438-No additives 93rd episode Halloween Day

'Hmm ............ what?

I jumped up, realizing I was lying on the floor.
I must have lost consciousness.
...... How long had I been asleep? My body aches all over.

When he lifted his hand to rub his eyes, he felt a slippery sensation.

'What ...... is this?'

I blinked my unfocused eyes twice or three times to wake them up.
You'll be able to see my hand in your vision, which was stained bright red.

...... blood?

And beyond my hand, I see a person lying on the ground.
That person is bleeding profusely from the head. ...... Lucia?

'Lu, Lucia......, hey, Lucia.'

I called out to her, but she didn't answer.
She didn't move an inch.

'No way. ......'

I leaned forward to check Lucia's face.
Her eyelids are tightly closed. Her long eyelashes don't waver.

The bridge of her nose is perfectly straight.

I smear some of Regina's kusaneva liquid on it.

'd*mn it!What the hell is this?It's sticky and ...... stinky!

...... This guy really doesn't know how to be reserved.

I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

Yesterday evening, Lucia came to stay with Gilberta, and she was not lying or joking, but she really stayed at the Sunken Pavilion.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing and how you're going to do it.
What's wrong with him? He kept asking me to redo my makeup and then rejecting it, and then rejecting my costume and then rejecting it.

'It's your fault, you know.
'It's clearly your fault.
'How can you talk like that when you've only given your people a prettier costume than the one I've prepared!
'I can't find anything to blame for my actions in your statement.

When Lucia arrived at the Sunlit Pavilion, she had painted her face white and wore makeup that looked like black cracks had been painted all over her face.
She wore a black cloak and carried a bamboo spear.

'Your 'cracked mirror cake' costume was pretty funny.
'That's the costume of a demon that brings death!Who would want to dress up as a rice cake?

Well, he was holding a bamboo stick. That's a kadomatsu, right?

'So why don't you come and see!Magda, isn't that too cute?
'I don't know if you're angry or if the disease is progressing, you...'

I'm not sure if you're angry or sick. I don't know.
I think I can handle Gilberta, but ...... Lucia is 'cute'.

I'm not sure what to do.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do.

Well, that's not too far off the mark, is it?

'Find the cuteness lurking inside me and stretch it out!
'I can't find it, so you'll have to find it for me.
'Even if you say it like a threat with such a sharp gaze, ......'

You're so shallow, your drawer.
You could fill it up with two sheets of copy paper.

'......You're still doing this?'
'Oh, Magda, or ...... Ginette?'
'She's in her ...... room checking out her outfit.'

So that means the ...... donation is already done.
Oh, I've been covered with a blanket, if you ask me.
So you let me sleep. Oh, I see. I wanted to sleep in the ...... bed.

I wanted to sleep in your bed. 'Oh, you're so cute, Magda!I want to take her home with me!
'...... Magda is a magical woman. It's impossible to keep her captive.

With that, she spins around.
Her short skirt flies up in the air.
With bat-like wings and miniature goat horns, she's the perfect little devil.

Magda is dressed in a black and purple costume.
On the tip of her tail, she wears an accessory shaped like an arrowhead to represent a devil's tail.

'Haaaaan!Magda-tan the devil, you're a real angel!
'No, which is it, Umaro?

Isn't there some kind of contradiction in that?
Well, it doesn't really matter.

Umaro is here just fine.

Lucia was asleep, on the floor.
Are you sure you want to be treated like that?

'Oh, are you awake, big brother?

Loretta appears out of the kitchen.
She's got bandages on her thighs, neck, and part of her face.
It's a mummy woman,......, but now I see that she has cat ears for some reason.

'What's that?
It's the deadly cat demon!

Why are you adding such selfish elements?

'It's a walking cat!
'You may have taken it from The Walking Dead, but a walking cat is a normal cat.

It's scary to leave cooking in the hands of people like this, who just make up their minds and add extra touches.
An amateur's idea rarely works, but they're sure it will work, for some reason.

But Loretta's cat ears are not so bad.
Loretta's chemo ears, which have almost no animal features, are a novelty in their own right.
Her thighs, which are usually bare, are also partially covered by bandages, which gives a little more of a glimpse.

'A little erotic!
'Isn't there another word of praise?

Hmm, I can't think of any.

'I'm ready, I'm ready. I want you to see my friend Yashiro.'
'Oh, you look good.'
'Heh, I'm glad, I am.'

