418-Additive-free Episode 73 Limited Time Crab Full Fa...

'Miso soup, yummmm......'

The sunlit pavilion at dinnertime.
Ginette's prediction was right on the money, and the carpenters of Torbeck's after-work store came to the restaurant in high spirits, saying, 'We've decided to have a big meat dinner today! The carpenters of Torbek's after-work shop came to the restaurant in high spirits, saying, 'We've decided to eat a lot of meat today!
Until he heard Umaro's words, 'Magda, what are you eating? Until he heard Umaro's words.

'...... This is crab fried rice with red bean paste.
'I'll have that!
I'll have that!What's that, Yashiro-san?It smells so good!That thing you're grilling on the shichirin!
'It's just a crab. Don't worry about it.
'I'm curious!I want to eat that!

That's how Umaro and Goozuya got hooked on the crab, and from then on, people came and went, 'What are you eating?What's that? It looks so good! and orders for the crab flooded in.
When I explained that ingredients were rarely available and that the crab feast was only for today, people who had ordered meat or salmon cancelled their orders and ordered crab.
The guy who cancelled the salmon order got a lot of stares from Delia, but it was a small matter.

'Yashiro-san! The rice cooked with crab is ready~'
'Then take out the shells and loosen the meat.
'Yes, sir. ...... It smells so good.'

Ginette put her face close to the earthenware pot and smiled 'wow ......'.

''''That's it, extra! ''''

The carpenters all sent in additional orders.

'Gaaaaaah!It's so good!

I'll take it.
It was Javier who slammed the cup on the table.

Masha, the provider of the crab, wanted to have some, so Paula gave him a bit of liquor to share, and he was allowed to drink in the restaurant specially today.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

Paula holds her nose as she smells the grilled shell miso.
It seems that Paula, who is not familiar with it, smelled it. A frown appeared on her face.

'I don't know if Cantaloupe's little girl will understand. Hey, Yashiro!This grilled crab shell miso is so delicious!
The miso is the best part of the crab, right?
Surely, this will go well with drinks.

A corner in the back of the restaurant was like a high-class snack bar. With such a beautiful hostess on his hands, who is that muscle-bearded man?

'Why don't you let your mother look in through the window tonight?

Imelda, munching on a baked crab meat, glared at her father as if she were looking at filth.
However, even surrounded by such beautiful women, Javier only enjoys drinking and crabs. I'm sure he's not that interested in adult women. ...... He's one hell of a pervert, that guy.

'Ginette. Bring him some grilled crabs to Snack Hidamari.'
'Mm-hmm. Before you know it, you'll have a sister store.

Ginette puts some rice cooked with crab on my table and takes the baked crabs to Snack Hidamari with her feet.
'Why don't you join us, manager? Ginette gently refuses the drunk Javier's invitation to join him and heads back to the kitchen.

'I'm sure he's thinking in his heart, "Don't talk to me so casually, go f*ck yourself, you bearded bastard.
'Hey, Yashiro!That's just your selfish imagination!The manager would never think like that!
'Well, you don't know that, do you, old man?
'Why not, Imelda?I'm just having a nice drink!
'I wonder if Imelda is sulking because her daddy was taken away from her...'

I don't know.It's a good thing you're not a libelerator!I'm not sure what to do.
I'm not sure what to say.You're the prettiest girl in the world!My daughter!
'I told you she's not!...... Oh my God!

Imelda was restrained by Javier and forced to sit next to him.
She is barking and staring at Javier, but her ears are red. Is that a sign?

'Huh~....... I feel good.'

Norma wanders over to stand next to me, her skin a little flushed with drunkenness.

'Is Yashiro working on the floor, or is he working on the grill?You don't go to the kitchen, do you?
'I taught him how to make everything and he took all the work.

'Hmm... Looks like you've been piling up quite a bit, manager. Cooking cravings?
'Ah. ...... that one too.'

I'm not sure what to make of it. Crab fried rice with red bean paste is delicious.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that we've had a donut party this afternoon, so we're going to have a slightly more modest dinner at the church.
...... So they are planning to eat a lot of food here. Why don't you just go home and eat at the church?

'Yeah, yeah, yeah!
'Oh, Teresa. Have you come for Barbara?'

Teresa bursts in. The Yaplocks are all at the door.
They must have come to pick up Barbara, who had come straight from the gymnastics class to the sunlit pavilion, where she was eating alongside Delia.

