442-Additive-free Episode 97 prettier

'That's easy!

When I went to Thomson's kitchen and showed them how to use the plates and the price chart, Cow and Ox's eyes lit up with delight.
It seemed that the fine tuning of the meat weights had become a burden to them.
They were under a lot of pressure from the customers.

'I'm glad you're happy, Teresa.
'Yes!Thanks to the heroes, the heroes, and the heroes!
'You owe me.
'I'm the one who paid for it. Besides, Jeannette is going to teach you how to serve it. Or do you want to take all the credit and monopolize the appreciation?If you want, I can tell everyone that Yashiro is a very nice person.''
'Don't do that. You're interfering with my business.

If a scammer has the image of a 'nice guy', ...... well, it'll make his job easier.
No, but it's the 42nd district.
They're all idiots, so if you pretend to be a good person, they'll immediately come to rely on you. Yeah, they're annoying.
I'll ask them to stop.

Speaking of which, Estella. You've got some money left, right?
'...... What else are you going to do?
'Make a plate with a nude of a beautiful woman on it, and serve the meat on it in a way that hides the parts that shouldn't be seen, and you'll have a lot of fun with each slice. ......'
'Come on, Jeannette. Let's get started. Oh, Teresa, don't go near this strange man for a while.

Who's the strange man?
I'm serious. ...... is definitely in demand!
I think I'll adopt it at the sunny pavilion.

While I was thinking about such a big project, Ginette started talking to the Gazelle sisters.

'Now, everyone, first of all, let's practice making the food look good. Even if the weight is the same, the appearance of six slices and five slices will be different.

They have been practicing cutting the pieces to make them as uniform in size and thickness as possible, but from now on, it will be even more difficult.
He has to adjust the weight so that six pieces weigh 100 grams. That's about 16 to 17 grams per piece.

'I think this is about 16 grams, ............?

Ginette cut a thin slice of meat from a hunk of meat, as an example.
When he put the thin slice of meat on the scale, it weighed exactly 16 grams. ...... You're awesome.

'First of all, you need to learn to use 16 grams, but ideally you should be able to cut other weights as well. Right, Yashiro-san?'
'Ah. In the future, if you adjust the number of grams according to changes in the purchase price, you can protect your profit without raising the price.

For example, if the price of meat rises, you can reduce the weight of each piece of meat and serve it on a plate, keeping the appearance of six slices but reducing the overall amount of meat.
This is a price adjustment that will keep customers from knowing that the price has been raised.

But first, you have to master 16 grams perfectly.

'A plate should have six slices if possible.
'Why is that, Yashiro?
'That way, whether there are two or three of you, you can share the same number of slices.It's less likely to get into a fight.
'Oh, I see...'

'Why are you eating one more piece? That's a common quarrel.
With six slices, such a trouble is unlikely to occur.
What if there are four of you?
You should order two plates and get twelve slices. Don't be so miserly as to poke at one plate with four people. It's not profitable. Drop the money, drop the money!

''Then let's cut the meat and practice serving it.

The gazelle sisters responded cheerfully.
Kau walks into the counter and holds up a knife.

''......, come on.

''Cow's going to cut it?Where's Leela?'
'Mom is .......'
'Now, a little ......'.

The Gazelle sisters slurred their words.
What's wrong with Leela?

I looked around the restaurant and saw Leela sitting behind the counter, leaning against the wall. On the floor.
I thought she might be sick, but her ...... eyes had gone to the couch. Her mouth is in a half smile. ...... What the hell is he doing?

'Hey, Leela. I'm going to start implementing this plate today, so you better listen to me. I mean, it's your job to cut the meat.
'...... was ............ big,...... hands. ............ ugh ugh ugh.'

Scary scary scary!
I'm laughing at something!

'Mom, she was so happy that she hasn't washed her hands since ...... that thing.'
'It's .......'

Since ...... what, are you kidding me?I don't know.
How many days do you think it's been?

'Only your hands ...... or you haven't washed them ......?'
'No, no...... that............ whole body....... If you take a bath, your hands will get wet. ......'
'Just because ......'
'It's unsanitary!

That's nasty!
This is so tight, the owner!

'What are you thinking, Leela?How can the owner of a restaurant that handles raw meat be so unsanitary?Are you trying to cause a mass food poisoning?
'Don't worry!I haven't touched the meat since that day!
'It's not okay in another way!