In the beginning, Gilberta was going to wear a matching Kagamimochi costume with Lucia, but it didn't turn out too well, so I made a little costume item for her.
A matching hair clip for Millie. But not in the shape of a ladybug, but in the shape of a firefly.

This hairpiece reminds me of my senpai,........ I'll cherish it forever.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site. I'm sorry.I'm sure you'll agree.
I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do.
'That's the thing. ...... I've been too busy with the decorations to get ready.'
'Oh well. Now, put this on, wear this around your neck, and finally, put this on.
'You've prepared something for me?Thank you!I'm going to go change my clothes.
'You can use my room.
'Thank you!

Umaro disappears into the kitchen with his costume.

'Hey, anchovy!Why don't you finish my costume first!
'You're complaining too much, you can't take shape.'

'You're complaining too much and it's not taking shape.' 'It's not good enough,' 'It's not bright enough,' 'It's not scary enough,' and so on.
You should be grateful that you've stuck with me this far.

'It's time to go out. If you can't do as I say, you'll have to dress up as the first cracked rice cake.'
'I refuse to do that!That's just not ...... the same!

Hey, where did you drop your vocabulary?
I know what you're trying to say, but...

'All right. I'll leave it to you to make it pretty.'

Lucia went through a lot of confusion, asking for scary, interesting, and cute, but in the end she left the cute part.
Well, let's make her a wizard or something.

I cleaned up Lucia's bloody face with red paint, and painted a star mark on her bright makeup.

'Now, go change into this.
'Mm. Then, look forward to the completion.

Lucia hugged her costume and disappeared into the kitchen at a run.

'You look happy, Lucia, very happy. It looks like it, to me.
'If that's the case, you should have decided on a costume earlier. ......'
'I think Lucia was happy that her friend Yashiro was taking care of her.'
'...... I'm exhausted, though.'

I'm not going to be able to walk around the city anymore.
I think I'll just stay in my room all day today.

'Ah, that ...... Yashiro,......-san.'

From the entrance of the kitchen, Ginette is peeking her face just a little bit.
Today, she is wearing makeup that looks a little bluish. It's a color that reminds me of the dead.

'In case you're wondering, I tried it on ......, but ............ you know, this outfit is still ...... that ......'

It seems that although she wore it, she didn't want to show it .......
It's a bad move.

'Well, let's go see it from here!
'No!Please wait!I'm going to show you ...... at this time ......!

She took a few deep breaths and straightened up.
Then, Ginette slowly appeared, wearing the costume of a ghost sister.
It is a costume with a lot of enthusiasm that shows how much effort Ukrines has put into it.

The base of the costume is a sister, so it's innocent, but that's what Ukrines is all about!
It's a great three-dimensional stitching that makes the boobs stand out!You can see them prominently!

And when you lower your gaze...

'You worked hard, Ginette.
'No, don't look at me that closely!

There is a beautiful, clean line of neckline.
Delia, you ...... do a great job!

'What happened to Molly?
'Oh, you know,......, I'm not as good as the manager,.......'

Molly comes out from behind Jeannette, slowly and steadily.
This is a deceased bride in a wedding dress that is torn in many places.
It is true that she looks slender, but ...... some of her makeup is disguised.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for before you buy.
'Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry you couldn't make it in time.
'............ too many sweets,forty two wards ......'.

In order to make it look like she was injured, her stomach, which was shaded in dark red and dark beige or blackish colors, appeared to be slender due to the magic of color.
But, yeah, I guess I made an effort. I think you've done enough. That's enough for a growing girl.
She's not old enough to be struggling to maintain a model figure, and she's only a little concerned because she's surrounded by perfect buddies like Delia, Norma, and Natalia. In fact, they're professionals.
Molly is more normal.

'Good, good, good.
'Ugh ...... kindness, that hurts ......'.

'Just be careful not to eat too much, because if you don't exercise in the future, you could lose your shape at once.

But it takes a few days for the calories you take in to be stored in your fat, so even if you eat as much as you want today, it won't stick to your stomach until a few days later--in other words, you can eat all you want today!

Oh, this girl might be a bad girl.
You should take this costume home and hang it in your bedroom. Remind her and train her self-control.


Just as we were about to leave, Teresa came running into the sunlit pavilion.
She threw on a white sheet like a cloak and jumped on me.

