor he'd brought with him, wondering where he'd gotten it from.
Drinking in another district in the middle of the day, ......, the woodcutter must have a lot of free time on his hands.

'I catch apples floating in the water with my mouth instead of using my hands.
What? Isn't that easy? Anyone can do it.

He laughed, as if he were making fun of me.
'Then let's have Javier do it first.

'Then, if you succeed in one shot, I'll give you a ticket to have dinner with Imelda.
'No, wait, wait!I can't even have dinner with her without that ticket?
'Of course not.
'Even though we're father and son?
'Hey, it's easy, right?All you have to do is pull it off in one shot.'
'...... I see. All right, watch this!And we're having dinner with Imelda tonight!

With a loud clap of his hands, Javier grabbed the rim of the keg.
Countless apples are floating in the copious amount of water that covers the surface of the water.
Javier stares at the floating apples and brings his face close to them.

Javier's bearded mouth touches the apples, and the apples sink into the water as if to escape. Javier dives his face into the water to chase after it.
The apple escapes further.
Javier chases after it.
Splashing and splashing in the water.
Javier is still chasing.
Javier's posture is getting a little uncomfortable.
I accidentally spilled a little oil at Javier's feet.

Javier's foot slipped as he stepped into the room.

'Gabo gabo gabo!
'I'll hold you down for fun, and many others!
'Gabo gabo!I'm dying!

Zap!Howls Javier, out of the water.
The people who had been holding him down run away like spiders, and he turns a blind eye.

'The people who are turning away now are the culprits, aren't they!I know it!Hey, don't whistle so loud!

There were some lumberjacks in the crowd, weren't there?
Yeah, yeah. Trust is very important, you know.

'Hah, hah. ...... Yashiro. Isn't this too difficult?
You're saying the exact opposite of what you said before.
'No, it's not!I'm not sure what to do with it.

That's because it's a game.


Imelda smiles and offers a towel to Javier, who is soaking wet.

'Oh, Imelda!What a thoughtful, kind girl you are!I'm going to treat you to something you like tonight.'
'No, not with someone who doesn't have a ticket to dine with me.

Javier tries to hug his daughter with wet hair and is rejected with all his might through the towel.
I don't know if it's okay for the guild leader of a large guild to be disgusting in a place like this.

'Alright, Torbek!You're next!
'Why do you get to decide?
'Shut up!Let me prove in front of my daughter that I'm not the only one who can't do it!
'I can probably do it, I'm pretty good at this kind of thing.
'Then, Umaro, if you can do it in one go, I'll give you a ticket to have dinner with Magda.
'Oh, it's that hard, isn't it?You're sure you can't do it in one shot? I see. Then I refuse to play that game!

He's a graceful coward, this one.
He avoids Magda at all costs, even if it means running away.
There's no such thing as manhood or pride. Magda or dead, that's who he is.

'Well, I'll give it a try for now, but ......, please change the water in this fatty.'
I'm not sure what you're talking about, Torbek.
'It looks like there's some kind of broth coming out of it. ......'
'I'm kelp?

Don't worry, Umaro.
Kombu has to die before it can make broth.
Javier's still alive. For now. Barely. By the skin of his teeth.

Javier's being too forceful. There's water underneath, so if you push, you're bound to sink. You have to be smarter, like this...'

As he approaches the apple, Umaro's nose touches it and it sinks. After a while, it floats back to the surface.
When he puts his face close to another apple, it also sinks. It floats.
Umaro approaches an apple.
The apple sinks. It floats. It sinks. Float. Sink. ............ float.

'Dude, that's sloppy!
'Geez!I'm not sure what to do.

Javier, impatient with the lack of progress, knocks Umaro down on his back, and Umaro sinks into the barrel. ...... floats.

'Geez!What are you doing?
'You'll never get it with your way!
'I don't want to be told by you!

Two adults fighting.
They're old enough to be childish old men.

'...... Umaro, this'.
'Magda-tan!A towel for me?

Magda, Molly and Loretta line up in front of a wet Umaro.

