157-Episode 136 Reasons for Eating a lot in Game 1

The hall was filled with the delicious smell of hamburgers and sausages cooking.

'Ladies and gentlemen!What do you think of this aroma?Isn't it unbearable?
''This is the ultimate dish, a lunch for adults, created by the restaurants of the forty-two wards by combining their respective strengths!
''Don't you want to try it?
'''I want to eat it!
'''I just want that sausage!Give it to me!
''Loretta is so cute!
'I can't stand the smell alone!
'Hamburgers are the best!
'A dream dish!
'Yes!I understand perfectly!I could feel what you were thinking!If you want to try it, please come to District 42 after the tournament!It's going to be sold at a special restaurant for a limited time only!

Loretta's goading the customers.
She's really good at that kind of thing.

There was one dangerous person in the ...... mix, but ...... well, Loretta is passing it off, so let it go.
And Hammaro,......, you're here.

I'm not sure what to say.The 42nd district's cheering section has warmed up!
'Oh, good, good. Good, good, good.'
'Hey!What an honest compliment!Are you really my brother?
'If you're so warmed up, you'll be more enthusiastic in cheering. It's times like this when your excitement comes in handy. I hope you'll continue to be as energetic as you are.
'...... Yes, sir!

Loretta was dumbfounded for a while, but then her face lit up with happiness and she nodded cheerfully with a million dollar smile on her face.
In a competition like this, support can be a great help. Let's have Loretta work hard in that direction.

There's a lot of people out there,...... and they're all looking at me,.......... ...No, don't look at me like that!I'll be back.

...... Norma, the head of the cheering squad, is like that.
Paula, the cheerful one, is away on cook duty right now.
And Neffery is a chicken. ......

I'll let Loretta get the ball rolling here.

Well, that's enough cheering for now. ...... It's time to go.

'Bertina. You're not nervous, are you?'
'Yes. As usual.

Bertina, who was participating in her first game, was standing quietly, wearing her usual calm atmosphere.
Maybe it was a good decision to bring her first.
I always get nervous in the first game of a big tournament like this. If it had been Umaro, I would have been crushed to a pulp.

'Umaro is a badass.
'Why did you suddenly say something bad about me in an unrelated conversation, I wonder?

It doesn't make any sense.
I just want to tell him not to worry about the details.

'Well, I'm going to go warm up.

Bertina bows her head and begins to wander off.
'......, come on.

'Don't snack on it.
'I'm warming up.'

I guess the good smell has completely taken over. Bertina seems to be anxious about the special kitchen.
If we don't get this game started soon, Bertina might go out of control from hunger.

'Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Suddenly, a cheer went up from the audience of District 41.
Apparently, the players on the other side had begun to prepare.

'...... That's Isak from the hunting guild.

Magda said, looking at the dog-faced man in the waiting area of the forty-first district who had begun to do some flexibility exercises.

'Do you know him?
'...... is an advanced hunter. But more than that, what made Isak famous was his appetite and the way he ate with such gusto. There is no one in the hunting guild who does not know about Isak.
'You eat that much?

Even within the guild, there is no one who doesn't know how much they eat. ......

'...... a.k.a. Isak the Canine Eater. There is a rumor going around that it is very embarrassing to eat with them.

'You're just a dirty eater, aren't you?

'Famous' is a bad word?

'...... But I hear he eats an awful lot.'
'Well, they must be powerful enemies.

Isak the Canine Eater. Well, in Bertina's hands, ......


This time, a strange squeal came from the waiting area in District 40.
When I looked, I saw a gorilla-like man with unusually well-developed pectoral muscles dancing strangely with his upper body naked.

'That's Austin from the Lumberjack Guild.

Imelda seems to know that gorilla.

'How's he eating?
'He's asked me out eight times.
'I don't need that information!
'And I've been turned down nine times.
'That's one too many times!
'That's too many!
'You're a demon, aren't you?

I feel a little sorry for you, you're making it harder for me to see you as an enemy!

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at ....... I'm sure your father is the type to save his favorite foods for last.
'I see. Well, it might not be a bad strategy.

