15-Episode 13 Guild Leader of the River Fishing Guild

Currently, the restaurant is temporarily closed for renovation.

But just because the restaurant is closed doesn't mean we have time to rest.
We need to make a profit to survive.

Even if we don't get the money right now, we need to make preparations and preparations to take advantage of the business in the future.
Now is the time to make those preparations without fail.

'That's why I'm going to the river fishermen's place.
'If that's the case, there's a big river on the west side of the Forty-second District, I'm sure they'll listen to us if we go there.

''The west side is towards the ...... wetlands?
Yeah, I swam across it once when I was escaping from the swamp.
From the amount of water, it was a big river where you could do a lot of fishing.

'Speaking of which, Estella.
What is it?

This guy's working with us again today, looking like he deserves it. Are you sure you don't want to work or something?I'm sure you're not thinking naively, like 'I'm going to get married and have you take care of me anyway', are you?It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do with the money you have.
I don't care what the future holds for this guy.

'Don't farmers and fishermen have guilds?
'Yes, there are.'
'There are?

If that's the case, why don't the guild take care of the negotiations with the peddlers' guild?
It's people like Mormat who've only ever tinkered in the dirt that get us into situations like the last one.
It is the guild's duty to undertake negotiations on behalf of such weak-minded people.

'The authority of the farming guild and river fishing guild is very weak.
'Why is that?
'Because they exist in every district.'
'............ I don't understand?
'That's what I mean. ......'

Here's what Estella told me.
The Peddler's Guild has authority over all the districts and has tremendous power when it comes to peddling.
This is to prevent multiple guilds of the same lineage from running amok and destroying prices, and its authority is guaranteed by the city as a whole.
In short, all the lords of each district have delegated the task of peddling to your guild.
The fact that all the lords delegate under the same conditions at the same time is meant to check the concentration of profits in a particular district, and therefore it is difficult for even the lords to exercise their power over the guild. This is why it is difficult for a lord to exercise strong power over a guild, because doing so might make enemies of all the other lords.

Thus, a guild that spans all the districts and has only one location in Allbloom has considerable power against the backdrop of a standoff between lords.
Some guilds, such as the peddler's guild, are directly connected to the lives of the people in the district, and can even negotiate with the lord in a strong manner.
They can use the threat of 'we won't distribute goods to your district'. However, this is a last resort, and you may not actually use it, but just flick it around as a bargaining chip.
As with an apology, the damage to the other party's goodwill can be multiplied if you go too far in negotiations.

Well, since they are such a shitty organization, they are probably licking their chops at the lord of the 42nd district, the lowest district in the country.
The peddler's guild's behavior in the Forty-two districts seems to be more conspicuous than before.

I'm not so sure about the lords who can't stand up to that.

On the other hand, there is one farming guild and one river fishing guild in each district.
This is because it is the lord who controls the territory.
There are guilds for agriculture and river fishing, dairy farming and cotton weaving, etc., in each district, because the lords of the other districts cannot interfere with the production activities in their territories.
Such guilds are, of course, heavily influenced by their lords. At any rate, since the lord is the head of the guild, there is no way to control the lord.
If the lord says, 'I'm going to put a tax on each field, so be it! If you disobey, you will lose your job. If you disobey, you will lose your job.

And if you ask me if such a guild that does the bidding of the lord can have an opinion on a powerful guild that can even have an opinion on the lord,............, the answer is clear as day.

The answer is clear as day. 'So, your garbage collection guild might be blown away once the peddlers' guild makes a complaint.
'You're the lord who has to hold on to that.
'Well, I don't know. We can't risk the lives of all the people in the district just to make money for you, can we?''
'...... It's a pain in the ass system, really.

It's a system that will allow the crooks to get as far as they want.
...... I wonder whose pockets the bribes are flowing into.

