318-Episode 230 The person who controls the koji facto...

'There are a few problems with this marriage.

With a straight back and a slightly stern voice, Bertha spoke up.

'No matter what, Rebekah is only nine years old. She's far too young to be married.

Well, that's the first thing that bothers me, isn't it?
There's no common sense in getting married at nine.
Even Ma'ru hesitated when he received a proposal when he was nine years old.

As a guardian, you must be anxious.
But as the saying goes, a parent's heart knows no child, and it was Rebekah, of all people, who bit into Bertha's anxiety.

'What are you talking about, Bertha? I'm an adult now!

Rebekah's character would not like to be treated like a child in such a situation.
It's to be expected that she'll get angry and argue.
But Bertha was used to it, and dismissed her as a child.
And that's what makes a child like Rebekah so stubborn.

'I'm an adult!I'm a lady!
'I'm a child. I'm a child.
'I'm an adult!Adult, adult, adult!
'She's a child with undeveloped mind and body, who gets angry easily like that.
'She's a little girl who hasn't fixed her bed-wetting yet.
'Oh, dear!What, what are you talking about?No, no, no, no, no!No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.It's just a coincidence.

I'm not sure if it's because I've just heard the words "Judgment of the Spirits". I don't think so," she said. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the best out of it.

I'm not sure what to say.It's the curse of the unmarried hag!

Hey, poison!
Even Bertha can get hurt sometimes!
A woman on a job, a life on a mission, that's cool!
I think it's cool to be a woman on a job, a life on a mission!

'Muaaah ...... hated me ...... definitely hated me ...... now.'

Rebecca's shoulders slumped.
I feel like I'm about to cry for real. Or rather, she's crying, isn't she?
But it's not because she's sad about her lost love, but because she's embarrassed that her bedwetting has been exposed.

'It's okay, Rebekah!

Filmmann offered help to Rebeka in a sincere voice.
With words that do not lie.

'I don't care about that!
'Are you really ............ ......, then?
'Yes!I'd rather have you call me!
'Yes, out!

A little rough on Fillman's mouth. With an elbow, like this, 'Gah! With an elbow.

'......I'm in pain,............Yashiro-san......'
'Just when I thought I could finally talk, all I get is ...... a bunch of nonsense, what's with your mouth?

What kind of perverted coming out is that? That would be a deal breaker.
Even Rebecca was quite disappointed ......

'............ That's because ...... when I'm a little more mature than I am now... ....

You're not full of it!

'No, I don't care about bedwetting.
'Then why did you bring it up!

Bertha, the firecracker, skipped out on putting out the fire and pretended it didn't happen.

'The problem is that Rebeka-sama is still young.
'I'm an adult now!
'I'm already an adult!
'Huh?What are you talking about?Bertha said something naughty again!
'Hmmm. Adults don't get embarrassed over things like this!
'Hmm!You've got a point!Hey, Loretta, recite it back to me.
'Yes, sir!Oppa......, wow!It's dangerous!I was just about to say that!What do you want me to say, big brother?Oh, no!

I tried to throw the ball from Bertha to Loretta with a brilliant relay, but it was too close. I missed by a whisker.

'Oh my God, Yashiro-san.'

He taps me on the shoulder.
It seems to mean, 'Shut up for a minute, you bastard.
If you arrange it in Ginette's style, it would look like this.

'Mr. Bertha. What the hell is your problem?

Filman asked with a straight face.
Can't you see, ......, that marrying a nine-year-old kid is nothing but a problem, no matter what you think.

I'd like you to keep it to a 'marriage relationship' for the time being.

He bowed politely and respectfully.
I wonder if he knew that the other party was the most promising candidate for the next lord. Or is it because he is the potential mate of Rebeka, whom he serves?

'There's also the issue of taking over the factory.
'Handover ......?

At Bertha's words, Rebekah made a puzzled face.
As if she had anticipated this, Bertha told her the truth in a calm voice, as if she had prepared for it.

'If you marry the next lord, it means that Rebeka-sama will leave the koji factory and live in the lord's mansion, and will be responsible for supporting Firman-sama in both public and private life.

She looked at Bertha, then at Firman, then at Sophie, and finally at me.
Anxiety spread across Rebekah's face.

'No,......, you're not coming to the Koji factory,......, are you?
'Rebeka-sama. Mr. Filman is the next lord of the realm. He will not abandon his duties.
'E............ that...... that......... ...Koji Factory...... shouldn't I be here already?
'That's why I asked for your time. For a little while longer, until Miss Rebekah comes of age, you can make memories with us at the Koji Factory.
'Huh, ......!

Tears welled up in Rebeka's eyes.

'Yes ....... I don't want to be ...... separated from Bertha!
'Rebeka-sama .......'
'I'm going to die ............ of loneliness, being separated from my sister and from Bertha!I'm really dying!

