327-Episode 239 Gathering of the Three Great Guild Lea...

'It was properly connected underground~☆ Sea☆'

Masha is proudly showing off her face in the tarai.

The sun was setting in the evening.
I wondered what was going on when Masha, soaking wet all over, was carried in by Delia, but when I talked to her, she told me that she had swum to the 42nd district.

She swam through the route that I had long suspected to be suspicious, and proved my theory that there was an ocean connection outside District 42, which was only a speculation.
It seemed that he had been quite reckless, and his skin, like that of a white fish, was covered with many scratches and cuts.

'But we might have to break down the walls of the cave to make it passable for ships.
'How deep was it?
'That's fine. I don't think we'll run aground even if we charge in at night.
'You don't have to go on such a reckless adventure.

The sea that stretches to the northwest of All Bloom curves around to avoid the 36th district and reaches the 37th district located to the northeast.
District thirty-six was a bad location. There is a little mountain behind the outer wall, and it is a little further inland than the two neighboring districts.
So they found a 'suspicious current' a little off the route to District 37. It led into a large cliff that towered over the coast and seemed to ...... dead end at the end of the cave.
No one had ever bothered to look in the cave before, but Marcia had done some digging.

After I said earlier that there should be a channel to the sea under the cliffs in the 42nd district based on the salmon, Masha had been looking around for a water flow that would lead there.
She predicted the location of the waterway leading to the Forty-second District based on the flow of the tide and suspected that the cave was suspicious and that the sea still lay ahead.
Masha actually swam through a loophole in the back of the cave and discovered the waterway to District 42.
That's persistence.

'The forty-two districts are not in a low position, but the thirty-five districts are in a high position.

As far as Masha is concerned, District Forty-two is not located at an elevation of zero meters above sea level.
Since we had to climb up the hill all the way to the 35th district, where the port is located, I thought that the 42nd district was in a low position, but apparently that was not the case.

'If the 42nd district was lower than the sea, seawater would have flowed in from the 37th district and submerged it.

Well, that's true.
Allbloom seems to be a city in the highlands of this continent called Galea Bloom, and the road from the port of the 35th district to the city gate is also uphill.
The road from the port of the 35th district to the city gate is also an uphill slope, though the difference in height is not more than a few dozen meters.
I feel like I'm looking at a trompe l'oeil ....... You'll have to show me a 3D model to understand it well.

'We need to break down the walls of the cave, build a tunnel for ships to pass through, and maybe a lighthouse.
'It's going to be quite a big project, isn't it?

Estella broke out in a cold sweat at the prospect of such a grand project.
It looks like a lot of money is going to be blown away.

'I'll have the carpenters of the 35th district work on the tunnel and the port. Even if it's only a small amount of profit, we can't do it without that kind of return.''
'Ugh ......, I've always wanted to build a lighthouse, but .........'

Umaro is gritting his teeth in frustration.
I'm sure he likes new technology,......, but does living in the forty-second ward infect you with company animals?

'The carpenters in District 35 are professionals in port construction and maintenance. It would be great if you could absorb some things while helping them out.'

Estella followed up, but Umaro kept looking in the opposite direction because he couldn't look Estella directly in the eye.
You're like a sulking kid, you know that?

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you can do it.
'Mm, that's right, boss. I'm very fond of the toilet in Estella's house. I'm looking forward to it.
'Ha, ha, that's, that's, I'll do my best to meet your expectations. ......'
'Why don't you look at me, fox master!If you weren't a Fluffy, I'd slash you!

Umaro seems to be a bit of a 'thing' in Lucia's opinion.
Beetles and stag beetles don't seem to be so.

Well, that's how I ended up walking around during the day to talk about various things, and now I'm having another meeting at the sunny pavilion.
I've been face to face with Estella and Lucia for a long time now.

Gilberta and Natalia have returned to their respective mansions.
Lucia will be staying at Estella's house today, and is preparing for that.
Gilberta has returned and is coming back to the 42nd district. ...... Poor thing.

'Oh, ...... I'm so tired.'

Estella raises her arms and flips her thin chest.
Her spine rumbles. You're an old man, you know that?