'Hey, that means the Garbage Collection Guild is ......'.
'Of course, it's a guild limited to the forty-two districts.'
'So it's at the mercy of the ...... lord.'
'Well, the lord of this place doesn't interfere with the activities of the guild, so I don't think you need to worry too much about it.
'No, isn't it because he doesn't interfere that the peddler's guild is taking advantage of us?
'Do you want the lord to interfere or not?
'I want him to take full responsibility without interfering in our activities.
'............ That's a very you answer.'

Estella let out a sigh.
'Don't you know?Don't you know that every time you sigh, your chest loses its fullness?
Look at Jeannette. She has such big tits because she's an easy-going girl with no worries.

'Oh, ......'.

While Estella and I were talking about the guild, Ginette, who probably couldn't keep up with the conversation, walked silently next to us, but when we approached the riverbank, she suddenly raised her voice.

'That's ......'.

I followed Ginette's gaze and looked over to ......


There was a huge bear, maybe two meters long, sitting with its back to us.
It's huge!
You can tell just by looking at it that it is a beast because it is not wearing any clothes.
......A bear can appear in a city like this? ............!

Oh no, I have to run.
I know how scary bears can be from TV. They're dangerous creatures. It's all a myth that you can just pretend they're dead or make a loud noise and they'll run away. They're just creatures that do things when they have to.

If they notice ......, they're sure to get you. ............

'(Hey, guys, ...... let's get out of here quietly without making a sound. ......)'

He whispered so that only the two of them could hear.
But perhaps Jeannette didn't hear me, because she did something outrageous.


He greeted the bear loudly with a wave of his hand.
What is he doing?
Does he think he knows me?It's a bear!You're all covered in hair!
If he attacks me, I'll use you as bait and run away first!

If he attacks you, I'll use you as bait and run away first! Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a bear move .......
...... Ah, I'm being eaten. I'm going to end up here.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
I should have eaten the manga meat I saw in the 29th district.
There was such a thing, a mammoth-like meat with bones sticking out of it.
But they cost 600Rb a piece, and I thought ......'f*ck you! I thought. Oh, I should have eaten them anyway with ...... Estella or Ginette's money.

As I began to think about my unhappiness with the world, I heard a thick voice in my ear.

'Omero-san!Thank you for your hard work!

............ Did you just speak?

I turned around slowly, giggling ...... like a lonely tin toy, and saw a huge bear a few meters in front of me, looking at me and waving.
It was a hairy bear, but it was wearing ...... very small bikini pants. They look like a pair of men's swimming boomerang pants with a thong. ...... What, what, what?

I'm not sure what's wrong.I'm not sure what to make of it.

It's a great way to get the most out of your time and money.
...... Is this guy a bear?
What's with the face? ......

'......I just want to make sure, ......'
'Hmm?What is it brother?
'Are you a bear-man?
'No, I'm a raccoon man.
'That's confusing!And you're big!

When I shouted at him, Omero the raccoon shrugged his shoulders.
He holds his head in his hands and stares at you with his dull eyes.

'I've had this body since ...... I was born,' he said.
'No, I'm sorry I yelled at you. It's just that I was really scared. ......'

Well, let's just say I'm glad it wasn't a wild bear.

'So ...... why are you looking sideways, Estella?
'Ugh, shut up,......, it can't be helped, if you're dressed like that,.......'

When you say dressed like that, you mean ......

'Is there something wrong?
You should not stand in front of the girls in such a revealing swimsuit!

No, ...... this is a wild animal no matter how you look at it.
I'm not sure if you're embarrassed by this,......, but are you in puberty?
You're the kind of guy who blushes when he milks a cow?

'Oh no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's not polite to dress like this in front of a lady. I'll go put my top on in a minute.'

Omero trotted back to where he had been earlier to get his jacket.
...... I mean, your footsteps are cute, dude.

'Ginette's fine, I see. Old man's boomerang pants.'
'Huh?I'm not okay with it!But those are Omero-san's work clothes, so I thought it would be rude to look at him like that. ......'
'So you can look directly at a dancer who is working in the nude?
'There's no such person, is there?
'No, only if there is.
'No, there isn't!
'Then I'll be the first!
'Then I'll report you to the vigilante immediately.

