439-Additive-free Episode 94 Halloween Night

'Oh, little Ginette, little Yashiro.'
'Oh, Grandma Mum. It suits you, your sandpiper costume.'
'Mm-hmm. I didn't dress up in any costume, here.'
'Oh, Yashiro-san.

We walked around the east side, had a quick lunch on the main street, and now we are walking on the west side.
The sun is gradually setting, and it will soon be evening.

'Here's a snack. I tried my best to make them.'
'Thank you very much. ...... Hmm. It's been a long time since I've had sweets from Grandma Mum.
'Yes, it has. I used to give them to Jeannette when she was still small.

The sweets that Grandma Mum had made came in a small box.
When I opened the lid, there were several small, hard, square sweets inside.
They were light brown in color and had a slightly savory aroma.

'Yes, that's right. I cut some leftover rice cakes into small pieces and roasted them. I seasoned them with soy sauce.
'I love okaki. I'll have some later.

By the way, after we had a mochi pounding party on New Year's, the ham kids got hooked on it and mass-produced a lot of mochi like idiots.
So they dried them and made rice crackers and rice crackers for tea.
I guess Grandma Mum secretly liked them.

I'll pick one.
Mmm. It's good.
Maybe next time I'll teach her to make them with different flavors. I get a craving for this kind of thing sometimes.

'chuckle. Mr. Yashiro is a glutton, isn't he?

Ginette laughed at me as I quickly picked up the okaki.

'That's right. You just ate one.'
'No. I've been taking bites of the sweets you gave me for a while now.

That's you, you know.
...... Because we have a responsibility to make sure that the sweets we spread have been passed on properly, and that they haven't turned into something ridiculous, as the originator, that's why we feel responsible.

'If you eat too much and get fat, let's do exercises together.
'You won't get fat like this.
'Is that so?
'Yeah, Molly. You can only have one kind a day.'
'No way!

When I was given sweets at the Jizo Bon festival, I thought the rule of one per day was a tyranny of adults, but I guess it was a necessary ...... consideration.

...... I'm sure Molly is not that much of a child.

I'm sure she's not that young.I'm not sure what to say.

After dropping by the flower guild, I headed to the lumberjack guild and found Masha there.

'Look, look!She walks on four legs!

Masha was dressed up as a wolf.
She had covered the tank with fur to make it look as if it was one with her body.
The water tank is made to look like the body of a wolf. ...... Then it's a centaur (wolf version).
Masha's upper body is growing out of the wolf's body.
It has four legs and two arms.
If it had six legs, it would be an insect.

But Masha with dog ears is very cute. Yeah, she's cute.

'Hey, hey, listen, listen!"Why is the wolf's mouth so big? Why is the wolf's mouth so big?

It seems that Masha has heard the story of Red Riding Hood that I told her when I was explaining the shadow puppets in Cantartika. If ...... asks you if you're a wolf, she already knows who you are. It's not a good idea to have your identity exposed.

'No, it's too much trouble.
'Oh no!I used my big mouth to eat Delia-chan~!
'I won't let you eat her. I'll eat you too!

If Delia and Masha really fought, who would be stronger?
If you think about it normally, it would be Delia, but Masha seems to have some kind of hidden power. ......

But if Delia won't listen to me, I'll listen to her instead.

'Why are the wolf's tits so big?
'You're asking the wrong question~, Yashiro-kun*'
''That's because they pinch you!
'I don't understand the purpose, that wolf.


Don't be shy!Come on!Come on, come on, come on!Come on!

...... Hey~.

'Okay, Delia-chan. Give me a push.
'So that's what it's going to be like. ...... I'm a red-skinned girl today. ......'
'Red Riding Hood is the most powerful person in the village, right?
'Oh, is that right?All right then.

Kintaro seems to be in the mix.
Even Kintaro is probably no match for the bears of District 42.

'Ladies and gentlemen, please take a look!This is the lumberjack's Halloween decoration in full effect!
'''' It's huge! ''''

In front of the lumberjack guild, there stood a ghost that seemed to have been carved out of a huge tree that looked to be several hundred years old. No, it was standing.
It's huge. ...... It's taller than Imelda's two-story house.

'Is it made out of a single tree?
'Yes, it is. I designed it and had Bekko cut it.'

Becko......, what are you making?
How did you complete a sculpture larger than the Great Buddha of Nara in such a short time?
Along with the other decorations?
Oh, I see. You're an idiot, aren't you?

Can't you show a little more respect to him for creating something so amazing?

