210-Later, the 38th tour of the temple will be held.


A boy with a face like a snake is munching on popcorn.
Next to him, a little girl with drop-ear ears hanging down from both sides of her face is chewing a crepe.

We are currently in the thirty-eighth district.
It is almost time for the sun to rise.

'I'm glad to hear that the people of this district like it too.

Ginette says happily as she cooks a thin crepe batter on the okonomiyaki griddle.
In the 39th district, where we had stopped before this, the response from the customers had been good.
They were intrigued by the food they had never seen before, their stomachs were gripped by the delicious smell, and they gathered together to enjoy the food outside. Thanks to this unusual atmosphere, the food stall at the sunny pavilion was very popular with customers and sales were brisk.
Because they ate standing up, they sometimes looked a little ill-mannered, but that was a good thing.
It must have been delicious to eat while chatting with acquaintances.

'......Yashiro. It's time to open a space for okonomiyaki.
'The adults look like starving animals!

There are two stalls.
One is for popcorn and tacos, the other for okonomiyaki and takoyaki. By changing the teppan (griddle) and adjusting the dishes, we can increase the variety of items.
At the moment, he is using a flat griddle to cook crepes and tortillas for tacos.

'......The children's stomachs have been filled. ......Now it's time for the adults.
'In short, you should sell not only sweets, but also food that can be eaten with gusto.

What's so 'adult' about okonomiyaki?
But Magda has a good point.
Children are the first to jump at such unusual things. Children flock to it, and adults observe them from afar and approach them after careful examination.
Therefore, when you start, it is better to make a big sweet smell and gather all the kids at once.

And when the kids' curiosity and hunger are satisfied, it is time to satisfy the adults' hunger.
Mmm. Magda, you're watching closely.

He was curled up asleep on the stall until he left the 40th district, but as soon as he entered the 39th district, "Eyes, Patty! "Back muscles, shaky! "Motivation, boom! The moment I entered the 39th district, my eyes lit up!
Well, we've been to the fortieth district together, haven't we? So, for Magda, the 39th district was the start of the race.
Well, one of the factors was that it was morning time until the fortieth district.

'The lord's people will be here later, so you'd better show them what you've got.

Just two stalls, so many people, from adults to children, are crowded and excited.
You can see how much profit can be expected if such stalls are lined up on the main street,......, unless you are too stupid to feel it firsthand.

'......I see. ......The time has come to show it. ............'

In a moment, Magda removes the wristband from her arm and drops it to the ground.


'What?I'm not sure what to make of it.
''...... I'll get serious.
'''Oh, ......'''

The crowd let out a squeal of admiration.
What kind of shonen manga is this? I don't understand why you have to put so much stress on your customers.
Well, you're right. I guess it doesn't make any difference to Magda if it's that heavy or not.
In short, it's staged.
The plan seems to have worked, and the children's eyes are shining brightly.

'............ Uclines' wristbands for children's heroes (600Rb)'
'You can make anything you want, Ukrines ......'.

And it's expensive.
...... No, I think I'll get one for my training.
I'm sure you'll be happy with the results. ...... No, you see. It's the time of the year when you're really affected by these things.

'...... Manager, change. ...... From here on, Magda will ............ burn.

I'm not sure what to make of that.
It's like a beast's eyes just before it kills its prey.
This guy ...... is serious!

'...... Loretta, get ready.'
I'll leave it to you!I'll make okonomiyaki and Magda-chou will make takoyaki!If the two of us work together, we can satisfy the hunger of everyone here in no time!It's lunchtime, though!

The teppan is replaced and heated to maximum heat.
Ginette moves to the popcorn section, and the two talented waitresses stand side by side in Shop No. 7, equipped with the griddle.
In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at a few of the most effective ways to make sure that you'll be able to get the most out of your time. ...... Anyway, run away from the hamster. I'm sure you'll be fine.

When the teppan is warm enough, the oil is poured into the teppan of both takoyaki and okonomiyaki. The oil pops and jumps with a loud noise, and at the same time, a unique aroma wafts into the air.

'...... batter is poured in all at once.
'I'm going to mix it!