Oh, ......, you've been sidetracked.
Well, I don't have any desire to show it off, so that's okay. I'd rather watch.

'By the way, Jeannette, can you think of any women who work in the nude?
'No, I don't know any!
'No, I thought I'd follow Ginette's example and watch her work in full glory.
'I'm not doing that!

Ginette barked with a bright red face.
So you don't know, ...... but I'm sure you're out there somewhere. ...... I'll look for him next time.

'Oh, is that okay?

Omero's back with his jacket on.
You've got no underwear on!You're still in your sea pants!

'I really hope you'll be careful after .......'
'That's right. It's a little embarrassing.
'No, is this okay?

The two girls seemed to be convinced, like 'Oh dear'!
The lower half of your body hasn't changed at all!
I'm not sure what to make of it.

...... Is it possible that the lower half of your body is OK in this city?

'Hey, Jeannette.
'Yes. What is it?'
'Can I see your ass for a second?'
'Please repent!

You can't do that!
I don't know what the ...... standard is. ...... It's too hard, All Bloom ............

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you have.

'Omero-san is the deputy guild leader of the river fishing guild.
'Come on, Ginette. Even if you're the deputy guild leader, it's just a position with no authority.

You seem to be quite proud of yourself.
I'm sure she's proud of that title, despite what she says.
If that's the case, things might go smoothly if you talk to him.

'I'd like to ask you a few questions about fish caught in the river.
'About fish?

Omero looked at him curiously. But he soon seems to have come up with something, and claps his hands.

'Well, that guy Mo-Mat said something about a new guild being formed and the value of vegetables going up ......?
'Yes. I'd like to talk to the guild leader about that. ......, Yashiro-san.'
'Ah. So, can you, the deputy guild leader, talk to the guild leader?
'No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

That's a hell of a rejection.
The big raccoon is trembling.

'I'll never be able to talk to the master at ....... I'm too scared.

What kind of master would scare a big raccoon like this?

What's so scary about him?

'...... The master is one of the strongest ...... men in the bear tribe, and there's no one around here who can compete with him. In addition to that, he's quick to take action,...... he doesn't know how to take it easy, so how many times have you almost died,......?
'You're a dangerous man!
'He's dangerous!
'Don't let him loose, that guy!
'There's no one in this world who can keep such a thing!

Omero looked desperate.
Are you really that scared? ......

'Omero. I want you to negotiate on behalf of the river fishing guild.
'That's absurd!If you ignore your masters and do whatever you want, ............ tomorrow, I might be the one washing up on the riverbank. ......'
'No, you're not the only one washing something on the riverbank.

Don't think the whole human race washes things, you raccoon.

'And anyway, go see your master and talk to him directly. I'll be watching from a distance.'
'No, stay close.
'I don't want to get caught in the middle!
'I'll tell them that you called the master 'that thing' earlier.
'Please don't!I'm seriously going to get killed!That's right!

The big raccoon got down on his knees.
There was no hesitation at all.
The grace of a man whose life is at stake.
...... Is this guy for real?

'How can your guild run with that? ......'

I'm not sure if you'll be able to find a way to get your hands on one.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family and friends. ...... You're not the master, you're the boss.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
Omero's shoulders are slumped and he's limping.
Maybe we shouldn't take him with us.
We'll negotiate on our own. ......

I have a bad feeling about this.
After all, even raccoons are this size.
The Bear People............

'Okay, let's go home.
'No, Mr. Yashiro!Petr, who came to the store the other day, has asked me to talk to the master.
'Then go get that Petr!I'm pretty sure he's human, isn't he?He's an old man with a good-natured face. Put him between us.

'Oh, no, brother. Petr is a low-level member of the guild. He's probably just an errand boy for his master, but putting him between us and ...... Petr will kill him.'

Why are so many people dying in your guild?
Do you want me to negotiate directly with such a dangerous person?
What should you do if you are asked to do something unreasonable? ......

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
...... Too scary.

I really don't want to go to ......