The nine-year-old girl clung to Bertha's waist and cried out, abandoning her "mature Rebecca.
Her strong will to never let go makes her arms cling to Bertha with all her strength.

'If I'm ...... going to be ...... separated from Bertha, I'm going to ............ marry her, how ......'

That's not good. If I let you say that, it's all over.
Filman is watching the situation with a dazed look on his face, wondering what to do. Or rather, he's at a loss to do anything about it.
He foresees the decisive words that will come in a few seconds, but he can't do anything about it.

It's no use.
He scribbles in the notebook he took from Filman.

"Talk to Rebecca and reassure her.

I thrust such a sentence at Filman.

'I'm married to ....... ......!
'Mr. Rebecca!

I made it just in time.
When Filman called her name, Rebekah swallowed the words that were about to come out of her mouth.

But that was all.
To this day, she still clings to Bertha, not looking back.

Filmmann's anxiety deepened, and he issued the following command.

'Make a speech that will reach out to Rebeka's heart.

'What? But don't worry. I'll take care of it.
I immediately scribble down the following sentence.

"'I've been thinking...' - Read!

'I've been thinking...'

I've been thinking about it for a long time,' Filman says to the back of Rebeka's head, who is not looking at him.
A hint of anxiety is leaking out, but even so, if he continues to speak, his mind and emotions will follow.
Even if his handwriting gets a little messy, the "forced translation magic" will take care of it.
It's all about speed. Let's go!

I show the text in my notebook again and urge Filman to speak.
I'll write down what he says and show it to him.
Just like a floor AD!

Now, read!
You know, presidents and kings have their experts think about the most important speeches.
It's a testament to your virtue that you have such capable advisors. There's nothing cowardly about it.
There's nothing cowardly about asking someone else's advice to seduce a girl. ...... Pfft, duh!I'm sure no one will think that!
Now, speak up!Use your voice!You'll melt Rebecca's eardrums with your whispering prince voice!

'We're both special. We're the only ones who can replace each other. Uncle Donis - there will be no other heir that the current lord will recognize but me. And there will be no one else who can maintain the current quality of koji besides Rebeka-san.

That's why I can't stay with you.

I guess that's the normal way of thinking.
But ...... do you think I'm going to give up because of that?

People's hearts are easily swayed.
It's easy to listen to someone who can give you the words you want.
'I understand your anxious feelings. But there's nothing to be anxious about. But you don't have to be anxious, because I'm here for you...' With such sweet words, he's going to wipe away Rebeka's anxiety!

Now it's time to show off, Filman!
Let the whispering prince show his true colors!

But my feelings for Rebekah are real!I love you ......!

Filman choked during the line.
Come on!
That's the best part!Don't bite me!

'...... (are you really going to say that?)'

He asks with his mouth full.
Of course!Off course!
After an odd pause, he adds another word, 'Read it! and thrusts out a notebook.
He reads it silently and says, 'What? Then, the look in Filman's eyes changed. He seems to have made up his mind, and Filman opens his mouth.

'Oh, I love you!It's Jetheme!I love you!

Pfft. ...... What the hell is he talking about?

'...... (Why is Yashiro-san laughing?)' And the filmmaker protests with his mouth full.
Be careful, Rebekah can hear you if you speak up even a little.

For efficiency's sake, I tear up a piece of paper with my lines written on it and hand it to Magda. Then Magda shows it to Filman.
The sound of tearing?I don't know. Ignore it.

'So, I propose that we work together!

For a moment, the air shakes.
Filman himself, 'What? and looked twice at Magda's handout.
But that's okay.
That's right, we should work together.

Now, let's try to convince him.

I hand Magda my copy and start writing the next one.
I'm gonna fold, Philman. Don't bite, Lord-elect!

'I've always had my doubts about BU being stuck in the old ways. They fix the amount of beans produced, and as a result, they suffer from a surplus of beans, or conversely, a shortage. And yet, they don't speak up because they are afraid of becoming the minority, because it was decided by majority vote.

As he read, sweat began to pour from Filman's forehead.
He seemed to be upset. 'Am I allowed to say this? Or something like that. But let's go to extremes. After all, we're going to destroy common sense!

'But I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid to be in the minority. Even if the majority rules against us, even if we are overwhelmed by the power of numbers, I will never bend my own personal ideas!

Riveka's ears are picking up the sound of Filman's voice.
She listens intently, not wanting to miss a single word.

'Even if the rest of the world is against it, I want to ............ marry you, Rebekah!......Even if it means antagonizing the people of the ward,......I'll take the time to convince them!

The word "marriage" made him shy. Because of this, the next words were spoken in a very low voice and quickly, and only the last word was spoken loudly as if to rewind the speech.
You should practice your speech more. Donnis isn't the only one you need to convince.
A lord's actions are always being watched by his warders.

