366-Additive-free Episode 21 Teresa's unexpected talen...

Regina is wearing a sister's dress.
...... Looks like a cheap 'adult video'.

'What is it?I feel like my eyes are thinking very rude things.
'It looks good on you. You look like you work at night.'
'I'm such a devil for wanting to stain the sisters' immaculate clothes.
'Yashiro-san, Regina-san. Please repent.

Bertina grabs me by the neck and tells me off from behind.
Mm-hmm. It's nice to have Regina around so I'm not the only one who gets unreasonably angry. There are times when just being around a companion is a relief, aren't there?

I'm not sure what to make of that.
However,......, it's not easy.
I'm not sure what to make of it. If only she hadn't opened her mouth. If only she didn't know her true nature!

'It looks very good on you, Regina.'
'No, no, Sister. Even if I complimented you, you'd only be able to show one breast.
'...... Regina-san?'
'I'm sorry. So please don't stare at me with those scary eyes.

It seems that Bertina's education applies to people not affiliated with this church.
Regina, how about we keep her here for a few weeks? Wouldn't that make them a little more decent?
............ Will the kids get infected? That's no good.

'So, um... Miss Regina. It's Teresa's eyes. ......'
'That won't be a problem.'

Regina examined Teresa as soon as she was dressed. She tells us the results of the examination.

'She's doing well. At this rate, you'll be able to see in less than a week. Well, it'll be vague at first, though.'
'I see. I'm glad to hear that. ......

Bertina breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the results.
She must be relieved when she sees signs of recovery like this.

'Shisutaa, oishiyasha~'

Teresa comes staggering along with her hands outstretched in front of her.
The two girls follow her, not too close and not too far apart, so that she doesn't fall.

'Miss Teresa. You're doing a great job with the examination.
'Mmm!I'm going to fix my eyes. I want to see my sister's face.

I want to see my sister's face.
That thought may have increased Teresa's resilience.

'In Loretta's case, it's 'I want to see my parents' face'.
'Huh!I'm sorry, but I don't want to ...... see my parents' faces.

You're so stubborn.
I wonder if girls in the forty-second district tend to avoid their parents.
Is it unusual for Ginette to be so attached to Bertina?

'Hey you~, I came to say thank you~'
'You don't have to thank me.

Regina bends her knees and gently touches Teresa's head.
She looks at the girl's face with a big smile and says in a saintly voice.

'As long as you pay me with your body.
'Loretta, get that fallen sister out of there ASAP!
'No, no, no, no. You want to pick my cock?You little pincher!
'I'll be d*mned if I'm going to have an accident!
'Could you three please be a little quieter?

Bertina's "hey" is scary as hell.
Yeah. I think I got a little carried away. Let's calm down. Well, it's 80% Regina's fault.

'And Teresa...'
'Yes, sir.'
'Nice try. But you're doing better than before, so let's keep practicing like that.'

I couldn't say 'yes' very well, and after a lot of hesitation, Teresa said something like that, and ...... all the people in the room turned to look at me.
What is it?What?You think I'm around and that's why I said that?Did I infect you with something?

'Teresa, one more thing. It's "doctor.

I'm hopelessly lacking in tongue.

'...... on purpose?'
'No, well, it's more of a family environment. ......'

Bertina lets out a short gasp at Teresa's inability to speak.

When Barbara started working for Yaplock, there were times when she could not take care of Teresa. During this time, she is supposed to take care of Teresa at the church, so Bertina is trying to teach her some manners and language.

Teresa can't talk too well.

There's a reason ...... for that, or rather a cause. That reason is ......

'Teresa!I've finished work for the day and I'm here to pick you up!'
'Nnnnngggghhhh!Teresa is so cute!'

It's him!
It's because this idiot sister has repeatedly spoiled and neglected her children, which is far from education.

Spoiling and neglecting is an abandonment of education under the mask of "tolerance", where bad habits that should be stopped or discouraged are tolerated for stupid reasons such as "but she's a child" or "she's happy", and as a result, it has a great negative influence on the development of the child's mind.
That's not laissez-faire. It's more like neglect.
Neglect and spoiling are both bad things that hinder the growth of a child's mind.

