383-Additive-free Episode 38 Ball-in accordance with s...

'Since you've changed your clothes, why don't you join us, Sister? Right?
'No, I'm .......'
'I want to go with you.
'I've already ...... noticed that Ginette can be very selfish sometimes. Especially lately.

What an amusing conversation between mother and daughter.
They're both in bloomers.
I like it!

'I'm sorry if my face muscles are still loose, Yashiro.

Estella pinches my cheek and thrusts a piece of paper at me with the rules written on it.

'This next 'ball-picking' is a competition where you put balls into a basket above your head.
'What the hell, again. I know.'
'You're not allowed to take the other team's balls, knock over the basket, or interfere with the ball pickup or throwing!It's clearly stated here.'

Touching other team's players' bodies or touching other team's balls is basically prohibited in the ball game.
Of course, it is not possible to collect all the balls of the other team and not let them be thrown.

'Also, you are not allowed to catch balls thrown by other players. And of course, you can't build a wall in front of the basket!
'I know what you mean!What is it?
'I knew you'd come up with some kind of subterfuge.
'Are you saying that you don't trust me, ......?
'How many bizarre maneuvers have you executed today alone?I'm surprised you still think I'm trustworthy.

You idiot.
I haven't broken a single rule.
I've never broken any rules. I'm surprised that you're following good sportsmanship.

'Let's play ball games with good sportsmanship.
'...... You make me feel like I'm standing on the threshold of a scam, and it sends shivers down my spine.
'You'll get addicted to it.
'Can you keep the jokes to your face, please?

Estella rubs her arms to keep warm.
Behind Estella stood Regina, who had been pulled out of the 'Race to the Customer'.

You can find a lot more information on the web at .......
'Bertina, hey!
'Hey, you can't do that, my lord!You're joking!It's nothing!There's nothing here!Sister, don't worry about it!

Regina flails her arms and does her best to cover it up.
She's supposed to be smart, but she never learns.

'I really wish you'd watch what you say, lord.
'That's what I'm talking about. There are children here, so don't get too carried away.'
'What?What are you setting me up for?
'Okay, Regina. You'll be forced to participate in the next ball game.
'Double activation of the team leader's authority and the lord's authority.
'I can't do it!The sun's going to be right above us soon!It's about to get really hot!I don't know if I should be playing with my balls under the sun at that time!

Regina, no matter what you say, you're always throwing it in.
Well, I haven't really participated in any competitions up to this point. You should be forced to participate or whatever.
He won't budge unless you drag him out.
And yet he secretly thinks afterwards that he would have liked to participate. You're a lonely person, but you're even more of a pain in the ass.

'Then, you should do your best there.
'Hmph. There's a hunting guild over here. We're pretty good at hitting our targets.'
'You hit the target. ......'

The ball game is not about hitting the target, it's about putting the ball in the basket.
If you don't realize the difference, you can't beat us.

'You're right, you're good at hitting the target. Our Magda and Ricardo are too.
'Numbers are power, Yashiro. Even the yellow team with Medora-san is no match for the blue team with their numbers.
'You're right, Estella. There's no way I'm going to lose to those kids.

Shaking her huge body, Medora stood in front of Estella.
I'm sure you're saying the same thing as ...... Bertina, but what's the difference?

I'm not sure what to make of that. It's really big when it's dressed like that, this guy. He looks like a bear.

As I was looking at her, Medora suddenly arched her back and crossed her arms. It's like hiding your breasts.

'...... darling, s*x.'
'I'm not looking.'
'Yashiro. You shouldn't lie to me.'
I'm not a creature that only looks at breasts.

I'm not a creature that only looks at tits.
I just want to look at them as often and as long as possible.
The difference between them is as great as heaven and earth.

'So, are the blue team's contestants the disgusting old men lined up over there?
'Yes, they are. We've got a winning lineup of hunting guilds. Me and Natalia will be there, though.'

Estella's. She's still defending her first place, but she's getting a little impatient with the white team. She's trying to score as many points as she can.

The yellow team is not to be outdone. I've had Norma and the rest of the hardware guild gather together.'
'Weirdos?...... for sure.''
'''Hideous~y~y, Yashiro-chan~!

I'm not going to let you get away with this, old man!
''Norma and Paula are coming too?

''Osina's coming too?

