213-How to use Imelda at a later date 41

'Look at me, Mr. Yashiro!

As soon as the night dawned, I immediately made a donation to the church. The sleeplessness and sleeplessness took away my strength without mercy, and I felt as if I could jump the Sanzu River if the wind blew. Imelda appeared in front of me.
What should I do?
→I'll shut her out.

What do you want to do?Why are you throwing me out?Why are you closing the door?

Slamming the door behind her, Imelda barks at the storefront.
Oh, shut up.
If I die now, the real killer will be you, okay?

What the hell, man? We're open for business.'
'Then there's no problem for you to come to the store!Please let me in!

You're an Imelda, but you're a decent one.
I had no choice but to let her in. ...... I opened the door, but...

'...... What the hell is this?
'Isn't it wonderful?Don't you think so?Don't you think?

In front of the store, there was an incredibly thick, ridiculously large log lying on the floor.

'............ disturbing'.
'How can you say that!Look at it!Look at how thick it is!This big!In addition, the quality is perfect, it's the best wood you can get once in a hundred years!
'No, I don't know much about such things.
'Please understand!

'Yes! I'm sure you'll understand. ...... Well, it's certainly a fine, straight tree. ...... is all I can say.

'This is the finest wood that Austin and Xenobios have ever worked together to obtain. ......'
'What?Those two are the ones who were in the gluttony contest, right?'
'Yes, that's right. They're very gutsy people, and they've been hiding in the woods for two weeks to find this tree.

That's quite a spirited thing to do. It's an obsession.

'Obtaining the finest wood is a requirement for membership in the Lumberjacks Guild District Forty-two, so that much is to be expected.
'...... You're not going to pull out all the skilled people from the headquarters, are you?
'Of course!The 42nd district branch is my branch, you know?We can't afford to fall behind Headquarters!

Like Headquarters? ......
Javier's probably crying right now.
After all, those woodcutters think that being near Imelda is the greatest happiness.

'Your father is getting to be a good old man. ............'
'It's nothing.'

For a ...... moment, Imelda's expression faded. I thought it was .......
However, Imelda immediately smiled her usual strong smile, which personified the word selfishness.

'However, they are indeed two of my favorites. With this kind of skill, I have no problem appointing them as the branch's leaders.

I'm sure that's the highest praise they can give.

'Well, why don't you go and have dinner with the two who worked so hard?

It seems that both of them had asked Imelda out to dinner many times and had been rebuffed.
At least once, huh?

'No, thank you.
'Consider it a reward.
'Work and private life are separate!
'...... That's just like you, though, isn't it?

I'm sure he has his own way of doing things and his own way of thinking, so I won't go into it too much.

'Anyway!I've got a wonderful piece of wood that's rarely seen even in headquarters!With it, we can make a carriage suitable for the wedding parade!
'What, I can use it?
'Of course. It's wood.
'No, you see. If it's only once every hundred years or so, you can keep it on display or trade it with the right person.
'Wood is meant to be used, you know.Wood can only be valuable if it is used where it is most needed now.

I wonder if that's how it is.
Well, even if you put it on display, it will only become an object that people will think 'wow'.

'Well then, let me use it. If I show this tree to Umaro, he'll be so happy he'll faint.
'Oh really!That would be fun!

He's very happy to make Umaro faint.
Well, he'll be surprised. He likes wood and stuff.

'That's why I worked so hard for Yashiro-san's plan.
'Well, yes. It'll make a nice parade. Thank you.
'I'd like to be treated to a meal as a reward!
'Hey. Where's your business and personal life?

What a selfish girl.
However, it's a good idea to make the parade carriage more luxurious.
I was so preoccupied with the route that I completely forgot about the appearance.
Hmm. Imelda. You've made me think of a good point.

I'll buy you dinner.

'I don't see why not. I'll buy you a meal. But only if you eat at the Sunken Pavilion.'
'Of course I'll do that.

And then he moved to the seat at the far end where I usually sit.
Lately, that seat has become like a secret meeting place for people in charge.

'Lately, the manager has been absent,...... which has been quite good as it has brought out some interesting menu items,...... but I'm hungry for the real taste.
'Where's the real place?
'So, I'd like to have the manager's best work.
'Ginette is always at her best. So anything is fine with you?
'I'd like an elegant meal.