'Barbara. Teach Teresa some proper language. If you don't practice it at home, not just here, it'll stay that way forever.'
'What the hell, hero!Do you have a problem with Aashi's education policy?

...... This guy started calling me 'hero' because of Yap Lock, didn't he?
Well, there's no respect involved.

'Besides, Teresa doesn't need to learn any words!She's cute enough as she is. ...... No, she's even cuter as she is!

...... I can't help it.
A simpleton like him will change his opinion easily if you whisper a little sweet talk to him. Oh, dear.

'Hey, Barbara. When Teresa can speak properly, she might say, 'I love you, big sister.Don't you want to hear it?'I love you, big sister.'
'Huh?............!............Oh, sis, I love you. ............ Gofoo!

I'm an idiot.
He's got his heart in the right place.
You're so naive, you know that?

'What is it, Teresa?What do you want to say to Arshi?'
'Aashi, onee-sha, daishichi, eh?
'Aashi, you're 'daishouchi' too!
'Loretta, blunt instrument!
'No, no!Even I thought that was a bit 'no, my sister is an idiot'!Please don't do anything to lower your sister's dignity in front of her!

d*mn it, I can't beat Barbara without a blunt weapon. I'll just have to be patient.
Loretta's feeling sympathy for you because you're her sister.

'After all, Teresa is fine the way she is!Aashi will forgive you!

Aarushi forgives!" The idiot sister hugs her sister and gets excited all by herself.
...... What can I do? Throw her out in the rain?

'Miss Barbara.'

In a quiet voice, Bertina calls out to Barbara.
She gently places a hand on her shoulder, and with a beautiful smile directs her words to Barbara.

'You, too, should learn to speak, shouldn't you?
'............ No, no, Aashi, not ......'
'Do you want to...?'

Bertina's smile, it's too beautiful to be scary. ......
The smile on her face is completely different from the smile she has when she's eating good food.
In a way, Bertina may be the strongest in the 42nd district. I'm sure that neither Delia nor Natalia will be able to defeat an angry Bertina.

When it came to giving Teresa an education, Bertina complained that Barbara needed a basic education as well. The use of language. Moral education to feel and care for others. And things that are necessary for life, like math and cooking.

But Barbara seems to be on the run.
Yeah, yeah. I get it. Barbara's definitely not the type to study hard.

'Education and knowledge will help you, Barbara.

Estella, who's been playing with the kids while Teresa's being examined, wanders over to us.

'I'll protect myself and Teresa with just one arm!
'Yeah, no. That's not what I meant, Barbara. ......'

Barbara, who has completely misunderstood the meaning of saving herself, is not even in a position to discuss the value of knowledge yet.
He needs to know what he needs to know to feel what he needs to feel.

Or rather.
Yap Lock is also responsible for the fact that Barbara's language has not improved at all, even though she is now working.
This is the result of indulgence in the name of tolerance, 'just do your best'. This is also a kind of indulgence and neglect.

'I think employers have an obligation to train their employees.
'I agree. I'll talk to Jeannette next time, about that.

Estella interrupts me, as if she wants me to train her.
How can Jeannette be so harsh? You can't be mad at her and still be 'pissed off'.
It was only a rare event of miraculous probability that she got angry with Loretta and the others for their unreasonable diet.

'I'm in trouble, ......'.

Bertina exhaled, wanting to educate Teresa.
The environment is an important factor in education.
If the home environment is like this,......

'I don't think Yap Lock's home would be too harsh on a child.
'Yap Lock himself is very lenient with his children.

His son, Tot, and daughter, Cheryl. The Yaplocks love their two children dearly.
Because of the financial hardships they had to endure at one time, they now indulge them.
The good news is that Tot himself is growing up to be a sensible and decent person, so he doesn't fall into the trap of being spoiled, but grows up to be a decent and self-disciplined person.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family. ...... Are there too many bad parents in this town?

The sister of the employee you just met.
And she's blind, so her harshness is masked.
I think we should treat each other more normally, but ...... it's still too difficult for Totto, and it's too much to expect.
It's a case where Yap Lock should have stepped in. He's the one who's letting her stay.

