365-20th episode without additives, something that has...

In the pouring rain, Loretta returned to the store not long after the thickly dressed group left the sunny pavilion.

'Hey, big brother!What's that smell?There's a terrible smell!

Oh, I see.
Well then, let's go to ...... Iron Claw!

'Ouch, ouch!It hurts, it hurts, big brother!
'Who's stinky?
'No, no, no, no!I had some urgent business with my brother, so I called him and came home to find him reeking of make-up, which is unbecoming of a sunlit pavilion, and I couldn't help but say the word 'stinky'!I don't think my brother is smelly at all!
'......, you should at least say, "Big brother, you smell so good, you smell so good, you smell so good, you smell so good, you smell so good, you smell so good."'
'Oh, that's right!That's Magda-chou, a lady who cares. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a pervert.I'm not going to say that.

I'm not going to say anything about that. This is a situation where you are standing on your toes on the borderline between perverts and sensible people, isn't it?

'So, what were you so upset about, Kagitta?
'It's Loretta!I don't like that kind of impression management!

Ah!And then, Loretta distanced herself from me and ran towards Jeannette.
Jeannette pats her on the head with a troubled face, saying, 'It's okay, Loretta-san.

'I see. So, Jeannette is someone who is okay with being swatted.
'No, no, no, you're not!
'In the first place, I'm not going to be cankered!Ah, the manager is casually walking away from me!And before I knew it, Estella-san had moved a little farther away too!It's a terrible reputational damage!
'...... at all. As soon as Loretta came back, she made a lot of noise. ......'
'It was Magda-chou who started it!I'm not sure what to say.

It's more noisy than when the nearly twenty members of the "Association for New Street Names" were there.
The noise level in Loretta must be quite high.

'So, what were you in such a hurry about, one person making as much noise as twenty people?
'You're not even trying to look like her anymore!If you're going to play with it, play with it properly!

She came up to me and looked up at me with a rather serious face.
She looks up at me with a rather serious face, her happiness oozing out of her.

'Teresa said it's bright!

The news caused a sudden commotion in the store.
Ginette rolled her eyes and held her mouth, Magda twitched her tail, and even Umaro and Bekko, who didn't seem to quite understand, sensed the good news from the instantaneous change in the atmosphere in the store and relaxed their cheeks.

'Estella begins to gouge in secret.
'I'll start!
'...... is being gouged out.'
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I've seen it before.

The only one who is not in a good mood is Estella, and everyone here has a hint of hope on their face.

'Is the little sister's eyes getting better, that they are?
'Yes, probably.

There was a great deal of hope that she would recover, and I had given her a full diet of nutritious food, proper treatment and good medicine. It was only a matter of time before Teresa would be able to see again.

It was just a matter of time before she could see.

'So, Loretta. Is Regina here?'
'Yes!Regina-san is probably in the final stages of something, and it's probably too late.''
'Oh, yeah. I'm not asking about his current situation, but is he being summoned by someone?'
'Oh, you mean that!I just thought ......'.

I'm not sure if you just gave me the answer to that ...... question, but I know exactly what you mean.

'My brother is on his way to get you.
'Well, I guess I'll go to the church first and wait for him.
'Huh, um, Yashiro-san!

Suddenly, Jeannette starts to panic.
She is pacing back and forth in front of the table, her hands wandering aimlessly.
'What is it?

'I'd like to go see Teresa when she's better, but I can't leave the store because it's still open for business, so what should I do? ......?'
'Eh, uh, ...... yes. Something like that.'

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact us.
I'm not sure if that's the most obvious way to ask for help. ......

I'm sure you'll be fine.
'Mr. Yashiro, I want you to pamper the customers before the employees!
'I don't want you to force me to work without hesitation, that I don't!

Umaro and Bekko come at me, wondering what I'm complaining about.
What's forcing you to work? ......