Magda poured in the batter for the takoyaki, and next to her, Loretta stirred in the okonomiyaki batter and ingredients.
Jujah!Kasha kasha kasha!and a joyful sound began to echo.

The kids gathered around the stall, looking patiently into Magda and Loretta's hands.

'It's dangerous, please don't get too close.

The second stall selling popcorn is empty as all eyes are on the seventh stall.
Jeannette gently warns the children as they peer at the stall.
She also reminds parents to be careful about splashing grease and contact with the steel plate.
She's a good girl.

A few minutes after the dough for takoyaki and okonomiyaki started to be cooked ......, the time was almost up.
That's right, the main event of the powdered food - the turning over.

'Come on, let's go!
'......The skills of a craftsman, you should see.'

They exchanged glances, and Magda and Loretta held up their trowels and pliers in a cool way.

'...... Now!
''It's time!
''Let's see what you can do.''

I shouted.
As soon as you shout, the two of you unleash your weapons.

''Hoi, sir!

When Loretta flipped the okonomiyaki upside down in the air, there were cheers and applause.


Every time Magda skillfully flipped the takoyaki around, the crowd's voltage rose higher and higher.

''Hmmm... ...... It's still too early to be impressed. ............ The best part of okonomiyaki is... ...is the aroma!

After both sides of the okonomiyaki are thoroughly cooked, Loretta uses a brush to spread the sweet and spicy okonomiyaki sauce. The sauce falls onto the griddle and pops.
Then, the aroma of the thick sauce fills the air.

'Wow, this is unbelievable!
'Hey!Give me both of those!
'I'll give you two each!
'Hey, line 'em up!That's the order!
'I want some!

It was a bite.
Everyone in the room caught a fish.

Of course they did.
For these guys, it's a rare dish that they may never be able to eat again.
There was no way to miss this chance!

'Hammaro, prepare the plates!
Hammaro, prepare the plate!

As Magda and Loretta continued to cook at breakneck speed, Hammaro dexterously snatched the okonomiyaki and takoyaki from their hands and placed them on a plate.
It seemed that Hammaro had somehow adapted to the restaurant, and he had no complaints about the presentation.
In addition, he was lean and fast.

'For the first customer, let's serve!

Even without our help, Ginette and I were able to handle the crowds of customers.
They've ...... grown up, haven't they?

'You're so cool, lady!
'We're going to be like the okonomiyaki lady!
'Muhaa!How cute are these kids?I'll make a special prawn platter for you!
'Don't be so paranoid!

Hmm. I guess we'll have to keep an eye on them.
Loretta...... still has a long way to go.

'The manager's bad habits are infecting the employees.
'Huh?I'm not doing that?
'Whenever a blatantly hungry person comes to the store, I feel like the amount of side dishes is somehow increased.
'Yes, yes, yes, is that so?It's possible that it's just your imagination,.......

Well. It's not a detrimental increase in volume, and the other customers understand Ginette's character, so it hasn't been a problem so far. ......

'I've got a bad habit. ......'
'Ha, ha. ...... Oh, I'm going to go help!

Seeking refuge, Jeannette heads off to help Hammaro.
She left the baking to the two of them.

'Well, I'll go to .......'

Beyond the crowd, I look at the strangely dressed people who are rolling their eyes at this scene.

'...... time to get to work.'

The inspection team sent by the lord of the thirty-eighth district consisted of four people.
As I head towards them, their surprised faces tighten and they make a stern face as if to intimidate me.
You can see through it that they don't want to be licked by lower-ranked people. ...... You little bastard.

The old men on the inspection team were trying to find fault with us, making this and that difficult.
I guess they don't want to block the main street of the district for a wedding of two strangers from another district.
Even if they do give us a permit, they seem to be looking for any fault in us in order to get the most favorable conditions possible.

It's .......
You've got the wrong guy.
The more you struggle, the more I'm going to add to the conditions in my favor.
I wonder when you'll realize ...... 'Oh, it's best to end negotiations with this guy early'. The more you argue, the worse your position will become.

I didn't tell you this, but I hate people who try to get what they want.

