211-Story 39 Everywhere I go, it's going to be a big s...

'Yashiro-san!I've bought some cabbage~'

Ginette came running down the main street of District 36, holding up a large, round cabbage in both hands, just like the green Imomou would like.

The sales at the stall were more than she had imagined, and she ran out of ingredients. That's why I'm procuring locally.

'...... octopus, I got it!

Magda popped up from a different alleyway from Jeannette's, and in her hand was a large octopus that had been boiled to perfection.
You can't boil it in a stall. It looks like he got it boiled at a fish shop. ...... Or did they have it already boiled?

'...... Boiled seafood is the standard food in this city.'
'Wow. As expected, it's a neighbor of the 35th district of the sea city.

One of the bases of the sea fishing guild, the 35th district.
In the 36th district, not far from the city gate, seafood is sold here and there.
I've only seen the main street, but I have a feeling that there's a greater emphasis on seafood here than in the 35th district.

'Hey, guys!Hurry up and start cooking!We're almost out of popcorn alone!

While the ingredients were being replenished, Loretta, Hammaro and their siblings were handling the crowd of customers with just popcorn.
However, there was an old man with a face like, 'What's more filling than sweets! But the popcorn didn't seem to satisfy the old men, who looked like they wanted something more than sweets.You're going to do something with that griddle over there, aren't you? They looked at us threateningly.
I was in a state of needles as I waited for the grill to be ready.
The stares stung.

I could have cooked crepes and pancakes, but ...... I knew that if I offered any more sweets, it would be judged that this was a store that only served sweets, and people who were not interested in sweets would leave, so I held back even though it was time to sell.
When the okonomiyaki is sold, I'll sell the pancakes too!

'A bunch of hungry animals!

On the other side of the kids gleefully chewing on popcorn, a group of males emitting the aura of starving beasts were staring at us.
Well, it's partly because I've been dropping sauce on the griddle every now and then and spreading a nice aroma around the place. ...... But the sweet smell alone is enough to drive away the customers, and it's almost dinner time, so if I let them go now, they'll eat somewhere else. It's almost dinnertime, so if you let them go, they'll eat somewhere else. ......

'Ginette, cut the ingredients, please!Me and Magda will start cooking right away!
'Yes, sir!
'...... got it.'

The two griddles are heated to a sufficient temperature, oiled, and ready.
For the takoyaki, the batter is poured in first.
The okonomiyaki needs to be mixed, so we need to be patient.

'Yes!One serving at a time for now!

Ginette cuts the cabbage and octopus into individual portions and places them in front of us.
It means that we should cook one serving at a time. That's the manager. There's no waste.

The okonomiyaki is cooked for one person first, and then Jeannette starts cutting the octopus.
It's easier to cook takoyaki all at once.
He plans to finish cutting the octopus before the dough hardens.

As the cooking of okonomiyaki and takoyaki began, a group of kids came up to us with popcorn in their hands.
It's interesting, isn't it, the process of making them. Especially the takoyaki.

But more than that, the pressure of the males approaching from behind the kids was tremendous.
'You know what I'm talking about, don't you?We've kept you waiting this long. If you try to make something poorly made, there will be a brawl. That's the look.
They may be unloading cargo at the port, but it is ...... horrifying to see these men, their muscles swollen to the brim, inching closer and closer.

It's one step closer to a riot!

....... I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.
Don't start fighting over it.

All right, I'll take a firm and resolute stance here, and completely stop the unbridled looting!

All right!Okonomiyaki number one!Who's buying?
'Oh, here you go. After you.'
'No, no, you too.
'I'm still okay, so who wants to go first?
''Why don't we line up in order for now, everyone?
'''I agree'''

The spirit of sharing!
They were so generous!
I'm sorry for judging them by their looks!

I'm sorry for judging you by your appearance!
'There's no okonomiyaki for you to eat!

A woman in make-up and pressure paint slipped in between the two men.
Take a firm stance!

This old lady with her well-fitted clothes and ornaments must be a rich person, just like she looks.
But I don't know!
Normally, I'd give priority to the rich and make them pay more than necessary, but ...... I'm fiercely impressed by the spirit of mutuality among these men!
There is no room for those who do not have a pure heart!

'Okay!Then, you're the one I've been waiting for since the very beginning!I'll sell you the first one!

'Huh?Oh, is it okay if it's me?

I'm not sure what to say.
...... I almost regretted it for a moment, but I guess language is subject to the antics of the spirit gods. ............

I'm not sure what to say.I sold it to you!
I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

A strangely low-slung muscle man steps forward, bows to me, bows to Ginette, Magda, Loretta, and Hammaro, then turns and bows to the crowd.
You're so low!How low can you be?

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.

A thick voice leaked out.
He stretched his low back and said, 'Bean! He stretched his low back and said, 'Hey, look at this!It's really good! As if to appeal to the crowd, he held up a plate with okonomiyaki on it and pointed to it.
The way he looks at the audience is like a veteran gourmet reporter.
If a camera were nearby, he would be showing the cross-section of the okonomiyaki, saying, 'Hey, camera, look at this.