'It's okay. We're not going to pay you any wages, so it's not labor. It's a 'hand-me-down'.'
'You can't be cute about it!You can't force people to do unpaid work.
'I've never seen anyone use 'okay' so poorly, that I have.
'Oh, um... It's okay. I'm not going to leave the store.

Caring for the two complaining old men, Jeannette gave up on going out.
Ahhh, you made me care for you.

'Ginette, you poor thing. ......'
'Yashiro-san, just one millimeter of that emotion would be enough for us. ......'
'A millimeter is an extravagant ......1 micron, but if you can direct it, your treatment will be much improved, that it is.

I've been getting a lot of complaints from regular customers.
This may require a reform. Shopkeepers and customers. To make the difference between their positions clearly known.

'I think I'll make the lovely Yann Avenue and New Road ...... eta'.
'You've started muttering something disturbing!
'What a precise and strong threat!

I'm sure that the 'forced translation magic' translated 'eternal' into 'abortive' or something easier to understand. It seems that the intent of my words was correctly conveyed to Umaro and Bekko.

'Mr. Manager!We're on duty, so go to the church with Yashiro-san!I want you to tell them what you mean by ......, Becko.'
'Mr. Umaro is still the same, that he is. However, I will spare no effort to help you, that I do, so please do not worry about going out. I can't cook, that I can't, but I can serve the customers at ....... Anyway, I'm sure that the people who come here in this rain are all regulars who know each other, and they will tolerate a little rudeness.
'What are you going to do, Yashiro? Your biased customer service policy has been firmly handed down to you.
'Hey, you guys. Don't mix up your private and public life. Do you really think you're in the customer service business?
'I don't want to be told by Yashiro-san!
'I'll give it right back to you, that I will!
'Oh, um, everyone. I'm sorry for making you feel uncomfortable. It's okay. I'll be waiting in the store. Yashiro-san, please go to the church.

Ginette is concerned because Umaro and the others are reluctant to go.
She would really like to go and talk to Teresa, who is on the mend.

'Are you sure you don't want to come to the church, manager?
'Yes, sir. Instead, please tell her that we are very happy for her recovery.'
'Teresa-chan, she wanted to see the manager, but ...... said, "Gentle lady with a gentle voice, meet me, I'm fine."'
I'm sure you'll agree. ......
'Go ahead and do it!
'Mr. Ginette, you're looking more distressed than you think right now, that you are!You're probably not even aware of it, though!
'No, no. I'm aware that I've been opening my store too much lately. ......'

In the first place, Ginette loves the Sunlit Pavilion.
She doesn't want to do anything that would disrespect it.
But there are more and more people that she wants to take care of as much as she does.
Yeah. I'm sorry Ginette, but ......

It's kind of funny to see Jeannette in that kind of distress.
You see, she's wagging her tail.

It's not so much that she can't give up on him, but rather that she's agonizing over the fact that he wants to see her and she can't give him the chance.

'...... Manager. Magda is here at the sunny pavilion, so I don't mind going out for a bit.'
'Magda-san .......'
'...... Magda has improved a great deal through her work at Cantar Chica. I'll leave it to you.'
'But, but!I've been unable to work with Magda for quite some time, and now I'm enjoying working with her, and I don't want to leave her. ......

Before she could finish her confession, Magda jumped into Jeannette's chest and hugged her. I'm sure you'll agree.

'...... Manager, I like you!

It was a full-on confession.
It's rare for Magda to express her feelings so clearly.
I guess Magda was lonely too.

'Oh ...... I can't leave the sunny pavilion after all......'.
'Well, I'll go with Loretta, who isn't well-liked.'
'That's not true!Of course I love her and she's very important to me!

'They like me too!Hey, manager! I invited Loretta to make a comment, but Ginette took the bait first.

And then Estella gave me a hard stare and said, 'Don't tease me.

'd*mn it. Because of Loretta's dullness, it turned out to be just a rewarding event for her to tell me that she loves me. Because of Loretta's dullness!
'Isn't that nice!I'm also in the camp that wants her to say "I love you" more!
'Oh, Jeannette. Magda's sulking. Because she hasn't been told.'
'Magda-san, of course, I love you and Estella-san.'

