336-Episode 248: Suddenly, Operation 248...

Clear skies!
Blue skies!
Dopey weather!
Another cloudless blue sky today.

'Come on!We're going to make a lot of money today!
'...... Magda's Takoyaki Shop is a top candidate for MVP.
'I'm the best today!I'm the best today, after all!

There's a group of people who are strangely excited.
What's on the new menu, Magda and Delia?

'Pfft, ......, I'm different today.'

It's no wonder.
The products she's selling today are completely new, and not even at the Sunlit Pavilion!

'This is an adult's cake, a brandy-scented tarte tatin!

Thinly sliced apples are soaked in lemon water and brandy, and the batter and cream are also mixed with brandy, making it a very fragrant cake.
I told Ginette about it, but she frowned when she tasted it, because she did not drink much. Even Bertina, who is not a good drinker, did not want to try it.
Well, it's a cake that doesn't go well with the sunlit pavilion, isn't it?
So she gave it to Cantalcica, the bar.

And then Paula was so excited.

'A cake that doesn't even belong in the Sunken Pavilion?It's good!Yay!I'm going to sell this so much!I'm going to make it a hit for sure!

--He was so excited.
Well, you can do whatever you want. It's a product that we don't sell at the Sunken Pavilion.

I mean, Paula. There are a lot of people drinking at the banquet today, so can you sell me some hexenbiest sausages?
'Of course!Leave it to me!I'm thinking of selling them as a set!Sausages and tarte tatin!
'Why don't you make it a set with beer?

I don't know what kind of customer you're looking for!

It's not a festival today, it's a party.
I'm thinking of having you drink to your heart's content.

For that purpose, we've prepared flowers for you to love, we've secured a large space for you to sit on the ground, and we've removed the obtrusive wax statues that were illegally dumped in the center of the venue.

'Nah, nah, nah!Doesn't anyone know the statue of the hero that we set up here, that they don't!It should be the symbol of today's banquet, that it should be the statue of the 'leading hero'!

I'll take my time to chastise the criminal, that guy with the glasses, later.


Jeannette comes running at me with a big smile on her face.
There's white powder on her cheeks.

'We're all set!We're ready to open whenever you are.'
'You haven't finished your preparations.'
'Huh?...... ah.'

I wipe the white powder from my cheeks with my fingers.
'Flour?How engrossed in cooking were you?

'Oh, ............ I'm sorry. I didn't notice.'
'You're not the type to look in the mirror much, are you, Jeannette?
'That's not true,......, I do get dressed up.'

You seem to be unusually sulky.
She's not happy that people think she doesn't dress up. Well, of course. You're a girl.

'Um, but ...... I'm outside right now, and I don't have a mirror, so can I ask you to check my ...... appearance?

The grooming check is a dress check that Ginette does on her employees every morning before the store opens. She doesn't scold them, but Loretta said that they are checked in great detail.
That's right, even the wrinkles and creases on their aprons, their sleeping habits, and even the grains of rice stuck to their cuffs,............. You should remove the grains of rice before they point them out.

In other words, Jeannette is asking me to do it.

'Well, first, check the rice grains on the cuff .......'
'That's not attached.

'Well, I guess not.

'Well, then, check your underboob for dangerous objects: ......!
'Please be serious.'

He smiled and got angry.
When I screw up at work, I sometimes get angry like this.

'Then straighten up and look at me.
'Yes, sir.
'Turn slowly.
'Yes, sir.

'Put your hands in the air.'
'Tits to ......'.
'............ your hands down.'
'Smile at me.'
'Yes. Okay, that's perfect.'
'Thank you, sir.

Your clothes and smile are perfect.
Sunshine Pavilion quality.

'Then... Yashiro-san.

What he handed me was an apron.
It has 'Obayashi Shiro' embroidered on the chest.
...... mine?

'You're in charge of the store today, aren't you, Yashiro?

I've been asked to be a shopkeeper for this event.
In the past, I've usually been the one to entertain and guide the guests at these events.

'The BU lords' rejection of you was so great.