The forty-first district is also preserving the rumored ravenous fisherman, Gustave. He's probably the last one.
If we can get three wins before then, it'll be easier for us.

--Boom, boom, boom!

The bell is ringing onstage.
That's the signal for standby.

'Yes, sir. I'm ready.'

There's no sign of any nerves or tension, but ......

'Go at your own pace, and have a pleasant meal.'
'Well, ....... Thank you for your concern.

His face flushed and he bowed deeply.
Then he raises his head and gently places his hand on my head.

'You are kind, Yashiro-san.

He strokes my hair as if he were stroking a child.

'For you, no one else, I'm going to work a little harder, aren't I?
'Ah, ah, ............, I'm kind of embarrassed.'
'Uh-huh. Just a little more.'

As if to say that stroking me will give me strength, Bertina continues to stroke my head.
There's no blessing in this head.

'Well, I'm off.

I bow once more, and Bertina heads for the stage.

'Take care of yourself, Bertina.

I say to her as she walks away.
'Don't worry. I'm sure she'll get a solid win.

The players line up on the stage.
The rest of the players in the district are stout, and Bertina looks especially small.
From the outside, you can only feel uneasy, but ......, don't worry, we know Bertina's strength.

The players shake hands and take their seats.

Each player is given a large, four-seat desk.
The reason the desks are so big is so that the players can pile up the plates they have finished eating on the desks. It's more exciting that way.
The reason why they are separated is so that refills can be placed right in front of the players.

After finishing a plate, the player asks for a refill, and the number of plates piled up at the end of the plate is used to determine the winner.
If the number of plates is the same, the winner is determined by weighing the plates. If the number of plates is the same, the winner is determined by weighing the plates.

Before the game begins, there is a time of prayer before the meal.
Most of the people in this town are Alvistan, followers of the Church of the Spirit.
Even now, Bertina and the others are praying.

'Yashiro. Wait for me.

Estella comes in, out of breath.
I wonder if she was running as fast as she could. ...... a futile effort that doesn't even shake.

'You're too late. Those fake breasts, were they attached that tightly?
'It didn't take me long to pull them off!
'Those fake breasts are so fragile that they can be removed in an instant.'
'I'm sensing some malice in your expression, Natalia!

Behind Estella, Natalia is following her. Is she watching us too?
That means the lord's room is empty now. What a waste. It's a VIP seat!

'And then, Master Yashiro.'

Natalia called me over and I looked at her. ......

'Hey, ladybug, Miry's here too.

Miry was there.

'Miry, did you just come?
'Hmm. It took me a while to get her here. ......'

'And Millie's holding back--'

'......Ah, ......that's not good. I'm dying in this population density. ...... I can smell people. ............ I smell human... ...'
'What kind of princess are you, Princess Mononoke?'

--It was Regina who was almost intoxicated by the human smell.

'Ladybug-san said that Regina-san was absolutely necessary.
'So that's why you brought me here. I'm sorry.'
'Yeah. I wanted to support you too.'
'That's right. For Miry's sake, get a grip.'
'Well, you know, ............ ah, men's horny eyes are on my chest ......'
'Oh, you're being self-conscious.

If I had time to gaze at your chest, I would pour it into Norma's cleavage.

'Haha ...... really, I wonder where all those people were hiding ......'.

As if looking at an outbreak of insects, Regina looks at the audience with a grudge.
No, no, it's not like this yet.

'Oh, there's a private room over there. ...... I'm going to go over there. ......'
'That's a changing room, you idiot.'

When Regina was trying to keep her back, Ukrines came out of the changing room with great speed.

'Millie!I've been waiting for you!I've been waiting for you!
'Come on, come on!Change your clothes, change your clothes!I'll make you look so cute!
I'll make you look so cute!' 'Oh, your ......, ladybug?

Millie asked me for help, but before I could say anything, she was taken away by Ukrines.
As much as I'd like to help you, ...... I'm sorry, Millie. To be honest, I'd rather see you cheerleading.