Osina jumps up and down, twirling the bowl in her hands.
What's with you, Osina? Your skin is so young. Your thighs look like teenagers.

I'd like to carry you on my shoulders.
Yashiro, I'll have you kicked out.

The tournament chairman is arrogant.
What a jerk!

The yellow team is ready to go.
They're definitely coming for the points.
Well, I suppose that's true. Medora's here. It's natural to be wary of hunting guilds. I'm sure they're well aware of the threat.

On the other hand, our white team is ......

'All of you!Follow my lead!

The kids of the ''cute squad'' led by Rebeka are raising their arms in high spirits.
The main players of the white team are kids. Most of them are small kids in the single digits of age. There are a few 'older brothers' and 'sisters' of about 10 to 13 years old here and there, though.

'...... Hmm, it's a cute thing'.

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them. Well, it's up to the receiver to decide whether or not the aura is coming out.

'Magda is a real little devil, showing her maturity!

It looks like it's coming out a little bit. It's enough to reach those with high sensitivity.

'Umaro. Are you good at throwing?
'I'm not sure if I'm good at aiming,........ I'll leave that to Kabriel and the others.

So, in addition to the kids, we have Cabrille and Marx, Ines and Deborah, Ricardo the hunter, Loretta the scullery maid, and Magda the main man.
These are the most important players for the White team's victory.

Also, Ginette and Masha will join as special guests.
Crouch down, grab the ball, swing your arms up, jump a little, and throw the ball.
What happens when you do that?
...... You don't have to tell me, do you?

'It's an exciting frame!
I'm sure the manager doesn't notice, but I'm pretty sure I do.

Instead of the usual aquarium, we dipped into a shallow tub and Masha slapped the salt water with her tail fin.
If it's too deep, you won't be able to pick up the balls scattered on the ground.
However, you can't move around, so you'll have to stretch your arms and back and tuck your chest to pick up balls that are a bit far away.

'Exciting frame!
'Yashiro, you're not losing heart~'

The tail fin sends salt water flying at me.
Hmm!If it's water from the tub Masha is soaking in, it's a reward!If it were a soup stock with the flavor of dashi, I'd drink it all at once!

'Come on, kids!Let's take victory in our own hands!

Lucia is waving her arms in the air to inspire the kids in the Red Team.
In the Red Team, most of the players are kids. The kids from the church and Loretta's brothers and sisters are wailing.
The adults are Lucia, Delia, Bertina, who was encouraged by Ginette to join. And Gilberta.

When he made eye contact with Gilberta, his antennae twitched.
Good. It seems you've successfully persuaded Lucia and Delia.
I'm still worried about our strength, but I feel much better now that I'm not fighting alone. After all, the quickest way to silence Estella (the lord) is to bring Lucia (the lord) in.

'Then, please enter the players!

The waiter said, and the players from each team went through the gate at once.
Twenty players per team. There is no age limit.
Estella seemed to be wondering why there were so many kids in the white team, but the red team had the same lineup, so she didn't say anything about it.
It seems that she respected Ginette's and Bertina's opinions and wanted to let the kids participate in the competitions where they could. In his eyes.

Even though he didn't mean it.

'Hey, hero!

Barbara's boisterous voice came from inside the first-aid tent as she entered the track.

'Teresa could have participated in that kind of competition!You should invite her!'
'If Teresa's in it, you'll say you're in it too, right?
'Of course I would!Aashi and Teresa are one and the same!

That's why I didn't call out to her.
A guy like Barbara with no patience can't do this mission. She'll only get in the way.

'You just ran, Teresa. Watch this one, join the next one. It'll be better for you.'
'Are you sure?I'm sure!If Teresa's not happy, I'm going to kick you in the nose, okay?

What do you mean, "cankles on the nose"?
That's a horrible thing to say. ......

It's okay. After all, the next competition is a bread-eating contest.
I'm sure everyone will be thrilled to participate.
And when people like Teresa get excited, ...... I get rich. Mmm-hmm.

We'll get to that later. For now, let's focus on the ball game.

'All right, everybody gather around.

I call up the white team players.
Ten adults and ten children.
All eyes fixed on me.

'Ball-juggling is not a game of hitting balls into a basket. It's a game of putting the balls in.
'You know that, don't you?
'Well, listen to me, Rebekah. The ball flies in a straight line, but when it falls, it forms a parabola.
'...... So, when you throw a ball, the highest point should be set slightly ahead of the basket?'
'That's what I mean.

