339-the first drop of water that seeps out of a story

'Ya ya!Well, well, Mr. Yashiro. You've come to see my work, that you have!How grateful I am!

I've just come to New Road with Ginette and Estella.
A few days had passed since the incident with the BU, and the New Road was slowly approaching completion. It's starting to look pretty good.

I don't like the fact that the first word of ...... is "Becco".
I can't explain it well, but I don't like it.
I feel like, 'Wow, this is a bad ...... start.

'Wow!You've cleaned up quite a bit. Oh, Yashiro, look at this!The stairs look so beautiful!

Jeannette is excited to see the well-designed staircase.

That's why.

I've just come to New Road with Jeannette and Estella.
A few days have passed since the incident with BU, and the New Road is gradually nearing completion. It was becoming quite a sight.

'Mmmmm!I feel that Mr. Yashiro is making a new start with a face like 'Let's pretend that what happened earlier didn't happen,' that he is.

Yeah, that's loud.
Don't let those bottle-bottom glasses come into my sight. Now that you've got some money coming in, why don't you develop a fashionable spirit so that you can set your shaggy head neatly. You'll always look like a waste of time.
I'll point and laugh at you if you start to dress up in fashionable fashion like .......

'You're more lively every time you see Becko, aren't you? Is playing with Beckko your hobby?'
'If it's a hobby I'm going to play with it, I'll play with it in the field or the garden.

You can't harvest anything by playing with Becco.

'But you've really grown up.'

Estella looks up and around the large hall.
High ceilings and a long, gentle slope.
The wide slope is wide enough for a cart to pass and has steps on both sides. The spiral staircase ascends slowly around a large cave.
Each step of the staircase is finely crafted.
It's not a temple of the middle generation, but it's too much of a design. ......

'We're going to set up a store in that area of the hall.
'Is that so?It's going to be a fun store.

Estella and Ginette are talking happily .
Once the walls and stairs are decorated, we plan to set up the store in the atrium hall.
The idea is to display souvenirs and local products and sell them to people passing by.
The idea is to take advantage of that feeling of buying a mysterious snack that you would never normally buy if it were sold in an airport or on a ship.
It is easy to develop a sense of mission like 'I have to buy it here! It is easy to develop a sense of mission.

'Are you going to open a store in the 29th district?

If a similar store opens near the entrance of the 29th district, I would like to go there to buy some rare items that are not available in the 42nd district.
If you store at a store in the 29th district, you will be forced to buy beans. ...... Well, that's expected to be resolved in the future.

'Even if you want to open a store, you'll have to move Mael's mansion to the east first.
'That's right.
'Right now, they're moving the plants and flowers in the garden.

Estella is in frequent contact with Mahrul.
He's also very busy, though he mainly relies on Tomeiru 1 for communication.
According to Estella's information, Mahrul is currently in the midst of preparing to move.

Since the entrance to the New Road is located within the grounds of Mahrul's mansion, Mahrul's mansion will be shifted slightly.
It will be farther away from the river, but Mahrul will be in charge of the whole area, including the entrance to New Road.
I'm glad that the river will be protected for now. If anything happens to the river, Delia will be destroyed. The butterfly effect will result in Omero sinking to the bottom of the river.

'They're going to build a big building at the entrance and exit.
'Well, it's not cool to have such a shabby entrance and exit.

At present, there is a simple, square entrance.
They are going to remove it and build a grand entrance. If we make it a little wider and add a rest area, customers who have pulled carts up the long slope will drop money on it. You could offer them drinks at a slightly higher price.

'Then Mr. Oumarro will be very busy.
'Umaro's only commission is the House of Maul.
'Oh, is that so?
''Yes. Carpenters from District 29 will be in charge of the construction of the entrance and exit. We can't afford to uproot their work.

Estella chuckled and Ginette smiled shyly.

'I've always had the feeling that the only carpenters in the world are the Trubec contractors.
'Every time there's something to be done, we have Umaro do it, in the 42nd district.
'What are the carpenters in the Forty-second Ward doing now?
'They've been absorbed by Torbeck Construction.
'Is that so?
'Yes. There were several construction companies, but they all became part of Torbek Construction.
'Mr. Oumarro, you're well-liked, aren't you?

