443-Listen to episode 98 without additives, Mr. Yashir...

"Be a good mother to your children.
"You're a shining example of hard work.
"You're the only one who can protect my store, Leela.
"Customer satisfaction is important!
"I'm watching you, so you don't have to keep looking back to check on me.
"Good luck with your calculations.
"Whoever laughs at 1Rb will cry at 1Rb.
"Be careful, careless mistakes are the source of accidents.
"Beware of fire. One charcoal fire can burn down a restaurant.

These are all lines scrawled on Beaumont's portrait.
Or rather, these are the lines I scribbled down after watching Leela work. Over the course of a night.
The last part is like a motto, but it can't be helped. You don't understand business, shopkeeper!

And since I kept pointing out too many things, Ginette, who came back from Ukrines, pointed them out to me.
She told me to write a few gentler lines.
This is what I wrote in response.

"After a hard day's work, rest well, and when we meet again, I hope you will be a beautiful Leela.

Ginette says, 'Ms. Leela is a person who always follows what Mr. Beaumont tells her to do, so don't forget to take care of yourself.
He emphasized that when people express their desire to see him again, infinite power will be generated.

However, this portrait quickly became full of balloons.
It's not a portrait anymore, it's more like a single frame cartoon.


Teresa, who has been helping out as the main accountant in Thomson's kitchen for a long time, tugs on my sleeve in a reserved manner.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to find the right one for you.
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at .......
Yeah, yeah.

I'm sure you'll be glad you did.

After I wrote that, I added.

"I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

--I added a note.

'Thanks, Eeyusha!

Teresa hugged me with all her might.
Don't worry too much about other people's problems.
You'll get more wrinkles if you care too much.
Live a life you won't regret when you reach your twenties and thirties.

"Mr. Yashiro.

As I clung to Teresa and set her down on the checkout counter, Ginette called my name with a soft smile.
She says my name, smiles, and that's it. I don't say a word.
Can you please stop sending me all that stuff in your smile?
This isn't one of those "I did this to cheer up the kids" stories, you know.
It's because Teresa, who is in charge of accounting, was concerned about the lack of energy of the kids who were working hard to serve customers and clean up, and she decided that cheering up the kids would take away Teresa's worries and make the store run more efficiently on the floor and in accounting. It's not that I showed any concern or anything like that. ...... Hey, say something, at least!I'm not sure what to make of that.

And so, I ended up spending the whole day yesterday helping out in the Thomson kitchen.
Even after Jeannette went back to the sunny pavilion, I stayed on.
Teresa and I helped her the whole time.

Why should I have to take care of her so much? ...... At least give me some money for my part-time job.

After such a night of annoyance and hardship, I slept soundly as soon as I arrived home and said, 'The day after I work hard will be a good day. In my dream, I thought, 'God is watching me, isn't he?' But ...... it seems that the gods of this world are really mean.

'Oh~, Oba!This way, this way!
I've been thinking about it for a while.Give me your face!
Hey, wait! I'm going to talk to Oba first. Wait here.'
'No, Master Ricardo!This is an emergency that affects the survival of the guild!I'm sorry, but you'll have to back off for now.
'We're talking about a major event for the whole district!I'm sorry, but I have to ask you to back off.
'I don't care what you say, I can't compromise on this, Ricardo-sama!
'What the hell, Kola?Do you want to come out?
'That's what I want!I'll tell you what, I'm not going to go easy on you, okay?
'...... Ricardo and Usse have been fighting over Yashiro all morning. ............ Today is a bad day.
'Please, Magda. Please tell me this is a nightmare of the worst nature. ......'
'......Yashiro. Don't turn your back on reality.

Reality, d*mn it.
Huh, I can't help it.

'Jeannette. I'm going out for a bit.
''Wait!Don't try to ignore us and go out!

You guys are so close.
You two are so close, you're creepy.

'...... What the hell, man? Then I'll judge who to listen to, so explain it to me in 20 words or less.'
'We're having a big event in the 41st district, help us out.
'You're going to starve the hunting by favoring the cowherd.