'This tastes like a delicious meal made even better!

Too bad. The metaphor is so bad.
It doesn't convey anything to me.

'Hammaro. Eat the new okonomiyaki you just cooked and tell me what you think.'

While the old man was writhing in agony, he handed Hammaro the okonomiyaki he had cooked and let him taste it.
Hammaro bites into the okonomiyaki without hesitation, his small mouth moving in a gurgling motion.
Watch this, you mere gourmet reporter.
This is what I call a food reporter!

'A concerto of umami and happiness!
Give me some!
'Me too!
'I'll have three!

That's Hammaro. It didn't take long for the crowd's patience to run out of steam.
You'll make a good living at it.

'...... Hammaro. Same here.
'Oh!Magda-tan's 'Ahn'!

Perhaps stimulated by the popularity of okonomiyaki, Magda lets Hammaro have one of her takoyaki.

'Oof, oof, oof, oof!

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm going to have to.
...... You idiot. I can do that too.
I'm as cute as Hammaro.

I can do it too. ...... huff,huff,huff,hot!I'm sorry.

It's not even an opinion at this point.
I'm not sure what you mean by "hot and delicious"?

'I'm buying!
'Me too!
'I'll have three!

Even the old lady from earlier?
The girls are really popular!

...... I think I'll cook okonomiyaki, too, while huffing and puffing.

'Oh, oh, takoyaki for me too!
'Me too!
'No, I'll go first!

The old men crowded in front of the takoyaki, pushing away the ladies who loved Hammaro. ...... No, they're crowding in front of the Magda.
And they all open their mouths as wide as they can.

'''' Ahhh! ''''
'......We don't offer that service.'
'''' What the hell? ''''

You're not jealous of the 'ahhh' Hammaro got from me.

The jealousy of males is so disgusting.

'...... However.
'Why me?
'''' I bought it! ''''
'A huge number of men in unison!

It's so simple.
...... Are there only idiots in this ward?

'Ugh ......, it's so harsh ......'.

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
...... What is this play? I think I'll get in line too.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to find the right one for you.
...... You son of a b*tc*.


'I'd like to offer you the service of serving okonomiyaki with a single pinch of ......'.
'Please repent!

Oh, no!
Well, it burns.
I can't help it.

I'll just have him do it to me another day.

And so, the 36th District "Flour Festival" came to a successful conclusion.
The sky was already dark. It would be impossible to sell any more in the 35th district. By the time we get there, it will be quite late.

'Shall we sell in District 35 in the morning?
'So, we'll leave after noon?

We talked about this as we cleaned up.
That's right. If we start at around eleven and work until thirteen, we can make a lot of money.
Then we'll head back to District 42.

'Then it'll be night by the time we get to the Sunlit Pavilion.
'That might be the case,............,' said the disappointed look on his face,......, 'you weren't planning to open for business tomorrow, were you?'
'What?No, no!I was thinking of ...... arriving early, but ......'.

It's a company animal. ...... There are company animals.
Work after a long trip. ......

No, well... For Jeannette, working at the sunlit pavilion may be a way of life, a hobby, and a form of entertainment.

'Let's take a rest tomorrow, as expected.
'That's right. I can't keep you all company. Let's get some rest for the next day.

The next day will be business as usual without question.
He's a tough guy.

'Let's work hard tomorrow to make up for it.
'Yeah!I'll earn it!
'Yes, sir. Let's make everyone smile!

The purpose of ...... and Jeannette are very different.
But it doesn't matter, because the result will be the same.

'...... Yashiro. I'm almost done cleaning up the second store.'
'Good. Well, let's get some food, shall we?

We've cleaned up most of the mess, but the griddle at No. 7 is still hot.
I'll make some food for us.

'...... Magda refuses to eat okonomiyaki.'
'I've been smelling it ...... all day, and it's been hot too. ......'
'Sweet and spicy scent, torture!
'Er, well ...... I don't mind anything, but ...... if you can ......'
'I know, I know. I've already thought of something that's not okonomiyaki.

The last time I saw the employees at the sunlit pavilion, they spent the whole day smelling the sauce. I could imagine it would be the same today.
So I'm going to skip the powdered stuff and go for teppanyaki.
We have pork, shrimp, and vegetables. It'll be a good meal.

'Would you like me to help you?
'Then cut the vegetables into large pieces.'
'Yes, sir.

Ginette cuts the cabbage into pieces suitable for the teppanyaki.
In the meantime, I'll fry up some pancakes.
Don't sweeten them, but use them as bread.
If you put vegetables and meat between them, it will be like a hamburger.

And then, Magda and Loretta started fumbling around beside me.
I peeked over to see what they were doing. ......

'...... I made takoyaki for Yashiro.'
'Please eat it!
'You ...... have been exposed to the aroma of the sauce for the same amount of time as I have been, haven't you?

You refused to eat it, but you want me to eat it? ...... Oh, God. You can't refuse it after you've made it. ............ You look hot, again.

I'm not sure what to say.

You can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their life.
Business use?What are you talking about?