'...... Magda has a fresh, smelly towel,' she said.
'I have Javier's used towel.
'The regular towel I have.'
'...... Which one do you prefer?'
'Magda's is the best, of course!

A man without hesitation, Umaro.
In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at the following tips to help you get the most out of your wedding.

'...... I don't know what to say.
'Well, don't say that, Loretta. It's Umaro, you know.'
'It's very convincing, that word!

When Loretta sees the truth, she stands by the barrel, and I show her how it's done.
I don't want her thinking, 'This is impossible.

'Well, just watch. That's how you get it.'

Without hesitation, dip your face in the water and approach the apple with your mouth wide open.
When the apple touches your lips, suck it in with all your might. When you bite down with your teeth on the skin of the apple, look up.

With a splash of ......, he brushed back his bangs, which were sticking to his face, and struck a pose with a victory wink.

You can do it like this.

He picks up an apple, his trophy, and shows it to the crowd.
This is the model for a successful shot.

Come on, Loretta. Get a towel. ............ Loretta?A towel. ...... Hey, come on, Loretta!
You're making my eyes water!
I want to wipe my face!Hey, Loretta!

Yashiro-san, here you go.

She takes the towel offered from beside her and wipes her hair and face, which are dripping with water.
I breathed a sigh of relief and looked to the side to see Jeannette smiling at me. I knew it was you.

'Thank you, Jeannette.

But Loretta, what was she doing idly?
I had her standing near me so that I could give her a towel right away. ......

'What?I forgot!Big brother, a towel!
'I've already wiped it off.

Loretta was in a daze for some reason. Her ears were red. Where's the embarrassment in that?It's not like you're embarrassed now.

'...... water dripping'
'......Yashiro has raised the bar.'
'What are you talking about, Magda?'
'...... The next menswear is pitiful.'

I don't know what you're talking about.

'Men's. ...... All right, Percy's next!
'Mr. Yashiro, you can't pick someone who's going to make your makeup fall off again. ...... But it's going to be fun, so I'll do Percy!

...... What?

'Hey, Yashiro.'

Nefari is looking around.
It reminds me of the breeding shed in elementary school. I don't know why chickens used to move like that.

'Percy, you're not coming today?
'What?You're not here?

I didn't realize it until he said it.
Because he was always participating in these events even though I didn't call him. Especially when Nephrite was there.

Percy's not here?

'...... He's going to cancel Halloween because of the rain?
'No,......, brother, I don't know about today's events.'

Molly, who knows a lot about Percy, replies hesitantly.
'You're an idiot, Molly.
If Nefari is here, how can she not be informed?
Percy lives in the grassy knoll in front of Nepheli's house, you know.

'If I was stalking him, I would have noticed. ......'
'Well, there's a huge increase in sugar production for Halloween right now, and ...... I've been working at the Sunlit Pavilion for various reasons, so I can't leave the factory, brother.'
'Oh, you're working, Percy!

It was a shocking revelation to Neffery.

'Yes, sir. I haven't had a chance to rest for the past few days. 'I've been allowed to do whatever I want, so you can do whatever you want this time. I'll leave the factory to you.' ...... said something like a decent big brother.'
That's great!You're doing great, Percy!I'm so happy for you, Molly.

Molly hides her embarrassment with a subtle 'yeah, well ......' expression as Nepheli looks as pleased as I am.
She's happy that her brother is being praised.

'I see, I see. Percy has finally come to realize that he's a big brother.
'I've been acting like a big brother for a long time, but it's only recently that I've started to show it in my ...... actions.'
'Molly, you look happy.
'No, I'm not. ...... Well, the way you work is pretty cool ...... in its own way, I thought.
It's not bad. It's cool to be a working man.
'...... Yeah, well...'

Molly looks happy.
Percy is making Molly happy. ......Is it going to rain hard that day?

'I've been thinking about you too, Percy. I'm sure you're right. You've always been a strong person, haven't you? You've been protecting Molly for a long time, and you've been trying your best to protect the factory too. I'm sure he'll be even better when you see more of his good qualities. Percy, you're a cool guy, aren't you?
'Please don't!If you praise him too much, he'll get carried away!
'Well, it's only when he's not here.
'No!I'm sure he'll hear you.