'...... I'm sorry, it's so easy.'
'I didn't say anything, did I?
'You're Yashiro, you must have been thinking something like that. You can tell by looking at his face.
'Oh, you can't tell without seeing my face, Estella?
'I don't need to see her face to know. I don't need to see your face to know.
'Rust in the sea breeze, anchovy.'

That's a terrible thing to say.
I wasn't thinking about boobs this time.
d*mn it. From now on, I'm only thinking about boobs!I'm not going to think about anything else!

'But you're right, my shoulders are stiff.

And the H cup turns her shoulders. Of course it will be stiff, if you have such a magnificent thing hanging from your shoulder.

'I'm not so sure about that~'

says the F-cup as it dips into the water.
It must be the buoyancy, I guess.

'I've had a lot of stiffness lately.

You're lying.

'It's an occupational hazard of being a lord. All I can say is get used to it. I've been getting stiff too.

Not really, Miss. Within the margin of error.
It'll go away in a second if you lie on your back.
'It's gone as soon as I put it in my mouth...' You're a lump that'll disappear sooner than beef that's so soft.

'Shut up, Yashiro. Even if you don't talk, your face is annoying.'

Hmph. He cares about every little thing.
I guess he's annoyed because he doesn't have any room in his heart.

'Small minded guy ...... no, flat chested guy.'
'Why did you rephrase that?It means something completely different!

You idiot.
The heart is in the chest.
So a flat-chested man has a small heart, and naturally his heart is small too.
Turtles enlarge their bodies to fit the size of the tank.

'You're like a turtle.
'What?There's no pause, so I have no idea what you mean.

He must be tired.
Estella squeaks like a turtle.

'What do you mean, a turtle squeaks?
'Yashiro, you look tired...'
'Do you want to eat something sweet?I'll go tell the manager...'
'Delia, you just want to eat, don't you?But it's nice, something sweet. I want to eat it too!
'Okay!I'll go tell her!

Delia walked into the kitchen, ignoring me.
Ginette is currently cooking dinner for the people who are working on the construction in New Town.

'And yet, Umaro ...... is skipping work and entering the sunlit pavilion.'
'Yashiro-san, you're the one who called me here just because you want to have a meeting!
'Would you come just because you were invited?Is that normal?'
'If you're invited, you'll come, right?

Umaro is talking straight.
He's such a boring guy.

'Gentlemen. Would you like a donut?'

Ginette brings over a huge tray of donuts.
With Delia behind her, her eyes sparkling.

'Mmm, let's take a break. Why don't you join us, Ginepu?'
'I still have a few things to prepare.
'I'll help you later, so you can eat too.
'Yashiro-san is going to help you?That's a relief.

I wonder. I was only going to help a little with the serving, but now I feel like I've been burdened with tremendous expectations.

'Excuse me, next door.
'Oh, yeah.

She hands the tray to Delia and brings a chair next to me.
Because of Umaro, Estella, Lucia, Delia and Masha were all across the table, but Ginette naturally walked towards us.
Well, I guess it's appropriate considering the population density. I was thinking.

'Um, Yashiro-san.

Jeannette turned her body toward me, and made a fist with both hands, appealing to me strongly.

'I'd like you to try my most prized creation, Yashiro-san.

The one that was offered to him was ......

'...... meat buns?'
'Yes!The dough is the most plump and fluffy I've ever had!

Do you want a ...... donut?
No, it's fine.
I mean, I stopped Jeannette when she was going back to the kitchen, didn't I?
But you had a bun in your donut. ...... What?Was I supposed to be stopped?
No, it's fine, but...

I mean, I had a hint of that in my mind. ......

Last night.
After Estella and the other members of the 42nd district had gone home, I was about to go to bed when Jeannette stopped me. ...... No, to be exact, I let out a small whisper, 'Ah ....... It's not that she stopped me, she just made a face that said '...... shun', but I guess it was like being stopped,......, and I had no choice but to teach her how to make meat buns and candy apples.
Then he started making them all morning.

I've already mastered candy apples, and I'm currently in the trial and error stage of the Ginette method for meatballs.
...... I wonder how many buns I've eaten today.