...... These guys both use exactly 20 words.
...... if it's in Japanese!What's this?Is it exactly 20 characters in their native language too?No way, right?Hey, "Conversation Record"?

'What's the big event?
'Hmph!I knew you'd be interested in this one!You see, Uzse?This is what diplomacy is all about.
'Hey!......, but you'll have to listen to me, too!

I'm sorry.

I've got goosebumps and I'm a bit of a chicken.

'Didn't we have an event called Halloween in the 42nd district?
'No, "Didn't we? You participated in it!

What's with the 'I overheard about it' nuance?
You're curious about what the 42nd district does, aren't you?Just admit it, already.

'I've come up with an innovative event that goes beyond that.
'You'll have to talk to Estella about that.
'There's a reason I can't talk to her. So I thought I'd get your help first. I'm sure you'll get on board once you hear what I have to say. ...... Hmmm...'
'...... I've got a bad feeling about this, but let's just get the details.
'First of all, it's going to be like Halloween, where everyone in the city is going to dress up in costumes and walk around the city in a parade.
'It's impossible to surpass Halloween when you're following it, you know.

That's called copying or second-guessing, you know?

'This is where the breakthrough comes in!You know what?I thought about it during Halloween, but walking around the city is tiring, isn't it?Didn't all the old people fight for the benches?
'Well, you know. I was surrounded by a bunch of overly energetic beastmen.

Even Jeannette didn't look tired, so I'm sure she's fine.
The people in this town are unusually energetic.

'I'm tired!I'm tired!
'You're an old man now, aren't you?
'I'm not that different from you!I'm one year older than Estella.
'Wow, you look old.
'Shut the f*ck up!
'...... Pfft.'
'Stop laughing, you're annoying!

You're just pissed off that I got ahead of you in the order of conversation, aren't you, Ugly?
You can't say the same for you, you have an old face. ...... Oh, you're purely an old man, aren't you?

I'm not sure.You'll be walking around all day and your feet will get tired, right?In anticipation of that, we're going to set up benches all over the city. Then everyone will sit down, right?

Why does this guy want us to sit on benches so badly,.................., no way.

'On that bench,......, you should put a ...... boob cushion on it,......... ......... of the city, hmmm, everywhere, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak!I'm sure you'll agree.I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
'Ugh, here you go.
'Listen to me, I'm talking!

What the hell?

What's that?
A fart festival?
A fart festival?
It's like a bloodbath, but it's incomparably more trivial.

'It's a bunch of crap!
'Because I bought the method of making boo-boo cushions from Estella. We'll make it a specialty of the 41st district. This is also the event to unveil it.''
'You're making that thing a specialty?

Are you sure you want a fart to represent the district?
Are you sure you want to do that, my lord?

'Cause you're ...... that, ...... that's so funny, ...... that's so funny!

No, no, no.

You see, I didn't have much understanding of how girls dress up.
And I've been flirting with girls I like, and they're starting to hate me, right now.
Wow, ...... this guy is in elementary school. It's also an elementary school student who is classified as a demented little shit.

'...... Could it be that the reason you can't talk to Estella is because you want to make her the prey of the boo-boo cushions on the day of the event?
'Huh, as expected of Oba. You're a sharp ...... guy.''

You're a sharp guy.
I'm here, I'm here!

'You love Estella, don't you?
'Ha, ha!Idiot, I don't like you at all!

That's the reaction of someone who likes her.

'I assure you, if you try to boob-cushion Estella, you will die ......?
'Hmph!I'm not going to be beaten by Estella. ...... Ah. Is that the head waiter?He sure looks tough. ...... Still, I don't intend to fall behind. It's not that I don't like it.
'No, not socially.
'What about ......?
'Completely and totally ignored by all the girls in the 42nd and 41st wards.
'What about ............?
'Probably, I will be treated as a non-existent thing for the rest of my life. No, you will be treated as an object.
'Ha ...... ha, that's such an exaggeration ............'
'Estella has a very girlish innocence about her. ...... If you make her cry, you'll be afraid of what's to come. ............ Your title will change from 'Lord' to 'Enemy of Women'... ......... and it can't be wiped away forever.
'...... gulp. I'm not going to get into that kind of trouble with ...... Estella. Hey, hey, tiger girl?
'Hey, tiger girl!
'............Can you stop talking to me?'