In the event that the master made Petr go to the store, ...... if you don't go quickly, the rest might be scary.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

I'm sure. Ginette. You've never met the master of this place, have you?
'No. No, I haven't.'

You haven't?
I was counting on you!
If it was an acquaintance, I thought I could use this harmless Jeannette as a buffer to make the conversation go smoothly. ......

'Why don't you go and see him anyway?I'm sure he's a nice guy.
'Where does your unfounded confidence come from?

Did you hear the conversation so far?
That's a scary bear you're talking about going to see.

'But you can't just not see him, can you?

Estella says coolly.
That's good, you know. You're an outsider.

Oh, I see.

'Estella. From today on, I'm appointing you as the 'temporary negotiator of the Sunken Pavilion'.'
'Can you please stop trying to sacrifice me?
'This kind of thing works better with women.'
'What's your reasoning?
'Because there isn't a man in the world who doesn't like boobs!

That's right!
No matter what kind of man you are, you can't be too hard on a beautiful girl and her tits!

'Oh, no!He doesn't have any tits!

'Really, I'll hit you with the goo!

I'm not sure if I can enter this as a beautiful girl or not.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... The clothes, the first person, and the lack of breasts make it neutral. ...... I thought it was a guy at first, too.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do.
I'm sure he'll just say 'yes, I'd be happy to' to whatever you say.

'Estella, eat soybeans and drink milk.
'Is that all you have to say?

Estella puts her hand on the knife in her pocket.
No. Just because there is a little extra space in your pocket doesn't mean you can't carry something dangerous like that ....... I mean, his eyes are so serious. Those are the eyes of someone who would seriously stab someone.

'Oh well. Let's just meet for now.

If you don't think you can talk to him, you can dash away.
In that case, the stinky ginette might get caught by the master, but I can use that time to make sure I'm the only one who can escape. Yeah, it's a perfect plan. As long as I'm safe, it's a great plan.

'So long, Omero. Take me to the master.'
'No, it's the master. ......'

I guess it's the same either way. He's a finicky one.

'It can't be helped. Let's just be careful not to get eaten and negotiate.'
'What kind of creature are you expecting, son?

A bear.
Gao, zashu, carotid-supper, fresh-blooded dobber bear!

'Um, Yashiro-san. If you're worried about Mr. Yashiro, would you like me to talk to him?
'Ginette, are you trying to destroy the Sunlit Pavilion?
''What?Why would you do that?

I have to make up my mind.
It's okay. There's no such thing as a sudden gale.

'The master must be fishing upstream. You'll see.'

That's all Omero said, and then he left quickly.
...... I really didn't think you'd follow me.

You're about to negotiate with your future on the line.Are you aware of that?

'Then let's go, Yashiro-san.'

Ginette's bright as day.
I wish you'd share that optimism.

My steps are heavy as I begin to walk.
Each step I take is like that of a defeated soldier on his way to his death.

'But aren't you too scared?
'You know, Estella. I'm confident that I can defeat any human opponent.

If it's with words, that is.

'But it's a different story if you can't even reason with them. I'm not confident in my strength.

In fact, I've been stabbed once by an old man in his fifties and passed away.
If I was strong enough, I wouldn't have been defeated by such a worn-out old man.
That's about the extent of my fighting ability.

'But you're a normal person living in the city, so I don't think you're a real bear.
'Because a real bear doesn't use weapons. ...... should be considered a more troublesome opponent.
'You're so negative, you're ......'.

You idiot.
I'm just being cautious.
People who don't care about life will fall into even the most obvious pitfalls.

'Ah!What's that?

Ginette pointed to a round barrel-like object.
A large barrel placed so that it was slightly submerged in the river. It's so huge that a human being could fit in it.
...... You're not going to be in there, are you?

'Let's go there.
'Oh, hey!

Ginette is approaching the barrel.
We'll hurry after her.
We can't let him act on his own.
He'll probably do something like push the barrel and drop it into the river.

'Wow, ...... is full of fish.'