The game is about to start.

Natalia's voice drew my attention to the stage.
A cooked lunch for the adults is placed in front of each player.

Austin, the gorilla of the forty-second district, smiles at the aroma of meat rising from the air.
Isak, the canine eater of District 41, is puffing away with his ears up and his tongue sticking out.

And our Bertina of District 42 is ...... calm.
She is calm and beautiful, quiet and cool, like a pure spring deep in the mountains. Her eyes are kind and compassionate, and she just stares at the adult lunch ............ with a lot of drool dripping from her mouth.
I'm not sure what to do.

'Oh ......, I feel like I'm going to win.'

Estella muttered, and I could only nod.
Oh well. I'm only counting on you now.

Now, please, Bertina!
First, give us a win in District 42!


The bell rings loudly, and the forty-five minute battle has now begun.
The time limit could be checked by the giant hourglass on the stage.

'Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!Our representative from District 42, Sister Bertina!We're shoveling in lunch for the adults at a tremendous rate!This is amazing!It's amazing!The food is disappearing at a rapid pace. ...... What?What?I've already finished my first plate of ............?

Loretta said, and the crowd went wild.
She flattened the first plate with tremendous speed and raised her hands in a beautiful gesture.

'Another plate, please.

A second plate was immediately placed in front of Bertina.

Isak, who was standing next to her, and Austin, who was standing on the other side of her, could not help but roll their eyes at Bertina's energy.

However, Bertina is unconcerned about this, and she throws the food into her mouth and stomach at her own pace.

Buzz, zzz!Buzz, zzz, zzz!

No, that doesn't sound right, that doesn't sound right!
But that's okay, just for today!

'Come on, Bertina!Beat up the other two!'

I couldn't help shouting.

Haha, what the hell. I guess I'm having some fun too.

'Another plate, please.

Without slowing down at all, Bertina piled up two or three more plates.
Austin and Isak finally came to their senses and ate their lunch as if they were adults.


It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family. ...... I certainly wouldn't want to eat with this guy.
If the amount of food you spill on the table exceeds a certain amount, you will lose points.
The act of eating something that has been dropped on the table is not beautiful, and if you drop something on the table even once, it will be put in a bowl on the scale as a "scattered meal".
If the weight becomes heavier than the weight specified by the competition and the balance is balanced, points will be deducted.
The weight of the weight is one fourth of the total weight of the dish.

'Another round!

...... Austin, can't you speak the language?

'Oh, I made a mistake. Can I get a refill, please?'

You've made too many mistakes!And you're usually more polite than you think!
Anyway, both Isak and Austin are now on their second plates.
Meanwhile, Bertina was working on her eighth plate.

Mm-hmm. That's a win.

The sand in the hourglass is spilling out.
The spectators in the fortieth and forty-first districts grew quieter and quieter.

'Ekkeke, Bertina!Hi!
'''Eekayke, Bertina!Hi!'''
'''Hi! You don't need it!
'''Hi! I don't want it!
'''No, sir!
'''No, it's not!

Only the audience in the forty-second district was excited. ...... Well, it's a shame they're all idiots. ......

''Tikki shou-oo-oo-oo!I'll be back.I'm not sure what to say.

The speed of the canine-eating isaac increases.
It's the spirit of a hunter, or should I say the guts of a hunter.
The spirit of a hunter who does not give up even when he is already outnumbered by more than ten dishes is quite impressive.
Probably, from Ricardo's words that he would "fight to win", this guy must have been the second or third best player who could "aim to win". It seems that he was trying to get a win in the midst of the fact that we, the 42nd and 40th districts, were going to put in players to see how things went. I guess we all think alike. ......

But it was a bad match!

This is Bertina, the real deal!
She has a four-dimensional stomach, loves to eat, and is like a goddess of gluttony!
Look at her!She's already eaten forty-eight plates, and she still has that delicious look on her face.
It's only Bertina's love and enjoyment of food that has allowed her to reach such heights!