Then what is it?
Cow's been cutting the meat ever since Halloween?
Was it Cow who was fine-tuning the calculations because he was in trouble?
Was it Cow who was taking all the pressure from the customers?

You, come on, get out of here!
I'll give you a good beating, you crooked bastard!

'Estella. I'm going to force you to take a bath.'
'Yeah, right. ...... hey, I can't overlook this.'
'Wait, please!I still have the warmth of that man in my hands!At least ......, at least wait until the next time you can see that person!
'Next year, isn't it?
'Are you going to not wash your body for a whole year, are you ......?
'People don't die if they don't wash their bodies!
'No, you won't!But there's a chance that a lot of customers in this store will die!
'Which is more important, the lives of the customers or the warmth of that person?
'The customer's inoach!
'Are you a bastard!
'No, Leela,...... it's you,...... in this case.'

With tears in her eyes, Leyla protested in a desperate manner.
This guy is serious. ......
He's really not going to wash his hands. ............

'You don't want the store to go under?
'My kids are excellent!
'Didn't you promise your husband that you'd protect this store?You promised to protect this store!'
'No, sir. He just praised me for my good work. Heh.

Hey, don't be embarrassed, scratching your dirty head with your dirty hands!
That husband of yours, if you know your wife's attributes, 'work like hell! If you know what your wife's attributes are, say something like, "Work like hell!" and disappear!

'I can't help it, Yashiro. ......'
'I'm sure if you hugged her, she'd jump into the bath with a "Batch! I'm sure he'll jump into the bath.''
'Did you, Estella ......, only come up with such a solution to rip out my heart?

I don't want to be the one to hug a woman who hasn't had a bath in days!She doesn't even have much milk!

However, it is also true that she is unlikely to wash her hands while they are still warm from her husband's warmth. ...... Then it might be better to at least touch the palms of her hands.

I'm not sure what to do. If you don't voluntarily wash your entire body, I'll shake Leela's hand.'
'No!I don't want to die!
'Then go wash yourself to death!
'I don't want that either!The warmth of this hand is so delicate that it will disappear if it touches water!
'Then shake hands with me!
'Oh no!I'll get dirty!
'Right now, you're dirty as hell!

You stupid b*tc*. ...... If the Gazelle sisters weren't looking, I'd kick your ass and throw you in a tub of water. ......!

'So, why don't you shake hands with me?

Ginette suggested, intending to help me.

'...... Are you trying to take away her warmth from me?After all, she's the one you want!
'I'm sorry, that was an exit!

Ginette apologized frankly. Then she ducked behind me.
It seems she's learned a bit. It seems she's learned a little bit that if she gets tangled up with someone like this, she should retreat immediately.

Ginette, that was a bad handshake.

'Are you more comfortable with the 'rela-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la'?
'No, Teresa. His warmth is more precious to me. Rather, the feeling of being defiled by him is a submissive one, and it feels good.'
'Okay, let's evacuate the kids for now.

What the hell are you talking about, you stupid mother?

'I don't know, ......, I can't find a solution.
'If we don't do something about the accounting system, we'll go bankrupt before the bad publicity gets out.
'We can't afford to have unsanitary conditions.

It is said that 'three persons have wisdom,' but no matter how many of us get together, we can't come up with a solution to such an outlandish case.
At least, I don't know how to handle such hazardous materials.
At least, I don't know how to handle such dangerous materials.

'I think the Yashiro bomb is more effective, don't you?
'Then I'll become Cow and Ox's dad.
'No, we can't have that!You see, ...... Yashiro is an important employee of the sunny pavilion, and ...... Magda and Loretta will miss him... ...'

It's okay.
No matter what they say, I can't handle Leela.
Even if she locks on to me, I'll die trying to escape.

But she's the kind of woman who would force a man to marry her if she grabbed his arm to help him. ...... Put a "Don't Touch" sign all over your body.

'Is there anyone who can be a victim of that thing? ......'
'Um, Yashiro-san, ...... sacrifice is ......'.
'How about Bekko?
'Um, ...... Estella?

Becco. ......
'Well, Becco can do his job wherever he is, and I don't plan on having a girlfriend in the future anyway, so I don't mind. ......