--Estella told me with a wry smile, and this time I was put in this position.
It seems that Estella and Lucia will take care of entertaining the lords.
In addition, I heard that Mahr and Tracy are also willing to help.
Well, I think it would be easier to do that,......, but what is this feeling of being left out? ............
......?No!I've never had the spirit of a company man like Jeannette!
I'm not sure what to make of it.
I'm very lucky to have it!

I'll be working a lot of stalls today, so let's work hard.
'............ hmm?'

In the background of Ginette, there are multiple, no, countless stalls surrounding the venue.
...... Are you going to run those?I'm sorry.I'm not sure what to do.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help.

...... I retract my previous statement. This position is hell.
It's not going to be easy at all, is it?
It's not easy at all. One arm of a company animal, very bad.

Hey, ladybug!We're here to help too!
'HEY! We'll help you with anything, just tell us what you want us to do.
''Okay, all of it.
''HAHAHAHAHA! Wonderful throwing everything together DA・NE☆''

No, I'm not kidding, if you can do it all, I want you to do it.
The anteater brothers, Neck and Chick, also came to cheer us on.
They were the ones who had worked with Millie to decorate the venue with flowers, and since they would be free after the decorations were done, they were the ones we could use as our chums.
Meritorious?Service?I don't care.
I don't know. There's a saying, 'Use those who are close to you as your chins.

'Oh, there you are.'
'There you are!They're standing by!
'Show these guys how to work a stall.
'That's the way you ask people to do things!


He grabbed Hammaro's small head and told him slowly and with moderate force, in a way that was easy for the good boy to understand.

'Where are you going to learn that, hmm?Umaro?Yamboldo?'
'Ahh, the Iron Claw, a must-have for you!

I let him go and he squats down, holding his temples.
You should be a little sorry.
And then the Anteater Brothers move in quickly.

'Teach me a lesson, DAZE, ham boy!
'HEY, BROTHER!That's the way to ask for something, KA-YO!

''Then it can't be helped, ZE!
''Tell me about it, yo!
''Hoaah, cool!
''Don't admire me, don't admire me!It's a pain in the ass!

Don't copy me, I promise.
They're full of themselves if they see you once every few months.

'Nice to meet you!I'm Neck. I'm not a famous tennis player!
'Did you have to tell me that, that information?
'I'm Tic, or Me Too!
'Don't abbreviate it like that!What do you mean, 'Meaty'?

I wonder if the combination of Hammaro and the anteater brothers is really safe. ......

'Anyway, Ladybug, we'll take care of it!
'Let's ride on to the Great Ship!
'I have a feeling we're going to have to throw everything at the trusty newcomer!
'No, teach me properly, Hammaro!Do you know what you're doing?Don't just ignore me!Listen!

Hammaro and the anteater brothers instantly hit it off and walked off shoulder to shoulder.
...... Don't feel such sympathy.

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you have.

'You're very reliable.

I'll send Loretta and Magda to check on them periodically. Too anxious.

'Yashiro. Oh, the manager too. Take a look at the menu for me.

The sound of clogs resounded as Norma came in carrying a tray in both hands.
There are two small bowls on the tray.
On the tray are two small bowls, one containing miso-dengaku eggplant and the other containing furofuki-daikon radish.
Since Donis, Rebecca and Sophie are also coming today, I have prepared a new dish using miso.
Unlike the brandy tarte tatin, this tasting was well received by Ginette and Bertina.
This kind of menu would be good to keep at the Sunlit Pavilion.

'It's very delicious, Norma.
'Hmm, it has a relaxed taste. That's Norma.'
'Oh, really?If you two say so, I'm relieved.

Norma patted her chest, relieved.
Do you need help?Petting it down. I'm good at petting.

'I'm sure it'll be popular with the drinkers.

Which one are you talking about?

...... Dengaku. That's right.

Norma's stall is not in the style of a festival stall, but in the style of an izakaya (Japanese pub) where you can sit down and have a quick drink with a red lantern.
There's a counter, and Norma is waiting for you behind it, making heart-warming miso dengaku and furofuki daikon. ...... I like it!

'The landlady, always!
'How come you've been a regular customer since before we opened?

Because Norma has the s*x appeal of a widow in the air. ...... I've never even had a boyfriend. I've never had a boyfriend.I've never even had a boyfriend!