Before we could catch up with him, Ginette was peering into the barrel.
If it had been a beast, you might have been eaten. Doesn't this guy have any sense of danger?

Standing next to Jeannette, he peered inside.
The barrel was about the height of my chest, so it was easy to peek inside.

There were countless fish swimming inside.
This is ............

'Salmon, huh?

Take a closer look.
No matter how you look at it, it's a salmon.
The crispness of the jaw, the color of the scales, the damaged fins. It was a salmon in every way.

I wanted to pick it up and look at it more closely.
And when I reached into the barrel...

'You're trying to steal my fish, aren't you?

Suddenly, a shout came from behind me.
I thought my heart was going to explode.

I hurriedly turned around and saw a woman standing there.
She was a beautiful woman with long purple hair tied in a knot around her waist and a sharp face.
However, her body is stocky, and she is taller than me,......, but she looks to be just under 180.
You'll be able to see that she has well-developed thighs and eight-pack abs. In addition, the exposed biceps are so beautifully toned that even a man like me might sigh.
Perhaps it was the result of her physical beauty, but even though she was wearing only hot pants and a tube top that only covered her breasts, she looked very fashionable.
And those round ears on the top of her head.
The bear people were ............ bear-eared beauties.

But that's not the point. ......
What caught my eye the most were the two bulges protruding unnaturally from her toned body.
It's a huge tit.

'...... huge.'
'Yes, they are. The big ones.'
'Ginette. You shouldn't agree with Yashiro. He sees things differently than you do.'

What taut-looking tits.
They're like 'Muscats with skin you can eat'.

'And?Which one of you is the ringleader?

What is this woman talking about?

Just as I thought that, the bear-eared beauty's arm tightened around my collar.

'You've got a lot of nerve, trying to steal my prey!I hope you're ready to die!

I'm not!

I mean, what kind of power is that?
Is this guy really human?

My body was lifted up easily, and I tried to pry open the collar with both hands to unfasten the fingers, but it didn't budge.
I rubbed the inside of my wrists, but there was no response. d*mn, I thought this was a very sensitive spot!

'Oh, sir!You've got it all wrong!We're not fish thieves!
'Are you sure?
'Yes, sir!If you have any doubts, please take me to the Judgment of the Spirits.

......I'm in pain. ......

'............ Okay. I believe you.'
'Thank you very much.'

When Jeannette bowed deeply, the bear-eared beauty finally let me go.
...... Haaaaahhhh!
I'm so thankful for the air!

'I'm sorry, I doubted you.'
'No, no. It was my fault for approaching the barrel without permission. I'm sorry about that.
'Please don't do that. We're going in circles here.'
'Yes, then let's end this here.

Ginette and the bear-eared beauty exchange a cheerful smile.

...... No, you should apologize to me first, guys.
I was trying to stop Jeannette.


As I crouched on the riverbank, Estella came up to me and crouched down.
Are you going to comfort me?You're a nice guy, you.

'When you were being lifted, your shin hit my big tits twice, what did you think?
'Do you think I had time to feel ...... something like that, ......?

This guy ...... has a rotten sense of humor. ............

'So what the hell is it with you people?What do you want from me?'
'We came here to talk to the head of the river fishing guild at Petr's request.

'Oh!Does that mean you guys are the Sunshine Pavilion?'
'Yes. I'm Ginette, the owner. I'm Ginette, the owner, and this is my employee, Yashiro, and my helper, Estella.

I don't really remember when Estella helped me.

'I see. You guys.'

The bear-eared beauty cleared her throat and came forward with a confident expression, her large breasts stretched out for emphasis.

'I'm Delia, the head of the river fishing guild. It's nice to meet you.
'Nice to meet you too. It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm having trouble breathing at the feet of .......

I don't think it would hurt if someone cared about me, right?
You know?

The only thing I've learned is that ......
There may not be anyone who works naked, but there are fishermen here who work in near-naked attire.
Just finding out about it is a big deal!

'So, I heard from Mormat, the farmer, that you guys buy food for more than the guild?
'That's not true.

