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A line of women with heavy makeup.
Their make-up has melted off due to the heavy rain.

I'm sorry. .................. You're scaring me!

You know what?
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.
It's scary!

'You seem surprised, Mr. Obayashi.

A representative-looking woman steps forward, ahead of the others.
Yeah, I'm so surprised I can't go to the bathroom tonight.

'Your words have given us courage, and we have become so beautiful!

We're not!
Your destination is not that way, it's quite far away!

'Your fashion is lost.
'Lost ......, yes, we are the dreamers of fashion.
'No, we're lost.'

That's why we're ......
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time.
You are still a beginner or an amateur when you are drunk on your efforts.
When you can look at the results calmly, you are a professional, and finally a veteran.

'Excuse me, gentlemen.

Jeannette stands in front of the 20 wet women with a large number of towels.
If they wipe off that makeup, it's going to be hard to wash. ......

'I'm sure you'd all look better if you were more normal.

Even Jeannette seemed to think that was a good idea. 'No, not that makeup.
Ginette's point was a valid one, and the women of the "New Street Name Group" were clearly overdoing it.
But ......

'You're not wearing any makeup, are you?
'Huh?Yes, I do. I'm not really into that kind of thing.
'Huh!If you don't know the first thing about fashion, please don't talk like you do!
'''That's right, that's right!'''

...... doesn't have the ears to listen.
I'm sure you've heard of it.

If you wear makeup, you can become beautiful. Then the more makeup she wears, the more beautiful she becomes!Even a child can understand this, right?I'm not wrong, am I?
'Um, no,......, let's see,......, let's just put this on my wet hair,......'

Ginette is dismayed by the pressure.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. I'm not sure what to do. ......

'Estella. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. Too much makeup is counterproductive.
Huh?Ah, yes. That's right. I think a more natural look will bring out the best in everyone.

The members of the "Association for New Street Names" fell silent at the advice of the professional.
After all, you can only be strong against someone who thinks he knows more than you do and is less knowledgeable than you are.
If they are told by someone of higher rank than them, they will have no choice but to listen to them.

...... and I thought...

'The lord's makeup is the nobleman's makeup, isn't it?Our makeup is the makeup of the common people, born in the 41st district. This is the correct answer.''
'Yeah, .............'

Estella looks at me like she doesn't know what to do.
You're a weakling, you know that? Especially with women, you never come on strong.

You're a stubborn bunch of girls.
You know Estella is my lord and you're so rude to me.
Is that it?It's like wearing make-up makes you feel like a different person.
When you do something out of the ordinary, you can break free from your usual timid self. There are many such people.
Until now, these women have been meek, accepting the situation they were given without complaining.
But now, at this very moment, they are about to change.
Change gives people excitement and elation.
That's why there are times when we are terribly afraid of being denied .......

I can't help it.

'Ginette. Cut up the watermelon and bring it to me.'
'Is it a watermelon ......?Yes, sir. Please wait a moment.

Ginette handed a large amount of towels to the members of the 'Association for New Street Names' and retreated to the kitchen.
There's a delicious watermelon from Hamm's field.
We were supposed to cool them in the well and serve them to the kids in the church, but unfortunately, the temperature did not rise due to the long rain, and the weather was a little bad for eating watermelons. However, the temperature did not rise due to the long rain, and the weather was a little bad for eating watermelons. Therefore, there were some left over, so I asked them to serve them to us.

'Well. You claim that you're right and we're wrong, but ...... is about to show you just how far off the mark that is.

I stand in front of the 'Association for New Street Names' with a slanted posture, like a detective's guessing show.

'Thank you for waiting.

Ginette came back after cutting the watermelon neatly and skillfully.
A large plate of watermelon was placed on the table.

'Have you ever eaten one?
'Oh, well. Sometimes.'

The representative-looking woman replies.
She seemed to know about it at least. But, well, if you eat it now, you'll know what it's like.

'Well, it's a little chilly, but try it.

I'd rather not eat cucumbers on a cold day like this because they lower body temperature, but this was the first thing that came to mind. Well, forgive me.

'Oh, ...... sweet.'
'That's true. It's better than anything I've had in District 41.'
'I think I can eat as much as I want of this.'
'Oh, stop!Just keep it to two bites.'

Thanks to the efforts of the ham kids, the watermelon seemed to be doing well.
However, simply enjoying the watermelon was not the purpose of this time.