There's nothing elegant about coming to the ...... cafeteria.

'Do you have anything specific in mind?Pasta, hamburger steak...'
'I'd like to eat a grilled rice ball!
'Hey, where's your elegance?
'I'll have a grilled rice ball, elegantly!
'It's up to you, isn't it?

Well, if that's what you want, that's fine, but ...... when did this guy eat a grilled rice ball?

'Before, on the day of the Okonomiyaki Fair, Magda-san made grilled rice balls to '...... change the smell of the store'.

I didn't know he was doing that.
Is that an imitation?I'd like to see it again because it was kind of funny.

But at that time, I had just finished eight pieces of okonomiyaki, and I drank ...... tears!

How much do you love okonomiyaki? ......
So you got full and couldn't eat because you could only smell the good stuff.
Oh~oh~, you look so disappointed.

That's why!I want you to make a real yaki-onigiri that surpasses Magda's!
'You've been looking for that all along.

I guess you didn't care about being elegant or buying me a drink.
He probably wanted a good reason to ask for a dish not on the menu.

'Hmmm ......, I think the grilled rice balls that Jeannette makes will be the same as the ones Magda makes.

This is the orthodox grilled rice ball with soy sauce that I taught Jeannette before.
Magda must have learned it from Jeannette.

'I want to try it!

How disappointed she was that she couldn't eat it.

'But it's a pity. If it wasn't for the restriction of 'Ginette's cooking', I could make a new flavor for you.
'I don't mind cooking for you at a later date, manager!

This guy's will is so weak. He's squirming and squirming.

'Well, I'll cook something a little different for you.
'And something orthodox, please!
'Yes, yes. Ginette~!

I call out, and Jeannette comes out of the kitchen.
That's right. Since it's a good opportunity, I'll cook it in front of you.

'Can you bring out the shichirin?I'll make grilled rice balls.'
'You're going to grill them in a shichirin?That sounds like a lot of fun!''

Ginette's eyes glittered .

'...... Hmph. I wonder if I can surpass Magda's taste?''

Magda, the one who started it all, smiles wryly ...... and comes close to me, though with her usual expressionless ...... face.

This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment.

Loretta comes on to me somehow. You'd better change your habit of jumping at anything that looks interesting. You'll get hurt someday.

So, in the end... The "Yaki Onigiri (grilled rice ball) Fair" was held on short notice.
It's really a very friendly place, isn't it?

Once that's decided, let's get moving.

The first step is to make the onigiri. ......

The first step is to make the onigiri.
The three girls who make the rice balls are Ginette, Magda, and Loretta, the pride and joy of Hidamari-tei.

'Give me that!You don't have to cook it!
'If you want, just throw it directly into your mouth and please!
'Hah!The rice ball that Magda made!It's a gift from the heavens!

As the screams of the idiots indicated, it was a big hit.
I guess home-cooked food is amazing.

Hygiene may be a bit of a problem, but ...... is fair. It's like a festival. I'll cut them some slack.
Besides, I'm sure those customers won't mind if something goes wrong, in fact they'd be happy to have their stomachs broken by a beautiful girl's rice ball.
No problem. No problem.

So, I'm in the kitchen alone making miso sauce.
I'm mixing miso and sake together. ...... Hmmm, that smells good.
Soy sauce and miso. These two go well with rice!
And when you grill it, it gives off a fragrant, wonderful aroma.
They are the two top ingredients in the world of grilled rice balls.
You ignorant people who only know soy sauce, marvel!

When I returned to the restaurant with the miso sauce, I was elated. ......

I'm not sure what to do.grilled rice balls!I can't wait!

I can't wait!' Imelda was doing a strange dance as she circled around the seven rings.
...... Hey, Cora. Miss Elegance.

'Wow, miso? Indeed, burnt miso is delicious.'

Ginette's face beamed as she looked at the miso sauce.
I'm sure she already has an idea of what it tastes like.
If there were some yuzu here, I could make it even more flavorful.

'Yashiro!I've brought you salmon!
'Delia......, when and at whose request did you act?'

It seems that Delia was contacted without her knowledge.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

'Would you like me to go make you some soup or miso soup?
'It's a complete set meal.
'...... is going to be on the regular menu.'
'It looks gorgeous and delicious!

