437-Additive-free Episode 92 Pinata

When the apple bobbing was over and we were preparing for the next game, the guy showed up.

'Yashippi, I'm here!
'I wish you had said that a couple of decades ago, you know.

Mael is standing in front of the door of the sunlit pavilion, looking at you with a smile.
There is no one around to accompany him.
He usually has Cindy, the head waiter, with him. ......

'Well, Cindy, finally ......'.
'Still going strong, girlfriend.'

'Don't say that,' he said, pressing his forehead.

'I'm getting Cindy and Mokoka ready for their masquerade.
'Are you going to wear a costume? ......'

Think about your age, your age.
Only Donnis would be happy to see something like that.

'I invited Cindy to join us today, but she said, "I prefer to be seen than to look."'
'Wow, I don't know, that's the kind of information that makes your stomach grow heavy. I didn't want to hear that.

Cindy could have participated in Halloween with no makeup on.
Maybe if she wore a jack-o'-lantern, she'd be a little more visible. It would hide your face.

'So, what are you doing now?I was hoping you could show me the city.
'Oh, I can show you...'
'No, wait, Estella.

It's too early.
If you're going to go, it's better to go later.

It's still early in the day.

'Let's play a little game and then go see it together.

I've got a surprise for you. You'll want to see as many surprised faces as possible.

'Yes, I do!I want to see a lot of reactions, not just ......, but a lot of people!
'I guess so!I'm sure everyone will be surprised ......, but it's more fun together!
'The main square is the best place to see it!
'Hey, Imelda!Don't tell anyone yet!
'Leave it to me!I'll shut her up!

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
...... I guess they're the type that can't keep a secret. Especially Imelda.

You have a plan, don't you?Okay. Let's play that game.I think I'll join you in that game.'

Maître smiled at her, saying that he would be delighted to be surprised.
This kind of thoughtfulness is very much appreciated.
It makes the surprise all the more worthwhile.

That's why I've decided to spend a little more time playing games in the sunny pavilion.

'Well then, let's start the piñata.
'What kind of game is a piñata?

Ginette had also helped me make the kusudama, so you can get the general idea, but I'll explain it again.

'A piñata is, in layman's terms, the same rules as watermelon splitting.

I explained it simply and clearly, and Jeannette looked at me with a puzzled look.

'...... watermelon, split?

d*mn it!
You don't even split watermelons over here?
I don't know, I don't really think of it as playing on the beach!
This is no time to be splitting watermelons blindfolded.

Let's see, let's have Hammaro do it.
'I've been unexpectedly selected!A Cinderella story!

It's not a Cinderella story.

'But it's too much for me, so I refuse!
'I'll do it quietly!We'll show off the reliable Hewitt family at a time like this!We're going to defeat the Trubecks!
'Are they making an enemy of us?

Did you have such ambitions, Loretta?

'Well then, Hammaro. Take this 'Holy Sword s*xy Calibur'.
'Too bad, I've heard of Excalibur before, but me!
'Look, Estella-sama. That sword, with its S-shaped silhouette, subtly looks like a beautiful woman with big breasts. I'm sure it's the s*xy Calibur.'
Natalia, go confiscate it. It needs to be incinerated later.'
'Yes, sir.'

Whoa, come on!
That was a rather time-consuming masterpiece!

I made this masterpiece in secret while everyone else was making kusudama!

'So, Hammaro-san. Please use this 'Holy Sword, Bad Boy Exterminating Stick'.

She found my s*xy Calibur and said, 'I can't let you use that sword on the kids! Ginette handed me a stick that she made after the fact!
It's called 'The Holy Sword', but it's called 'The Stick', and it's such a subtle weapon that it's like a puddle of contradictions!

Well, it says it's a "holy sword", but it's actually just a stick. It's just a stick with a decoration on it.
If you hit the kusudama with it, the paper kusudama will break, and the candy and confetti inside will fall.

It's a weapon that conquers ghosts, that's why I call it a 'holy sword'.

'Bad boy exterminating stick!It's so cool!I've always wanted something like this!

Hammaro likes it very much.
And his brothers are swarming around him. Like a crowd bowing down to a legendary hero who pulled out a holy sword.