I'm sure you've seen me make fried takoyaki or something like that in the morning and look like a grown-up.
It's just that I couldn't make them even if I wanted to because I was letting the dough rest.
He also wanted to make fried takoyaki because he just learned how to make it.

Of all the new dishes he learned, he seemed to have a strong attachment to the meat buns and put a lot of effort into them.
I guess that means he was pleased with the surprise. ......It may be a reaction to being left in the dark. ............

This is not good. Jeannette is addicted to Chinese food these days.
If this continues, we'll end up with a Chinese restaurant called the Sunshine Pavilion.
I'll teach him to make a pork cutlet bowl or something next time, will you?

'Yes. It's good.'
'...... squeak'

Ginette writhes happily and makes a small gut pose, as if she's been stuck in some strange place.
But not 'squeak'. It should be 'okay' or 'I got it' or something like that.
Well, I don't think Jeannette would say, 'Yes, I got it! but...

'Now, dinner for the construction workers will be fine.
'Are they buns?
'Yes. I'm also going to bring some Mapo Tofu.

A mobile Chinese restaurant?

In the event that you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at ............. I'm going to ...... regret this.

I'm not sure what to say. Why don't you at least put your hair in a bun?'
'Buns ...... are you going to put them in three round shapes and skewer them?'
'I imagined it that way!

I didn't think you'd imagine skewered dumplings with a dumpling head. ...... Skewered dumplings on the back of the head ...... That's interesting, though. I think a normal dumpling head with two circles on top of the head would be cuter.
Let's imagine Jeannette's bun head: .................. It's pretty good, isn't it?
Ginette doesn't wear her hair up very often, but the nape of her neck when she wore a yukata was first-rate, so a bun head would be possible.

There's something about unusual hairstyles that tickles my fancy.

'Darling!You said you need me!

The door opens with a wild bang. Medora attacked. ...... You're not going to smash the door, are you?

I'm not sure if you've seen this before.

It's been a long time since I've seen Medora up close, but I can't help but feel my eyes watering.
I feel like my eyesight is getting worse every second.
I mean, what's with your head?
Normally Medora has her long white hair tied in two at the shoulders with a pretty red ribbon, but today she has her hair tied up in a very high knot.
This is what is known as a twin-tail hairstyle.

'What's the joke with that hairstyle, Medora?
'Oh, you're the darling!You're the first to notice when a woman changes her hairstyle, and you're the epitome of a gentleman.
'No, I'm not complimenting you.
'You don't have to say it out loud, it's written all over your face.'
'What?'I've started chilled Chinese food'?
'Today's Medora is so cute, I want to make her my wife!
'That's because your eyesight is faulty or there's an error in the 'forced translation magic'.

Who would want her for a wife?

'Isn't she pretty?
'The hair is.

That's why the overly strong face underneath is so uncomfortable.
It's like a bad collage image. You look like a fin-de-siecle champion with a magical girl's hairdo.

This is a great way to make sure that you are getting the best out of your business.
'Medora, you're interfering with business.

I've been using Wendy and the others to instill an image of 'weddings are wonderful! But if you parade, it'll be like a night parade of a hundred demons. It's obvious that you're going to bring the hunting guild with you anyway. ...... Or rather, don't involve me in such a demonic procession.

If you do, you'll see the truth.

I don't know why everyone takes it as if I'm not full of it. ......

'Yoo-hoo~☆ You look good, Medamama☆'
'Hmm?...... What's that, you were there too, the sea fisherman?
'Yes, I was there~'
'You're still dressed like an a**h*le. Don't let a woman get cold feet.

They don't seem to be getting along.
Maybe the guild leaders of major guilds don't get along well with each other.

'But this is Yashiro-kun's favorite outfit~'

'Give me an extra large scallop for me!
'Hey Medora, that's terrorism!
'Hmm~......, the only thing I have now is shijimi☆'
'Shijimi ............ hmm~......'
'Don't bother, Medora!
'............Yes, it is.'
'No, it's not!

Masha giggles, teasing Medora.
What's the matter, they're good friends.
The whitefish will interfere by force, though.

And then...
The door of the sunlit pavilion opens slowly.

