363-No additives Episode 18 One rainy day in the sun.

The event in the 41st district - let's see, what's the name? ...... Oh well, for now - "Isn't it great? It had been a few days since the event had ended.
The day of the event was sunny, but since the next day it has been raining quite heavily. It seems that the climate is really out of balance this year. ...... I have nothing to do with this, right?It's just a coincidence, isn't it?I'm not going to be subjected to the same nonsense as the BU guys.

It's not going to stop raining.

Looking at the sky from the window of the sunlit pavilion, Ginette let out a sigh.

'I'm sure they can't wash their underwear and will run out of replacements soon.
'That's not true!I've got everything ready!

Ginette puffs up her cheeks at the monologue that escapes from her mouth.
If you have enough to spare--

'If you have enough to go around, you could at least share a little with us.
'Oh my god, Yashiro-san!

Oh, no.
Perhaps it's because the rains have slowed down the flow of customers, but I'm letting my words slip. I guess I'm talking to myself more.

'I'm thankful for the rain for now, though.

Umaro spreads out a huge piece of paper on the table at the sunny pavilion and draws happily.

'You're a child, aren't you? Get to work.'
'I'm working right now, sir!

I looked at the drawing Umaro was doing and saw a map of the 41st district. It was around the back alley.

'The lord has given us permission to redevelop the area, including the shape of the alleys.

Isn't it nice? Immediately after he spoke about his plan for the 'Avenue of Beauty' in front of the people of District 41, there were some dissatisfied voices in the crowd. Especially from the men.
However, the atmosphere in the hall changed dramatically when the women of the city, dressed in the costumes of Ukrines and fashionably transformed by Natalia and the others, appeared.
At first, the audience could not believe that the ladies in the line were citizens of their own district. They seemed to say, 'I've never seen such a pretty lady in the 41st district before,' and until their acquaintances proved that they were indeed my acquaintances, the atmosphere continued to be, 'They must have been invited by some fashionable upper class people.

However, when I found out that it was an ordinary person from my ward, the atmosphere in the hall was overridden at once.
The guys were like, 'Seriously, ......, is it possible to change into such a beautiful woman? The men said, 'Really?
The women asked, 'How did you do it?Tell us! '.

From there, it was a quick conversation.
In place of Ricardo, who was not very sensitive, I explained the secret of their transformation, sprinkled with many exciting elements, emphasized the point that 'anyone can do this transformation,' and asked the women who had actually experienced it for half a day to share their impressions. Women who wanted to be beautiful.
The women who participated in the program were of different ages and occupations, proving that 'anyone can become beautiful.

'Let's make a 'street for becoming beautiful' in this 41st district!

The women were filled with anticipation at my call.

And men who didn't seem to have anything to do with it ...... were also glancing at me. I'm sure you've seen them.
According to Magda's information, the cheerleaders who were cheering for the 42nd district in the gluttony contest were full of beautiful women, and she always thought, 'I'm jealous,' 'I wish there were some in my district,' 'but there are no beautiful women in the 41st district,.......
That's because you've neglected to create an environment where beautiful women can grow.
But there are beautiful women out there. Natural beauties like Osina.
As a result of not realizing this, and putting off making the city a place where such women can live in peace, especially in terms of work-related reforms, they have left the 41st district, or they no longer have the time or money to dress up.

In the past, there were jobs in the 42nd district even if there was no money.
Estella was trying to keep her people in their place. She didn't want to hurt the dignity of her people, even if her own district was getting poorer and poorer.
A job worthy of one's all is a very important thing that protects human dignity.
It's hard not to have a job.

...... Well, maybe that's why there are so many workaholics in the forty-two wards.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following webpage.
The liveliness of the festival may have reminded them of a gluttony contest.
The crowded atmosphere of the festival may have reminded him of the gluttony contest, the time when the 41st district was clearly changed.

So, I am now drawing a blueprint of the 'Avenue of Beauty'. After this, I'm going to make miniatures and adjust the overall balance.
'Oh, that's good to know, Umaro. I'd like to have a word with you about the color scheme.
'The colors ......?

On the blueprint that Umaro had drawn, I wrote down the color specifications.
At the same time, I delete the three-story building that was apparently going to be constructed near the turn into the fifth.

'Hey, Yashiro-san!That building has an important role in giving impact to visitors. ......!
'Do the impact a little more in the front, please.

Such an oppressive building is inappropriate for the passage leading to the back.

'If you're going to build something like this, it should be at the entrance.
'No, no, no. It's easier for customers to enter if the entrance is wide and open, isn't it?
'The opposite.

If this were a store, a wide entrance would make it easier to enter.
But this is a 'street'.
If the frontage is wide and there is a huge building at the back that gives a sense of oppression, people will not go to the back. In fact, it will keep them away.

