416-Additional-free Episode 71 Order, Rules and TPO

However, it is still a little early for supper.
The wives are about to start preparing for dinner when their husbands come home, and the husbands are beginning to get hungry and look forward to dinner.
The easy-going bachelors are probably excited about how to satisfy their hunger today, whether to go out for dinner early or to have a hearty drink later in the evening.

'Sorry it's a little early, guys,' Delia said.

' Delia said, and the assembled women said 'No, no, no' and waved their heads and hands.
It's a delicate time for those of us who are working. Some of them asked their bosses for permission to leave a little early.

'It's a preparation for spreading the word in the 41st district. Our men are also quite supportive, these days.

The women who are giggling and saying 'Hey~' are today's students, all residents of District 41.
We are planning to have them master Delia's exercises and become instructors in the classrooms of District 41.
Some of them are currently working at other jobs, but they'll give priority to us because this is a big project led by the lord.
He's going to pay you a pretty good salary, Ricardo.
He's going to set up a beauty guild or something like that.

The guild will be based on the veterans of the clothing guild, but it will also include exercise, esthetics, cosmetics, hairdressing, and liberal arts education.
The cosmetics and barber stores have always existed and had guilds of appropriate size, but they have decided to break down the barriers and cooperate with each other.

It's a great way to make a profit,......, Assunto said.

He was very enthusiastic in his presentation to Ricardo, wasn't he? 'Let's protect the existing profits while assuring further profits through the synergy of multiple guilds working together! Or something like that.
It was more like a beauty association than a beauty guild. It was not a consolidation of guilds, but a cooperation with a new organization.

'I'm going to master it as soon as possible so that I can spread it to everyone!

These are the women who have been unable to find regular jobs, but have been helping out their parents or working short-term jobs on a whim to make ends meet.
In the 41st district, there were few jobs that satisfied women.
It is said that many of them had to engage in hard labor even with physical disadvantages.
It seems that these women have joined the beauty guild. It is said that this is the first mass employment of women in the 41st district.

''With our hands, we'll make the women of District 3 more beautiful!

The women raised their fists and raised their spirits.

That's fine, but ......

It seems that Assunto has been spreading the word that the bottom three districts, from 40 to 42, have recently begun to be called the "tip three districts.
We are not the bottom, we are the tip.

It seems that Assunto has done the merchants of District 24 a great favor by acting as a go-between for the Koji Workshop.
I heard that he also connected with the lord in relation to the banquet and became even more influential.
Then, he was invited by the head of the guild that runs the area around the BU to come to our house. He asked me to come to .......

I'm not sure.You're joking?You're kidding, right?I don't remember being transferred to the left.

--I heard he just laughed it off and came back.
Wasn't he trying hard to improve his performance and leave the bottom three wards?I think it was only a year ago.
He seems to be fighting with a superior merchant with all his might, has he given up on his career?

'I can see Assunto's enthusiasm in your eyes.

Estella replies to my dumbfounded voice with a bit of happiness. In a tone of voice that teases me.

'It seems your words have set him on fire.
'Did I say something?
'It was your words, wasn't it?You said that 'beauty' and 'happiness' are the best commodities that can generate money even without the real thing.
'...... That's what I said to you, isn't it? How does Assunto know that?'
'I'm the one who told him.
'Then it's your fault, isn't it?

What are you saying? What are you talking about? If you're the one who set it off, it's your fault. Don't push it on me.

'But I think 'three wards at the tip' is a bit of an exaggeration.
'But, Estella~☆'

Masha, wearing a gym uniform (top), flips her body around in the tank.

'The three major guilds, the sea fishing, hunting, and lumberjack guilds, are definitely paying the most attention to the 42nd district, you know?I think you're right about the tip of the iceberg~'
'That may be ...... true, but...'

The more prominent the 42nd district is, the more trouble it will bring.
I'm sure she's happy to be called cutting-edge and to be recognized by others, but I hope she doesn't act like an agitator like Assunto.
The look on Estella's face said it all.

I don't want to get into trouble either.

'Next time something troublesome happens, don't drag me into it.
'What are you talking about, someone who's always in the middle of things?I think you're getting into more trouble than I am.
'You're framed.