'Chosen, little brother!
I never thought a hero would be born from my family!
'It's the guidance of the Spirit God!

My sisters are kind of in on the 'hero birth story'.

'I can make a cooler holy sword, though!
'I'd make something more practical ......!

Don't compete with me, craftsman fox.
Ginette's just a random decoration.

'And when you're armed, wear a blindfold.
'You mean?

If you're going to kidnap me, you're not going to give me a weapon.
If you're going to kidnap someone, you don't want them to have a weapon. It's the same rule as watermelon splitting, which is why you have to blindfold them. ...... I think it would be more fun to put some kind of setting on it, these guys.
...... Okay.

The ghosts will try to confuse your mind and drag you into their group. It's called mind control. To prevent that, the person who kills the ghost must wear a blindfold.
''But I can't see it, can I?
'''I can't see?'''
''Big brother, are you a beginner in blindfolding?

All the Hamm children tilted their heads.
I know.
I mean, what's a beginner blindfolded? Are you guys veterans?

''That's why the people around you have to tell you where the ghosts are. 'More to the right,' 'More up,' 'There, hit it! And so on.
'''' I see!Tea from the belly button! ''''
'It's an eye opener!If you want tea with a belly button, boil it!

I used a wooden frame I made for the bread-eating contest to hang a kusudama. Since it was the first time, I made one of them tall enough for Hammaro's height.
A ghost with a face like Frankenstein's hangs there, glaring at Hammaro.

'Okay, Hammaro. Are you ready?'
'Don't come!
'Which one!Don't you want me to come?Or don't you want me to come?

I blindfolded Hammaro and spun him around three times.

'Wow, I'm dizzy~'

Hammaro wobbled around with a stick in his hand.
The sight of him creates a relaxed atmosphere. Ma-ru is staring at him, looking particularly happy.

''Then, brothers and sisters, show Hammaro where the ghost is.
''Then, let's start!
''Hammaro, let's go straight ahead first!
''You're the one who's the most excited, aren't you?

Loretta shouted loudly with a command.
You're the one who's going to ......

'I'll send Loretta out as a player later, so you can give her to your little brothers and sisters.
'Are you sure?Can I do it?Then you guys will do well!
'''You too~!
''Where did you learn to do that kind of thing?You can't do that!

Despite the playfulness of the two sisters, the younger sisters wisely instructed Hammaro to lead the way.


'That way to the left~!
'Too far~!
'A little more to the right~!
'That way to the left~!

They're forgetting that they're facing each other.
What's right to my sister is left to Hammaro.

''Evil spirits, dispel!

He swung down the holy sword with great force.
The holy sword swung out catches the face of the ghost and pierces it.

'A waterfall of sweets!
'Sweets are falling from the sky!

Small pieces of wrapped candy and marshmallows rained down on the hamsters who were watching closely.

'I can't see!
'Hammaro, you can take off the blindfold.
'Hmm~............, hmm?Hmm?It's not falling, is it?

Hammaro takes off the blindfold and looks up at the ceiling.
It's already finished falling.

Just then, Jeannette sprinkles the marshmallows that have fallen to the floor all over Hammaro.

'Wow!A shooting star in the land of sweets!

He catches the falling sweets and gets excited.
Seeing her, Ginette is smiling happily.

'We'll share the sweets we get with everyone!
'''' Yes! ''''

Loretta is acting like a big sister.
Even though we're going to share the sweets, the number of sweets is a little small for the number of hamsters.

'I'll let you do it a few more times.
'I guess so. I'll make sure they're distributed properly.
'Ma'ul. Can you wait a little longer?
'Yes, of course. Everyone's so cute! Just looking at them makes me happy.'

Mahrul sits in a special seat with a cup of tea in his hand, watching the hamsters play.
Before you know it, you're being treated well.
Then why don't you become a sponsor?

'Ma'ul. I'd like to hand out candy to as many kids as possible at the show. ......'
'Mm-hmm. Okay, okay. I'll help you out a little, Estella-san.''
'Really?That would be great, Mahr.'