'By the way, do you know what 'salt' is?
'...... Are you making fun of me?'
'No, no. I'm just checking to make sure. By the way, what happens to food when you shake it with salt?Well, ......, you pretty make-up girl, answer me this.'

The woman I'm pointing at presses her cheeks.
There's no need to be shy, just answer me. I've encouraged her to keep her belly button bent.

'Well, ............, does that make it salty?
'Well, yes. Good answer.'

Right now, she's wearing zombie make-up because of too much thick make-up and the heavy rain. What a waste.

'Now, I'll tell you something you don't know.

This is something that Magda and Loretta, as well as Ginette the professional cook and Bertina the food demon, didn't know, so there's no way these people would know it.

'Sprinkle salt on watermelon to make it ............ sweeter!

In fact, this knowledge, which is commonplace in Japan, is surprisingly unknown overseas.
There is a story that a Japanese who ate a watermelon with salt in front of a German was asked, 'Are your taste buds and brain okay? I have heard a story about a Japanese who ate a watermelon with salt in front of Germans and was told, 'Are your taste buds and brain okay?
Even if you don't think that what you know is the same all over the world ......, you may unknowingly assume it. You think, 'This is common sense.

However, the things that we thought were common sense can be changed by a change in location ......

'How can that be? Are you making fun of me?
'That's right!If you put salt on it, it will become salty, of course!
'It can't be sweet!I'll turn it into a frog!

I'm going to make you a frog!' They look at me so coldly.

'Then try it. Just like when you did the exercises I told you to do and felt 'beautiful'.

With that, the women of the "Association for New Street Names" crossed their eyes at each other, and one by one, sprinkled a pinch of salt on the watermelon.
Then they bit into it. ...... chewing.

'''' Hmm! ''''

And all at once, their cheeks relax and they let out a sweet voice.

'''' It's so good! ''''

That's right, that's right. That's right.

'How can it be sweet when it's sprinkled with salt?
'And so sweet.
'Is it sweet salt?No, it's not. It's just salty.'

It's hard to believe.
But you have to believe it because you've experienced it yourself.
The women are bewildered by this situation.

Estella was also puzzled by the situation.

'Why does it become sweet when sprinkled with salt?Is it a special kind of watermelon?

Estella is leaning towards me, watermelon juice smeared around her mouth.
...... Stop it. Don't wipe it off, I'll do it.

I shove a handy towel in Estella's face and tell her the answer.

'The human tongue has a number of taste-sensing nerves. They are sensitive and a bit inflexible. When you taste several tastes at once, one of them may stand out more than the others.

When the tongue perceives the slight saltiness of the watermelon before the sweetness of the watermelon, it feels as if the sweetness is increased by the contrast. This is the contrast effect of taste.
In addition to sweetness, it is also known that salt enhances umami. If you look at recipe books, you will find "a pinch of salt" in various dishes.
It is also said that bitterness and sourness have a contrasting effect on taste, but I have never tried it. I don't even know why I should try it.

So, if you sprinkle more and more salt on the watermelon, the watermelon might become sweeter and sweeter ............, right?According to your theory.
I'm sure you're right.

Someone's throat rumbles as they gulp .......
Salt is salty. Such common knowledge and an unbelievable phenomenon that I just learned about must be jostling in my brain.
Should we overturn common sense, or should we trust common sense? ......

'This watermelon is you. It's like a gemstone that originally had the elements to become delicious.

Then he sprinkles a pinch of salt on the watermelon, which no one has touched yet.

'So, this is you guys in style. You did what I said, and you did what I said, and now it tastes even better.

That's the same feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction I gave them on the day of the event.
A watermelon with a sprinkle of salt is synonymous with a success story born from a technique backed by solid information.

'And in accordance with your earlier assertion that the more makeup you wear, the more beautiful you become--'

While saying this, he grabbed a handful of salt and drizzled it onto the cut watermelon.
A large white pile will form on top of the watermelon. The watermelon will absorb water from the base and lose its color.

The watermelon will lose its color.

He then presents the cut watermelon on a plate with plenty of salt.

'Come on, try it. It may turn out to be ridiculously sweet.

If that's your theory,' I tell her, trying to keep my words simple.

The woman who seemed to be the representative of the group was puzzled for a while, but then, as if to prove her statement, she picked up the salt-soaked watermelon and covered it with .......