Estella waited for Imelda's expression of 'having Becco cut it down'.
It's true, if you've made something this big, you deserve a little work.
At least a little.

'That's right. Then-- I designed it and had Mr. Becko cut it down.'
'That's not the part where I pay my respects!

I've just paid my respects to myself, young lady.

'You can climb up to the face of this statue. You should try it next time.
'It's looking more and more like the Big Buddha.

I think the one you can climb is in Kamakura.
As I looked up at the huge statue, which could be made into a tourist attraction, I spotted a human figure around the eyes of the monster.
Someone was waving at me from within the eyes of the obake, which were hollowed out like windows.

'Yashippi~!Look at this, my very own fancy dress~!

I'd like to think I'm mistaken because I'm looking at it from a distance, but ...... it looks like Cindy and sounds like Cindy's voice.

'Imelda. Is this statue an accident site?

Was there a horrible incident in the past?
I can see something like a ghost.

'Cindy, that's a lovely costume. It's fluttery and pretty.'
'The costume is.

Ginette smiles and waves back at me, as if she's happy about something.
Even Magda and Loretta are looking away with a 'wow, I can't ......' look on their faces.

You can't tell from a distance, can you?
I don't know, but it's probably a ...... Tennyo no Hagoromo kind of costume, right?
I'm not sure, but I think it's a ...... Tennyo no Hagoromo kind of costume, and the part of the arm that you can see is pretty see-through, but ...... the whole body is darkly colored, right?Of course!I'm sure you'll agree.

'...... Manager, don't be careless.'
'It's more often than not a loss to deal with someone who's overexcited!It's better to run away here!
'What?I'm not sure what to do.What?

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
Just because one Ginette is possessed, that thing will follow this group without fail.
This is a scene where teamwork is required.

We'll get out of here as fast as we can and make it to the church.

'The ghosts are out!

In front of the church, I was hit with a wrapped candy bar by the matrons who had arrows through their heads.
...... It hurts like hell, it's mixed up with Setsubun, and you're probably an obake too when you have an arrow through your head.
There are a lot of things I would like to say, but my attempts to do so came to nothing as the kids crowded in front of the matron, eager to get their hands on the candy.

'Oh, there's ramune mixed in.
'Yes . We got some cornstarch from Mr. Yaprock's place and made it with the church members.

Ginette, when did this happen?
They must have been working so hard, and I didn't even know it.

After being exposed to the rain of candy, we set off for the main street, chewing on the melt-in-your-mouth ramune.
The shadows of the buildings and trees grew darker, and the pumpkin lanterns that dotted the street grew more and more prominent.

'It's getting very dark, isn't it?
'Yes, it is.'
'...... Loretta, it's dark underfoot, so ............ if you're going to fall, dress funny.'
'Don't get your hopes up!I'm not going to fall!
'Even though you say ..................?
'I have heavy expectations!

The walking cat moved to stand next to Jeannette and clung tightly to her arm.

'So, let's hold hands so we don't fall.'
'Yes, sir!If you're with the manager, you'll be reassured. ...... Honya!
'Oh, no!

The two dullards fall down in a big way .
If a dullard clings to a dullard, he'll fall.
I looked carefully at the spot where Jeannette and the others had fallen, but there was nothing to trip over.
...... What did they trip over, guys?

I'm sure you'll agree.

I heard a happy laugh.
I looked around and saw that everyone was laughing.
Ginette was also smiling shyly.

On the other side of the road, I saw the Sunlit Pavilion.
The store was not open, but it was brightly lit with glowing bricks.
Even at night, the store was bathed in a soft light that reminded me of a warm sunny day.

'What's the matter, Yashiro?What's wrong with the sunlit pavilion?'
'Hmm?No. ......'

I don't know.

'I felt like the sunny pavilion was smiling at me.

She was smiling at the growth of Ginette, whom she had known since she was a little girl.
That's what it felt like.

'The store, huh?
'No, it's nothing. It's just my imagination.'

Estella tilts her head and I tell her it's nothing.
It's a Japanese feeling that things look like they're smiling.
Even dolls, pictures, and things without faces can look like that if you are familiar with them.
I don't think these people can understand such a feeling.

'It's Halloween today. 'It's Halloween, right?If the sunken pavilion looks like it's smiling when you see Jeannette taking care of it, then you're probably not looking at it wrong.

Surprisingly, Estella easily affirmed this feeling.
There was no laughing, no confusion, no teasing.
Because in the past few days, as the preparations for Halloween progressed, such an atmosphere was spreading in the 42nd district.