'So, even if you marry me, Rebeka-san, please stay a koji maker!It's better for the 24 wards, and I'm sure Rebeka-san will be happy and the profits will go up!

...... Oops. I guess my feelings got in the way at the end. That's okay. In fact, if Rebeka keeps working as a koji maker, the 24th district will be very happy. I'll be even richer with the profits from the bean paste.

'So you're saying that you and Rebeka will separate ......?'

Sophie asks in a questioning tone to Filman.
'...... Huh?Why are you asking Philman?You see, I'm giving you a sign. ...... You're not looking at me, are you? I'm not sure what to do.
Well, that's okay, but...
I don't care, I'm going to give him a copy and let him talk.

'It may be a commuter marriage at first. But eventually, we will live together. ...... You can live there, can't you, really?

Hey. Don't say the questions you're asking me.
It's gonna sound crazy.
I'm gonna nod my head as hard as I can and reassure you. It's okay. There are 50,000 couples who work together. There are plenty of ways to make it work.

'After living together, upon the waking bell, Rebeka will go to the koji factory and work in the chamber. You will be finished taking care of the koji by the time the sun rises, right?Therefore, I will have you return to the lord's mansion at sunrise, have breakfast together, and have you take a nap. In the meantime, I'll do the work of a lord. When she's around, I tend to get carried away and hustle and bustle, so if she can take a nap, I can concentrate on my work!

Filman glared at me after I said that.
What the hell. I know it's true, you hustle boy.
Don't think about anything else, just read your notes.

After Rebeka woke up around noon, they spent some time together. We do some shopping and talk together. ............ Mufu'

I'm going to cut this off now because I'm laughing so hard.
I glare at him as hard as I can and tell him to take it seriously.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry. And then, at night, the two of you will sleep together, and Rebekah will head back to the koji factory with the waking bell.
'That's almost the same as Rebeka-sama's current life cycle, isn't it?
'That's right. I heard about Rebeka-san's life cycle from Yashiro-san, and used that as a reference.'

--and, in answer to Bertha's question, I'll tell you right now, Filman.
I had heard about the koji maker's work flow when we met before. He was going to leave only the part of the work that could be done only by Rebeka to her.
Rebeka is still small and needs to take naps. We'll take that time, too. This will give Fillman time to concentrate on his work.
However, both the lord and the malted rice factory may not be able to proceed as planned due to unforeseen circumstances or unavoidable work, but we can think of a solution at the time.
First of all, it is important to present the basic cycle and obtain approval.

'This is my proposal for co-workers.
'It's true that the quality of koji will be protected and Rebekah won't miss seeing Bertha every day ......, but there is one important oversight in that cycle.'
'An oversight?'

Sophie pointed out, and Filman looked at me with an impatient expression.
Don't be hasty, don't be hasty. I know what Sophie is trying to say.
I'll write down the answer for you right now, so all you have to do is read the blurb.

'At the Koji factory, meetings are held during the day regarding the development of new products, store sales, and other matters related to cooperation with the various factories. It is not necessary for Rebecca to participate in all of them. However, we cannot overlook the fact that the factory manager is always absent during these meetings. That is irresponsible. It could bring down the confidence of the factory. What are your thoughts on that?

The question came as expected, so I gave him the answer I had prepared.

'You're the one who's going to solve it, Sophie.

Sophie rolls her eyes at Filman's answer. ...... Well, it's my answer, you know.

The Koji factory keeps its brand under the Whitehead name.
Bertha may be able to pull it all together, but the name is out of control.
Then put someone there that Bertha trusts and that the factory workers and the town can trust.
Right. You, Sophie.

'Sophie, you've learned a lot of things from Bertha, haven't you?How to make miso and soy sauce, how to grow soybeans, and even how to make tofu. Those are things you don't know. Because your education is focused on koji. Isn't that right, Vasa-san?
'Yes. Sophie-sama has been away from koji since the accident. ...... So...'
I want you to do it again from now on.

Oh, God!
I'm tired of writing about it!It's a hundred times faster and easier to say it out loud.
Okay, Philman. That's enough. Let's switch.


I'll take the fall for Philman.
Don't look so scared. I know you've been feeling it for a while.
You were ready for it.
Because you said...

"If Rebeka needs me, I'll help her! And.
I'll spare no effort to help her if she asks me to.

'You're going to be the head of the koji factory.
'I'm the one?

Then everything will be all right.

'And, but, as you know, ...... my ears are ......'.
'You're good with that. Rebekah will take care of that.'





'但是,但是我已经离开工厂...... 六年了,而且......'

我缓慢而有力地喊出她的名字,以阻止 "但是"。



'...... 当你这样说的时候,让我觉得我可以做到这一点。




'...... 我能做到吗?


'Rebeka: ......'
'............ 是'。




'...... Mmm'