He coined a strange word, and Loretta seemed to be curious.
Regular menu. ............ Hmm.

'Ginette. I'll have the soup. Lightly flavored, but with a good amount of broth.'
'Yes, ma'am. Grilled onigiri tend to be a little strong in flavor. I understand.

There's that too.
Miso soup with miso sauce would be a little too much.
But the aim is a little further.

'Let's cook it anyway!Don't mess with it, amateurs!You'll get burned!
'Well, I'll be watching!
'You're a pro, aren't you, Loretta?
'I got burned the other day and I almost cried!
'...... I was crying.'

What a douchebag.
Now's your chance, I'll teach you.

We ended up using all of the seven rings to cook a large number of grilled rice balls.
...... It's hot.
But it's for a good meal. I'll take my chances.

The onigiri, which had been mixed with soy sauce and seasoned before they were made, were placed on a wire mesh.
In the meantime, dip the rice ball into the miso sauce. Put the miso sauce on both sides of the rice ball so that the miso permeates the inside.


The aroma of burnt soy sauce spread through the restaurant, and customers screamed.
Indeed, this is irresistible.
But!Then I add a rice ball with miso sauce!

'Agh!My stomach, my stomach's coming out!'

Don't let it out, you'll scare me.

'...... in a daze, Magda flips it over.'
'Aaah!At this moment, the grilled rice ball has been sublimated into a sacred food!

'He's so annoying, I think I'll have him thrown out.

'I'll turn it over as well!
'Oh, good, good, good.'
'Your reaction is normal!More like, 'Oooohhh! I want more 'ohhhhh! I want more of that!

Even the customers are now playing with Loretta.
There are even some customers who keep coming back to see Loretta's reactions.
It may look unassuming, but Loretta's popularity is steadily taking root.

'I can't wait!My stomach is growling today!

Are you okay, Imelda?
Your stomach is acting weird.

'Then let's have Imelda eat the first one.
'No, thank you!

She refused!

'The manager who went to the kitchen earlier hasn't come back yet!I don't want something delicious to be added after I'm full!

I see.
So she's learned her lesson, even if she is a stupid girl.

'Here you go, sir~. Here's your soup~'
'Come on, please!Hurry up!For me, first!If you don't hurry, you'll starve to death!

...... Yeah. I don't think she's learned.

'Loretta. I'm sorry, can you bring me a larger cup of tea?
'Um, Mr. Yashiro. The bowls are here. I was thinking of serving the soup in this bowl?'

Ginette brought a plate for the grilled rice balls and a small bowl for the soup.
That's not good enough. Even if it's not a donburi, it has to be bigger than that. ...... It will spill.

'I'll just go get it!

Loretta runs off.
In the meantime, she put the grilled rice balls on the plate that Ginette brought and served them to the customers.

'Geez!It's so hot!

In the meantime, the nasty and gutsy people were all baptized by the grilled rice balls and looked at coldly as if to say, 'It's freshly baked, so that's what it's supposed to be ......'. The educated customers split the grilled rice balls in half, enjoyed the rising aroma to the fullest, and then bit into them. Then they bit into it.


That was a good response.
Then, with Ginette's permission, Delia, who had been baking salmon in the kitchen, came back to the dining room. She came back with a tray full of freshly baked salmon.

'Oh, I can't get enough of the rich aroma of this salmon. ...... It's so appetizing.

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results. ...... When did you join us? Give me a sign.

'Oh, brother. I've brought you a big bowl!

And the only thing left to eat is Jeannette's soup. ...... Hmmm...

I split the grilled rice ball in half and put it in the bowl.
And then I poured the soup stock on top of it.

I'm not sure what to do.
It's not too much, and it's easy on the tongue and the stomach!

What's that?It looks so delicious!
'...... Magda is also very interested.
'Ginette. Please give me a refill.'

Loretta and even Magda took a bite, and Bertina naturally asked for a second glass.
Ginette responds to them, but ......

I'd like to try it too!

Unusually, she is more inclined to the person being served than the one serving it.
If you serve it to the customers, you can eat it to your heart's content.

'I want some too!Oh, can I put some uncooked salmon in here?

Oh, good idea, Delia!You're right, there's no one better than you when it comes to salmon!