That's a misinterpretation.
What we, the Garbage Collectors Guild, can do is buy up waste that can't be turned into products.
The only difference is that our prices are a little higher than the peddlers guild.
It's up to each of you to decide how much of the surplus you want to keep, but if you continue to be too visible, the peddlers' guild won't stand for it.
It would be cute if the Garbage Collectors Guild was forced out of business, but there is no way that the Peddlers Guild will stop there, and they will surely bring down the hammer on anyone who has anything to do with us. That's exactly what they'll do. They'll punish us to the point of death.
But before that, we don't have any money to spare. In other words, no matter how much surplus you prepare for us, we can only buy what we need.

'Because we can't meet your strange expectations.
'Then what exactly are you buying for us?

Specifically? ......

'For example, things that are caught in too large quantities. Or something that can't be sold even if it is caught.
'If it's not for sale, then it's all there.'

Delia points to the barrel with her chin.

'What about ............?

'Now, what?

'That fish has red flesh. River fish are supposed to be white meat, right?That's why the peddler's guild refuses to buy red-fleshed river fish, saying it's too weird to eat.


I'm not sure what to do.

'It's delicious when it's grilled,......, but it's a lowly fish that only fishermen like to eat.'
'Don't be silly!

Salmon is the heart of the Japanese people!
Salmon is the heart of the Japanese people! It can be boiled, baked, processed, and it's the best fish!

This is a buy!

'At any rate, I want this fish on a regular basis. When is the best time to catch it?
'This fish can be caught here all year round.'

The other world is amazing!

'What's up, Yashiro-san is hot!
'His switches are sometimes hard to understand. ...... Or is it always incomprehensible?

You can say whatever you want!
If you don't have the habit of eating salmon, you're missing out on half of your life!

'Okay. Then give this one priority.'
'Are you sure?The customers won't eat it if you serve it like this.'
'Then I'll eat it. I'll eat it and show them how delicious it is. If they still don't understand, they don't have to eat it!

In this conversation, I'm hearing an important word.
"River fish are supposed to be white, red meat is weird.
Then we should serve him as a sea fish.
It's not a lie.
Just tell the customers this.

"It's a red meat fish that migrated in the ocean.

They were caught in the river, but they went out to sea and came back.
There is proof that they are the same as Japanese salmon.
If they were not in the same environment, they would not look so similar.
Even though they are members of the same family, landlocked salmon, which spend their entire lives in rivers, look different from salmon.

If you don't want to eat them, you can have "salmon meuniere" or "grilled salmon" on the menu.
If they still won't eat it, flake it and serve it as a rice ball.
Or, what about salmon soup?
It's a useful ingredient that can be prepared in any way. There's no harm in it.

If they don't know its value, I'll buy it off them at ......!

Ginette has been spending 1600Rb per 10kg for river fish.
How can three salmon cost 16,000 yen?What kind of luxury brand is this?

'How about 100Rb for 10kg of this fish?

In Japan, a large salmon costs about 3,000 yen.
This salmon weighs about three to four kilos, so I'm willing to pay about 300 yen per fish. ...... Is it really too much of a bargain?

'Is it that good!
'...... What?
'You're a good guy!

Delia takes both my hands and shakes them up and down.
'Stop it!My shoulder!My shoulder's coming off!

'This is my favorite fish, but it's not ...... very popular, so I'm a little sad about that, actually.

It may be hard for fishermen to avoid the fish they have worked so hard to catch.
Delia looked a little fragile, with a sad expression on her face.

'But you got a good price on this one. Mormat was right, you're a good guy!

I'm just taking advantage of your ignorance to beat you down.

'To tell you the truth, the guys from the peddlers' guild threatened to lower the purchase price if we did business with the Sunshine Pavilion.
'Why are you trying to make a deal with them if they said that?
'Because it's annoying, isn't it!It's like you're giving me orders!

Well, I'm sure he's giving you orders.

