444-99th episode without additives!

In no time at all, the rumor had spread and the city was in an uproar like a beehive again.

'Imelda, I found her!Guys, there she is, Imelda!
'Thank God!Hey, we have a favor to ask you, Imelda!
'''Please teach me how to do my makeup!
''No, um, I'm having dinner right now. ......''
''''''Please Shasta! ''''''
'Um, ............ Yashiro-san.'
'Don't tell me. ......'

I never imagined that the girls' eyes would be bleeding like this. ......

'It can't be helped. Please come to my home.'
'''''' Aaaaah! ''''''
I'm not sure what to do.

Imelda is leaving the sunlit pavilion with a group of girls who are hungry for beauty.
In exchange, Norma came into the store wearing armor. ...... Armor!

'Take a look at this, Yashiro!
'...... What's going on, Norma?
'This dress is...'
'Oh, wait, ...... a dress?
'It's a dress.

No, it's armor.
It's all metallic, isn't it?
Every time I walk, it's making a 'squawk, squawk' sound, isn't it?

'It's a shadow art dress, when the light hits me from above, the shadows of flower fairies spread all around me!Isn't that romantic?
'Unless the fairies surrounding you are all metallic, ......'

As a result of trying to increase the number of shadow art, the skin is not exposed and even the face is covered.
It looks like armor.

'I'm thinking of entering a beauty contest with this, can't I?
'You can't even see my face. No, you can't.'

You can't even see my cleavage, not even my thighs.

'You're a thousand times more attractive dressed as usual.
'Oh, ...... that much, huh?
'Oh. Norma is most attractive when she's bare-faced, bare-chested, and bare-chested.'
'Well, then, I'll join you bare-chested!
'Wait, Norma-san!If you go that far, you're more than just a 'chick', you're a 'stupid girl'!

Thanks to Loretta's unnecessary advice, Norma seems to have decided to go to the tournament dressed up a bit. The bare bottom was rejected.

'Yashiro~, can I have a minute?

Shortly after Norma left, Delia arrived.
I wonder if she too has come to take measures for the beauty contest.

'How about some night fishing tonight?See, I promised you before, didn't I?'
'Aren't you talking about the beauty contest?
'A beauty contest?Yeah, there's been a lot of excitement among the girls lately.

Delia sits in front of me with a disinterested look on her face.
My gaze turns to the menu on the wall. Among them, around the desserts.

'You're competing for beauty and cuteness, aren't you?It doesn't matter if I'm in it.
'I don't think so.

There's also a muscle division.
Yes, there is, the muscle division. There's a lot of fighting girls in this town. Especially since it's hosted by the 41st district, they seem to be putting extra effort into the muscle division.

Well, if not there, then...

'Delia's pretty, so she'll do well, won't she?
'Oh, dear!............ Cute, huh?I don't know.Do you think Yashiro is cute?

At first glance, Delia looks scary. It's big, it's sharp-eyed, and most importantly, it shows off its steel body.
However, if you exchange a word or two with Delia, you'll quickly realize that there is no malice in her. Or rather, that he's as pure as a girl.
When you look at it that way, there are many cute things Delia says and does.
For example, she is always looking at the dessert, and her eyes twinkle with happiness when she is praised.

'Delia is cute and I think she can be beautiful if she dresses up.
'Are you prettier than Magda?
'Are you ...... the kind of person who always has to take on a strong opponent?

Challenging Magda in the cute category is as challenging as ...... challenging the last dungeon right after the game starts.

'Yashiro, I'm sorry!I'll see you next time for night fishing!I'm going to go to Millie's for a bit!

'Why Miri!
'You're supposed to talk to your best friend about these things!See ya!

A best friend, huh?
Delia's really trying to compete with Magda, isn't she, asking Millie for advice?
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing.

I'm not sure what to say.

As I was thinking that I should go close the door, Magda quickly approached and closed it. As expected, he's watching carefully.

'What are you going to do on the day, Yashiro-san?
'Estella says it's a compulsory participation. Maybe they'll make me be a judge or something.
'Is that so?
'Jeannette. I'll give you a high score if you wear a bikini.
'Don't favor your own people. Please be fair and just.'
'Fair enough, I'm going to give a high score to the bikini with big tits!
'No more ......, please.'

