335-Episode 247 Invitation Battle for Banquet

The forty-second district was currently in the middle of a fierce struggle.

'If it's a festival, why don't you hold it in the main square!We can use the main street and set up stalls.
'It's a 'party' to celebrate the completion of the new passageway, so it should be held in New Town!And the stalls are still there!
I'd like to see it happen on the east side of the main street once in a while.

Paula, Loretta, and Nephrite are all arguing over where to hold the party in the 42nd district.
The place where the meeting is being held is, of course, the Sunlit Pavilion.

'Well then, why don't you hold it on the street again? The lords of the other districts will be there, right?Isn't it easier for them to come on the street?
''Mo-Mat, shut up! That's it!

I was yelled at by the three girls for saying something unnecessary.
You, what are you doing diving into a bush that you know a snake will come out if you poke it?
Don't look at me like you want me to comfort you. You got what you deserved.

The day after the meeting with the lords.
When I told the people of District 42 that we were going to have a party, a bunch of people I hadn't invited showed up at the meeting.
It seems that the date of the meeting with Estella was leaked from somewhere.

Since the lack of rain, I've been asking for help from many people and talking to many people. I'm related to you, aren't I?' This misunderstanding seems to have arisen here and there.
Not to mention Delia and Norma, Paula, Nepheli, Bertina, Umaro, Imelda, Becco, Theron, Wendy, and even Mormat.
Surprisingly, even Regina is there, today.
There are a few other familiar faces, but thanks to them, there's a lot of trouble.

'Mr. Paula is only saying that because he wants to attract customers to Cantalcica!You're being rude!
'Who's being rude!I'm going to ban sausages!
''I take back what I said about being rude!

Loretta, you're weak!
How much does she love hexenbiest sausages?
If I'm not mistaken, I think he likes it more than Jeannette's cooking.

'But I don't think Nephrite has an opinion.
'Why not, Paula?
'Because the other side of the boulevard is not relevant this time.'
'Yes, it is!In the first place, this commotion was triggered by Theron's wedding!
''I'm sorry .......''
''Oh, I'm sorry!That's not what I meant, Theron, Wendy!''

Nephrite hurriedly apologized to Theron and Wendy, who both nodded their heads.
Of course you did.

'So, that's it!Ma'ru's power was a big factor in resolving this mess, wasn't it?I think the reason why Ma'ru cooperated with District 42 was because of Theron's bricks!That's right!That's why I think Theron is the one who did it this time!Theron's brickworks are on the east side of the main street, so I think we should do it on the east side!

It's hard, Neffery.
You simply want to attract people to the east side of the city because the east side, where you live, has been so plain lately.

If the main square is the center of the city, the west side has the sunny pavilion, the church, the new town, the river fishing guild, the lumberjack guild, the flower arrangement guild, and Millie's store.

In the center of the city, or rather near the main street, there is Cantalucica, Ukrines' clothing shop, and Becco's family apiary on the hill north of the main square.
The street where Norma and her friends are located is also in the center of the city, although it is a little to the west.

On the east side of the main street, there is the lord's mansion, Regina's apothecary, Zelmar's grandfather's house, and Nepheli's poultry farm and hunting guild on the other side of the main street.
There's also a farm in the northeast part of town.
Also, my sister and her good friend, Hattie, live in that area.

'Anyway!This 'Banquet in 42nd Ward~Loretta-chan's New Passage Opening Celebration~' should be held in New Town!
'Don't give it a funny subtitle!Besides, it was Becko who was in charge of the passage, right?Then the center has the right.
'Ugh......, it is true that Mr. Gozaru was the commander in chief, but if you compare ............ Mr. Gozaru and Mr. Umaro, Mr. Umaro is the more decent person.
'Well, ......, if you compare Umaro and Bekko, ...............'
'Well, ...... I'm sorry to say this, but Becco-san is not ...... right?
'There's something awful going on here, that you ladies!

Meaninglessly hurting others, the discussion between the three girls went on a parallel track.

In the meantime, they proceeded with the meeting for the "Banquet in District 42".
Hmm, the venue?
It's in Newtown.
I don't see the point of having it on the main street or the east side.

It's fine as long as the west side gets excited.
If you want, you can organize your own 'Drunken Street Festival' or 'Eastern Moonlight Night Concert'.