'It's Halloween. Strange things can happen.

You know.

'Come on, let's go to the main street. I'm starving.'
'Yes, you are.

I just grabbed a quick bite at lunch on the main street.
A little meat in Cantalucia.
I've been walking around the city and I'm feeling pretty hungry.

I'm wondering if Gazelle and her son are doing well, so I'm going to check them out.

''Then, when we get back to the main square, we'll have grilled meat afterwards!

We must all be hungry. That was a very good reply.

The march of the ghosts would reach its goal when they returned to the main square.
After a day of touring all over the 42nd district, our snack bags were full.
I can't eat this much. I'll give it to the kids,......, I thought, but the kids in the church and the ham kids each have their own bag of candy, and it's full.
...... So what the heck, I'll have Donnis take it and deliver it to the kids at the 24th Ward Church.
It's a waste of money to have left over.
I'm sure Donnis won't mind if you throw it in the gate on your way home, and he won't refuse.


Jeannette was peering into my face.

'What were you thinking about?'
'...... something very erotic.'
'I see. Then you can't tell anyone.

He chuckles as he says this.
It's like he doesn't trust me.
Don't doubt what people say. At all.

...... No, I'm the one who's been telling Jeannette to be suspicious of people.
That's not what this scene is about.
Not at all. ............ Not at all.

'Mmm!There's someone in there!

Loretta's voice drew everyone's attention to the darkness of the alleyway.

We are almost at the main street.
A little farther and you'll come to Hardware Street and the residential areas of the people who work there.

There, in one of the alleys, stood a dark figure.
A suspicious figure: ......
Magda lowers herself ...... slowly.

'Oh, wait a minute, it's me, me, me.

The person who emerged from the darkness was Regina.
She was wearing a long black coat, and her hands were crossed over the front of the coat, holding it down.
If she opened her arms like that, the coat would open and her 'yuck' and 'wow' parts would be exposed.

'You're a pervert!Block the kids' view!
'Adults must put the safety of children first!Hurry up!'
The two of you are very good at responding quickly and in perfect harmony. But that's not right...'

Let's go to the station for the details!

''Actually,......, I tried to dress up in a costume too,......, but I was still a little embarrassed,.......''
''What kind of obscene costumes are you wearing?
''Homma, you two are perfect for each other, the titty demon god and the titty lord. It's not that kind of 'embarrassing'.

The titty lord is upset about the 'titty lord' comment, but I don't care about that so I'll ignore it.

'What kind of costume are you wearing?

Ginette, who treats perverts with an open mind, asks the Longcoat Foreclosure Woman.
Look at that. You're a pervert no matter how you look at it. If you look at it objectively...

'You know, sometimes I encounter a strange phenomenon where I can hear voices that sound like customers, but I can't see them.
'Oh, really?Is that so?

No, Jeannette.
That's because you're not wearing glasses, so you can't see the customers.
And for some reason, he has a strong belief that there's no such thing as customers, so he just doesn't recognize them as customers.

'So, I'm going to dress up as the Invisible Man.
'Is this the Invisible Man's disguise ......?'

I couldn't think of an invisible person costume, so Ginette and everyone else in the room tilted their heads.
I'm tilting my head too.

'Under this coat, I'm wearing black pants and a bra.bang! I thought that if I opened and closed the front of this coat quickly, a part of my body would show through and it would look like it wasn't there. ...... Wait a minute!I'm not sure what to make of it.

I took the time to ask him for details because he said he wasn't a pervert, but ...... he's a pervert!
It's really a shame!

I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure what to say.

'Oh my god ......'

Regina was pinned down by Natalia.
Estella let out a sigh as she checked the inside of her coat.

'I tried to dress up in a decent costume, but I was so embarrassed that I just did my usual obscene antics. I'm ...... relieved in a way, though.'
'It's important to be bold in these things. Let's get your coat.'
'Wha?Wait a minute, head waiter!I still have to prepare my heart and underwear!
'You're mixing in something I don't need!
'If you haven't prepared your underwear yet, then let's wait.
'Don't be persuaded, Natalia!I don't want it, that way!'

Estella forcibly ripped off Regina's coat and revealed an ultra-mini yukata from underneath.
It's a pure white yukata, about ten inches above the knee.

I don't know what she was wearing, but it showed off her thighs!
And a faint glimpse of cleavage!

'This is one of the pictures I drew!

I can't see well with your hands in the way.
You think it's the costume in my drawing?

'Here, that, that. When I was explaining the church children's costumes.'
'Ah, the one-eyed boy and those Japanese costumes...'

