337-at the end of Episode 249's Banquet

I'm the one who was thrown off track by the nifty ...... surprise, but this kind of defeat is not so bad.
The fried gori I hadn't eaten in a long time had a nostalgic taste that reminded me of my landlady's homemade cooking.

So all the people here had worked together to prepare this for me to eat.
This explained the sudden popularity of chan chan yaki.

'To buy time for you guys to prepare, Delia deliberately went out to play, and no one followed her sister who was left alone.
'Um, no ...... that's ......'.

Ginette smiles with a troubled look on her face.
'Hmm?Isn't it?

'Originally, we were going to start a little later.'

In place of Ginette's troubled smile, Estella, wearing a pale lime yellow dress, begins to explain.
...... You look oddly good. You look like a lady.
I'm not sure if I'm a lady.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.

Well, underwater and with those muscles. It's going to be hard to put on a dress.

'So, my plan was to get it done, and then I'd have a chance to finish up with the rest, and then I'd be ready to go. ......'

With a sigh, Estella's gaze turns to Delia.
As if following her, the others' gazes also went to Delia.

'It's not like that, guys!She's the one who couldn't fly the bamboo dragonfly at all while everyone else was doing so well. I felt like crying, I couldn't look at ...... like this...'

Delia tries her best to make an excuse.
In other words, Delia's jumping out of the plane was an unplanned action ......, or rather an act of Delia's own sense of justice.
A child crying rather than a store, huh? Well, that's typical Delia.

'Then, when she was left alone in the store, she became troubled and asked ...... for help, and it was you.

Estella says, pointing to her sister.

My sister, who has been crying at the chan chan yaki stall and is now selling loquat tarts, scratches her head in embarrassment.

'Oh, God. If you're in trouble, you can call me.

Loretta, the eldest sister, complained.

'Well, I guess the first thing that came to your mind when you were in trouble was the face of your 'reliable big brother'.
'There's something in the way you say that, Estella.
'Not at all. It's just admiration and envy, that's all I meant by what I just said.

I don't know.

'...... Unfortunately, Magda and Loretta were both at other stalls at the time and couldn't be reached.'

As if to add to Estella's words, Magda describes the situation at that time.
So the situation was unexpected.
But their surprise plan was set in motion. Why is that?

'Actually, when Yashiro-san enters the chan-chan-yaki, takoyaki, and okonomiyaki stalls, everyone is supposed to block him.

Jeannette glanced at the men.

'I see. So, even though you guys weren't ready at all, the guys jumped the gun and started the operation.
'No, that's not it!Yashiro told me not to go into the stall alone, so I didn't!
'Mo-Mat-san moved, so I had no choice.
'Oi, Assunto!It's my fault, isn't it?
'Well, ...... Mr. Mo-Mat often has that side of him, so I thought it was strange.
'Then stop it!
''No, no. I thought that if I did something wrong and my plan was exposed, there would be nothing to lose.

Mormat and Assunto put the blame on each other.
This spread to the people around them, 'It wasn't me,' 'It was you,' 'No, it was you! And the ugly blame shifting begins.

'In short, the forty-two wards are full of idiots.
''You're so blunt, Yashiro!
'Well, Percy from the Forty District was also on top of it with all his stupidity.
'Hey!Don't name names, you!It's not like that, Mr. Neffely!I was just thinking, "Hey, isn't it early? I was just thinking, 'Hey, isn't it early?
'Yeah, ......, but it was a bit early, wasn't it?
'Thanks to you, we've been in a bit of a hurry.
'...... That's why Percy.'
'I'm a ditzy raccoon!
'Wait!Why is it my fault?I can't believe I'm doing this!

In addition to Nefari, Percy is blamed by Paula, Magda and Loretta.
And the men of the 42nd district are happy to take advantage of it.

''''Oh my God, Percy is ......''''
I'm not sure what to make of that.

The residents of the forty-second ward are so close.

'd*mn. That's why you're causing me so much trouble, Oba.

Crossing his arms, Ricardo bent his mouth into a crooked line.
He is patronizingly showing off his own hardships and achievements.