'Are you going to increase the number of stalls?
'Well, yes. I'd like to keep the area not too wide, but not so wide that the lines of stalls get in the way.
'So, a slight increase?
'Hey, Yashiro. Why don't you open a store at the river as well?I'll help you with the river fishing guild.
'No, that's why. It's not a festival this time, it's a party. If you make us walk a distance, the purpose will be blurred, right?

The image of the event is that of cherry blossom viewing.
We prepare one main square, and set up stalls around it.
People buy food, go back to their own place, and eat while talking nonsense.
This is the kind of event.
Walking around looking at the stalls can be done at the Goddess Festival again.

'Hey, Yashiro!Don't just ignore us and keep talking!
'That's right. You should think about us a little too. You're always so selfish, Yashiro.
'You know, .......'

Imagine this.

You're coming to the 42nd district through the newly constructed passage.
The first thing you'll think is, 'Oh!I'm really here! You are impressed, right?
After that, you hear a happy sound and smell something delicious from a distance, and you wonder, 'What's going on? What's going on?' You walk a little further, and there's a party going on.
Then you'll think, 'District 42 is a fun place, I'm impressed, I can't beat it.

But if the venue of the banquet is on the main street or on the east side of the street, you'll have to walk a long way, and you'll lose the first impression before you reach the venue.
It's all about the buildup, you know, the excitement.

'In general, the main street is thriving without attracting events, isn't it?
'Since the ...... street was built, the number of visitors has decreased.

Oh, .......
Are you serious?
What, is that my fault?

By the way, Paula, you've been coming to help out quite often lately. ...... You used to be too busy to leave the store. ............ Oh, really?

'Ah~...... well, let's have a costume parade or something like Yoshi's, sometime soon.'
'What's that?Let me know the details!

Wow, ...... got me hooked.

'A costume parade is a ...... Halloween event in my hometown, where kids dress up as monsters and threaten adults with treats if they don't give them to them. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.
'That's cute!

Ginette's eyes twinkled as if she was being threatened.

'Mmm!I want to give you sweets, and I want to be pranked!
'Oh, there's a strange pervert in the house, isn't there? Shall I call the police?

Javier smiles dangerously and Imelda smiles coldly.
Imelda's 'dangerous' is prefaced with 'a certain person's life is at stake'.
It seems that Javier came to Imelda yesterday to hear the results of the meeting of the lords, and stayed there.
But that doesn't mean he has to join us here.

'Hey, Yashiro. Can't adults participate in that?

Paula is serious.
She's really trying to incorporate a costume parade.

'In fact, the adults were more excited to dress up. We're going to parade through the city in costumes that are full of individuality, from authentic, to cute, to fun.
'What do you mean, parade around?

Estella seemed to be intrigued.
'If you want to dress up, I'll introduce you to the right monster.
Hey, even if you don't know the monster, you can still be one - 'Nurikabe'.

'Isn't it fun to dress up like a joke and have fun together?
'Isn't it fun ......?
'If you wear something you wouldn't normally wear, don't you want to show it to someone?
'Oh ......, so that's how it is. Yeah. I kind of understand.

Estella nodded with a ticklish smile, as if she had experienced something like that too.
However, if we were to hold a Halloween party involving the whole city, ...... Ukrines would die of exhaustion.

You're very kind.

I'm not sure if he understood the meaning of my gaze, 'What kind of clothes should I make for the upcoming event? And Uclines, who was participating in the meeting with his nose in the air, smiled at me.
This guy also helps me a lot by making clothes for me whenever I need them, but ...... he teaches me so much that sometimes I'm afraid he's eroding the culture of this city.

'I'll be fine. I've got a group of ham girls helping me with my work.
'They've even started sewing?
'The older sisters were trained by Ms. Ukrines to learn. It's one of the jobs that my younger sisters have always dreamed of.

Before I knew it, I had more jobs.
Hammy, you've really become an indispensable part of the 42nd district, haven't you?

'So, so!What's Josakoy?

Paula, tail wagging, tension at its peak.
It's hard to explain exactly what Yosakoi is. ...... Tradition, roots, and so on. ............ Well, I'll give you a rough idea.