Maybe it's because of the holidays, but our employees are starting to get lonely.
It's a pain in the ass to have to tell them all.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to do it.

............I'm sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.
I'm not sure what to do.
Yeah, ............, don't look at me like that.

I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. You can see the impatience in her smile.
You don't need to worry so much. Just let it go.

'The ...... manager loves everyone here ......?
'Yes, yes. You're all very important to me.'
'And .................. Becco?'
'............What?That ............, haha, ...... too, of course .......'
'...... Swear to the Spirit God?
'Mr. Magda!I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.It's a good thing that I'm not the kind of person that Mr. Ginette can say "I love you" to, that I'm well aware of that.I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this in the future.
'Shut up, Becko. Magda is right.
'Mr. Umaro would be a disappointing man in the top three of the forty-two districts under certain conditions, that he would be!

Ginette's words were silenced by Magda's push, and after all that, Becko was in tears.

'You know, Bekko-san and I are good friends. Right?Mr. Bekko.
'Yes, that we are!After all, Mr. Jeannette is one of the few consciences in the 42nd district of ......, that he is!
'A few? ...... First of all, it's me, isn't it?
'Mr. Yashiro!You're wrong from the first one, that you are!I want you to keep your bent thumbs straight, that I do!

If you exclude me, there will only be disappointed humans in this town!

'Come on, Yashiro, Loretta. Let's get a move on!

Estella was getting ready to go out, completely ignoring everything that was going on noisily over here.
You should be a little more interested in me. What are you in such a hurry to live?
Maybe it's that thing?Maybe it's because you're in such a hurry to get there that your tits are too flabby to keep up with the tits that are about to swell.
This is the reason why the calm and relaxed Ginette, Bertina, and Imelda, who use others as chins before moving themselves, have big breasts, isn't it?

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do with your time.
...... They're not fit to be scholars, that's for sure.

I'm not sure how to explain Delia's large breasts, if that theory is correct.Delia is also moving around restlessly.'
'You're an idiot, Estella. It's genetic.'
'It's not this, it's that, it's everything!

...... Unintentionally, he denied the hypothesis he had proposed.

'Hmm. I'm going to stay in my room for a while and formulate a new hypothesis.'
'I'm going to church, you know!Don't forget him!

Oh, that's right.
Well, let's get going. ...... It's raining.

'...... I hope it stops.'
'If your daily routine is good enough, the Spirit God may have mercy on you.
'The Spirit God's daily activities aren't very good, so if you offset them and look at the total, I'm probably a little better than you.
'Your thoughts are more like fearlessness than positivity, ...... really.'

He pushed the umbrella at me with a dumbfounded look.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that ...... this is yours.

'Are you forcing me to share an umbrella with you?'
'Ha, ha!No, I'm not!It's raining, so I'm just giving you my umbrella!
'No, I have my own umbrella. Ginette~'
'Yes. Please be careful.

She seemed to have gone to get it before I said anything, and immediately offered it to me.
It's better for me to carry it alone than for both of us to carry it.

'Also, please take this towel with you. If you get wet, you can wipe it off right away.

He puts the bag with the towel on my shoulder.
I'm sure there are towels in the church. ............ No, if it keeps raining like this, the kids will get wet and there might be a towel shortage.

With towels and umbrellas in hand, we were escorted out of the sunlit pavilion by Jeannette and Magda.
A few steps into the walk, the hems of my pants start to get heavy and cold.
...... at all. As if I remembered, it started pouring.

If I keep walking to the church, my pants will be soaked by the time I get there.
That's what I was thinking. ......

It's a good thing we're not the only ones.

...... called out to me from behind.
Regina was soaking wet all over.

I'm not sure what's wrong with you.
I'm not sure what to say.

When she looked down at her soaking wet feet, Hammaro was holding a small umbrella for children.
He was holding it to protect Regina's knees from the rain.