I'm not a stranger to BU, so I was able to get away with it, but normally it would be beyond rude to disrespect the lord who invited you, and diplomatic relations could have been broken by it. Only this time, though, thanks to me, there's nothing to worry about.
'I see. Lucia, thank you for your time.
'Don't worry about it. I'm prepared for this kind of thing when dealing with the 42nd district.''
''Hey!Don't ignore me!
'Hey, are you there, Ricardo?
'Yes, I was!I was there before the 35th district, before the BU, and even before the 40th district, if that's what you mean!
'What, ............ are you not busy?'
'I'm busy, but I made time to come all the way here!
'...... to see Medora in her dress?'
'Who wants to see her like that?'No, no, no, no, Medora!It's just a figure of speech, so don't look so scary!

I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
But I guess he didn't need to do that, because Lucia was there.

Well, I'm glad you're playing with Medora like that so I don't have to. Thank you Ricardo. I'm glad you're here.
Take care of Medora then.

'Well, but...'

Lucia says, smiling at Ricardo as he is attacked by the monster.

'The Seven Lords of BU and Mahr had heard of this plan, so there was no problem.
'You knew about this?
'Yes. Estella said she wanted to trick Obeyashiro into crying half to death, and everyone agreed.
'...... The aristocracy really has a good character, don't they?

Who's going to cry half the time?

'Sigh, sigh, sigh, sigh, ......, Obayashi.'

In the event that you've got a lot of time, you may want to take a look at the following.
It's a ...... shame. There used to be a pit there. I shouldn't have buried it.

'You seem to be quite surprised. You were ...... in tears.'
'Well, ...... where have we met before?
'We've had a lot of fights, in my mansion!
'Oh, ...... you're a Ricardo in Yashiro's mind, aren't you, Mr. Erin?'

Estella is letting out a dry laugh at the shouting Gerasie, who seems to be somewhat of an expert on the subject.

'Mr. Gerrardsy. Please don't take that man's story seriously. It would be barren.'
'...... I know what I'm talking about.'
'Yes, sir. I'm sorry for my behavior. Please forgive me.'

Inez, a silver-haired, E-cup woman, chides Gerasie for throwing a tantrum.
There's something prickly about his words too.

'Don't be so rude, E-cup.
'Please don't call me by my cup number!
'How many times do I have to tell you it's Inez?
'Ten more times.
'Inez Inez Inez Inez Inez Inez Inez Inez!
'What's Marsha in?
'It's a fish tank!
'Too bad, it's a fish tank.'
'Ooooh, I've been tricked!
'Yashiro ......, I've told you several times, don't play with someone else's head waiter.'

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.You can't just mess with them.

'By the way, you're ......Deborah of the 23rd district, right?
'I'm Deborah, ............. How many times do I have to tell you that I'm Deborah?
'How many times do I have to say it? I can learn it in one go.'
'I'm Deborah. I'm Deborah.'
'Deborah ......, you've already been duped. Let's find out.

I had to hide my "Mug! She stands in front of Deborah and tries to persuade her. It's not necessary.
This is how innocence is lost, I guess, at the hands of passive adults.

' (Mugs!) Gilberta, I am.
I'm Natalia. I'm Natalia.
'I'm not going to bother stopping you guys anymore!Pull yourselves together!

It's a treasure trove of interesting people, isn't it, head waiter?


I looked at the small voice and saw Ginette laughing hoarsely.
Her shoulders were shaking slightly as she held her mouth.
Tears were welling up in the corners of her eyes, probably because she was holding back.

'Was Estella's tsukkomi that funny?
'Heh?Oh, no ............ hmm, sorry ...... not like that ......'

After desperately biting down her laughter, taking several large breaths, and wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes, Ginette said with some difficulty.

'Well, I just thought it was cute,.......'

I'm not sure what to say.
I don't know. I'm sorry. I don't know.

'Which tits?
'No, it's Yashiro's.
'My boobs?
'Not the boobs!............ Oh, my God, what are you making me say? In front of all these people, ............'

Ginette puffed out her cheeks and glared at me.
No, that wasn't my fault, was it?
What's so cute about me? I don't get it.

That pouty face seemed to last only a few seconds, and in less than five seconds she started giggling again.

'I thought it was cute too.

I heard Bertina's voice from behind me.
If you look, you'll see that she's laughing just like Ginette.

'Because Yashiro-san is ...... always like that.'
'Always?...... What's that?'
'After being praised or made happy, you always ...... hide your embarrassment.'
'Don't you realize that?'