After thanking Ma'ulu, 'Yashiro, you did it! I don't need you to tell me that.
You don't need me to tell you to do that.
It would be a shame to waste free entertainment.

After that, we split up into two teams and competed to see who could break the kusudama before the other, and we tried various variations of setting up multiple kusudama with mixed results.
I think the team competition got the best response.
It would be better to let small children break the balls as usual, and let them compete in team competitions when they reach a certain age.

And now for the adults.

'Okay, let's have a race between Loretta, Becco and Mahr.
'Wait a minute, Yashiro!

When I nominated Mahr, who seemed to want to participate, Estella gave me a hard time.
What's wrong with that? We had a good tempo going.

'Looking at the ...... members, an inexplicable anxiety is rising in me.
'Isn't it just my imagination?
'No, of course not!I'm sure you'll be fine even if something happens to you.
'I'm proud to say that I've become a useful person in the 42nd district these days, that I am!

Hahaha, Becco~.
You can be proud of yourself all you want, but whether the people around you recognize it is another matter.

'I'll just give it a look for now. Umaro, will you change your mind?
'I don't want you to include me in this group!
'Wait, Mr. Umaro!If we're in this line, I'd like to say that line myself!
'No, no, no, I'm actually feeling the 'wind' of the rising popularity in the 42nd district, that I am, so I think I'm the one who should decline the request, that I am.

I don't know what you're feeling, but that kind of 'wind' isn't blowing.

'Well, that's all right. Then, let's do it with the three of us from Yogore-zu.
''Who are the Yogore-zu?
''No, but wait!If you interpret it as "dirty", then it's .......''

'I see, that's Mr. Loretta!You can interpret it that way, that you can.
'If that's the case, then we won't get to do the dirty work, will we?

You're free to think what you want.
Think what you want.

'Then I'll make it happen!
'I'll show you my skills, that I will.
'I'm pretty good at this kind of thing, that I am.

The three of them are confident even though they've never done it before.
I'm impressed. They must know that if they pretend, it will lead to laughter later, instinctively.

'Then blindfold the three of us.
'Yes, sir!
'I understand, that I do.
'Is that okay?

So, I give them their weapons, but all I have now is the 'Holy Sword, the Stick of the Bad Boy Exterminator' made by Ginette, and a spare, undecorated stick.
One is missing.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I think it's a good idea. ...... When I looked at Estella, she nodded her head once with an amused look on her face and returned my s*xy Caliber to me.

Of course, the s*xy Calibur is to be given to Umaro.

There are six black balls hanging in total.
Who gets which one depends on who you cheer for.
I've told him to give instructions to whoever he wants to cheer.

'Let's begin!

I clap my hands to signal the start of the game, and the voices fly in unison.

'Loretta, Becco is on the right!
'Big brother, you've got the wrong target!
'Mr. Yashiro, I'm seriously scared because my vision is blocked, so please don't make any unfunny jokes!
'...... Loretta. Bekko's getting away. After him.
'Magda, did you hear what I said?You're aiming at the wrong guy!You can't get a prize by hitting Becko!
'I wish you'd stop hitting me before you give me a prize, that you do!

Becko is on the defensive, holding a stick to kill bad boys.
It's really not a good idea. ......

'...... Umaro, four steps to the top.'
'I can't hate Magda-tan for making demands that are beyond human comprehension!

It looks like it's going to be fun over there .

'Big brother, give me a hint too!
'Loretta, move forward like normal!And a little to the right, just like normal!
'There's no need for 'normal', is there?In fact, it's the 'just a little to the right' that seems difficult!

Or something like that, it looks like just a joke, but in fact, I manipulate the movements of the three participants and lead them to the "kusudama" that I want at the same time.
And then the three of them all move at the same time.

Then, the three of them take their intended positions almost simultaneously.

'Loretta, you're right in front of me!
'...... Umaro, attack now!
'Let's see you do it once, Becko!

Each of the three blindfolded men raised their weapons as the crowd cheered.
Then, all at once, they swung down.

''It's working! That's right! That it is!

Each weapon destroys its own kusudama.
At the same time, traps rain down from within the smoldering balls.