'Oh, piggyback!
'This is not a hug.
'It's not a hug.
'You don't care either way. ......'

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.
Underneath her white cloak, she was wearing an eye-popping blue bikini.

'How did this happen?
'I'm wearing the same dress as my sister!

Is Barbara dressed like this too?
--I thought so, but she did. She was, for real.

What do you think, hero?Isn't she cute!
'Oh, it's so s*xy.
'No, it's not!She's cute!That's what my mom said!

It's Barbara.
Ninety percent of the moms in the world call their kids 'cute'.
If you act on that, you'll be greatly embarrassed out there.

I assure you.
That outfit is pornographic!

'If it's just a bikini, it's even more erotic because the cape covers it up a bit.
'No, it's not. It was given to me by a sheep lady who said she was a friend of my mom's.'

It's by Ukrines. ......
He's quite fond of these slender types.
I guess he likes to dress up Nephrite, Barbara, and other such types.
And he likes to expose himself in moderation.

Ukrines. ...... Great!

'What kind of monster is this?
'What is it, manager? Don't you know?It's called a piggyback ghost, and when you're really tired, your shoulders get really heavy, right?That's because there's a piggyback obake on it!
'Seriously?A beautiful bikini woman?I'm going to do some manual labor!
'Calm down, Yashiro-san!...... already.

I see, that weight on my shoulders was the weight of the bikini girls.
If you think about it that way, that painful feeling doesn't seem so bad at all.
The idea makes people happy, doesn't it?

'...... When I'm not too tired, I have a little girl on board.'
'Really, Magda?It's kind of a ...... treat for some people. ......'

Tell that to Javier and he'll go out and chop down some trees.
It might lead to serious deforestation. I'll keep quiet.

Molly sneaks a glance at Barbara's belly, then slumps her shoulders.
Don't compare me to a martial artist. Those races are special. Raccoons have always had flabby bellies. Think of it as the fate of the raccoon people and give up.

'Katakuchi Iwasi!

Lucia came running back to the floor, her rough footsteps echoing.

'What the hell are you thinking?

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of these in the market.
Yeah, it looks surprisingly good on you.
But there's something missing. ...... That's right!

'Lucia, don't move!I'll put you in twintails!
'Listen to me!What's with the costume?
'It's a magical girl.'
'Aren't you a witch?'
'Something like that. Here, a magic wand.'
'What kind of wizard uses a heart-shaped wand like this?

Well, no, no, no.
Here, twin-tails done.

'Wow, you're pretty, Lucia.'
'Mmm,...... if Ginepoo says so,............ but isn't the skirt too short?
'You're wearing pants that can be seen, right?
'There is no such thing as pants that can be seen!You'll never see them!

I'm not going to peek at you.
I'm happy with just my raw legs and thighs, which are usually hidden.
...... You really have long legs, don't you?

I'm not sure what to say.I'm not going to let you touch them, even if you praise me.
'Don't let him touch you, even a little, as a lady!Calm down, Lucia!
'...... Lucia's a softy.'
'She's so happy, so happy, Lucia.

She's got a magic stick and she's going to ram it down my throat. And then the magical girl Lucia stumbled away. I was restless and fidgety.
But once you step outside, the whole town is dressed up in costumes.
It's only embarrassing at first, but you'll get used to it.

And now there are demons, mummies, undies, bikinis, and fireflies in the sunlit pavilion. ...... There are a few different ones mixed in, but don't worry about it.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

Umaro appeared slowly, wearing all black clothes, a baby-sized torso hanging around his neck, and a baby cap.

'It's Oumalo Baby.
'No, no, you just added a tiny body.
'At night, it looks like a floating baby with a woollen face.
'...... Maybe you can't see it.

You're an idiot. On the stage, black clothes are treated as invisible.
It's not on stage, so it's pretty dumb, but it's Umaro, so it's not a problem.

'It's cute, Mr. Oumalo.
'No, that ...... doesn't make me happy, Mr. Manager .......'
'...... Oumalo, waddle.'
'Mwaaaaah!I'm not sure what to make of that.

I guess the devil and the angel are a pair today, maybe.
Anyway, I'm glad you're having fun.

'So, where's Imelda?

Imelda, who had been helping Molly and Jeannette with their make-up and Lucia with her clothes, hadn't shown up on the floor yet.

'Oh, that's right.

