440-Additive-free Episode 95 Right now, Yodamari-tei

''Sis, Magda-chou!We need a rescue as soon as possible!

Hamko came running into Thomson's kitchen just as the commotion was finally settling down.

'Cantartica is about to collapse!
The employees are struggling with their lives!

In short, it was an SOS from Paula and Nephrite, telling me to come and help them because there were too many customers and Cantalcica was not running.

'Mmmm, I guess this is where I come in!
'...... The name of the savior, it's Magda.

The two of them stood up with a look of 'it's too late to ask' on their faces, rather than looking uncomfortable, perhaps because it was a request from Paula, of whom they were familiar and attached to Cantalcica.

'Well, I guess I'll go help.
'I'll go with you then.
'I'll wait a moment, brother, manager!
'...... You two are off today.'
'Yes, they are!The two of you rarely take a day off, so you'd better get some rest today!
'No, if you say that, you guys are also ......'
'Me and Magda-chou are slacking off in moderation!Right, Magda?
'......' Loretta told me, so I had no choice.
I'm sorry.
'...... no choice'.

It seems that these two people are working hard, but in fact they are secretly relaxing.
...... I mean, I know.
I've been talking to Jeannette recently about how they've gotten better at taking a break.

You guys are just trying too hard, you know. All of you.
Why don't you take more time off?

'Aren't you tired?
'I'm fine!I'm not tired at all, I've just had a good day's play and regained my energy!
'...... Rather, I would have started helping out here if you hadn't asked. Magda is very serious.'
'Oh, you're a stubborn one, Magda!I'm a serious person too!

Magda and Loretta looked like they were having fun, but they already had the look of working waitresses.

'Well then, I'll help you too, won't I?
'Can you help me too, Norma-san?
'...... but Norma is a little drunk.'
'No, it's okay. It's good to be a little drunk when you're dealing with drunks.

Norma chuckles.
She's been in a good mood all day.

'What is it?Are you going too?I think I'll go, too. I haven't done anything today, so my body's going to get tired.

Delia says while stretching her arm muscles.
I wonder if Delia is referring to work when she says 'I haven't done anything'.
...... These guys walk around the city all day, why are they so energetic?

'Yes, yes ☆ I'm coming too!
'What can you do Masha?
'Counter work~'
''Oh, that's very necessary!Since Osina-san left, that place has actually been unpopular!She said it's not very elegant with only the master!

No, no, no.
It's just that the time when Osina was there was more special. ...... Well, once you've had a good feeling, it's human nature to want more of it, isn't it?

I'm sure you'll agree.Can I help too?
'Moriri-chou, will you come too?
'Ha, yes. I think I've eaten a little too much ............ and I feel guilty ...... ......'

Yeah, well, ...... you've been walking a lot today, and you've been eating a lot of chopsticks.
It's a good idea to get some exercise and work, yes.
Tomorrow, you'll be back in the 40th district.

'Then I'll go to ...... too.'
'You should take a break once in a while, manager.
'I guess so. Just leave this to us.
''But, I've been taking a lot of time off lately,.......''
'''I haven't! I'm not! Hey!
''......The manager was also making costumes for the church, training Thomson's kitchen, and teaching Estella's waiters how to make sweets.

Ginette, you ...... even did that?

'Yes, I did. You should get some rest, Ginette.'

Estella swayed to her feet and put her hands on Jeannette's shoulders.
You're putting a lot of pressure on her to keep her standing, that hand.

'Yashiro. You are responsible for resting little Jeannette.

'Do you want me to sleep with you?'
'Ginette. This is my knife. You can have it.

Don't carry anything too dangerous in Jeannette's pockets.
You're shocked at the lack of space for it, a little shocked at the overwhelming volume of it in your hand, and then you slump your shoulders. I envy you.

'When you're done eating, take her back to the sunlit pavilion and let her rest a bit. We're going to take care of her afterwards.'
'Oh ...... that's the hardest work I've ever done.

All the waiters at Estella's house were on vacation today, so Estella and Natalia were coming to stay with us.
Lucia, who was already a goofball, would be staying too. ...... Well, let Ginette rest. She's got a lot of hard work to do tonight and tomorrow morning.

'I'll go help her instead.
'...... Natalia, request backup.'
'Estella's arrival will create a lot of extra work for you.
'Estella, you're not cut out for customer service.
'I don't need you to tell me that, Delia!
'I understand. Then let's go to the Sunken Pavilion after work for the rest of the drinks, and I'll come support you.''
'Leave it to me, head waiter!I'll thoroughly accompany you tonight for drinks!
'I beg you, drink in moderation, Miss Lucia.