I'm sure that idiot can hear me over a distance like this.
If anything, he might be running for the 42nd district right now, abandoning his work.

'I don't think that's too much of a compliment. ...... Oh, you're cool, the way you're working, you know?
'But it's still too much praise!I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that. ............

Yeah, ...... is going to do that, if he's that stupid.

But I am glad that you praised me, so I will use the Conversation Record to keep an eye on the situation and make use of it in small doses. Are you okay with that?'
'Hmm?Well, I'm not sure, but you can do whatever you want, Molly.
'Thank you very much. But please don't do it directly. You'll break it.'

That's my sister. She knows exactly how to use her brother.
If Neffery said 'cool' to me directly, ...... he'd explode.

'If you show him a glimpse of you in costume at the show, that will be enough of a reward.
'Haha. My masquerade won't be a reward. You know?
'No, Nephrite, you have a good figure and you're beautiful.
'Eh~, that's not true~!Molly, you're always joking!

You're a funny one, Molly.
What is it about chickens that makes them beautiful?Is it the angle of their beaks?

'Nah, nah, nah, nah, hero!
'Nah, don't pull it, Barbara!
'If I show up in costume, will I get that ...... reward?'
'Depends on the person.'
'What about Aashi?
'Depends on the viewer.'
'Pa............ ah, what about her?'
'I don't know.'
'You should know!

Why do I have to put so much effort into you and Percy's stuff?

'If you do your best to dress up pretty, I'm sure they'll be happy.
'Really, manager?
'Yes. Barbara-san is also a pretty girl.''
'Alright!Aashi, I'll dress up too!Teresa, let's dress up together!
'Yes!Ahsoka, Kasho, Soooo!

I wonder if that will make Percy happy?
If it's a mummy woman wearing nothing but a bandage, she might!Even me!Even Barbara!

'Yachiro~!I got it!

Cheryl is biting into an apple with a wet face.
That's apple bobbing for kids in a tub. The bottom is shallow so you won't drown.
But you're pretty wet.

'When I opened my mouth and said, "Ahhh", a lot of water came in and went out!

'You're dirty, man.'
'Hey, Yashiro. How much is that mineral water?'
'There's no minerals in the kid's mouth, okay?And be careful, Javier, because the Grim Reaper is right behind you.'
'Hold on, Imelda!Let's talk!

It's no fun to watch Javier being exterminated, so I check on the kids.

'Hey, watch your step...'

Norma is taking care of the kids. She's a caring woman.

'It's fun for the kids to play, but it's not a game for us to play.
'No, it's not. She can tell your love fortune, too.'
'Is that so?
'Yashiro-sama, please elaborate.
'I want to hear it too!
'The extermination is over.'

Estella and the rest of the girls crowded into the room.
And Imelda. Thanks for your help.

'There are several kinds of fortune telling: ...... you put an apple in a barrel with the name of the man you love written on it, if you get it the first time, you'll be in love with him, if you get it the second time, it'll take a little longer, if you get it the third time, your love will turn to hate, if you get it the fourth time, you'll never be rewarded. --There's fortune telling.
I'm not sure what to say. ...... is there any practice with that?
'It's just fortune telling. It's not something you should take that seriously.

I know you don't like to lose, Estella, but you've got a few tricks up your sleeve to keep from losing.
She's the type of person who draws the fortune again and again until she gets a good luck.

You'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.

That's right. It is possible that bad luck will be avoided.
Then let's go with the other one.

'Now, write the names of various members of the opposite s*x on apples and put them in a barrel and take one. If the name of the person you love is written on it, your love luck will increase!--Or something like that.'
I'll do that one!There's no penalty, is there?
'No, there isn't, but ...... you don't have to be so desperate .......'
'I'm not desperate!

Howls Norma with a desperate look in her eyes. ...... You're scaring me.

Fortune-telling is nothing but conjecture and comfort. Something as vague as 'love will rise' is probably more popular.
If you say 'you will get married', it may be a lie.
Even if '-100' becomes '0', it's still a 'big rise', isn't it?