'What are you doing with it?
'I heard it's for boys.
'Girls don't have umbrellas at all!

No matter how hard I try, I can't get Regina under the umbrella with Hammaro's height.
Then you should take the umbrella.

'Couldn't you have done something about it before you left?
'I'm not very good at telling ...... naturals off in a serious way.

I'm good at throwing in the towel. ......
I see. Regina and Hammaro are incompatible. You can't blame someone who has no ill will towards you, can you?

'Anyway, come under my umbrella.
'Yeah!I'll share an umbrella with you!
'Not you, Hammaro!
'Hey, ......, I'm really cold, you know?I'm sorry if I hurt you.
'Oh, dear.I'll scold you later, so put away that vial of weird liquid you're holding in your hand!I'll apologize instead!

Regina warned in a serious tone.
I'm sure you'll be fine.
...... I never thought I'd have to use a towel before I got to the church.
Ginette's foresight. ......?I'm sure even Ginette didn't expect to use it here.

'Oh, it's good to have a size that fits you. I'm the perfect size for me. ...... Well, why don't you go ahead and put it in?
I'm going to push you out into the rain.I'll push you out into the rain.'
'Stop it!I don't want to get any wetter than I already am. ...... Stop it!It's cold!I'm sorry!I'm sorry!

It's a fountain of obscenity.
A fountain of obscenity, your mouth is.

Put him in an umbrella and let him wipe his hair without permission. I'll just ...... let him wipe his hair.

'You guys ...... have kids, can't you behave yourselves?'
'Don't tell me. It's all my glasses.'
'Who's the wet shirt boyfriend?
'I didn't say that!
'And you, you're the wet shirt boyfriend!
'Estella-san, that's the wrong comment!It's true that your shirt is wet and it looks amazing, but!I'm sure you're right.

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
It seems she's becoming less shy and negative in front of certain people.

'Huh~...... that was helpful. Thanks for the towel.'
'You'll have to tell that to Jeannette.
'Well, I'll talk to her about her tits next time I see her.

'If that's the case, I'll be there.
'Yashiro~. The canal is swollen like crazy, can you come in?

The canal that runs along the fields of Mormat is in trouble again.
It seems like a lie that there was a problem with the water here diminishing too much.
Who would enter such a fast-flowing canal at ......? I'm not Omero.

'But ...... it's a bit cold,......'.
'Um, I'm sorry. Regina-san. My brother got my clothes all wet. ......'
'Well, if you take off your wet clothes, you're done, so don't worry about it.
'You can borrow a change of clothes at the church. Ginette said they have clothes for adults, too.
'I don't mind if you're naked, do I?
'I'll take care of it!
'No, wait, Estella. I don't like it when someone else twists my personal principles.
'Yashiro. There's a reservoir there, I'll push you down.

Then I'll spend the rest of my life naked, in church.

'It's the start of a life worth living!

Hammaro looks at the deep reservoir beside the canal and shouts with a bang. He was willing to get wet in the rain.

'What's this, the starting point of a life worth living?

I put the umbrella back in its proper position and brush the water drops off his wet face.
She smiles tantalizingly and hugs my leg tightly.

'This is the place where you let me work for the first time...'

Oh, I remember that.
The older siblings were made to work as sellers and stall builders before them, but the younger siblings didn't get a job until last year, during the heavy rains, when there was flooding like this.

'Was it here?
'Yeah!I dug a hole with you!

I've been doing so many jobs lately that I can't keep track of everything I've done.
I see. So this is the first.

'We talk about it every time we pass by here. We're so lucky to have you.'

They talk about that with their younger siblings at ......

'Let's praise the lady who brought you here!
'Why are you looking at me from above?I'm trying to be respectful!
'We're all talking about it!

She threw down her umbrella, did a full-on banzai, and shouted loudly without reservation.

'I love you, Oniichan!

She doesn't even care about the raindrops falling on her.
'I love you!

Ah, ......, yes, yes.