Ginette peeked at my face with a teasing look.

No, I mean, what do you mean by hiding your embarrassment?
It's not that I'm embarrassed, it's just that I've been fed a bit of delicious gorilla, why should I be embarrassed? ............ Oh my god!Stop looking at me like that!

'One more thing. I found a new face for Mr. Yashiro.'

He said this and gently pressed the center of his chest with his palm.
With a hand as if it were a storage place for memories. As if it were a place to store memories.

Not at all.
Don't do that in an unusual outfit-- a dress.

You'll accidentally fall in love.

'Wow, that's a lot of storage,' she'd say, 'can you go through there and bring back old memories? or, 'Next time you forget something, I'll find it for you! You failed to mention such jokes.

'Why did you wear a dress?

Since I failed to make a joke, I asked a simple question and changed the subject. This topic is not good for me. You're not allowed to talk about this. I'll just change it.

'What's a fried gori got to do with a dress?

A bun and a Chinese dress would be more appropriate, but a gori and a dress.
There's no sense of unity.
Why did you choose to wear a dress?
It would be a disaster if it splashed with oil.

'That's the thing. ...... I don't know if I should tell you this, but ......'.

After I said this, I looked around at the girls' faces.
No one in particular has come up with any objections.
After confirming this, Jeannette slowly told them the truth.

'When we discussed what would make Yashiro happy, the opinion that gained the most support was ...... that ............ thing. It's .......'
And so, the ...... thing that Yashiro loves ............ is hard to say here... ...a, that thing.
'............ "World Peace"?'
'What's wrong with you, Yashiro?What's wrong?

Shut up, Estella.
I'm the symbol of world peace, aren't I?

'So, ............'.

As I was sticking my tongue out at Estella, Ginette suddenly approached me, and before I had time to be surprised, I felt her warm breath on my ear.

'...... tits,' she said.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit shy when it comes to my tits. ............

'Ginette ...... another one!
'Please repent!

d*mn. I'm starting to develop a voice fetish.
What the hell, a whisper.
That's pretty good, a whispering voice.
I want to record it and set it as my alarm clock.

But... I'm afraid I can't show that to you at .......'

'Sek, do I need to explain!
'Okay, Jeannette. Don't worry about it. I'll keep her quiet.

What the hell?That's strange.
She just thanked me for the surprise, and now she's got a knife to my neck?
I wonder why?

'So, I've settled on the idea of taking a pause and wearing a dress or something.

Where does that leave us?
What's between the boobs and the dress?
The only thing I can think of is full body armor.

Oh, right.

'Then, next, bikini armor, please.
'I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but just in case, I will. 'No thanks.'

The neighboring knife lord denies all possibilities.
There might have been some profit generated by the bikini armor.
I mean, if there was a Bikini Armor Cafe, I'd go there all the time.

But the ...... was a bit uneven, wasn't it?

It seems that they themselves understood this point, and the girls in dresses were all smiling.
I guess there was a part of us that pushed it over the edge.
Well, it's quite difficult to make something happen on a moment's notice.
The fact that they were able to do it is a great achievement. I can honestly admire them.

'It's not going to work out like Yashiro-san.

I'm sure you'll have a great time.

...... It's not like that, though.

You've succeeded.
I'm not sure what to do. You're right.

But I think we can use this issue for the next time.
'You're still going to do that? ...... That's enough.'

What do you mean, next time?
I'm not planning to do that much good.
I don't live my life to be thanked so much.

'If you have any requests, please let me know.

Requests? ......
Do I say, 'I want you to do that next time'?
No, I wouldn't. I'm not a kid.

But if I had to pick something, I'd say ......

'Well, just one thing.
'Yes. What is it?
'In the flow of the head waiter earlier, only Nene didn't do 'Mugyu! I don't do that, do I?'
'I won't do it, Obeyashiro-sama!I don't have the strength to do it.

You're not listening to my request.
I guess the other districts won't work.

This isn't a meeting for me.
Enough with the dress and all.

All right, everyone!Go change your clothes so you don't ruin the dress. Let's resume the party!

For a moment, there was an air of regret in the air.
But think about it.
You can't stand at a food stall in a dress, can you?
Unless you don't want food, you can't have a party without food.