Well, it's useless to expect anything from an employer who makes Barbara leave work in the morning because he's worried about Teresa.
Even if it's raining, there should be plenty of work to do. You should just work hard until nightfall. ...... That's not an employment relationship, it's a dependency relationship.

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.

In the pouring rain, I decided to do a little more errand.
Since it's raining, I'm sure he's not busy. I'm sure she'll come when I call her.

--So I called Delia.

'Miss!It's been a while!
'Oh, Barbara. I haven't seen you since yesterday.

How long has it been?
And you still don't remember Barbara's name, Delia?

'What's that unaccustomed feeling of saying "long time no see" ......'
'I'm sure she thinks she's trying her best to use difficult words,' she said.

Education is important.
Vocabulary and education are also required to convey your fondness to the person you have fondness for, so vigor alone is not enough.

'Oh, Teresa. You don't understand me?
'Hmm!...... Ah. Pai!

Teresa has grown quite attached to Delia. Because of her sister's influence.
I mean, Delia. You remember Teresa's name, don't you? You love kids, don't you?
And the moment Teresa says 'Hi! Don't look at me like 'Yashiro......' the moment she says that, Delia. Bertina taught you to say 'yes' and somehow you ended up like that. It's not my fault.

'You're so trusting, you know that? I'm sure everyone thinks it's because of you.

Regina smiles witchily.
You're a jerk. I don't like it when you say that and I don't like it when you look at me like you're one of us.

'Hmm?...... Oh, it's Regina!I didn't recognize you because you're white.

Perhaps Regina didn't have too much of a white image, but Delia recognized her now. It's the complete opposite of her usual coloring.

'What do you think?Isn't this innocent feeling a bit erotic?
'Haha, I don't know what you're talking about, but it looks good on you.'

Regina, you struck out.
That kind of thing won't work on Delia. She won't even give you a tweak, an agreement, or a rebuttal. She's not interested in what you're wearing in the first place.

'So, what is it that you want me to do?
'Oh, actually. I'd like to persuade that monkey girl over there to study to fix her language, but she won't listen to me.
'What is it, Borborg? You have to use your words properly, don't you?
'That's right. Words are only meaningful if they are conveyed to the other person.
'I'm also careful to use polite words. Right, Yashiro?
'What should I do, Estella? 'What are you talking about? I want to tell those two.
'I guess you can't speak for others either.'

Well, it's true that some of the people here have a bit of a language problem. ......

'I don't mind, Barbara, but you need to fix your language!
'Yashiro. I'm not sure what you're talking about.

You idiot.
Honorific language is just a tool to express respect in a simple way. If you are respectful enough in your heart, your feelings will be conveyed to a certain extent even if your language is a bit bad.

'But, Barbara!Fix yours!'
'Yashiro. The more you say, the more ...... you'll get.

The more you say, the more it stinks.
d*mn it.

'Besides, Polypoly. It's cooler to be smart than stupid, right?'
'That's true, .......'

Then Barbara should have said, 'Then at least learn the name,' but she didn't.

'Aashi, I'm not very good at studying,.......'
'It helps if you can do the math. You can rely on that .......'

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
You must be very happy that you were once relied upon for brains when you were a mobile seller.
Since then, Delia has taken the intellectual route,......, in her own mind.

'Just the thought of ...... calculating is enough to make my head ............'.

You can count what you can see and that's it. There are many people who think that way.
Barbara is probably of that type.

'For example. If there are five apples, and you eat three of them, how many are left?
'Aashi would never leave food!
'Yes. That's a great attitude.
'...... Estella.'
'...... Sorry, don't dump on me.'

'Yeah, yeah, I'm not, guys.
Why are you even agreeing with Delia? Subtract it.

'I guess that's it.

I'm not sure what to do.

'Maybe it would be better to educate Teresa first and let her learn arithmetic.
'Are you suggesting that since Teresa is working hard, Barbara should also work hard?
'No.' ...... 'Don't you want to be matching your sister?' I'm sure you can catch that sister idiot if you say.