It seems that the image of monsters was so strong that I naturally drew Japanese costumes.
I drew kara-gasa (Chinese umbrella) and monstrous warajis.
I guess this is one of them.

'......We couldn't wear this kind of clothes at the festival. ......Weird, isn't it?
'You look very pretty, Regina.'
'You're always wearing the same clothes. Honestly, you look great.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm going to try.
She must have been worried because she was always alone. There are many things that you can do when you're with others, but when you're alone, you can't do them.

Then I'll give you an honest compliment too.

'Regina. Nice Eros!
'You're the only one who feels that way.'
'...... Regina, erotic.'
'This is undeniably erotic!
'Oh no, it's not just "just"...' It's a shame that all the disappointing ones are here.

The verdict was three to two in favor of eroticism!
This court session is now adjourned!

Then, Regina-san, let's go to the Great Square together. Okay.
'I don't mind, but ...... I'm going to put on a jacket. ......'
'What are you talking about? It's much better to look good now than to look like a pervert.'
'It's ...... erotic, though.'
'It is erotic.'
'Not anymore. Both Magda and Loretta.'
'Well, if it's erotic, I don't mind.'
'Let's leave it, Regina!There!
'If you're so embarrassed, just take it all off.
'Yashiro-san, please repent.'

I'm trying to help people. ......!
...... No, I just wanted to take a look.
Hey, hey. Repentance. Sorry.

By the time I got back to the main street, the sun had already set.
Kids were everywhere, proudly showing off their swollen bags of sweets, and laughter could be heard everywhere, as if to say that this event was a success.

'We walked a lot today, didn't we?
'Yeah. The kids and the old must be exhausted.
'The young people are still in good health, but I'm hungry!
'...... It's about time we had something delicious to eat.'
'Mmmm, yes. So, I'll see you all--''
''......Do you work? Do you?''
''Yes, no!Because we've decided that the Sunlit Pavilion will be closed today, except for the food stalls!

When Jeannette talks about food with a happy face, it's a sign that she wants to work.
Such an ingrained idea seems to be firmly rooted in the minds of all the employees.
For a moment, I thought she was going to say she wanted to open the restaurant.

'Why don't you all go out for yakiniku?
'If that's the case, I'm all for it!
'...... Estella's buying today. Eat to your heart's content, no need to hold back.'
'Why would Magda say that, at all ......?'

Estella shrugs her shoulders, but she has a good look on her face, a mixture of exhaustion and excitement.
I haven't had enough fun yet. She looks like a little kid.

'Well then, let's all head to Thomson's Kitchen together!

She claps her hands and raises her fists.
Ginette is followed by a group of comical ghosts who welcome the party.
Looking around, Lucia, Merle, and Donis were also in the crowd.
Gazelle and her son, I hope you don't collapse ...... when you're suddenly made to serve a group of lords.

'Hey, Oba!Listen to me!I've got some booboo cushions for the butlers, and they're a masterpiece--'
'Old, old. You're out of date, Ricardo.

The booboo cushion craze has passed, in the Forty-second Ward.
What are you so happy about? ...... Oh, I went to brag to Donnis.

'I mean, what's with that costume he's wearing?
'That?I'm sure you've heard of it.
'Hmm~...... it's kind of ...... plain.'
I'm sure.

Ricardo was wearing a dress with a torn abdomen and red paint on his belly.
You should be more careful with your face and arms. There are so many things you could have done.
He wants to do it all, but he's too lazy to do the details, you know?

What's with Donnis' ......?It looks like a normal tuxedo to me.'
'A spirit of love that brings love with the coolness of the night breeze' .......
'Oh, ......, I'll ban poems next time.'

I feel like I'm getting too drunk, and the purpose of Halloween is getting lost in the shuffle. It's not even a ghost anymore.

'What about Mahr's at ......?
'Zashiki Warashi'.

'Heh, I thought it was going to be a Nurarihyon costume.

Dressed in a yukata, Mahrul had her hair up and was using a hair elastic with a bonfire to make a tail hair.
I know. I know what you mean.
Isn't it so cute to look so young, Donis?
I can't help but feel a twinge of pain as if I were watching an old lady frolicking around in a sailor suit.

'The yukata was brought in by you and spread from Ukrines' store. They're still rare in other districts.'
'So you've decided to wear it here and there.
'It's a good opportunity to challenge yourself.
'If you wore a kimono appropriate for your age, you'd look more presentable.
'Then I'll tell her that.
'Don't. ...... I'll have to look after it later.'