'Haha . That's ridiculous.

d*mn, you're sharp!
It's not good. ...... There are more and more people in the 42nd district who are as tough as Estella.
I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure what's going on here.

'Hey, Jeannette. What's up?'
'Huh?Ah, yes!What is it?'
'No, are you all right?You seem a bit fuzzy.'
'Yes, I'm fine. I'm just thinking.

Thinking. ............ Oh, right.


I whispered, beckoning to her.
I whispered into Ginette's ear as she approached.

'Don't tell her that you've never had a boyfriend, even though you have the aura of a good cook and a widow, because she might be worried about it.
'I wasn't thinking about that!
'What, you're not?
'No, no.'
'I thought we were the same...'
'...... Please don't think like that. It's just a matter of fate.

You idiot.
You can't know when you'll get it if you leave it to luck or fate!

I'm not sure what to do with it, but I'm sure it'll be fine.
'Anyway, it's not good that the broth is boiling over. Please go back to the stall now and adjust the heat.
'Not at all ......, I'll try to hide my thoughts a bit.'

With a thump, the flue taps me on the forehead.
I can feel the cool metal against my skin.
You haven't smoked lately, have you?

With a swish of her tail, Norma walks back to the stall.
Her back is very s*xy as she moves away.
She was a little angry, though.

'Oh, Yashiro-san.
'I'll apologize later. Is it rude to apologize to ............ me?'
'Yes, it is. It would be better to show my apologies in some way.'
'Well, I will.

I'll treat you to a cake or something next time.

'Um, Mr. Yashiro. Can I ask you something strange about ......?'
'Hmm?You're 90, 75, and 92 from the top.'
'I didn't mean to ask about your three sizes. ...... You're pretty sturdy. ......'

You think I'm skinnier than that?
I've got an average size, too. I can't help it if I'm dating someone from this world. ......

It's not that.

And then he untied his tightly tied lips and asked a really strange question.

'What memories do you have of miso dengaku?

Hmmm~...... memories... ............

'We didn't serve it much at home, so I only remember eating it at a restaurant. My master sometimes ate it when he had dinner.
'Is that so?
'See, it's a little difficult for kids to taste, isn't it?Miso, eggplant, etc.'

Well, it depends on who you are, but I think adults tend to like that kind of food more.
I didn't even think it was that good when I was in junior high school. I like them now.

'Oh, Ginette made a prototype that was good.
'H...... so, is it?'
'Yeah. I can't taste that, you know.
'Well, I'll make it again next time.
'I'd like to eat it with white rice.'
'Yes. I'll cook it.

After saying that, he turned around and headed for the stall with happy and lively steps.
I don't know what he wanted to do.


After quite a while, he stopped as if he suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly turned back to us.

'I haven't checked Yashiro-san's clothes yet!Please put on an apron!
'Yeah, ...... I'm doing it too, check?'
'Yes, sir. It's a rule of the sunlit pavilion.

I've never heard of that rule.

...... Something about it reminds me of my birthday and makes my spine itch, don't you think?

'Front, good. Back, good.'

Jeannette circled around me, checking my clothes for disorder.
Finally, she comes back to the front and checks my smile. You're going to do ...... that, of course. Oh, ...... goodness.

'So, Mr. Yashiro.'
'Yes, yes, .......'

'Huh!Are you okay?
'............ 'Smile', can you say that?'
'Oh, I'm sorry. I thought it would be easier to use a word that you were familiar with.

It's hard to do.
It's even harder to smile, that's for sure.

'So, let's have another Piotis Day today.
'...... Hey.'

You're the only one in the sunny pavilion who can say 'good luck on Piotka Day'.

After that, I went around to each stall and gave light instructions to the ham kids, finished checking the menu to be served, and the venue was ready. All that was left was to welcome the incoming lords.

'That's it!Let's get started first!
'Are you sure?We don't have to wait for Estella and the others.

Ginette questioned after hearing the opening announcement.
Didn't I tell you before?

'When we arrive in District 42, we'll give them a second impression before the first one wears off.

That's why it's better to have a certain amount of excitement when they arrive at District Forty-two.