'That's why I wanted to see with my own eyes what kind of people the Peddler's Guild hates, the 'Sunshine Pavilion'.
'How do you feel about it?
'It's kind of cute!
'No, ...... who's talking about Jeannette's appearance, ......'
'You idiot!I'm talking about you!'

Delia said and put her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly.
I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to do.

You can find a lot more information on the web at .......
I'm sure you'll be able to understand that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

'Yes, Estella!Why are you interrupting me?
'I thought it was unfair for a negotiator to take a bribe from a business partner.
'It's not a bribe!It's sincerity!

'...... you look like a corrupt senator.'

d*mn it!
There's a pointy thing waiting for me on the other side of this hand!
A taut, dynamite pointy thing!

'Hmm?Oh, sorry, sorry!You're not supposed to do this to men, are you?

Because of Estella's interference, my defenseless tits have raised the alert level.
Delia lets go of the arm that was restraining me and lets me go.

d*mn it!
I was so close!

'............ How resilient you are ......'

Estella, who interfered with me, is even more devastated than I am.
What did you want to do, you...

'Anyway!I like you guys!I don't care if the guild makes a problem out of it!If you dare to fight with me, I'll buy you!

The peddler's guild would have a hard time negotiating with this type.

'Oh, but... Please don't overdo it.

Ginette says with a worried look.

'If you don't think properly and judge the situation before you negotiate, you'll be caught flat-footed.
'What the hell are you talking about?

I couldn't help but make a comment.

How can he say that?

'But you know, I'd rather be friends with you guys than the ...... peddlers guild.
'But I don't want to threaten the livelihood of the entire river fishing guild based on your decision alone, do I?
'The entire river fishing guild?

Oh, he doesn't get it, does he?
Estella begins to explain the situation in a clear manner.

'The Sunken Pavilion has no money to spare. Therefore, we can only buy what we use ourselves. That amount of money will never be enough to guarantee the livelihood of the entire river fishing guild.

Delia nodded her head and listened.

'Inevitably, the river fishermen's guild will need to continue its relationship with the peddlers' guild. In that case, there's a risk that they'll be put at a disadvantage because of their complicity with the Sunlight Pavilion. ...... Do you understand?'
'In other words,............, I should just hit him and shut him up?'
'No, no. ...... Yasilo. I'm not good with this kind of people,.......'

Estella's asked me to make a change.
It's no use.

'Delia, tell the peddler's guild that...'

To this type of person, it's best to tell them simply, plainly, and simply that there's nothing else to think about.

'I've decided to sell red-fleshed river fish to the Sunken Pavilion.

Fish that the peddlers' guild considers unsaleable. The fact that he sold it to them means that the river fishermen's guild refused to negotiate with the sunny pavilion.
In other words, the river fishing guild has rejected the deal with the sunny pavilion.

This is a very effective statement because the guild is dealing with a person who has knowledge of the value of things in All Bloom.
If we say so, the peddlers' guild will not be so hard on the river fishermen's guild for the time being.
Moreover, it would be even better if the peddlers' guild would be less wary of us in the future.
Incidentally, it is also important to note that we have not said that we will not sell anything but red-fleshed fish.

'Is that what you want me to say?
'Oh, yes. If we say so, the peddler's guild won't be picky, and we and you will all be happy.
'Yeah!All right!Well, I'll say so!

Maybe he doesn't understand anything.
But that's why he won't be ripped apart by the peddlers' guild when they probe him.
If you don't understand something, you don't know anything before you hide it.

All he has to do is tell the truth.

How he interprets those facts is up to him.

'That was a decent negotiation for you.
'I'm a good guy, you know?
'I'm not going to let you ...... go to the judgment of the spirits for once.

It's like they don't believe me.
That's okay.
We got salmon from the river and the sea for cheap.
I'd say we made a killing.


And the owner of the sunny pavilion smiles happily.

'Everyone is happy, I'm so happy!

I wonder if it's .......
I'm not sure if this guy's sycophancy is a disease or not.

Well, the most ......

...... You might have to rethink your attitude a bit.
This is not the time to get carried away.

I live in a different world than these guys.
Never forget that. ......