If you set the peak of the parabola just above the basket, the ball will jump over the basket and fall to the other side. You should aim 'a little in front of the basket'.
There is a big difference in the results between those who are aware of this obvious point and those who are not.
Because the competition has a time limit, players are always in a state of petit excitement due to impatience.
In such a state, it is impossible to calmly correct the course. They just try to increase the number of balls, and as a result, they waste a lot of shots.
In particular, children under the age of ten often have an undeveloped spatial grasp and are not good at predicting the trajectory of balls.

According to a survey conducted by an organization, when the success rate of children under ten years of age practicing ball-juggling exceeded 80%, the success rate plummeted to 30% when the height of the basket was lowered by 10 cm.
He could not fine-tune the height of the basket.

So, we have to teach the pure and honest ...... kids, who are all idiots, some tips in advance.
So, you have to teach them a few tips beforehand.

How many points the white team gets depends on how hard you work.

Also, throw the balls in a heap. It's not a competition to damage the basket and shoot it down. No need for momentum. Do you understand?

With a cheerful reply, the kids are released.
The kids are scattered around the white team's basket.

''The cute squad will win the victory in a cute way!

And I'll make sure the remaining adults are informed of the plan.
To all the adults except Ginette and Masha.

''Especially Loretta. Your role is very important, so make sure you do your job.''
'You can count on me!I'm confident in my legs!

I'm counting on you, feet.

'...... Magda has confidence in her legs too...'
'No, Magda!I'm not talking about s*xiness!I'm not talking about s*xy, I'm talking about s*xy!

Well, have it your way.

I'm expecting Magda for her eyes and her arms. I don't care about the legs. If you want to show off, show off.

'Huh!I'm in the outfield and I'm already out of the fight!

...... Yeah. I'm glad I left him out.

'The time limit is twenty minutes. The number of balls placed in the basket in twenty minutes will count as points.

The facilitating waiter explained the rules again, and the colored balls for each team were scattered around the basket of each team.
The white team scores points only when a white ball is placed in the white basket.
Even if a red ball goes into the white basket, neither the red team nor the white team gets a point.

'In addition, it is a foul to take the other team's ball or interfere with the ball pickup. Grabbing a ball thrown by another team is also a foul.

Estella and her waiter reiterated the prohibition that Estella had insisted on.

'But!There is no prohibition against hitting a player with a ball!I'm going to knock Use out of the fight!
'Hahahaha, Yashiro!I'm sure you're aware of the trick. But ............ do you have the courage to take the fight head on?

The old men of the hunting guild lined up around Estella.
Including Medora, they're giving us an intimidating look.
Even with Magda and the head waiter, an all-out war with Medora and the hunting guild is not in our favor. ......
I shut my mouth and put my hands up meekly. It's a pose of surrender.

'That's a wise decision.

Estella says triumphantly.
I had no intention of engaging in a ball-busting contest.
It was just that we needed to let them know that it was possible.

Let's make a gentleman's agreement. I want sports to be fair and pleasant. Let's not unfairly attack each other's bodies, okay?
'We don't mind. We're a team of maidens. We don't want any rough stuff. Hey, guys?
''No, maidens are ......, right, Norma?
''Shut up, Paula. Don't dump on me. ......''

The yellow group agreed to the blue group's offer.
I turn around and make eye contact with Delia and Lucia.

'We're okay with that, too.
'The savage ravings of anchovies are not worth a second thought.

Since even the Reds agreed, the Whites agreed to the gentleman's agreement.
There will be no attacks on the human body.

...... though I don't agree with the fair and square part.

'So, let's get the ball rolling!


At the sound of a high bell, the players of each team run out in unison, squat down and pick up the balls.

'Alright, Hunting Guild District 42 Branch!Let's show them what we're capable of!

The hunters of the blue group howled.

''Medora-san, please!
''I'll leave it to you!I'm not the one who's going to fall behind those little bastards!
'You!It's time to show them the true strength of the Hardware Guild, which is facing the scorching flames and strong steel!
''Huh, the maidens of the Hardware Guild seem to be good with balls~. I wonder if they're familiar with it...''
''Oh no, no, no!Regina-chan's naughty~!
'That's not true~, you know?
'No, no, no!I don't want to!
'Don't be so shy, old man!Just grab your balls and throw them away!
'Yeah!Norma's balls, baby!
'It's so annoying!