And so, those who ate it orthodoxly and those who put their own spin on it, enjoyed the grilled onigiri chazuke in their own way.
Then, this guy's patience finally reaches its limit.

'Oh, I want to eat it!
'I'll take over for you, you can eat too.
'Are you sure?Thank you, Yashiro-san.

With a smile of satisfaction, Ginette hands me the ladle.
My first task is to serve the ladle to Ginette.

'Haa...... looks delicious. I can almost imagine it, but I can't resist the urge to actually try it.

Perhaps it was because he felt guilty about abandoning his duties in the middle of the day, but Ginette was talking too much.
After talking about this and that as an excuse, she broke the grilled rice ball in half as if she had been waiting for it.
He seemed to be restless and rushed.

'......The manager is turning into a sister.
'Don't say horrible things, Magda. ......'

What if it comes true? It's not ...... going to happen, is it?I hope not. ......
............ Ah, I'm beginning to feel like I'm going to get closer and closer to Bertina if I wish the spirit gods!

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
Ah. That's enough. Ginette is yapping and screaming.

'Mmm-hmm!We've had our fun today!I'm a winner because I didn't get full before the hidden gem appeared!I'm a winner!

Imelda sipped on her grilled rice ball and made a smug face that showed no trace of elegance.
It's too much, it's only chazuke.

'Ladies and gentlemen!Please don't forget that it was thanks to me that you were able to enjoy this wonderful dish today!

I don't know how he can be so arrogant about something like this, this guy.

'Um, Yashiro-san. Did he do something to you?

Unsure of the meaning of Imelda's confidence, Umaro asks me.
When I thought, "Why don't you ask him? ......," he answered.

'I was begging for it!
'How can you be so confident about something like that?

I told you to ask him. I don't know.

'But it's true that thanks to Imelda's begging, I was able to eat grilled rice ball chazuke. Imelda, you're doing great!
'...... Mmm. A new way of eating that Magda didn't even know about. ...... Imelda, it was a great cause.'
'Ho ho ho!You should praise her more!
'I'm glad that Imelda-san is a nasty commoner even though she is a young lady!
'...... I'm impressed that you have the guts to do something that a person with normal sensibilities wouldn't be able to imitate without embarrassment.
'I don't feel like I'm being complimented!

That's because I'm not praising you.

'Imelda's honest heart has given many people new encounters and joy.
'Imelda, you are amazing. I am also grateful to have found this taste.

The gourmand sister and her daughter are smiling. ......They look more and more alike. ............I'm scared.

'Imelda!You're the best!
'Thank you!Imelda's daughter!'
'Banzai, Imelda!
'Your big tits are shaking well today, that they are!
'Oh-ho-ho-ho!Thank you, everyone!Thank you, everyone except you, Becko!
'Oh dear!You were left out, that you were!

Imelda is waving her hands in the air as the crowd cheers for her, ignoring Bekko who has somehow found his way into the room.
...... Idol.

I feel very good!Good!I'll pay for this place today!
'The Lumberjack Guild is the best!
'Imelda is beautiful!
'Imelda, you are so generous!
'Imelda has big tits, that she does!
'Thank you, everyone except Bekko!
'Oh, dear!You've been left out again, that you have!

It's very generous of you, but ...... Imelda.
Did you forget that I'm buying you a drink this time?
I'm buying for you, and you're buying for the rest of us. ...... What about that?

I'm sure you'll agree. I'm feeling very satisfied!

Imelda's face is extremely happy.
If you're okay with that, I have no problem with it.

'Then, while you are satisfied, can you help me with one thing?
'Yashiro-san to me?What is it?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

'I'm trying to beat a guy to make my wedding better.
'Hoho. Is he a bad guy who's trying to ruin the wedding?

No, no. I'm more of a supportive guy. ......

'I just wanted to ask you for a favor. I think the quickest way to do that is to beat them to a pulp.

That way, they'll have an easier time coming up with a reason.
It would be difficult to give them too much unconditional preferential treatment because of the eyes of others.
Especially since they want to borrow something that is very popular among some people.

'So, who are you going to defeat?

Imelda, who's ready to be my chief of staff.
With you, we'll win ....... No, we'll win.

The one we're going to beat is Javier.

--Stay strong, Javier killer.