340-Two spills, like water.

'Todoke-ru No. 1's delivery!

Immediately after the opening of the Sunlit Pavilion, Hammaro rushes into the store.
In his hand, he holds an envelope about the size of A4.
The envelope is held tightly in Hammaro's small hand, despite the fact that it is marked "Do not fold in half.
...... I may have to teach him how to handle letters next time.

'Wait a minute, Hammaro!You're squeezing there!
'It's you!
'It's squished, there!
'It's not stinky!I'm not going to be so cruel to my brother and say, 'It smells because you're holding it!
'I'm a kind sister in front of others!
'I'm kind at home too!It's true!

Loretta is making a fierce appeal towards us. You sisters and brothers have been at full power since right after the store opened.
It's amazing how much energy they have to last until the store closes,....... I wish I could share some of it with you.

'Anyway, send it to me as soon as possible!
'This is for the manager~!
'Is that how you talk to your sister?
'No, it's not!Where did you misunderstand me?Who taught you that?
'The green-haired .......'
'Regina-san!Don't make my brother do anything unnecessary!

Loretta shouted out the window with all her might.
Regina doesn't come to see the consequences of her pranks. She's the kind of person who, once the prank is pulled, lets her imagination do the rest. ...... They are bad.

'Oh, look at this.

Ginette's face lit up when she received the envelope and saw the sender.
It was the letter she had been waiting for.
......, but first...

'That's a very old lady expression.
'Huh!What's that?
'What, no, don't you say?What's the right way to say it?
'Well, in Ginette's case, .......'
'...... "nyaa"'.

Magda snatched the words out of my mouth.
He stood behind me again without a sign.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's wrong with ......'s 'nyaa'.I'm sure you'll agree.You think so too, don't you, Yashiro-san?
'No, I don't think so.
'Eh, which one is it?
'...... You should try it once.'
'Yes, that's ......, isn't it? It's called a trial run. ......'

Ginette clears her throat and looks at the sender of the envelope.

'Oh, my God!............, isn't it strange after all?'
'Yes, it's strange.
'...... It's just strange.'
'Then please don't make me do it!Please don't make me do it! ......

He puffed up his cheeks and hugged the envelope. ...... That's not fair, envelope. Let me take your place.

'Good morning. It's as crowded as ever.
'Hey, Alemaro.'
'That's my name!You only do that when it's your name, Hammaro!
'You said Hammaro!
'What language is that?I've never said it before, Agepoyo!
'Seirei no~' ......'
'I'll stop!Even if you're not lying, you're still scared, you know!You can't do that to people!

'Is that the way you ask people to do things?
'Is that how you talk to the master?
'It's not me, it's Regina.

Why did you assume it was me in no time? He's rude.
A guy like that...

'No Magda for 30 minutes.'
'Huh?My breakfast time is over!I apologize and ask for your forgiveness!
'...... will take a break.'
'Nuh-uh!Magda, wait!Don't go!
'......, but Magda's taking a break, too?
'You're a real angel!
'You guys are totally treating that as a story now.

Angels have gotten cheap, haven't they?

'What's more, did something happen?
'Oh, yes!Thank you for waiting, everyone!

I hold up the envelope high in the air with both hands. While everyone's gaze was drawn to the envelope, I looked at my defenseless, swaying chest ......

'...... Yashiro, concentrate.'
'It's not a good idea to disturb the atmosphere, big brother!
It's a good idea to take a look at the web site and see what you can find.

Why do they all want to ...... and Umaro is not happy about it at all.
I can't help it, so I concentrate on the envelope.

'Who is the sender?
'Mr. Mokoka.

That means the contents are...

'I think it's an illustration, sir!

Well, it's Mokoka.
I got rid of all the aphids I got rid of! I wouldn't be surprised if he sent you an aphid that he got rid of. If he sends me ......, I'll kick his ass. ............ for the master.

I'll open it for you.