With a snap of his hand, Umaro brings a huge wooden frame onto the floor.
The huge wooden frame was about 1.5 meters high and had intricate designs on its surface, making it look like the frame of a gorgeous painting.
I set it up and placed a luxurious chair in the center of the frame.

While I was looking at it, a lady appeared from the kitchen and solemnly sat down on the luxurious chair.
Her legs are slightly askew and she smiles softly.
She looked exactly like the portrait of Imelda's mother that she had seen in Imelda's house.

'It's your mother's masquerade.
'Are you going to carry this frame and chair with you?
'Don't you think it looks just like her?
'Of course they look alike, they're mother and daughter.

Imelda's usual flamboyant hair was set a little lower, and she wore make-up with a calm atmosphere.
Her costume is not as flamboyant as Imelda would like, but more mature and sober, as a lady would like.

It's the kind of costume that makes you think Imelda will be a beautiful woman like this when she gets a little older. ...... Is it a masquerade?

I mean, if you think about it, even if Imelda keeps getting older, she's not going to be this beautiful and calm. Never. Imelda would be more out of touch.
Environment is very important, isn't it?

'Umaro-san, please transport the forehead and chair to ......'.
'Absolutely not!

Even Umaro would not want to carry such a big, bulky, and unnecessarily heavy thing through the city.
Imelda. You'll have to put up with it on your own.
In that case, it'll just be "Imelda in a calmer outfit.

I don't think it's a good idea to dress up as a deceased person for Halloween, but ...... Gilberta seems to be having fun, so I won't say anything since there's no malice intended.
You can make it the 42nd district's way of Halloween. We don't even have the original religion of Halloween here.

Anyway, Imelda's costume will be very simple, I thought.

'Hey, Yashiro!I've come for a good drink!
'You're too early, Javier. We start drinking at night.'
'I can't wait. Ambrose will be here in the afternoon, so please entertain him.'
'You two old men go ahead and have a drink.'

Javier walked in with a smirk on his face.
It's a good thing I'm not a lumberjack. ...... Although the people of the 42nd district branch were working hard to prepare the wood for the decoration of the city.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's wrong with the organization if the top management is playing around.

Hmm?Hey, hey, hey. Just because today is a children's festival doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Javier found a frame in the room and smiled.

'You don't need to prepare a picture of my guy, I won't let you off the hook.
'I don't trust you at all, but ...... I didn't prepare it.'
'So it's Imelda?She's a real pain in the ass. I've prepared a life-size painting of her. ......'
'I'm more troubled by the fact that you're the one who's going to get off on this.
'Oooooohhhh, he's talking!

The biggest scream of the day rang out.

'It's me, Father.
'Yes, yes, Imelda?
'It's trick-or-treating.
'I had no choice, you pranked me!I thought my heart was going to stop!

A costume that seemed to scare no one gave one particular person the biggest scare of all.
That's what happens when you're guilty. I'll keep that in mind.

I'm going to have a quick drink on the main street, so take care of Yashiro and Imelda. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.

He really can't stand to be pranked with that face.
I've been told to hold the reins so she doesn't get out of control, but ...... don't expect too much from me.

'Bye, Teresa. See you later~'
'Bye, Otan!
'Aha!You're so cute!
'Why don't you get going, 'you'?
'Stop calling me that!

Javier ran off crying, leaving only a sense of weariness in the sunlit pavilion.

'I won't be like that even if I get married.

I felt a quiet sympathy for Umaro's muttering.
Well, there are only a limited number of people who can be like that.

'Well, we'd better get going!

There was a lot of noise, but when everyone was ready, we left the sunlit pavilion.
Then, as if waiting for us to come out, we encountered a group of ghosts waiting for us in front of the store.

'''' Trick or treat! ''''
'Give us some candy or we'll play a trick on you, Jeannette. Mr. Yashiro.

It's the kids from the church, led by Bertina.
It seems that the matron and her friends did a good job, and there were a few ghosts in the mix that I had never seen before.
I thought Bertina wasn't wearing a costume, but she had her old fangs. She seemed to like it.

'Bertina's disguise is very plain: ......'
'I'm the leader of the group.'
'But you'll take the candy, right?
'Give it to me or I'll play a trick on you.'

Bertina, smiling, taking in all the goodies.
On days like this, it's nice to have fun in a bikini. ......