Calling me a troublemaker when I'm so eager to be at peace is nothing more than a frame-up.
It's absolutely outrageous.
Speaking of frame-work, Masha is wearing her gym clothes (top) as if she were caught by Bertina, but they are already so sticky because she moves around in the tank as she pleases, and they are stuck to her body so tightly that you can see the color of her skin and the lines of her body through them.
She usually wears only scallops, so her skin should be less exposed than usual, but this is not so easy.

It's so nice to have wet clothes stuck to your skin!

'Wet clothes are the best, aren't they?

'It's a bad habit of yours to let your thoughts be pulled too far by what you see, Yashiro. Well, I guess you can't fix it.
'Yashiro-kun, your gaze is a little bit like that of a dangerous man~'

It's 'like' so it's still safe!

'Yashiro. Don't look like a dangerous person in a crowd of women from other districts. You'll cast a shadow on the beauty city project that you're at the center of.

I was tapped on the whiskers with a flue.
When I turned around, Norma, who I had met on the way to this hall, was standing there, and she was also wearing gym clothes.
Normally, she wears clothes that are tight around the chest, but ......

'I love it when they're covered and squashed!
'Were you listening to what people were saying?
'I'm not listening, but I'm looking at you!
'I'm sure you are!

I got poked in the forehead with a cigarette.
But I don't care!

'Mr. Yashiro.
'Mr. Yashiro.'

When I turned around at the sound of the similar mother and daughter's voices, I saw Ginette and Bertina in their gym clothes glaring at me with adorable faces.

''Please repent.''
''I'm not afraid of the confessional if it's with gym clothes!
''Oh my god, Yashiro-san!
''...... Why do you love gym clothes so much, you ......''

Estella sighs, shakes her head in exasperation, and pulls a knife on me.
What's with this girl? She's so casually hunting for a life~. Scary!

'Excuse me, Mr. Manager.

Molly, also in gym clothes, tugs at Jeannette's sleeve.

'Mr. Yashiro is getting too excited, shouldn't the manager take off his gym clothes?
'That's a good idea, Molly!Now, Jeannette, get down to your underwear!
'That's not what I meant, Molly!Oh, God!
'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you more excited.
'It's okay, Molly. It's 100% Yashiro's fault.

I wonder if it's something like this ......
It's a good idea to look at the gym clothes indoors, not in a big place like a ground. ......

I'm not sure what to do. I'm going to pluck them out because they scare the students.

Delia's voice came flying in.

'Come on, Yashiro. If you don't quiet down, I'm going to kick you out.'
'No, no, Estella. It's 'pluck out'. If you make a mistake, it could kill you.'

If Delia hits me, my bones are in trouble.
But I'm sure it'll hurt even if she picks it out, so let's be quiet for a bit.

'Well, let's get started.

Delia says, looking around at the people in the hall.
Right on time. The exercise class begins as planned.
The students spread out so as not to bump into each other.

Then Ginette tugged on my sleeve, saying, 'Um, Mr. Yashiro.

'I don't think Barbara is here yet.
'Looks like it.

I told you to be punctual, that monkey woman ......

'Whoa!It hasn't started yet, lucky you!

As we were talking, Barbara opened the door and walked into the venue.
This venue is a rather large multi-purpose hall built in a corner of the new town, so it shouldn't be too far from the cornfield. ......

'You're late, Barbara. What have you been up to?'
'What the hell, hero. You look scared. I was helping my father with his work.'
'Didn't you tell Yaplock what you were doing today?'
'I told him. He said I could leave early, but Aashi, I wanted to help you.

That in itself is not a bad thing.
But ......

'Being late for an appointment is the worst thing you can do.
'Huh!Why?Aashi, I was working!

This guy is ......
I'm sure you're not the only one who wants to be beautiful, but you didn't get it right.
I'll have to give him a little moxa.

'Many of us here are working. We're all here on our own time. Be on time.'

'But Aashi is ............ mmmmm!That's enough, you're annoying.'

Barbara ignored me and tried to mingle with the students.
You don't even apologize. ......