'Buh-oh!Hot!It's too salty!
'Well, I guess you're right.

It's like eating a lump of salt.

In other words, moderation is the best way to go.
'But, watermelon and make-up are not the same. ......'
'A third party is objectively looking at it and saying, "That's weird.I'm not sure if you guys are really okay with dressing up in a way that looks strange to people's eyes.I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's trying to do something about it.You'll end up like that salted watermelon, not even thinking of taking a second bite, is that what you want?

The women didn't argue.

The first time you make an effort, it must be a very precious thing. ...... for yourself.
But 'trying and not being able' has no effect other than to give you self-satisfaction.

'There is no shame in failure. Your efforts are not in vain.

However, if you talk to a person who has just started, you will only break his heart.
If you don't show them, tell them, make them do it, and praise them, they will not move.
It takes a lot of time and patience to train a beginner, really.

It's shameful to cover up what you don't know, or to lose the opportunity to learn by dressing up. You are the buds that are about to blossom. No matter how beautiful the bud is, you still want it to bloom, don't you?You may be anxious, but let's learn with an honest heart once again. Hey.

From my point of view, that's a pretty lenient response.
If you don't listen to me, you can rot away as you like, that's my stance, but this time it's special.
After all, ......

'I'm on your side, you know.

I've got to get these guys on my side and give the 'Avenue of Beauty' a proper name!
I'm going to stop them from calling it Yashiro Avenue!
So listen up!Listen to me!
Just like now, say 'yes, yes' to everything I say!All right!

''So, the name of the 'Street of Beauty' is .......''
'''Yes!I'll make them choose 'Yashiro Avenue' no matter what!'''

No!It's not that!
d*mn it!Why do these people who seem to worship me always try to choke me at the last moment?Just like Becco, Yap Lock, and these girls!
I think they really don't like me. ......

'About that, boys.'

Estella, with a smile on her face and a good-natured smile on her face, put a stop to the enthusiastic women.

'I still don't agree with naming a place that may become the centerpiece of the 41st district after a person from another district. We don't want to get into unnecessary trouble because of some strange misunderstanding.

That's true.
I was almost blamed for the rain shortage just for setting off fireworks, and I was targeted by an otherworldly version of the Oreole scam just for appearing in an information paper.

If they name a new landmark after me, ...... I'm sure I'll get into trouble.

'Even as the lord of the 42nd district, I can't rent Yashiro out to your city. Even if it's only in name.'

'You know what I mean, don't you? He gives a small wink and speaks to the 20 or so women facing him.
Estella. If you keep doing that, you'll get more like Tracy. You're going to have a lot of fans. ...... You're a very handsome woman.

'To borrow Obayashira's name, ......'.
'If I borrow Mr. Obayashi's name, I'll get in trouble with ......'
'The Lord of the Forty-second District doesn't approve of it: ......'
'Even if it's only in name: ......'
'I can't lend Mr. Obayashira ...... as a lord ............... ...'

The women, who had been murmuring in turn, all gasped in unison, 'What? Then they looked at each other and clapped their hands as if they understood each other.
And then--

''Obayashi-san, you're the fiancée of my lord!

--And so on, he seems to have come to the conclusion of the day after tomorrow.


Estella let out a sound like a broken clarinet. You got that from your dad, huh?

'No, no, no, no, no!No, not at all!That's not what I meant at all!

I'm not sure what you mean by that. ...... But first, do something about your red face.
You can't say anything with a face like that, it will have the opposite effect.

'But your concern for Mr. Obayashi'.
'I feel special!Hey, guys!
'''That's right!'''
''If you ask me, the two of you have always been strangely close!
'''That's right!'''
''It's not normal for a lord and his people to be so close, if at all!
'''That's right!'''
''Speaking of which!Just now, Obeyashiro-san was wiping the Lord's mouth with a towel!
'''She was wiping it!'''
''With a very gentle hand!
'' ''With loving eyes!
''Like, 'Haha, your mouth is dirty, my little kitty cat!
'Hey, Oumalo, Bekko!Get every last one of these women out of here!
'Mm, mm, mm, impossible!I'm so nervous about women in makeup that I can't even look at them properly!
I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it............. I have a somewhat too good memory, that I might dream of .......'