There is a cooking beauty contest, and Ginette is planning to participate.
Though in Ginette's case, she's probably more interested in cooking in such a place than in winning.

'If I wear a naked apron, I'm sure to win--'
'Yashiro-san. ......!

I'm pissed.
Well, you're right. Naked apron is something you should do at home. Mm-hmm.

'If it's a cooking beauty contest, the manager is definitely the winner!That's for sure!
'No, that's not true. I heard that Osina-san is going to participate too.

Osina, huh? ......
As the manager of the organic restaurant "Sourb" in the 41st district, Osina is a beautiful witch who wears an infinite amount of s*x appeal all over her body.
She's a tough opponent.
Not only is she an excellent cook, but she also has a smile that people like, which is no less than Jeannette's, though of a different kind. It's just a matter of taste.
However, Osina has an adult charm that Ginette does not have. There is an abundance of it. It's overflowing.
Depending on the age of the judges, Ginette will have a very tough time.
Osina is a tough ......, although she has C-cup tits. ......

'Jeannette. I knew you'd wear a bikini--'
'Please repent.

Are you going to face that powerful enemy without using your most powerful weapon?
It's too dangerous!
Expose more of your tits!

...... That's more dangerous, isn't it!

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.
'It's best for the manager!
'...... Hmm. The manager is most beautiful as usual.
'Mm-hmm. Thank you very much.

I'm sure you'll agree that this is a great idea. ......
It's not a good idea to wear a lot of makeup and a lot of hair when you're cooking. ............
It's best to look like you always have.

'Good luck.
'Yes, sir!

Well, with a smile like this, I might be able to play off Osina's s*x appeal.

''Magda and Loretta, be strong. Show the people of District 41 that the Sunlit Pavilion is full of beautiful girls.
'...... of course. That's the plan all along.
'I'll do my best too!If we had a team competition, we could definitely win the overall championship, and that's what I regret!

As the day of the Miss Contest approaches, Loretta and Magda, who have been holding a training camp at the Sunlit Pavilion, are full of energy.
In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a number of things you can do.

If you are a fan of ......, you can always ask, 'Isn't this hairstyle prettier? I'm not sure what to do. or 'How do you do your makeup? It's like a normal girls' night out or slumber party.

'Excuse me. Is Jeannette here?
'Yes. Oh, Sister.'

Bertina came in with a basket hanging from her arm.

'The hams brought me some oranges from the orchard because they're good for my skin. So I thought I'd share them with you.

'Well, they look like delicious oranges.'
'Yes. Please share them with everyone participating in the contest.'
'Thank you very much. Then, I'll pass them on to Barbara and the others.

After exchanging the oranges with a smile, Ginette proceeded to seat Bertina.

'By all means, have a cup of tea.
'Well, I'll take your word for it.

Ginette disappears with the mandarin into the kitchen.
I wonder if those oranges will be turned into something. I guess not.

'By the way, isn't Bertina going to join us?
'I'd rather not. I'm not really good at competing.
'Oh, that's too bad. A sister would be a natural candidate to win.''
'...... Loretta. 'If you're in the silver division, you have no enemies.' 'Excuse me.
'I didn't say that!That's not what I meant!
'Hmm... I'm sorry. It's a bad joke, Magda.'
'...... remorse'.

I like that.
I guess Magda's not too bad at being scolded.
If I said it, I'd ............ cringe......

'Mr. Yashiro. What were you thinking just now?'

Look at you, look at your eyes!
I didn't say anything!

'Some of the kids from the church are going to be there, aren't they?
'Yes. In the children's section. I'll just be there to support them.'
'Then you'd better watch out.
'Be careful ......?'
'If you're as beautiful as Bertina, you might get votes and win even if you didn't enter, so don't get too close to the stage.'

I rolled my eyes, then gently covered my ears with my hands.

'Even if you know I'm flattering you, I get embarrassed when people say things like that to my face, so please ...... behave yourself.'

The ears that were visible between her fingers were slightly tinted red.

'I vote for the sisters!
'...... I'm sorry, but I can't help it. Magda voted too.'
'Oh, God!Please stop. I'm not in the contest.'

Bertina waved her hands in the air. Wow, that's cute! That's because she didn't do it on purpose.
Elves must have a coating that never gets dirty, either on their bodies or their minds.