We talked about this as we made our way to Thomson's kitchen.
The ghosts scattered to the banquet hall, and the Halloween night was underway.

When I passed by the Cantaloupe, it was so crowded that I couldn't see inside.
The entrance with the face of a hexenbiest and the shadow art on the storefront seemed to be well received.
Paula said she was going back to Kantartika and Nephrite was going to help her.
I'm not sure if you can get out of this one.
Well, the barbecue won't escape. You can always eat it from now on.

'Hey, hey, hey, you!Did you see Mr. Nefari's costume?It's too bright, seriously!I thought I'd be blinded by the glare, seriously!
'Really? If you had told me earlier, I would have led you to the pit.
'No drop!

Percy, who had survived the massive increase in sugar production, was beaming with a smile that did not show the fatigue of the past few days.
Oh, I see, you've been healed, I don't care.
Molly walks next to me and puts on a cool face. I guess this is a reward.

'Are you sure you want to come?You can stay in Cantalucia if you want.'
'No, no, no. If Molly's on this side, I'm on this side too, usually.

You took Molly over Nefari. That's unusual.

'I mean, there's no way I could leave her looking so cute in the middle of a bunch of drunks. I'll have to keep an eye on her.'
'Is Nephrite okay?
'There, you see, there are friends and the Master. That store, even if you're a helper or an apprentice, if you mess with the staff, you're risking your life. ......'
'Have you ever almost died from messing with a nepheline that you were helping?
'......hi,it's a secret.'

Is it?
You have an honest face, you know that?

'Oh, no!Mr. Percy!What a coincidence!
'Oh, no?Let's see, ...... Barbara-san!
'Yes!I'm Aashi!

I'm Barbara, the one who ruined the impression of strangeness by feigning strangeness.
This guy has probably never heard of the term 'casualness'.

'So, what kind of costume is that?
'Oh, this?It's a 'Mezuren' costume. Isn't it bad?

Percy has eyes painted on his forehead and cheeks, and some eyes on his arms. Other than that, he is wearing normal clothes. No, he's dressed up a bit. She's dressed up a bit, with a glimpse of the disgustingness of trying to look good.
I mean, Percy. It's not "Mezuren" then, it's "Hyakume" or "Hyakumeoni.

'What are you dressed up as, Barbara?
'Oh, a piggyback ghost. Oh, ......, I'll piggyback you!What a joke!I'm just kidding!I'm not joking!
'Hahaha!It's so funny!

Percy laughs at Barbara's panic.
...... Barbara is a maiden, and I'm feeling a little chilly here, aren't I?

This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your time with your family.That ...... is cute ...... ...... Oh, no, it's nothing.
'Hmm?You're cute, right?

'No, seriously. It looks super on you. You're so stylish, Barbara.'

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Barbara!
What's coming out of your mouth?
It's making a terrible noise!

'Poof, Dad, Percy's costume also looks really cool ............!
'Oh, yeah?Thank you.'

I don't know. I've never heard a 'smile' like that before.
If you've had your fill, make sure you go to heaven, Barbara.

I'm not sure how you can tell a woman in a bikini that she's got style. ...... Where did I leave my delicacy?

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll do it. She has a very blank expression.
But her arms naturally cover her stomach.
It's like 'good style' has come back to haunt Molly.

But, Molly. That's taking it out on you.

'By the way, there are a lot of people wearing hexenbiest masks.

As Molly said, there are many people on the street wearing masks that resemble hexenbiests.
Some cover only the upper half of the face, some cover the whole face, and some only the mouth.

'Old men can't be bothered with makeup. They just want to put on a mask and be done with it.

They probably didn't want to dress up too elaborately because they were going to drink later.

'I told Assunto to prepare it for me, and it was a mega-hit.
'The Peddler's Guild must have made a lot of money in the past few days.'
'Yeah. That's why they're giving it back to us.
'That's like advertising money for a new fad, isn't it?

If yakiniku and motsu spread, they'll make another fortune.
It's Assunto's good point that he doesn't hesitate to invest in the future. I'm impressed by his ability to recover the money.

'Also, if you wear a mask, you won't be caught looking at me s*xually.
'Yashiro-san's whole body will be turned towards you, so I think he'll be able to tell.

Of course not, Molly.
......I'm sure you're right.

I'm sure you'll be fine. It's not your destination.
I'm not sure what to make of it.

Both of my arms were held by Jeannette and Estella and I was forced to turn around.
Ah, a highly exposed beauty ......!