'Yap Lock is a terrible guy.'

Barbara turns around and grabs me by the chest.

'Don't you dare speak ill of my father!

Her eyes are burning with serious anger.
But I don't care.

'You knew I had plans for you, and you forced me to work for you, didn't you?Isn't that terrible?
'No!Aarthi said he'd help!To-chan told me to go now!

Even if that's true, your behavior will be seen that way by others.
I don't think he really understands that every time you do something rash, it's the yap-rockers in the guardianship category who get a bad rap for not being able to discipline you.

'I don't know what's really going on, though.
'I'm telling you the truth!You're so persistent!

It's not that I'm persistent, it's that you're shallow.
Most people don't say things this clearly. They'll just interpret it as 'Oh, that's just the way it is' and never give you a chance to make an excuse.
That's why you should change your words and actions so that people won't think that way. ...... I know it's still difficult for him, so I'll make it easy for him to understand.

'So you helped yourself, right?
'Yes, I did!If you understand, don't say anything bad about my dad!
'In other words, you don't care about Percy.'
'Huh?How can that be?For the first time in her life, Aarthi really liked ............ her.It's nothing!It's just that I'm not sure I want to.

You're a little embarrassed, but...

But you thought you could put off the gymnastics class you were forced to attend to become beautiful for Percy, didn't you?

Barbara was at a loss for words here.
For the first time, she seemed to think she might have done something wrong, even though she had always refuted anything that was said to her by spinal reflex.

'It's not that I'm putting off ...... work, it's that I'm ...... working.'
'You know, the job you were told you didn't have to do?You prioritized something you didn't have to do and made Delia wait for you to ask her to participate, right?
'But I made it and ......!
'The time had passed. That's why the exercises haven't started yet.'
'That's because the heroes are messing around!Let's just get on with it!'

Right after Barbara said that, a fist fell on the back of Barbara's head.

'What? A breath escaped from Barbara's nose, and she turned around with tears in her eyes.
There, Delia stood with her arms crossed in a terrifying manner.

'This is not the place for you. I'll decide when to start.

The gymnastics class was Delia's responsibility.
It was not the place for Barbara to say, 'Let's get started,' while ignoring Delia, who was in charge.

'This class is something that Yashiro asked me to do, but I'm taking it seriously as a job. Did you think I was doing it for fun?'
'No, no, not at all .......'
'Then what would you do if someone interfered with Yap Lock's work?
'I'll kick his ass!
'Then it's okay for me to kick the crap out of you for interfering with my work?'
'What, ......?

Delia glared at her, and Barbara's face turned pale.
...... Yeah. It's not that I'm not a good person, but I'm not a good person.I'm sure you're right.

It's an ironclad rule for working people to be punctual. Don't be late even for a minute or a second. If you were a newcomer to the river fishing guild, I'd fire you.
'Well, is it really that important ...... because it's only a minute ......'.
'If it's just a little bit late, why are you the one deciding?'
'...... Ahh.'

Delia's in charge here.
Whether it's okay to be late or not, that's for Delia to decide. It's not something a mere participant can decide on her own.

'But the exercise hadn't started yet. ......'
'If you don't agree, get out. I have nothing to teach you if you can't listen to what I have to say.

Barbara's throat made a strange sound as she was told so firmly.
She couldn't think of anything to say in response.

'I'm in charge here. I'm in charge of this place, and I have a duty to keep order here.

If one person's selfishness is left unchecked, the order of the place will collapse in no time.

'It is also the duty of the person in charge to remove those who disturb the place.

At the risk of sounding rude, Delia's opinion is correct.
It is indeed a troublesome problem to deal with troublesome people who cannot follow the rules, and it is also a troublesome problem to have troublesome people who are excluded from the rules blow the whistle on you outside, but that does not mean that you can leave them alone. The biggest problem is that other people who follow the rules are uncomfortable because of the outlaws.
I'm really fed up with being in the line of fire for saying harsh things and being stuck with cramers, but it's more fatal that some people leave without saying anything.

That's right. I'll have to tell that to the prospective lecturers here.

'Delia's response is correct.