'That's why, Loretta!Bring in the guests from District Forty-two who are waiting in front of New Town!
'Aye aye sir!
'Oumalo!When the kids get here, show them how to use the playground equipment.
'Yes, sir!Janbold and Goozja are standing by!
'Yes, sir. I'll eat!
'Before that, teach the kids to line up and play with discipline and stuff like that!
'I'll leave that to the matrons.
'You too!
'............ Phew.'
'Biwa tart, I'll feed you first.'
'I'll do it!I'm actually good at that kind of thing!

No, there's no such thing as 'actually'.
Taking care of kids is like your main job.

'Oh, Yashiro!There's loquat tart?I want some too!
'Maybe later.
'You can't eat it before the guests arrive!
'...... Magda, let's re-live the excitement.
'I can't help it. ...... Leave some for Loretta.'

I handed out small slices of the tart to the people who came up to me.
As promised, Bertina came first. I give her a slightly larger tart.

And so, with mouths agape, they each take their place.
A few minutes later, the residents of the forty-second district poured into the hall.
They included not only the people on the other side of the main street, but also many residents of New Town who had been asked to stay out for a while during the preparations.

'Sounds interesting!

Kids rushing to the playground.
Old men crowding around the drinks.
Ladies curious about donuts and peanut butter.
The place becomes lively at once.

'Hey, big brother!We're sold out!
'That's ridiculous!...... You can't be serious. ............. 'Ginette!
'Yes!I'll make some more right away!

A kitchenette has been set up so that you can cook up a storm.
The ingredients have been taken in large quantities from Momat and Assunto.
There are many others who are willing to help. And all the money goes to the lord!

We'll have to spend a lot of money here, but entertaining the lord will lead to profits later on. --I convinced Estella to let me pay.
And we'll enjoy a tasty profit with minimal investment.
We'll make a fortune!

That's why we're going to make a profit!

'Yoo-hoo, this is fun!
'Squeal, squeal, squeal, squeal!
'Geeeee too much!

...... yeah. Too much going on. You're a monster.

'Oh my God, it's so crowded.
'It's more than just ...... lively, it's ......'.

A few tens of minutes had passed since the start of the game, and Mael's happy voice could be heard.
Ignore the voice of the idiot Gerasie that came after that.
It's not worth listening to someone who weighs the actions of others by his own standards. Or rather, Gerasie's words are not worth listening to.

'Come on, everyone. The Forty-Two Wards have prepared a hearty feast for you. Please enjoy it to your heart's content!

With her arms outstretched, Estella directed her words to the lords.
It could be replaced with, 'The rest of your life is at your disposal, you idiot! It could be replaced with, 'The rest of your life is at your disposal, you idiot!
It would have been fun to say that.

A group of BU's arrived, seven lords and a head waiter.
Then there was Rebekah from the Koji factory and Sophie from the 24th district church.
The rest of the group consisted of a few people who seemed to be important people from some district.

'Bertina-san!I'll help you!

As soon as Sophie arrived, she spotted Bertina and ran towards her.
That's the Rabbit People. She's fast.

'Riveka!It's so crowded!
'Mm!And it smells so good from everywhere!
'Yes, why don't you come with me and take a look around?
'U...... um............ together,...... is good.'

He turned his head and gently reached out his hand to Rebekah.
Filman grabs that small hand firmly after wiping the sweat from his clothes several times.

'It's like a ...... date, isn't it?
'Ummm, it's a ...... date,............, mwah!
'Norma!I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
'Big brother, you must refrain from disturbing behavior!

I was interrupted by Loretta, who happened to be standing nearby.
Whose side are you on, mine or yours?
I'm not sure which side you're on, the pure-hearted me or the evil, envy- and resentment-generating Rearmament, who do you think is right?

'Oh, well, well, well!Miz Erin. It's been a long time.
'Well, Mr. Demilly. You're looking as good as ever at .......'
'Miss Erin, too. You still have the same honest gaze.''

Demily's face twitches as he looks at his scalp.
And Donnis's face twitches as Demilly is the first to greet Merle.

