212-Later, Tan 4035 and 42 wards.

'Welcome, my friend. Let me welcome you.''

When I arrived at the house of the lord of the 35th district, Lucia welcomed me with a smile. ...... me, except .

'Come on, all but the anchovy go inside.'
'Hey, Cora.'

Lucia tried to use the obedient waiter to push me into the tent outside.
If you have time to prepare something like this, it would be easier to open a normal room!

'd*mn it ......, I can't help it. You have my permission to enter.
'Thank you for inviting me, shitlord.

This guy, really, this guy is .........

'My friend Yashiro.

As I began to exercise my fingers to rub my breasts, which showed no signs of growing, Gilberta came out into the garden with a large tub.
It's a huge tub filled with hot water. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it. ......

You can take a footbath to relieve the fatigue of a long journey.
I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results. Ms. Gilberta.
'Of course, thank you, my friend. My friend, Ginette, is very important to me.
'...... Magda sends her thanks as well.
'I don't think it's necessary, I... It's only natural, this much, for a good friend like Magda.

What?What's Magda's grade?
When did she become my best friend?

'Thank you, Gilbert!
'I hope you enjoy it, Loretta.
'Can you put something on me, too?
'A Loretta with tits.'
'That's for my brother and the manager!
'I'm not!

No, I'm not either.
But Gilberta, ......, you're a quick learner.
You've become good friends with Loretta, haven't you?

'Unexpectedly, welcome!
'I hope you enjoy it, ham mayo.'

Oh, I don't remember that part.
Well, Hammaro's reaction would be the same anyway, so I guess it's okay.

A large tub was set up in the garden, and chairs were placed around the tub.
We sit around the tub and soak our bare feet in the hot water. ...... Ah, it's so warm.
There is still plenty of room even with five of us in the tub, it's a big tub anyway. I think it could hold about ten people.

I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm with you.

You'll be able to take off your boots and expose your bare feet to Gilberta. A perverted lord stares at ......'s bare feet like an animal. ...... Someone call the cops, for God's sake.

I'm sure you'll be fine. I'll make a special effort to be there. Anchovies, you're out.
'I'll give you a mixed bath, Lucia.'

Who's going?
I've been walking and standing all day and my feet are sticks.

'...... at all. It's the only time a lord will bathe with a man he's not married to,............!

No, I don't want that. If you don't like it, you can just put up with it.

'Don't look at me, anchovy!

Lucia reacted more sensitively than necessary, perhaps embarrassed to expose her bare feet.
She's not immune to men, is she?Well, that's what happens when you don't show your true colors to anyone but a beautiful beastman girl. She's too innocent to attract men.

'...... I said don't look at me. I'll gouge your eyes out.'

It's because you say things like that with a straight face that they won't come to you. ......

'I'm not counted as a man!
'Hammaro is a child, so don't worry about it.'

You two sisters are so close. After all...
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. ...... What is this temperature difference?
I'm not sure what to do.

It's a good idea to take a look at the actual information on the web to make sure you're getting the most out of your internet site.

Immediately, a thick voice leaked out.

'Mhhhhhh ...... extreme pleasure ......'
'Old man smell!
'Who's the stinky old man?
'Don't do it backwards!
'Nice smelling old lady?
'That's not what I meant, reverse it!

I'm surprised this guy hasn't been exposed as a natural until now.
I guess she doesn't socialize much. That's probably why he's never been exposed.
He's so lonely.

'So, what do you think?
'Hot water?Great.'
'It's not.'
'Mixed baths?Great!
'I knew you'd leave!It's indecent!

What the hell?You asked me what I thought, and I just answered.

Lucia, her cheeks slightly reddened from the footbath, asks again.

'Are the lords of the other districts willing to lend an ear?
'Those who don't are disqualified from being lords.
'You've come out big.
'There's no way we can lose.
'I see. ......'

With a satisfied expression on her face, Lucia lightly kicked the hot water.
As if aimed, the splashed hot water soaked my knees. ...... You son of a b*tc*.

'Did you get it?You're in the wrong place at the wrong time.
'It seems that there is no culture of apologizing in the 35th district. I'll spread the word next time.

You are a very irreverent lord.
...... No, maybe that's what lords are supposed to do, but...