Well, she should be a little more careful about being a little too aggressive, because that can get you into trouble, but I'd like to support her.

'You will be dealing with many students in the future, and some of them will surely complain that you do not give them preferential treatment because they have paid for it or because they have come all this way.

I tell those who are there not to be pushed around in such situations.

'The customer is not God. They're not kings and they're not masters. In extreme cases, you can throw them out and say, 'Don't come back.

Of course, be sure to tell them that this is an extreme argument and does not mean that the instructor should be arrogant.
If they are found to be arrogant and say, 'If you don't like my teaching, you don't have to come,' their license will be immediately suspended and they will have to pay a penalty for spreading bad publicity.

'Well, in the end, it all comes down to 'moderation', but there's no such thing as 'no matter what, you have to put up with it' when dealing with customers. Just remember that. Acting aggressively is one way. It would be helpful if you could talk to me about it before you take that step.

The would-be instructors had tense expressions on their faces, as if they were confused by the commotion, but they relaxed their tense expressions just a little when they heard what I had to say.

'I'm glad. ...... Actually, I was a little worried.'
'Actually, I'm also ...... wondering how I would respond if someone like my boss at work came to ...... me.'

Women who are enrolled in workplaces where power harassment and s*xual harassment are commonplace seem to have worn out their feelings to deny or protest in that bad environment.
'As long as I put up with it, ......,' she said, 'I won't succeed in my new business if that's the norm.

'You need to speak up when you need to speak up, and you need to give a clear warning before you do.

You need to show them that if they do something like this, they are out.
If you're smoking and you're suddenly warned, you're going to be unhappy, but if the place has a sign saying 'no smoking', you won't complain.

'There are individual differences in the effects of beauty-related products. There will be many protests and selfishness from those who do not understand that. If you have trouble dealing with them, please contact me. I'll teach you how to 'silence them peacefully'.

I don't even want to think about how my impression has spread to the 41st district, but there was a 'ha ha ......' kind of giggle at my suggestion.
It seems that 'peacefully' is not trusted. ...... You don't see any blood, so it's peaceful.

I'm not sure what to make of that.
But!Aashi is ...... for my dad!
'Don't put the blame on others like that.

'Let's keep that nasty Barbara's mouth shut, mentally.

'You wanted to be thanked for helping Yaplock with his work. Don't demonize Yaplock by saying 'for your sake' when 'you' wanted to help. You don't want to be bad-mouthed, do you?'
'Aashi, I don't mean to. ......'
'It's not for Percy that you want to be beautiful, it's for you that you want Percy to look good. The only thing you're saying 'for someone else' is actually what you want to do 'for you'.

...... sounds like the self-satisfaction of a very self-centered person, but most people think that way.
The reason why we are kind is because we want to be appreciated and to feel that we have done something good.
If you feel a little disappointed when you are not thanked for your kindness, this tendency is very strong.
Those who think that they deserve to be returned exactly what they have given are completely of this type.
But that's not something to be blamed, it's a very normal feeling. ......

Barbara needs a bit of a severe moxa, so I'll keep the facts to myself.

'If you really think you're not bothering anyone by involving everyone around you in your self-gratification, go home now.

Barbara clenched her fists tightly.
I hear the sound of her back teeth grinding, and tears well up in her eyes.

I, Delia, Bertina.
You can find a lot more information on the web at the moment.

'...... I'm sorry,' she said.

It must be hard to be hanged in front of so many people.
But this was something that needed to be said right here, right now. After all, Delia is here.

'Oh!If you've apologized, that's enough!

A large hand grabbed Barbara's head.
And ruffled her hair.

'We all make mistakes at first, you know. But if you reflect on your mistakes and fix what's wrong, you'll eventually become a good person. You're just getting started, Barbara.'
'......?Yes, yes, yes!

As expected, Delia gets angry when she's angry and doesn't drag it out at all afterwards.
She praises you when she praises you and comforts you when she comforts you.
If you have to experience a big failure at some point in your life, it's better to fail with someone like Delia.
Barbara is lucky to have been around Delia this time.
When your heart is deflated after being scolded, it is comforting to touch a big receptive vessel.