'Make sure you teach him the importance of reporting, and to think about the future, not just the immediate future.
'Oh no, I'm trying to teach him that.
'You're too naive!You haven't done it at all.'
'No, haha, ......'

Yap Lock scratching his head.
He's never going to be able to get strict discipline in his life.

'Wuerer, weren't you preparing food?'
'No, sir. Teresa said she's sure you'll be eating outdoors.'

Oh, no. Teresa knows better than I do.
What, did you decide that it would be quicker for the others to deal with Barbara than to discipline her?

So, we're going to have a meal at the Sunlit Pavilion. ...... What's that?It smells delicious.
'Crab. Teresa, you want some crab cream croquettes?

That's Teresa.
'Do you want some? And she said, 'Yes.
Barbara would have said, 'Yes! She would have said.

'Do you want some crab cream croquettes, Cheryl?How about fried rice for Totto?
'I'll have some!
'Okay, I'll have that please.

Tot looks so solid!
If anything, he's more dependable than Yap Lock!

'Barbara, do you want some crab cream croquettes?
'Yes!I'll have some!

Yeah. Just as I imagined.
He's an idiot.

He's eating crab cream croquettes alongside Delia.It's delicious! It's so good!' Barbara was so excited to eat it.
I recommended some other crab dishes, but he kept eating only crab cream croquettes.

'It's delicious, Miss!
'Ah!It would be even better if we had salmon cream croquettes!

Salmon cream, ...... well, it would be delicious.

And the one sitting across from them, silently moving her knife and fork, is Molly.

'I can't believe I can eat such delicious food. ...... I really want to be a child of the sunny pavilion.

She's crying a little.
And she's probably forgotten she's on a diet.

'Oh, ......, I never knew rice and miso soup could be so delicious.
'It's so different from what we know.

Yap Lock and Wuerer smiled at each other as they ate rice cooked with crab and miso soup with crab.
I, too, eat the rice and miso soup that Ginette prepared for me.

It's delicious.
It's really good.
If I ate it every day, it would be too heavy, but if I ate it every once in a while, it would be irresistibly delicious.

'Dad. The fried rice is so good!It's amazing!

Tot, who is always trying to be a good big brother, shines his eyes excitedly.
Yap Lock and Wuerer look at each other and laugh at his childish expression.
You guys look happy, your family.

'Truly, if I hadn't met ...... the heroes here, I wouldn't be this happy today. ......'
'Yes, you. This is the happiness that Hero-sama gave us, isn't it?
'Our whole lives.'
'Yes. Let's dedicate our lives to the heroes.

''Let's pray.''
''Forget the prayers, just eat it, crab fried rice.''

He wants you to eat it and share it with him, Totto.
If you start a strange religion, I'll kick you out immediately.

'Yeah, yeah. I'm glad you're so popular, Crab.

Masha comes over to my table, pushed by Norma.
The Yaploks thoughtfully move their seats. I guess they're going to settle down over there and eat together as a family. Oh, Barbara has also joined them.

'The 42nd district doesn't get a lot of seafood, so I was a little worried that it wouldn't be accepted, but ......, I'm relieved☆'
I'm not sure I can accept the crabmeat.

Paula, who has been following Norma and the others, sits a little in front of me.

'I like it, though. The scent of the rocky shore and the complex umami taste are addictive.

Norma, who has been drinking unusually well, says in a good mood.

'Wow, it's already started.
'We're late to the party, aren't we?

Estella and Natalia, who arrived late, shrug their shoulders when they see how busy the restaurant is.
They walked straight through the restaurant and headed straight for our table.

'Can we put the tables together to make it bigger?
'You can eat over there.
'I need to talk to you.
'What the hell. Loretta~!
'Yes, sir!

Loretta comes out of the kitchen and joins Natalia at two tables to create a seating area for eight people.

'I'm wondering if we can have a ghost competition and a pastry demonstration at the same time.

As soon as I sit down, Estella asks me a question.
It seems that she has had a lot of discussions with Natalia and the others, and now all she needs to do is to listen to our requests and put them into action.

'We want to gather as many people as possible. It would be better to do it together than to split it into two days, I guess. Time is going to be pretty tight, though.
'Assunto suggested that we post the recipes on the board.
'Well, if you change the ...... slightly between teaching it to restaurants and making it available to the public, and make it easier for the public, you may not need to go to them for guidance.