Oh, Ginette, she'll collapse if we don't let her rest.
Even she's weak at night.

'Ginette. Why don't you go home first and take a little nap?
'Yeah, is that so?

We're all like you, you know.
It's Halloween night, they want to do something different.
As long as today's failure is not too serious, they'll tolerate it.

So, I'll take your word for it and take a break.

In exchange, you'll probably work hard again tomorrow.
It's going to take a lot of effort to get him to rest, that's for sure.

'All right, then, the Cantartika Rescue Team is off!
'...... Everyone, follow Magda.
'I was just in charge, why are you taking the lead, Magda?
'...... This is charisma.'
'Hmmm. I don't care what you say, let's get going.
'Why are you in such a good mood, Norma?
'Ah, Norma's been like that ever since her fortune telling came up with a good result.
'Aaah!I'll go quickly!Come on, come on!Don't dawdle!
'What is it, Norma?
'Come on, come on, walk, walk!

The Cantarchica Rescue Team set off in a lively manner.
With such a splendid group of members, they could overcome any congestion.

I'm more worried about the remaining Lucia and Ricardo, Javier and Demilly, Donis and Mahr. ............ Well, let them do what they want.
I'll let my people do the talking.
We can't expect that much from Gazelle and her son.
You'll have to cut them some slack, lords and guild leaders.

'However, ......'.

Ginette put down her chopsticks and looked around the restaurant.

'It's getting kind of lonely, isn't it?

Bertina had long since left with the kids, and after the people who had surrounded us were gone, the noisy restaurant felt strangely quiet.
The only noise we could hear was conversations that had nothing to do with us.

...... d*mn it.

If they work together, it means that there is a possibility that all of them will come to the sunlit pavilion with the same tension.

Some of them may be tired and go home, but if they find out that Estella and Lucia are staying over, some of them may take advantage of it and say, 'Well, why not?

'It's going to be a noisy night. Get some rest while you can. I'm sure you're going to treat us to the best you can, aren't you?

You should be wielding your skills not for Cantalucia's guests, but for the people who gather at the Sunken Pavilion, you know.
When I said this to her, the joy returned to Ginette's face.

'Yes, sir. Then let's get ready to welcome them.
'You're not leaving already, .......'

And you're going to work.
Don't you know the word 'rest', this guy?

'Yashiro-san, is your stomach full?
'It's only the sixth part.
'Then, I'll make something when we get to the sunny pavilion.
'So you're going to leave, huh?

So, it looks like he doesn't have the right to refuse.
I cleaned up the dishes I had eaten and carried them across the counter.
I exchanged a few words with Leela and bowed my head.
Wow, I've already said good-bye.

'Come on, Yashiro.'

That smile. I can't argue with that.
He's so helpless.

'You selfish girl.'
'Yes. I'm a ghost today.'

The wraith sister with the slightly bluish makeup smiles happily.
............ I can't resist this smile, either.

'Lucia. I'm going back first.
'What's with the bad company? That's all right. I'll let you have a good drink when I get back.'
'Gilberta, make sure you bring that drunk back with you.'
'I think you should leave that task to me.

I guess we're safe for now with Gilberta.

'Javier. You'll stay with Imelda. Demilly and Ricardo, go home. Estella's house is closed today. Don't come to the sunlit pavilion by any chance.'
'Ha-ha-ha!Does that mean, 'Come and visit us'?
'Oba-kun, you're quite lonely, aren't you?
'I'll consider it if you ask me honestly. Yeah, Oba?

Those drunks are smirking at me.

I turn my head back and look at Jeannette.
Why don't you help me out with the pranks today, wraith sister?
I point to my neck and then to my shoulder.
Ginette smiles a little wickedly at me, knowing my intentions.
Her eyebrows arched a little apologetically. Never mind, never mind, never mind.

'I'll give you idiots some advice in plain English. If you come to the Sunlit Pavilion, go to .......'

After saying that much, I give the signal to Jeannette so that the drunks won't notice.
At my signal, Jeannette puts her hand on my shoulder.
At that moment, my head fell down with a 'thud.

'...... This is what happens, okay?

At the same time, I'll also show you the magic of separating the upper and lower body.