'...... ha...... ha............, I'm back... ...'

We were a few minutes behind Medora.
Magda returned to the sunlit pavilion, drenched in sweat. I'm wobbly.

'...... medrama...... fast'

I can't believe that Magda is this exhausted. ...... Medora, what kind of speed have you been running at?A monster. ............ Ah, a monster.


Arms outstretched, Magda wobbled her way slowly towards me.
I get up, pick him up and pick him up.
You've done a great job. ...... I'm sorry I put you alone with the demons.
I didn't think you'd come faster than a carriage without it.

'Darling, I'll carry you too!
'I'm sorry. I can't carry anything heavier than a mini-car.

You're not big enough to carry it, you know.

'Do you have the beast girl all to yourself, anchovy?
'You can take the big one home if you want.

It's too much for me to handle.

'Mmm!My darling's shy...'

Oh, yes, yes. That's fine, just be quiet.
...... I wonder if the same '☆' can change so much just because the person saying it is different.
It's as different as recovery magic and instant death magic.

And so, darling. What do you want me to do about distribution?

I had the letter I wrote to Medora delivered to Magda during the day.
So I guess she understands the general idea.
The Achilles heel of BU is distribution.
I'm going to scratch it and use it as a bargaining chip.

......?Yeah, negotiations, right?
It's a little one-sided, yeah.

But there's one other thing I'd like you to do for me.
'...... Do you want me to cook your darling's ribs every morning?...... Pfft.'
'I can't eat something that heavy in the morning.

In addition, maybe you meant to say 'your miso soup every morning', but since it's a ribeye, I almost chickened out for a second, thinking my meat was going to be burned.
No, I don't have any ribs in my body.

'Yashiro!I'll cook salmon for you every morning!
'No, that's enough.
'I'll call you out on it every morning.
'What, Lucia? Is that what you do for breakfast?'
'...... Magda wants to have a good meal every morning.'
'You're just hoping!That's what I want, too!

I don't know, Medora's got a lot of interesting things to say, and a lot of people are taking advantage of it.
I don't have time to pay attention to such things. It's boring.

'Well~, I'll roast scallops for you every morning~'
'Where do you get the scallops?
'You're biting too hard, Yashiro.
'...... Those contents are not scallops.'
'It's not very interesting, is it?

What are you talking about, Delia?It's so interesting!

'Hmm!You're still a loose cannon, sea fisherman!I'm not sure what to do.
I'll think about it if it's my medama's darling...'

The two leaders of the huge guild that supports the foundation of All Bloom are glaring at each other.
But I'm more interested in the contents of the scallop.

''Oumalo. I like scallops, don't you?'
'I don't want you to get me involved in this!

As I was tinkering with Umaro while watching the two guild leaders sparking each other, a meat bun was quickly presented in front of me.

'Yashiro-san. Here you go.'

Ginette said quietly.
I've just eaten, and now you want me to eat again?
And when he looked at the bun, he saw the words 'Please repent' written on the dough. ...... Hmm?

'I used a hot iron skewer to write the words on it.
'Actually, Sister said that it would be nice if there was food that looked like a church, so I tried to see if I could do something that looked like a church. ...... How about it?'

I tried to do something church-like,.......

'It's kind of hard to eat.
'It's ......, isn't it? I've been feeling that way too.

I mean, you offered it to me with the complete intention of asking me to repent.
Don't use it like an email emoji.

'So, Yashiro. Can I get back to you?'

At the sound of Estella's voice, the air that had begun to relax suddenly became tense.
'Yes. There's no time to play around.
Now is the time to be serious. ......

'Some thoughts on scallops: ......'
'I'll stab you?'
'I have a favor to ask Medora.'

Estella's eyes are serious, so I make sure I'm serious.
I can be serious too if I want to be.

'I want to build a port in the 42nd district, can you send some guards to help me during the construction?
'So you want me to protect the people working in the forest from hexenbiests.
'Yeah, that's right.

Thank you for understanding so quickly.
Building a port is as big a project as or bigger than building a city gate.
Naturally, the construction period will be suitably long.
Moreover, the work site is in a forest where magical beasts roam.
Strict security is required.