'Hmm. Your hair follicles don't look healthy at all.
'I'm sure it's the same there, DD!
'You might want to look up the word 'cloudy' in the dictionary, Demilly.
'Then you can use the word 'fifty steps' at ......!
'Now, now, calm down, both of you. There's nothing to be upset about. I mean, look at you. Isn't it cute when they're smooth?
'I think I'll pull it out!
'Don't be hasty, DD! There's a saying, 'water doesn't return to its tray' and 'no regrets first'!

We're really close. That scalp community over there.
Oh, Demilly, Ricardo, and Javier are already there, but I don't have to mention them, do I?You're not interested, are you?It's business as usual.

It's just that Masha is slow, Masha!

'Daaaaaaaaallllyyyyyy!I'm here!
'Hey~! Sorry I'm late, Yashiro-kun!

Masha's here!
Oh, what a strange thing to happen. The cart with the water tank is moving by itself!

'...... Yashiro. It's impossible for any living creature in existence to pass through the aura of Medrama. Impossible.
'...... I know. No matter where you let your gaze wander, it's always going to be in your line of sight, his huge body and aura.

Magda, who happens to be passing by, shoves me, and I accept the reality.

'How unusual, Medora pushing Masha's cart.
'We made a contract...'

It's quite an outrage to have Medora push the cart.
What do you get in return for the contract ...... that makes you agree to it?

'If you push my cart, Yashiro-kun will 'ahhhh' you to Medama,' he said☆'
'Why me?

You've got to be kidding me, why me?

'Ugh. ...... If Yashiro doesn't do it, I'll turn into a frog. ............ If he does, the port project that's just begun to take off will go to District 42.

...... This guy .................. is cheating... ...What a bewitching woman.
It's a different kind of bullying than Magda's. She's a bad girl.

'Ehhhhhh ...... glimpse ...... glimpse ...... whimper ...... glimpse'.
'...... I get it.'
'Are you sure, darling?
'..................One time only.'
'I did it!I'm not sure if I'd believe a mermaid's words sometimes.
'Maybe my underwear did the trick.
'Ah!I'm glad I wore them!
'What did you think you were doing, Marsha?
'You're not a girl's girl...'

He's lying!
She's definitely playing!
She must be laughing her ass off at Medora!
What a woman. ...... Masha, horrible girl.

'So, can I get you something sweet?
'Yes!If you let my darling eat it, the spicy chicken from the forty wards will become a sweet snack.

No, not at all.

In order to end this quickly, I picked up one of the loquat tarts I had on hand and held it out to Medora.

'A ...... ah~n'.

It sounded a little like the 'ah~n? It was a bit like the 'Ahhh? It's not my fault.

'Ah, ............?Hmmm!

A large mouth that could swallow me in one gulp approached me and dexterously took the small tart from me.
As soon as he chewed the tart, his body began to shake and shiver,......, and he finally slumped to the ground.

'This .................. tastes like love,......... ...pop.
'Hey, who's that? Who dumped this stuff here illegally?'
'I think it's probably Yashiro-kun.

Ha-ha-ha, stop joking.
I don't remember owning anything like this for even a moment.

'Oh, hey, ...... that'.
'Uh-huh...... no way, Obayashi......'
'The head of a hunting guild that even demons run away from barefoot ......'
'You're saying you've completely tamed him? I'm sure you'll agree.

Who's taming these things?
They've got it all to themselves.

What I mean by taming them is this: ......

'Estella-sama, these donuts are very delicious. Let's share half.'
'Oh, Mr. Tracy. I don't mind if we share half, but can't we just eat one at a time?
'Oh no, that's too much water between me and Estella-sama.
'I don't think it's watery. ......'
'Then, I'll eat from here, and you eat from there.
'What, you're not going to break it?
'I'm going to start eating from the end, and then I'm going to start eating from the ...... end.
'Nene!I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to do.

...... That's what I'm talking about.
d*mn you, Estella. I'm jealous you've managed to get your hands on a big tit.


Suddenly, I heard a voice calling me.
My little sister's voice.
I turned my gaze to find the source of the voice and saw my sister standing alone in front of the ...... griddle.
That's a chan chan yaki stall.

What about Delia?

I look around and see--

'Hahahaha!You're not very good at this. That's how you do it, that's how you do it!
'''Oooohhh!Sis, you're awesome!