'It's a pity for Cow and Ox, indeed.
'That's true,.......'
'The ...... will of Bekko and Leela is also there.

I'm sorry. Ginette cares about trivial things, doesn't she?
Isn't that just as good as nothing?

When I'm thinking about it...

'I beg your pardon~'

Becko, who I never thought I'd hear from, suddenly appeared in Thomson's kitchen.
What? Why?
I don't think you have any business here.
No way. Fate?Becko, you were destined to marry this dangerous man, weren't you?

'Hello, I knew you were here!I've been looking for you, that I have, Mr. Yashiro.'
'Hmm. There was something I wanted to discuss with you, so I came to see you even though I knew you were in the middle of an errand, that I did.

Becco's business was that a restaurant owner from another ward, who saw the quality of the cheese and pumpkins included in the Halloween decorations, had asked him if he would produce them to be displayed as a symbolic object for his restaurant.
...... There were a lot of visitors from other wards, weren't there?

'Oh, well, what about the rights to the food samples?
'Well, it's supposed to be ......, which is owned by Yodamari-tei, but you're not going to claim it, are you?Neither you nor Jeannette-chan.
'I'm not. I'm leaving it up to Mr. Yashiro.
'I'm not either. ...... I mean, is it possible that the reason why the stores in the 42nd district don't copy the food samples is because they think that Hidamari-tei has the rights?'
'That's right. We've had a few inquiries in the past about whether we need to pay a monthly fee or something.
'And what did you tell them then?'
''Ask Yashiro.''
'...... I haven't received a single inquiry, have I?
'They don't want to talk about money with you, I'm sure.

I'm sure they don't want to talk money accounts with you. ...... You've got a lot of credibility.
I've never been ripped off by the people of the 42nd district.
Yeah, of course, that's just so I can rip them off in the future, right?
So they're feeling threatened. I guess they've grown up a bit, these people.

'Let them off the hook. It would be more interesting to have various kinds of samples, wouldn't it?
'Aren't you interested in the rights to the food samples?

If we charge a fee for each sample, we'll have to draw up a contract each time, right?
It's so annoying.

Besides, Imelda already has an inexhaustible collection of them.
It's practically impossible to claim the money retroactively.

'If we don't assert our rights, we'll end up with a flood of imitations, don't you think?
'That's fine. The more second-rate products there are, the more the greatness of Becko's work will be highlighted, right?Won't there be people who want to become his apprentices again, Becko?'
'No, no, no. I only need Mr. Mokoka as my apprentice, that I do. But to think that Mr. Yashiro recognizes me that much is ...... a shame, that it is. Duhhhh.

Don't let out a strange laugh.

I'm not even sure if I look like that.
I'll try to do some geek tricks next time. ...... It'll look good.

'Hmm. I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this. After all, I am also from District 42, that I don't enjoy being ahead of other districts, that I do.

Becko seems to have a strong love for his district.
I wonder if he has come to have a strong attachment to this city that has accepted him.

'Oh, Mr. Bekko, if you're ......, I'd like to ask you for one thing too .......'
'Ginette. If you're going to order a statue of a hero, I'll order a bust of you at the same time, okay?
'Yashiro ......, that thing you're talking about, it's called a "chest statue", generally speaking.

It's the same either way!
Both are images of the chest and above.
The only difference is whether the 'top' is the neck or the nipple.

'Oh, by the way, Becko.
'What is it, Mr. Yashiro?
'You love children and widows, don't you?
'The former, but the latter is an expression with a hint of malice, that it is.'

That's right.
You like 'apartment block wives', 'late afternoon' and 'ripe fruit', don't you, anyway?

'My ideal woman is Norma, that I'm not attracted to such things, that I am.
'But you don't approach Norma, that you don't.'
'Mr. Norma is not someone who can be monopolized by one person. Mr. Norma is a national treasure, that he is.

I see.
So that's how Norma fans think. So that's why guys who like Norma don't hang around her.
The more they like her, the more they distance themselves from her. ...... Norma, I'm sorry to hear that.

'Those swaying breasts are a national treasure, that they are!
'A country that worships such a thing as a treasure should be destroyed.
'No, Estella. What do you think about that idea?
'Shut up, you two milk idiots. If you like it so much, why don't you two start a religion that worships the god of big tits?
''Nice idea! Good idea, that it is!
''Don't take it seriously.
''It's already ......, you two. It's no good.''