'What?What the hell is this?What's going on?
'Kefu kefu!What the hell is that?
'Smell!There's a smell, that there is!And it's sticky too, that it is!

The three of them take off their blindfolds at once, trying to grasp the situation that has befallen them.

'Honya!What's this?

Loretta has algae dripping from her head.
This is inedible seaweed that is harvested in large quantities when seaweed is harvested.
It might be edible if we could do something with it, but we can't get our hands on it because it often has garbage attached to it and we have never seen it in Japan. I've been throwing them away for the sake of labor and cost, so there's no problem using them for traps. It's probably safe to eat. It's not tasty, though.

'Isn't this the stuff we have in abundance?

Collecting seaweed is still an inside job for hams.
I'm sure Loretta is familiar with the feel and smell.

'Yashiro-san, ......, is this flour?

A white-faced Umaro asks, sobbing in the flour.
Too bad.

'That's corn flour.
'It's used to make tortillas. ...... Are you sure you want to use that for something like this?'

Umaro glanced toward Jeannette.
Of course, you shouldn't waste food.
But I think it's okay to make good use of the food that's no longer edible, me.

This is a powder that was going to be disposed of due to a sad accident.
I'm not sure if it's ...... or if it's moldy!Pfft!Phew!It's in my mouth!
'It's okay. Basically, I only choose traps that are safe to put in your mouth.
'Is that so? ...... I'm glad.'
'This is the one that Barbara left outside without closing the mouth of the bag, so it had three bird droppings in it.
'Bebuhuh!Pfft!Pfft!Pfft!If it gets in your mouth, you've got a problem!
'It won't make me sick to my stomach. It's just too much.
'It's the fatty part that's fatal!

That's right.
Regina checked the feces and found that there were no bacteria in it that could cause food poisoning, so it's safe, but ...... it's not good for my mood.
So, powder is a delicate thing, and I don't know how much of it is safe to dispose of.
As long as it hasn't been touched, I'd say it's OK, but ...... it's just powder and it falls easily, and when you start to wonder if it hasn't really been touched, you can't stop ...... or even if it hasn't been touched. I don't know.
So, the whole bag of powder was discarded.

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
'It's the stinky, sticky liquid from Regina's place.
'I don't know what it is at all, that I don't know!

I don't know either.
When I asked Regina, 'Is there anything that makes you feel bad when it gets on your face? This was the first thing that came up.
It's Regina's thing, so even if it damages you mentally, it won't harm you physically. It should be ......!

'Becko, is there anything wrong with your body?
'You're looking into it now, that you are!Didn't you check beforehand, that you did?
'If anything happens, you should hate Regina.
'I want to be sure that nothing is wrong, that I do!

As expected of Regina, the kusaneba liquid was not easily removed from her face.
I'm not sure what he's doing,......, usually. I'm not going to think about it because it's useless to ............ think about it.

'M~...... brother.
'You're talking out of your ass, Loretta.

He picks up the "holy sword" that Bekko, who is struggling with his sticky face, threw out and smashes the bat-shaped ball.
Then sweets wrapped in colorful wrapping paper rain down from inside.

'You guys just 'happened' to get the wrong one.
'It's definitely not a fluke!I was guided by my brother!
'How, how, how, how do you have such, such, such, such, such, such, evidence?
'Your deliberate panic is the same as a confession!

You've been found out. Hmph.

'Then let's retrieve the weapon. Loretta, give me back that ordinary stick.''
'Mwah!If you look closely, you'll see that only mine is a normal stick!There's nothing special about it, it's just a normal stick!
'...... is the most suitable choice for Loretta.
It's not like that.I wanted to have a cute holy sword too!I'll have a prettier one for the show!

Is Loretta going to play the piñata on Halloween too?
How can you not learn, after being put through all this?

'So, Umaro. Give me back my s*xy Calibur.'
'Nuh-uh!I was made to carry such a weapon?

Umaro threw away someone's masterpiece.
Take care of your stuff, man!You'll be able to turn into a s*xy mourning god and come out as one.
............ I'm welcome....... Hmmm.