That's Estella.
I think that's the best way to go.

'By the way, can you do arithmetic, Teresa?
'I've heard the ladies of the club talking about it!

I don't know if she'll remember if she just listens.

'Well, if Teresa has four apples and she shares two with her sister, how many are left?
'Oh, I'm not going to eat two, so give them to my sister!
'Well, you're a sweet girl, Teresa.'
'Heh heh~'

Delia pats Teresa on the head. But it's not!It's not arithmetic, it's morality.

'But you got the right answer ......, didn't you?

'Well, he said he wouldn't eat two of them.

It's the right answer, but we ended up with the wrong answer.
I guess it proves that kindness is not necessary in theory.

'Well then, I have a question for you too.

Estella goes in front of Teresa, bends down and asks the questions at the same level.

'Teresa has three apples and Barbara has three apples. How many apples do you have in total?'

Now that she has subtracted, she wants to check her addition.
The answer is three plus three equals six.
Can Teresa answer this question? ......

'Let's see, ...... Mr., Mrs., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr., Mr.
'......Se,correct answer'.

Estella stopped moving.
Now Teresa was sure to say '3 x 2'.
Can you multiply?

'Hey, Bertina. How many people in the church can do multiplication?'
'Well, ...... a few of the older kids and a few of the ham kids, I guess.

I've heard that they teach multiplication and such, but ...... have you learned it?'Just by listening?

'Just in case. You don't have to be able to answer this one, but what about ......5 x 8?'

This girl can do ninety-nine!

'Hey, you're the oldest.'

I bring in the energetic little shit who's been playing around in the common room. He's always the first one to jump on me.
His face twitches as he realizes what he's about to do.

'What's the 7x4?
'............ Can't I use paper and pen?
'............ Fourteen!
'Stop guessing!

I'm going to release the little shit who missed a terribly misguided guess.
Yeah. Looks like Teresa can do math better than me. It's ...... by heart, too, and since you can't see it, there's no other way but by heart.

'Well then, Teresa. Here's the last problem. There are 10 hunters and 10 bonacons in total. The total number of legs is 28. How many hunters do we have?'
'Yeah ......~............'

Teresa holds up her little head.
'You're right, it's impossible.

'Aashi, I got it!

Hmm. You definitely don't get it.

'Bonacon's so violent, all the hunters are dead and there are none!
'Then it's a riddle!

If Magda or Medora were among the hunters, Bonacon would be the one who would be beaten, so the riddle wouldn't even work.

'Well, it doesn't matter if you don't understand this, but if you know how to think, anyone can ......'.

As I was about to explain the answer, I saw something wobbling in the corner of my eye.
It was Teresa's tiny fingertips, and with her closed eyes turned skyward, she was drawing something invisible in the empty space.
She looked vaguely happy.

And then--

'Karudosha, Rokunin!

--She guessed right.
And it wasn't a guess, but an answer based on a clear understanding.

'...... did I miss something?
'You're a genius!

It's quite a feat to be able to solve Tsurukame without being taught.
And he's 5 years old?If you were to measure his IQ, I'm sure it'd be tremendous.

'Yashiro. Are you sure you got it right?
'Ah. The hunter has two legs and the Bonacon has four, right?So, if you have 28 legs, then you have 12 legs for 6 people, 16 legs for 4 animals, and 28 legs for 12 and 16.
'...... How do I calculate this?
'There are many ways to do it, but the simple way is that if there are 10 hunters with two legs, there will be 20 legs, so 28-20=8, and the difference between the legs of Bonacon and the hunters is 2, so 8/2=4, and Bonacon is 4, so 10-4=6, and the hunters are 6. I'm sure you'll agree.
'.................., I kind of get it'.

I'm not a fan of this kind of thing.
A five-year-old who figured it out on her own.
I'll generously call this little girl a genius.

'This is a bit of a difficult calculation that requires an understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but ...... is a big deal.
'Ehehe. I've been praised by Eeyou-sha~!

Teresa cowered happily.

I like to think, and I like it even more when I'm praised for it. Something like that.