Delia was flying a bamboo dragonfly in the middle of the kids.
What are you doing, Delia?
What's wrong with your pancakes?

Oh no, my sister's freaking out in front of the griddle.
I can't help it!

'Sister, switch places with me!
'Oniichan!All right!

I'll take over as soon as I can.
My sister can serve customers, but she can't cook yet.
Especially when it comes to cooking in an irregular place like this, we can't let her do it by herself yet. Handle food with great care and be absolutely safe!This is the ironclad rule for restaurants.
If you make a mistake and food poisoning occurs, you are finished.
Before that, you can't serve food that's not 'perfect' to customers.

And so, I face the hot griddle.

And then I suddenly feel something strange.

What is it?
It's a food stall to promote a new menu that uses BU-related ingredients.
You can find a lot of items, but with Jeannette moving around at full throttle, the supply of food is sufficient.

As for the vendors, they have a sufficient number of them, led by an older group of ham girls who seem to be in the realm of veterans.

As for the lords, Estella, Natalia, Demilly, and even Lucia are helping out, so there is no problem.
The rest of the day will be spent as they please.

There should be no problem.
And yet, ...... something's bugging me.

There's something wrong.

It's as if I'm being lured by something. ............ Yes, I can sense the deliberateness.

It's not like Delia is going to abandon the store and play with a bunch of kids.
I'm not sure I'd want my sister to be the only one who can't cook, especially with Ginette and Magda around.


'Oh, chan-chan-yaki looks delicious...'
'Hey, I'll have a big one too!
'That's two for me!
'Hey, hurry up. I'm starving!
I'm starving!' 'Come on, come on, don't rest.

--How can Chanchanyaki be so prosperous?
There are so many new dishes on the menu, and there are plenty of places to eat, so why are so many people coming to this place?
Why are the people of District 42, who love new things, flocking to this familiar dish?

It's like they're doing it on purpose.
They're ...... up to something, aren't they!

'Hey, you ......!
'Yashiro!Don't stare or you'll get burned!Here, there!Bean sprouts!Your bean sprouts are burning!
'Shut up, Mo-Mat!Bean sprouts taste best when they're slightly burnt!
'Let me enjoy the crunch!They're my bean sprouts!
'Why do you think you're so important with bean sprouts, you're ......'
'Ah, Yashiro-san. We're about to run out of salmon fillets. You have to hurry up and fillet it!
'If that's what you think, you should help out a bit too, Assunto!
'Hohoho. I'm not much of a cook.
'Oh, you're useless!Run away from your wife!
'How can you say that?It's a bad omen!

I'm somewhat agitated.
I can't even look forward properly.
Don't tell me they're just venting their daily grudges here?

'I mean... Delia!Ginette!I'm here to help. ......'
'Oh, hey, bro!Hold on!

Suddenly, a giant raccoon appeared and stood in the way, blocking my view.
What are you doing, Omero?

'Actually, I'm, uh, keeping a secret from the master, so please don't call me!
'What's that?
'If you call him, he'll cry!
'What's wrong with you?

Before I knew it, I was surrounded by men.
Not only in front of the stall, but on both sides and even behind it.

'You guys, don't come into the stall .......'
'Forget that, hurry up and burn the salmon, Anchan!
'I'll tell ............ Neffery.'
'Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing?It's not like I'm threatening you on the spur of the moment.
'Fox beast feature out.'

'There's no way I'll answer!I'm a raccoon!

Even Percy is in the way.

d*mn, I don't know what they're thinking ......, but they're ............ good.
I'm going to fill your belly so full that you can't eat anymore!
I'm sure you'll be glad you did.

'Ohohoho. It's been a while, Oba-san.

I heard a high-pitched voice that reminded me of a dreamland in the Chiba area.
...... You're kidding. Why is this guy here at this time?

Gustave, the ravenous king--a piranha from the hunting guild--appeared.

'I'm hungry, so please cook me some. Hahaha.

...... It's impossible to fill this guy up.
d*mn .......
I didn't want to use this technique, but ............ I can't help it!

'I'm closing up store!
''''' This is bullshit! '''''
''''' work properly! '''''

What the hell is this?
What the hell is this?

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
''''........................ Well, let's just say there is... ...''''
'Do you have one?