'I know the rules. Estella, can I borrow your weapon?
'Are you going to do it, Mr. Marle?
'Oh?You look like you're having a great time.
'No, no, no!You saw the devastation, didn't you?

Estella pointed at Becco.
But Mahrul seems to be unconcerned and smiles demurely.

'I'm fine. Yashippi, you're kind to girls. You know?
'You're not putting yourself in that category, are you, Ma'ru?

Who's the girl's "child"?
Go get a copy of the family register and write down the date of birth a hundred times.

'Yashiro!You understand ............, right?
'I got it!............ There's more where that came from, Kusaneva.'
'Natalia!I want you to tie this dangerous man up right now!

I was planning to make some s*xy noises when I was tied up, but Natalia suggested that Mahr's opponents be Ginette and Milly.
...... Chi. It's hard to set a bad trap.
I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you out.
I'm sure you'll agree.

I had no choice but to use only light traps of the powder type, but even those were removed by Estella.
It has become an extremely entertaining game with no surprises.
...... This kind of entertainment is rather boring, isn't it?
You'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of them.

But, well, if everyone gets a hit, it's boring as hell, so I made one jackpot in there. Secretly.
Now, let's see who'll get it!

'Mr. Ma'ul, isn't it too tight?
'Yes, I'm fine. But you really can't see anything.'

The three participants are blindfolded.
All three of them are looking around.

'Actually, I'm going to ask you to go around three times blindfolded. ...... This is surprisingly hard. Hey, Umaro, Loretta?'
'Yes. I thought I could handle it three times, but I got dizzy and lost my sense of direction.
'I wobbled on my feet and was scared too.
'That's why it's very dangerous to let Jeannette do that.
'I don't think so, ......, don't you?
'Don't be too sure of yourself, Jeannette!You might fall on the spot, or even break your leg if you're not careful. 'What?Why did you fall like that? Why did you fall like that?
I'm not that bad at sports!
'...... Manager. Don't be too sure of yourself.
'Oh, ......, even Magda-san is .......'

It seems that my point was understood, and there was an air of 'It's dangerous for Jeannette' in the floor.

'So, what do you think?It's not a handicap, but maybe Jeannette should stop spinning and try jumping ten times on the spot.
'I think I can do that. Thank you, Mr. Yashiro.

Convinced that it's less dangerous than turning, Jeannette starts jumping on the spot.

Whaaaa~, it's popping~!

'Jeannette, stop!You're falling right into the ruse!
'What?What about ............?Oh, my God!Yashiro-san!Please repent!

Ginette crouches down, holding her chest.
Oh, no!You've been noticed.

'Yashiro ......, if you don't stop it, I'll use the 'bad boy slaughter stick' to finish you off.
'It's supposed to be a 'kill stick', isn't it?

Don't you dare evolve into something you're not.

So, when each of you is ready, the game begins.

'Well, I've tied Yashiro to the table, so you can concentrate on the game at ease.

Estella said briskly.
As for me, I was really tied to the table.
I was just cheering Ginette on so close!
So close that my face was almost buried!

Natalia gave hints to Mahr, Norma to Millie, and Estella to Ginette, and the race began to see who could break the ball first.
...... Natalia is the navigator. That's a bit much entertainment, don't you think?

'Milly, 15 degrees to the right in front of you, 1.6 meters high, there's a smoldering ball!
'Around here?Oh, yeah!...... Heh!Oh, my God!

We were entertaining, but the two guys with the best performance easily broke the smolder.
You know, Norma, I'm not a fan of losing.

But I'm also impressed with Milly for making a precise correction to the 15-degree right.

'Ma'am. It's one buttock to the left of Cindy's.'
'Then, it's around here. There!Oh, I think I got it.'

What criteria?
And you got it right, with that hint!
Also, it's rather large, Cindy's butt!

'Ginette, a little more forward!
'...... and turn on the spot.'
'Here, like this?
'No, Jeannette!That's Magda's voice, don't be fooled!

As expected, Ginette Estella's team was struggling.
Magda, surprisingly, likes to watch Ginette flail about. He's having fun messing with her.
It's a strange thing that when I'm blindfolded, I'm sometimes momentarily confused about whose voice it is. I guess that's why I'm confused. Mm-hmm.