If we distort the interpretation of overprotection, we can say that Delia is a responsible person who is overprotective enough. ...... If only she could improve her habit of thinking of other people's physical strength and toughness in terms of herself.

'Delia, you said your name correctly.
'I think it means you've accepted that it's worth facing properly.

Ginette and Estella were having such a conversation.

'Although in Delia's case, she doesn't think about such criteria, but mostly about whether or not she's interested.

At Estella's words, Ginette also smiles modestly.
I feel bad for laughing, but I can't help it, so I refrain. It's like that.

'I'm sure Barbara-san will change from now on.

Bertina whispers quietly next to me.
When I looked at her face, only her gaze glanced at me.

'You're in love, you're in love, you've got a family, you're excited, you've found your place .......'

In this short period of time, everything Barbara had ever wanted but could not have, her environment, was now available to her.
That's why Barbara felt strongly that she didn't want to lose it.

'It would be nice if we could choose 'compromise' instead of 'rebellion' as a means to protect what is important to us.
'That's .......'

It will be difficult to change the fundamental way of thinking.
But this is the Forty-second Ward. If you stay in the relaxed atmosphere that makes visitors become disappointed and clumsy one after another, he will round up a little.

Right now, Barbara is holding on to everything she's got, trying not to lose a single piece. If he would just relax a little and realize that it's not so easy to lose something when you're not holding on to it so desperately.

'You'd look a lot better.

When I said this, Bertina's eyes narrowed happily.

'That's true. I hope you'll have a nice face like Yashiro-san's.'
'No, I don't think I'll ever be this good looking.'
'Mm-hmm. I like that kind of face of yours, Yashiro-san.

I don't know what kind of 'that kind' Bertina is referring to, and I don't dare ask, but those smiling eyes are a little ticklish, so don't look too hard.
If you'd like to gaze at my good looks like 'Huh~ too good~', you can gaze as much as you like.

'Yashiro-san, you're kind to people from other districts, aren't you?
'That's right, Molly, you can feel it too, can't you?
'Well, ...... that's true.'
'It seems like you gave Yap Lock a stern pep talk, so it must be your nature.

I can hear them chuckling.
It seems that the people around me want to make me out to be some kind of saint.
...... Well, it seems that some people are planning to turn me into a 's*x man'. It's you, the black pharmacist.

''Well then, it's getting a little late, but let's start the exercises!

Delia stood in front, and the women of District 41, who were to be the instructors, straightened their postures.
The trial residents from District Forty-two will be joining in at the back so as not to get in the way.

'Ms. Molly, let's do our best.
'Yes, sir!Let's burn off the calories for the day!
'Dinner will be ready when we're done!
'Well, I'm going to have some food at the sunny-side up restaurant, too.
'I also want to eat rice, not bread.
'I want to eat both bread and rice.

This corner of the room doesn't seem to be on a diet.
Well, most of them don't need to.

And Barbara is in the front row, trying to make up for her earlier mistake.
He's got a lot of drive, doesn't he? He just can't think about anything but what's in front of him. If he can switch his mind a little more dexterously, he'll improve somewhat.

'Today is a new exercise that Yashiro came up with. Hey, Yashiro?'
'Oh. I'm proud of it!It's an aerobic workout, but it's also a good workout for the areas you want to tighten up, like your arms and stomach.

Delia did it with ease, but it would be a bit of a tough workout for the average woman.
You'll work up a good sweat.

'And!And since you're wearing only light clothing, you'll be able to clearly see your body swaying, making this exercise visually pleasing!Come on, guys!Don't hold back at all, give it your all, and shake it up big time!
'Delia~!As the person in charge, can you eliminate the undesirables who are disturbing the order of this place?
'All right, don't pick them out.'

Because of Estella's unnecessary comment, I was plucked out of the classroom with a 'pee~'.
Hey, hey, hey... ......
I've been trying to think of a way to make this work for me.
I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not.

After that, the door of the classroom was closed tightly, and I continued to shed tears of blood as I listened to the voices and sounds leaking out.

But I can tell you one thing...

I'm glad you didn't kick me out. I really am.