16-Episode 14 The Girl with Empty Eyes

Once you have the fish, you need the meat.
So, the day after I went to the river fishing guild, I went to the hunting guild. ......

You are the ones who are causing conflicts between the guilds and ruining their business?

In a small room in the building that serves as the hunting guild's office, a man who claimed to be a representative of the hunting guild shouted at me in a fierce manner as soon as he showed up.
If you're a child, you'll cry. If you're an old person, you'll probably pass away. ......
Ginette was so scared that she was shaking and trembling. She's so cute.

'Say something, Kola!
'...... Can we talk a little more calmly?'

Hey ~~~~~, you're freaking me out!

What's with these guys, they're scary as hell!
They're big, their faces are scary, their voices are low, and they've got scars on their faces for show!
He's got muscles that are more than just muscular!
You make Delia of the River Fishing Guild look so cute.
As expected of these strong men who go outside the walls to hunt beasts. The power is unbelievable.
It's natural to be intimidated by them.

But when you're at my level, you can deal with such weaknesses without showing it.

'...... Yashiro?You don't seem to be shaking.
'Don't worry about it. It's just that I'm suddenly cold now.
'That's why I'm really curious about this matter. ......?

Casually, Estella rubs my back.
What is it?
You're more gentle than ever.
Is that what it is?
Do I look cute when I'm shaking like that?

'Heh!What, are you scared of me?You should learn what happens when a gutless person goes up against a big organization!

Gutless ......?

'Hey, ......, what did you say?
'What?Are you going to do it, bro?'
'You're good. ............ Get out in the open!

When I hit the desk in the reception room, there was a dull sound, and at the same time the representative of the hunting guild stood up.

'...... Come on.'

The representative of the hunting guild said shortly and walked out.
As if following him, the guild members in the reception room left the room.

All that was left in the room was me and Estella. The only ones left in the room were me and Estella, and Ginette, who was staring at me with an anxious look on her face.

At any rate, sip the tea that was served.

Zuzu........................ ah, the tea is delicious.

'''No, come on out!

The representatives and members of the hunting guild all came back to the reception room at the same time, and they all made a comment at the same time.
Who said anything about leaving?
You just said, 'Go out in the open.

Are you kidding me?

He's a perfect example.
This type of person is difficult to negotiate with because of their mysterious 'me theory'.
It's one of the types I don't like.

'Rather than that, I want to ask you something.

I hold out my right arm to the representative of the hunting guild, who is glaring at me with an extremely scary face.
The hand that I just hit the table with is swollen to a rather unfashionable degree.

'............ It hurts, do you have a first aid kit?
'......Oh,............ hey. Bring it to him.'

This type of person may show unexpected kindness when they see someone in trouble.
They must have a strong sense of duty and humanity.

I borrowed the first aid kit he had brought and Ginette treated me.
Oh, the way she wrapped the bandage was so gentle. ...... I don't have to return this bandage, do I?Okay, I'll wash it and use it again.

That aside, it's good that I've dampened their spirits, but I wonder how I should proceed with the negotiations.
When I was thinking about it...

"You!Didn't you come back with your prey again?

Immediately after the shouting came from outside the reception room, the sound of blows that reminded the listener of pain echoed.
Then came the sound of something falling over, followed by the sound of several men moving away, whispering.

'Ya, Yashiro-san......, what the hell happened?'
'Don't ask me. ...... I don't even want to imagine.'

I'm sure you've heard of them. I don't know. '.
They are a bit rough and crude.

After a while, the door to the reception room slowly opened.

'Hey, Magda. We're serving customers.'

The representative of the hunting guild gives a blatantly disapproving look.
Turning his gaze to the open door, he saw a sleigh ...... and a small girl emerge from it.

'I ...... returned,' she said.

Her shaggy orange hair was as long as the petite girl was tall.
She was only about 140 centimeters tall, and her body was still young.

A long, thin tail extends from the buttocks. It has orange and black stripes. ...... Is it a member of the Tigers......?If you look closely, you can see a pair of cat ears attached to her shaggy hair.
The eyes are large, but somewhat vacant, and the pupils are a deep, dark color.
I have no objection to calling her a beautiful girl, as her parts and modeling are very cute. You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing. I doubt if she has any emotions at all, and I can't feel any joy, anger, sorrow, or pleasure.