After that, I passed by a number of gorgeous costumed ghosts here and there, but I couldn't enjoy them at all because the guards on both sides were too tight.


In the Thomson kitchen, Cow and Ox were working hard, wearing hats that resembled white ghosts.
The hat, which looks as if the back of the head has been bitten off by a monster, was a gift from me as an opening gift. It looks pretty good on you. Mm-hmm.

'Can you sit down?
'I'm sorry. The tables are all taken. ......'
'It's full!
'It's a little high, but if you'd like to sit at the counter...'
'If you don't mind!
'You don't mind, do you?
'Yes. It's a special seat where I can cheer on Leela's struggles.
'Don't you usually cook meat at the counter?
'The counter is for drinking.
'That's right!

If the counter were lowered a little more, it would be possible to put in a shichirin and increase the number of seats, but Leela insisted on leaving it as it was.
She wanted to keep the place where her late husband, Bomo, stood for the longest part of the day.

'But even if it's a counter, it can't seat this many people, can it?
'It can't be helped. Umaro.'
'Yes, sir!I'll make an impromptu table as soon as possible!
'Then we'll get some wood from Imelda's. Help me, Norma.
'd*mn it, I can't help it. ...... Hot sake, can I have some?
'...... Magda will join you with Ricardo.'
'Wait a minute, tiger girl!You don't get to decide!

'Help me, Ricardo.
'Help me, Ricardo.
'Help me, Ricardo.
'Shut up, Oba and the other two lords!
'...... We'll also take Use, who took down the misguided decorations as soon as possible.
'Don't you dare reveal that to me, Magda!

And so the braggarts went out in droves, increasing the seating beyond the storefront and into the street.
I'd set up seats around the store in anticipation of a crowd, but they've exceeded my expectations.

'Wow!Teresa, you're so cute!
'Oh, shit!Oh, no!My belly button is showing on ......!Don't look at me!
'Oh, Ox, you're embarrassing me!
'No, it's not!

'No, I'm not!

The kids are having fun.
So, Ox has a navel fetish. Pfft, he's so chubby.

'In another five years, I'll show you the beauty of tits.
'Destroy your evil plans before you get banned.'

That's right.
These things should be passed down from adults to the younger generation.
That's what tradition is all about, isn't it?


As we walked through the crowded restaurant, Ginette suddenly stopped.
She saw that there was a customer sitting at the counter.
He was a stout man wearing a mask like a masquerade.

'How long has he been there, ......?
'Maybe he couldn't see us because it was crowded.Anyway, let's sit down too.
''Oh!Lord of District Thirty-Five~!This way, this way!Ambrose has brought us some delicious bubbly!You'll drink it, right?'
'Oh, the guild leader of the Woodcutter's Guild, and Ambrose Demilly!Well, in that case, I'll take you up on it. Let's go, Gilberta.
'I'll go with you, I'll say a quick goodbye to my friend Yashiro and my friend Ginette.

Leaving the puzzled Ginette behind, the drinkers suddenly get excited.
What can I say, it's a bar game, isn't it?
I don't think this is a conversation between a guild leader and a lord of a large guild.

Anyway, if we don't brace ourselves, we might collapse, Gazelle and son.
I'll call out to them.

'Hello, Leela. It's quite a party. Keep up the good work.

Leela stands behind the counter.
She doesn't answer when I talk to her.
She's not dazed or exhausted, she's just ...... staring at a point with a strangely beautiful expression.

There is a masked man at the other end of the line of sight.

This is the only area of the store that is strangely quiet.

'Um, may I sit next to you?
'Yes, please.

When Jeannette said no, the masked man shifted slightly to make room for her.

'Thank you very much.
'I haven't seen you around before.
'No, I haven't. I've had a chance to visit you a few days ago, but you're still new.'
'I see. Is the meat here good?
'Yes. Ms. Leela, you've been working hard. I can recommend it with confidence.'
'I see. ............ I see.'

The masked man lifted the corner of his mouth, muttered sorrowfully, and drank his drink.
He seems to be very happy.

'Yeah, yeah, yeah!Gochumon!
'Hmm?Are you going to help Teresa too?'
'I see. Okay, 500 for the ribs, 300 for the loin, 400 for the ribs, and 200 each for the mullet, minnow, and striped bass.''

'Yashiro, you did that on purpose, didn't you?You don't bully me.
'Gochumon, I'll take care of it!500 for the roast, 300 for the loin, 400 for the ribs, 200 for the marucho, mino and shimacho!
'It's perfect, Teresa!You're a genius, aren't you?