I'm sure Gilberta was telling the truth when she said that.
Lucia's expression has become much softer than when we first met.
Although her hostility towards me is still the same.

'Ahaha ...... tiger girl, ham girl and mixed bathing ............ nyufufufufu!

...... That kind of thing is still the same, though.

'Yashiro-san. Please take a look.

While the perverted lord across from me is molesting me, Ginette sits next to me and pulls on my clothes.
Then she raises her finger to the night sky.

'The stars are beautiful.

I look up and see the sky full of stars.
In the 35th district, which is higher than the 42nd district, the stars are more beautiful.
The stars shine so brightly above your head that they seem to be falling, and you feel as if you are being sucked into them.

A magnificent view.

Is it too much to say that ...... is a reward from God that you can enjoy without doing anything special?
But tonight's starry sky was so magnificent that it made me think so.

'It's amazing. I can see more stars than in the 42nd district.
'A huge emission of stars!
'Is it because the 35th district is closer to the sky?
'...... Yashiro. Make the forty-second district higher than here.
'Don't be ridiculous.

The starry sky seemed to have impressed each of them. Everyone is excited.
After a day of walking, doing business in a strange land, ...... and what not, we all traveled together. I'm sure they had a good time.
They all had nice smiles on their faces.

'You have a good face, my friend Yashiro.

Gilberta says to me from across the street.
Hmm. You've just realized how good-looking I am.

'Stagnant smile, usually.


'But a nice smile, now.'

Oh, yeah.
That means I'm just like Jeannette and Magda and Loretta and Hammaro.
I had a lot of fun, you know, on this trip. It's a shame it's over.

Soaking our feet in the steamy water, we enjoyed the footbath at the stall for a while longer.

'Yashiro-san. Would you like to go out for a while?

Jeannette and the others said this when we finished the footbath, put our luggage in the separate rooms for men and women, took a rest, and left the sleepy Hammaro in the bathroom.
It was nineteen o'clock. Some of the stores were still open.

'...... Gilberta's information says that many of the stores are open at night for travelers and fishermen.'
'I heard they sell souvenirs and stuff!

'Would you like to go? I asked, but the three of them were already ready to go.
How could I refuse such a request?

'Then, let's be customers for a change.

The members of Hidamari-tei are always on the 'selling' side.
Today, you can fully enjoy being on the 'buying side'.

'...... Phew phew phew. Magda's savings are going to catch fire.
'Don't waste too much money'.

But it's boring to save and save.

'In moderation.
'...... Hmm. I got it.'

Magda rolls up her arms with a smile on her face as if she's about to go on a spending spree.

'Oh, ...... I don't have that much money because I spend it all the time. ......'
'Then come shopping with me.'
'Yes, sir!

Loretta usually spends a lot of money on her younger siblings.
It would be nice to let her spend it on herself once in a while.
Ginette also doesn't buy anything for herself at all. She mostly buys flowers for her store or daily necessities.

Saving money is not the same as being stingy.
The economy runs better if you spend when you have to.

'All right!I'm going to have a big day too!
'Whaaaaat?Yashiro-san, what's wrong with you?
'Big brother, are you sick?You can't die!
'...... Yashiro, waste .................. the world, will be destroyed?
'......What kind of people do you think I am? ......'

You know, I've been thinking about buying you a drink.

'Anyway, let's go to the main street.
'...... Jatoamomento'
'That's right!I want you to wait a minute!
'Um, ...... me too.'

I was about to go out, but the three girls stopped me.

'I have some preparations to make.
'Big brother, please wait for ten minutes!...... It might be 20 minutes after all!
'Yeah, ...... why?
'...... There's a battle we can't lose.'

Magda is on fire.
Her small hands are clenched into fists and her ears are perked up, ready for battle.

'...... I will not be outdone by a city girl.'

Leaving behind a mysterious declaration of war, Ginette and the others returned to their rooms.
Lucia had prepared four rooms, one for two men and one for each of the girls, but Ginette, Magda and Loretta asked to share one room.
They felt uncomfortable being alone in a large room.
Oh, man. They're all poor. ............ What?Oh, shit. Couldn't I have slept in the same room with everyone else if I'd asked to be in the same room?
I'm sorry!I'm not sure why I didn't think of this earlier.