That's right!What?

I've memorized all of your faces!
I've added you to my list of people who don't hurt my feelings if I mess with them too much!Remember every single one of them, you bastards!

--And at the very moment when I was about to shift into "selflessness - Yashiro, God's realm mode".

I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

I heard Jeannette's voice, and at the same time, the wall of hot and bitter old men surrounding me cracked open like the sea broken by Moses.
On the other side of the wall of old men were familiar people.

'It's a surprise, Yashiro-san.'

--But they were all dressed up nicely.

Ginette, Estella, Magda, Loretta, Natalia, Delia, Norma, Nephrite, Paula, Milly, Imelda, and surprisingly, even Regina was dressed up.

'What's the matter with you guys ...... dressed like that?
'Well, Ukrines made it for us. ......'

No, that's not what I meant.
What kind of event is this?


I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.
............ Yeah. There's another great one. But do you want me to mention it?Okay?
Let's just say that ...... is awesome, in more ways than one. ......

'Ah, ah's ...... ladybug ......'.
'Yashiro. Hey, will you listen to what we have to say?

Millie and Delia stepped forward and came over to me.
They look at each other and seem to be looking to see who will speak first.

'You know, Yashiro, you ...... always help me, you help us, right?
'This time, too,......, when the water ran out,......, I was very anxious, and I had a little fight with Derria,......, and I was about to cry. I was about to cry, but ...... at that time, the ladybug came to me, ............ like always... ...you know. ..................

Millie choked up in tears in the middle of her story.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'll try.

I'm sure you've heard of it. When the canal was about to run out of water due to lack of water.

'Thank you ...... for saving us,' she said.
'I'm grateful, too.'
'No, well, ...... then, it's not just me, it's Umaro and others ...... too.'
'It's not the only one.

Next, Norma and Imelda stepped out.

'We at the Hardware Guild have taken care of a lot of things, too. Big things and little things too.
'So has the Woodcutter's Guild. And it's the same for everyone here. Because, Mr. Yashiro. Because you--'

With her arms outstretched, Imelda says proudly.

'Because you saved this city.

No, wait a minute. Why are you making such a big deal out of ......

'I'm not .......'
'What are you talking about, Yashiro?
'What are you talking about, Yashiro?

Nefari and Paula come forward, flipping their dresses.

'This 'banquet' was not initiated by Yashiro,' she said.
'Isn't it because of Yashiro that this moment is so enjoyable?

No, no, no.
It's about negotiations, demonstrations for later distribution, that kind of thing. ......

'I told you so, didn't I?

In the event that you're in a position to do this, you'll be able to do so with the help of your own personal consultant.
...... It's close, it's close, Regina. You're getting too close.

I'm not sure what to do. I'm going to give it right back to you.

Then he roughly ruffled my hair and sniffed my hand as hard as he could.
You're copying me. ...... I'm not sniffing you.


And Wendy stands in front of me.

'No,' said the hero. He said that our wedding was not responsible for this trouble, that it was his fault. But I want you to know how much those words saved my ...... life.

The first time I saw Wendy in her wedding dress, she looked far too good to be Theron.

'I want you to know how grateful we are.

I promised myself that I would make Theron explode later.

'Mr. Yashiro. Look at this. I wore it too. Does ...... it suit you?'

Bertina says in her usual tone of voice, looking slightly embarrassed.
Bertina's modest dress was so beautiful that it made the painting look inferior, and so attractive that it made the viewer forget to breathe.

'I can't think of any other word than "looks good".
'Mm-hmm. You're good at it.

I meant it.

'Even if you leave the 42nd district, even if you go to other districts, you are still Yashiro. ...... I was relieved. I was very proud to see you ...... always moving forward.
'......You're a mother.'
'I intend to be.'
'Well, mom, tits.'
'Mmmm .........'

I don't know, he's been rewarding me all day!
Maybe I should push it!

As I was thinking this, Natalia peeked at my face.

'Yashiro-sama's expression: ...... I understand, if it's okay with me, just a light touch--'
'Sorry, Yashiro. I'm sorry, Yashiro. Can you pretend you didn't hear that?'

In an instant, Natalia is removed from my sight.