'By putting an oppressive building at the entrance, you can make a not-so-narrow street seem narrow.
'What are the advantages of making it feel narrower?
'By contrast, the far end of the street seems wider, doesn't it?

The entrance gates of amusement parks are usually decorated with huge objects.
They serve the purpose of keeping the visitors in line, but they also have a visual purpose.

When you stand in front of the huge entrance gate, which gives a sense of oppression and narrowness, you can see the open and bright interior of the park through the gate. The gate is designed to make you expect, even before you enter, that 'there is a fun place beyond this gate.

This is called the Savannah Effect.
To put it roughly, when we are in a dark place, we have a tendency to want to go in a bright direction, and when the destination is bright, we feel a sense of security.
In architecture as well, it is said that rather than brightly illuminating the entrance, brightening the corridor that can be seen from the entrance increases the sense of security when one returns home.
Many hotels use subdued lighting in elevator halls and brightly illuminate corridors with warm indirect lighting to dispel the feeling of uneasiness when going deeper into the hallway.

People feel uneasy when the destination is dimly lit, and feel relieved when it is bright. We are simple creatures like that.

Therefore, place a symbolic large building at the entrance of the 'Avenue of Beauty' and design it so that the road leading to the back is wide and becomes brighter the further you go. No two-story buildings or towers.

The stores in the back are secret stores that people go to secretly - but I don't want them to be dimly lit streets that spies like to walk on.
In fact, it should be a street that is easy to walk on and makes you feel safe.
After all, it is women who pass through there.
It should never be a place where a pervert lurks and misbehaves, not even once. Image is important in this kind of thing.

'So, on the vertical street you can see from the entrance, keep the back part in warm colors.

Warm colors have the effect of making us feel closer visually.
Even if the walls are the same distance apart, the cooler colors make you feel farther away and the warmer colors make you feel closer.
Therefore, if the wall at the far end of the alley is in a warm color, it will seem less deep, making you feel that the distance to the "fifth" alley is closer, and you will be able to get rid of the negative elements of "far" and "too much trouble to go.

'So, when you enter the alley, try to see the cold colors.

Cold colors look distant. In other words, it makes the space look larger.

Let me remind you of something. Remember the excitement of the amusement park you visited when you were a child.
When you are greeted by the huge gate, you are overwhelmed by its presence, and when you look up, you see a clear blue sky beyond. As we waited in line to enter the park, the joyful space beyond the gate gradually came into view.
An open space spreads out, bright music leaks out, and I can see people coming and going as they enter.
When you come to the front of the gate, you feel a sense of anticipation that something is about to happen.
It is a special feeling to be allowed to go through the huge gate that is so intimidating.
And the overwhelming sense of openness that you see when you go through the gate.

Didn't it make you want to start running?
Even adults have such feelings. No matter how old you are.

'Anyway, please keep the vertical streets open and the alleys lined with stores stylish.
'I see. The way to the store is already part of the product.
'It's one of the added values.
'All right!I'll try it!

Umaro happily begins to modify the blueprints.

The Street of Beauty is a new short but wide vertical street that runs from the main street to the fifth street, and each alleyway extends from there, so it looks like a fishbone when viewed from above.
The new street is parallel to the existing vertical street that runs from the main square to the alley at the back of the building, and another street has been added.
It is possible to enter the "Avenue of Beauty" from the old street, but it is a little more difficult to enter.
When a group of rugged men hang out in front of a fashionable lingerie store, it is difficult for women to enter the store.
This is also the case with the "Avenue of Beauty". I cannot say "Don't come here", but I would like to appeal to you to be careful.

'If such an opulent street is built, men will be envious of it.

Ginette's face lit up with joy at the idea of a new, fun street.
'What if there are grumbles and complaints,' he said, assuming that such a thing would never happen.

'...... Magda will shut them up.'
'Yeah. It's okay, put the masakari away.

If you make a big deal about building a city for women, you're giving women preferential treatment! It's disrespectful to men! But ...... they are simple and stupid. ...... Even if we don't take any measures, they will accept it as 'more beautiful women, hooray! I'm sure they'll accept it.
But I have taken some measures to prevent them from complaining.

'Isn't the 'Avenue of Beauty' on the right side when you look at the Grand Plaza?
'Yes, it is. And the stores that used to be on the left side will be consolidated, right?

When we are unconscious, we tend to focus on the left side of the street and give priority to the left side of the street.
Criminals chased by cops tend to flee to the left side of the road due to their extreme state of impatience, and there is even a story that the arrest rate increased when cops focused on searching the left side of the road.

There are a number of theories as to why this might be, such as the tendency to shift one's consciousness to the left to protect the heart, or the natural shifting of the center of gravity to the left to maintain balance due to the presence of heavy organs on the right side. It is also very powerful.
If you look around you, you will find many examples of people focusing on the left side.