The yellow team is ....... I'm sure you'll be fine.
...... Regina.

I'll take care of it.That's it!
'Haha!What's with you, Sister, you've got a weird way of throwing things.

Bertina makes a small jump and sends the ball flying in the opposite direction.
Delia is laughing at Bertina's lazy form, which is different from a girl's throw.
No, no, but... I don't care about form. ...... You're shaking. I'm sorry.

We can't do this!
White team, white team!

'Yeah, yeah!I can't reach .......'
'Hmmm... ...... is right☆ Whaaa~, it's in!

Ginette and Masha stretch out their arms to throw the balls away.
When they crouch down to pick up the balls, they sway.
When they pick up the ball and raise their bodies, they sway.
When you jump to fly as high as you can, you shake.
When you swing your arm, it shakes.
When you land, you sway again.
When you jump up and down in frustration, it shakes.
When you jump up and down with joy, it shakes!

It shakes with every movement!


As I gazed at the swaying 'tawa', a blue ball sunk into my armpit.

'Don't you know anything about limits and moderation?
'What's up with that ...... Estella ............ gentlemen's agreement?
'That was a legitimate sanction to protect the people from danger, so it's not an 'unjustified attack'.
'If you have time to quibble, shake it up a bit!
'I'm not going to make any effort to entertain you!
'There are some things that can't be helped by effort!
'I'm sure that's not the words you want to say right here and now!

Estella's angry voice was met with an 'unjustified attack' from the blue group.
Hey. That's a foul. Send him off with a red card.

And while they were doing that, the game moved on.

'What the hell are you doing?

A shout came from the blue team.
The owner of the voice was Uzse.
And the brunt of it is ...... Magda.

'...... Magda is only contributing to the victory of the white team according to the rules.

In a flat voice, Magda throws white balls one after another.
He throws them at the blue balls thrown by the blue team players.

The white balls shoot down the blue balls with a bang and a whoosh.

'Isn't that a foul, hey!
'Unfortunately, the rules only say that you can't touch the balls thrown by the other team's players. We have not touched a single finger to the balls thrown by you.
'You're right, Ines. None of us violated the rules. This is a legitimate action.'

Ines and Deborah follow Magda in shooting down the other team's balls.
Cabriele and Markus followed suit, shooting down the opposing team's balls with precision. Their control is superb. All of them are very skillful.
The blue and yellow balls are falling one after another, bounced by the white ball of the white team.

'You can't be so cynical!If you don't stop right now, I'll have you killed, Oba!

Ooba!' Use started to argue with me, but it was the newcomer Ricardo who stood up to him.

'Hey, Use. Don't be so lukewarm about the hunter.

That's right.
You should make an effort to be useful in these situations and be accepted by the white team as soon as possible. You know exactly what you're doing, rookie. Okay, protect me.

'As long as it's not forbidden, it's not cowardly or anything. It's your fault if you can't use the rules to your advantage. If you are a hunter, you should not have time to whine about any peculiar situation or environment. You should be living in a world where it's hunt or be hunted, right?

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.
Pfft, he's so scared.

'How dare you bark at me with the wisdom you borrowed from your darling, huh, Ricardo?

Medora, the bear with the yellow headband, stepped in between Use and Ricardo.
d*mn. I almost play dead every time I see him.
Even though I know it won't work on a monster of that level.

'So you're imitating my darling and trying to be popular, huh?
'No, I'm not!
'Are you trying to catch a big fish like me?
'I don't want to!
'Just like my darling!...... Poof!

'Will you stop defaming me?

Who fished you out when . I'll release you before I catch you!As soon as I see the shadow of a fish!


As the hunting guild and Ricardo, including Medora, stared at each other, Estella called out to me.

'It's true, I didn't touch any of the other team's players or the balls they threw. But it is also true that your balls are touching ours. Isn't that against the rules?

How do you interpret the words 'don't touch my balls', Estella complained, which could be a violation of the rules.
He doesn't know what he's talking about. ......

'Touching means direct hand or body contact,' he said.
'It doesn't specify that,' he said.
'Molestation has the advantage of direct hand-to-hand contact!It wouldn't be an act of molestation if I pinched your tits with a long green onion!''
'Yes, it would!If it were me, I'd convict her on the spot!

