417-Chapter 72 Profit and Loss for Profit and Loss for...

'Yashiro-kun, put yourself in a good mood!

Students came out of the tightly closed door like a door to heaven.
All of them are sweating moderately and look satisfied with their refreshing fatigue.

I'm sitting alone in a triangular position in a daze.

I'll walk around in a triangular position.
A little bit, a little bit, a little bit, a little bit, a little bit, a little bit, a little bit.

'Don't make any creepy moves!

Estella grabs me by the collar and half forces me to stand up.

'Hey, Estella. Have you lost weight?'
'Don't say that while looking at my breasts!

Well, the exercises I've invented are really effective. ......

'If you hadn't been so crazy, you wouldn't have been kicked out, so it's your own fault.
'It's not crazy!It's wonderful!
'Oh, you have no remorse at all, do you ......?'

Norma let out an exasperated sigh, but because of her gym clothes and bloomers, she couldn't think of anything else to say but thank you.

'Thank you, Norma!
'You seem to have an extraordinarily strong attachment to these clothes. ...... I guess I'll have to wear them less often.'

You're going to take everything away from me, spirit god?

I'm glad you're doing well. I'm glad to see you're doing relatively well.
'Yeah, ...... I wonder if that's true?She's sulky and troublesome, though.''

Putting her arm on Masha's tank, Estella raises her eyebrows.
I'm not sulking. She's just bending her belly button a little bit.

'So, where are the others?

The teacher candidates of District Forty-One have already all left and are on their way back to District Forty-One, saying, 'I'll return to District Forty-One before it gets too late. The sky is already getting dark. Night is coming soon.
Despite this, the people of District 42 have yet to appear.

'Oh, ...... well, you'll know when you look inside.'

Estella shrugged her shoulders with an annoyed look on her face.
If you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at a lot of the things that are available to you.

'There seems to be a murder of a good friend's mother and daughter!

For some reason, I lost my temper and ended up at a scene like .......
Is it Molly who did it?

'All mysteries solved.
'There are no mysteries.

The exercise that made the women of the forty-first district sweat so much was as heavy as a triathlon for Ginette and Bertina, and they couldn't move an inch.

'What about Molly?She's not that physically weak, is she?
'She's ...... a hard worker, you know.'

Yeah, I know what you mean.
Sometimes students are told to do as much as they can, but when they try to copy the instructor's perfect movements, they overstep their limits. The result is that you end up like Molly now, with muscles that are so tight you can't move.

...... Molly. You've been pushing yourself to lose some weight, haven't you?
The same movement as Delia's, even for a beastman like you, must be quite a strain.

'Where's Barbara?
'Over there.

Norma pointed at her, 'Hey, what's up!I can go further!Push the limits! Norma pointed to Delia, who was fervently instructing her to 'Push the envelope! There was Barbara, who was doing one-legged squats with a loud voice.

...... What the hell are you doing?

'They're doing extra training for the trouble they caused me.
'Oh, is that exercise?That's not what I know at all.

It's funny, the exercises I taught you were supposed to be nice exercises that would make you look feminine, but ...... what kind of mercenary training facility is this?

'Dieting is not something you should do with a commando look on your face like that,......'.
You can't move like Delia if you can't do that.
'Even I don't want to do that kind of training.

Estella and Norma both looked dumbfounded.
But just because you don't do it doesn't mean you can't do it, right?I can see from your expression that you can do it, right?

You've got a great core, Barbara.
I can never do a one-legged squat.

'But then again, you seem to have some sense. I appreciate that.'

Suddenly Estella praised me, and I tilted my head.

'I was going to gouge or crush you if you even glanced at me.
'Don't use those fancy words that are mainly used for eyes.

It's better to know that Estella was joking, though.
...... I'm afraid Natalia might do the same. Thank God it's the Lord.

'There was no clutter at the door. It was quiet.'

Estella patted me on the head, saying, 'Great, great.
Don't treat me like a dog tied up in front of a convenience store waiting for its owner to go shopping.
Isn't that dog waiting to go shopping treated as property of the town?Every time I see one, I want to pet it, but it's a stranger's dog and I can't do anything about it in case the owner comes back on the way. ......

What have you been doing?Are you sitting in a triangle all the time?
'No, I was just assunto.

This is Newtown, so it's relatively easy to catch a ham who's not busy.
I grabbed a little girl who hadn't gotten a job yet, had her run over and get Assunto, and we had a meeting a while ago.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a little nervous about the whole thing. I'm sure his fantasies were spreading all over the place.

'Assunto is a plump man.
'You're too open about it. Don't you think Assunto is just right?
'It's outrageous that you have your own tits and you're looking at someone else's tits!
'I can't decide if I should call you single-minded and wonderful, or an a**h*le for calling your wife your exclusive tits, in your opinion.