Jeannette, who has a high tolerance for bugs and is not afraid of them at all, opens the envelope without hesitation. She doesn't even seem to be a little uncomfortable.
And what came out of the envelope was an illustration, just as Ginette had expected.
It seemed to be a print made by layering several colors.
I see, the information paper is made of prints, isn't it? If that's the case,......, then there's nothing wrong with some of the illustrations being crumpled up. ...... Thank goodness it's not a live original. You'll be compensated for it, if it's an original.

That's so cute!'

Ginette gazed at the illustration with sparkling eyes, while Magda and Loretta peered at it.

'What?What's this?

And then Loretta screamed out, but ...... it can't be helped.
The illustration was definitely of Magda.
'Why are there three shopkeepers and Magda is the model?'...... It wasn't the surprise that made Loretta scream.
Loretta's surprise was--

'Magda has super big tits!

--The illustration of Magda on the page had huge tits.
Her breasts jutted out in disproportion to her small stature!
It's like looking at a ghost photo, it's uncomfortable and disturbing.

'Magda ......, what did you do to Mokoka?
'...... a little advice.'
'I'd like to hear what it is.'
'......First, I offered him some delicious caramel popcorn.'
'A bribe!There was a backroom deal going on!

Magda's special move is very effective.
If you're a Mokoka type of person, you can probably catch a bomb. ...... Cheap, Mokoka.

'...... Of course, you pay for your own popcorn.

I'm sure you'll be fine, Magda.

'...... And I emphasized that there are three excellent waiters at the Sunlit Pavilion.
'Magda, did you mention us as well?
'...... Naturally. The three of us are the only waitresses at the Sunlit Pavilion. None of us are indispensable.
'Magda-chou!I'm sorry for calling you a bribe!I was hired for my kindness!That must be it!

'...... But if you can only draw one, I convinced her that the prettiest Magda would be the best choice, with honey popcorn on the side.'
'A bribe, sir!I've just found out about the no-good bribe!
'...... Delicious is justice.'

'So Magda became the model for--' well, that's understandable.

'Why is this happening to me?

If you're going to draw Magda, you should draw her undeveloped body, which is very popular among a certain segment of the population.
Why this uncomfortable loli big tits? ......

'......Magda doesn't want to be alone,......'

'...... So it's not Magda who is the model, but a fictional waitress who is a combination of the best parts of the three waitresses at the sunny pavilion.
'What exactly is it that you crossed ......?
'......First, Magda's cuteness.'

It's the only thing that makes her look like Magda.

'......And the manager's tits.

I see. ......These were Jeannette's boobs.

'...... and the big tits.'
'Hey, why did you rephrase that?I'm sorry.

Indeed, Ginette's tits are nice.
I think they should be picked up.

'...... and Loretta's uniform.'
'My element is too thin!
'...... But Loretta's uniform is cute.'
'They're all cute, the uniforms!

That's Loretta.
Especially here!--I guess she couldn't find anything to say. Because they are generally ordinary.

'...... As a result, the illustration looks like this.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.
'Normal people don't grow to this level!
'Um, Loretta-san, ...... I'm a normal person, you know?

Miraculous breasts that are far outside the human norm.
That's you, Jeannette.

'Ginette, you are the number one......'
'Please repent!

He said it so hard.
If anything, he started breathing before I finished saying 'Ginette'.
Did Ginette get some kind of precognition?

'So, the carpenter is in tears over the illustration of Magda.

Umaro was squatting on the floor, holding his eyes.

'...... Magda is cute in illustrations, but ............ this is something different... ...'

Oh, I see.
Umaro is a man of undeveloped faith. ...... It's the end of the line.

'But what if Magda grows up to be like this?
'Of course she's an angel!

In the end, it doesn't matter what you think, does it? If it's Magda.

'Um, Yashiro-san, ......'

Ginette tugs on my sleeve, looking at the satisfied Magda and the howling Loretta.
Then she stretches and asks me a question.