Even though I didn't touch her directly!
You're calling me a pervert just for poking my tits with a leek?
What kind of guy is this?
I'm not having any fun at all. ............ No, that's not fun at all?

'Wait a minute, I'll take it back.
'Okay, don't bother with such nonsense!Anyway, if you white team is the only one who can expand the rules, we won't accept it!

The players of the blue and yellow teams agreed with Estella's opinion.
The blue and yellow teams agreed with Estella....... Hmm, that's sweet.

'Are you trying to shut down the other side's opinion by majority vote, Estella?

A dignified voice comes from behind me, echoing across the clear sky.

'You sound like a BU. I thought you were negative about that approach.
'Lucia-san: ......'

With her hands on her hips and her overly long legs shoulder-width apart, Lucia smiles arrogantly and declares.

'If we're going to take a majority vote, then we, the red team, will agree with the white team. The winner is the righteous one!

Lucia's arm is raised, and the red team fires a red ball as a signal.
The red ball shot down the blue ball thrown by the hunting guild, which had been trying to score points during this argument.
Gilberta and Delia were the ones who threw the red balls.

'Declare war, top two teams.
'...... d*mn it!I didn't know that Yashiro had already embraced Lucia-san. ......!
'Nah!I'm not sure if you've ever heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.Don't spread your insolent falsehoods!
'No, that's not Lady Lucia's interpretation. The Lord of Smiles' term 'embraced' does not include such a romantic nuance.

In the event that you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find a lot more information on the web.
...... I'm having a hard time thinking of this guy as an ally at the moment.

'Lucia Suarez......, it looks like another worm has appeared that wants to get to your darling.'
'Hmph, it's Medora Rossel. 'Bug' is more of a compliment to me.'

The lord and the guild leader stared at each other.
Both of them are powerful women who can overpower most men.

Lucia's entry has weakened Estella's momentum.
After all, Estella is not strong enough to jump into the fray of this monster. That's why Estella is Estella and that's why Estella can't break out of her shell.

Because Estella knows.
She knows how important she is. She knows how important she is.
She knows there are many people who care about her and her value to them.

In the past year, she's gained the strength to push through the recklessness and the caution to avoid the impossible. Or maybe he's just getting there.
That's why he won't go head-to-head with Lucia or Medora yet.

You can do that at ......

'Hmm. Don't be so sleepy about it.

This reckless idiot who doesn't understand the atmosphere and his own size.
It's probably just Ricardo.

'Medora. It should be the same for you, right?A hunter will do anything to ...... win. Isn't that right?

Ricardo throws a white ball.
The white ball, released with great force, struck the two yellow balls thrown by Norma and Paula at the same time, bouncing off each of them and causing the two yellow balls thrown by the Maidens of the Hardware Guild to crash, all four of them.
He shot down four yellow balls with one throw.
Ricardo, this guy ......

'Hey, why don't you join the hunt sometime?
'I do!Since I was a kid!I'm as good as any hunter in the world!

Growing up around Medora must have been a great advantage for you.

The real thing can surpass your own practice just by looking at it up close.
Ricardo's not bad at all, is he?

'...... Interesting, Ricardo.'

But that action set Medora on fire.

The yellow ball that Medora released twisted through space with a roaring moan, shooting down the white ball that Magda had released to interfere.
The yellow ball that Magda had been trying to block disappeared into the basket in a carefree parabola.

'I'm going to kick all your balls away while blocking your interference!

A frog stared at by a demon god.
Snakes aren't so easy.
In the face of a superior creature with an overwhelming difference in strength, disregarding natural enemies and biological compatibility, all creatures become bait.
Medora radiates such overwhelming pressure.

You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.

But ......

'It's impossible, Medora.

That kind of pressure doesn't work on me.
Because ......

'You can't interfere with us. I know that all too well.'

There's no reason to shy away from a situation where you're certain you can't lose.
When winning is impossible, Medora is nothing more than a beast with its fangs pulled out.
Even Cerberus, the gatekeeper of Hell, can only serve as a barking guard dog if he is chained up.

'Darling. I've always told you that.

Medora was still unaware of this.
I wonder how long that confidence in your face will last?

'Love is not a game!
'I'm sure I've always been able to get away with that d*mned word!
'Love and competition are serious!
'I'm serious about going through with it!
'Love da~rin!
'Don't spread your curse!