I don't know, I'm not sure.
You should be angry!
Don't be silly!
Don't be greedy!

'Limit one set per person!
'Every time you open your mouth, I ruin your reputation, so it's time you shut up. What were you and Assunto talking about at ......?'

Estella's gaze becomes that of a lord.
I'm not going to hide it.

...... I have no intention of hiding anything from you.

I'm not going to hide it. What are sweets to you?'
'Huh?Hmm~ ...... I guess. Right now, it's probably donuts, right?

Well, I guess so.

'Other things like cakes, honey roasted peanuts, popcorn, ......'
'I like taiyaki~☆'
'I like pudding.

I like Norma's pudding, too. ...... Hot!
I didn't even say anything!I'm just thinking!

You're too honest in your gaze.

I've been taught that honesty is a good thing. ...... I guess this is what they mean when they say that honesty is a fool's errand. ......

Most of the sweets in the 42nd district are the ones these guys have just mentioned.
In a city where sweetness is scarce, the only things that existed were honey, brown sugar, and fruit, and where there were people who couldn't even eat enough food that day, sweets as a luxury item never took root.
That's why the sweets first introduced by the Sunshine Pavilion have become the standard sweets of District 42.

'Halloween is an event where kids parade through the streets to get candy. If the candy is only available at the Sunshine Pavilion, it'll be a problem, right?'
'Hmm~......, that may be true. But you can find cakes at other stores too, right?
'If we stop at every store and eat cakes, we'll be full after one or two, right?It's better to have something more convenient.

I'd really like to make something like a cookie, but I can't prepare it because if I bake it in the oven with ...... flour, it will turn into 'bread'.
If I had Norma's U-shaped oven, I might be able to get away with it, but even then I'd only be able to make it in the sunlit pavilion.

'That's why I thought I'd show you how to make doughnuts.
'What?For other restaurants?Like cakes?
'Not to other restaurants, but to the public.
'Open to the public?

Estella rolls her eyes in surprise.
I'm thinking of releasing the recipe to the public so that not only restaurants but also ordinary wives can make it easily.

'There are many old ladies who love children, right?It's not often that you get a chance to make something for your kids when they are on their own. I thought this kind of event would be a good opportunity to make sweets for the neighborhood kids and make them happy.'
'What's the matter, Yashiro?You seem like a very nice person with your ideas!I'm sure you'll be happy to know that Yashiro is willing to do something that might cause a loss of profit, such as publishing the recipe. ............ Yashiro, get a grip!I'm not sure what to do.
I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure what to do.
I'm sure you smelled the recipe on Estella at the sunlit pavilion.

I thought Lucia might want the recipe for the doughnuts.

"But you can't give her the recipe, can you?
"Nn~......"... What's that?Are you trying to spread the doughnut process?
You know. I don't think Yashiro would be so careless as to surrender his profits to someone else.

At that time, "Why? at that time meant 'why are you looking so surprised', but to Estella, it sounded like 'I would never do that'.
For me, going public was already one of the options at that time.

'Donuts are really easy. If you're good with oil, you won't make many mistakes. Right, Norma?
'Well, I guess so. I saw Magda and the others making them, but I think I can make them too.

Norma was setting up a U-shaped oven in the kitchen of the Sunlit Pavilion this morning. Next to her, Magda and Loretta were taking turns making doughnuts, so they must have caught Norma's eye.

'But why ......?Are you sure you want to do that?'
'Well, I'm going to respect Ginette's opinion, at least.

Because Ginette is the manager of the Sunlit Pavilion. If we release the recipe for the doughnuts, which we currently have a monopoly on, sales will drop. I've been asked to teach you how to make the doughnuts that have been around since before ......, but releasing the recipes for the new an-donuts and curry doughnuts would cause quite a stir.
I can't go ahead with something that will lead to such an uproar and loss of profit at my own discretion.

'But, well, I'm sure you won't say no.'
'Well, it's Ginette-chan, you know.

She would probably say something like, 'The more stores create their own doughnuts, the more people will be happy,' no matter what.
And in the not-too-distant future, Paula's place will probably produce sausage-wrapped doughnuts - American dogs and the like. ...... Oh, I have an irresistible urge to eat one. I think I'll teach Paula how to make it and have her give it to me. The sausage is his treat.

'Also, I'm planning to spread some sweets that are suitable for Halloween, such as marshmallows and syrup candy, and have them made in various places.
'Are those all candy too?'
'Oh, yeah. They look and feel pretty, and they'll be popular with girls and kids.
'...... So, you're not going to serve them at the sunny pavilion, but you're going to publish the recipe?
'Oh. I'll teach it to the people at the restaurants and have them make a lot of it. We'll have the peddlers' guild buy the surplus and sell it at the market before Halloween. That way, even those who can't cook can participate in Halloween, right?