Ah, you're all the same.
Yeah. I'm relieved.

And once again, Estella and Natalia come to me.

'Good work. You saved us a lot of trouble.'
'You're being very honest today. Estella.'
'Haha. ...... Honestly, it was a close call this time. You did a good job, you know.'

Estella's punch softly hits her in the midsection.

'I'd like to say I'll pay you back ......, but you're the type of person who likes to keep things on loan, aren't you?
'No. I'll make sure to collect.
'Then it looks like our rotten relationship will continue for a while yet.
'....... Maybe.'

He smiles at her, his face scrunching up.
What makes you happy, you?


A dignified, cool voice.
Natalia stands with a posture so beautiful it could be a sculpture, and bows gracefully.
Plucking softly at the skirt of her dress.

'I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my Lord.

There was the perfect head waiter.
A woman of such grace and dignity that it was hard to believe she was sleeping naked.
It's been a while since I've seen you in full force, Natalia.
All who see her are overwhelmed.

And then, a pair of petite girls come running up to her, looking very cute.
Loretta and Magda.

'Hey, big brother!
'...... big brother.'
'Wait a minute, Magda!You weren't supposed to be!'
'...... Onii-chan.'

'No, no, no, no!Can you please stop making me out to be someone who enjoys that kind of thing?'

I was so careless, my heart hurt a little.

'I'm going to work harder and harder to become someone who can be of use to you, big brother!
'...... Magda is still going to get more powerful.
'But I still want to be pampered even more!
'...... Magda's right to be pampered by Yashiro is valid forever.
'Because it is.'
'...... therefore'
''I'm looking forward to working with you in the future!

Magda and Loretta took her by the hand and led her straight to Ginette.
Ginette wore a pale pink dress.

Her appearance, like a gentle flower blooming in spring, naturally makes my heart beat faster.

'Were you surprised?
'...... in the present tense.'
'Mm-hmm. Then it was a great success.'

Ginette shakes her shoulders, giggling.
I see.
The men's hot monkey show was just a way to buy time to prepare for this.

'I'm sure you all feel the same way. But I'm not a big enough person to be your representative, so I'll just tell you my honest feelings right now.

After saying this, Ginette slowly bowed her head.

'Thank you for everything.

Following the words of gratitude, which contained a variety of thoughts.

'I'm very happy when I'm with Yashiro-san.

--From the lifted smile came words that were truly Ginette's.
And then.

'We didn't have time to practice singing and dancing, so we cooked. We consulted with each other and discussed our ideas, and made this dish for Mr. Yashiro.

Jeannette stretches out her arm and points behind me.
When I turned around, Masha and Medora were holding a large plate together.
The food was obscured by the iron lid of the dish, a common French dish.

'We couldn't participate in the discussion because we're from different districts. But we were allowed to participate in this way.
'That means we're grateful too, darling.

They said these words and waited for me.
And Ginette's voice pushes me back.

'Come on, Yashiro. Please try to take off the lid.

I do as I'm told and take off the cloches, and there's a small fried fish on them.
This is ......


It was a small, slightly ugly fish called gori in my hometown.
My master used to catch it and the landlady used to deep-fry it for me, my favorite food.

'I heard that you like fried fish, so we all looked for it and caught it.

Did I tell anyone that I like fried gori?
I think I told Delia that. ...... d*mn, I can't remember.
How do you guys know something like that that even I have forgotten? I don't know.

You know, Yashiro. Because of what you did, the river didn't run out of water. ...... They didn't lose their habitat. Thanks to Yashiro!

The river didn't die.
So we're going to give them a surprise ...... to thank them with river fish.

Delia, who was probably suffering the most from this water shortage, is now able to smile so much.
If that's the case, well, maybe ...... running around this time wasn't so bad after all.

'Now, please eat.

At the banquet to love the flowers and drink sake.
I love to eat while looking at the beautiful women in dresses.

Something like this.

How's it taste?

There's no way something like this could be bad.

It's the strongest taste ever.

I felt the air become light and ......

'Wow, it's delicious!Thank you, guys.
''''' Wow! '''''

With a shout, he ascended into the sky.

Oh, shit. ...... I can't get that smirk off my face.