Austin in the 40th district has now eaten all 31 dishes. After the 32nd plate, his hand has completely stopped.
Isak of District 41 has now eaten all 37 plates. Showing great perseverance, Isak continues to bravely challenge the large portions of lunch for adults.
And Bertina has now eaten all 49 plates. There's hardly any left of the fiftieth plate.

She looks at the hourglass.
Fifteen minutes left.
Thirty minutes have now passed since the game began,......!
At the same time, Bertina has eaten her fiftieth plate!

And again, Bertina does not raise her hand ........................ in a beautiful gesture. What's wrong?

'Thank you for the food.

What did she just say?
'Thank you for the food!

'Hey, Bertina!There's still fifteen minutes left!I don't care if you don't eat, just ask for a refill!You can rest for a bit, but you have to work hard until the end of the hour!
'But, Yashiro-san!

I shouted, and Bertina turned to look at me on the stage.

'It would be a shame to leave it behind.
'Don't worry about it, the staff will enjoy it later!

It's a competition!
What the hell are you taking your time with!

Hearing my words, Bertina nodded her head.
She then raised her hand in a beautiful gesture.

'Another plate, please.

The fifty-first plate was brought before Bertina's eyes.
But Bertina did not move at all.

d*mn it!
When she looked next to her, she saw ......

'I don't know what it is, but this is our chance!While you can!Gahhhhhh!I'm not going to let you down.
'I can't lose, either!Woo hoo hoo hoo!

When Bertina's hand stopped, the other two picked up the pace.
Sometimes, when you can see the back of your target, you can do more than you can.

That's exactly what is happening with Isak and Austin right now.
They might be able to catch up to Bertina, the absolute best.
That elation and sense of duty is pushing their stomachs beyond their limits.

The sand in the hourglass seems to be falling at a slower rate than before.
Eight minutes left: ......

'Another round!

Isak is now on his forty-second plate.

'I'll have another one too!

Austin's growth rate was higher than Isak's, probably due to the fact that he had taken a break earlier.
He quickly piled up the number of plates, and this is his fortieth plate. She was on the verge of catching up with Isak.

And yet, Bertina refuses to eat any food.
What's the matter, Bertina?I'm not sure if you've misinterpreted what I said about fifty plates being hard, or if you're thinking that you shouldn't eat more than fifty!

The sand in the hourglass is not diminishing at all, so much so that it seems to be standing still.
d*mn it!Hurry up!Hurry up and fall!
It looks like there's no other way for us to escape!
Then go!Sand, fall!

'I'm rooting for you too!

And Loretta starts jumping up and down.
Apparently, she's trying to speed up the fall of the sand by shaking it, but ...... that won't have any effect. In fact, if this is the only thing that affects you, you are in trouble.
So, Loretta's actions are completely useless. ......

'Okay!I'll jump too!
'What?I'll jump, too!
'...... I'm in.'

Fall fast!
That's all we wanted. We kept jumping.
Even though we knew it was futile!

I'm not sure what to do.Keep up the good work!

Millie raised her thin voice as high as she could and cheered.
Oh, wow!
Millie is transforming into a cheerleader!And she's wearing her not-so-long hair in twin tails, forcing it into a bun!
The large ladybug hair ornament is attached to the waist of her cheerleading outfit so as not to interfere with her twin-tails.

'We're rooting for you!Come on, Bertina!Now is the time to show us what you're really made of!

Natalia cheered in a clear voice, ......, what?
Even Natalia is a cheerleader!

'Natalia ...... when?
'Just now, sir. Didn't you notice, young lady?

Estella was a bit taken aback.
She'd be surprised if her own head maid turned into a cheerleader in a super mini-skirt.

'Ganbare, ganbare, sh~sta~!

Nephrite is jumping up and down, waving his pom-poms.
'Give it up, you're a bird that can't fly!

'Cheerleader leader!

Natalia calls out to Norma.
...... Cheerleader? ............

'You should cheer too!
'A, I'm ...... because I'm ...... dressed like this.'
'Right now, Ms. Bertina is fighting for the 42nd district all by herself!I'm not a cheerleader.Aren't you a member of the same ward?