It's as if he's there but nowhere to be found. The girl who has such a thin presence makes me feel very uneasy when I look at her.

'So, what have you achieved?

The representative of the hunting guild says in a manner that seems to throw me off.
I listen to his words as if I don't feel anything, and then I answer him plainly.

'No ......'.

The representative of the hunting guild clicks his tongue loudly and kicks away the teacup on the table.

'Get out of here, you incompetent!You're an eyesore!
'...... Understood.'

After saying that, the girl named Magda tried to leave the room with a blank expression on her face, showing no change from the time she came in.

'Oh, sir!Please wait!

It was Ginette who stopped her.
...... also get involved in this kind of troublesome ............

'Magda-san, you were at ......, weren't you?'

When he was stopped, Magda looked at Ginette with vacant eyes, and then nodded curtly.

'Please allow me to treat your wounds. Especially the wounds on your face, if you don't take care of them quickly, you're a ...... girl.'

Magda didn't answer, just stared at Jeannette.
Then, gently, she touched the scar on her cheek.

'...... Are you sure?'
'Yes, of course.'

As Jeannette held up the first aid kit, Magda walked slowly towards Jeannette.

'Hey, hey!That's our medicine!Don't waste it!

However, the representative of the hunting guild interrupted him just in time.
Ginette shrugged her shoulders, and Magda listened to her voice with empty eyes.

'So, will you let me buy this medicine chest?

Estella intervened with perfect timing.
She put out three gold coins on the table.

'Do you think this will be enough?'

Estella said with a cool face.

This is the first time I've seen a gold coin, but judging by its quality, I'd say it's worth at least ten times as much as a silver coin.
If so, a silver coin is 100Rb, or 1,000 yen. ...... At the very least, three gold coins would be ...... 30,000.

I don't know what the value of a first aid kit is in this world, but I think you're paying too much for it.

'...... Well, that's fine.'

The representative of the hunting guild smiled ...... and said that it was more than worth it.
It's written on his face: 'A lot of money, a lot of money.

But still, ......
How did Estella have that kind of money? ...... And she paid for it.

I'm not sure if Estella noticed my gaze, but she pointed a little bit.

Ginette had a compassionate look on her face.
And Magda was ............ staring at Ginette. The expression on his face was vacant, but somehow happy. ......

'Something about it makes me want to hug it ......'.
'No, Yashiro-san!

Jeannette hugs Magda, as if to hide her from me.
No, that's not it, Ginette. I don't have any ill feelings towards a little girl like that, not even me.
This is a kind of protective desire or something like that, but ...... I don't think you'd believe me if I explained it.

'...... Are you awake?
'You're the one who showed it to me!
'I was just trying to keep you two smiling.'

Smiles: ......
Estella described Magda's vacant expression as a 'smile'.
I see, it did not look that way to me.

I'm sure he's watching you very closely. ...... You can never be too careful.
Don't look too closely at me.

'What is it?Do you like it, brother?

Says the head of the hunting guild in a low voice.

'If you want to sign an exclusive contract with him, I'll let you have it.

He smirks at you, a chilly smile on his face.

'If I sign a contract with this guy, how much do I have to pay the guild?
'I don't want it.'


'He's a useless piece of baggage. If you take him, you can use him as you like. But you'll have to pay for his food.

'So, permission to hunt?'
'You can keep it. As long as you don't bother us, you can continue to hunt with your hunting guild membership card.'

That's crazy.
The terms are too good.
Even if this Magda guy's not very good and can't catch a single animal, these conditions are unbeatable.
After all, the agreement is that the guild's authority can be freely exercised through this Magda.

In other words, his intention is to let go of the ............ troublemakers. That's it.
This Magda has some kind of problem, and is causing a permanent loss to the guild.
It's not "no profit", it's "loss". That's why he wants to sell them off at a discount or whatever.

He said something about the cost of food, so he must be ............

And then I felt a fierce stare from next to me.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help.
...... Ah.
You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.
I can tell without being told. This is what he wants from me. 'Can't you help Magda?Please, Yashiro-san, please! And.
But, Ginette. Do you understand that it's too risky to take this offer?