You're getting off track!
Just try to shoot the White Team's balls off, and realize!

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

Have you noticed?
You can't do that!

'......, you conspired, darling!
'Well, that's the way it is.'
'My darling!
'Why did you rephrase that?
'That's what I'm talking about!
'Who says that?

'You're not admitting it, your darling!

'What are you doing, Mom?You can shoot that thing down with ease!

Seeing that Medora has stopped moving, Use throws a blue ball instead.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'You idiot!Don't do it, it's ugly!

Medora stopped him, but it was too late.
The blue ball that Usset released approached the white ball with terrifying power, and shot it down successfully.
No, he was very good. It was a clean hit, right on target. Brilliantly, completely, utterly knocked down.

The white team's white ball, thrown by a young child.

'Hi...... oh......!I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

The girl from the cute squad led by Rebecca has tears in her big eyes.
The ball was on a good trajectory and was shot down. That makes you want to cry, doesn't it?
You're only seven years old, aren't you?

'U...... ugh!
'Oh, no, ...... I'm ......!
'Oh, dear!What a horrible person!I'm a grown man! I'm a grown man!I don't know if you're proud of your muscles, but you're too puffy!A man without a shred of kindness will never be popular!
'Wait, wait, I'm ......!
'...... (You'll never be popular).'
'You'll never be popular!
'Noooooo!Why did you have to remind me, you little rabbit?

A young girl is made to cry, and the cute captain, Rebeka, who denounces it out of a sense of justice, argues against the Usse. (Well, I'm whispering Libeka's lines to you, but...)

'...... (Getting pissed off at a little girl like that--)'
I'm not sure what to make of that.
'I'm not pissed off because I'm pissed off because I'm pissed off!
'...... (and still--)'

'And after all, you'll never be popular!
'No, no, no!For a child like that!

The atmosphere in the hall was in favor of Rebecca.
Of course they are.
If a strong, muscular man and a cute girl with bunny ears are arguing, you will side with the cute one even if you ignore all the good and bad and the cause. That is what public opinion is all about.

As long as public opinion is on our side, you can't stand in our way.
Because on our team, the kids are the ones who score!
Ursus, Medora, and the rest of the hunting guild would have shot me and Magda's balls down without hesitation.
But we're here to sabotage, and the only ones scoring points are the kids!

You can't shoot us down, you can't shoot us down!

And this one word from me will be an even stronger spell to limit your actions!

'What the hell?
'If you're going to throw your pent-up negative emotions at the children's balls, then throw them at me instead!

Standing right under the basket, he spread his arms and shouted.

'I'll give up my body to protect the children's pure efforts!Without reserve!'
'Yashiro-san ......, for the sake of the children, that much ......!

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

How dare you!
You can't attack the good guys!Not if you're a good guy!
This is the public eye barrier!

''Then, as you wish, I'll unleash this anger on you!
'''Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
''Oh, hey!Hey!

Starting with Use's words, the old men of the hunting guild unleashed an enormous fastball at me. They threw them all at me.
What are you seriously throwing at me?
So fast!
That's scary!
If it hits me, I'll get bone damage!

'Don't just run away, Obaba!
'No, this is... my body... it's on its own!

I dodge the blue balls flying like a meteor shower and wait for the next barrier to activate.
Hurry up, Lucia!

'That's enough, you enemies of the children!

' comes from the red group.
Under the basket of the red group, Lucia raises her voice with her hands outstretched, just as I do.

'The anchovy said a good thing, once in a lifetime!I'll agree with you!'

I'm saying a lot of good things.
I've said a lot of good things. If you release a book of quotes, it'll be a million seller.

'I'll take your negative emotions with me!Now, hit me with your balls as well as the anchovies!
'U......, that's ...... indeed.'

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing and how you're going to do it. ...... No, that's probably a normal adult reaction, but ...... then you should respect me too. I've helped you in many ways. d*mn.
They're so blatant.
They're too patronizing.
Lucia and I, what's the difference?
No way. ......

'If Use, a big-boobed maniac, is being nice to Lucia, a poor-boobed woman, then ...... Use, you've woken up to poor breasts!
'Don't look at the lords of the other districts like that!
I'm not sure what to say.Give that idiot one heavy fastball!I'll allow it!