What the hell?
Natalia is saying something that sounds like a good argument!

I'm not sure why your tits are so big.If you don't shake them now, when will you shake them?

Ah, yes. Natalia is still Natalia.

'...... My tits are so big because I'm .................. shaking them right now. I'm sorry.

I don't know what's going on, but my persuasion seems to have worked.
Are you okay, Norma?I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.I'm sure you'll appreciate my support.

As soon as she said that, Norma started jumping up and down with her pom-poms in a frenzy.
Boom, boom, boom, boom!
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.

I'm not sure what to say.You have to work hard here, or you'll lose your womanhood!As a woman from the same 42nd district, you should show some guts!
'Ms. Bertina!Fight for it!
'Ah, no!Please do your best!

The cheerleader leader Norma, Natalia, Nepheli, and Milly raised their voices.
The audience also cheered for Bertina in unison.

The hourglass is ............, one minute to go!
The hourglass is at one minute to go," said Bertina, her hand on her fork.
What do you think?

'Gah-gah-gah-gah!'Gah gah gah gah!
'Woo hoo hoo!Whoo-hoo-hoo!'

Isak has now almost finished his forty-ninth plate.
Austin is also on his forty-ninth plate.

That's not good: ...... is catching up: ............!

'I'll have another one!
'Whoo-hoo!Whoo-hoo-hoo!Whoo-hoo!I'll have another ...... please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please.

Finally, fifty dishes ......
If you finish this, you'll be ...... on par with me!

'...... soooo ..................... ...haaaaa ......'

Bertina takes a deep, slow breath.
Then she gave a small nod.

...... Huh?That guy, could it be ............

'U......p............hoho,ugh......... ...'

Isak has half a hamburger.
Austin has a sausage and a Neapolitan left.

'I'm losing ...... ............!
'I can't eat ............ yet either.'

--Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Then the bell rang for the end.
The result was--

'Winner, District 42!
''''' Ohhhh! '''''

Neither Isak nor Austin was able to finish their fiftieth plate.
...... Just barely a victory. A narrow victory.

.................. My heart hurts.

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I have.

'What the hell, Bertina!You're giving me the cold shoulder!
'It's true~. I was so scared that I was going to lose!

Delia and Nephrite complained to Bertina.
Bertina accepted their words with a smile.

'But aren't you glad that we won?
'Well, I suppose so. Good job, Sister.
'Anyway, you did it!Everyone, hurray for Sister Bertina!

The cheering squad got really excited after winning their first game.
After watching them with a smile, Bertina began to wander off.

'I think I'll go rest in the shade for a while.
'I guess so. It's a lot more strenuous than you might think when you're out in front of people.
'Norma, are you talking about your own experience?
'Shut up, Natalia!Shut up!

The people of District Forty-two were playing with each other. With these voices in the background, Bertina headed towards the locker room alone.


Slowly approaching, walking side by side, I call out.

'Mmmm ...... worried about me?'
'Well, a little.'
'But I'm glad you kept your promise. I'm relieved.'
'............ I'm sorry. ............... ...Thank you.'
'...... Yes.'

Bertina nodded, stopping in her tracks.
She seems to have understood the meaning of my words correctly.

'Thank you, too. But don't worry.

With a slow bow, Bertina turned her back on me and started walking again.
Her back seemed to say, 'Please don't follow me.

I watched her go into the locker room.

'Hey, hey, yourself. Isn't it wrong to go peeking into the locker room with impunity?

Regina chased after me, saying something stupid.
Yeah, ...... she's really caring too.
He didn't seem to notice Bertina, but he did notice that something was wrong with me.

I guess that's why he came by, even if he's talking nonsense like this.
Thank you for talking so quickly.

'...... Regina.'
'Hmm~?What is it?'
'I need you to get her some stomach medicine.'
'What?.................. Oh, is that right?'
'Oh, yeah. And, please. I'm not allowed in the women's locker room.'
'Okay, okay. Then leave it to me. I'll go peek at Sister's freshly changed clothes for you.'