'No, but if you restrict the traffic on the main street, the sales during that time will be ......'.
'How true. And if the stores lose sales, it means that the tax revenue of the district will also be affected. ......'
'Oh, that's terrible. We can't let that happen. Don't you think so?
'Yes, I do. Yeah, I think so, everybody does.'

......, and the old men who gathered there conspired to say things like, 'We're in a lot of trouble, so you'll have to do something for us.
That's why--

'Then, there will be no parade or stalls only in the 38th district.

I said this in a slightly louder voice to the inspection team members who were being so insistent.
Then, the people who had been exuding a happy atmosphere with okonomiyaki in their hands all raised their voices in dissatisfaction.
Some of them were even getting angry.

How about it?
Doesn't that hurt?
To have such blatant antipathy from the people?
And that animosity is not directed at you, but at the lord who sent you.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this.

In addition, what if these angry people say, 'Well, we'll go to another district to open a store.
The main street would be deserted for a day, and all the wealth in the district would be spewed out to the neighboring districts.
That would be a big blow, wouldn't it?

That's why. You should just shake your head now.

You'd be wiser to switch your thinking and think about how to make money on this opportunity.

Furthermore, I would like you to pay attention to the fact that the foods of the 42 wards have become so popular here, and to the fact that 'if we sell each other's specialties in our respective wards, we may be able to attract new customers and make a profit in the future.
It would be nice if they could copy each other's ideas that they don't have yet. ideas that we don't have yet. If derivatives appear, the value of the original will increase. Food connoisseurs who think 'the real thing is good' may come to other districts.

What we should think about now is not how much we will be disadvantaged, but how much we can profit.

Tell them this in a simple and straightforward manner, and tell them to ask their lord for his opinion again.

Perhaps this will get us permission to use the main street. In fact, there is no reason not to.
If he is still reluctant, I will fire up the children and make them cry in front of the lord's house.
As I thought when I asked Imelda about the public's attitude toward polygamy, the people in this town tend to be very concerned about public opinion.
If that's the case, the fact that the lord is hated by children must be a very negative factor. Estella was very upset about the children's lunch flag. 'I want to be a lord who is liked by children.

It's not hard to seduce them if you can form a certain amount of public opinion in our favor.
The blockade of the main street would only last a dozen or so minutes when the carriages were passing.
The rest of the time, it's all festivities, sales are high, and profits are plentiful.
In addition, you may have the image of 'How nice of the lord to do such fun things! You might even get the image of 'How nice of the lord to do such a fun thing!
There's no reason not to do it.

--And if you whisper something like that in her ear, she'll fall for you rather easily.

'Okay. I guess it's time to go.

The negotiations with the inspection team were over, and the goods had been sold reasonably well.
After this, I have to go to the 37th and 36th districts. We can't afford to lose time here.

'Then everyone, start cleaning up.

Hearing my words, it was the kids who raised their voices.
The adults also showed their regretful expressions.

'Hey, will you come again?

Pure, innocent eyes that had not yet been touched by any dirt were looking up at me.
Her large eyes are covered with a film of tears that seem to break at the slightest opportunity.

And looking into the eyes of such a girl, even Ginette's eyes begin to moisten.
The girl's eyes began to moisten, as if to say, 'Why don't you let me work as a stall here for a day? She looks like she's about to say something crazy.

'Oh, um, Mr. Yashiro!Since everyone is saying this, I'm going to set up a stall here at ...... for the day.'
'Just as I imagined!

How easy to understand your thought process.

Don't lose sight of your purpose.
This is a means to an end to seduce the lord.
Nothing good happens when the means becomes the end.

'To make Wendy's wedding a success. I'll make sure to do what I have to do.
'Huh!That's right. Sorry.'

Ginette regained her senses just in time, but when she saw the bereft faces of the guests, she felt a pang of regret.
At this point, it became difficult to say, 'Well, please come to District 42 next time. It's simply too far.
It would have been easy enough to take a horse-drawn carriage, but we want to eat cheap and delicious food as 'easily' as possible.
It's not the kind of food that you would go out of your way to eat in a horse-drawn carriage, and people around here wouldn't spend that kind of money.