I'm not sure if you've ever heard of this, but I'm sure you have. From the 35th district.'

I was nailed by Lucia as she passed by.
How dare you walk by at such an inopportune time! All right, all right. I'll be quiet. ...... d*mn.
Let's go back to the room and talk to Hammaro.

'Hammaro. What about you, .................. you're sleeping.'
'What about you, Hammaro?
'......What are you dreaming about?'

Hammaro is still a child. He's probably tired.
I'll just let him sleep.

I waited in the room for twenty minutes. The three girls came to my room at the exact time Loretta had announced.
Unexpectedly dressed.

'You guys ...... what's up with that?
'Well, ...... we actually brought it secretly.'
'We're going to show the ...... city girls what we're made of.'
'We're serious!

Ginette, Magda and Loretta were dressed in yukata.

This is how they prepare: ......
This is the best they can do to dress up and not look inferior to the sleek city girls who might be on the main street. ............

'Oh, um,......, what do you think?

I'm not sure what to say.
...... No, thank you very much. ............ You guys are so cute.
I'm not sure if you've been preparing for a while, but I'm sure you've been preparing for a while, and I'm sure you've been preparing for a while.

I'm sure you'll find it ...... fine.It's a good look.

No!No, I'm embarrassed!
What's with all the hair ornaments and stuff!
You should have told me that!I'm not sure what to do.

'...... Yashiro called me an "exquisite beauty"'.

No, I didn't say that.

'I'm glad. Now, you don't have to worry about your brother being blinded by other beautiful women.
'You were worried about that? ......'
'Mm-hmm. Everyone was looking forward to going out with Yashiro-san.''

Ginette smiled happily.
'Everyone's at .......'

'What about you?'
'Weren't you looking forward to it?'

I ask a little nastily.
Maybe I'm getting a little carried away.

'So, everyone was looking forward to it.'

--The ginette seems to be more excited than I am.
...... It's embarrassing, when you say it like that.

'...... Now, Magda and her friends can't be beaten unless they have big tits parading around with their tits out.

What kind of pervert would appreciate that? ......

'Oh, are you going out, my friends?

Gilberta came over and said, 'I can't accompany you, I have work to do,' she said regretfully, and then gave me this warning.

'You'd better be careful. On the main street, there are sometimes big tits parading around with their tits hanging out.
'Are you there?

Camomun!Hey, Camomun!
The tits were thrown out!

'...... Manager, Loretta. Take down Yashiro.'
'Yes, sir!Let's hold hands and walk tightly!
'It's dangerous to let them loose!The Thirty-Five Wards!

The three girls firmly bound my arms and waist.
Let go of me!My big tits!My big tits!

'Let's all go shopping together. Hey!

Ginette told me in a slightly stronger tone.
...... I know.
It's a great opportunity. I'll make the most of it.

Let's go, then!
'Yes, sir!
'...... all set.'
'I've been waiting for you!

We promised Gilberta that we would buy her something to take home, and we went out into the main street.

Torches were lit, and the big street was dyed red.
The flickering shadows illuminated the buildings and people passing by, creating a fantastic world.
Even at this hour, there were many people, and all the bars were crowded.

'I should have eaten a little less.

I ate dinner in the 36th district and also ate a little at Lucia's place.
I saw some very tasty looking seafood on the menu. That's welcome seafood, isn't it?
But because I ate so much of it, there was no room for anything else.
My eyes and nose want it, but my stomach refuses. It's poison for the eyes.

'You can use the ...... 'red shiny something' ......'.
'That's not fair, Magda!We'll all eat here next time we come back!
'...... Mmm. You have a point.'
'Then, let's all come back together again.

'Let's come again,' Ginette concluded.
It was an indication that she wanted to travel like this again.

In Jeannette's mind, things other than the sunny pavilion are becoming more and more important.

They are opening up a new world, never neglecting the Sunlit Pavilion.
That seemed to be a very good thing.

'There's a general store over there. Would you like to take a look?
'...... looking for items to decorate Magda's room in a cute way.
'I'm going to buy some souvenirs for my brothers and sisters!
''Then I'll go to .......''
'''No looking for big tits'''
''I didn't say anything about .......''