'''By the way, it goes like this'''

Lucia, who had never seen the separation of the upper and lower halves of a woman's body before, joined in, and a great deal of screaming ensued.
You've sobered up, haven't you?
That's what I'm talking about.

'Well, I'm going home.
'Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, you, Yashiro!Are you alright?
'What was that, Oba-kun?
'You're not human, are you, Oba?
'Don't suddenly throw in a stranger, anchovy!

I leave the store with an indifferent look on my face as I hear the voices of this town's bigwigs screaming at my back.
Behind me, I heard Ginette appeasing the lords.

'Gentlemen. It's Halloween today.
'''' No, just because it's Halloween!''''
'Well then, good night.'

It was easy to imagine her smiling face.
The prank was a success.
It was a voice that gave me a glimpse of satisfaction.

'Did I scare you a little too much?
'It's okay. They all look like they have hair on their hearts.'
'C'mon, ......, that's right.'

We left Thomson's Kitchen, weaving our way through the crowd of customers that had overflowed to the outside of the restaurant.

As we crossed the main street, it was quiet enough to remind us of our first night in the city.
The streets were brighter than ever, though.

The two of us trudged along side by side.
The time passes so peacefully.
There is no one passing by, and no one is talking.

'There's no one here.
'Everyone is probably drinking or asleep.

The kids' night is over, and the old man's night has just begun. It's that time.

'But Mr. Yashiro is here.
'I feel relieved that I'm not alone.

It's a relief to not be alone. ......

'...... something, did you miss me?'
'Huh?No, no!I've been having a lot of fun lately with you all. ......!

Ginette's eyes, which had been wide open, suddenly arched loosely as she made a panicked excuse.

'A little over a year ago,......, before Yashiro-san came to the store, there were only really quiet nights,......, so I'm glad. It's nice to have someone you care about within reach, within sight, close enough to hear your voice.

Ginette stopped and looked up.
As she looks up, she sees a brightly lit sunlit pavilion floating in the darkness.

'I'm back, Sunken Pavilion. Didn't you miss me?
'What, does he get lonely?
'Yes, I did. He says 'welcome home' when I come back after being away for a while. Hey, sunny side up.

She talks to him happily, and then runs to the front of the sunny pavilion.
She puts her hand on the wall of the pavilion and looks back at you with her long hair shaking.

'I'm glad. I'm glad that you understand my feelings.
'I'm sure that ...... will laugh at me if I tell anyone else that YODAMARI-TEI says 'welcome home'.'

Not really.
Not really, I guess.
At least Magda and Loretta kind of understand.
This is a special place.

'Oh, by the way, you haven't cleaned up yet. Let's do it first.

The tables on the floor are still empty because I fell asleep after being made to dress up as Lucia until morning.
There might be makeup or paint on the floor.
Surely, it needs to be cleaned.

Ginette unlocks the door, and you follow her into the store.

The sunlit pavilion was empty and quiet.
Normally, it's a little warmer than this. ......

'It's not every day that someone is gone for so long.

Perhaps Ginette felt the same, and muttered something like that.
It seems that she didn't hear 'welcome home' today.

That sensation may be a kind of residual thought of the person who existed there, or it may just be the brain remembering the warmth and scent of the person, or the conversation they had there.
I don't know why, but the presence of the person stays there for a while afterwards.

Maybe it's because the restaurant has been closed since this morning.
The reason why the sunlit pavilion feels so cold.

'I'll make you a hot cup of coffee.
'Yes, please.

Just as I was thinking about clearing the table while Ginette was making coffee, the door of the Sunken Pavilion opened.

'I'm sorry. I wonder if it's still open.

What peeked out was a man wearing a pure white mask.
From the atmosphere and the skin that was visible, I could tell that he was an old man.

'I'm sorry, sir. I'm not working today. ......'
'I wouldn't mind a cup of coffee.'
'Uh, ......'.

Ginette glances at me.
Oh, yeah, yeah. I know what you mean.
When asked like this, there is no option for Jeannette to 'turn him away'.

'Isn't that okay, a cup of coffee?
'Yes, sir. This way, please.'
'I'm sorry.'
'No, sir. I was just about to make some coffee.''

Ginette leads the masked old man to the counter.

'The table hasn't been cleared yet, do you mind if we sit here?
'Yes, that's fine. I'm more comfortable in a seat like this.'

The chair that matches the counter has slightly longer legs.
I thought it would be hard for the old man, but he looked quite good as he climbed up on the chair.