'Jeannette, jump!
'Repent, Mr. Yashiro.'

d*mn it!You caught me.

'Jeannette, there!
'...... Yeah. I didn't expect you to swing sideways. ......'

Jeannette's swing passed just below the ball.
You're looking rather dexterous, Jeannette.

'Well, hold it above your head and swing straight down.
'Yes, sir. Like this?Oh, I hit something!
'It hasn't cracked yet!Hit the same spot, but harder!

Even though I told her to keep the same trajectory, Jeannette's body axis was shaking as much as she could when she swung.
The stick swung down with such force that it hit the floor, making Jeannette's fingers numb.

'......It hurts.'
'......Yashiro, apparently it's too difficult for the manager.'
'Yes, it is. It's for ages four and up, you know.

I don't know how this girl has survived without serious injury.

'Manager, here~!It's around here~!

Loretta fussed over the ball, and Ginette tapped it fearfully, relying on the sound.
The ball was made of thin paper, so fragile that even a child could cut it in half, and it took Ginette six attacks to finally destroy it.
It's not a good attack!

'Haha ...... finally broken'.

Relieved, Ginette took off her blindfold.
Then, she picked up the prize candy that had fallen under the ball.
It was a marshmallow with a magnificent D-cup titty.

'I made it after hours, so it's safe!
'Oh my god!

Good for you, Jeannette. Looks like you hit the jackpot with that smolder. Congratulations.

So, after the piñata, which many of us were enjoying to the fullest even though it was a demonstration, we decided to look around at the Halloween decorations while the others were already having a strategy meeting for the actual event.
Participation is free.
The sunlit pavilion is temporarily closed, and a sign is posted on the door saying, "If you need anything, please come to the stall.
I guess the only thing we can sell today is sweets.

'...... Loretta. Snacks only 30Rb.'
'Whoa!That's a problem!

Magda and Loretta seem to be enjoying their excursion.

'Molly's coming too, right?
'Oh, yes!......But, when it comes to 30Rb, ............ I'm worried.'
'......We're about to go on the air, are you going to snack?'
'No, but they say it's safe to eat up to 30Rb!

There's no such thing as safe.
There's no such thing as 'safe'. If you eat 1Rb, you're taking in calories.

'...... cotton candy is so light, I don't think I'd gain that much weight. ............'

You're getting closer, step by step, to being a sorry girl.

And so it goes, the boulevard.

'Oh, big brother, look!That decoration!I found it when I was helping out at Shop No. 7!It's so cute!
'...... Yashiro. The decorations on the house over there are ...... erotic.'
'Where are you, Magda?
'Hey, big brother!Don't go that way without a second thought!

You can't just look at a pretty decoration and say, 'That's so cute! Leave that to the girls.
Boys are supposed to be all about eroticism!That's what puberty is all about!

'Our puberty never ends......!
'Did you think you said something nice?It's not cool at all, is it?

Estella, you don't know anything at all. Kan Karakon! (An empty can that was kicked)

'Oh, Loretta. You shouldn't touch that.'
'What is it, Estella?Whoa!There's a brick that's obviously suspicious!This is like telling me to touch it. Yeah!
'Gaggle gaggle!
'Ooohhh!It's a nostalgic biting grass!
'Pfft...... kuku'.

Estella, you ...... are rather mean, aren't you? Depending on who you're talking to.

'Ah, yes. Loretta.'
'What is it, big brother?
'There, touch the cheese ornament that's biting the rat.
'What's the trick this time?
'Well, well, well. Just touch it a little bit.' (smirk)
'I don't want to touch you ......, but ............, if I don't touch you here, I'll lose my womanhood! I'll touch you!I'll touch you!
' (grin)'
I'm going to touch you. ............ I'm going to pinch you. ............... ............... Nothing is going to happen to me!

It's just a decoration. ~~~~ Loretta was so scared that she touched it a little bit.
I'm not sure what to do.

'Yashiro is really mean, isn't he?
'Don't have a strange sense of fellowship.'
'I don't think of you as a friend, not even a little.

Are you trying to tell me that you are not mean?
He's got no self-analysis skills, this guy.