It's a parade of dozens and dozens of people dancing in teams. It's a spectacular sight to see a group of people dancing in unison. The crowd goes wild.'
'Dancing... ...... Yes!That sounds like fun!
'Hey, Yashiro!

' Nephrite pushes past Paula, who smiles brightly, and closes in on me with a face like she's about to cry.

Why are you so desperate for ......!

'Only Paula is cheating!I'm ...... on the east side, too, and you should think of something!

Why should I be ......

'............ smug'

............ Oh, God.

'Okay, okay. I'll think of something, don't cry.'
'Really?Wow, that's great!

'...... You used a mean trick on me.

'...... Mmm. Yashiro is still '
'Yashiro is still strangely kind to Nephrite.'

What? Why?
I'm sure you've heard of it.
Isn't it because of your preconceived notions?Hey, Magda, Loretta?
I gave Paula a lot of advice, too.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

Wendy was also suspected of being a ghost at first.
Regina is already half a demon.

Oh, if we do a haunted house, I'll introduce you to the perfect monster for Estella.
I'm sure Estella can pull it off. "Nurikabe"!

Hey, Yashiro. I've been wanting to punch you a few times now. ...... Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?
'No comment.'

'No comment.' 'Anyway, it'd be nice if you could say, 'Nuri~' when you hit me.

'...... The east side is plain anyway,...... even though I care about it,...... Yashiro's,...... idiot. Oh.

Oh, Nephrite's freaked out.
I feel like I'm the bad guy here. ......

'Hey, you!How dare you make Mr. Nephrite cry!Depending on your answer, I'll throw hot, sludgy sugar on your head, seriously!
'Stop it!It's not enough to burn yourself badly.

Melted sugar from heat is no joke.
It's so hot, and it sticks.
I can't tell you how many times I've been burned by caramelized sugar. ...... I'm not calling you out, Percy.

'Since we're on the east side, why don't we make it a ...... s*xy event?
'A s*xy dust exhibition?
'...... recluse s*xy showdown'
'It's a s*xy soliloquy contest!
''Lords, tiger girls, and normal people, you're joking too hard.
'''Eh, no?'''
''I see~, you're serious. I'm glad the townspeople understand me~''

Regina is the most positive of the negative.
She won't be dampened by that. In fact, it's a shame that she thinks it's 'delicious'.
If you really want to be s*xy, Regina is going to be pretty good.
It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this.

............ bloomers, huh.

There are many ranches on the east side, and there is plenty of land left over.

This is the perfect place to hold a field day.

'What's a field day?It sounds like a lot of fun.

Nefari's good mood returned.
I see. They don't go to school here, so they don't know what a field day is.
They wouldn't have had time to do that.

'We divide the teams into sections and compete for points in several events.
'Three sections, east, west, and center?

The way it's divided, ......

Magda and Delia in the west.
Norma and Paula in the middle.
To the east would be Neffery and Estella, and Natalia.

The balance of power is not that bad.

'Isn't the center at a disadvantage, then?
'I don't think so. We have me and the Hardware Guild in the center. We're not going to be outdone by a chicken farm.
'Mmm!It's true that I'm not that good at sports. ...... But there's a hunting guild in the east!You can't lose!
'And speaking of the east, there's also our mansion. My waitresses are a bit more athletic than you, so I'm sure we'll have a good match. Hey, Natalia.

'Yes, sir. I've been training myself, sir.
'Hahahaha!You're too naive, boys!We are the strongest in the west with our river fishing guild!
'We also have the Woodcutter's Guild.
''My brothers and sisters will join you!
''The west is cheating, so divide your forces!
''Why is that?
''It's unreasonable!

We are all very excited and curious about the new event.
I wonder how many of these ...... events I'll be allowed to miss. It's too hard for me to attend all of them.

'Yashiro is really a genius at entertaining people.
'Can you please stop making things up as you go along?

Ginette giggles.
He's starting to take pleasure in my misfortune lately.
Every time I get in trouble, she looks happy. Not a good trend.