In the case of doughnuts served in restaurants, it cannot be appropriate.
As long as we handle products with the same name, we want them to maintain a certain level of quality.
Even if only our doughnuts are good, if the average value of doughnuts goes down in the whole town, the doughnuts themselves may be perceived as insignificant.

'Also, I thought it would be easier to understand if I showed them how to make them at the competition.
'Hmm~...... what do you think, Jeannette?'
'Yes, I think so.'

Ginette brought drinks to Estella and Natalia and asked for their opinion.

'I think once you've seen the actual process, it will be easier to visualize it when cooking from a recipe alone.'
'Yes. I think it would be easier for me to understand if you showed me the process once.

After Ginette, Paula, the assistant cook of Cantalcica, expressed the same opinion.

'Well, that's about it for now, but if you really don't understand, can I ask you a question?
'Yes, I guess so. It's normal to give advice on cooking, right?

I never give advice on recipes for the restaurant, though.
Donuts would be fine.

'The sooner the event is held, the better. ...... Is tomorrow too soon indeed?
'No, I think tomorrow will be fine.

Natalia reports in a quiet tone on behalf of Estella.

'I've advertised the event this afternoon with the waiters, so I'm sure there will be enough people there tomorrow.
'You sent out a warning before the decision was made, .......'
'I thought it would be decided anyway.
'Hey, Estella. Your head waiter is calling the lord's decision 'anyway'?'
'Haha ....... Isn't he a dependable head waiter who knows what he's doing?

With a twitching grimace that might not have been an honest compliment, Estella seemed to appreciate the consideration.

'For those who can't make it tomorrow, we'll have to get word from our neighbors, but I'm sure there will be a good number of lords and ladies who will be there. I'm sure there will be a lot of people who are interested.

The servants who conducted the street survey seemed to have distributed a brief summary of the monster story I told them at various locations, and they were asking 'anyone who knows such a story to join the competition.

'We'll give away gorgeous prizes to the best ones,' he said.
'Where are those prizes going to come from?
'I think it should be the sweets you invented. Assunto agreed to pay for the ingredients with the peddlers guild.
'I haven't even been asked to confirm my intentions, have I?
'Since we're going to make and show the food on the same day anyway, why don't we make it into a product? Not wasting food is your motto, isn't it?

Well, I don't want to waste food.

'Would you like me to help you?If you promise to teach Cantar Chica first.'
'I guess so. ......'

I don't mind being the first to tell you. It's only a few days' error anyway.
But it's better to teach it all at once, so it's not too much trouble.

'So, you want to learn it now?
'Really?...... But if I make it now, no one will eat it, right?

'I'm full of crab.
'Hmm~...... well, maybe I'll come back tomorrow morning to learn.'

Paula crossed her arms and pondered seriously.
If you want, I can teach you how to make it at the venue and we can make it together.

'Yes, Estella. Natalia.'

As we were talking, crab dishes were laid out one after another in front of us.

'Since we were talking, I brought you a recommendation. I apologize for the intrusion.
'No, it's fine. This is what I was going to have today.
'So this is crab. That's interesting.'
'If you like to drink, I can get you something like Javier's.'
'No, sir. I have some business to attend to later today.

Natalia quickly refuses Ginette's offer.
If the competition is tomorrow, she must have a lot of work to do afterwards.

'Wow, ...... this croquette is delicious ......'.
'I prefer this takikomi gohan.

Seeing their reaction, Ginette smiled with satisfaction.

'Here's one for you, Yashiro-san.

What was presented to him was the first crab siumai of the day.

'Oh, that looks delicious. It's delicious!

I picked it up and took a bite, and the flavor instantly spread throughout my mouth.
The juices from the crab and the juices from the meat overflowed and intertwined in a complex way, overwhelming my taste buds. I've had it. Complete surrender. I'm happy.

'Let's see. ...... Wow, it's delicious!
'Indeed, this is delicious.
'Ah, me too!
'I'll have some too!
'd*mn!You're making me want a drink!I'm going to drink some more.

Arms reached out from all directions and plundered my crab shao mai.
In no time at all, my plate was empty.
Then Norma went back to the snack bar Hidamari.

'Isn't this enough candy for Halloween?

Estella muttered happily as she chewed on a crab shao mai.
I can't accept a freak carrying around a bag full of crab shao mai. It's not Halloween.