'We're really good friends, aren't we, Yashippi and Estella?
'The more people see, the more they flirt, those two.'
'Can you please stop making strange accusations, Natalia?
'You have no ability to analyze yourself, Estella-sama.

We've come to the same conclusion, but I can't relate to any of it, Natalia.
Don't drag me into this. Estella is just messing around on her own.

'Master Yashiro. Would you like to have a date with me sometime?'
'What do you mean, like a date?

Natalia slinks over and points to the goblin-like face ornament with a girlish gesture.

'Look at that decoration, it's so weird!
'You're looking pretty weird right now, too.
'But there's something even weirder. That's you...'
'Are you fighting with me?
'Isn't that a common lovey-dovey situation on a date? You're too ignorant, Yashiro-sama.''
'I see. This proves how dangerous self-study without experience can be.

You should take a vacation once in a while, Natalia, and go out with someone.
All you do is work, and that's how you end up.

'Ah!Mr. Yashiro, Mr. Yashiro!Look at this!Cantaluchka's here!

Ginette, who had been looking at the decorations with a smile on her face up to this point, rolled her eyes and waved her arms in the air.
A huge wolf's face was waiting for the customers with its big mouth.

'I think I'm going to be eaten when I enter the store!It's amazing!That's an interesting twist.
'Umaro, you're trying too hard.'
'Hahaha ......, it's been a long time since I've felt like I could count on you.

Umaro was asked by Paula to make a Halloween decoration that would stand out on the main street - or rather, to build one.
The 'waste of technology' that Gooziya pointed out is apparent everywhere.

'How about it?Isn't it amazing!It's like Cantalcica is different from the others, isn't it?
'Yes. It's very pretty, isn't it, Paula?
'...... This is commendable. This is indeed the kind of store where Magda once helped out for a few days.
That's right!It's really outstanding!It's just the kind of store I used to work at!
'You guys only worked there for a few days, right?Why are you acting like you own the place?

It was an honest praise of ......, but Paula couldn't seem to be happy about it because she looked like a concerned citizen.
But her tail is wagging.
...... Roll it up, hem!

I'm not sure what to say. You're going to get eaten.

I was pressed on the forehead.
It's a good idea to keep your fingers away from the base of your nose. ......

It's really a strange atmosphere.

'Why is it always so strange what ...... Yashippi does, that the city is filled with creepy and scary deformed people, but it's not disgusting at all, in fact it's exciting?
'It's not my idea of an event. I was simply introducing what we were doing in my country. Ask whoever came up with it how it came to be like this.
'Still, it's Yashippi who made the changes to fit in with this town, right?

Hmm. Well, I did arrange ...... a little.
But that's a small part of it.
I guess the people in this town have a good mood.

'It's fun enough now, but I can't wait for the show.
'Yes, I am. I can't imagine what the show will be like at this stage either.
'It's useless to imagine. I'm sure it's going to be even more ridiculous than that.

I can see that coming.
It will happen.
I guess it's easy to imagine. Ginette smiled softly and nodded slowly.

'It's going to be a very fun day, isn't it?

There was no one who disagreed with her opinion.

'Yashiro-san!It's time to go!
'Yes, it is!We're heading for the main square!
'Well, gentlemen!Hurry up!

The two artisan foxes and the blonde lady couldn't contain their excitement and started to urge everyone on.
They lead us to the big square like chasing away free-range chickens.

These guys really aren't good at surprises, are they?

We were driven to the Great Square.
It was the time when the lower part of the sky started to turn red.

It was getting darker and darker, and the face of the guy walking next to me was getting darker.

'What?Is there a pillar like that in the main square?

A huge pillar stands out in the middle of the main square.
Eight pillars are crowded together to form a single thick column.
On top of the pillars are ornaments full of beauty and form that can be described as artistic, and in the center of the closely circling pillars are shining bricks carved into spherical shapes.

Objects surround the glowing sphere. They cast long shadows on the ground diagonally below, bathed in light from behind.

'Eh .................. Heh?............What?

As the sky turns red and darkness spreads over the city, the shadows created by the objects illuminated by the glowing bricks deepen in color.