In the 41st district, conventional stores, which are mainly used by male customers, have been placed on the left side so that customers can shop as usual without any inconvenience.
In addition, since there are quite a few vacant stores in "Go-bonme" that have not been utilized so far, we plan to make effective use of them to eliminate the cramped and narrow atmosphere.
If we can incorporate the Savannah effect into the reform of the back alleys, we will be able to secure enough space and get rid of the bad habits that have become a hotbed of the "fifth eye" mentality.

'This reorganization will change the 41st district again. They're really into it, aren't they?
'That's right. Everyone seemed to be looking forward to the birth of the new street, didn't they?

Ginette, who was watching the event, smiled, as if she remembered the scene.
Next to her, Magda was quietly clenching her fists. Their expectations must be about the same.

'The streets of the 41st district are beautiful when viewed from above like this.

Ginette said, looking at the blueprint Umaro had drawn.
Originally, the forty-first district was lined with alleys parallel to the main street. A new street has been built through the alleys, forming a little square. It is a rather beautiful structure, though not as beautiful as the one in Kyoto.

'If the streets are so neatly lined up, it is unlikely that you will get lost.
'No problem. If there are many similar corners in a row, ...... you will get lost.

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten lost in Kyoto. ......
I'm not sure how many times I've wandered around on my moped and been like, 'Nijo Castle again? How many times have you been lost in Kyoto ......

'Umaro. Please name the streets and put up signs. I'm sure some people will get lost.

'Is the name ...... 'First one' or something?'
'No, that name is too elective, please give me a new name.
'Don't be so quick to make ridiculously high demands!You can't just randomly decide on a street name!

What an inflexible fellow.

'But, the people of District 41 are thinking of an official name for the Street of Beauty, right?
'Ah. It looks like Ricardo asked for it.

Ricardo wouldn't have been able to name it. He has no sense of style.
And there's no way he could ...... name a street for a woman to become beautiful.

But that's what the people in the 41st district think. I'm sure the best they can come up with is 'Bikkurakokimaro'.
'That's what Yashiro-san sometimes says, isn't it?I don't think I have that idea. ......'

Umaro is looking at me as if my sense of style is catastrophic. It's really unpleasant.
If I were to name it, I'd name it something fancy like "Veloce" or "Fouche" or "Jari-Ko-Che"!

In short, the names that the people of the 41st district come up with must be trivial anyway.

'Yashiro, are you there?

Estella came in the heavy rain, without a cloak and with an umbrella.
I know ....... Imelda's parasol is being used by girls in the 41st district as a 'cute!I'm not sure. I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this subject in the coming weeks.
But you know Estella.
There's a difference between a parasol and a rain umbrella.

'I've got some great information and I've rushed here in the rain to share it with you. Aren't you glad?'
'If that's the case, I'm not asking.

I don't care what you think.
When Estella looks so happy, it's usually when something bad happens to me. Godd*mn.

'Actually, we've narrowed down the candidates for the name of the Street of Beauty in District 41 to two.
'I told you not to ask.
'No, no, I think you'd better ask. If you don't ask, you'll regret it.
'Tell me about .............'
'Hmmm. I can't help it. Then I'll tell you.'

Estella announced the candidate for the official name of the building with an endlessly smug look on her face.

'Yashiro Avenue!

Who the hell submitted such a ridiculous name?

'It's amazing, Mr. Yashiro, to be chosen as the name of a ...... street.
I'm not going to do it.I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
'...... the moment Yashiro made his mark on history'
'I didn't carve it, and I'm not going to carve it there!

The ideal life for me is to work in the dark behind the scenes of history and smile while enjoying the profits alone.
I have no intention of standing on the stage or manipulating the world behind the scenes.
I'm not going to have my name engraved on it.

'What the hell kind of a name is that?
'It's the result of a fair review.
'Oh, I see. Ricardo's harassing me. ...... That bastard.'
'No, no, no. I heard Ricardo was against it at all costs. He said, 'It's not good luck to have that bastard's name on one of my forty-one districts! He said.
'Well, that's ...... that bastard.

I don't know, whatever he does to me pisses me off, that muscle lord.

'But you know, there's no shortage of women who want to use this name.
'Women are ......?'

It was Ginette who questioned with a surprised look on her face.
If it was an old man's harassment, it would be understandable, but in the case of Jeannette, I'm sure it wasn't ....... But I have to wonder about the fact that she is getting the female vote.
The women in that town must be terrified of me after the ...... gluttony contest.

'I heard that your speech stuck in their minds.
'A speech?'
'You know, the speech I gave to the women who attended to make them feel better?I'm sure you'll agree.

.................. Oh, it stung?That's a funny word?
No, I said it to make it stick.