I miss it. In my hometown, we used to play 'JoOusama and the dominatrix pig. Of course, the dominant pig had four legs, and JoOusama had two legs and stomped her hard. ......'
'Oh, I'm sorry. Now it's my turn to be soothed by the sight of a happy little girl, so please don't come in.

Even if you're smart, if you grow up like this, it's going to ruin a lot of things. ...... Environment is important!

'That's great, Teresa. She can do math better than my kids.

Bertina admires Teresa's hidden abilities.
Because of her dubious language skills, I thought she was a disappointing girl, but in fact, she was an incredibly talented girl. That must have been surprising.

'I often play math with Sherryu!

Playing math?
What kind of boring game is that? I mean, are you playing that with Cheryl?

'Are you sure Cheryl can do math too?
'Well, I don't know, but if it's ...... a friendly competition, then it's possible.
'I'd like to have Cheryl come visit the church.

When Bertina heard the information about the successful young girl, she showed a happy face.
It's a moment when you can see the side of an educated mom.

'That's great, Teresa. You don't need to study any more, do you?

The one who took Delia's words in stride was her idiot sister Barbara, ......

'That's right!Teresa is a smart girl!She doesn't need to study!That's why Aashi doesn't do it either!I'm with Teresa!'

...... She's using her sister to avoid her own studies.
He's ............ good.

'Right. Teresa can do the math, she's cute, and she's a nice girl who's always positive and cheerful to talk to.
'That's right, that's right!You know what I'm talking about, hero!
'Maybe you don't need to study.
'That's right, that's right!
'Well, I guess I can live anywhere without my sister's protection.
'Yes, ............?

Barbara glared at me with a face like a cursed Hannya mask carved with grudge.

'What did you just say, huh, hero?Hey.

He's scary!
Her face isn't that of a girl anymore. A demon. If it appeared in a picture book, it'd make a child cry.

They say. She'll be able to see soon and with her math skills she can get a job anywhere. She might even be given important jobs that you can't get. And you'll make a lot of money.
'Yes, Teresa is smart, but Aashi still has to protect her!
'There will be plenty of times in the future when you can't protect them with force. Money, business negotiations, and so on. Are you going to blow up everyone who opposes you every time that happens?You won't be able to stay in this town.

In fact, you were caught in the 42nd district and were helpless to do anything about it.
You couldn't go back to your sister or be there for her.
There is a limit to how much you can protect by force.

'One day, Teresa will have to protect you financially.
'Don't be ridiculous!Aashi is my sister!
'But you can't even speak respectfully. You don't even know how to be polite, and the only people who would hire you for that are sycophants like Yap Rock, and there aren't many places like that.When Teresa grows up and overtakes you, there's no turning back.
'But still, ......, Aashi is my sister, ......!
'And an older sister who has abandoned growth without self-reflection will eventually become a fetter on her younger sister,............, won't you be abandoned?'
'Ouch!Shut up!

Barbara throws a tantrum and grabs me.
She was almost strangled ...... when Delia held Barbara's arm.
I'm glad Delia was there. I'm so glad!


Barbara didn't catch me, but Teresa's little hand squeezed my pants.

'Oh, I'll always be with you, sweetheart!Bye, baby, yay!

Oh, ......, you're a good girl, you are.
I can't believe you can't get rid of such a bad sister. ......

'Oh, I see. Then Teresa's going to have to take care of Barbara.'

'Mmm!'Aashi, onee-sha, mama!
'Good for you, Blib Blib. They'll protect you.'
'No!I'll protect Teresa!I'm not going to be protected, Miss!
'But you're only going to be with Yap Lock for a year, right?What are you going to do after that?
'I'd like to stay with you, Miss!
'Hmmm ......, we don't need any idiots ......'.

Hahahaha, come on Delia. Is that a joke?
You're full of idiots, your guild.

It's not a joke.'Aashi, onee-sha, mama!
'Gyaa!I'm starting to think that's going to happen for real!What should I do?I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to do.
'Is that how you ask for things?
'That's the way it is!