What is it with you guys and your sense of mutual understanding? It's the perfect match.
The two sides of my body were firmly secured and I was taken to the grocery store.
I was going to look at groceries too.

The three of us in our yukatas made the men in the street look back at us. They looked at the three of us with a mixture of curiosity, ulterior motives, and many other things.
I can't leave you guys alone in a dangerous place like this.

I look around the store, my clogs echoing.
A woman who seemed to be the owner of the store said, 'Your clothes are cute. Where did you get it? I told her about Ukrines' store.
Maybe she'll come to the 42nd district to buy something.

The three girls went around the stores on the main street, curiously asking this and that.
They went into a clothing store and looked at jackets, they looked at lipsticks in clam jars, and they looked at ornaments that could be displayed in a store. Not showing the slightest sign of fatigue from their long trip, the Ginettes walked around and had a lot of fun.
As for me, I got tired on the way and waited in front of the store. ...... The power of girls is amazing. I wonder if women's love of shopping is the same all over the world.
I can't seem to imitate them,......, and then I saw a fierce bikini armor on display, and I thought, 'It's a little expensive, but it's an investment! I was about to take out my wallet when I was intercepted by three men.
No, it looks good on you!
The Sunlit Pavilion Bikini Armor Fair is going to be a hit!If not, how about a nightgown?

While I was doing this, the torches on the main street were going out one by one.
Before I knew it, it was time for the stores to close. They had been shopping for nearly two hours.
Ginette and the others were carrying too much luggage in their hands.

'We were able to buy a lot of things thanks to the prosperity of the sunny pavilion.
'...... Prosperous business is a good thing.'
'It was worth the effort.

I thought I was buying too much, but ......
You can at least reward yourself for your daily hard work.

'Well, should we head back?
'...... Mm.'
'Yes, sir!

The four of us are heading back the way we came.
According to what I heard, all four of them were individually buying souvenirs for Hammaro.
We're all thinking the same thing.
Now Hammaro won't be upset tomorrow morning.

And just like that, our first company trip came to an end.

The next day.
We were very busy from morning.
Like the other wards, we took in the kids first, then the adults with okonomiyaki. ...... It was good until ............ we took in a little too much. It was too much.
The restaurant was unexpectedly busy, and we were all dizzyingly busy.
Furthermore, when we told them that we were going to close the store in the afternoon due to time constraints, they started to pour in like the devil.
If you look closely, you will see that Siraha and Nikka also came to eat. ...... I had Nikka and Carl help me.

'Why do I have to use you as my chin?
'That's right!I don't get it!
'Come on, come on!If you have time to move your mouth, move your hands!
'All right!
'I'll do it!

The food Lucia had prepared for us was sold out by midday.
Even so, the customers did not stop coming, so we bought a little more and closed the store around fifteen o'clock.
Because we were running behind schedule, we hurried back the way we had come and headed for the 42nd district. ......, but...

'You're not selling today!
'When are you coming back next!
'Just one piece!Please!Just one!

Everywhere I went, I was stopped by yesterday's customers, and finally...

'My lord would like to see you at .......'
'My lord would like to ask you a few questions about your stall: ......'
'Why don't you come to My Master's house?

And so on. Since the lords of each district tried to contact us, it consumed a lot of time.

We simply told the lords that the lords of the forty-two districts would be holding a briefing session and that they should attend it for a detailed explanation. We hurried home as if we were running away.

To be honest, I didn't think there would be this much of a response.
Whenever Jeannette saw children who looked sad because they couldn't eat popcorn, she would turn around, stop, and call out my name, '......, Mr. Yashiro.

So you see, Jeannette.

I persuaded him to have fun next time, and somehow managed to pull Ginette to escape to the 40th district.

The forty wards I'm used to. It's a strange thing, the sunlit pavilion is still a ways away, but coming here makes me feel relieved, like I've come home.
The people around here have already experienced the cakes, popcorn, and festival stalls, so they don't seem to be swarming us.

By the time we were finally able to walk in peace, we were all exhausted.

'We're almost to the 42nd district!
'There's still the forty-first ward. ...... It's in the way, the forty-first ward.
'......They're in the way at a time like this because they're ruled by a crappy lord.'

