441-96th episode without additives, easier.


It was past lunchtime in the sunlit pavilion, and Barbara and Teresa were sitting side by side, arms crossed and heads twisted.

'What's the matter, Teresa?What's troubling you?'
'Hey, hero!Why are you flying Aashi?Aashi's sitting closer to the hero than you are!

Your troubles are trivial anyway.
It's a waste of time to listen to you. You're just sitting by my side like this.

'I'll listen to you after Teresa's problems are solved, so go ahead and twist my head all you want.
'Twist it ...... over, what are you going to do?'

I don't know.

'So, Teresa. What's up?'
'Oh, I don't know... ............'

Theresa looks down, looks at her sister, looks at me, and opens her mouth.

'I know the word ...... seniority. ...... That's great, Teresa.'

'I can assure you, Barbara would never know.

'Onesha, Osaki, Dojo'.

What a good girl she is. ......
I'll spare Teresa the trouble and listen to Barbara's problems.

'Come clean, Barbara.
'You're different from Teresa in so many ways!Her face, her voice...

Of course not!
Humans have feelings, so if you want people to treat you like Teresa, be a good girl like Teresa.

'Actually, Aashi, I'm having a serious problem. ......'

Barbara props her elbows on the table and presses her fingers together.
Her brow wrinkles.

'What if ....... Hero and Mr. Percy, what if they both proposed at the same time?'

'Yes, solved.

'So, Teresa. What are you worried about?Talk to me. Don't be shy.'
'I'm not done talking about Aashi!And you're still so nice to Teresa, hero!

There's a difference.
When one of them is a mess, the other one can look four times better.
That's it, my sister who's so helpless.

The other day at Halloween, the hero was kind to me. ......'

I'm sure your ~~~~ heart will beat a little.
A few days after Halloween.
I feel as if my chest still remembers Barbara's body heat as she cried to me.

'I thought it would be a pity if Aashi rejected me.

I've just forgotten all about it.
The warmth that I felt has cooled down completely.
Shall I dig a hole and bury you, you purpurin?

'Don't think about stupid things, just think about the man you love.

Because there's no way in hell I'm going to fall in love with you.

'But ............ Arshi, I also like the heroes a little ......'

............ Yeah.
Well, the words are the same, but the feelings they contain are different. It's a word like that, 'like'.
There's no deeper meaning.
Or rather, he's too stupid to include any deeper meaning.

...... Don't say what's on your mind with a sad face. I almost had a crush on you.

Huh, that was close.
Just safe, just safe.

'You don't have to make a decision right now. Think about it carefully and face yourself with honesty.
'I'm not sure about myself and ............ ...... yeah. If the heroes say so, I'll do it.

You've become a lot more honest.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it. ...... Or should I say, you made me do it, and I should admire you for it?
'Have you finished cleaning up the mess, Estella?

Suddenly, Estella appeared behind me.
But you're still naive. I could feel her presence, but only faintly. It'll be a while before I'll be able to mask my presence like Natalia.
Maybe it's because you have more wind resistance than Natalia. It's a lack of streamlining.

Estella was being hounded by lords, guild leaders, and various noblemen.

From the day after Halloween, Estella had been under house arrest at the mansion, with inquiries about new candy recipes and sales, letters asking for details about Halloween, ghost decorations, shadow art, and whether or not to build a bizarre store like Cantartica had done. --.

'...... The air outside is delicious, isn't it?

--It seems that she has managed to escape.
She looks a little thin.

'By the way, Shrunken Girl.
'Who's shrinking, man? I'm not shrinking.

How'd you manage to keep it, there, fatty?

'Did you finish your work?
'Well, I've just about finished. ...... I have a feeling I'll be busy again from now on, though.

It's normal for them to listen to you for the time being and then place an order.
Once you take it home, discuss it with each department, solicit their wishes, make a final decision and ......

'It might be hell from a couple of weeks later.'
'Haha. Not all people are that patient. There's definitely a nobleman who'll be making a request in a couple of days. Definitely!

There will always be quick-tempered people like Ma'ru.
I'm sure that's the case.
I'm glad. It's someone else.

'I'll call you if I need you.
'Don't try to use me casually.
'I remember you telling me that if I had a problem with something, I should talk to you... ......'
'When was that, when was that?