'I mean, ......'.

Estella looks at me with a smirk.
'Don't look at ...... me.

'She said that when you're with Umaro, someone will bring you work and new skills.
'Hmm. You've got a very special guy.'
'That's true. ...... chuckles.

He's laughing with a happy face.
I don't know why you're so happy.

'If all the carpenters in the Forty-second District are under the umbrella of the Torbeck Corporation, then we can't go against the Forty-second District anymore. If you displease them, the carpenters might go on strike. It looks like the lord has made a bad move~ Hey, what are you going to do~''
'Hmph. You don't seem to understand anything, Yashiro.

I gave her a sarcastic look, but Estella put on a confident face and stuck out her chest.

'We're the ones who have the advantage. Do you think ...... Umaro will betray Magda?'
'Wow, ...... a vicious guy.'
'It's very disappointing to hear you say that.

It's true that if you gathered all the carpenters and asked them, 'Which would you rather have, forty districts or forty-two districts? I'm sure that if you gather all the carpenters together and ask them, 'Which do you want, the forty or the forty-two?' Well, Umaro will go with this side, and Umaro's men will come with him to the forty-two. ...... Isn't the Forty-second Ward being indirectly invaded?
It's not Estella, it's Magda.

'Demilioji-sama said, "Let's stay close forever."'

Estella says with a chuckle.
You've become very clever.
Maybe it's because I've met strong women like Lucia, Mahr, and Sirach. Crickets and crickets: ......

'So, let's go home.
'Wait for me, Mr. Yashiro!I've been vaguely aware of this for a while, but you've been trying to casually pretend that I don't exist, haven't you?I know what you mean, that I know what you mean.

You're getting in my way every time.
I don't want to touch you because your face is oozing with the emotion of wanting to hear about the design you worked so hard to create. ......

'Becko-san. In fact, we came here to see what Mokoka-san had to say.
'Oh, Mr. Mokoka?
'Yes. He told us that Mr. Bekko was working very hard to carve beautiful ornaments, and he wanted us to see them.
'Well, I'm embarrassed when my apprentice says so, that I am...'

He doesn't even try to hide his face, saying that he wants to explain this and that.
If you're embarrassed, you should be embarrassed to be seen! If you're embarrassed, why don't you just shut yourself up in a hole?

'Actually, this time, I'm carving patterns on the stairs and walls, that I'm making a little experiment, that I am.
'Oh, I see. So, Ginette, you don't interrupt your imitation at times like this, do you?
'Please don't let my story go unnoticed!
'But you're right, Jeannette, you don't do imitations, do you?I don't know.
'It's not like that, though.
'You're right, they don't look alike. Hmm...'
'Oh my god, you two are terrible.'
'Oh, ......, the story has been completely swept away, that .......'

Becko sat down on the stairs and began to torment me.
'It's not pretty when a good old man is tormenting you.

'Jeannette. Do an impersonation of Becko to cheer him up when he gets upset.
'What?A mimic?
'Oh, I want to see it too.'
'What?Even Estella?

Thus, a situation that I don't understand has been created, with Ginette doing her first imitation of Becko, who is curled up on the stairs.
Expectations rose even higher than before.

After much pondering, Jeannette opened her mouth as if she had made up her mind.

'Oh, um, gee, cheer up, it's ......!

............ hmm?

'............' (Estella, jeez)
'............' (shaking his head)
'............' (alternately looking at me and Estella, who tilted her head, and sensing that she was not getting the message, haha ......)

I'm not sure what to say.

I'm sorry, I said your name!
I did the worst thing you can do in a mimicry.
'Hi, I'm ○○' is the worst kind of imitation.

However, the resemblance is surprisingly low.
Or rather, not even the characteristics are captured.
No, to begin with...

'Why Millie?
'Yeah, I was surprised, too. I thought it would be Imelda or Norma.