'Are you sure you want to do this?

Yes. Her breath is soothing against my ear, it feels so good.
But it's not.

'What's that?'
'Magda, ......, wouldn't that be considered a falsehood?
'Illustrations are not meant to depict the truth. Those sketches of you and Bertina that the church kids drew were never true to life, were they?'
'Oh, that's true.
'If they were annotated with 'This is a true depiction of Magda's likeness' or something like that, I might be out.
'That's right. I shouldn't ....... Lately, I've been looking at Bekko's illustrations that look just like the real thing, and I feel like they have to be just like the real thing. ......'

You shouldn't think in terms of the perverted talent around you.
Otherwise, most of the women in the world would be bad at cooking. Based on Jeannette, that is.

'Well, it's just ......'.

I muttered, sneaking a glance at Magda, who was holding an illustration in her hand, looking pleased with herself.

'I don't know if they'll recognize that illustration as Magda, though.

I don't know if the same phenomenon will happen to Magda when she goes to BU as it did to Natalia.
Or rather, it probably won't.

Well, we don't want a fever like Natalia's to happen. That was crazy.

I don't want any zealots coming to the sunlit pavilion.
Maybe it's better to say 'Huh?Something different' might be just right.

In that sense, I'm more worried about Paula.
Paula is the only waitress in Cantalcica.
They used to try to hire a part-time waitress, but it seems that they have learned their lesson from Loretta and have not recruited anyone since then.

That's why the illustration of the waitress in Cantalcica is Paula, no matter how you look at it.
Mokoka's taste and skill shine through, and the drawing is quite cute. ...... I hope she doesn't get noticed by anyone strange.

I'm not sure what to do.Look, look, look!This is an illustration that Mokoka drew...'

Paula came running into the sunny pavilion, holding the same envelope we had received.
Apparently, the illustration had been sent to Kantaruchika as well. Well, since she was the model, it must be a final confirmation.

'Oh, so you've been to the Sunken Pavilion, too.
'Yes. We've just seen it together.
'What's that Magda thing?I was so surprised.'
'That's, um, .......'
'It's the result of mixing the elements of the three girls of the sunny pavilion.'
'Eh ............ Loretta, which one?
'Ohhhh, listen to me, Paula!I'm in uniform!There's nothing of me in it!

Loretta clings to Paula, her former senior, and breaks down in tears.

'Hahaha!That's great, Loretta!You look really cute in your uniform.
'I'm not getting any compliments on it!

This is the kind of relationship you have with Paula, she will not be able to comfort you.

'Ugh. ...... If I had stayed in Cantalucia, I would have been a better model than you. ......'
'What do you mean?If you had stayed, I would have been the model!You're in charge of uniforms!
'Even in Cantalucia?

Loretta's charm seems to be her uniform, no matter where she goes.
Well, that's because everything else is normal.

'Hey, Yashiro. Information papers are very influential in 'bu', aren't they?Do you think this will bring more customers to Cantar Chica?'
'Well, yes. It looks like there will be reviews on the food, so maybe some drinkers will come for the hexenbiest sausages.
'That's right, to see the cute sign girl!

The conversation is a little off. Paula's pretty excited, isn't she?
He must be really happy to have his illustration published.
I wouldn't want to be treated like a pariah. I don't want to be treated like this. ...... There's going to be a lot of trouble.

'Well, be careful.
'Yeah, careful of what?
'For the customers who come for Paula after seeing this illustration.
'What,......, does that mean you're ............ worried about me?'

Because they're probably very nasty. I can't help but think so when I see Natalia Fever.

'Hey, hey, Yashiro. What do you think?Is this illustration cute?
'Oh, it's well drawn. I think we look alike.
'Then it's cute, isn't it?

Her self-esteem is as high as ever.
Paula smiles, looking very happy. She's so happy that she came all the way to show it to me.
Hmmm~ ......
It may be unwise to get in the way of this, but ...... the birth of New Roads may change the atmosphere of BU is too much wishful thinking. ...... Oh, shit. I wish Estella was here to tell her. ............