I'm sure you've heard of it, but I've never heard of it.
As I wondered what she was doing, the light blue cloud-like thing was suddenly pressed against my ass.

'Mr. Yashiro, you're a pee-er.

He chuckled.
Apparently, that light blue cloud is a symbol for wetness.

I'm sure you've heard of it. I guess that's what she meant.
That explains why the kids are keeping their distance from Bertina.
The mere touch of that thing to their asses is enough to label them as pee-ers. The kid must be desperate to protect his dignity.

'Can I borrow that stick for a second?
'Not for Mr. Yashiro, no.'

He stuck his tongue out at me.
He seems to be wary of me because of the boo-boo cushion.
I wanted to make her a pee-pee sister.

'Yes, Obakeminasan, here are some sweets!

Ginette looked even happier than usual as she handed out the sweets to the kids.
The basket in her hand is stuffed with sweets.
Inside are overly vividly colored marshmallows.

'Wow!That's amazing!
Obake no Okashi!

Colorful sweets attract the interest of children.
It seems to be the same everywhere in the world.

'Ginette. Do these all taste different?'
'Yes. Each one has a different flavor.'
'How many times do I have to play a prank on you?
'Be careful not to eat too much.'

The mother is annoying her daughter.
She smiles and hands her a marshmallow of a different color. She sneaks it to the kids so they don't see it.
If the kids eat too much, they won't be able to eat. ...... Although in Bertina's case, that's not possible.

It's honey,' said Bertina, happily chewing on a marshmallow as she led the kids to the main street.
They gathered at the main square, showed off their costumes, and paraded through the city in a huge line.

Divided into two teams, one going from west to east and the other from east to west, the march of the ghosts continues throughout the day.
They start from the main street, go around the east side, take a break for lunch, and then go to the west side.
The other team goes the other way.
The other team goes the other way. Then they gather again at the main street and come back to the main square.
By that time, the kids will have filled their bags with candy.

When the march of the ghosts is over, the little children will be tired of walking and will go to sleep, and the adults will hold a midnight ghost party.
It is a grand launch party supported by the donations of the lords and other volunteers.
You can eat and drink as much as you want for a very low entry fee. Let's get the economy going!

'Well, I'm going to go around with the children, so I'll see you later.
'Yes, Sister. Have a safe trip.'

We're walking at too different a pace from the kids.
Bertina seems to be walking a shorter course to keep up with the kids.
Ginette says she's going to collect lots of candy for Bertina, who can't visit many places.

'We're on the route to the east, aren't we?
'Yes, we are.

We're taking the route around the east side first.

We rarely walk on the east side.
It's a residential area, so we don't have anything to stop by.

Maybe when we go to Neffery's house.
Magda often goes to the hunting guild.

'The ...... hunting guild is decorated with large decorations that resemble magical beasts.
'Is that so?'
'......Yes. '............They are grossly misunderstanding the purpose of Halloween.'
'Well, it's usse.'
'...... Yes, because it's ugly.'

It's like walking into a haunted house and finding a model of a monster on the floor.
Walk somewhere else today and make your face red. 'Oh no!Our guy's a little different! You know.

While we were talking, we came to the main street.
We're almost to the main square.

'Hey, guys!Nice costumes.'

I heard a voice that sounded even fresher than usual.
I don't need to look back, it's Estella.
She must be very proud of her costume today.
That's right. There's no one who can play that demon more perfectly than you.
It's a monster just for you.
You can keep that costume all to yourself.

Hey, Estella. Your disguise is perfect ............, isn't it 'Nurikabe'!
'I have nothing against that obnoxious name, but I don't think I'll be dressing up as it for the rest of my life.

Estella is dressed up in something cute.
It's not square!

It's not a wall!
It's not a wall!
It's not flat. ...... It's not flat, is it?

'What's the wall?
'It's not a cave!It's the vampire you were talking about!
'What, what?The vampire you were talking about!
'Who the hell sucks ass?Vampires.Vampires!

Estella, who said she was a vampire, wore blood-red eye makeup and had a strangely s*xy vibe.
I don't know what kind of image she had in mind, but she was wearing long boots longer than her knees, tight hot pants that emphasized her absolute region, and a tuxedo-like jacket with an extraordinarily long hem in the back that looked like an extremely modified version of a tailcoat over a short shirt that showed her navel.
She wore a palm-sized silk hat on her head, and bat wings sprouting from her temples.
There's a bit of a succubus nuance mixed in there.