'More importantly, Yashiro-san, if we don't move forward with the 'Banquet in District 42', we won't be able to finish our preparations.
'Wow, Umaro made a good point. ......'
'Why do you look like that?
'Don't say something you can't argue with.
'No, no, but... I agree with Mr. Umaro, that I do. To tell you the truth, I'd like to get back to finishing the passage right away, that I would like you to talk about the other matter another time, that I would like you to.'
'Shut up, Becko, you're ten years too young to be talking straight, I'll smash your glasses.
'Obviously, your treatment is lower than Mr. Umaro's, that it is!This means that I need to play an active role and raise my importance, that I do!

Bekko begins to burn with a strange motivation.
It's true, completing the passage is my top priority.

'Estella. How many days until the feast?'
'It's in three days. I've arranged a date with Lucia and the BU lords.

Eight lords are coming? ...... That's a pain in the ass.
Besides, Ma'ru will be there, and maybe even Demilly and Javier.

'Becco. How long until the passageway is finished?'
'I would like to say four more days ......, that I will finish it in two and a half more days, that I will!
'Do you think you can manage Theron and Wendy as well?'
'Yes!The light-collecting bricks and the phosphorescent bricks to be placed at the entrances and exits of both districts will be done in time.
'Trubek Engineering and Hamko, please do your best to help Becko and the others.'
'Of course, sir!
'And Oumalo, Yambold, Goozja, Hammaro, and a few others will set up the playground equipment.

Becko is in overall command of the passageway.
The carpenters will work as long as they are told to. It would be a shame to keep Oumarro under Becko's thumb, so he was assigned to another task.

Estella unfolds a map of the forty-two districts.
There will be four playgrounds in total.

A small playground in the church. And a large park in Newtown.
There will also be a park at the opposite end of the main street from the main square. The main square cannot be used as a playground for children because there will be street vendors. So, we will build a park on the opposite side.
Another large park will be built on the east side.
This park is planned to be like an athletic park using a large area of land.
A park where you can easily go from the street and enjoy the greenery.
We're going to build a new place of relaxation on the east side of the city, which Neffery said was plain. It really was plain, wasn't it, the east side?

'You're going to build on the east side too?
'On the main street, too?
'That's the plan.

Estella was the one who came up with this plan.
To tell the truth, the waterwheel we had built at Delia's place had been causing some trouble.
Simply put, the parents of children who lived far from the river complained directly to the lord, saying, 'I don't want to be forced to commute to such a far place! They appealed directly to the lord.
Children are envious of everything. That's where injustice comes in.

If you're an adult, you can get away with 'it can't be helped,' but if you're a kid, ......?

And it's the lord of this district who can't leave the sorrow of such kids alone.
He poured a lot of money into it.
He bought the land, bought the trees for the playground equipment, and sent out the Oumaros.

'In that order, of course,' he said.
'No!I'm so happy!
'Yes!I'm sure the neighbors will be happy!
'You're a good lord, aren't you?
'That's our lord!

The girls are jumping all over Estella.

Estella's face is buried in Norma and Delia's "Dynamite! .
...... I'm jealous!
d*mn, I should've said I was the one who suggested it.

'Actually, it was this Obaya who came up with the idea,.......'
'Yashiro-san. Please repent.


'It really is a lovely city. Our forty-two wards.'

Looking at the noisy people, Bertina softly smiles.
If they were so noisy, you'd think they'd be frowning, but ......

'You look so calm, like you're looking at food.
'Hmmm. Do I look like I'm about to eat you?

'I like it~, I like it~' kind of face.

''You look like you do when I look at your tits.
''You'll have to repent.''

Said in unison by a mother and daughter who look alike.
I think it's the same sentiment.

''The playground equipment will be a good product to sell to other districts. First, make sure the playground equipment in New Town is perfect.'
'I want you to take care of it!I've done it once before and I promise to make it better!
'So the playground equipment you'll build after New Town will be even better?
'I'm looking forward to it~'

In the end, he agreed.
Ahhhh... You're choking yourself.

You can save yourself the trouble of setting up a stall, right, beams?

The Lord of Smiles is pushing Umaro to the brink.
I'm not sure what to make of that.
I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. I guess it depends on who you're talking to.

I can be kind to a beautiful woman with big tits, but not to a wumalo.

'I feel like I'm being treated carelessly ......'.
'It can't be helped. Estella and I both love big tits.'
'Can you please not lump us together?

But you're so nice to Jeannette.
That's what this is all about.