'Just don't throw the umbrella. You'll get wet.'
'I'll wipe it off and it'll still get wet, it's like an endless alley!
'Which one is it?
'I couldn't think of any!
'You're free ......'.

I wipe Hammaro's head with the towel Regina lent me.
Then she hugs my legs again.
I'm already soaking through my pants. For a different reason than I expected when I left the sunlit pavilion.
He wipes Hammaro's face briefly and hands the towel back to Regina again.

'What's wrong with you, self~?Your face is loose?
'Shut up. I'm going to flush you down the canal and make you scream.

I don't even want to imagine what kind of Taro we'll have.
Erotaro, Shimotaro, or ............ Rotaro?

'You know, the first time I got an umbrella, it was on a rainy day like this.
'Of course not. I wouldn't have an umbrella if it wasn't a rainy day.'
'So, I went to church like today.
'That's because the only places you go to are the sunny pavilions and churches, isn't it?
'That's why I think of you every time I pass by here.About me...'

He slowly turns his face toward me, stares at me through his glasses, and says in a loud voice.

'You filthy pig!......?'
'All right, you go home wet!
'No, no, no!You're imitating a hamster!It's for a scene that makes me swoon!

What kind of person would get all choked up over a 'dirty pig'?I'm sure there's a segment of the population that would be thrilled with ......, but!I'm not sure what to do.

And you're not very good at being told you like something, are you?

This guy ...... even cares about that.
Well, that's true. I'm not very good at being liked or having people like me directly.
But ......

'It's simply annoying to be cursed at, isn't it?
'Oh no, that's a blind spot.

This kind of silly atmosphere is just right.
It's easy, really. Being with you.

Regina, who was laughing like a man, had an unfamiliar expression on her face for a moment when she arrived at the church.

I love this gentleman's custom.

--She muttered something like that.
The moment our eyes met, Regina's expression returned to her usual cool,

I'm sure you've seen the last of the titty-stretching shirts.

She joked with me.
Oh, that's right. I'll have to keep that in mind.

But the church was just around the corner, and Regina walked into it as if she was trying to escape my gaze.
d*mn, she had a nice pair of tits.

I folded up my umbrella, got a towel from the matron who greeted me,......, and while my cheeks twitched from the slight smell of fresh air, Loretta and Hammaro quickly went into the common room.
Regina was taken by Bertina to the second floor to change her clothes.

So it was just me and Estella left at the door.

'Yashiro. Shoulder.
'You're wet.

She pats my shoulder with a towel she borrowed from the matron.

'You're pretty wet.
'Well, if there are two of you, one of you will get wet.
'Hmm. ......'

Without looking at me, Estella carefully wipes my shirt.

'...... gentleman's custom, right?

After muttering something like that, 'Yes, that's it! And with the last towel he raised, he slapped me on the shoulder with all his might.
It's a great way to get a good night's sleep. ...... you.

'Come on. Let's get out of here. Even if you don't change your clothes, there's less risk of catching a cold if you stay in a warm room.'
'Hmm. It's .......'

My right shoulder and my right leg, where Hammaro had hugged me, were soaking wet.

'You can't catch a cold dressed up, can you?
'I'm not trying to be cool. ...... It's just a process of elimination.

I'm not trying to be a feminist or a gentleman.
You can't choose to keep ignoring Regina while you watch her shivering in the cold and wet. Then the only option left is to get wet yourself. It's just better.
It's the same no matter who's next to you.

'That's the only thing that hasn't changed about you.
'I haven't changed a bit. I'm still the same. I love money. It's your fault if you get cheated. I put my own interests first.
'Hmm, you're right. You haven't changed a bit, have you?

He said with a hint of innuendo and quickly headed for the common room.

'It's a relief, isn't it?

That's what he said as he left.

It's a relief to know that I'm still the same self-serving scammer that I've always been. ...... He must have lost every last screw in his head, or he's a very dominant person.
You don't want to be a role model for your kids.

With that in mind, I too headed for the common room.