You know what?
Services are provided at the market price of the time and era.
If the situation changes, the contents of the service also change, and discontinuation is a common occurrence.
The phrase "10 gacha every day! Even after the service is terminated, no one believes in it and sticks to it, right?That's how it is with services. Do you understand?

'What about you, Ginette?
'In the kitchen. Now that her stomach has cleared up, she's working hard on her pastry.

Ginette had refrained from eating and making sweets while she was on a diet.
And Molly was right there with her.
...... Molly eats as much as she makes, you know.

I'm going to go take a look at it.

As if enjoying her first free time in a long time, Estella dances and disappears into the kitchen.
What the heck, peeping in the middle of the day. ......
I'll go peeking back at you tonight instead,............?It's a good idea, isn't it?

'The hero is good friends with the lord, right?
'Thanks to you.'

I get called out every time people like you cause trouble.
Don't you realize that you came all the way from another district to District 42 and caused trouble?
It took a lot of effort on my part. Hmm?Hmm?

'Well, I guess Barbara's troubles are solved for now, huh?
'...... Well, for the time being, yeah. I'll try to peel myself a little more, like the hero said.
'You don't have to strip all the way down, just face it. See?
'Oh, that's it!I'll try that.
'I don't think I can do it at all, but, well, good luck.

There aren't many people who peel themselves off as a result of worrying, so don't make that mistake.

'Sorry to keep you waiting, Teresa. It was a trivial story as expected, but it's over for now.
'Don't call it trivial, hero!

Shut up. I'm an honest man.
I left Barbara alone and listened to Teresa's story.

'You know what, ......'.

Teresa, who is obsessed with seniority, opens her mouth in a way that is hard to describe.
Now, what exactly is this little girl's problem?

'Tomyonchubo's accounting team is in trouble, and I want to do something about it.

It was a solid concern!

'Thomson Kitchen's accounting system?
'Un......, you know, Oksyukun, Kaushasha, Reraokasha, they all have the same number of numbers, chirai.'

Teresa folds her fingers to name the people.
You can't say you don't like arithmetic, that family......

You don't want to do the math, so it takes longer to order?
What's the logic behind that?

'Because it's sold in grams, isn't it?

Ginette walks out onto the floor with Estella hanging from her waist.
'Don't hang on, Estella.

Next, it's my turn, right?

'Selling grams of meat means that you can put pre-cut meat on a plate and weigh it. ............ Oh, I see.
'I'm not very good at calculating fractions, either.

In other words, you don't want to do the math at the end, so you're going to make it easy when you order.

At Thomson's Kitchen, they have the same pricing system as before.
First you choose the type of meat, ribs or loin, and then the weight.
There is a pitfall in selling by the gram.

In the past, in Thomson's kitchen, the owner would cut the meat by eye from a block of meat and then weigh it. Well, this is most likely the method.
When you become a professional, you will be able to cut the meat to the weight you want.

However, when you are a newcomer, there are always fractions.
102 grams, 212 grams, and so on.
When you buy by weight, you pay according to the weight as long as it is approximate, but if there is a fraction, the calculation becomes tricky.

If you buy 200 grams of chicken, which costs 48 yen per 100 grams, you can easily calculate 96 yen by rote.
But what if it is 317 grams?
What if it is 208 grams?
What if you aim for 200 grams but miss and end up with 147 grams and 69 grams?

The calculation becomes tedious at once.
There is no calculator, of course.
There are calculators like the strange abacus used by merchants, but it would be hard to learn how to use such a complicated calculator.
If you were suddenly handed an abacus and asked to solve a three-digit multiplication, you'd probably be clueless.

That's why Leela and her family are making an effort to keep the weights exactly the same. It's more like a ...... trick. It's a tweak.

'It's easier to calculate 100 grams than 101 grams.

However, Thomson's kitchen serves grilled meat, not steak.
It is not cut on the spot. The meat is already cut and served on several plates according to weight.
It would be almost impossible to adjust every gram.

It's almost impossible to adjust every gram.

I'd rather not have half a slice of meat. ...... How shabby is that? It's better if you don't have it.
I'm sure you'll be fine.

'...... are you sure?
I don't know.

You should have just come out quickly, but you're fumbling around behind the counter.
It's not a good feeling for the customers.

'Then why don't you make use of the chart that Yashiro-san made for your sisters?

Ginette's suggestion was this.
I was wondering if the price chart I once made for my sisters working at the food stall could be modified for the Thomson kitchen.