'How do you like it?Isn't it quite a splendid perfection?There might be vampires like this somewhere in the world, you know?
'And you're going to suck a beautiful woman's 'ickity'.
'It's 'ikichi'!
It's written in Chinese characters as 'Ikichichi'.
'Living blood'!
' 'Sucking raw milk'!
'That's you, isn't it?
'Oh, you don't mind?Then let's get started.
I'll destroy you!

He pointed a messily decorated necklace at me, perhaps as part of a masquerade. It's a symbol of the Spirit Church, like a circle attached to the back of a cross.

'You're a demon tribe, don't rely on the holy power of the church.
'I know someone who has a more sinister mind than the demon race. I'm just being careful.

That kind of cross won't stop an adolescent from running wild.

'If you don't get a grip, you're going to have a long night of penance.
'It's ....... Every time I see that symbol, my stomach starts to churn.
'It's your fault, Yashiro. Because you keep doing strange things.

With a pop, Jeannette slaps me on the forehead.
Physical punishment!

'Hmm... I'm a monster today, so I'm rough. Please be careful.'
'Ugh ...... sad.'
'Heh!Did it hurt, by any chance?I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you so hard. ......!'
'Ginette-chan. Don't take what Yashiro says seriously.''
'...... It's too much for the manager to be violent.'
'That's right. No matter how evil he is, he is definitely kind.''
'Oh, ...... you tricked me, didn't you, Yashiro?
'What are you talking about?I just said, 'I'm sad that Jeannette has changed'?

'I didn't say 'painful' or 'hurtful'.
You're the one who took it the wrong way.

'I'm the same as always,......, okay?
Basically, yes.

It's easier to deceive, easier to handle, easier to be vulnerable, and easier to love.

'But you can be a bit of a bad boy today, can't you?
'Yes, sir. In moderation, then.'

Well, I don't think so!

'By the way, Yashiro. Aren't you going to wear a costume?'
'Oh no!No, Estella-san!
'...... It's suicide to ask that of Yashiro.
'Oh, um, ...... I'm going to go look for Millie-san for a bit!
'Huh?What's that?What is it?

Hearing Estella's comment, everyone in the sunlit pavilion quickly moved away from me.
Ginette turned her back on me and ran away.
Estella was bewildered by the suddenness of the situation and followed the fleeing people with her eyes.

'Ru, Lucia-san. What is the meaning of this?
'That's the thing, I don't understand it either. Magda-tan has been telling me not to ask since last night.
'The same, I, Lucia-sama. I was stopped from asking about my friend Yashiro's masquerade.

'Molly, do you know anything about it?
'Yeah,............, well,......, I think it would be quicker for you to take a look at ...... ......But be prepared for a certain amount. I'm not sure what to do.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.

'I haven't heard that either. Is this how you're dressed, Yashiro-san?

At first glance, you look like the usual fresh and handsome Yashiro-kun, but ...... in fact, I'm already in disguise.
It's not that I'm wearing a costume, it's that I've ...... joined the ranks of the ghosts.

It's not like you're a hero. What part of it is a masquerade?'
I'm not sure what to make of it.
'I see you as the usual Yashiro-san, too. ......?
'Do you want to know ......?
'You're being very coy.
'We have plans for later, so explain quickly, anchovy.

Overpowered by both lords, I, a petty bourgeoisie, just obeyed their orders.
So take a look at ...... my disguise.

'Well, at first glance, he's just a normal looking guy...'
What are you talking about?
'Did you break the mirror in the sunlit pavilion?
'Shut up. I'm going to explain it to you now,.........,............... ......... ha, ha ............ hahaha!

I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure what to do.

Not to mention Estella and the others who were watching directly in front of me, even passing residents who happened to witness the scene screamed at the sight.
Of course they did.
A man's head had fallen to his waist right in front of them.

The neck-falling magic trick has become a familiar sight in Japan.
It's a rather simple trick where a false shoulder is created underneath the clothes.
It's not that my head falls off, but that only my clothes keep their upright shape even when I squat down.
However, this jacket that I made is different from the jackets that are often seen in Japan that have obvious devices.
It has a natural finish, so that if you behave normally, you won't be able to tell that it has a trick.

Now, after the fall of the head, as promised

'......', no, no, no, no. The head has come off. ......Good,....... Huh, it's attached.