'............ smells good'.

Natalia looks towards where Norma left off and stares at the snack Hidamari.
A fragrant scent of crab miso is wafting from the other side.

'I hope you can have it later.
'Crabs are hard to come by, you know. Well, we'll see if we can get some then.'
'I guess so. Let's cut our fingers at .......'
'You really want a drink, Natalia.

She must have been jealous of all the drinking going on over there.
Seeing Natalia, Masha chuckled happily. She holds her mouth with both hands and shakes her shoulders.
Then, with her big eyes twinkling, she raises her right arm with a 'Judaic Happiness☆'.

'Good news~☆ Actually, this crab was caught in ............ the 42nd district!

Masha's words caused Estella, Natalia, and Bertina to turn their heads. I'm a little surprised too.
I'm a little surprised too.
Caught in District 42?I'm not sure what to say.

...... Oh, I see.

'The waters near the planned port?
'Ding-dong, ding-dong!You're right, Yashiro! There were so many of them!

Just beyond the outer wall of District Forty-Two.
Masha proved to me through actual research that there is a cavity beneath the sheer cliff that rises between us and District 30 that is large enough for a small ship to pass through, and that it leads to the ocean beyond the forest.
There is a place where they are planning to break down the cliff a little, cultivate the forest outside a little, clear the land quickly, and eventually build a small harbor, and apparently snow crabs can be caught near there.

I seem to remember that snow crabs live in deep, cold waters. ...... They can be caught in caves, just like crabs. ......

I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of them in the cave.

That's why I thought they were crabs.

'I put a grain of rice on a string and dangled it in front of me, and I caught it.


Apparently, snow crabs in this world live like crabs.
Well, you can live any way you like. The taste is real.

At Masha's words, Natalia turned a sharp look at her.

'Then, if we complete the port--'
'I think crabs will become relatively easy to obtain~'
''Estella-sama. Let's stop with Halloween and stuff and build the port.''
''That's planned for a little later, you know!
''Let's put off reforming sections like the forty-first district.''
'Masha, I'm sorry. Can you give me another crab tomorrow?Natalia's getting clunkier by the minute!
'Mmmm~ Estella~ Crab is ...... 'one cup'!
I don't know if I'm that particular about it.

Marsha seems to have something she can't give up.
I've heard that in the fishing village, it's one crab when it's alive and one crab when it's dead. ...... Well, it doesn't matter either way.
If one crab can change Natalia's work efficiency, it's a small price to pay.

'Well then, I'll get some more crabs for you tomorrow. ......, let me stay here tonight.
'Marsha....... You, are you ready for work?Such a sudden outing is not ......'
'You're invited!I'll get you the best room in the building.'
'Wait a minute, Natalia!I'm the master of this place!And the best room in the house is my private room!

Apparently, the aroma of roasted crab shells with miso is irresistible to drinkers.
It was unusual for Natalia to be so obsessed with things.

'Me. I will do my best to make the event a success for tomorrow's dinner. I will do my best to eliminate any obstacles!
'I haven't seen Natalia this on fire in a long time. ......'

Just as Natalia's reliable yet anxious fighting spirit flared up, Lucia burst into the sunlit pavilion, just as had been announced.

'You're late, anchovy!How long are you going to make us wait?
'...... Ah. I'm really here, Lucia.'
'If it's too much like I imagined, I'll have to back off a bit. ......'
'You guys!Can't you at least be a little less surprised!I'm supposed to be in District 35, but here I am in District 42 at this hour!Marvel!

No, I had advance warning.
That was nothing more than a pretense.

'I'm going to declare you disabled and remove you.
What?What's with you, head waiter?Gilberta!Stop him!
'Wait a minute, Natalia. I understand, I feel... I admit, it's a little annoying.

Gilberta. Don't say it, even if you think it. Lucia will cry.
I release Lucia on Estella's orders and wait for Natalia to take her seat, then I ask her.

'What do you want?
'Hmph!You wrote it in your letter. You gave me Hammarotan and a red bean paste donut. ...... What's that?

Lucia smelled the crab in the middle of the conversation and started twitching her nose.

'It's not a doughnut. It's not something you should be worried about.
'It smells so good!Hey, Gilberta!
'I think it smells good, I do. It's similar to the crabs they fry in the 35th district.'
'Oh, crabs!I like crabs, too.