But the stall at the sunlit pavilion had a small number of items and a fixed quantity of each item, right?If that's the case, wouldn't it be difficult to use it in Thomson's kitchen?

Estella was right.
At the very least, the stores No. 2 and No. 7 of the Sunlit Pavilion only serve popcorn, tacos, and takoyaki.
The quantity of each of these items is fixed.
The quantity may vary a little, but it does not affect the price.
It is counted as "one piece" whether the content is 90 grams or 87 grams.

Therefore, it is easy to make a table that says "XX Rb for XX pieces of popcorn".
However, this is not the case when the popcorn is sold by weight.

'If you try to calculate everything from 1 gram to 99 grams for each type of popcorn, you'll end up with a pretty big table. ......'
'But, you know, if it's a fraction of a hundred grams, why don't we just have one to ten?'

You can do it, so you think it's okay, Estella.
But you know, people who can't do it can't do it for real.
It's quite difficult to develop ideas to suit those who can't.
For example.

'I want to eat 140 grams.
'...... you say such nasty things again ......'.
'But Miss Estella. If you can't meet the demands of your customers, you'll gradually lose them. In proportion to the increase in the number of dishes we couldn't serve, the number of customers decreased. ......'

In the past, there was a limit to the number of ingredients that could be obtained at the Sunlit Pavilion.
Even though there was a surplus of ......, there was no variety. Fish, meat, eggs, and so on.
That's why the number of dishes they could make was limited and the number of customers dropped off.
From a customer's point of view, there is no point in going to a restaurant where you cannot eat what you want.

'If you ignore the wishes of customers who want to eat a full meal today or a moderate meal today and run your business with the attitude of "we only serve 200 grams", you will lose customers in the not-too-distant future. ......, right?
'Hmmm ............, then I guess we'll have to cut back on the variety, won't we?
'So you're saying that Estella is okay with not being able to eat mulberries and zebra finches?
'That's no good!That's right, let's cut the loin!We can eat them elsewhere.
'Um, Estella-san, ...... then, Thomson Kitchen's customers are ......'.
'......Yes. I know. I was thinking to myself, 'What am I saying?

In the end, the only two choices are to make a big table or to adjust the order exactly to avoid fractions, these guys are about to come to a conclusion like that.
I wonder why they don't change their thinking there.

You said it yourself earlier, Estella.
What was the reason for the functioning of the spreadsheets at the second and seventh stores of the Sunlit Pavilion?
I'm not sure.
If that's the case, just make it work.

'Actually, I have a very simple solution for you.
'What, you don't?
'Isn't the solution ...... to have Leela and the others learn the calculations?
'Well, that's ...... going to be necessary in the future, but for now, we need to take immediate measures, right?'
'Yes. I'm in trouble.

You're not in trouble, you're annoyed.
We have to take action before we lose customers.
It's a great opportunity to advertise on Halloween, and the yakiniku and motsu are gaining popularity by word of mouth. We can't let that fire go out now.

'So, Estella. Please give me some money!
'...... Why me?
'Then let's have Leela pay for it. She's probably feeling the unpopularity of the customers and is mentally trapped by impatience and anxiety, and if you make her a little anxious, she might give you as much money as you want, even if you have to mortgage the store.
'Oh, my God!Why are you so quick to pinpoint people's weakest point?

That's because you don't want them to say no.

'...... I'll ask you to return the money when the profit is up.
'You're a cheapskate, you know that? You made a lot of money on Halloween, didn't you?
'We're even!
'What about the orders from other districts?
'That's ...... well, I might make a little ...... money later on.'
'Then that's what you'll get.
'Then you'll end up with a ton of money!...... already. I'd like to be able to take advantage of that. ......'

Ginette laughs at Estella's pouting face.
Well, I guess Estella can't do that. Rather than gorging herself on profits, she'll just give as much as she can back to the people involved.
You're a poor man, no matter how far you go.

'Let's give a reward to those who contributed to the spread of yakiniku this time.
'You're a cattleman?
'I've given them the right to control and process the meat. That's enough.'
'So you're Torbeck Engineering, are you?They made a lot of tables for us.
'Umaro is blessed enough.

After all, he's given us a lot of profit, me and Estella.
I'd like him to return some of it.
I'm sure no one will complain if I'm forced to work for free for the next ten years or so.