'Right?If you're Becko, it's one or the other. Cursing at Imelda or cursing at Norma.'
'You'd cuss at both ......, well, I can see that.'
'Hey, Jeannette. Why is it Millie?'
'Well, ...... that ............ we're good friends, so...'
'What?Becko and Millie are good friends?
'Well?I don't really have that impression.
'No, no, ............ me.'
'You're the one?
'Hmm!I'm sorry!

I couldn't help but poke my head in.
I'm sorry.

'I'm sorry, I don't have any ...... talent. ...... shun.'

Ginette slumped against the wall.
She's starting to do some self-reflection she doesn't need to do. You don't have to be so depressed.
I can't help it.

'Becco. You're making Jeannette feel bad.'
'I didn't do anything, that I didn't!
'So, tell him the story behind the construction that will make him happy. Even if it's about your particular design.''
'Mr. Yashiro!Will you listen to me, that you will?
'Ginette, yes.'
'Yes!I understand, that I do!Then you will listen, that you will!

He straightened his back and lifted his thick round glasses.
Ginette looks up, intrigued by Becko's change.
As our attention is drawn to him, Bekko clears his throat.

'The patterns carved into the wall are based on the image of a large tree growing out of the earth, that they are.
'You've learned to dig with images?'
'The design is by Imelda, that it is. I am just digging it in three dimensions as I see it, that I am.

Imelda, perhaps because of her good upbringing, has an outstanding artistic sense.
To be able to see it and transform it into a sculpture seems like an amazing ability, but she does it so easily.

'And the great tree that stretches toward the sky will eventually reach the sky, that it will. It will become the sky from that area, that it will.
'I wonder if Imelda imagined a large tree pattern on the new road connecting the 42nd and 29th wards ...... Tomeiru No. 1'.
I don't know. I don't know. But she was very particular about the materials, so it's possible.
'When you enter the tunnel, the sky changes to the night sky, that it does.
'That sounds wonderful.
'When it is completed, please take a walk and see it.
'Yes, sir. By all means.

The wall painting and the design of the stairs.
For Becko, who produces food samples in a matter of minutes, it takes a lot of time.
That's how particular he is.

'And in this mural, he secretly hid a sculpture of Mr. Yashiro's face, that he did!
'What are you doing!
'It's a hidden Mr. Yashiro, that it is!
'Is that a mickey!Who lives in the Kingdom of Dreams?
'By the way, there is one here, that there is!
'Wow!It's true!Yashiro-san, here is Yashiro-san!Look, Mr. Yashiro!It's Mr. Yashiro, Mr. Yashiro!
'How many times do I have to say 'Mr. Yashiro', Jeannette?
'Oh, ......, it's true. If you don't look closely, you might miss it, but if you ask me, it's clearly there.
'Don't talk about them like they're insects that mimic people.

In the event that you're not sure what to do, you may want to check with your doctor.
...... What are you doing to me?

I want to find them all!
'Don't waste your time. Why don't you just tell me?
'I want to find them on my own!

...... There was a guy in Hidden Mickey who stubbornly refused to look at the guidebook and insisted on finding it on his own.

'By the way, this step that I'm building now has the face of 'Mr. Yashiro, who is a little bit happy to be stepped on' on the tread .......'
'Hey, Becko. You can make what you see as you see it, can't you?Have I ever made a face like this before?'

'Ha-ha-ha!That's the thing, I tried to create the expression I had in mind by multiplying various expressions, that I did!
'I wonder if I couldn't have done a better job with that effort!
'Only Mr. Yashiro has been able to create something new, that he has!
'Ugh, special treatment that doesn't make me happy at all!

At any rate, there was a huge chisel lying at Becko's feet, so I scraped off the abominable face carved into the stair tread that looked just like me - but with an expression I'd never had. I scraped it off.

'Whoa, whoa, whoa!What are you doing?
'Just make sure you bury it where it hurts. It's dangerous.'
'Mmmm, ...... means that I haven't yet created a work that Mr. Yashiro will like, that I have. I'll do my best, that I will.