'What are you going to do after the construction is over?Even if the port is guarded, it will be built in the forest, right?'
'You don't have to worry about that, sir!

As if she had been waiting for me, Imelda opened the door of the sunlit pavilion and walked in.
Behind her, Javier appeared, his huge bear-like body swaying.

'What, did Stewart get called in too?You're not busy, are you, woodcutter?
'No, I'm working. Medora, as usual, seems to be so involved with Yashiro that she doesn't care about work.

Men and women of the same age, all puffed up and barking hateful words at each other.
With all of them together, the sunlit pavilion feels as small as a standing bar.
They're taking up too much space.

'Guild leader Medora. No, shall I call you Miz Medora?'
'I don't care what you call me, Stewart's daughter. Did you say Imelda?'
'So, Miz... Medora.'
'You've got some nerve making it a question, little girl.'

Medora grabbed Imelda's head and stroked it as if she were trying to rip it off.
Imelda's head shakes and shakes and shakes.

'Hey, Medora. Don't bully my little Imelda.
'What do you mean by bullying? I'm just taking care of her. She's just like the old me.'
'Medora, that's not nice at all!
'Insidious bullying: ......'
'Father ......, I've lost hope in life ......'
'Hahaha!You like to joke, young people!

Why do you think it's a joke?
The resemblance to Medora's youth is ...... more than enough to make you lose hope in the future.

'So, if the lumberjacks are here, are they going to clear the forest?
'Yes, but only partially.
'If there's no forest, hexenbiests won't come to ......, but it'll certainly be safer than in the forest.
'Also, I'm planning to buy some hexenbiest repelling stones. With Lucia's help.
'I've decided to introduce you to the stonemason who was involved in the construction of the port in District 35.'
'You know, considering the depth of the sea and the topography, it's quite possible to get to the city gate by boat.
'So I'm thinking of building a port as close to the outer wall as possible, and using the effect of the outer wall's protection against magical beasts.

And that's what Estella has just summarized, and that's what we've been discussing since Masha's arrival.

'But, Yashiro...'

Javier's brow wrinkles as he picks at his doughnut.

'How can we build a port in a place surrounded by cliffs and forests?Even the cliffs can't be cut down that much, can they?

If we cut down the cliff, we'll get complaints from the 30th district.
The road where peddlers drive their wagons may be cut off. Even if you don't, land subsidence is scary.
So, I'm going to keep the changes to a minimum.

'The new port we're going to build will be even smaller than the one in District 37.
'Are you sure that's a good idea?You'll lose your profits, Yashiro.'
'We're not thinking about the profit from the port. If we can get enough fish to consume in the forty-two districts, we'll be happy.
'Hmmm ......, as usual, I don't understand what Yashiro is thinking.
'Um, Mr. Javier ......, I'm the one talking, aren't I?

Javier asks me a question while listening to Estella's explanation.
'Are you Umaro?

'Oh, sorry, sorry. I figured Yashiro would be the one to come up with something like this anyway.'
'Well, you're right, sir.

We're not looking to steal profits from the ports in District 35 or 37.
All we want now is the fact that there is a port.

So, as Estella said, the amount of fish we can land is enough to get cheap sea fish in District 42.
Assunto might interject, but that's another story.

'However, Ricardo and Ambrose are fine, but the lords of the 39th and 38th districts are going to complain, aren't they? They benefit from being 'passageways', you know.

Javier said, taking a step back and not biting too hard.
There is no toll tax, but there is a profit to be made by the peddlers' guild coming and going.
But, well, I guess that's okay.

'If you two frighten them, they'll shut up.

He said, pointing to Javier and Medora.
And if Masha joins in, it'll be perfect.

'Hahaha!Well, that's true.
'But it's not smart. Not my cup of tea, that's for sure.
'I'm willing to help~☆ I'm happy to make it easier for you to come to District 42.
'Don't make such a sweet voice, sea fisherman!Darling!I'll let you live in the 42nd district too.
'That's enough joking around for now, Medora.

Tying you to the city gates might help keep the hexenbiests away, but I won't be able to sleep peacefully.