There are many children who want to receive candy and many adults who want to give candy to children.
If you can buy candy at the store, mothers, grandmothers, and single men who are not good cooks can participate as candy givers.
...... You may have to put up 'No Javier' signs all over the city, though.

'Also, we've decided to have the houses that give us candy decorate their houses with matching Halloween plates. It would be annoying if kids came to the houses that didn't want to participate, and we don't want the kids to get into trouble.
'Wait, wait, wait!

As I was explaining what I was talking about with Assunto, Estella stopped me by sticking out her hand.

'I know you have a lot on your mind, and I'll tell you more later, but first, I'm so surprised and confused that I can't get your story out of my head. ......'

He held his chest, took a deep breath, exhaled, and turned his bewildered eyes to me.

'Something about Yashiro scares me because he's so nice. ......'
'What do you want to happen to me?

'You'd do everything in your power to stop me if I planned to do something bad.

'It's disgusting but relieving when you make a lot of noise with your tits and boobs.'
'Estella ......, you've been completely poisoned ......, you'll change your mind.'
'Estella is such a disappointment in the right places~'

Norma and Masha look at each other and shrug their shoulders.
I don't think you guys, especially Norma, can speak for others.

'Because, Yashiro sacrificing his own interests to think about the children and the people of the city is as impossible as the ...... spirit gods holding a lying contest!
''Right . It's as unlikely as Estella wandering around the C-cup bra section.''
'Shut up!...... Oh, shit!I hate myself for being a little relieved at this stupid exchange!

I think this girl is on her last legs.
Well, it's not my fault. I promise.

'Don't get me wrong, Estella. It's only in my best interest to do so.'
'Profit ......?You expect the profit to outweigh the loss of losing the donut monopoly?'
'Oh, no. In fact, I think it's an essential decision for the future.

If an-donuts and curry doughnuts are sold at other stores, the number of customers who come to buy them at the Sun Goddess Pavilion will decrease drastically. Even now, many customers buy them and take them home immediately because they are far from their workplaces or homes. It is easy to imagine that if they can buy it at a nearby store, they will go there. In fact, it's the norm.

But still...
But still.
I'd still like to publish the recipe.
Because I'm sure it will benefit me more than anything else.

'Well, you know. It's better to keep the economy going. If we only have a monopoly on fake bread, the church might be watching us more closely, and if something suspicious happens, it's better if we all do it together so that the blame can be cleared up.

It's not that there's nothing to be afraid of if everyone crosses the red light together, but if the whole town is selling red bean paste doughnuts, the Church will be less likely to target them and make a complaint.

'Maybe we can set up a store to make sweets. Instead of selling them as a restaurant, you could make them and sell them to the peddlers' guild for a profit.

If this were to happen, sweets would become more widespread among ordinary households.
When I mentioned this, Assunto promised to cooperate fully with this project.
He took care of the preparation and distribution of sweets, decorations, and Halloween plates.

'In the meantime, Estella, please prepare for the Obake story competition and coordinate with Ukrines.
'Coordinate with Ukrines?You mean ordering costumes?
'No, there's no way I can make costumes for all the kids in town in a week or so, so it's more like an advice course on how to make them.

I'm going to ask you to make your own Halloween costumes.
It would be more interesting to have more unique ghosts.

'I'll give you some ideas, and let you make a sample of how Ukrines would make it. It's something even an amateur could copy.
'It might be fun to make it as a family. The father might be left out of the loop, though.
'No, no, no. It's up to the father to decorate the house. Have the whole family do it.'

'We could also get Umaro and Becko to come and talk to him about decorating ideas and advice.

'So you're going to have people donate their skills for free?
'Isn't that obvious?We're about to release a recipe for a blockbuster product, remember?Let the rest of us cut our losses.'

Estella looked strangely relieved as the damage began to spread around her.
Are you so happy that others are suffering?You're a hell of a lord.

'I'm relieved to know that you're not planning to bear the disadvantage alone.
'Then use the lord's pressure to silence them so that they don't complain.
'You don't have to do that, they'll cooperate. They seem to love you.'

A smiling Masha leans in close to a giggling Estella.

'I wonder if Estella is included in that "everyone"?I'm not sure if she loves you, Yashiro.
'...... mine is just a general fondness for a friend.'
'I see, I see, you have fondness for me...'
'I'll sink you ......?
'I'm fine. ☆'

The water in the tank is poured over Masha's face, and Estella turns away with a 'hmm'.
Masha is laughing happily and giggling.

'Well, as long as I'm asking for help from various places, I'm not going to spare any help from my lord either. If there's anything I can do, just let me know.
'Then, please give me the money!
'............, well, at least a subsidy.'