Ricardo's pupils dilated as Magda shouted at him in a temperatureless voice.
His body stiffened and sweat poured out of his forehead.

I'm sure you've never experienced this before.
That feeling of despair when you make a quiet girl in your class cry for no reason at all.
'We don't usually get along that well, do we? The horror of girls colluding with each other to eliminate a single "enemy of women" at all costs.
I was in elementary school once in the past,............, and my knees are shaking just remembering it.

'Ricardo ......, dying socially is hard, isn't it?
'I'm going to ............ reconsider.'

And don't ever come up with that nonsense again.

'You should be more concerned about the progress of "Lovely Yann Avenue". It's going well, isn't it?'
'Hmm?Yeah. I think it'll be fine.'
'I think'?
'There are a lot of women who are strangely enthusiastic. Women know better, so I enlisted the help of Medora and Osina to select the committee. They're taking the lead on this now.
'You're not overseeing this?
'I'm paying for it. Besides, Medora and Osina are meddling, and your Trubek is coming up with various ideas. We'll be fine. It'll work out.'

...... You bastard.
How little interest do you have in women's beauty?

And all you care about is farts. ......

'...... brat.'
'I don't need a younger man to tell me what to do!

I'm older than you in real life!
And now we're talking about mental age!

And now we're talking about mental age! Huh, ......, what a jerk.
I'm sure you'll be able to see that Use's story is 40% more sane than yours.

I'm not sure what you're talking about.
'Yashiro. What's more important to you, us or the cowherd?'
'Oh, I'm sorry. I feel like throwing up.

Are you a troublesome girlfriend?
Are you the kind of girl who sneaks a peek at the Conversation Record while I'm sleeping?

You're the kind of girl who sneaks into the Conversation Record while I'm sleeping?They only use cowherd's meat!
'It can't be helped, can it? The owner of that restaurant has a deep connection with the cowherd, and the restaurant is fully backed by the cowherd.
If that's the case, why didn't you just start a barbecue business at a butcher shop with deep connections to hunting?
'A butcher shop that can handle the meat of Hexenbiests would have a stable business. The reason why beef is so popular is because it is reasonably priced, so if you want to compete with Hexenbiest meat, you'll have to lower the price.

Hexenbiest meat is tasty but expensive.
This is the only advantage that cattlemen have over hunters.

In Japan, the top loin, which costs about 500 yen at a "reasonable" restaurant, can be eaten for about 20Rb or 200 yen.
This affordability is quite favorable.
You can't imitate this price for the meat of a hexenbiest.

'Then teach me how to eat hexenbiest entrails.
'I've never eaten hexenbiest guts. You should study it yourselves.

I can't even imagine what the internal organs of a creature that spits fire out of its mouth would look like.
You don't even know where the poison is. You should call in some experts and start a research team.
If you can make it taste good, please introduce it to us.

'I don't even know what other ways to eat it besides barbecued meat. ......'
'Then, how about this kind of food?

Ginette came out of the kitchen just as I was waiting for her.

'If you don't mind, would you like to try this one?I'd like to hear the opinions of those who are not involved, especially those who use their bodies.

The table was set with motsu-nabe and fried leba-nira.
I suggested these two dishes as easy and tasty offal dishes that would not conflict with Thomson's kitchen.

Both dishes are full of chives, so they will be good for your tired body.

The motsu nabe is a thickly seasoned miso-based dish with chives, cabbage, garlic, chili peppers, and burdock root in addition to the motsu. It can be sprinkled with sansho (Japanese pepper) to taste.
Allicin, an allyl sulfide contained in leek, activates the energy metabolism.
It also assists in the absorption of vitamins, making it a beauty food where you can take in all the nutrients of cabbage and motsu, and fully expect the effect of making your skin plump and soft.