Ginette comes back with tea and a cup of tea. Seeing Jeannette, Bertina's embarrassment seems to have subsided.
Her appetite outweighs her embarrassment. That's my girl, Bertina.

'I'll be rooting for you all, so please do your best.
'Yes, sir!Thank you, Sister!
'...... I want you to watch Magda's bravery.'
'I'm going to go make a nice meal.'
'Ginette, I'm rooting for you!

I'm not sure if it's because I'm a fan of your daughter that you're so passionate about ......, but it's the food.

'Yes, that's right!I'm going to ask Umaro to make a big shelf for it here!And then we'll put up all the trophies that we all brought home!
'No, you should think about it after you get them.
'Enthusiasm is important in this kind of thing!It's embarrassing when you've built a shelf and you can't get a trophy!That's why I'm trying so hard!It's a mental argument!

So, it's not something that can be done with mentalism, but Miss Contest is ......

'............ wall of ...... is not enough, is it?
'How much are you going to take home, Magda?

'How many categories are you planning to take home, Magda?

'It's important to be enthusiastic, Mr. Manager!We're going to display the trophy here!
'What?What?......, I'll do my best!

'...... sunshine - whew!'
'Huh!That's what it is, Magda-chou!Don't suddenly do something you haven't had a meeting about!
'Eh, uh, oh, oh!Is ...... this okay?'
'Mmmm. I'm looking forward to it, Yashiro-san.''

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
I'm laughing a little at how overly enthusiastic they are.
I'm sure they can handle the qualifying rounds, and I wonder if it's favoritism on my part that makes me think that the final round will be the one to beat .......

I thought I could take it easy since I wasn't going to participate and it wasn't an event in the 42nd district, but ...... in the end, I spent the whole time until the day of the event feeling nervous and strange.
I guess I got caught up in the atmosphere of the city, yeah. I'm sure I did.

And so it came, the day of the beauty contest...

'The prestigious first Miss Phoenix Grand Prix is Mumu from District 42!

The crowd cheered. A round of applause broke out.
The rivals who didn't win the grand prix didn't shed tears of regret at ....... Congratulations,' 'That's great,' 'You look so young and beautiful,' they said to each other.

Oh, yeah. ......
The phoenix is an image of the phoenix, a symbol of longevity. ......
As a result, we changed the name to a name that sounds good and retains the nuance of being in the silver category.

However, the phoenix is ............ not going to come back again and again, is it?

''Then, the second prize is 10 kilos of hexenbiest meat!
''Well, that's a lot. I can't eat it all by myself.
'Hmm, hmmm, ......, then it's no use, we'll just go to my house .......'
'Zelma, you have to say it louder so I can't hear you.
'D'oh!Why are you here, you sunny-eyed crustacean?

Because I'm related.

'Oh, Zelmar. Look at me, I won the Grand Prix. Hmm. What should I do?
'Oh, oh, I see. Well, that was better than .............'
'I got a lot of meat. Would you like to eat it with me?'
'Gosh, gosh, gosh!I've got a lot of meat, if you'd like to join me?' 'Gosh, gosh, gosh! I'll prepare some alcohol in return for the meat.
'Yeah?Then let's invite Bobba and Frodo, and Orkio and Sirach.
'Why are you calling them?I can't eat all of ............ alone with you, so that would be better. ......... ...hmm.

I'm not going to be able to eat alone with you.
Don't back down there, you lazy bastard. Can't you at least say 'I'll share with them and we'll celebrate together'? I don't know what I'm getting old for. I'm aging needlessly.

'Hey!Mumu!You did it!
'I had faith that Mumu would win the Grand Prix...'
'Well, I'm happy.
''So give me some meat!
''Sure. Let's eat it together.
''Yes!Zelmar, drink!''
''Why me?Why don't you guys buy me a drink, or I'll eat for free!

Lively old people.
Don't fall down in the other wards.You'll be a nuisance.
If you're going to die, do it in your own house.

'...... randomly.
'Who wants to go potty, you little shit?

...... d*mn.
You're all ears, you old bastard of Zelmar.

'...... popping everywhere I go.
'I don't want to get popped that many times!

...... Tsk.

I'm not sure what to say.