I'll make a little play like lifting my own head and attaching it to the torso to make it more realistic.

The drawback is that if you are seen from the side, it will be obvious that you are squatting.
Incidentally, the costume for this "neck drop magic". It is also compatible with the "Upper Body Falling Magic", which is also very popular in Japan.
This is the kind of costume where the upper half of the body comes off, and you walk around holding on to the waist.
You can call it "upper and lower body separation magic".

The principle is the same.
However, I'm probably the only person in the world who can combine both of them and make it look almost unnatural when compared to normal clothes.
Hmm. I could go on tour with just one of these.

'...... and my heart hurts. ......'
'Mmm,......, I'm shrinking.'
'So you're getting close to Estella?'
'I'm not talking about my tits!I'm talking about your heart!
'...... Lucia-san, ......, shut up.'

When I say the word 'Estella', most people can guess what I'm talking about.
That's great, Estella. Your name recognition.

'Eeyusha?Neck, heichi?I don't want to...?
'Oh, I'm fine. I'm just a freak today.'
'Thank you, ......, if you want to, you can do it, okay?'

You're a big sister.
Teresa's getting to that age where she wants to be a big sister.

And Teresa's own sister is ...... upside down with the whites of her eyes, but she's okay?
I don't know.


In contrast to the upturned Barbara and the noisy lords, Natalia walks with a calm gait.

'I apologize for staring at you from the side.
'You've seen it.
'It was quite unique.

I promised not to say that.
I'll have to show Natalia the upper body separation magic later.

'So, what's Natalia dressed up as?

She's wearing dog ears and a thick tail.
Canines...... or werewolves?
No way, a wolf woman?

'This is a doppelganger costume.
'What's with the dog ears?

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one with a fetish for kemo ears.
The only thing I have to say is, good job.

Natalia the dog-eared one, she's surprisingly good looking!

A doppelganger is a disguise for a different person who looks exactly like Natalia.
What a confusing choice: ......
But perhaps that's the reason why Natalia has taken off her usual maid's uniform and is now wearing pants with an air of adult charm.

'I'm wearing pants that allow me to wear a belt to hold my tail in place.
'I see.
'Also, ...... so that you don't open up when you're drunk.'
'Expressions!Hey, head waiter!

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

I'm not sure what to say.

When I arrived at the main square, Paula and Nepheli came running at me, dressed in black.
They were wearing tight-fitting shorts and tube tops. Their stomachs, thighs, and shoulders were covered with a mesh fabric. There were sleeves, but they were so see-through that it was almost as if there were no sleeves at all.
It's like a bikini and mesh tights.

'What kind of costume is this?
'It's the Shadow, who won first prize in the ghost story competition.
'Paula said, "As the head girl of Cantalucia, I have to dress up as the number one ghost. So I had to go along with her.'

The long shadowy werewolf that Lucia spoke of, the one that kidnaps children.
It's more like ....... It's more like a ninja than a shadow.
No, she looks like a kunoichi.

'Don't you think there will be a lot of customers if you stand in the store dressed like this?
'Even if you don't dress like that, I'm sure you'll have a steady stream of customers today.

After all, the banquet is all-you-can-drink, all-you-can-eat.
Don't fall down, tavern workers.

'I just saw Norma and Delia over there.
'Oh, look, there they are!Hey, Norma!Delia~!

They found Norma and Delia near the front of the plaza.
When Paula waved her hand, Norma and Delia noticed her and rushed over to her.

'...... Norma. That outfit ......'.
'Molly asked me to do it for you. She's a little unsure of herself, so she asked me to wear the same outfit to stand out. ......A, I said no, but?Molly insisted,......, and I felt sorry for her when she asked me so desperately, so I had no choice.

Norma's outfit was the same as Molly's, a deceased bride.
A wedding dress that showed off her belly.
Unlike Molly, the part that comes out is "Dynamite! And when Norma wears it, she's all "excellents! I wonder if Norma, who is "dynamite!
It's a pure white dress, but it's irresistibly ...... erotic!

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

............ Also, it is said that wearing a wedding dress outside of the actual event will keep you from getting married. ......... It's a jinx in Japan, after all. I'm sure that effect won't reach this city, which is in another world.
...... Let's keep it quiet.
I'll take that to my grave.

'So, what is Delia's costume?'
'This?It's Red Riding Hood!