Keep in mind that he won't like you as long as you make something that looks like me.
And don't make a mistake in the direction of diligence, please.

''Oh!Master, you've got a lot of energy, haven't you?

Mokoka is coming, his footsteps echoing.
His honorifics are still wrong as usual. Fix him up, master or master-at-arms.
Oh, no. They're both the kind of people who don't care about honorifics.

'Are you done with the interview?
'I'm all set, sir!The lord with no breasts!
'Compared to whom?
'The Lord of the Thirty-fifth District, Lord Lusisi!
'I think you're about the same size as Lucia-san!

No, Estella.
There's a difference between A and B.'

'But what do you mean, "Master Lusissi"?
'You asked me to call you that, so I'm calling you that.
'...... By the way, what do they call you?
'It's Fluffy!

...... He's got no sense of naming.

'By the way, I'll call you "Yashishishi".'
'Please don't. You can't put me in the same category as Lucia.

I don't want people to think we're the same, and it's extremely difficult to say, 'Yasishishi'.

'Oh, um... Then, what about me?
'I'm the manager!
'It's ......, isn't it?

I'm not sure what to say.
You know, it's not often that someone gives a nickname to a ginette.
It's only Lucia, the idiot, who calls her 'Ginepu' or something incomprehensible.

Most of the time it's 'Manager'.

'Do you want me to give you a nickname?
'Are you sure?
'You'd better not, Ginette. Look at the way Yashiro looks at you ............, he'll give you 'Boin-chan' or something.'
'What?I'm sorry!Please repent.'
'I didn't say anything!

Well, my gaze was fixed on 'there', but...

'Come to think of it, I've never had a nickname either, that I know of.
'Then, how about 'Shit Bug'?
'The words that come out so easily, that Mr. Yashiro.
'Hmm?No?Which one don't you like, shit or bug?Or the beetle?
'Both, that it is.

I don't know what's wrong with you.

'Oh, that's right. Master Shit, next time you draw an illustration, please correct it when it's done!
'That's fine, that it is, but only on condition that you stop calling me Master Shit under the influence of Mr. ...... Yashiro, that it is.
'All right, Master Mushi!
'Mushi will stop too, that he will!

Mokoka may be a natural mind crusher.
Without any hint of malice, he tries to cut out the heart of his opponent.
He's an interesting toy ...... if you raise him, or he'll be your friend.

'Mr. Yashiro has a face like that when he's thinking about something trivial, that he does, so contact with him is prohibited for a while, that it is.
'Oh!You got it!Go away, Yashishi!
'Estella~, something's pissing me off, that master and brother.
'I think they got what they deserved.'

I don't like the word 'deserve'.
I wonder if the term 'getting what you deserve' will catch on.

Mr. Mokoka...

'What is it?
'Illustration, please let me see it when it's finished.'
'Oh!I'll leave it to you!

Mokoka raised a finger at Jeannette and ran up the hill.

'Well, then, go ahead and start drawing!Abayo desu!

She looks up at Mokoka, who is running up the spiral staircase with great vigor, and realizes that if she were to go up in a skirt, her pants would be visible.

'Hey, Estella. Why don't you sell telescopes at the store here?
'I see, I'll install a fence to prevent prying eyes. Thanks for the advice, Yashiro.

...... He's got a really nasty personality.
I'm sure it will sell.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
............ What's with the sleazy store?
It's not permitted. And Loretta's sisters live nearby. Yeah, no permit.

'By the way, do you have any idea about the illustration that Mr. Mokoka was talking about?
'Haven't you heard?
'I don't.'

I see.
I thought you were talking to Bekko to get some advice.

'Didn't we have a 'banquet' before?The lords of BU liked the food I cooked for them. They're going to do a special feature on the cuisine of the forty-two districts in the BU newsletter.
'Oh, I've heard about that, that I have. He asked me if I had any recommendations, and I recommended the Sunlit Pavilion and Cantalucina, that I did. So that was not research to go out to eat, that it was.

You know the way, but you don't know the details. ...... Mokoka, what's the trouble with you?
...... No, he's probably just plain forgot to tell you.