There was a woman who called out to me as I sat in the officials' section.
It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find anything you like.
............ What?I'm not sure what that means.

I'm not sure what that means.I'm not sure if you'll be able to find the right one for you.

'That voice, that tone, that vulgar metaphor: ...... You're Regina!
'Of course not. No matter how you smell it, you're me.'
I'm not the type of creature who identifies others by smell!

It was Regina.
If you ask me, it's definitely Regina. ......

'You've turned into ......'
'I'm sorry. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.

There was a glamorous beauty there, glittering like a particle of light.
A fluffy costume that seemed to play with the wind, a light hairstyle that seemed to envelop the air, and makeup as bright and innocent as a wild flower that reminded us of the coming of spring.
And the gap between her and the rest of the world, which makes me want to use a lot of metaphors to describe her, makes it hard for my brain to identify the person in front of me as Regina.
If the person in front of me is usually dark, then the person in front of me is definitely a light creature.

'What, you're the one who changed from a dark knight to a paladin?

Doesn't your brother have any moon people?

'I have no idea what you're talking about, but why don't you at least tell me what you think of ......?
'Hmm, well, I'm surprised.'
'What do you mean, your impression?

Regina's eyebrows arched in a dumbfounded smile.
But you'd definitely be embarrassed if I told you you're beautiful.
So I'll give you a compliment that will be just right.

'The innocent look is also erotic in its own way.
'You're a bit of a klutz.
'Who's that, man?
'Everywhere you go, there's a lump.
'You're a pervert, aren't you?

I gave you a compliment, and now you're giving me shit!

'Can I sit next to you?
'It's okay, it's empty.

Even though it's an official seat, it's not like we're doing anything.
I thought I was going to be forced to be a judge from the beginning to the end, but I was just told to sit here for now.
The event was run by District 41.
The stalls also belong to District 41.
There's nothing for me to do.

...... Huh?
Is this maybe a quarantine to keep me away from the changing rooms?

So, what did you do?The old woman's daring swimsuit screening.
'I didn't let you bring in anything dangerous like that.

It was a wholesome contest.
Except for the reluctance of the girls to show off their special skills, it was just a normal beauty contest.

'Are you aiming for it too?I'm sure you'll have a great time.

...... Haha.
That's the name they decided on for the main contest.
Named by Ricardo's idiot steering committee. It's not my fault.
I heard that Estella told her that if she named the contest "Miss District 41", she wouldn't accept any contestants from District 42, so that's why she named it that.
...... Did you really want Estella to participate that badly, that stupid lord?

You can't be sure of that. I'm just a distraction.
'But you seem to be very enthusiastic about it.
'The people around me, you know. They're saying we're not going to qualify anyway, but we're so loud. ......'
'So you were brought in.
'We were allowed to enter if we hid our identities and wore masks.

What kind of beauty contest is this?
If you want to hide your face, don't come out. ...... and that's what he's aiming for, isn't it?

'Then the dog-eared clerk at Cantalucia ...... said, "You can hide your true identity, plump plump plump," ......'.
'I'm just wondering what was so plump about it.'
'And then there's this finish: ...... Well, it's true that most people didn't notice that it was me, but ......'.

I didn't notice it for a second either.

'It's really a problem. ......'
'But you look like you're having fun.'
'No, I don't.'

He turns away, covering his mouth with his hand in a gesture like a cheek swab.
You're trying to hide the fact that you're laughing.
If you don't give him this kind of forceful attention, he won't come out to a place like this.
The people around him must have come to understand that.

'From now on, you may be forced to participate more. Be prepared for that.'
'What's with all the ...... smirking?

He glanced at me and then quickly looked away.
As I watched the Miss Petit Angel qualifying round continue, Regina let out a whisper that I could barely hear.

'Well, it's not that I don't like it.

I see.

He's changed too.
She looks so happy.

'Well!If I make it through the qualifying round and get into the main tournament, give me a reward.

'Why would I do that?'
'Yes, you are. If you don't have that kind of merit, you're going to show off your skills that you can't show to your children at the preliminary round.
'You'll be banned in District 41.'
'So, don't let that happen. I'll give you a reward.

If Regina goes out of control, the image of the entire forty-two districts may be painted in Regina's image.
...... I don't like that.