Lucia betrayed me so quickly.
d*mn it. This is why Lucia can't be trusted at the right moment. ...... Mumble.

However, Lucia's agreement with me sealed their attack.

There's no one who can do that. ......

'That's convenient, Lucia Suarez!I'll get rid of you for flirting with my darling!

There he is!
Medora threw a ridiculously hard fastball at Lucia.
--But the yellow ball was knocked away by four red balls in quick succession.

'I won't let you, I will. I won't let you do this to Lady Lucia.

Gilberta changed the trajectory of the yellow ball by hitting it with four red balls in succession.
What a precise control!
In addition, he judged that one shot would be pushed and instantly released four shots. ...... He's also a great serving manager.

I'm not sure. I'm sure you can do something like that, though.

It seems that Medora didn't really want to harm Lucia.
It's a good thing you're Lucia.

...... I'm glad it was Lucia.
If it had been Tracy, you would have been right for sure. You can't expect such advanced technology from the head waiter there.

'd*mn it!Then we'll put her in the basket before she shoots us down!

Use and the others change their strategy and fire a hard fastball at the basket.
However, ball-juggling is not a game of 'hitting the basket'. If you try to maintain your speed, your trajectory will inevitably be a straight line. In order to put a ball into a basket that is higher than your head and pointing upward, you need to draw a parabola.
If the trajectory is a straight line, the bullet will pass through the basket.

'Tsk!Then let's hit the edge of the basket and drop it. ......!

But the basket was supported by Estella's housekeeper.
The basket, supported by these weak girls who are not nearly as bold as Natalia, cannot withstand the impact of the hunter hitting the ball with all his might. The weight of the basket itself also caused it to shake unsteadily.
If she continued to push it, it would collapse.

'Wait!We can't let the basket fall!Focus on the parabola!

Estella instructed, but in order to draw a parabola, the ball would need to be slowed down, and if that happened - of course Magda and the others would shoot it down.

'd*mn it!What am I supposed to do!
'Calm down, Use!We're divided into two groups: those who earn points and those who intercept the enemy's interference!We have to intercept Magda's balls and protect our own!
'That's all you've got, d*mn it!

Following Medora's instructions, the blue and yellow groups split into two teams, one for point-getters and the other for defenders, and devoted themselves to protecting the balls of their respective teams.
As expected of a hunting guild. They shot down all of Magda and her team's interfering balls.
But ......

'What?Natalia, where are your balls?
'It's probably because the Hunting Guild is throwing them towards the enemy's position with great speed.
'Hey, everyone in the hunting guild!Stop, stop!We'll run out of balls to put in the basket!
'But hey!If we stop here, we'll get shot down!
But if you stop here, they'll shoot everything down!' If you run out of balls to put in your basket, you'll end up with nothing!I'm not sure why the white team doesn't run out of balls.The same conditions should apply. ......'

The blue and yellow teams fell for our lead and ran out of balls.
In the meantime, the white team, including Magda and the others, are doing their best to gain points.

Estella. You wonder?
Why doesn't the white team run out of balls? ...... That's because...

'Mmm-hmm!The behind-the-scenes player you can count on at the critical moment!The main character behind the scenes!Loretta-chan, we're moving forward as fast as we can!

It was because Loretta was collecting the balls that Magda and the others had thrown.
Quickly and inconspicuously.

'Loretta!Nice and low profile!
'Please don't call me plain!I've been trying to hide myself!It's a stealth Loretta!
'd*mn it!Picking up a ball thrown by ...... such a normal strategy!
'Don't be ordinary!It's very effective!

Thanks to Loretta's efforts, none of our balls were wasted.
You guys lost because you could only divide your manpower into two teams, attack and defense!

'What are you doing!You guys have to go pick up the balls too!
'''Eh~!We're going?
''Just go ahead!
'''Eh~!Medamama's bad boy~!
'''Ho-ho, the maidens of the hardware guild are going left and right in search of their balls~'''
'''No~n, Regina's hot~!
''Hurry up and pick them up!

The blue team and the yellow team were completely behind the curve.
You underestimated that it was mainly kids, right?There are a few ham kids among them.
White and red have enough balls. It's too late to panic now.

The hunting guild's braggarts threw the balls away without hesitation, and it was not easy to pick them up. ...... The ball game ended before the supplies could be replenished.

You have to use your head when you compete, right? Yeah.