I'm sure it's because of your advice that Mokoka is going to be illustrating the vendors at the Sunshine Pavilion and Cantalucia.
'Sellers, that it is?Not the menu?
'He still can't draw food that looks good.
'Oh, I see, that I see.

Mokoka can't draw realistic illustrations like Bekko.
He specializes in exaggerated, simplified, and deformed illustrations.
So, even if she drew a picture of a dish, it would not convey its deliciousness well.

'So I told him that not only is the food in the 42nd district delicious, but the vendors are cute too, and he said, "Then draw them.

I told her that not only is the food delicious, but the vendors are cute too.
After that, 'What do you think?You look pretty much alike, don't you? She puffs up her nose. What, are you dissing Jeannette who's not good at mimicry?And you didn't look much like him.

'Well, however, not only the sunny pavilion, but also Cantalucica is reputed to be a lovely vendor, that it is, and if it's published in the information paper, we might get more customers from other districts, that we might.
'That's the plan all along. I'll earn some foreign currency.' ......
'E, Estella, your face looks a little like Yashiro's, that it does.
'What?You're so rude!
You're the one who's being disrespectful.

I know all too well the influence of information papers.
I'm sure the number of customers will increase at the Sunlit Pavilion.

'...... Now, if we can just get them to start construction on the road from New Town to the main street, we can monopolize the customers. ...... Hmm...'
'Yashiro. Don't talk about it, just do it in your mind.
'Uh-huh. No, Mr. Yashiro.

Ginette seems to be disapproving of my nice plan.
If I use Magda, Torbek's people will immediately start working on the road.

'Cantartica-san is a tough competitor, but let's try to beat him fair and square.
'Fair and square............Ugh, I have a headache......!
'How much rejection are you getting from that word?

I'm not going to go along with it when I know that I can easily crush it with a little bit of ...... underhandedness.

I'm not sure what to do.
'Can you please not create such stagnant language?
'Hey, don't worry about it, okay?I've heard that the customer base is not the same as Cantartica's, and that they are able to segregate themselves.
'Baka, Bekko!There is no such thing as segregation, it just happens to be that way!I'm going to take that customer base by the roots too!
'Weep, that you will, Mr. Paula .......'
'Baka, Bekko!Making money is a deadly business!You can't go easy on me just because I cry!
'Yashiro, aren't you just trying to say 'baka, becko', actually?

I'm sorry. I'm somewhat familiar with it.
I've been using it a lot.

'By the way, Baca.
'Becco, that it is!That's not your name, that it is!

What's with the complicated name?

'What happened to the story about you contributing illustrations to the information paper?
'Ah, that it is, that it is. I'm currently busy with my work here at .......'
'That's good, you guys. You can prioritize what you want.'
'No, no, no. It's a public project directly from the lord, that it is, and we're just giving it top priority.

I think the line between work and hobby is too blurred for the people in this town.
All of them are enjoying their work. That's why there are more black companies in this town. It's a wonder no one is complaining.

'I'm looking forward to it, Information Paper.
'Yes, I am. Young people from 'BU' use New Roads to visit 42 districts for sightseeing...... Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.'
'I'm sure we'll be able to make a killing fishing for the young, ignorant and vulnerable to the phenomenon. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.
'Oh, sorry, Yashiro. Can you not come in?
'Mr. Yashiro, I'm serious, fair and square. ...... ugh.'

Even a hunter, if he sees a defenseless deer in front of him, will hunt it without hesitation and hum 'lucky, lucky' and brag about the result.
Never mind. There are lots of ways to do this. There are a hundred different ways to make money with a hundred different customers. Phew phew ......

And for what it's worth, I was looking forward to the information about the 42nd district appearing in the paper.
I had no idea that it would bring about such an uproar later on.

For a while after that, we had a lot of fun talking about the paper.
The whole forty-two wards were excited about a piece of paper. ...... You're such a rube, aren't you?

At any rate, I bought two copies myself.

You see. Just for safekeeping, you know.