'Well then, can the set-up team of the banquet hall please gather again the day before with this document?
'All right. I'll tell our carpenters to go to ............ and tell them.'
'That's right, Estella.'
'Yes. I heard you.'

With that, Umaro, Bekko, Uclines, Wendy, Theron, and Norma and Imelda returned to their posts. Javier was sent away.
All that remained were the food and beverage people.

'No crafts or souvenirs this time, so we'll have all food stalls.
'That's a lot of food.

Looking at the map, Ginette counted the number of stalls, pointing to them one by one.
The number of stalls was easily over twenty. We're going to add a few more.

'There are a lot of new dishes,' he said.
'There's Mapo Tofu and Mapo Eggplant.
'I like peanut butter. It goes well with pancakes.'
'...... has a variety of donuts.'
'It's sweet!The meat buns are the king of the new menu!
'Taiyaki is delicious!They don't go well with beer, though.'
'I also like cotton candy. It's fluffy and cute.'
'The candy apples were pretty good, weren't they? I could chew on those all day long.

Ginette mentioned the two kinds of bean curd that she was particular about, Estella mentioned the seasoning that she was addicted to, Magda mentioned the popular product that followed the cake, and Loretta mentioned the memorable taste that surprised Ginette. Paula, Nepheli, and Delia all listed their favorite things.
It seems like a lot of things when you list them like this.

'I enjoyed the sweet sake.

Perhaps she liked the atmosphere unique to drinking parties, Bertina recommended amazake not because of the taste, but because it was fun.

'Oh, ...... are you finished ......?

Millie softly opened the door of the sunlit pavilion and walked in.
She had ordered flowers again, but she had gone to the forest to see what flowers would be displayed that day.
She must have stopped by to see the extent of the flowers.

'Ms. Milly. What do you think is the most memorable item on the new menu at the Sunlit Pavilion these days?
'E......mm...... and hey.......'

She crosses her arms and twists her head, 'hmmm ......'.
What a cute little creature. I want to take it home with me.

'Isn't Millie classified as food?
'No, you can't take it home.
'I don't mind if you eat it here.
'I'll kick you out.'

Arrogant, smiling lord.
You should be a half-smiling lord.

'Aah!You know, Miri, I really liked this potager soup.'
'Oh, there was potage, too.'
'Mm-hmm. We get orders for it every day these days, so it's become a regular dish.

I think Ginette started making it to consume the lentils.
Unfortunately, it lost its leading role to corn.

'We'll need a lot of stalls if we're going to get all of those.
'Oh, that!

Ginette clenches her fists with both hands and raises her eyebrows.
She closes in on me with a serious expression.

'I... I want to be on the store side this time!

I want to make food.
If you want to work while everyone is eating and drinking at the banquet, you're ...... a hell of a company animal.

'Well, actually, ...... during the festival, I was at the sunny pavilion, and during the banquet, I was a customer. ............'

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

'I was a little jealous of the people working at the ...... stall.'
'No, you did it at the church in District 24. The okonomiyaki stall.
'That wasn't a ...... store, it was more like a bribe or a morning donation, and it was a lot of fun, but still, how can I put it, it wasn't like a store. ......'
'So you want to play the game of 'business' where the customers are in flux, and you try your best to attract customers who may or may not come, and you prepare food based on the number of customers, and vice versa?
'Yes!That's right. That's it!

If lining up in an orderly fashion and rationing one at a time wasn't enough for you,......, you're a corporate animal.
If you ask me, Ginette adjusts the amount of food she prepares at the sunlit pavilion every day based on the number of customers. It's fun,......, I don't know, that feeling. It's like smiling when you see someone dancing in the palm of your hand.I understand.

I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun,.......
'Mmmm. It was fun.

The banquet in the 24th district had a limited number of guests, so even Bertina was able to pull it off.
The party in the 42nd district, Bertina would not be able to handle the customers.
It's safe to say that Ginette will be manning the stall.

'Then let's have her show her skills in a big way.
'Yes, sir!I'll leave it to you.

Ginette's smile was full of enthusiasm.
The quality of this stall is going to be tremendous.

Then followed a series of detailed meetings about layout, pricing, and hygiene.

In the blink of an eye, the day of the "Banquet in 42nd District" arrived.