'Well, you know, ...... if you need anything, just tell me.'

Don't look at me with those round eyes.

'Interacting with the outside world can sometimes cause unnecessary friction. Just like the insect incident.'

Because of the popularity of cake in District 42, there was a dispute with the neighboring District 41.
There's no guarantee that something like that won't happen.

'If something happens, will ...... Yashiro be able to help us?

'No, I'll send Estella.'
'Oh no!Yashiro should come and save us.'
'My fee is so high, they might take over the store.

I joked with him.

'If that happens, will ...... Yashiro become the manager of that store?

I was going to argue with him,......, but before I could, Magda and Loretta appeared in front of me,............. But before I could do that, Magda and Loretta came around with a 'swoosh!

'...... Yashiro will not give in.'
'That's right, your brother is a shopkeeper at the Sunlit Pavilion!
'What? Isn't the sunny pavilion already making enough money~'
'...... no.'
'I'm not giving it to you!
'Moo~...... you're so stubborn.'

As Magda and Loretta stared at her, Paula raised her hands in the air. It's a pose of helplessness.
Well, I guess Paula doesn't really mean it either.

It's okay. I'm going to make this place so big that Yashiro will want to come to me. I won't go easy on you, Sunshine Pavilion!
'...... as you wish'
'It's a revenge attack!

The three girls sparked off.
...... No, no, no. You're leaving me behind.

I'm not sure what to do.


When I turned around, Jeannette was picking at my sleeve without looking at me - in fact, she was turning her face away as if to look away. Resolutely. But with some force.
............ No, you know what?
If you really want to make money, you should go to Estella or Lucia, use Merle, or take advantage of Donis as an educator for Fillman, there are many options.
Above all, it would be most profitable for me to go independent.

But even if there is only profit, .......

'Next time, I'll teach you a dish called oyakodon.

Considering the tastes of the people in the forty-two districts, it will probably be popular.
Their taste buds are quite close to the Japanese.

'I like this dish a lot too, can you make it ......?'
'......!Yes. I'd love to make it.

She takes a deep breath, rolls her eyes, and smiles like she's melting.
It's a small price to pay to be in a good mood like this. It's only a new dish. ............
A new dish is enough to put Jeannette in a good mood. It's the only way.

The sleeve that had been pinched was released, and relief somehow spread through her chest.
You food lover. ...... d*mn it.

'...... That's not going to happen.'
'Yes, it is!The Sunlit Pavilion will not lose!
'Because, look at this illustration. Isn't it really cute?I've got a customer coming to my house.'
'...... is also cute.'
'Yes, it is!I'll tell you what, Magda!
'......The cuteness of Magda and Loretta is more than adequately expressed.'
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.

There is a futile battle going on.
This might intensify the competition if an information paper is published.

'It's only after the information paper is published that we can compete!
'...... is what I want.
'I'll win hands down!
'Mmm-hmm. You're all looking forward to it, aren't you?

Ginette, who is wearing an air of comfort as if she were someone else.
People who don't care about winning or losing are very calm. They talk about 'trying not to lose', but they don't have the idea of trying to beat their opponents.

'I hope it will be issued soon.
'It won't be issued so soon.
'Oh, you guys!The latest edition of the information paper has just been published, so I've brought it to you!
'How fast, publication?I've just seen the final draft of the illustrations!

I was about to ask Mokoka, who had jumped into the room so vigorously, if he was not going to listen to my opinion, but ...... something, there are a lot of young people behind me!

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help.
'That's why it's happening so fast!BU residents, calm down a bit!

It's just been published a while ago, and the BU kids are already pouring in.
Your epidemic is spreading faster than the flu, isn't it?
It's scary.