Jeannette looked at him and stopped moving.

'Come on, come on. His body is going to get cold.'
'Oh, ...... yes. I'm home.'

Distracted by the old man, Jeannette moves her foot--and falls down spectacularly.

'Hahaha!...... Oops, excuse me. Are you okay?'
'Ha ...... yes. Ehehe ......'

Ginette smiles shyly at the old man peeking in.

There was a kind of unique atmosphere between the two of them.
And that laughing voice,............, oh, I see. That's how it is.

I'm going to go make some coffee.

Ginette smiled and headed for the kitchen.
I call out to her back.

''Don't forget to wash your hands.
''Huh, I know, I know.

Coincidentally, our voices overlapped.
Ginette puffs out her cheeks as she stares at both me and the old man.
Then she giggled and walked into the kitchen.

Oh, I see.
So that time when I felt like the sunlit pavilion was laughing, that faint laugh I heard was you.


Actually, I missed you just a little bit.

'Can I sit next to you?
'Yeah, sure.'

I sit down next to the old man.

'You want some?
'What's this?
'Halloween candy. It's called 'okaki', made by Grandma Mum, and it's made from mashed rice that's been dried and then baked.'
'Oh, ...... rice. Interesting. Let's eat it.

Picking up a soy sauce-flavored rice cake, the old man puts one in his mouth.

'Don't break your teeth, old man. Grandpa.'
'Hahaha!I'm not that old.'

The old man takes a bite of the okaki with a crunching sound.

'Hoho. This is delicious.
'Mum, I've been expanding my cooking repertoire lately.
'Huh. Why again?'
'Well?Some eccentric old man is spoiling you, so you don't have a choice, do you?
'Ho-ho-ho-ho!I see. No, what. No matter how old we get, we should never forget love. Hmmm. ......'

The old man bends his body with amusement.
He smiles, his lines clearly showing.

'Are you in love, old man?
'Hmm?No. ......'

The old man denies it in a calm voice, not embarrassed.

'I already have a very important family, you know.
'Even if you had a family, you wouldn't be able to fall in love.
'No, no. I'm not that good a man.
'Not at all. I'm not that good a man.' 'The old men in this town are all unreasonable.

I can't tell you how many old men I've seen who've fallen in love while saying that. ......

'There was an old man named Orkio. He was originally a nobleman's son who had a wife, but for some reason they got separated.
'That's a sad story.
He said something like, 'Even though we're apart, we're happy.
'Is that so?
'But when I brought him to see me, he started making out with me, making out with me, making out with me, making out with me, making out with me, making out with me, making out with me, making out with me. Now they're living together and saying, "I don't want to leave you even for a moment! You know?
'Hahahahaha!Very funny. I'm glad you're happy.

He opens his big mouth, slaps his knee and laughs.
His boisterous voice echoes.
I'm sure it's reaching the kitchen.

'Also, there's a stubborn old man named Zelmar who shows no signs of dying, even though he should die soon.
'Hmmm. Men like that are often the most stubborn.
'He's the old man who comes to the store and swears all the time, you know.
'I see. He seems to like you a lot. It's you, isn't it?You're the one being sworn at by Zelmar.
'Oh. I guess he likes to bully the weak. You're only targeting me.'
'Hmmm, you don't seem like a weak person at all.

'You know, not many people are as sensitive as I am.The last time I wore pants that weren't made by Uclines, my buttocks turned red from chafing.'
'I see. That's delicate. You have a butt like a peach.'

She laughs, shaking her shoulders.
It's a laugh that makes me happy to watch.

'Oh, and Zelmar's old man, he's been getting s*xy lately.
'But you haven't been able to give him the definitive word, have you?
'That's right, that old bastard!
'Hmm, is that something you can say?
'Yes, I can. I've always been an honest man.

I love your tits!


'You look like you're having a great time.

Ginette comes back with the coffee, a little hurriedly.
The old man and I couldn't help looking at her feet.

'I'm not going to fall!

Puffing out her cheeks, Ginette puts the tray on the counter.
She placed three cups of coffee on the tray in front of each of them.

'Do you want to sit down too?
'No. I'm the manager of this store. I'll be in the manager's special seat.'
'...... I see. That makes me jealous.'

Ginette stands alone at the counter.
That must have been Grandfather's special seat.

'You can have this if you like. It's a snack we're making right now at the Sunken Pavilion.
'Oh. It's shaped like a fish.
'It's a taiyaki. It's very similar to Imagawa-yaki. ......'