Regina slapped me on the back and went into the changing room.
I think we're safe now.


I turned around at the sound of a familiar voice and saw Ginette standing there with a worried look on her face.
She must have finished cleaning up the kitchen and hurried back. His breathing was uneven.

He must have noticed the change in Bertina.

'I'm sorry. I pushed her a little too hard.'
'No, no. Even if this situation hadn't arisen, even if Yashiro hadn't said anything, even if he hadn't wanted anything, the ...... sisters would have taken the same action.'

With a slight, forlorn smile.

'She's a ...... troubled mother who pushes herself just a little too far for the sake of her loved ones,' Sister said.

Bertina was probably already over her limit after the fiftieth plate.
If she had eaten even one more bite, she would have had stomach pains that would have made her fall asleep like before.
He must have realized exactly his limit when he fell asleep with a stomachache once.

'Before, when Sister fell asleep ......, she was not well for a while after her recovery. I think she was caught up in her own remorse for the trouble she caused us.
'I was protected when I should have been protected. ...... That's what Bertina would think.

So she thought.
'I'm never going to worry about you again.

'Mr. Yashiro.

Jeannette's eyes looked a little paler than usual.
They had a nostalgic ...... tinge to them.

'Do you know why the sisters eat so much ......?
'What?Isn't ...... that just gluttony?'

Laughing hilariously, Jeannette shook her head.

'When I first came to live in the church, I was more of a small eater.'
'Huh!Bertina is a small eater?

That's impossible.
Ginette, do you have a desire to become a frog?

'But,......, I was the same, and there were many other children who didn't eat ...... food.'
'Is it ...... something like ............ a rebellion against the church?
'No, no. It's not that. ............'

'Huh. ......' exhaled Ginette, her lips pursed in a daring expression.

'We were abandoned children .......'

There are children living in that church who have nowhere else to go.
Some of them may have lost their parents in an accident or due to illness, but ...... many of them may have been abandoned children.

So, this is what was imprinted in the minds of those children. ...... 'We are unwanted children. ...... If we are not good, we will be abandoned again. ......'

I had no idea what to say to that.

'That's why I'm kind of ...... reserved, even though it's just a feeling. When I eat, I'm ...... worried that I'll be thrown away. ............ subconsciously, I hold back.

'So it's ......?'
'...... yes. So, yes.'

As children eat, the sisters took the initiative to eat. ......
The sisters, who used to be small eaters, took action to show the kids that they were unconsciously holding back: ......

'I've had a lot of second helpings,' she said. ...... 'You don't have to be shy,' she said. ......... ...I think he was pushing himself very hard.

And his stomach was getting stronger and stronger. ............

'Now, the children watch Sister's gluttony with laughter, saying, "I can't help it. Thanks to her, none of the children put up with anything strange anymore. Because the ...... sisters eat their food more deliciously and more happily than anyone else. ......'

So Bertina's gluttony was for the kids .......

'But now that she's woken up to the idea of eating, she's become a total foodie,......'

'But we can't help but dislike such sisters.

It was also a word that was assured with certainty.

'No matter what happens in the future, I will ...... always ...... love Sister Bertina's mother.

She proudly threw out her chest and said with a big smile.
'What do you think?Isn't it nice? He looks as if he's saying.

'Are you bragging?
'Yes, I am. I'm a proud mother.'
'Well, I'm sure I'm at the top of the list of good tits to have as a mother.
'Oh, Yashiro-san. The sisters will be angry with you again.

Ginette smiled happily while her cheeks puffed out.

'Well, let's leave the rest to Regina and we'll prepare for the second battle.

She turned on her heel and started walking towards the stage.
Norma, who has awakened as a cheerleader leader, is teaching Paula, who has joined her, how to cheer.
It's a lively scene.

In the midst of all this, I stop and look backwards again.

The changing room that Bertina had gone into.
I'm sure Regina is giving you a prescription for some medicine right now,............. Well, get some rest.

But I just want to say.

'Thank you, Bertina.

I was too embarrassed to say 'mother'.