'Then, all that's left is .......'
'What kind of tools do you use to grill the meat?
'Oh, I get it!It's the hardware guild!
'...... Norma, you see, it's better for her character if she's a little unrewarded, isn't it?
'I'm sure he doesn't want it, but it's not that bad.

Norma isn't too greedy for profit.
She'd be happier with praise and applause.

'Norma is great!
'Norma great!
'Norma looks great!
'Nice cleavage!
'You look like a marshmallow!
'You're so fluffy!'

--'Like a .

'Norma seems to be into improving her shadow art right now, so it would be a pity to give her a job, right?

If you give her shadow art (a hobby) and a new job (a reason to live) at the same time, she will definitely sacrifice her sleep time.
Take care of your ...... skin.

'So you're ............ Ah, Theron, aren't you?

At this point, the correct answer finally came out of Jeannette's mouth.
You're a little shady, Theron.
I made the same number of shichirin as the table that Umaro worked so hard to build.
The kiln there must have been running at full speed the whole time.
And yet, you didn't remember me at all.

'Theron, you're so plain. ......'
'No, that's not true ......!You see, that's right!I'm sure you're aware of that, but I'm not sure if you're aware of that. ...It was difficult to notice... ......'
I'm not sure what to say. The more you say, the more you're driving Theron away.'
'I'm sorry ......, I'm just not sure what to say. ......'

That's your opinion of Theron.

He has a good face, a beautiful wife, a monopoly on the production of local specialties that represent the 42nd district, and it has spread to other districts, and his income is rising, and he has entered the easy mode, the winner of life.
Isn't it just fine to be forgotten or unnoticed?I'm not sure what to say.

'Yashiro is ...... a little unhappy of the same s*x with a good face, you like it, right?
'I don't think ...... that's true,............ but ...... ......'

'Ginette-chan. If you're not confident, you don't have to defend yourself.
'Eeyore, you're cool, huh?
'Good for you, Yashiro, you're popular with the girls. By little girls.'

Don't put too much emphasis on 'little girl'.
I'll infect you with Javier, you bastard.

'So, Yashiro-san!

Ginette, you don't have to be so considerate as to offer a helping hand, okay?
I'm not really sad.
But if I see Theron after this, I'll harass him a bit.

'What do you want from Theron?A new anvil, perhaps?'
'No. It's something more mundane, a contraption to simplify complicated calculations.'
'A more mundane object, one that has been rigged to simplify complex calculations: ......?
'What you're going to make is something we have at the Sunken Pavilion.

Jeannette scurried around.
But she couldn't seem to find anything that looked like, 'This is it! But she couldn't find anything that looked like 'this', so she was disappointed.

Well, it's a bit far from Theron's main work, but it's in the same category as the Ceramics Guild.
I'm sure he can make it. Or he can introduce you to a craftsman who can.

'Hey, hero!Aashi, I got it!
'Too bad!Wrong answer!
'You haven't said anything yet!

Because you definitely don't understand.

'Then say it.
'Corn, right?We're making popcorn at the sunny pavilion!
'Anyway, I'm going to Estella and Theron's after this.
'Don't ignore me, hero!Isn't that right?Isn't it?

It's not like it's different.
I don't know. ...... Does he even know what Theron is a craftsman making?
Theron. You're not well known.

'Theron-san is a bricklayer who makes glowing bricks.
'Really?That bright guy?He's a great guy, huh?'
'Yes. He's a skilled craftsman.
'Ah!I get it!Then it's glowing corn!
'...... Eh?
'You want me to make you glowing corn!Right, hero?
'Well, I'd better get going, Estella.'
'That's why!Don't ignore me!

Barbara is sitting and stomping her feet.
Teresa stretches and pats Barbara on the head.
You're lucky to have a good sister. Take good care of her. She's the only one in the world who'll stand up for you now.
It's not every day that even Jeannette can't defend you.

............ No, the 'small misfortune of a good-looking person of the same s*x' does not count as an exception, or rather, I am not jealous of good-looking people in the first place.If I were to be jealous of a handsome man, that would be me being jealous of myself, right?
So, no thanks!