He's willing to help, but he's not willing to pay.
This time, the peddler's guild is sponsoring the event, so I don't think it will be that much of a burden.

'We can get the 35th district to pay a little too.
'For Lucia-san?
'She'll be coming over at night to ask for the doughnuts, right?Let her pick up the money in exchange for the recipe.''
'Haha, that's going to test your skills as a lord, isn't it?

The masquerade parade is akin to the tentacle catsuit at the wedding parade.
I'm sure Lucia will like it. Invite her on the day and she'll pay as much as you want.


I hear a dying voice from the classroom.
Ginette and Bertina wobbled along, clinging to Delia. Delia is being squeezed from both sides and looks a bit annoyed.
In the event that you have any questions regarding where by and how to use it, you can call us at the web site.

I'm sure you're not going to be doing any martial arts, are you?

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.

But you haven't reached me yet.
I'm still waiting.

'Jeannette. You can't cook then. Do you want me to cook dinner for you?'
'No, no!I'm fine. I'm sure I'll feel better once I get into the kitchen!

Ginette predicted that more and more customers would come to eat meat and rice in the evening.
If he thought that they were craving for rice as a reaction to eating bean paste donuts and curry donuts, he would not be able to fool them with powdered foods such as okonomiyaki.

On the other hand, I don't think Jeannette will be able to perform as usual. ......

I'm not sure what to make of that.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it, but I'm sure I'll be able to.

I'll provide you with some supesher food if you let me have dinner with you.

Supestial. That raises my expectations.
It's Masha who gave me prawns for my chili. If the ingredients are not special but special, she must be very proud of her work.

'Well then, shall I invite you to dinner? Since Jeannette is in such a state, it might be my cooking, though.
Yashiro's cooking is delicious too!

As soon as I agreed, Masha climbed into the tank and began to rummage through the floor.
When I peeked into the tank, I found that there was a small door on the floor of the tank, which seemed to be a storage space under the floor.
Crabs stuffed full of nets came out from inside.

'Ta-da!It's a crab!
'Wow!A snow crab!
'That's Yashiro-kun!It's so delicious!

A huge snow crab that could easily grab the head of an adult man was stuffed into the net.
This looks ...... delicious!

'Crab marinated in Masha's broth!
'There's no broth!

The seawater was blown away.
Masha's protest is a little troublesome because it gets wet. It also smells faintly of rock.

'Can I have this?
'Yes, yes. Eat it well, and let me eat it well.
'All right, let's have a Crab Fair today!
'Sounds good! I agree!

Masha and I are getting excited.
There were two shadows that came in between us.

''Yashiro-san!What kind of dish is this going to be?

The similar mother and daughter uttered the exact same words at the exact same time, with different intentions.

'How's your muscle pain, guys?
'It's healed!
'It's not here yet!

Hmm, too bad.
That's not what I meant.
Well, I guess Bertina is closer to the right answer than Ginette. ...... Don't cry in the morning.

'I want to cook.
'I want to eat your food.

You don't have to say it, I know exactly what you mean.

'I've never had it before. Is this good?
'Yes, it's good! It goes well with alcohol.
'Oh, I didn't know that .......'

Norma's eyes narrowed slightly.
He looked at the crab with a cautious look and seemed to be imagining what kind of drink it would go well with. Oh, he licked his lips a little.

'I'll help you!
'Why don't you just say you want some?
'I want to eat!
'You're a straight shooter. Go get Natalia. I want to talk to her about Halloween.
'Can I come eat with you?
'How could Jeannette say no? And Molly's staying over today, so make sure she eats.'
'Yes, sir. I'm going to go easy on the .......''

Molly, that's probably not going to work.

'With so many of them, I'm sure you can use them in a variety of dishes.
'I guess so.'

Ginette looked at me with excited eyes, and I quickly listed the menu that came to mind.

'Boil it first. I'd also like to grill it over a charcoal grill and have a crab shabu. Tempura, sauté, cooked rice, crab fried rice with starchy sauce, crab cream croquettes, grilled crab shells with miso ......, or make miso soup from the shells.
'Let's go home, Yashiro!Let's go home, Yashiro! To our sunny pavilion!

And Bertina, who doesn't live in the sunlit pavilion, pointed sharply in the direction of the sunlit pavilion.
If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of a stomach bug buzzing under the autumn sky. It's not very elegant, though.

'Do you use this shell to make soup stock? ....... I'm excited about it!

There wasn't much seafood in the forty-two districts. I've cooked a few things that Marcia has given me, but there's no way that Jeannette would be able to keep quiet in the face of so many crabs.
She was not intimidated by the unfamiliar ingredients, and was happily staring at the crabs.

Seeing Ginette like that, I think again.

I've got to make this Halloween a success, no matter what.

For my own good, of course.