In order to rekindle the atmosphere of the banquet, I'm going to ask those who aren't in dresses to start moving.

'Sophie. I've prepared some sweet sake for you. Can you pass it out?'
'Yes. Leave it to me.'
'Rebeka, can you help Sophie for a little while?
'Yes!I can take care of the koji. I can do anything with you, big sister!

The two sisters, who are very close to each other, walked side by side to the sweet sake stall.

'Oumaro, Becco, Assunto, take care of the stall.
'Yes, sir.
'I think I can do it for a little while, that I can.
'Mmm-hmm. I'm good at negotiating.'

No, Assunto ......, don't rip me off, okay?

'And, Fillman.'
'...... blast it.'
'Why, sir!
'Blast it with Theron.'

'Me too, Hero-sama?

Wendy looked so beautiful in her dress that it was really frustrating, and Rebeka stopped jumping at me when she saw me, saying, 'My knight! My knight!" when she saw me. I'm so frustrated and disappointed.

'Well, I'll take a majority vote!Those who think that Theron and Firman with their beautiful wives and beautiful fiancées should be blown up!
'''''' Yes! '''''
''Overwhelmingly, I agree!

Almost all the men in the room raised their hands.
What do you think, Philman? This is the horror of majority rule. There's no justification for it.
There's no justification for artificially and arbitrarily saying, 'If you're jealous, why don't you find someone? That's what majority rule is all about!

'...... Majority rule is such a terrible thing, isn't it?

In an unexpected moment, Filman (the next lord of the 24th district) learned about reality.
Good for him. The BU might change in his generation.

'Darling!I'll stay in my dress!I'm going to stay in my dress! I've dressed up ...... and I want to do some rehearsals ......!

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.
Maybe you've had enough.

And I haven't had anyone tell me I look ...... good yet. ...... I'm squirming.

There is a magic in this town called the Judgment of the Spirits.
Whether it looks good on you or not depends on your personal perspective, so it may not be a lie. ......

No,......, but I guess so.

'Ah~...... gosh. I forgot to mention ......'.

I think you should at least tell them this.
As a person who was given a surprise.
As the one who got the surprise.

'You all look great.

I can't mention each and every one of you.
My spine would be as ragged as a mackerel bone in a can.
Even now I'm itching.

The girls in their dresses giggled and laughed with those near them, though it was a soft praise for all of them to be together.
Enough, take off your dress.
I can't help it, I'm giggling too.

'Hmph. It's okay, palm snapper.

Ma-ru's eyes narrowed as she relaxed her wrinkled face.

'You all look so nice. Let's just keep it that way for today, okay?
'No, but a dress for a party is ......'.
'Oh. I wonder if Yashippi is so hard-headed as to be so particular about formality.

It's not that I'm obsessed with formality, it's just that what if the dress gets dirty? ............ There are so many things I can't look at. They all look at each other and say, 'What do you think of this dress?
...... Anyway, I can't calm down like this. I can't go on like this.

'A dress is a girl's dream. Why not today? Right?

When I heard Ma'ru's words, I looked around and saw that everyone had a look of regret on their faces.

It's ......
I can see it in their eyes. I can see Loretta's face, covered in okonomiyaki sauce, screaming, 'What? with okonomiyaki sauce on her face.
The rest of us will get muddy skirts, wrinkles, and sweat stains from moving around. ......

'If you have a good laundry service, make an appointment while you're at it.
'Yes, sir. Then I'll introduce you to a great laundry shop that I'm familiar with.

Such a conversation elicits a 'whoop' of delight.
Oh, jeez. At the banquet, outdoors, a beautiful woman in a dress makes Mapo Tofu at a stall. It's a sight you don't see in Japan.

It's a sight you don't see in Japan, though it's typical of the 42nd district.

'Okay, beautiful ladies. Please work for me.
'''' Yes, ''''!

When I say this jokingly, the beautiful women in dresses disperse to their places.
In contrast to the gracefully fluttering skirts of the dresses, the working girls were nimble in their movements, and the scene was extraordinary.

I wonder if it was like this.
I wonder if this is what they were looking at.

It's interesting to see how things that were commonplace change, and how phenomena that are far removed from what we thought was common knowledge occur. ......

So, it's not a meeting for me.