On the other hand, stir-fried liver and leek has a tremendous amount of vitamins, not to mention the nutrients in the leek.
It is said that liver has ten times as many vitamins as carrots, and is such a treasure trove of vitamins that it is even said to cause vertigo if eaten too much.
It is no exaggeration to say that the combination of liver and chives is the strongest.
Stir-fried liver and chives are the best combination to cure your tired body.


However, this is not a dish to be eaten before the opening of a restaurant where donations to the church have just been completed.
This is the kind of food you want for dinner.

--Ginette must've started making it as soon as she found Use and Ricardo because I was complaining. He wanted to build it so badly.
The words "test subjects" and "experimental subjects" suit them well, and I think it's a good use of them, yeah.

No, it tastes good.
It's just, now's not the time.
I don't want it this early in the morning.

'I'd love to try it with hexenbiest motsu!
'Oh!It's so good!I can eat as much as I want.''

Ricardo tilts the platter and digs into the fried liver.
The aristocrats of this city have no class, the way they eat.
Take an overdose of liver and collapse!You'll get dizzy!And go bald!
...... There's a myth that eating too much liver can cause hair loss due to vitamin overdose. ......

In contrast to Ricardo, who is devouring it like an idiot, Usae looks strangely sharp and straightens his back.

'Oh, oh. Sorry, Mr. Manager. So, so, so, if anything happens, can I count on your help?

This bastard has no idea what he's doing, but he's so cool in front of Jeannette.
Shall I kick him out of ......?

Not understanding such a sense of danger at all, Jeannette smiles indiscriminately at the idiot Use.

'Yes, sir. If there is anything I can do...

Wait, Jeannette!
Don't take any chances!
If you take my word for it, you'll never know what demands I'll make of you later. ......

'--I'll consult with Yashiro-san and consider it positively.
'Oh ...... oh'.

Use was at a loss for words at the unexpected reply.

'......I've already told the manager from Magda. It's a good idea to check Yashiro's intentions before replying. ......

Magda, great!
How dare you talk to that man with no sense of danger!

You can find a lot more information on the web at .......
It's also a very convenient piece of advice.
'...... The manager is steadily approaching the ideal image of ......, which is convenient for Magda.

It's always been convenient for Magda.
Nothing has changed at all, Jeannette.
You're happy about that. What's with the smug look? Don't make that face or Jeannette will pat you on the head. 'Cute, cute, cute'.

'...... King of Cute in 42nd Ward'.
'If you're going to be 'cute', you should be a queen or princess.'

...... Huh!
Before I knew it, I was naturally stroking Magda's head!
Magda Me ...... When did you raise the level of 'cute'!Fluffy.

'Hmmm. Even Yashiro-san is formless before Magda-san's cuteness.'

Laughing, Jeannette reaches for Magda's head.
She gave up her petting space, and the two of them stroked Magda's head together.
No, it's okay if you want to leave, but I just thought I'd end it there.

'...... Mwah!
'Hey you guys, don't spoil Magda too much. You're going to be in a lot of trouble when you get here.

Use let out a sigh with a disgusted look on his face.
I'm not spoiling you.
It's just that it'd be weird if we didn't get it done at the right point. Half-heartedness is not good.

'...... usse'.
Don't call me that.Don't call me that.
'...... Halloween is an event where ghosts gather, not just anything scary, so a giant hexenbiest object would be extremely misguided. I want an explanation.
'You're annoying!You can't go on and on about the past!It's not cute at all!You guys are being tricked!It's not cute at all, that little girl!

The Uzes are screaming, but Magda--

But when Magda said, '...... Only a real person can understand Magda's cuteness.'

--He clenched his teeth and turned away. I turned my head away.
You guys seem to be getting along pretty well. I'm sure you'll like it. ...... as a toy,poo poo.

'...... Speaking of which, Mokoka has finally said that he wants to do a feature on Magda in an information paper.
'...... Magda, you've been steadily attacking Mokoka, ............'