The women who say what they want and get excited about it.
What?I'm going to dream about it.I don't need to respect them, you know.What a bunch of crap!It's so stupid I've got a little Tosa dialect!

I didn't wipe Estella's mouth in the first place!
I just pressed a towel against her mouth!
I just pushed a towel on her! There's no reason to be intimate or ............ reserved with her!

That's why women always connect everything to love. ......

'Hey, Estella. Don't take this kind of nonsense too seriously. ......'
'Hey, don't look at me like that!
'Watermelon rind!

What kind of thing are you throwing at my face?
It's sticky!

'Oh, no!You put something in your mouth and threw it in his face with ......?
''Indirect kissing?
'''Yikes!That's so romantic!

I'm sure that only beetles would enjoy this kind of ...... watermelon juice that smells like melon in this city.

'So, don't be so ......, give me back my watermelon rind!My watermelon rind!

............ Estella is too weak for this kind of talk.
It's the time when you need to keep your cool and let it go, or you'll be exploited to your detriment. In the exchange between the lords.

'...... Yashiro gets embarrassed very easily when he is in the position of being played. A weakness that only Magda knows about.
'No, Magda-tan. I know that, too.'
'Mr. Yashiro is an unexpectedly pure-hearted man, that he is.
'All of you, shut your mouths or I'll give you a bad ............ Umaro.'

'...... Please don't do this to him.'
'Yes, that you do, Mr. Yashiro.
'No, opening your mouth now sounds more like a signal to 'do it'!You know that Mr. Yashiro is such a person, don't you?Did you do that on purpose?

Umaro is screaming louder than anyone else. Okay, I'll punish him later.

'I didn't know you were in such a position, Obayashi-san. ......'
'District Forty-one is now on friendly terms with District Forty-two, and the city is developing in a positive direction. ......'
'It's not our intention to displease the lord and make relations strained. ......'
''That's why we're all here: ......''
'''Well, let's give up.'''
''It can't be helped. Because ......!''
'''He's a very important person to our lord!
'''Alright!I'll grant you permission to go to Yashiro Avenue!I'll write a letter of recommendation!
''Don't lose your mind, stupid lord!

Once Estella gets mad, her clumsiness accelerates rapidly.
Maybe you should get yourself a girlfriend or something.You're too immune.
If some aristocrat made a pass at you, you'd fall easily, wouldn't you?

I'm not sure what to do. I don't know why I have to be so careful. ............

'Can I have a word?I'm going to deny it outright, because a strange misunderstanding could lead to something undesirable for the honor of the lord and the forty-two districts. I'm not Estella's fiancé, nor do I have that kind of sweetheart relationship with her. I swear to the spirit gods, there is no such fact.

I don't know.
I'll deny it like this once and for all so shut up, women.
So, wake up the heat in your face and calm down, Estella.

...... And stop sneaking your cheeks behind my back. Hey, Jeannette.

That's why we're working together. The reason we seem to get along so well is because we trust each other that much. If you don't have that kind of trust, you won't be able to carry out such life-threatening reforms.
'...... Life-threatening?Is this the plan for the Avenue of Beauty?

The representative of the "Association for New Street Names" rolls his eyes.
That's right. We're risking our lives.

'What responsibility do you think I should take if the reform involving the entire 41st district ends up in an unmitigated disaster ............?
'Oh ............'.

After being told this, the reality of the situation seemed to finally dawn on them, and the members of the 'Association for Thinking of New Street Names' turned pale one after another.

'That's right.

Estella, with her still-red face, managed to keep a clear face as she coughed and quietly said.

'If the project that I have proposed to the lords of other districts incurs a large debt, I will have to compensate for that debt even if I have to give up my own territory.

That's the kind of commitment you need to make to change a city.
It's not uncommon to find stories of unplanned land development that turns ...... into ghost towns within a few years, and these stories can be found anywhere in the world.
If you don't do enough research, it is possible that you won't be able to attract enough people to stop shaking.
There is no such thing as a reform that is guaranteed to succeed.

Well, in my case, I won't do anything unless I'm sure that it will succeed with a high probability.

Let's put aside our true feelings and shut these people up for now.
...... For the sake of Estella's honor.
You see, she's the daughter of a nobleman before marriage. I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that.

'So, I swear, we don't have that kind of relationship. Please stop gossiping so irresponsibly. Estella doesn't deserve to be tainted by the world.'