'Mmmm. I'm jealous.

Mahrul whispers quietly, looking at the girls working in their dresses.

'The youth, huh?

'Well, excuse me. I'm not quite out of the woods yet, you know?'

Some people like antiques.
Some lord's single hair.

'If you're so jealous, why don't you have a wedding and wear a pure white dress?
'Well. If you have a nice partner somewhere, that's not so bad.''
'Whoo-hoo!Gosh, gosh, gosh!

It seems a gorilla has infiltrated the hall.
A certain single hair is making a gurgling sound.


No, 'whoo-hoo' is wrong.
Why are you calling it a gorilla? Just choke on it.

'But that's not what I meant.'

Mael sticks his finger in front of me.

'It's you I envy. Palm Pippi.'

Then, with a wicked grin, like a girl who's just thought of a prank.

'I'm not going to tell you why.

And with that, he was gone.
...... He's so selfish.
What do you want me to do about this embarrassment I'm feeling?

Oh, God!

'All right, boys!It's on the housekeeper!Drink up!And eat!And sing and dance!
'''' ooohhhh! ''''
'Wait a minute!I didn't hear anything about that!

Estella panics.
It's hard to stand being eaten and drunk by this many people.

'Don't worry Estella. You have Ricardo-san, the reliable lord!
'I see!You're indeed the senior lord Ricardo-san!
'Hey, you guys!I'm sure you're not the only one who has a problem with this.
'Let's see... ...... "If anything happens, District 41 will do its best to help"?
I'm not sure what you're talking about.

He quickly called up the Conversation Record and recalled the conversation that took place when Ricardo came to the Sunlit Pavilion.
I'm pretty sure this is the conversation Tracy and the others had when they were working part-time at the Sunshine Pavilion.

In the Conversation Record, the following conversation is recorded.

I've heard that you guys have been spotted by the 'BU' people. ...... Well, since we in the 41st ward also supported the parade that is said to be the cause of the problem,......... I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
Ricardo. It's not open yet. If you're done with your business, go home.

'You're still a terrible person, aren't you?
'I'm only speaking the truth.
'What's the point of an alliance if you're treated like this!You only use it when it's convenient for you!

It doesn't matter what you say, it's a fact that it's recorded in the Conversation Record.
If there's anything you need, I'm sure you can help me out.

'By the way, it seems that we three neighboring districts are like an alliance, so please take care of Demilly too.
'Wow, I'm in trouble!I'm so embarrassed, Ricardo!You're making me feel like I'm in trouble.

Demilly closes in on Ricardo.
Your money is just there to buy someone a drink. You're making a lot of money.

'Besides, it just so happens that there are more lords here.

When I glanced at him, the seven lords of BU retreated in a straightforward manner.
'I'm not letting ...... them get away.

'Tracy. The only thing that can save Estella's life is your-- your love.'
'Leave it to me!I will pour it into her like water!
'Donnis, ............, I know a good dressmaker.'
'Come on, it's a feast!Make a lot of noise, people!
'...... what is it?
'Pay up.
'Why don't you think of a better plan!

The rest of the lords asked, 'Can I come stay with you sometime? The rest of the lords were more than happy to pay. That's a nobleman. That's how rich people should be.

Therefore, the moment they found out it was someone else's money, the voltage in the hall went through the roof, and the drinks and food sold like hotcakes.

'Gerasie, are you eating?
'Of course not!It's our money, after all!They'll eat as much as anyone else!
'You dirty, dirty .......'
'Say what you want!

After the hateful words, Gelercy suddenly showed a serious expression.

'No matter how you argue now, you can't be like your sister. ......'

It was a voice that contained a sense of refreshment that was different from resignation.

So I've decided to live my life as I am. I'm going to be the kind of lord who doesn't look at the people around him, who isn't bound by tradition, who doesn't hesitate to choose the best option he thinks is right now.

It sounded like a declaration that he regretted his laxity in letting me get the better of him and that he would overcome it.
Well, that's it in a nutshell.

'You mean you're going to admire me and change your way of life?
'Don't be stupid!

But he didn't explicitly deny it.
You should have more discussions with Donnis and Merle. That alone will change you a lot.
Experience is an irreplaceable treasure.

'But then again, I may see you more often at .......'