''The God of Big Tits, no, the God of Big Tits -- yes, that's it!

'Great Tits God!
'Shut up.
'There it is, the Great Tits God!
I'll stab you.

You dare to dare to challenge the Great Tits God who rules the heavens and is the God of Heaven!
You are so rude!
You will shrink in the face of the Great Tits God's wrath!


'Bekko. Your love of big tits is a religion, so bear with me and marry a modestly-busted widow.'
'I can't understand, sympathize or agree with you, that I can't!

That's enough!
Forget it, you can hug Leela and slap her in the bath while she screams 'dirty! You should hug Leela and throw her in the bath while she screams 'dirty!
That'll save a lot of customers. It's a small price to pay for your life.

'Can you go shake hands with that woman crouching over there?
'There's a ...... Oh, Mr. Leela, that it is. No, I can't do that, that I can't.'

Did he know about Leela's abnormality too?

'I've heard so much about how much Mr. Beaumont loved Mr. Leela before he died, that I can feel it in my bones, so I don't want to disturb the two of you, that I do.
'What is it, that I don't understand?
'Do you know ...... Bomo?
'Mm. While I was not recognized by anyone, Mr. Beaumo encouraged me, that he did.

No way, such an unexpected connection!

'I don't know much about art, but I like your eyes that you want to make your dream come true. I'll buy you a drink and you can eat meat.' He was a very manly man.
'So you've met Leela?
'I usually met Mr. Beaumont in this store when it was open for business. ...... Mr. Leela ignored me all the time.
'You don't know each other, do you?
'Mr. Leela is a man who doesn't pay attention to anyone but Mr. Beaumont, that he does.

d*mn you! You're more reckless than a wild boar!
Is it impossible to persuade him as an acquaintance? ......

But wait a minute.
If you're acquainted with Vomo, ...... this might be useful.

'Becco. I'll give up my rights to the food samples so you can do whatever you want with them, but can you do me a favor in return?'
'Of course, that I will. Even if I don't get anything in return, I have no intention of refusing Mr. Yashiro's request.

'So long, ......'.

And with that, I've made a breakthrough in the Thomson Kitchen Sanitization Project.
All should be well now.

Eleven minutes later--

'Aha!Lovely!It's too good!It's great!Oh, my God!

Leela was clinging to Beaumo's portrait.

If they knew each other, Becko could paint a portrait that looked exactly like the real thing.
He asked her to paint a life-size bust-up of Beaumo. It took only a minute. The other minute was mine, with a few alterations.

'Leela. Are you sure you want to be attached to a portrait of Beaumo with such a dirty body?'
'Huh!Well, yes, you can ......, but you have to wash your hands .......'
'Are you sure you want Beaumo to see you so dirty?'
'Huh......!Oh, you ...... don't look at me ......!'

I told you to wash it so that it can be seen, not hide it. ...... I can't help it.

'Leela, look at this.

I say, pointing to the 'thing' I added later to Becko's portrait.

'You know what Beaumo says, "Wash your hands and keep them clean."'
'Oh, my God!It's true!If that's what he's saying, I'll go get clean right now!

Leela ran upstairs in a mad dash.
I'm sure she'll spare no time to boil the water and wash herself thoroughly with water.

The "thing" I added is the familiar "balloon" for those who are familiar with manga.
In the speech bubble that stretches out from the mouth of Bomo, I wrote the words "Wash your hands and get clean. ...... I guess it works for us too, the speech bubble. It looked like he was talking.

'But you are brilliant, Mr. Yashiro, that you are. If you look at it from a distance, the speech bubble doesn't stand out at all, that it does.
'Because you made it blend in well with the background.

The speech bubble is written in a color and shape that makes it look like part of the background.
If you don't know it, you will probably miss it.
It would be silly to have a speech bubble attached to a portrait.

But not only did you move Ms. Leela, the atmosphere of the store looks much tighter in this portrait.
'Yes. It's as if Mr. Beaumo is standing at the counter.

As expected, the portrait painted by Bekko is so realistic that it seems to be alive.
The portrait of the first owner watches over the store.
This alone makes the store seem alive and well, as if it has come to life.

'Watch me, Dad!I'll do my best!
'I'll do my best too, so come see me again, Dad!