'Do you want your reward to be a bra that pulls you up?
'I don't want to get one myself, you know.
'Then a see-through bra.
I'd rather not get one from myself....... No, I don't plan on showing it to myself, though!

Don't be so quick to step on a land mine yourself.
It's a good idea to be precise.

'Oh, that's stupid. Then I'll go to my place.'
'Oh. As long as you don't talk, I think you can pass the qualifying round, so try to keep your mouth shut.'
'Okay!I'll dance a mysterious and slightly obscene dance in silence.'
'Too bad, Regina didn't qualify.

A beautiful woman dances a mysterious dance in silence. It's ...... scary.

'Well, that's it.

Her green hair spread out softly, and she looked at me with a dazzling smile that was unlike Regina's.

'If I don't say anything, I've got the approval of a beautiful woman, so I'm going to do my best.

Regina fluttered her hands and left.
You're really a different person. I guess makeup can change your personality a little.
If I were a judge, I'd let her pass the qualifying round.


Bertina came to me as if she was replacing Regina.

'May I sit next to you?
'Please do.'

I didn't get any complaints about Regina. It wouldn't matter who sat next to me.

Bertina sits down next to me and looks at the kids on the stage.
There are a few familiar faces in the far corner.
They are all dressed up as best they can, though there is a slight rustic look to them.

'Did the matron's aunts make the kids' costumes?
'Yes, they did. We asked them what they wanted and tried to ...... match them as closely as possible.'

She puts her hand on her cheek and smiles, both annoyed and amused.

'Everyone said they wanted to wear wedding dresses. I couldn't do it, as expected.
'That would have been difficult if Ukrines hadn't been so serious.
'All the girls are longing for a wedding dress.
'Tell them to wait until it's time to get married.'
'Yes, I will. I will.'

I wonder what this town will look like when the little girls in the church are old enough to get married.
I wonder if Bertina will cry?
I'm not sure if ...... the girls who grew up in the church are ready to get married?
I'm not sure if they're going to say 'I'm Alvistan' like Ginette.

'Who's going to marry first?
'I think it will be Ginette, don't you?
'I'm talking about the .................. kids.'
'That, I don't know yet.

'I don't know about Jeannette, either.
She didn't tell me she had a partner, and she's an Arvistan. ............ Hey, I shouldn't have asked that question.

'Maybe it's ...... me, though.'

He also gave such a person a teasing look, ......

'I'm talking about the "kids", aren't I?
'Babu babu. ...... ugh.'

...... I'll change your diaper, you bastard.

'Oh, look, Mr. Yashiro. It's Teresa.'

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
Teresa was standing next to the woman who was hosting the event.

'Well then, Teresa-chan. Please introduce yourself.'
'Yes!I'm a janitor!
'You do mental math?That's great!
'Please give me a problem!
'Then, how about '1 + 3'?
'It's ............, isn't it?

'Come on!That's great, Teresa!
'Can you do something a little more difficult?
'Well, let's try something a little harder. How about 'five plus six'?
'Five plus six: ......'
'I'm ready!Teresa, you're a genius!
'That's it!More!It's so hard!I can do it!
'''' Cute~''''

The audience lowered their eyes when they saw Teresa flapping her arms, saying 'I can do it, I can do it.
I don't believe it, those eyes. It's like, 'I see, I see, you can do something more difficult, that's great!
I can do really great stuff. ......
But if you're Miss Petit Angel, you'll probably appreciate this more.
If you suddenly do four-digit multiplication by rote, she might be offended.
I'll keep my mouth shut.

'She's cute. She's an angel.

Miss Petit Angel is a contest for children only.
If Bertina had her way, everyone would look like an angel.

'Everyone's an angel!
'If you don't shut your mouth right now, I'm going to have to put you on silent mode.

...... Javier says they all look like angels.
I avoided the name "Miss Juvenile", but Javier sniffed it out and came to see.
I have a little admiration and sympathy for Imelda, who's in costume and playing the chaperone before anyone else. Hold on tight, you perverts.

'And now, Cheryl!What can I do for you?
'I'm going to hit the vegetables with a blindfold!
'That's great! Shall we blindfold her?

As Cheryl put on the blindfold, several kinds of vegetables were brought to the stage.
The hostess handed the corn to Cheryl.