Loretta and Magda began to take it out on each other out of exhaustion.
Well, you're right, Ricardo is a jerk. Don't say that.

'We'll take a shortcut through the back roads to the 41st district.

We take a shortcut that we've taken many times before with the sugar and the lumberjacks.
It's a mountain pass with some ups and downs, but it's easier than taking the long way around.
The sky has already passed the evening darkness and the night has begun to fall.

'......'. I can smell the forty-two districts.'
'Kun Kun ...... Ah, it's true!It's a nostalgic smell!
'What?Huh?Do you smell like that?Kunka!I don't know....... I don't know.''

The two beastmen seem to know the smell of the forty-two districts.
I don't know if it's the same for me or Jeannette,......, but I do know that the air is somewhat comforting.

Jeannette, too, had a smile on her face as soon as she entered the 42nd district.

'Oh, ......, it's still good. This feeling is so relaxing.
'You're not supposed to say things like that until you've arrived home, are you?
'Uh-huh...... that's right. I was a little hasty, wasn't I?

We chuckled and walked along the familiar path.
You're right, though, it's as good as home now that you've come this far. I think I could walk with my eyes closed.

'Scenes from the past!

Hammaro, who had been asleep in the stall, woke up when he felt the air of the 42nd district.

'The statue of the hero, the square!
'Don't remind me of anything else.

It's true that the square we're walking through is where Becco used to build his stupid wax statues!
...... is starting to piss me off now that I remember. I'll go there tomorrow and harass him.

'I'm really at my wits end today.
'...... Magda too. I'm going to sleep when I get home.'
'That's right. You're all tired, aren't you?

I'm exhausted too.
I'm sure I can fall asleep in two seconds on my bed.

I need to get to bed early today and get ready for tomorrow. ......

'Ah ......'

As we walked along the streets of District Forty-two, illuminated by the glowing bricks, Ginette suddenly let out a sound.
It was just at the time when the sunlit pavilion came into view. ......

'............ There's a customer.

It is also the timing when you see several figures hanging out in front of the sunny pavilion.
...... What the hell are they doing? I've got a bad feeling about this.

I'm not sure what to do.You're late!
'Welcome back~!
'We've been waiting for you!

They're all familiar customers, and they're all looking excited and uncomfortable.

'Well, I heard you were coming back today.
'I really miss you when I'm away for a day.
'I'm starving... ......'

They're all saying whatever they want to say.

In other words, these people are customers, as ...... Jeannette said.

'...... you guys'.

And there's the usual Jeannette face.

'......This is the destructive power of the Yashiro killer.
'I just got my first glimpse of the manager's true intentions. ......'
'Rejection is impossible!

Apparently the rest of us got it too.

'Oh, this is the kind of thing you can't refuse.

'You all can take a break and go to the store ......'.
'...... is not allowed to take a day off when the manager is working.
'I can still work a little harder!
'I can still work a little harder!' 'Working at the Sunshine Pavilion is a different story!

That's it. They've all been poisoned by Jeannette. ......

I scratched my head and let out a huge sigh of relief.

...... This is what I have to do to get by.

I can't help it!But you guys!Anyone who orders troublesome food will be banned for the next week!
'Then I'll have pasta!
'I want a cake!
'Okonomiyaki, okonomiyaki!It's popular now!
'I don't care as long as Magda is here!
I want to eat salmon!
'Well, everyone. Please wait a little longer!We're getting ready to open!

Ginette opens the door of the sunny pavilion, controlling the customers who are screaming selfishly.
As soon as I opened the door, I smelled something nostalgic. This is a soothing smell that even I can clearly identify.

'...... Please enter and take your seats in order.
'I'll bring you water in order, too!
'Oumalo, help me!
'Don't call me that, Hammaro!

Magda and Loretta are handling the crowds of customers.
They hadn't prepared anything at all, but it wasn't enough to fill the room, so they could make it work.

'Well, everyone. Good day again.

At the sound of Jeannette's voice, all the employees lined up in a horizontal line and smiled at the customers.

''Welcome to the Sunlit Pavilion!

Ah, the nostalgic, usual scene.
It's the usual scene with the company animal manager. ......