If I say this much, they won't be so eager to spread idle gossip.
Let them know that every word they say is a responsibility.

But then again, Estella always looks disapproving when I say things like this to keep her at a distance. ............ Hey, you can just follow up. I'm sure you'll agree.

'......, right, Estella?

I thought I'd whisper to her and show her that I didn't mean ...... anything by it.

'Huh, no, that ............ I know, I know.'

...... Why is this guy still embarrassed?
That embarrassment is already a thing of the past.

'No, no, this isn't about what you just said. ............ That ............

Estella began to make excuses without even listening.
That attitude is as good as saying, 'I have something to be ashamed of.

'No, that's why,............, Yashiro has never treated me like a woman to that extent before,...... ............ Oh, no, no! ......I'm not sure.I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.As a lord!

You ...... clumsy little punk!
Your embarrassment is contagious!
You need to cool your face right now!Eat some watermelon!It'll lower your body temperature!

'Ah, whatever!

Shout louder.
Yeah, loud is the way to go in these situations. ...... The air is so bad.

'The 'Street of Beauty' that will be born in the future should grow not as a street that I created, but as a street in which you will play a leading role.

And a portion of the profits generated therein will go into my pocket.
That's what this street is!
Royalties, yum.

'That's why we should name it for you and the fashionable girls of the future who will admire you.
'Yes, it's ....... We are the main actors of ............, aren't we?

As if moved by the news, the representative of the "Association for the New Street Name" smiled brightly and honestly, even through her thick makeup.

'Then, let's discuss it again and come up with a candidate for the official name.

There was no one who disagreed with the representative's voice.
It was a little too much of a stink, but it was necessary in order to get these people on the same page. That was just right. They are easily influenced, but they are stubborn in a strange way.

So, after wiping off their wet hair and too much makeup with a towel, the members of the "Association for New Street Names" held a special meeting around the table.
Perhaps it was because the watermelon had cooled them down, but the corn potage soup was selling like hotcakes, and Ginette was smiling at the positive attitude of the girls.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where by and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following web site. ...... You guys, if you don't feel comfortable, go home.
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
...... That's why you're a badass.

So, Jeannette. It's not 'one for me if you can'. It's a gag. It's just a funny joke, Becko style. Don't take it seriously. See?If you make one for real on ......, I'll destroy you .............

'It's decided!

The representative of the "Association for New Street Names" stood up and came to me.
...... Come on, Estella.
She wants to give a report.

Estella came to me at my beckoning. But ............ can you stop this delicate distance?
I'm embarrassed that you're so conscious of me.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
'We're the main characters.
'And the fashionable girls of the future!
'I'd like to propose a name suitable for our street as a candidate to the lord!
'The new name is--'

The new name is--' Estella gulps and clears her throat.
Ginette and Magda are also watching with bated breath.

A corner of the 41st district will be born with women playing a leading role. A name suitable for a small "town" within the city.
It is only at the candidate stage, but judging from Ricardo's appearance, the name chosen by the group for the new street name will probably be adopted.

The name of the street will be announced now.

'It's 'Lovely Yann Avenue'!

......, and the "Association for New Street Names" applauded in private.
Estella's ...... cheeks were twitching. The relaxed expression she had earlier was nowhere to be seen.

As for Jeannette, ...... oh, she's smiling.
Is this a "possible" name for Ginette? ......

And as for Magda, ......

'...... "Lovely Avenue"' ............ that name ...... ............ is it nice?

I think he likes it.
He's got a unique sense of style, too. ......
Well, we're talking about the 41st district, and even if it turns out to be a joke name,...... I'm not the one who's going to get laughed at,...... I guess it doesn't matter.

'I can't let this happen!
'Yes, you can!I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
'Let's go, gentlemen!
''Let's go, everyone!
'''Well, good day to everyone at the Sunken Pavilion!

The members of the "Association for Thinking of a New Street Name" stand up at once and hurriedly leave the store.
...... What was that all about, really.

'Hey, Estella ......'.
'No matter what you ask, I don't think I'll be able to answer. ...... Their sensitivity is a little ...... difficult to understand.'

Plucking at her brow as if rubbing it, Estella endures a migraine.
It's a strange coincidence,......, I'm just starting to get a headache too.

It's a good thing that I was able to stop the misuse of ...... my name though.