Estella's adaptability.
Teresa, this guy can really turn into a genius with just one way of raising him.

'You're a great helper.

The masked man said admiringly, then turned to look at Cow and Ox.

'You guys can't lose, either.

A large hand wraps around the small heads of the Gazelle siblings.


The gazelle siblings, who had been smiling earlier, let out a small murmur and then stopped moving.
Their big eyes began to moisten.

'Hey. We're still working. You can't go on the floor until you're on your own. If you're going to take the floor--''
''Act like a professional!
''Oh, yeah.''

The old man's big hand pats the Gazelle sisters on the head again.
A little rougher this time.
They were jostled, their hats were messed up, and their hair was a mess.
Still, the gazelle sisters couldn't say anything, they just stared at the man.

'Yes, sir!

Leela's shoulders jumped as the old man called her.

'Let me have some meat, too. I want the best meat in this restaurant, the one you recommend.
'But, I ...... just started, and I can't ...... help but think that the best meat is ...... yours...' ...'
'It's okay.'

The masked man stopped Leela's anxious words and pointed to the seventh ring.

'Just let me have the 'current' recommendation of this restaurant.'
'...... Yes. Please wait a moment.

With tears welling up in both eyes, Leela manages to hold them back and begins to prepare the barbeque.
The charcoal is placed in the shichirin, a wire mesh is placed on top, and the meat is placed on the counter.

'You can cook it any way you like, can't you?
'Yes, sir. ...... Um... Do you mind if I watch?I like ...... your hands and your gestures when you're cooking the meat.'
'Hmm ...... ah, take a good look and steal the technique.'

The masked man happily placed the thinly sliced ribs on the wire mesh.
He looks at the meat carefully and turns it over at just the right moment.
It's as if he's having a conversation with the meat, and he's looking right at it to find the moment when it tastes best.

'Okay, that's good.

The meat is easily removed from the wire mesh, dipped in the sauce on a small plate, and disappears into the masked man's mouth.
He chewed the meat as if he were enjoying it carefully, and swallowed it with gusto.

'Un...... delicious. It's really good. I feel safe with this.'
'Yes .......'
'Well, good on you, ...... Leela.'

Leela ran out and wrapped her hands around the masked man's hands.
As if they were waiting for her, Cow and Ox also jumped towards the masked man.

I don't know who the masked man is.
But one thing's for sure.

There is only one man in this world that Leela can touch.

'I wonder what's going on here.
'I don't know, .......'

Estella is also aware of this situation and is confused.
Ginette may have been the only one who was able to remain calm despite her surprise.

'Lucia, you said it yourself. 'It is not uncommon for people and things to meet through strong feelings.

After Gilberta's ghost story, Lucia said something like that.

'Perhaps the desire to meet - the concern for the family members left behind, and the desire to reassure the departed family members - caused the miracle.

'Because ......,' Ginette muttered, smiling mysteriously like the stars lighting up the night sky.

'Because today is Halloween.

It's no wonder anything is happening.
An unusual and mysterious night.

Attracted by a fake ghost in costume, a real ghost peeks out.

Such an improbable thing might have happened.

'Hey ...... hey!Father ......!
'Oops!Don't say anything else.'

The masked man stopped Ox from calling out to him.

He smiled and said with a mischievous look on his face, as if he were the same age as Ox.

'If they find out who you are, they won't be able to come to this world. So don't tell anyone who you are.'

With his face caught in a large hand, Ox fights back the tears that threaten to fall.
He sobbed, held back a sob, and forced his trembling mouth into a smile.

'So, if I can keep your secret, will you come see me again?
'Yeah, I'll definitely come. And--'


Everyone blinked in surprise as their hands clapped loudly.
In that fraction of a second, the masked man had disappeared.

And only his voice poured down from above the sky.

"I'll always be watching over you.

Leela broke down in tears, and Cow and Ox hugged each other and cried out loudly.
It was like an illusion, a strange phenomenon that lasted only a moment.

But on the counter, there was a small fire pit that had been used to cook the meat.
The charcoal was glowing red.

'Osha, I'm glad we met at .......'

I heard a small voice at my feet.
I looked over to see the always cheerful Teresa standing there, looking down in an uncharacteristic way.
She was holding the plate of meat I'd ordered.

'......Ashi,okaasha,......I don't know you,............' she said.

He made a small ...... noise and placed the plate on the chair.
It was not tall enough to be placed on the counter.
Normally, I would have tried to put it down somehow.

But now, he lumbers away.