And the cursed Hannya peered at me from below.
It's like when a local youthful boy meets a youthful boy from another place on a school trip, 'Oh, what are you looking at? This is the perfect position for you to be in. ...... What's that?

I'm not sure if you'll be able to do this, but I'm sure you can.
'Kyou, Kyouyo ....... Oh, oh, I'll get you some.'

Well, that's far from educated.

'Good luck being the sister who's more powerful and intelligent than her sister. Wouldn't you like to be told you're awesome?
'I want to be told that!I like that!Say it again!

You wouldn't be happy if I said that. ......

'Then ask Bertina-sensei to teach you some things.
'Oh!Sister, then one thing, please!
'Barbara-san: ......'

When she saw Barbara's arm outstretched, Bertina smiled softly and shook the hand that was offered to her after I, Estella, Loretta and Regina had gingerly moved away.
It was so strong.

'Aaaaaaahhhh!I'm not sure what to do.
'Barbara-san. 'Sister, please', right?
'Sister, please!I'm sorry, I was wrong, get your hands off me!
'I'm sorry. I'll be careful after this, so please let go of my hand. Please.'
'That's it!I'm serious, that's it!So please!
'............. 'Ei'.
'I'm sorry. I'll be careful after this, so please take your hands off me. Please.'
'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll be careful from now on, please let go of my hand, I beg you!

Bertina, strong.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do with your time.
Sometimes a whip is necessary for education.
As proof of this, Barbara became quiet.

'Oh,......, just tell me the math for now,......, please!

Oops, Barbara learned quickly.
That's right. Don't go against Bertina when she's looking at you like that. It's important knowledge to live by tomorrow. Well, knowledge is useful to have, isn't it?

'Before we do the math, let's fix your language.
'No, Aarushi, as long as you can do the math, that's all. ......'
'There's an order to things, Mr. Barbara.
'No, I don't care about order, Aarushi can do the math ......'
'...... Yes. Start with the wording, please.'

This is the first time in my life that I've had to listen to air.
It's the first time in his life that he's read the air, isn't it?

That's Bertina.
She disciplines him with a 'whip' that you wouldn't expect from her usual sweet 'candy' personality.
At first, she is subjugated by fear, but she is respected and adored because of her compassion and generosity. And even after the fear is gone, everyone obeys because the sisters say so.

Bertina's motherly nature contains not only her generosity but also her pungent severity. That's how I feel.


Seeing Barbara tense up and freeze, Bertina's smile returned to its usual softness.
Then, she said something funny.

'I can't believe that Barbara-san, who had been running away from her studies so much, is now willing to ask for help. She's very motivated. That's Yashiro-san, isn't it?

No, that would be you.

'You can change a person's mind in just a few minutes. Depending on how you look at it, it's a terrifying influence. ...... But it's Mr. Yashiro. I'm counting on you.

No, no, no, no.
The reason for Barbara's sudden change in attitude is the effect of Bertina's control through "candy" and "whip".
And Estella's little nudge.

'If you like, Yashiro-san, you can come and observe the children's study.
'No, I won't. If I come to ......, I'll be the one who gets the attention.
'If you're aware of that, you should be a little more careful about what you say.'

As he says this, he presses his index finger on the bridge of my nose.
Oh, man. You talk about people like they're all tits.

'You know what? You're all about boobs when you open your mouth.'
'Yeah. It's all tits.'
'Yashiro. Why don't you ask her to teach you a few things too?'
'I can't, Delia-san. Your brother's temperament can't be fixed with a little education.''
'Shut up, Regina, Estella, Delia, Loretta. ...... Also,Loretta.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

I'm not going to be able to study with a bunch of kids.
If it's health and physical education that the sisters are gently teaching, I'd be happy to come and learn from them.

While thinking about this, I turned my gaze to ......

'Yashiro-san. Please do your repentance.

He said ...... with a smile as if he could see right through me.
I'm sorry. I think I'll stop peeking at you when I'm studying. I'm sure I'll be the one who gets the attention.

It was not until the next day that Barbara and Teresa began to participate in the church studies, and a few days later Teresa's eyes began to see, albeit dimly.