''So, this is the first time that ...... I've ever had a 'hoo hoo'!

With that, he takes one of the takoyaki from Magda's plate and blows on it with a 'whoof'. The dried bonito flakes shake with the steam. The takoyaki is so close to your lips that you think you are eating it yourself.
Then, he holds out a sufficiently cooled takoyaki to you.

'Oh, it's "Ahn"!

So that's it.
The 'woo-woo' you were doing to the customer earlier was for professional use, and you were actually just pretending to be blowing. In fact, he didn't breathe so hard, and he only said 'phew~' once, so it didn't count as 'phew'. This is truly Loretta's first 'woo-hoo'. --I guess you could say that.

So, are you sure you want me to eat that 'first'?

Hurry up. It's falling!

Loretta's hand begins to shake.
It's true that if you leave it for even five more seconds, the takoyaki will be unable to resist gravity and will fall.
That would be a waste.
Then there is only one thing I should do: ............ This takoyaki was very close to Loretta's lips just now. ...... ............

I'm not sure what to do.
'Oh, oh!I know, I know!

I'm not embarrassed.
I'm not embarrassed. In the first place, because Loretta said something ostentatious, ............ I'm not!
I'll eat it!

I'm going to eat it! I'm going to bite into the round object that's offered to me.
It's definitely a takoyaki, and with the aroma of sweet and spicy sauce,......, the intense heat spreads into my mouth.

'Hot!Huff!Huff!You're hot!

The 'huffing' wasn't doing its job at all.
It's hot!It's so hot!
But I can't spit it out. ......
But I can't spit it out, because Loretta is looking at me with a slightly anxious, yet somewhat expectant look on her face.

'How is it?

It's hot!

'Is it good?

I don't know, it's too hot!

When I couldn't answer with a 'hahaha', Loretta's eyes became filled with anxiety.
Oh, wait, wait!I'll tell you now!I'll tell you what I think!

It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find any useful information.
...... I think I'm going to cry.

'Ugh, that was good ...... Loretta.'

Her esophagus burned, and she couldn't speak well.
But even so, Loretta nodded her head in satisfaction and jumped up and down.

'Then I'm glad!

...... If you're happy with this, it's a small price to pay. ..................

'...... Ahhh...'

Magda held out a round object in front of me as I rubbed my burned esophagus.

'...... Magda, this is the real 'Ah~n'.'
'No, it's fine if it's Hammaro, he's like a family member. ......'
'...... Magda's, serious, "Ahhh"'.

I'm sure you'll be able to understand if Loretta wanted to prove that she wasn't just going to give away something that she had to cherish to a customer.
But, Magda.
You're good, right?
And I've given you a 'uh-oh' before, haven't I?

'...... Now is the time for Magda's real "uh-oh."'

You never know where the fire will ignite, Magda's competitive spirit is ......, or rather, Magda's.


Magda's ears perked up.
'Oh, are you embarrassed?

'......' 'Does Yashiro want it?
'Well, well, I guess I'd like to ......?

It's definitely hot.
Even Loretta's had a near-death experience.
It's gonna be tough. I mean, I can't.

'............ is asking too much.

Magda, who seemed to have had her heart lit by a girl's desire, showed a rare display of blatant embarrassment and shoved a takoyaki into my mouth without question.

I'm not sure what to do.

...... Magda.
That's the work of an ogre. ......

'You should know that ...... Magda is not a woman you can easily have your way with.

Then, in exchange, remember that shoving something too hot in your mouth will burn you.

'Um, Yashiro-san, ...... here's some water, not too cold.
'Huff huff!
'Um, ......, "thank you", right?'

I was too hot to speak, but Ginette was able to read my appeal. I'm impressed.
Oh ...... I thought I was going to die.

Well, I know what you mean.
It's kind of like a girl's heart, you know?I'm sure you've got some sensitive feelings swirling around, you know. I can kind of understand. ...... Anyway, I'll tell you this for sure.

'From now on, no more 'ahhhhs' and 'woof woofs' for customers.

I'll be the one who suffers the consequences.

'...... Understood.'
'I understand, too.'
'I understand and I mean it!

Yeah. Hammaro doesn't get it, does he? But that's okay. It's Hammaro.

'...... You should eat it too. Magda's takoyaki.'
'It's hot, so you should break it open and let the inside cool down before eating.'
'That's the kind of care I wish I had when I was ......'.

I'm glad I didn't get burned.
But I'm in the mood to avoid hot food for a while.

'Um, Yashiro-san, are you okay?

Ginette asks me after I've savored a nice cold takoyaki.

'If there's anything you want me to do, just let me know, okay?
'Well, I'll put some okonomiyaki between you and .......'
'Please repent.'

'I'll take care of you, but I'm not sure I'm up for anything.

After that, we all ate some kind of burger made of pancakes with shrimp and pork, and walked the rest of the way to District 35.
The sky was covered with darkness, but the stars were very beautiful, probably because we were higher than the 42nd district.
Looking up at them, we walked together at night, and strangely enough, we did not feel scared at all.