'Now, by opposite s*x, I mean, in our case, we're writing men's names. ......'

I noticed that each of the girls had an apple in their hands.
Estella and Natalia, who were good with knives, seemed to be the ones to carve the names.

'Anyway, shall we include Yashiro, who happens to be in front of us right now?He caught my eye. And he's a man. Right, Paula?
'Yes, that's right!I think we should put him in for now.Hey, Nephrite?
'Huh?Uh-huh. That's right. For now.

You're squealing. ......
And, Molly. ...... Don't look at me.

''So, is there anyone else you would like to include?''

Natalia's question had the girls nodding their heads, '''hmmm ............'''.
''No one?

''Please don't forget to include the names of the men you are interested in.

Ginette says with an innocent smile.
This guy seems to be looking forward to his love fortune telling. ......

'So, Ginette, do you want to write someone?
'Heh!Oh, no,......, I'm ............ Alvistan, so...'

You'll get a reply like that, so shut up.

I'll just write down the names of the people I know and put them in there. It's not like it's a fortunetelling of what will happen with the person you win, it's just that if you win the love of your life, your love luck will increase, so take it easy.
That's right. Then let's leave the rest to Yashiro. Yes, you can use my knife.
'Big brother!I want to write!
'Then you can use my knife, Hammaro-san.'

'The head waiter's family's treasured sword!
'No, it's a sword for everyday use.

It's not a treasured sword, if it's for everyday use.

But the timing of when Hammaro asks, 'Hammaro? The timing of Hammaro's reply to 'Hammaro?' varies. ...... I looked into Hammaro's hand and saw 'Hammaro? I'm sure you'll agree.
Don't ask there!

Then he threw an apple with the name of a random bastard written on it into the barrel, and the girls began their love fortune-telling.
--I thought...

'Well, he's coming over there, so stay away from him, men!
'Why are you sneaking around?
'It's not the place for a gentleman to gawk at a maiden's taste.

'That's right,' said the girls, moving toward the edge of the floor in a show of female solidarity.
I wonder... ......

'If you're unintentionally happy when you get the name you want, your girlfriend will know.
'Is it like that?
'Well, I can usually tell without ...... being told. ......'

However, I'm still curious, so I observe the girls from afar.
It seems that Norma is going to be the top batter.

...... You don't have to be in such a hurry ............

I'm not sure what to say.

Norma gracefully plunges her face into the water, as if she were a woman. He is a manly man.
Then, a few seconds later, "Zabaa!--Norma looks up with a splash of water.
He had a small apple firmly in his mouth. ...... Vindictive.

'Huh. ......'

The look on her face as she brushes her wet hair back and squeezes it in a s*xy way ...... is so glamorous!
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.
If the man whose name Norma had guessed was here, their love fortunes might rise with such a trivial opportunity!
The floor is filled with such a tense atmosphere that it almost gives you the illusion of love.

'Well, ...... the name is ............'.

Norma spun the apple around and checked the name written on it.
The next moment, he slumped his shoulders and fell to the floor.

What's wrong?

The apple tumbled out of Norma's hand and rolled toward us.
Like a kitten responding to catnip, Hammaro picks up the apple and brings it to us.
We couldn't muster up the courage to go pick it up!Innocence is precious!Curiosity is amazing!

'So, Hammaro. What are you writing?'

At my question, Hammaro turns to me with his usual innocent smile and the name written on it.
Then he reads the name on it.

'It says 'Norma' on it!

............ Oh, no.
No way, the person himself appears: ............

It's not the opposite s*x, and it's not a different person.
What's that?
Are you suggesting that Norma is alone for life, spirit god?You're so cruel to your followers.

Besides, I didn't write that name. That means ............ Hammaro, don't mix up the girls' names.

With a heavy atmosphere, today's apple bobbing was cancelled.
In the event that you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Apart from that, Estella had secretly decided to hold a "revenge love fortune-telling" event at the end of the floor, which was to be prepared only by girls and held in secret only by girls, but I pretended I hadn't heard about it and vowed to remain silent.