'Maybe I'll make a temporary home in the 42nd district.
'Father, I'm going to cut off your ...... ties, okay?
'What?No, no, no, Imelda!I'm just trying to be close to my sweet Imelda, ...... out of parental love!
'By the way, Javier. Where would you like to build a villa?
'Newtown, of course!
'Mr. Yashiro. There's an unpleasant stranger here. Please kick him out.
'No!No, Imelda!Yashiro, you're being unnecessary and at the wrong time. ......!

Don't put the blame for your own perversion on me.

'Of course I'm going to build a villa near Imelda!For example, ...... Oh, yes!Church!Let's build a villa by the church!
'There are a lot of little girls there, too. ............ All you have to do is demilitarize it.
'Imelda, please don't put a curse on my scalp!

You're not here, but you're very popular, the lord of the forty districts.

'...... Something tells me that when this is all over, there won't be an increase in the number of residents in District Forty-two, will there?'

Estella says something disgusting.
If all these people move in, ............ I might run away. To a safer district.

'Hmmm... It's going to be a lively place.'

Ginette seems to welcome it, but ...... it's not 'fun', it's 'noisy'.

In the midst of the noise of these noisy people, you hear the door open.
All of them fell silent at once and turned their gaze to the open door.

'Estella-sama. A letter from BU has arrived.'

Standing there was Natalia with an unusually serious look on her face.
She is working diligently as the head waiter today.

'Perhaps a letter with the same content has been delivered to our ward. Do you mind if I take a look at it with you, Estella?
'Yes, of course.'

Estella opens the letter and Lucia and I look at it together.


'It says exactly what I expected it to say,' he said.
'I see. Well, I suppose so.'

The letter is a summons for the day after tomorrow.
You are to report to the manor of the Lord of the Twenty-ninth District and listen to the message from BU. That's what it says.

And at the end of it, there was a sentence.
Considering the conditions they would have to meet to gain an advantage, I could easily imagine what they would naturally offer.

"No one is allowed to enter the lord's mansion except those with an invitation.

Only the lord and the head waiter were invited.
If we assume that Lucia's place is the same, only four people were invited.
To paraphrase that sentence...

"Don't bring Obayashi.

That's what it means.

Like Javier said, and Donnis had a tendency to do the same. ...... A lot of people talk to me when they're talking about something.
This means that they are aware that Obeyashiro is at the center of the series of events, and the fact that even a new lord like Donis thought so and responded in this way means that my presence was quite conspicuous.

The BU guys who were watching Tracy and Donnis must have thought so too.
'You'll be a distraction.

'Hmm. As long as we don't have anchovies, the two of us are insignificant, aren't we?You've been lied to. Hey, Estella.'
'That's true. But ......'.

Estella showed a complicated expression at this predictable development.

'I'm surprised that my prediction came true, and I can't help but be awe-struck by the ...... situation that is becoming too much like what Yashiro said.

Estella looks at me as if I'm a goddess.
You seem to be thinking about whether you should worship it or contain it.

'That's good. She's on our side now. Take what you can from him. Work like a horse and cart, anchovy.
'As long as it benefits me.

Estella's mouth twisted at the word 'friend'.
A smile -- not a smile, but a heave.

'...... While we are careless like that, Yashiro is the one who snatches the most profit. ............ Lucia, you are still too naive. I'm not sure what to say. ......'

Marcia picked up on the words and laughed heartily.

'And besides, Estella.

Lucia, who is even worried about Estella, points to New Town.

'Aren't you glad that the things you're preparing for this to happen aren't going to waste?
'Well, yes, ...... let's take a positive view of the situation for now.'

I didn't do anything to you. What a disappointing guy.

'Well then everyone. Let's go deliver supper to the carpenters who are on that important mission.

Ginette stands up with a clap of her hands.
Outside the window, the sky is bright red. It's long past dinner time.
Perhaps Ginette was looking for a break in the conversation.

'I'll go get ready.

Ginette ran happily into the kitchen.
After seeing her off, Estella and I also stood up.

Well, I guess so.
Let's go give them a pep talk while we bring in the food.

Becco and Loretta and the rest of the project team.