Barbara let out a pained voice.

'Mom, you know. She died right after Teresa was born. ......'

Teresa trudges, trudges, trudges around the floor.
Maybe she's looking for a mother she can't even remember.

'I'd ...... love to see you, Teresa,' she said to ...... her mom.
'What about you, dear?'

Estella is looking at Barbara with sad eyes.
Barbara's throat fluttered for a moment, but then she gave a lame smile to hide it.

'Aashi, you see, has done a lot of bad things. ...... Mom, you won't be coming to see me, ...... I'm sure. ............But Teresa was a good girl, though. ......'

She clutched her bangs and pressed her eyelids with the base of her thumbs.
Her lips quiver, and she lets out a shaky breath.

'He's so sweet ......, he was such a sweet mom ............, he's so angry... I wonder if he's angry with ............ Aashi. ......'

She won't come to see me.
The anxiety of a child left behind may be as heavy and dark as the despair of this world.

'I wish I could see him......Arshi too............Kacha......'

In the crowded floor, I heard a familiar voice.
As if buried in the crowd of burly men, a slender, white Okojyo walked up to them.
It was Wuerer, who had spotted Teresa and Barbara and was happily waving her arms in the air.

'Teresa, I found you.
'...... Oh, Kasha?
'Uh-huh. I recognized you right away because you were the cutest little bunny.'
'............ Oh, Kasha!

Teresa ran off.
She bumped into various adults, but jumped straight into Wuerer's chest.

'Oh my God, what's wrong?Are you a little tired?

Teresa buries her face in his chest and rubs it.
Wuerer looks surprised at the unusual behavior of Teresa, who is usually a quiet and nice girl.
But she takes it in stride and speaks to her in her usual calm voice.

'Teresa, you're a hard worker, so I'm worried about you. Whenever you have a hard time or want to be pampered, just let me know, okay?I promise.'
'Yes!Mmm. ......!I want to be with you ............, I want to be with you ......'
'Yeah. I want to be with you all the time too. I want to be with Teresa and Barbara and Tot and Cheryl and Dad and the whole family.
'Hmm. ......'

A small hand grasps Wuerer tightly.

Good for you, Teresa.
I'm glad you came to get me.


Look at that face, Teresa.
She looks so happy.

But what's that look on your face, man?

Don't look at me like that.
You gave Teresa that warmth.
You may have been selfish, but now you've stopped her tears.

So, you should smile too.

'If your real mom came out now...'
'Teresa wouldn't have been able to spoil Wuerer at all.'
'............ ah'

After all, a real mother is something special.
As for me, I love my landlady very much, but I don't know how I would act if my real mother appeared in front of me. ......

'I have a family that's with me now. That's what you're saying, isn't it?
'Yeah, ......, I guess.'
'That's right. That's why, when you guys become more independent, and when you think you're okay, maybe you'll show your face. I don't know.

I just have a feeling about it.
If you're a parent who really cares about your child's happiness.
Not for the happiness of this moment, but for the future.

'It's just like you said.
'To ......?
'Your mom is so sweet.'
'...... Higg!'............Eeyuuu......!'......!Hero!
'Whoa, hey!

Barbara jumped at me.
She wraps her arms around my chest and presses her face against mine like Teresa does to Wuerl.
It's just that you ...... are in a bikini right now, okay?
Think about the situation?
Percy is here, too!

'Hero ............ eh ...... yyyy ...... ohhhhh!
'Don't cry!Get away from me!
'It's okay, I'm a piggyback freak!
'It's a piggyback!
'Then I'm a piggybacker!

Do you have the same thought process as Teresa?
Do you have the same brain age?

'Hero...... hero...... eeeu......!
'Oh, ......, yes, yes.'

I'm sure he'll never leave you until he stops crying, so I pat him on the head.
You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier. She's not going to help me.

'Hero ......Arshi, I'm glad to have met a hero. ............ Hero ...... ......Thanks.'
'Hey, hey. Just stop crying.'
'............Almost there,......'
'...... hey hey.'

A few of them clung to her and continued to cry, leaving the others puzzled as to what had happened.
It's a good way to expose yourself,.......

I'm not sure what to make of that.

'B cup, plus 2 mm'.

I spent the other half of my brain thinking about how to punish the pharmacist in the mini yukata who measured the length of my nose and wrote it down in her notebook, and I spent my time in captivity in vain.

You've got too many surprises in store for you, Halloween.
It should be more normal.

But if this story spreads, it will become a bigger festival next year.

I have a feeling about that.