I'm sure you'll be able to understand that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

'No, the contact person is Ma'ru.
'I'm the lord of the 29th district, you know!
'If you want to talk about the lord, please talk to Estella.'
'Don't give me such a blatantly disgusted look!

I'm not sure what to do.
I'm not sure if it's because I've been pushed to the limit or because I've woken up to something.
Stop it. That's out of my jurisdiction.

'Not at all. You're a very unpleasant man.
'I guess it's mutual.
'Hmph!Let's go to ...... and change our minds with the best food here.'
'Mapo Tofu?
'Cotton candy.'
'You're a kid!
'Candy apples are good, too.'
'You're a kid!
'Where are the contents of the doughnut rings?'
'You're a kid!

What's in the doughnut is a common question for kids.
'I want to eat the middle too.

A man in his late 20's with long hair pulled all back and a stern face that emphasizes his bad eyesight is not hustling around with cotton candy in his hand.
There are really only weird people in this town, aren't there, the lord of this town.

'Maybe she can change now...'

I heard a whisper and turned around to see Ma'ru's back.
She whispered in a place where I could hear her, and then turned away and left, saying, 'Don't ask me any more questions. What a selfish old woman.
But you know what I mean.
An older sister is an older sister no matter what her relationship is. I'm sure she was worried about her unskilled brother.

--And... I was able to think about that until mid-afternoon, and after that I was really busy.
I followed up on the members of the Sunlit Pavilion, who were not able to move as they should because of their dresses, and as the sun went down, I was swamped by the increasing number of orders for alcohol and drunks, and I made and replenished the food that was running out one after another. ...... Before I knew it, the sky was already dark. The sky was already dark.

'Yashiro. Is it time for me to go?

Estella, her cheeks lightly tinted, came running towards me, her dress fluttering.

'Are you drinking?
'Haha. I'm just socializing. But I'm not drunk.'
'Your cheeks are red.
'Oh, yeah?

Estella presses her cheek with the back of her hand.
It is probably because of the fantastic light of the glowing bricks illuminating the darkness and the atmosphere of the banquet that even such a gesture looks cute.

'Huh?Isn't Yashiro's face red?
'It's probably because of the lights. The bricks.
'Hmmm... ...... I see...'

Estella laughed, without particularly pursuing the matter.
Yeah, he's drunk, this guy. She's a laughingstock.

'Well, I'll go tell Hammy to get ready. You give me the signal to fire.'
'Yeah. I'll leave it to you.

Night has fallen and the party is about to end.
What ends the feast is, after all, fireworks.

I'm going to show the Seven Lords of BU the fireworks that were used to start this whole mess.
I'll show them that what you've been trying to stop is this amazing thing.

If we can get them to admit it and be impressed by the fireworks, we'll have a complete victory.

I left my post and went around telling the ham kids to cover the shiny bricks with cloth.
He then heads for the moving guild waiting a short distance away from the venue.
Recently, more and more newcomers are joining the guild because they are fascinated by fireworks. I'd like to give them more opportunities to set off fireworks.

'Hey, long time no see, Carl.
'Oh, anchovies!Long time no see!

Carl, a swallowtail butterfly (looks like a caterpillar), has made the transition from being Sirach's bodyguard to a pyrotechnist.
This is his first fireworks display, and he's full of enthusiasm.

'How's Nikka doing?
'She's in training, out on a ship in the distance.'
'What, only the 'not that way' of the ...... set has come?
'Who's the one who's not that way?

I was hoping for a girl to come anyway.
But, well...
I'm sure Nikka is working hard. ...... while the guild leader of the sea fishing guild is wearing a dress and getting carried away.

'Okay, I need you to start the fireworks in ten minutes.
'I'll take care of it!

I give my regards to Beetleman Beetle El and the others, and head back to the venue.
It's a long walk, so it would take me less than ten minutes to get there if I walked normally. That's too slow.
I run back and tell Estella to stand by.

'Everyone!Excuse me for interrupting your conversation!

Raising her voice, Estella begins to speak.
Ideally, the fireworks should go off at the same time she finishes her speech.
Five minutes left. Coordinate it well.

'You will now see the fireworks that caused this commotion. I think you'll enjoy it, not as something that we have a history with, but as something that created a new relationship between us and BU. And I am sure that we will be able to build an even more friendly relationship in the future. It is no exaggeration to say that the beautiful light illuminating the night sky symbolizes our future. Come on!Enjoy the big bloom in the night sky!