Lucia and Gilberta knew about crabs because there was a port in the 35th district.
They simply grilled them, so they must have eaten them before.

'Hmm. Crab is certainly delicious, but rather than such familiar food, I prefer curry doughnuts to ......'
'Ah, Lucia-san. Welcome. Would you like some crab fried rice with red bean paste?
'What the hell is that?Ankake?Fried rice?
'You can have it if you like. Gilberta-san, how about crab cream croquettes and crab siumai?

'I think I'll take my friend Ginette's recommendation.

Lucia and Gilberta bring out chairs and force their way into our table.

It's a good idea to have a curry doughnut after eating something called crab fried rice with red bean paste. ...... Yum!
Have you received a proper education as a nobleman?
'What the hell is this!Why is there such a delicious dish in District 42 that can't even be found in District 35, the home of seafood?
'It's a recipe I learned from Yashiro-san.
'It's you again, anchovy!I'm taking you home!
'What's that messy proposal?
'The possibility that I've lost my mind, my true feelings, Lucia-sama.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
You've got a lot of it around your mouth!It's so sticky!

'Gilberta. Wipe it off your mouth.'
'I agree, I do. And I'll do it immediately, wiping my own mouth.'
'It's not yours!Lucia's!...... I mean, you guys eat way too much!I'm not sure what to make of that.

Do you think you're adapting to the atmosphere around you?
The guests of the Sunlit Pavilion are more refined.

''Hmm?Javier, the guild leader!What's that?
'Oh, you're the lord of District 35. How about a drink with me?The sake and the roasted crab shells are delicious.
'Sake, ...... hmm.'
'I hope you'll behave yourself, Lady Lucia. This is not a territory.
'Hmm. So be it. Well, it would be easy to recreate a dish like that in the 35th district. I get sleepy when I drink. I almost spent the night in District 42.
'I'm relieved, I'm relieved, I'm relieved. I'm relieved that Lucia has acted sensibly.
'And so, Estella. What were you talking about just now?
'We were discussing the pre-event for tomorrow's Halloween.
'Anchovy, make arrangements for lodging!
'Go home!

What event are you trying to stay at?
You don't have to participate, you go home!

'Hmm. It can't be helped. ......'

Lucia wobbled out of her seat and gave my forehead a thumbs up. She pushed my forehead with her thumb and walked towards the snack bar Hidamari.
What the heck was that extra blow ......!That hurt like hell.

'Get me a place to stay for the night, Imelda-sensei.
'Are you staying at my house again?
'Lavender for the bath, please. I had rose last time.'
'Someone, please teach our lord the word 'refrain'!

What is it? ......
The lord of the other ward, who was feared when we first met, has become just a selfish girl.
You've fit in so well in the 42nd district.
Don't move in here.I'm serious.

'All right, Guild Chief Javier!Let's drink today!
'Oh!You know what you're talking about!Let's have a toast!
'Hmm. I'll do you the honor of pouring me a ...... toast.Burnt crabmeat, yum!

I told you not to eat while I'm talking!
And the tone of voice!

Fix it, at least when there are other customers!

'I want to sleep in a soft bed...'
'Are you already drunk?Isn't it too early?
'I was already drunk, in fact, Lucia-sama was in the ............ carriage!
'It doesn't add up, that drunkenness and this drunkenness!


I feel like Imelda should be the one to deal with the troublesome ones.
There's also Norma over there. ......

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

...... Wow. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.

I'm sorry.When you're lonely, drink!
'Hmm, I'll have a drink. ...... I'm lonely. ......!
'A hot handshake and a hug...... recognizing her as a comrade, Lucia-sama asked Norma-san...... doctor, please, take care of us all tonight.
You can't veto me!

When I first met Imelda, she was selfish and pushed around, but now she's being pushed around.
There's something deeply moving about that. ......

'I really don't know what I'm doing here, Lucia.
'You must have been lonely. You seemed to be enjoying the field day.'
'...... You know, it's been less than a month, right?'

As Estella and I looked at each other's twitching faces, Masha's relaxed and irresponsible voice came from between us.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.

...... Please keep it to the villa at least.

On that day, there was no end to the number of customers until all the crabs were devoured, and the ban on drinking made the night several times noisier than usual.
In such a noisy store, we had a meeting about tomorrow's Obake competition and the trial production of sweets, and we prepared for the actual event.

We realized that real people are much more troublesome and scary than ghosts. That was the night.