It seems to be having a positive effect on the Gazelle siblings.

There were many restaurants in Japan that had pictures of skilled chefs on display.
It is human nature to think, 'This restaurant looks delicious' just by looking at the face of that person.
A portrait of Beaumo would have a positive effect on customers who come to eat.

However, a dashing 'fluttering thing' appeared ...... and I felt a dull pain in my temple .......

'I've purified myself, you know!
'Ms. Leela!What's wrong with your outfit?
'This is the dress my husband gave me when I married him!If my husband is watching us, I need to dress up. ......
'Well, Leela, ...... it's a lovely dress, but ...... do you cook in it?You'll smell the smoke.
'Then you need to get a new dress right away!
'No, not a dress... ......'
'I need a dress that can get dirty!
'Well, ......, what should I do, Estella?
'What should I do, ......?

Some people were too affected.
I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... I think the only way to go about this is to go for the "dress cook" route, don't you?I'm sure you'll be able to understand that it's impossible to stop Leela from going out of control, I've learned that the hard way today.

'Estella, tell Ukrines to let her design a dress that won't get in the way.
'Yeah~......, but well, that might be the most peaceful thing ................... You're not going to pay me, are you?

How petty of you, my lord.
If you don't want to pay that much, you can get it from Leela's 'dress-up fund'.
He's the kind of guy who doesn't mind improving himself for his husband, anyway.

'If you do something about the cuffs and undercarriage, it could be as functional and pretty as a frilly apron.
'Ginette, can I go with you and ask your opinion?'
'Yes, with pleasure.'

Estella clings to Jeannette.
It seems that neither Ukrines nor Estella will be standing in the kitchen. I'm sure you'll discover a lot when you hear a professional's opinion.

'Kakusha, Okyusukyun!

Teresa calls out to the Gazelle sisters who are staring at the portrait of Beaumont.
Her eyes are filled with a strong will.

'Hey, you, look at me. I'm not sure what to do.

He's looking away!
Hey, come on. I made the accounting easy for you guys. You should at least be able to use this table.

''What if Jyube's dish is a rice cake?
''What if Joo-roo-bee's dish is a black bear?
''All right, gather around here for a minute, kids. ...... run!''

The Gazelle sisters have misunderstood the meaning of multiplication.
I mean, I don't see them trying to understand it!

You guys are going to end up like your ............ mother if you keep living your lives selfishly!
Are you sure?
You don't want to be like her!
You don't want that!
I don't want that!I don't want more like her!

'So, I'm going to teach you ............ a lot of study today until the store opens, so sit there. What's the ............ reply?
''Ha ............ yes ......''
''Yes!Oh, you're so cute!

The only one with energy, Teresa. Yeah, yeah. Teresa is a good girl. Maybe I'll give her some candy later. Maybe I'll play nice.
I can understand why a teacher would want to favor her.

'Yashiro. Don't mess with my students.'
'I'm not going to hurt these underdeveloped people.'
'You can't even ...... touch a well-developed girl, you know?

I don't know how a teacher feels when she huffs and puffs at her students.
It's not just the kids, it's the PTA!
I'm not sure what to say.It's a good idea.

............ Ah, their mothers are Leela and Wuerer. ...... No way.

'Well, let's talk.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but it's a good idea.
'Don't be an idiot and teach him properly while we're at Ukrines. Good.'
''Hey, hey.''
' 'Hey' is one time!
'Estella-san, ...... don't you want to say 'yes'?'

Estella left the store with Jeannette in tow, and Bekko said, 'Well, I'll go look for someone who wants food samples in District 42, that I will! And he left cheerfully.
So we were left with Leela spinning and dancing in front of the portrait, the Gazelle sisters nodding in front of the table, and Teresa, the good girl.

''Well, let's start studying.
''Yes, sir.''

However, there's no need to teach the basics.
You just need to pinpoint and learn the parts that are necessary for accounting.

''I'll treat you to caramel popcorn and cotton candy if you can remember them properly.
'I'll do my best!

That's how you catch a kid.
...... Teresa's already done it, though, without even trying.

'If you add cake, I can work even harder!
'...... you guys ...... huh, okay. I'll feed you, and you'll work like hell.

And so, in the short time before the store opened, brother Yashiro held a math class.
...... Meanwhile, Leela was dancing all the time. ............ It's distracting.