But if we refuse Magda here, we won't get any benefit for not suffering any damage. Negotiations with the hunting guild have broken down. We can't get the meat.

And besides.
I don't know if it's because of the guild rules, but the hunting guild can't fire Magda. The fact that they're letting him stay, despite the fact that he's useless and causing losses, is proof enough.
Even in Japan, once a company has made you a full-time employee, they can't fire you so easily. There must be efforts to protect workers in this world as well.
But that is why they are treated more poorly.
It's okay to call it that for now, but it's easy to imagine that it will escalate over time. And what will be the result of that? ......

I turn my gaze to Magda. And I saw empty eyes looking at me.
What an emotionless girl.
I can't tell if she's angry or sad.
You're about to be sold to the guild.Do you understand?

I stared into his vacant eyes, and he stared back at me, and I ...... lost my patience.
It would be impossible to win a standoff with this guy. Well, it's not impossible to lose.


He shouted in my ear, and my body jolted involuntarily.
When I turned my head to look again, I saw Jeannette's face a few centimeters from my nose.

'Whoa ......!

I moaned from the back of my throat, and my body naturally turned over.
But the big, moist eyes appealed to me, as if they would never let me go. The clenched teeth gradually began to make a clicking sound, and the vibration caused Jeannette's face to tremble in small increments. It was only a matter of time before tears began to fall from her eyes.

I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared!What the hell is this mental attack?

No. ...... I don't know why, but this is no good. ......

'Okay,......, let's sign an exclusive contract,......'

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
Stupid ...... person that I am ............

In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at the following. Then, as if to make up for the breaths she had stopped taking, she inhaled the oxygen with all her might and put her hands over her mouth and shouted with joy.

'Yashiro-san, ......!Thank you very much ......!

...... It's nothing to be thankful for. In the first place, this is not for Jeannette, or even for Magda.
My instincts as a con man told me that I could make money by reversing this disadvantageous situation.
That's why the frustration that had been occupying my heart earlier was completely gone, and it was not because I saw Ginette's relieved face.

Suddenly, a 'hmph' laugh reaches my ears.


I turned around and saw Estella's frowning face.

'No, I was wondering if there would be hail tomorrow.

If it's going to hail, make it gold. I'll do all the goody-goody stuff for it. Well, I'll only 'act' good.

'But just because she's a pretty girl doesn't mean you should be upset.
'Idiot, I'm not a pedophile.

I'm sure Estella knows what she's talking about, but ...... she's not.
She's twelve or three years old.
She's too young.
She looks like a schoolgirl.
No tits. She's a match for Estella.
And she doesn't have the vivacity of a child.
She's like a ...... moving doll.

'Well, take care of the food and lodging for me.

'Wait a minute.'

The representative of the hunting guild said casually, waiting for me to say something.

'An inn has been added.
'We don't have the space to keep a useless person.
'Even so, I can't overlook the fact that you're forcing us to bear the burden unconditionally.
'Then what do you want me to do?
'Well, ......'.

I think.
I think the hunting guild can't afford to back down half-heartedly now that they've forced Magda on us in the form of an 'exclusive contract'.
If we were relieved of the responsibility of taking care of the meals but not the lodgings, we might feel a loss emotionally. It is human nature to be more conscious of the fact that you have remained than that your burden has been reduced by half.
If that's the case, there shouldn't be any problem if you show a little strength here.

'Whenever there is a surplus of meat from the beasts Magda hunted, this guild will buy it. At a fair price, of course.'

Magda has the rights of the hunting guild, so she can sell the meat to the peddling guild.
However, it is unlikely that the Peddler's Guild, which is beginning to exert pressure on other guilds, will make a legitimate deal with Magda, who is renting a room at the Sunken Pavilion.
If that happens, Magda will only be able to catch enough meat to use at the Sunken Pavilion, and the rest of the days she'll be eating for free.
I can't overlook that. Work! Every day while the sun is in the sky.

So it's best to sell the rest of the meat after we get what we need. And we'll secure the purchase price and the sales route here. This will reduce our losses somewhat. We may even be able to make a profit.