How jealous were you of the Natalia fever of the past?
No, you were worried about the fact that you were being compared to Paula and she was taking all the customers away from you. ......

'...... just want a reason to convince the hard-headed upper management'.
'A good enough reason to feature Magda?'
'...... Yes. The time for a feature on the 42nd district alone has passed. There needs to be some kind of 'pull'. For example, ............ 'A beautiful girl hunter who runs a hunting guild'.
'I won't let you run the guild!I'm the representative of the 42nd district branch!
'...... Magda is the best when it comes to defeating Use.
'No, no, no, no!There's a pecking order!Even if something happens to me, I know who'll be next!
'...... if you beat them all, ............'
'How much do you want to be in the press, you bastard?

If we don't do something, the hunting guilds in the forty-two districts are going to be destroyed.
However, 'something' is a bit of a stretch.

''But since the previous two consultations were so crappy, I feel like doing my best to help out with Magda's!
''Whose advice is shitty?

Yours, you crappy Brothers.

''Oh, that's right. Ugly, you should open up a spit-roast restaurant of Hexenbiest meat on the lovely Yan Avenue. I'm sure it'll attract a lot of hungry girls who are on a diet.
'Are you nuts?If we do that, the hunting guild will be treated as the enemy of women. ......'

That's right.
It seems that Use isn't as insensitive as Ricardo. ......

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... I'm sure the resentment will grow whether you eat it or not. I wish I could do it.
And I hope you hate me, Use. The individual Uzes.

'Because I'm a stance that supports women's desire to be beautiful.
'...... Yashiro. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. This is a great way to make sure that you get the most out of your time with us.
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but it's a good idea.
'Magda. That's what I call 'ulterior motives'. Don't go near that kind of man.
'...... be careful.
'I'm not going to touch you by mistake!

Huh?So you're going to mess with anyone who isn't Magda, with that ulterior motive. For example, Jeannette?

'Ugh, you're banned.
'Why the hell, man?
'No one with ulterior motives is allowed in the sunlit pavilion.'
'...... Yashiro. That's why.

'Hey, Magda. Why are you trying to get rid of me too?Don't point at the exit so gently.'
''Kusuku. It seems that Mr. Yashiro also has an ulterior motive. Please be careful what you say and do on a daily basis.

Ginette's starting to get into these jokes now.
It's hard for me to say 'No' when she says it. It's hard to say 'No!' when he says it. ...... Because it shakes!

I'm not sure what to say.
'Yashiro-san, the exit is that way, okay?

Ginette giggled and pointed to the exit.
Oh, so Ginette's on that side now, too. Whose fault is that, really?
...... It's not my fault. Maybe.


Magda's tiger ears twitched just as Jeannette pointed to the exit.


He muttered, pushing me toward the door.
Then he ducked behind me, taking Jeannette with him.
Shortly thereafter.

The door was thrown open with great force and Barbara jumped in like a bullet and jumped on me.
...... He's not jumping at you like he's Nyamage.
I'm not sure what to say.If you knew I was coming, why did you push me in front of the door?Are you enjoying this situation, my little misfortune?

'Listen to me, hero!You're terrible!
'You're the one who keeps bringing me into this. If you want to talk about it, talk to your best friend.'
'Best friend?

You've got Mokoka!
What?You forgot already?
We had a field day just the other day!

'What's the relationship between Hero and Aashi?
'They're strangers.
'No, no, no!It's not that kind of stranger!

Who taught you to be a stranger?
And they're strangers.

'Aashi and Hero are, you know, like Nephrite said: ............ Oh, yeah!'More than friends, less than lovers!
I'm sure they're not!

You're learning all these strange words.
Go learn the words civility and decency first!

'Hey, Hero .......'
'...... Aashi,s............ pretty?'
'What about ............?'

A faint tint to the cheeks, a downcast look upwards.
...... Where did you learn to make such a mocking expression?
If you want to be cute or not cute,......