'Seikae!And here's the next one!

and hands her a tomato.

'Corn, yikes!
'Se...... seikai?That's it!

Is that the right answer?
No, it's the right answer, but...

'Cheryl-san, you're also very good at this, aren't you?
'No, any kid can do that, can't they?
'The fact that you have so much love for corn that you can call it a skill is amazing.
'If you want to praise it, you can make any kind of complication into a reason, can't you?

The audience is shouting 'cute~', and you seem to be getting some points.
It's a contest where cute is all that matters.


Millie appeared in front of me, dressed in a very mature way.
Her shoulders were bared, and her chest was quite 'aggressive'.
Her skirt was below her knees, but there was a slit in it so that the thigh of her left leg could occasionally be seen. A wide lace weave is hidden in the thigh. It looks like a stocking that is fastened with a garter belt. She is probably showing it off, but it makes me nervous because it looks like I'm seeing something I shouldn't.

'Miry,......, what's wrong?
'The preliminaries for "Miss Petit Angel" have already started, we have to go quickly!
'Miri, I'm not a child!I'm not in the Petite Angel pageant!'

I was relieved to see the usual cuteness in her angry face.
But I don't know who did her makeup, but ...... she looks so mature.

'You're looking very mature today. You look different.'
'Really?I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
'Is it Imelda who did this?
'Yes. I'm sorry. I'm going to bring out the adult in you.

Natalia ...... wants eros from Miry ......
I don't know.
How did you get it out of her?
He must have put everything he had into it.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more information on the web.

'What do you think, Bertina?'
'Yes. It's very pretty.'
'Oh, yeah?Isn't ...... pretty?Isn't she s*xy?'
'Uh, ............ Yashiro?'

I had trouble answering, so I gave Bertina a pass, but she came back with an even more difficult question.
s*xy, or ......

'Maybe you should try a s*xy exhale or something to make it more s*xy.'
's*xy? ............ I'm not sure what to say.
'Conversation Record'!
'Don't read it again~!

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll help.

It's very cute. It's very cute.
'Huh. ...... I thought I made her look more mature. ......'

Hey, Millie.

I'm not sure if it's because I made it myself, but the ladybug makes it look so much cuter.

'Why don't you and Magda appear in 'Miss Cute' together?
'Miri, the outfit you're wearing today looks like this: ...... and'

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
In addition to the fact that it's a mature costume, the reason why Miri doesn't participate in the Miss Cute contest is because.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that you like.

No, no, no, Miry.

I think you'll find her cute as a grandmother, too.
'ugh ...... that makes me a little happy, but ............, I want to be like Norma too!

Like Norma!
I don't know if that's a good idea. ......
I don't want to be like Norma.

'Instead, though, Delia will be in "Miss Cute".

He's ...... really going to challenge Magda? ......

'I can't wait to see what she's wearing.
'Really, Yashiro?

I was just talking about it when I heard his voice, which startled me a bit.
I turned around and saw Delia, dressed in ......

'You're fluttering!
'Heh, ...... what do you think?

I'm not sure if it's millimeter coordination, but Delia is wearing an outfit full of frills and lace, reminiscent of a bouquet of flowers.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.

She's tall, so the frilly, overly expansive outfit is a bit uncomfortable for her. ......
This is a great way to make sure that you don't end up in a situation where you can't get out of the house.
Those who know Delia well will praise her as 'cute' with open arms.

But how would those who don't know Delia feel if they saw her? ......

'I think she's cute.

Delia threw her arms up in the air in joy.
Her clothes lift up, revealing her toned abs.

Hmmm... If you're a muscle and frill ...... fanatic, this might be your favorite combination.


The earth shakes closer and closer.
Oh no, I have to run!

'Look at me, my do-re-s!

Medora appears.
What do we do?

Run away.
I give up.

But I'm being spun around.

'Aren't they pretty with all the frills?
'Ugh, ...... my eyes, ...... my eyes, ......!

Medora was wearing a frilly one-piece dress.
She twirled around and the hem of her skirt lifted softly.

Aaaaah!Her thighs flashed!Oh, my eyes!

'I'm leaving too, Miss Cute!
'I've just realized how cute ............ is inside of me!