When I presented such conditions, ......


The representative of the hunting guild opened his mouth and started laughing.

'Fuhi~hihihihi!If there's ...... too much meat ...... ku ku ku ...... hahahaha!''

What the hell?
What's so funny?

'Oh, that's good. Bring it to me. I'll buy it at the same rate as the peddlers guild.''
'Is that okay?I don't think the guild will benefit from that, do you?

Estella advises.
It may seem like an unnecessary ...... thing to say, but by saying this in advance, you won't have to deal with the annoyance of 'that's not what I said' or 'I never said that' later.
I made sure of it. That fact is more convincing than anything else.

Especially since there is a Conversation Record in this world.

'Sure. It's a good idea.

...... This guy is kind of annoying. ......

It's a good idea to take a look at the web site and see if you can find anything you like.
...... Don't you have any thoughts?

I'm not sure.Negotiations are concluded!Our guild will not do any business with the Garbage Collection Guild!Instead, we'll send Magda to ............ ...... hunt down the meat for the same price as the peddlers' guild. I'll buy the meat you hunt for the same price as the peddler's guild. In return, Magda's lodging and food are yours. Is that clear?
'............ Okay. We have a deal.

There's probably more to the story at .......

The problem is this girl Magda.
It is not hard to imagine that she is not very good at hunting since she is such a young girl.
But she has the right to hunt. That's huge.
If her hunting skills are so poor that she's useless, she can help out in the mess hall.
Lodging and food.
Fortunately, there is a surplus of both in the sunny pavilion.

...... Yeah. No harm done. It shouldn't.

I shook hands with the head of the hunting guild.
Negotiations are done.

'All right, guys. Let's go home.

Estella was the first one to stand up.

'Yes. Then let's go, Magda.

Magda silently nodded at Ginette's words.
Then she stared at me.
'...... What is it?
You'll get burned if you fall for me. ......


In the end, Magda didn't say a word.
He dropped his gaze and followed Jeannette out of the room.

'At all costs, don't get eaten up.

As I was leaving the room, the representative of the hunting guild came to me with these words.
...... be eaten up............ food costs......, right.
I'm sure you've heard of it. I'm sure he has an appetite that is beyond the level of .......
I don't know what it will be like until I see it,...... but it's horrible.

I can't shake the bad feeling, but I don't think I'll get any information by sticking around here.
I bailed lightly and left the reception room.

After leaving the hunting guild, we came to the dormitory of the hunting guild where Magda was currently staying.
We had come to pick up Magda's belongings, as she had decided to move to the Sunken Pavilion.
His luggage consisted of only a small bag and a large Masakari.
Masakari is so big!Kintaro?

Or should I be more surprised at the smallness of the luggage?

'Is this all you've got?
'......, yeah.'
'You don't have a lot of stuff, do you?
'......I just need some spare underwear. ............?'

That was a bullet I wasn't expecting.

'Yashiro ......, you are a man .......'
'Wait!I didn't say anything to you!
'But, but, Yashiro, you're a 'thank you for the kindness you receive' person, aren't you ......?'
'Hey, Jeannette. Don't look at me like I'm a pervert.'
'Can't you deny that you're a pervert?
'Yes, I can, but what?

Oh, God. Magda suddenly said something crazy and gave me a weird look.
What the hell is this guy thinking?
Is he really in love with me and trying to approach me?

'Magda-san. A girl shouldn't talk about such things.'
'...... Why?'
'Because it's a measly thing to say.'
'...... Okay.'

Jeannette is telling Magda. She seems to be more like a sister than a mother, but she seems to be good at this sort of thing. Okay, I'll leave Magda's education to Ginette.

That's why we're heading to the Sunken Pavilion.
In fact, we wanted to visit the other guilds afterwards, but we didn't ...... want to take Magda with us carrying the Masakari.

The hunting guild was based in the east of the 42nd district. It's a rather prosperous place. That must mean it's quite profitable.
From there, I went out to the main street and walked through the downtown area.
Everyone I pass rolls their eyes when they see Magda's Masakari.
However, Magda, the one who was attracting all the attention, remained unconcerned and staggered along with a dazed look on his face.