It looked like that at first glance, and even though I denied it in my brain, it was still the Red Hood as I saw it.
A bright red skirt that spreads softly. A pure white apron and a basket full of sweets. And her trademark red hood.
It's a red hood, for all intents and purposes. ...... Except that the contents of the basket are not for the old lady's visit, but for her own food.

'This is Yashiro's idea of a ghost, right?
'It's not a werewolf.
'But it'll trick the werewolves into eating it, right?

Ah, so that's what you interpreted when you saw the shadow art that appeared in front of Cantar Chica.
You're right, he had a huge Masakari.
I guess it's no wonder he's perceived as a monster who tricks you with his innocent appearance and then reaps your life in one fell swoop. ......

'How could you have prepared for this in such a short time?
'Ukrines made it for me!

Get some sleep!
Get some rest, Uclines!
Eat a full meal today and sleep like dirt!I promise!You have my word!

'Hey, ladybug!

I turned around at the sound of the bouncy, joyful voice, and saw a flower fairy.

'I, Yosei, eat!
'Calm down, Yashiro!
You're so cute!

'That's just too cute to deny, though!

Estella sympathizes, but stands in front of me.

'Wow, Milly, what's with the flowers?
'What's this a costume for?

She was surrounded by everyone and was dressed as a flower fairy with fresh flowers all over her body.
Her hair ornaments were blooming so profusely that they covered her small head, and even her clothes and ornaments were decorated with brightly colored flowers.

'This, you know. It's a fairy who protects the forest, called Doriade.
'It's pretty, Milly.
'It is. It's like a living flower.'
'Heh, thanks. 'Thanks, Noma-san, Derria-san.

People in the Hirakata area who think of chrysanthemum dolls, change your mind.
They're different from the chrysanthemum dolls famous at theme parks in the Hirakata area.
They're much prettier.
A flower angel.
Flower angels. No, Hana Cupid.

'Ah!You know, when you go to the west side, the big ladies said you should stop by the flower guild.

It's not that they want to go to the haunted house ............ without makeup, but they want to serve the sweets they practiced so hard.
We want you to eat the sweets you have practiced so hard. That's why they are going to give out a lot of sweets.
They say it's a win-win situation: the kids get the sweets and the big girls get to see the happy kids eating what they've made.

I think it's good.
As long as the people spending the money are happy with it.
It seems to be going in the right direction.

'Oh, in that case, stop by my place when you go to the east side.

Nepheli is showing off his house as much as Milly.
I wonder if he was thinking of egg sweets.

'My chickens all have pumpkin ornaments on their torsos, they're so cute!
'...... turban ornament?

I've never heard that word before.

'It's just a small pumpkin decoration, but my mom and dad got really excited and made it. ...... Well, I've made a lot of them myself.'

I've made a lot of them myself,' said Neffery, peeking his tongue out.
It seems that this family has been busy making decorations instead of sweets.

'If we're going to ......, we should all stop by the hunting guild.

Magda stepped forward and proceeded to the hunting guild.

'...... and complain to Use, "That's not it."'
'Hey, Yashiro. Maybe it's just my imagination, but ...... Magda, you look like you're having fun.'
'Oh. I'm sure Use's 'I did it' feeling is going in the direction of the day after tomorrow in an interesting way. Let's go see it.

I'll point my finger and laugh at him.

'Isn't Estella's place doing something?
'We're all on vacation for the day, as previously announced. That's why the mansion is closed.

Instead, many sweets were placed in the main hall as a donation from the lord.
In the main square, kids swarmed around the sweets of the lord.
The sweets were tasteless and insignificant, just a set of commercial sweets.
The kind of sweets you can get for money even if you don't have the skill.

But it reminded me of a local children's festival and made me nostalgic.
In my hometown, during the Jizo-bon festival, the local children's association gave out bags of sweets. The rule was that we could eat only one piece per day, and even as kids we thought hard about what to eat first and what to leave behind.

We arrived at the main square and met up with Ginette and the others who had been separated from us.
Around us, there were countless ghosts.
The atmosphere was eerie and comical.

I guess this is Halloween in the 42nd district.

'Well then, let's get started. The First 42nd Ward Halloween Party!Let the ghosts begin their march!

As Estella announced the start of the event, the ghosts gathered in the square raised their spirits. the ghosts gathered in the square raised their spirits.
And so, the first Halloween in District 42 began with a bang.