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
I'm sure the manager would agree.That's what the manager thinks, right?'
'Hey!Aashi, she's cute!I'm not sure.

...... That's what I'm talking about, Barbara.
Yes, points deducted.

I'm sorry. It's a good thing you've got a little bit of meat on your body, and you've started to pay attention to your hair and look a little more presentable. ......

'But, you know, the guy from Ox is ......!
'Ox is ...... you, don't pay any attention to what the kid says.
'Because that guy!He says Teresa is prettier than Aashi!
'Isn't that right?
'Well, well, well, Teresa is the cutest thing in the world, but ......'

Then why not?
You've already admitted it.

'But if Teresa says she wants to be like Arshi, you'll say, "No!You need to be a better woman! I said!
'You're right, aren't you?
'What?Why not, hero?

Since your future goals are lower than where you are now, it's the right thing to do to correct your thinking.

'Teresa, you know how much I admire Aashi. She's always saying she wants to be like you!Aashi is supporting her!

'Don't try to pluck the future of talented young people!
'That's too much, Hero!Even Aashi has been working pretty hard lately!

Regardless of your blood-curdling efforts, the Teresa of today is so high up that she can skip over the results of your efforts.
Realize where you stand.

'Teresa,' she says, 'you're the best! ' she says to me.
'Teresa ......, you still can't see clearly ......?'
'I can see!I've been loving watching the ant colony lately!I can see the little ones clearly!Thank you so much for that, hero!

Don't rush into thanks. I'm a little surprised.
I'm surprised Teresa has such a childish side. It's kind of comforting.

'I'm looking at a matrix of ants, and I'm mumbling something about the speed at which they move and the change in weight and speed when they hold food that is many times their volume.

Teresa......, don't grow up too fast. I'm just a little nervous. On the contrary!I hope you don't lose your childish side!

'Aashisa............, I want to be beautiful.

What's the matter, Barbara?
What's the matter, Barbara? You got a fever?

'I want to be the kind of sister that Teresa will always admire, not only for my strength but also as a woman!
'It's okay to be enthusiastic, but don't go off in the wrong direction, okay?
'I know.

I thought to myself, 'You don't know what you're doing,.......

'Aashi doesn't want to impose her way of life on Teresa. Now Teresa, you can help Thomson's kitchen and make new ......, uh, possibilities?I'm very happy that you've discovered this new possibility for yourself, Aash. I'm glad that Teresa has found something that she wants to do on her own,...... because up until now, everyone has been copying her and loving being just like her,...... but I'm sad.

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
She's thinking about Teresa too, isn't she?
He doesn't overprotect her, and he doesn't push her away because he's too busy with himself.
He's really trying to help both of you grow up together, you and Teresa.

'But you know, I want to be a great big sister forever, don't you? No matter what path Teresa is on, I want to be the cool sister who can stand in front of her and show her the many possibilities.

You can be anything you want to be if you work hard enough.
If you are sisters at a time when you are full of such potential, that would be an ideal relationship.
After that, after you have decided on your path, you can watch over her from behind.

You don't need anyone to teach you how to do that, but you can learn it yourself by watching the people around you.
There are many adults around Barbara who are good role models.
I guess she wants to be one of those good role models. For Teresa.

'That's why I'm a hero.

Stern, serious eyes stare at me.

'Think about how you can be a great big sister!

...... I could praise you with open arms if you could fix this kind of thing. ............

'I don't think I'll ever understand that feeling. ......'

Ginette said something that made my depressed face even more depressed.
'Please don't put that strange weight on my shoulders.

'Anyway, I'm on this diet thing right now, but I don't feel like I'm getting any prettier.
'What?Isn't it necessary for you, Barbara-san?

Even though she has gained some flesh, Barbara is still very thin. He's too skinny.
There's no way she'll look good on a diet.

'Is that so?A woman on the main street told me that eating less will make you beautiful.
'That's dangerous, Barbara!

Loretta appeared at the door.