Eight shadows stretch out from the pillar of light set up in the center of the main square.
They take the form of eight black ghosts.

'There are ghosts on the ground!

At the sound of Jeannette's voice, the people who had been looking up at the objects all looked at their feet.

'Where the hell did it come from?What, is it the shadow of that object?
'What is this?It's so cute!
'Hey, lady, look!A ghost!
'Aaah!It's a shadow monster!Miss, let's run!
'Hahaha!You're making too much noise, Barbara. It's just a shadow. Did Yashiro make this?

'I'm the one who drew up the plan, but it was those three who put up the fight.

I point to the three of them, who are striking a strong gut pose when they see the astonished people.
They are soon intoxicated with a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

The object in the main square that Umaro and Norma consulted me about.
The original plan was to make the shadows of the ghosts gradually stretch out into the street, using the light of the sun as it tilts in the evening.
However, in that case, due to the angle of the sun, the shadow can only be cast from one direction.
In this kind of square, the ghosts can only be created on one side.
In addition, shadows can only be cast for a short period of time, from the time the sun sets to the time it starts to set. Then there was a high possibility that many people would not be able to see the shadow of the monster.

So I came up with the idea of using glowing bricks.
If you place a glowing brick behind the object, it will illuminate the object throughout the day, and as it gets darker, the shadow will be clearly reflected on the ground.
The shadow of the ghost will appear on the ground not only in the evening, but also throughout the night.

In bright light, the shadows of the ghosts are not visible because the light of the sun exceeds the light of the bricks. When the sun is shining, the shadows are not visible because the light from the sun exceeds the light from the bricks.
However, as the day turns to evening and darkness falls over the city, the shadows cast by the glowing bricks begin to appear.
It is as if the ghosts who have been waiting for the night to come peek out into the world.

It was not always sunny that day, and if it clouded over in the evening, we were out of luck.
I'm sure this improvement will work.
The cost has gone up drastically because of the glowing bricks in all the objects, but it will be covered with the help of Mahr and the money for the boo-boo cushions that Ricardo bought.

Oh no, you really blew it, Estella. I'm not sure that the boob cushions will sell for that price. ...... I'm not sure that buying them at the asking price is a good idea either.

I'm not sure what to say.

Paula shouted as she thought of something and ran towards the main street.

'What's that?Hey, Paula!
'I don't know what it is, but let's go there, guys!

Nephrite and Delia chase after Paula.
Umaro, Norma and Imelda chuckle as they watch her go.

As they walked out of the square and onto the main street, countless ghosts appeared on the darkened street, startling the many people walking along the street.

'What the hell is this?
'Suddenly, there's a shadow of a ghost!
'But where did it come from, ......?'

There was a bit of a commotion.
But it was obvious that it was harmless.
As soon as they realized that it was a Halloween trick, smiles spread across the faces of the people on the street.

'Whoa!What is this?

Paula, who had arrived at Cantalcica earlier than the others, shouted when she saw the shadow on the ground.

The shadow of an anthropomorphic and comical wolf was floating in front of Cantalcica, about to attack the girl.
It was designed by me, based on a scene from Little Red Riding Hood.
The store in Cantartica has the face of a werewolf-like magical beast, so it is designed to be a story together with it.

However, there is one direction for such a girl.

'Huh?But this girl's shadow ............'.

Loretta notices it.

The girl, who is about to be eaten by a wolf, appears to be standing there ...... looking up at the wolf, with a large masakari hidden in her back hand.

'This is Magda Cho, isn't it!The wolf, it's a revenge attack!
'...... room to spare.'

This is a message to the Obake side, that if you underestimate humans, you will be hurt.
Even if the whole town is jacked up by monsters, humans will never give in. It's a little bit of playfulness that can be a symbol.

'I feel the power of human life.
'It's not that big of a theme.
'Then, let's keep it simple. It's very cute.

Ginette smiles at the girl in the shadow puppet that resembles Magda.
From now until the show, there will be a lot of people walking around looking at this shadow.

With a different atmosphere from the daytime, the 42nd district at night was also very lively.
In the meantime, Halloween had finally arrived.