'Wow, look!It's the Cantartika vendor!
'It's true!She's cute!Hey, you think she's cute, don't you?
'''I do~!'''
''Huh?What?Hey ......!

In the blink of an eye, a crowd of BU kids clutching information papers surrounded Paula.
They compared the illustration with the real thing and said, ''It's real! It's so cute! reminiscent of the Natalia fever of the past.
Paula, swallowed by the swarm, is simply amazed.

'Oh!Look, the little girl over there!
'Hey, could that be her?
'Isn't she a vendor at the Sunshine Pavilion?Look, it's on here!

I was pointed to my face (by a celebrity on the street, right? Magda poses in a charming way with a proud face.
At the same time, Umaro sinks to the floor, vomiting blood happily in a seat some distance away.


''''............ something different''''

In the event that you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find it on the web.
...... So, Magda. It's just too much.

''Hey, don't you want to go to Cantalucia?
'''I want to go!
'''Of course~!
''Oh, well, I'll show you around, so follow me!We're just around the corner!
'''Yikes!She talked!
'The clerk is so cute!
'No, it's ...... haha. I feel like I'm going crazy.

Overwhelmed by the power of the BU kids, Paula smiled shyly and said, 'Well, I'm going back to the store! Then I'm going back to the shop!' She led the procession of BU children back to the main street like a flute player of Hamelin.

Only Mokoka and Umaro, who was bleeding profusely, remained in the sunlit pavilion.


Magda was plainly depressed.
He was shocked that his plan had failed,......, or perhaps he was shocked that his roots had been snatched away.
Well, you know. The BU guys are too extreme, so don't worry too much about them. See?

'Come on, guys. Let's get ready for work. The carpenters and Mr. Bekko will be here soon for breakfast.

A cheerful voice echoed in the quiet store.
That's the manager. Loretta and Magda seem to have come to their senses with that comment.

Irregularities are just irregularities.
There's no need to get upset about it. Just be yourself. You should just be yourself.

So I'm going to be me and come up with a ............ ploy to steal away all the customers. ......... ...Watch me, cantaloupe ............, I'll make you howl .......

I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to make of it.You can't destroy the cantaloupe!That's the only place that sells hexenbiest sausages!
'Don't worry, I'll ...... push it to the limit and ............ tame it.'
'You're making a statement that's not okay at all!

During the exchange between me and Loretta, Magda was quietly looking down.
Then she stood in front of Oumalo and said

'...... Oumalo.'

He calls out quietly.
And then.

'...... ah-ahn'.

...... You look happy, that fox.

I'm not sure what to say.

After slumping on the floor for a while, Umaro stood up and got down on his knees to meet Magda's eyes.
He then speaks to Magda with a face and voice typical of a man who takes good care of others.

I think that the special Magda is wonderful, but I think that the usual, natural Magda is the most wonderful.

'I'm here to see Magda, you know.

He smiled as he stood on his knees, just as a knight would to a young princess.
In the face of this straightforward favor, Magda turns her face away slightly and mutters a few short words.

'.................. so'.

Only two syllables.
It sounded a little happy.

'Yes, sir. Yes.
'...... So you don't want any food?
'No, though I'm looking forward to that too!I mean, I can't eat anything else but this rice!

Magda's mischief has returned.
Ginette giggles, happy about that.

You're good, Umaro.
How did you manage to put Magda in a good mood?
I'm sure it's because you're too easy to understand that he got the message.

'...... Manager, one daily set meal for Umaro.'
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.

After such a common tinkering with Umaro.

'.................. for a large serving.'

I'm sure you'll be able to understand what I mean.

'......I'm going to go prepare something.'

Magda's tail twitched as she walked into the kitchen.
The moment his back was completely out of sight--

'Why are you hugging me?
'Because Magda-tan is ...... Magda-tan is ...... serving me!
'All right, get off me!
'Haaaaaaan!'Magda, you're a real angel!
'So, don't tell me!

The latest issue of the information paper was published, causing such a commotion in the morning.