After saying that much, I brought her face close to mine and whispered in a whisper.
I whispered a little faster.

'Ours is better.
'Hmm. I see. I'm looking forward to it.

Even though the taiyaki is cold, it is made to taste good.
Even if it's cold, it won't be as good as the Imagawa-yaki in the 40th district.

'Yes. It's delicious.
Isn't it?I'm proud of it. I'm very proud of it.

Ginette said happily, holding a tray.

'Very good. Very well done.

Suddenly, Ginette's eyes begin to water.
In an instant, tears appear at the corners of her eyes, and she manages to hold them back just long enough to break them.

I see.
That's how you've always been praised.

'...... and. What were you talking about?You seemed to be having a lot of fun.
'Oh. We were just making small talk. Huh?
'Oh. Mostly talking shit about Zelmar.'
'Haha. I'm sorry you had to find out.
'...... Yashiro-san. You can't.'
'Well, I'll just badmouth Bobba and Frodo.'
'No, not that, ......!
'The other day, I put an eggshell on Frodo's plate and served it to him. I wanted him to say, 'Don't put that in the garbage! I was trying to get him to say, 'Don't put it in the garbage!
'Ah, .......'

Jeannette, who knew what had happened, forgot to pay attention and her mouth dropped open.

'And then, you know, Frodo's eating eggshells like crazy.
'...... smoldering'

Jeannette fought to contain her laughter as she recalled the moment.

'Why is he eating it? I said, "I thought it was dessert."'

'But it's surprisingly tasty,' he said. Finally, he said, 'Another one! He said.
'Ha-ha-ha!Frodo always ate everything.
'And Bobba said, "Is it that good?Then give me a bite! So Bobba took a bite out of the eggshell and bit into it.It's not an egg shell! And then we got into a fight.
'Ha-ha-ha!I can see that scene in my mind's eye.

The old man smacked his knee and laughed loudly.
In front of the old man, Jeannette tries hard not to laugh. Large tears are spilling from the corners of her eyes.

'You'll feel better if you laugh as hard as you can, Jeannette~'
'But, but ...... phew ............ phew.'
'So you're saying it's eggshells? 'Even if you say it's eggshells, don't think it's eggshells!
'Pssst!I'm sure you're not the only one who has a problem with this.
'And then Zelmar said, "Don't fight over eggshells!Eggs taste best when they're inside. Hey, Mum? I like the meat of the parent bird best.
'Mumu ......!...... giggle giggle giggle!I can't do this anymore!The look of surprise on Zelmar's face was so ...... funny. ............ giggle!

That day, Ginette was laughing all day long.
She would come up to me from behind and just say the word 'parent bird' and I would remember and laugh.

The smile of a close, family-like figure.
How precious that was to Jeannette.
Seeing Jeannette's happy face that day, I understood it all too well.

After that, we talked endlessly about such and such things that had happened at the sunny pavilion, and about trivial things.
When I revealed the many foolish pranks that Jeannette had played on me, Jeannette began to get strangely nervous, which gave me a fresh feeling.
Apparently, Jeannette is also afraid of getting angry.

No matter how much we talked, we never ran out of things to say.
Jeannette talked a lot, too.
The old man listened to her in silence. Sometimes he would laugh out loud.

The next thing I knew, the coffee was completely cold.

'Oh, my stomach hurts. I feel like I've laughed for a year.

The old man sipped his coffee, trying to hide his loose lips.
He holds the other side of the cup and tilts it with a twist of his wrist, a unique way of drinking.
I see. It sure looks like him.

'A year's supply?That's not enough at all.'

Ginette says in a clear voice, changing her smile from one that makes the muscles in her face collapse to her usual gentle smile.

'You have to smile for five years.

I think that's about how long it's been since Jeannette became the manager of the Sunlit Pavilion.

'Ah, ............ is delicious. It's really good coffee.
'Thank you very much.

Putting down his cup, the old man leaves his seat.

'I'll be back.

He takes a step forward and looks down, holding his mask.

'You'll have to make up for the lack of laughter.

The old man looks back at you as he removes his mask.
...... But I couldn't look at his face.
He suddenly disappeared, leaving behind the scent of fragrant coffee.

'...... You were smiling. At the end.'
'Yes, sir. That's what it looked like to me, too.

Ginette lowered her cup calmly as usual, not crying, not feeling sad.

'Didn't you have more to say?'
'Well, ......, but you seemed fine, so that's good enough for me.'