'I'll be back soon, do you want to hear the answer first?'
'No, sir. Until Yashiro-san and the others return, I'll be asking myself, 'What is it?What will it be? I'll be waiting excitedly.'
'Then we should at least bring back a prototype.
'I'm looking forward to it.
'Eeyusha!Oh, I want to come!
'Does Teresa want to come too? ....... Barbara, do you work in the fields?'
'Oh, Teresa will be fine. Aashi will be doing the grinding!'

She rolls her arms and bumps her head.
Barbara, you've been put in charge of the grinding.
I see.

'Ginette. Make sure you check the quality.

'Why the hell not!It's okay!I've been taught well!

You're being rude.
Just the other day, a bag of corn flour was wasted because of you.
I'm upset with you for damaging my shit!

'Feces in the shit ......'
'Let's go, Yashiro.'

Hey!...... is a disgusting interruption.

'So, Teresa, you wanna go?
'Yes!To give Theron a little harassment!
'No, you're not. I don't know why you have such an antipathy towards the good-looking homos*xuals, .......'

I don't have one!
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm not sure what to say.
In Heian style, it's quite unpleasant!I'm not sure what to do.

...... Now, I wonder what kind of harassment I'll give Theron.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

And then, after finishing our business, we came back.

Well, after much ado, we got the prototype.

'Theron, you've been doing a lot of work.
'Yeah, a lot of things. ...... What exactly?'
'You've done a lot.'
'Let's see, ......, uh, Estella?'
'I don't know what it is, but she said something about "cutting all your activities".

That's right!
Theron made a lot of efforts, and there were some interesting happenings, but I'll keep those stories to myself.
This is the punishment for cutting off all your activities!

I'm going to make ...... Theron into a simple character.
'Um, did Yashiro-san have something to do with Theron-san?
'No, I think he loves her.I think he's pestering you because he loves you, on the contrary.
'Then it's no problem.

Ginette patted her chest and looked at the package we had brought back.
A prototype in a small wooden box.
Her eyes told us that she wanted to see the contents as soon as possible.

'Can I open it?
'Sure. Don't break it.'
'I'll be careful.

I carefully open the lid of the crate. The package inside was wrapped in a furoshiki.
You're impatient~.
When I unwrapped the furoshiki, what emerged from inside was...

'...... a plate, sir?

Yes, a plate.
The Sorcerer.

'Yes, a plate. The Sorcerer. ......'
'It's got a little trick to it.'

Again!There it is again!
What is it, Estella?Is that what you are?Are you allergic to puns?Let me hear you say it!

'I'm surprised it's so simple, but I think it's very effective.
'It's so simple, yet it works so well?

Still without an answer, Ginette looked at the plate in the box.

'Oh, the color on the edge of the plate is different.
'That's the point.


'Hey, Yashiro. Do you have a disease that will kill you if you don't say stupid things on a regular basis?

I don't have a disease like that!
............ I mean, it's not silly!
Especially Sorcerer!

'Does this color coding mean anything to you?
'Yes, yes. This one with the blue line around the edge is the 10Rb plate.
'The 10Rb plate?'
'Yeah. And this one with the red line is the 20Rb plate. This gorgeous dish with a yellow background and white lines is a 50Rb dish. And this green plate with bright red and white lines is the very gorgeous 100Rb plate!

'Um, ...... a fee for the use of your plate, is it?'
'No, not really. There's 10Rb worth of meat on this plate.'
'Oh!I see, I get it!The idea is not to sell grams of meat, but to sell '10Rb worth'!
'That's right, Ginette!

Ginette and Estella hugged and shared their joy at this wonderful new idea.
In short, it's a conveyor belt sushi system.
If you're having trouble with fractions, just get rid of the concept of fractions in the first place.
Who cares about fractions of a gram of a sushi item on a conveyor belt?
Those who are particular about it may compare it with their eyes like a plate in order to get a bigger one, but I've basically always ordered sushi, so I've never paid attention to individual differences.

If someone complains, 'One of the five slices is smaller than the other customer's meat! If someone complains to you that one of your five slices is smaller than the other customer's, you can either ban him or tell Morgan that 'such a small thing won't change the taste of our meat! You can threaten him. He's a tough guy, so why not have him act as a bouncer?
I'll grab him and turn him over to Morgan. You got it, b*tc*!

'Five 10Rb plates is 50Rb. One 20Rb plate and one 50Rb plate is 70Rb. ...... It's very easy to calculate!
'If only I could add.