'Dietary restrictions, if not done correctly, will not only destroy your body, but also your beauty!I almost cried when my pimples increased due to the wrong diet for a while!
'Oh, Loretta. You've had an increase in pimples.
'Ugh ......, I'm crying just remembering it. I don't want to go through that again. ......'

And Loretta gently hides her forehead.
By the way, there was a time when she wore her bangs down to the point of depression.
Was she hiding it?

'Miss Barbara!The road to beauty is not one day long!Improve yourself steadily, but without fail!This is the ironclad rule!
'Oh, Loretta!You're looking very promising!
'Of course!Since that day of failure, I've been reborn!I'm like a beauty preacher!

'Then, clean up Aashi too!
'Leave it to me!There's no way I'm abandoning Barbara-san of the League of Amazing Sisters!We'll clean up together!And--'
'And ......?
'I'm aiming to become the number one pretty girl in the 42nd district!
'Oh!Number one Pretty!I like that!

I'm sure you'll have a lot of questions about this.
It's hard to get an overall score.

'...... That's reckless. Because there is Magda in the forty-two districts.
'Nuh-uh!Magda is certainly a powerful opponent!But I can beat him in the ...... adult charm department!'

No, no, no.
Loretta, you haven't reached the realm of adult charm yet.
You're in the squeaky-clean girl category, you're not.

The ............ department?

'Oh, .......'
'Did you come up with anything?

The only sound that escaped me was Jeannette's face as she looked at me.
...... So why are you looking at me with such anticipation? You just said 'ah'.

'No, it's no big deal.
'But you've thought of something, haven't you?I'd like to hear it.

Lately, I've been planning a lot of events on the spur of the moment, and each time I've gotten into a lot of trouble. ...... I'm hesitant to say anything without thinking.
However, if this project is carried out, Magda's hope and the revitalization of the wonderful Yann Avenue, which has an uncertain future, will progress in a good way. ............

'Does that idea also lead to the consumption of hexenbiest meat?

Oh, I'm sorry, Uso.
Your hope is the only thing I can't snatch.
It's not like you can solve all your problems every time.

'Well, since we're going to have a nice avenue, I thought it would be fun to have a beauty contest.

It's a kind of beauty contest, but it might be interesting if we create various categories.
There could be a children's division and a silver division limited to those over fifty.
There is also a muscle category for those with ripped abs.

Or a category for beautiful cooks.
'That sounds interesting!Will you be competing in the ...... cooking skill category?'
'No. It's a combination of the way you cook and the food you make.

It's going to be like the 'I want to be your wife ranking' that was often featured in Japanese magazines in the past.

'Big brother, that's a good idea!I'll definitely do it!
'If you win, do you think Teresa will respect Aashi?
'Yes, she will!The most beautiful sister is the object of every sister's desire!
''Alright!I'll go!I'll go out and win!
'...... But Magda is going to win all the categories.'
'I won't let you do that, Magda!
'That's right!Let's play, team leader!

No, you're still calling me team leader, Barbara. ......

'Yashiro. I have one question for you.

I don't know how long she's been there, but she's got her arm on the door and Estella is looking at her.
She smiled happily.

'The expenses for that tournament ............ are paid by the 41st district [Ricardo], right?
'Why me?
'It's nice, isn't it Avenue's advertising project?Don't worry, we'll have a lot of participants from District 42, so I can guarantee a good turnout.
'You're going to have all the fun you want with District Forty-one's money, aren't you?
'Isn't this what you've been doing with the field day and Halloween? Isn't it nice to have a big event in your own district?
'K...... well, I'll do it for you, but ...... in return, you'll have to help!
'Yeah. I'm not going to pay you a dime!
'What a jerk!
'We don't have any money to spare, you know!We're always in the balance!

I wonder if one day Estella will be able to have a great time.

'So, Yashiro. Let's have a meeting right away. I'm sure the 41st district will offer delicious meat as a prize.

Estella winks at me and Use.
It's a good thing you're a part of the event, Use. ...... 'Free of charge,' she said, 'Hexenbiest meat. Think of it as a publicity stunt and accept it.

So, I was forced to join the steering committee of a big event again.