I wondered if he was even looking ahead.
He didn't even avoid people coming from across the street, but walked in a zigzag pattern along the wide road.
It was extremely dangerous.

'Yes, sir.
'Why don't you hold her hand or something?'
'Yes, sir. Magda-san!

Ginette called Magda's name and ran to her.

'That's very kind of you. Are you feeling protective or something?'
'No, it's just dangerous, isn't it?
'I see. So even you are unconditionally kind to little girls. A new discovery.''

Estella smiles happily.
But ......

'What are you talking about? It's the passersby who are in danger. Look. One wrong move and you'll get your head blown off by the Masakari.

Even though Jeannette stopped him, Magda was still swaying unsteadily.
The giant Masakari is also swaying this way and that.
It was a miracle that no bloodshed had occurred so far.

It's a miracle that there hasn't been more bloodshed.
'...... can't you ............ think of anything that doesn't involve money?

There's no benefit to doing that.
There's plenty of money lying around.

While Estella was staring at me, Jeannette was about to hold hands with Magda.
But when she saw Magda, her expression clouded.

'Your hands are full.

Magda was holding Masakari in her right hand and her bag in her left.
You can't hold hands with that.

If you can't hold hands, the Masakari will wobble and passersby will be puzzled.
...... I'll be d*mned.


I call out his name, and instead of answering, his quiet eyes look up at me.

'Give me your stuff. I'll take it.

I held out my hand, and Magda thought for a moment before handing me a small ...... bag.

'Not this way!
'Yashiro ...... pretending to be nice for wanting it. ......'
'No, Yashiro-san, you can't!
'That's not why!

I pushed the bag with the pants back to Magda and took the giant Masakari from her.


The moment I took it, the sheer weight of it sent me face-first into the ground.
I hit my nose and it hurt like hell.

...... What's this?

'...... impossible'.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it," said Magda, sitting on the ground, looking down at me as if she were peering into my nose.
Then, after a long pause, he added the following words.

'...... for normal people'.

What are you, this little one? ......
You've been carrying such a heavy Masakari in one hand? ......

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time and money.

Is it possible to live under the same roof with her?
A chill ran down my spine.

And then a small hand is held out in front of me.
Magda is reaching out her hand to me.


I look up at Magda, not understanding her meaning.
Then Magda looked at me with empty eyes and muttered.

'......Thank you.'

Her actions, words, and expression are all over the place.
I have no idea what he means.

At any rate, she seems to be trying to wake me up, so I take her offered hand and stand up.
When I tried to take Magda's hand away to get rid of the sand on my ass, she squeezed it tightly.

'...... was the first time'.

............ What the hell? That strangely exciting word is ......?

Am I going to be held accountable for anything?
I didn't do anything, did I?

'...... You're the first person who's ever tried to carry Magda's luggage.'

My hands tighten in my grip.
The eyes that stare at me are full of power.

'......, so thank you.'

I'm not sure how uncomfortable it is to be looked at straight in the eye and given such straightforward ...... words.

'No,......, you can't have it after all.
'...... They tried to hold it for me.
There's no charge for 'I'm going to do it'.
'If you don't know ......, that's fine, I don't.'

What I'm trying to say is that ......, in short, I didn't do anything to be thanked.

I picked up Magda's bag that she dropped when she fell.

'...... Masakari is Magda's.'

He said, and lifted up the Masakari that had fallen into the ground.
...... Isn't this guy being bullied in the hunting guild partly because of this power?
I'm not sure what to make of it.

A simple power comparison ...... is a fight, but in ......, you will never lose.
But the individual is no match for the pack.
Especially against a cunning swarm.

I guess there was no place for him in the hunting guild.

'You call yourself "Magda", don't you?
'............ because that's what other people call me.

I guess I'm not much of an individual.
I think I understand a little.
His eyes are always looking for someone to lean on.
He wants me to tell him. 'Do this' or 'Don't do that'.

Maybe he's a little sad. ......

The small hands still clasped together seemed fragile.

'Magda-san seems to like Yashiro-san,' he said.
'Then let's let Yashiro hold your hand like this, shall we?