It would be faster to learn multiplication, but we'll get to that later.
In any case, if the number of data to refer to is reduced, it is easier to make calculation tables.
For now, there are four types: 10Rb, 20Rb, 50Rb, and 100Rb. If you make a table of how many of these amount to how much, you can get the total by adding the subtotal of each dish.

'The basic amount of meat is served in 20Rb plates, 10Rb plates for a small amount, 50Rb plates for a little bit better meat, and 100Rb plates for a large amount like eating all kinds of meat, so that you can meet your needs. Just in case.

The quantity can be adjusted just as in conveyor-belt sushi, and the customer can order as many plates as he or she likes.
After that, you can actually try it and increase the price range that you think is necessary.

'The great thing about this is that we can offer loin, harami, and mullet all at the same price!

Customers no longer have to think about how much a gram of loin costs, or how much a gram of halibut costs.
It doesn't matter where the meat is from, what kind of meat it is, or if it's a salad or a dessert, if it's on a 10Rb plate, it's 10Rb.

'The amount on the plate varies, but you can make anchovies for that. At least it will be easier than making a price list for every gram.

You can remember 5 slices of loin, 8 slices of mullet, and so on.
And if you decide the range of the total weight as '80 grams ± 3 grams', the amount will not be so unbalanced.

Incidentally, a serving at a yakiniku restaurant in Japan is usually about 80-100 grams.
The average adult male eats about 300 grams of meat in one meal, so there are three kinds of meat in one meal. If two or three people go out to eat and share a meal, they will eat about six to nine kinds of meat.
If you eat that much, you will feel satisfied.

In Thomson's Kitchen, a 20Rb plate is defined as a "single serving" and a 10Rb plate is half of that amount.
A 100Rb plate is about three or four servings, including slightly expensive meat.

Incidentally, a 50Rb plate is considered to be a high class dish. He's eating 50Rb plates all the time. ......''You're a celebrity. ......''......''Someday I will be too.

'In addition. If you serve the meat on these plates, you can prepare the meat in advance during peak hours.''
'I see!Even if you don't know how many grams the customer will eat, you can prepare a fixed amount of meat for one plate!
'As long as I can handle it.

We don't have a refrigerator, so we can't leave it out for long, but even so, it'll make things a lot easier during peak times.

'What's more, if Leela cuts the meat, even Ox can serve it.
'That's a lot of help.
'Oh my god, you're so hot!

For some reason, Teresa is eager to help in Thomson's kitchen.
It seems that she is still not allowed to help much in the cornfield and is looking for a place where she can exercise her abilities.
He's a little kid who's better at accounting and calculations than working in the fields.

I'm afraid that his arrival in the 42nd district may have caused him to develop a tendency toward workaholism. ...... I hope that's just my imagination.

'Anyway, this plate should solve the problem of Thomson's kitchen.
'That's great, Yashiro-san!
'No, not me, but Teresa. ......'
'Yes, sir. It's Teresa's job to move Yashiro-san!

No, well, ............ maybe you're right, but...
You don't need to involve me in that, do you?

Why are you looking so happy about it? I don't understand Jeannette's thought process at all.

'Well, Estella. Take care of the rest.
'If you don't go with her, who's going to explain?
'I'm sure you can.
'Too bad, I'm not sure I understand ......'.

Just a moment ago, you were explaining it to Jeannette before me. Why don't you teach the Thomson kitchen staff in the same manner?

'Eeyuja, let's go together.I'm glad you're all here!
'...... Yeah, right. I'm sure they'll love it.'

Don't look so innocent.
I don't remember telling Teresa that.
I hate helping people who don't have a dime to their name, and I hate condescending kids.

...... Well, maybe when you're older, you'll feel it firsthand. My aura of a dangerous adult.

Until then, well.

'You'll grow up healthy at best. ...... hahaha'
'Hey Yashiro. Is it a boom to make good-natured remarks with a bad guy face?Here, let's get going.
'Oh, I want to join you too!Can you wait a moment?
'Yes. Wait, wait, wait. Yashiro's in excuse mode, so take your time.'
''Duh. Then I'll take my time getting ready.''

Turning my back on the two girls who seemed to be enjoying themselves so much, I pondered a bit about the future education policy for the kids in District 42.
First of all, we should hold a class to improve their crisis management skills. We need to teach them the basics of crime prevention: "Stay away from dangerous things.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that,.............