Knowing this, both parties are regretting their decision to leave.

So. I'll give these guys these words.

'If the lord of this district gives us permission, there will be many more stalls lining this main street. It'll be a lot of fun.
'Dad!Let's go ask the lord for permission!

'Let's ask for it!

When I said this to the kids' eyes, they started to say 'Let's ask the lord' with a sense of mission. It's a big chorus. It's a nice sound. The sound smells like ...... gold.

'Good. I think this district will be fine now.
'Is it because the lord of this place is a wonderful, child-friendly person?'
'No. ......'

Don't praise a guy you've never seen before.
Aristocrats are more or less cloaked in vanity and greed, you know.

'Simply because the advantages of holding the tournament outweigh the disadvantages of not holding it.

It is not a good idea to displease the people.
And it's not an event that we should refuse at all costs.
Unless you're looking at us as your enemy, the 38th district doesn't even care about the 42nd district.
It would make sense for us to show our superiority and take the attitude of lending our support.

There would no longer be any reason to refuse.

'Well then, I hope to see you again!

After cleaning up, we left the main street of the 38th district with these words.
The kids followed us to the end of the street, begging us to 'come back' and 'yakusoku nae'.
This seems to have pierced Jeannette's heart. ......

I'll definitely come back to this town again!

I'm sure I'll come back to this town again!
...... I wonder if he's going to say the same thing about all the wards in the future?

I'm not sure what to make of that.

I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
I thought she was talking about the cleanliness of the road.

'It's not uphill.
'Oh. I see.

District Forty-two is below the cliff of District Thirty.
This means that there is a great difference in elevation between the 42nd and 40th wards.
In District 42 alone, there is a hill where Becco's house is located, and the terrain is very undulating.
The road from there to the 41st district is narrow, undulating, and gently ascending, making it a mountain road.

This gradual ascent continues until the 39th district, and the difference in elevation almost disappears when you enter the 38th district.
You can see this clearly when you are towing a heavy object such as a food stall.
Even though the slope is gradual, it is still a tough slope.

'Ah!Mr. Yashiro, look at this!

As evidence that the road had leveled out, Ginette spotted something and shouted.
I see. She hadn't bothered to look when she was in District 35.

'It's beautiful. ......'
'Ah. Yes, it is.'

A spire that seemed to pierce the heavens rose in the distance where Jeannette was staring.
It was All Bloom Castle in the central district, where the royal family lived.
The name of the royal family is not "Allbloom," but because the castle is located in Allbloom.
The name of the royal family is ............ What is it again?...... Well, whatever.

'It's big. ...... You can see it from this far away.
'......I've never seen it like this before.'
'There are almost no buildings between the wards. You can see it really beautifully from here, can't you?

This was the border between the 38th and 37th wards, and with no buildings around, the buildings of the other wards in the distance looked as beautiful as if they were a huge painting.

The spire of Allbloom Castle, which could not be seen from District 42.
A majestic structure that symbolizes this city.

No wonder I couldn't help but admire it.
I haven't seen it since I first came to this city from the huge boulevard in the 30th district.

I always rode in a carriage when I passed through here.
I couldn't see it because of the roof.
Or perhaps I hadn't even been aware of it.

We gazed at the towering spire for a while.

In this world without cell phones and cameras, beautiful scenery is engraved in our minds.
This kind of thing is also rather nice.

'At last, we've done something like a trip.
'Hmm. I guess so.

Even though we went on a trip, we ended up working all the time.
I wonder if they're having a good time?

'How about we leave the stall next time and come without work?

In full play mode.
They'll enjoy it more that way. That's what I said.

'...... not permitted.
'That's right, big brother!It's definitely more fun to have a stall!
'Customers are angels!

These guys are ......
They're already part of the workforce.

Well, in our case. The manager is taking the lead in showing the corporate animal side of things. I guess they're influenced by him.

...... You poor bastards.

'Well, we'll sell, sell, sell in the next district!
''''Oh! ''''

There is a saying, "Dumplings before flowers. I think it's pretty rare to find a guy who loves his job more than flowers or dumplings.
Well, maybe I can't speak for others either. ......