Ginette and Estella say with smiles of very different nature.
Ginette smiles and Estella looks at her as if she's watching something interesting.

You know what? Don't make me babysit for you.
Children are my natural enemies. They're hard to reason with.

I tried to push Ginette a few times, but ...... Magda wouldn't let go of my hand, so I ended up holding her hand.

...... What is this awkward feeling?

Magda's large Masakari naturally attracts my attention.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not.
I'm not sure if they're looking at me like I'm a suspicious person walking hand in hand with a ...... girl.

It was the smell of freshly baked bread.
Speaking of which, I'm hungry.

'Estella. Magda really wants some fresh bread.'
'You don't hesitate to use even children as bait if you can use ....... If you want to eat it, why don't you just say you want to eat it?
'I want to eat the freshly baked bread that Estella bought for me!
'...... You've got some nerve, don't you?

He popped more money into the medicine chest than it was worth.
I'm sure he'll pay as much as he can if we use his kids as leverage.

'Magda, I'm sure this pretty lady will buy you some bread if you ask her.
'Thanks for the flattery, Yashiro.

Oh, does the flattery attack work?
Then let's say it again.

'Yes!Estella's big tits!
Is that a sarcasm?

Hmm. Maybe I was a little out of line.

'...... Oh, God of Spirits. I've just made a sinful falsehood. ...... Please heed my repentance. ......'
'Alright, I bought that fight!You can call me from anywhere!

Estella prepares herself with a snort.
Don't worry about it, just buy me some bread. I'm starving.

'Come on, Magda. Do me a favor. You want some bread, don't you?

I activate the child's cannon, which seems to be very effective against Estella.
A child's begging has a powerful effect on those who can't resist it.
It's a feeling I'll never understand.
If I had a child begging me, I would say, 'Work and buy it! I'd say.

But not Estella.
She's sweet on kids!
That's one of the few useful things I get from the church I go to every morning.

'Come on, tell him, Magda!He wants some good bread!
'You're a coward, Yashiro!
'............ good.'
'You hear that, Estella?A little girl is hungry and wants some bread. ............ What?

Did I hear wrong?
I look into Magda's face and nod my head.
Then Magda looked me in the eye and said in a clear tone.

'...... No thanks. I'm not hungry.'

...... No, in this case, I don't care about your stomach, you should know that I'm hungry. I mean, ......

'You're not a gluttonous character, are you?
'............ Kyara?'

He asked me back curiously.

No, that's right.
The head of the hunting guild, ...... Oh, I forgot to ask his name after all, that guy. It's okay, but ...... said it. I'm sure you'll be fine.
I'm not sure if that means you'll be eating like an idiot and putting pressure on the family budget.

'...... Magda usually eats one meal a day.'
'You can't do that, Magda!

Zuda and Ginette rushed in front of Magda, and then lectured her forcefully.

'They're growing up, they need to eat three meals a day!
'...... I don't have any money.'
'Don't worry!We don't have a lot of money either, but we have plenty of food left over!

Jeannette, that's not something to brag about.
Don't talk about it outside. It degrades the diner. Well, it's already at the bottom.

'...... Okay. I'll do my best to eat.'
'Yes, sir. Let's work hard.'

'You don't need to work hard to eat.

'But what a surprise. ......'

Estella comes up next to me and stares at Magda.

'I thought she was a glutton outside the norm.

Anyone who's seen their interactions in the hunting guild would agree.

But it wasn't.
What was it then,......?
You can't possibly think that those strong men were actually very kind people, shouting at us with stern faces and offering us favorable conditions. ......
No. Not likely.

I'm getting more confused.
Why did he get rid of him? ............

And just when I was starting to get seriously worried.

'It's a raging bull!

I heard someone shouting, and screams came from everywhere.

'What is it?
'Yashiro-san, that thing!

Ginette looked in the direction she was pointing, and saw a large cow rampaging down the main street.
The nearby stores were being ransacked to the ground.
In the distance, we see a large cart overturned with its wheels detached. Probably, a wheel broke off while transporting it and escaped.

The main street has now turned into an acrimonious street, with angry bulls running amok.
They smashed buildings, flung people away, and gobbled up the food in the stores without permission.
A true animal.