'And I'll beat Magda!
'Where did you find the chance to win?

I'm sure you'll be able to understand that.

'Oh, Medora!Delia-san!

Two women from the hunting guild, wearing armbands that read 'Management Committee', came running over.

'We've been looking for you. The preliminary round will start soon, so please hurry to the waiting room.
'Hmm?Is it too late?
'Isn't it too early?

Medora and Delia rolled their eyes.
However, the steering committee member hurried them with an impatient look. He grabs them by the arm and pulls them along.

'What are you talking about?Next, next!

As I watched the impatient steering committee members, I remembered the schedule.
The next one after Miss Petit Angel was .......

'Miss Muscle' will start right after this!

That's right, "Miss Muscle".
It's a contest for muscle-bound beauties.

'Wait a minute!I'm going to be Miss Cute!
'I'm going to be Miss Cute too!
'Yes, sir. Both of you, your application forms were wrong, so we've corrected them here.''
''Now, please show off your proud muscles to the fullest!Come on!Come on!
''No, no, no!It's not a mistake, it's for 'Miss Cute'--''
''We're looking forward to it!We're looking forward to the direct confrontation between the strongest Medora guild leader of District 41 and the exercise expert of District 42, Delia-san!
''Yeah, ............''

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
...... I see, so you weren't recognized as a "miscute".
It's hard to overturn someone else's image. ......

Anyway, I wish you both good luck.

'I wonder if it's all right,...... Delia,......'
'Well, Delia is an adult, so I don't think she's going to be unfaithful and boycott ......'

And Delia, who participated - or rather was forced to participate - in the "Miss Muscle" that started after the "Miss Petit Angel", was ...... very puffy.
You're being unfaithful. I didn't boycott it, but...

'It's amazing,......,' said Delia, 'she looks so small,.......'

The participants in Miss Muscle all had tremendous muscles.
They are not as strong as Medora, but they have the kind of body that could hunt alongside Medora.

In the midst of all these people, Delia, who wasn't working for the company, looked about a size smaller.
Her arms and legs are round, and her body looks very girlish.
The women around her have well-developed muscles, and their silhouettes are more square than round.

They look as if to say, 'Muscle is the best beauty! They are all wearing light clothes because their outfits show off their muscles as if to say, "Muscle is the best beauty!
The only ones wearing fluttery clothes were Delia and Medora, which made them stand out even more.

'Derria, you're cute.
'Yes, it is. In this group, you look like a girl.

If it's a contest of cuteness, Delia is the best by far.
If it's a contest of muscular beauty, it's probably Medora.

'Maybe it's a battle between Delia and Medora, this time.

The eyes of Delia and Medora shone.

'Alright, let's play, Delia!
'As you wish!
'Then ...... 'cute pose'!Three, yes!

At Medora's signal, Delia and Medora each strike what they consider to be a 'cute pose'.
Delia posed with her fists lightly clenched against her cheeks in a pretentious pose.
Omero and several other members of the Forty-Two District River Fishing Guild roll their eyes and fall over.

Medora lightly bit her thumb and twisted her body into an S-shape in a s*xy pose.
Regardless of the district or guild, dozens of male customers who looked directly at her collapsed with pale faces.

Yeah. I guess Medora wins in killing power.

''Which one was cuter!
''Sorry, I'm not a judge.

Please ask the judges.

''Yes, yes, yes! Before judging, let me make an appeal too...''

The one who was raising her hand in the tank was Masha, a special participant.
...... What's a special participation slot?
I'm sure it's hard to say no to a request from the Seafaring Guild.

Masha, who was pushed to the center of the stage by a member of the steering committee, bent her soft, white arms and pushed up the flesh of her arms with her index fingers from behind.

'Chikara kobu~☆'

That's something elementary school kids often do.
Masha is the one who can do such a thing without embarrassment.

And that kind of mockery is just adorable.

The guys in the audience are going crazy.

'Chikarakobu is ...... so cute!
'That was foul ......, how could it not be cute?

Masha's appeal to the audience was highly praised by the judges.
The first "Ms. Muscle" was won by Masha, whose muscle was not so obvious.
As long as she's cute, right?
What is "Miss Muscle" then?

Next time, we might have to set up better criteria for judging. ......

With these thoughts in mind, the morning session was over.