I don't know if I should say 'fine'.
Well, you did look fine, but...'

'I really wanted to apologize. I was out shopping and I didn't realize it until late. ......'

She probably wanted to apologize, too.
That I left you behind.

'But ....... It was a fun night, and I wanted to laugh.
'I guess it's mutual.'
'Yes, sir. I think so.'

Ginette bites into a half-eaten taiyaki left behind by the masked old man.
Maybe you used to do this with your grandfather, Hanbunko.

'Thank you very much.

'Hmm?What's that?
'The story of Zelmar and the others. I think they were happy to hear it.'
'It was mostly bad language, but it was surprisingly well received. ...... You have a bad personality, don't you?
'I think it's probably about the same as Yashiro's.'
'Oh, so you're a saint.'
'Maybe so.

You look happy.
Is that so?
Of course you are.

I was happy, too.

'Mr. Yashiro. What do you want to eat?I'll make anything you want today.

You've always made everything for me, haven't you?
I'll just swallow that comment and make a request for the occasion.

'Stir-fried scraggly vegetables, please.

Ginette puts the empty dishes on a tray and turns back to the kitchen.
At that moment.

'I'm here, sunny-side up!
'...... I'm back, Sunshine Pavilion!
'Hey, it's sunny-side up!I'm home!

Loretta, Magda, and the dying Estella came in.
Saying 'I'm home' to each other.

'Um, everyone, ......'

Ginette gives a dumbfounded, puzzled look.

'Oh, Mr. Manager, big brother!I'm back!
'...... Magda of all people, come in.'
'Ginette-chan!I'm so tired!

The people involved in this store are pouring into the sunlit pavilion in droves.
Behind them, too, there was a crowd of people.

'Oh~ that's the smell of the Sunken Pavilion!I feel at home here.
'There's something so relaxing about the Sunny Pavilion.
'It's warm even at night~'
'I often think that I wouldn't mind becoming a child here, you know?
'A battlefield and a space for relaxation!

Delia, Norma, Masha, Imelda, and Hammaro.
Behind them was a drunken Lucia, with Natalia and Gilberta supporting her from both sides.

'I'm going to be a kid here too!
'No, you're causing me a lot of trouble, so please leave, Lucia-sama.
'I hope you'll behave yourself, Lady Lucia. Natalia's true feelings are spilling out, plainly.
'I'm sorry to say this, but I'm going to be the girl here.
'I don't think that's fair, Natalia, I do!I'd like to join you, too!

Each of them set up their own table, sat down on their own, rubbed their cheeks against the wall, and began to relax in the sunlit pavilion.

'After all, the sunny pavilion is the best!Cantaloupe is all about appearance,......, yes, that's right!That's right!I'm not sure what to make of it.
'......The sunny pavilion envelops those who come back.
'That's right. The other side is really fighting all the time.
'They don't have many sweets either.
'I love the sunlit pavilion too~'

Perhaps Cantartica has been quite busy, but everyone begins to slouch as if clinging to the sunny pavilion.
It was as if they wanted to be wrapped up in the sunlit pavilion.

Ginette and I looked at each other.

'...... are you all ......?
'Looks like it.

It seems that the Sunken Pavilion is quite assertive.
It must have made its presence felt by many people.
Otherwise, words like 'I'm home' would be hard to come by.

'I thought the gaze I felt at the sunlit pavilion was my grandfather's. ......'
'That's not true. I've felt it since your grandfather was healthy. I've sensed the existence of the sunken pavilion.
It looks like.

My grandfather was listening to the events at the sunny pavilion as if he was hearing them for the first time. He was smiling.
That means he doesn't see everything that happens here.
But we feel the sunny pavilion every day.

That's just an assumption.

This is only a hypothesis, but it's possible that my grandfather's consciousness is mixed in with the consciousness of the sunny pavilion.

A part of your consciousness remains in a place that you have a strong attachment to, and you will always be watching over it.
But it's not just one person, it's like a part of a history that has been going on for a long time. ...... I don't know, though.

I'm not sure what to say. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
'That's a wonderful suggestion!I'll go make a delicious meal!Are you all hungry?
'''' Peco and Peco! ''''

The stomachs of those who had worked hard seemed to be empty once again.

'Please wait a little while. We'll prepare a special treat for you!

Ginette ran into the kitchen, leaving behind a bursting smile.
Then I thought.

He's going to work again today, after all.