As soon as Estella finished her speech, there was a round of applause, and a few moments later - a huge firework lit up the night sky.

With an explosion that echoed in the pit of my stomach, fireworks were launched one after another, blooming and falling.
Everyone in the room was glued to the fireworks as they bloomed and scattered in a dizzying array of colors, tinting the night sky.

'This ...... is wonderful.

Donnis muttered.
Because of the distance, neither sound nor light reached the 24th district.
Even with such a loud noise, it would not reach the next town. At best, it would be seven or eight kilometers. It must not even reach the 28th district.
The only people who knew about fireworks in BU were Mahr and Gerasie, and everyone else was overwhelmed by the sight of them for the first time.

Everyone else was overwhelmed by the sight of fireworks for the first time. They cheered, but even their cheers were drowned out by the sound of exploding fireworks.


Ginette comes running up to me as I stare up at the sky.

'The food from the stall is sold out.
'Are you sure?
'...... as well.'
'It's all gone!

Magda and Loretta came running up to me and proudly gave me a V-sign.
Sold out.
We prepared a lot of stuff, but we were able to sell .......

It was a great success.

He pokes her on the shoulder.
Estella gives me a thumbs up with a satisfied look on her face.

Oh, I see.
So the work for today is done.

The weight was lifted off my shoulders at once and I felt like I could enjoy the fireworks for the rest of the day.

Ginette and Estella and Magda and Loretta.
I stood shoulder to shoulder with these familiar faces and looked up at the fireworks as they bloomed and fell.

Every time a firework went off, the red and green light would lightly color the faces of Ginette and the others.
The fireworks lasted only a few minutes, but their lingering presence was etched in our hearts for a long, long time.
The last big firework is launched, filling the night sky with light, and disappears in an instant.

At that moment, there was an outpouring of applause, and the "banquet" came to an end.

'Come on, everyone!This is the end of the party!Thank you very much for your time today at .......'

In the middle of Estella's closing speech, something fell. Something fell.
Not just one or two people noticed the change, but many people looked up at the sky at the same time.
They turned their palms upward and stared at the night sky as if to confirm the identity of what had fallen.

Then, the "grains" gradually increase in number as they fall. ......

Boto, boto, boto............

Dzaaaaaa ......!

It turned into a downpour at once.

'It's raining!
'Everyone, evacuate to the cave!
'Where are the stalls?
'No, that can wait!
'Oh no, my dress is wet!
'......, you're a good woman who drips water.
'Magda, don't be stupid, let's get out of here!

They trampled through the quickly forming puddle, and regardless of whether it was the lord, the head waiter, the ordinary citizens, Becco or Percy, they all ran as fast as they could to the cave.
The inhabitants of Newtown should have returned to their homes, but they were swallowed up in the chaos and somehow they all ended up in the cave.

'...... haha ............ haha ......... ......... startled.'

The cave was large, and even with hundreds of people in it, there was still plenty of space.

'It's a good thing that the people with children went home early.'

Ginette says, combing her fingers through her wet hair.
It's a party. It was obvious that there would be more drunks in the evening.
So the kids and their parents went home in the evening.
You don't need to be at the venue to see the fireworks.

'If all of you had stayed, you wouldn't have been able to fit in here,' he said.

Estella said, brushing up her wet hair.
There are many different ways to handle hair.

In the cave, the sound of heavy rain echoes and echoes.
It's as loud as the sound of fireworks earlier, indicating the strength of the rain.

'Spirit God, you're not just now dumping all the rain you forgot to dump, are you?
'Hmm. That's an interesting thought.

No, no, Jeannette.
There are people everywhere who don't plan well. There are always kids who try to do their summer homework on the last day of school.
I'm sure the spirit god is one of them.
There are times when you think, 'Isn't he an idiot?

'If that's the case--'

Ginette says with an inappropriately calm expression on her face as she stares at the torrential downpour that turns the darkness of the night white.

'This is a blessing, isn't it?

What kind of goddess sends her blessings to us like this?

After that, we spent some time in the cave, watching the torrential rain that showed no signs of abating.
For better or worse, it was a memorable "party", we thought.