Seeing a cow in the flesh like this is powerful and terrifying.
If they were sliced and packaged, I would like them better, but ...... they are not.
They are fierce, violent, brutal, and unpredictable. I don't think we'll get along.

'Yashiro-san, let's run. It's not safe for you to be here.'

Ginette says so, but we have our own circumstances.
That is, ............ I'm too scared to move or anything.

'If we run, what will happen to the people of the city?
'Yashiro. Your skinny face is showing.'

Shut up, Estella.
My knees are shaking from earlier.
I can't escape unless I'm carried on my back!
At least let me dress up!

And in the midst of all this, it was Magda who made her move.

'...... hunt'.

With a short whisper, Magda carried a huge Masakari and approached the rampaging bull.
Fast ......!
Magda's calm demeanor had been a lie, and she was running faster than humanly possible.

In the blink of an eye, Magda has covered a distance of about 300 meters, and has slipped into the bosom of the raging bull. Magda's entire body was enveloped in a red-hot light. Magda's whole body was enveloped in a glowing red light, which could be described by words such as aura, fighting spirit, and high spirits.

You can feel the oppressive force of it all the way out here in the distance. It's like something out of a ...... comic book.
Then, with a huge Masakari poised on his haunches, he swung it out at once.
A roar that seemed to cut through the air rang out, and the rampaging bull, three times the size of Magda, was cut in half.
With a single blow, the rampaging bull, which had just been running amok, became docile and fell to the ground. The success of the hunt was apparent at a glance. The bull had been hunted by Magda.

...... Amazing.
That's not even close to being strong.
This guy's bullshit strong.

Why was this guy being treated like an incompetent? ...... And while I was thinking that...

I'm not sure what to say.

--A rumbling "stomach bug" sounded as if it was the lament of a hell-raiser.

'...... Hey, that was...'
'Magda-san, is it ......?

I asked Jeannette, who was standing next to me watching what was going on, and she seemed to agree with me.
Magda's stomach was making a horrible noise.

'Are you hungry because you worked so hard?Then go home and prepare your meal. ......'

Before Ginette could finish, Magda made her move.
He crouched down in front of the rampaging cow and bit into the meat. ......


I couldn't believe my eyes for a second.
Magda was biting into the cow he had just killed.
It reminded me of the predation scenes I've seen on animal shows in Japan, ...... reminding me of lions and tigers.

'Da, no, Mr. Magda!

Jeannette runs out.
She seems to be going to stop Magda.

'If you eat it raw, you'll get sick to your stomach!
'No, that's not the point, is it?

Ginette's point of view is off, and I'm here to advise her.

'If you mess with someone's property, you'll be liable for damages!
'...... I don't think that's the point, either,' I said.

Estella makes a misguided comment.
You're most afraid of the damages. Well, I guess we can't avoid that now. ......

Anyway, in order to reduce the amount of compensation by leaving some meat, I ran to Magda and put my hand on her as she mindlessly bit into her prey.
The next thing I knew, I was flying through the air.

The moment I touched Magda, I was thrown away with surprising force.
He threw me backwards, without even glancing at me.

He crashed to the ground and hit his nose hard again. ...... My nose is about to get lower.

'...... Naro. I told you not to eat my food without my permission!

I jumped at Magda again. But again, I was easily flung away.
Moreover, the distance has increased.
I was flung about fifty meters, hit the ground ...... hard on my back, stopped breathing and fainted seriously for a second.

'Looks like you're starting to see her flaws,' he said.

Estella peered at me from above as I fainted in agony.

'I suppose she is consumed by an uncontrollable appetite that comes at the cost of her tremendous power. And she probably eats up ...... all the prey she hunts on the spot. That's why you can't always bring it back home. ...... No harvest.

Oh, my God.
I just told you I'm not hungry. ......
You really do get hungry the moment you use your powers, don't you? ......

'It looks like there won't be any ...... surplus meat left over from the hunt.'

d*mn ...... what a fuel efficient constitution you have ............
You should take some action ......, but ............ my back hurts too much for that.

I'll think about it later. ...... I'm in the mood to go home and sleep in peace today.

Aaaaah ...... I guess I got a hell of a deal ............