'It seems that there are many men in the 41st district who are not familiar with the subtleties of women. It's rare for the opposite s*x to praise a woman's beauty or affirm her desire to be beautiful like you do.

No, that's not why ......

'I heard there was a huge crowd of women in front of the official name selection venue.
'You want me to adopt 'Yashiro Avenue'?
'Yes. I heard it's the first time for such a large scale demonstration in the 41st district. In a city where many people lost their jobs due to the priority of the hunting guilds, and yet they didn't voice a single opinion to the lord?It's amazing.

'It's not amazing, it's ...... scary.'

What, a demonstration?
What's the big deal, just naming a little corner of the city.

'I'm sorry. Is Mr. Yashiro home, that he is?'

As I felt a chill run down my spine, Bekko came over with a unique look on his face.

'Don't make a fool of yourself in such a tense situation!
'This face is innate, that it is!

He took off his cloak, wiped the rain drops from his glasses with his sleeve, and walked up to me.

'...... Becco. Your cloak.

Magda approaches Bekko, holding the cloak under her arm.
That's right. You should hang the wet cloak on the cloak rack next to the counter.
Magda is now a fully-fledged waitress--

'...... There's a hook over there, you can go hang it up.'

--I'm not sure I can reach it yet.
Well, I guess that's what you get when you're dealing with Becko. Yeah, this is Bekko's fault.

'Yashiro-san. I think you should rethink this store's system of 'treating regulars poorly without hurting their feelings'. ......'
I'm not sure what to say. Which do you think is worse, Magda or Becko?'
'That's Bekko, of course. There's nothing wrong with Magda.'
'Mr. Umaro is also a member of Mr. Yashiro's faction, that he is. ......'

After Bekko is unanimously voted responsible, he begins to talk about his purpose for coming here.

'There is one more piece of information that I would like to share with you, that I have.

After making a slight refusal to Estella, who had just been talking to him, Bekko sends me an extraordinary piece of information.

'A citizen's group in the 41st district called the 'Association for Thinking of New Street Names' has asked for an oversized illustration of Mr. Yashiro, that it has.
'They said that they needed it as soon as possible in order to appeal to the lord to recommend it as the symbol of the new street. Eventually, they want to install portraits and statues of Mr. Yashiro all over the street, that they do.

What a rubbish civic group. ......

'Hey, you know what?If we leave it like this and a street called Yashiro Avenue is born, ............ my stomach muscles won't be able to take it. ...... Pukkuk'
I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.
For example, I'll go behind your back and have a breast augmentation salon named after you!

'It seems that they saw my work at the event the other day and asked me to do it, that they did.

I asked Bekko to draw an illustration to compare the before and after of Barbara.
The speed, accuracy, and lifelike quality of his work made the audience very excited.
Hey, who made you do such a demonstration, it was me, d*mn it!

'I was happy to receive the request from another district, that I was, but I thought I'd let Mr. Yashiro know just in case, so I decided to put it on hold until the name of the street was officially decided, that I did.
'It was a very careful decision for you, that it was.

This guy used to make wax statues of me in his spare time.

'This may be a trivial concern of an artist, that it is, but ............ it is somewhat frustrating that Mr. Yashiro's fame is roaring in a direction different from my will, that it is.
'What are you talking about?
'Mr. Yashiro is not a 'charisma of beauty', but a 'hero of liberation who leads the people', that he is!
'I'm not either of those!What, I'm being called a 'beauty charismatic' in the 41st district?

I have to stop them, even if it means returning my portrait and ...... Bekko to the earth in a place where such people hang out.

'Becko, I've had a lot of fun with you so far.
'I've put a hold on you to prevent that from happening, that I have!I don't want to be the first to consider a last resort, that I don't!

But ......
The people of this city are too simple.
Not only the people of District 42, but also those of District 41.
In short, they've been forced to put up with the stereotype that 'that's just the way it is' all their lives.
They become a little dependent on the person who shows them the way out of the suffering they had to accept as a matter of course.

This is all the fault of the lord who has not taken proper measures to improve their lives!
You should have thought more about your people, you stupid lord!
If you say .................., you make it sound like I'm a good person!
I'm not a good person!

'Ricardo's a jerk!
'You've got a lot of things mixed up and you've ended up there. Well, it's understandable, Yashiro.'

Estella puts her hand on my back with a look of understanding.
This guy looks like he's on our side, but he can be a bit of an enemy. ......

The only person you can be sure is on your side is Jeannette. ............ No, wait.
Ginette can also be my enemy under certain conditions.
Those conditions are ...... my wax image.

This guy is always trying to get a wax statue of me and display it.
If he hears that a statue or portrait of me is going to be installed, like this one, I'm sure he's going to .................. glance at it with sparkling eyes.


I'm sure you'll have a great time. ............

I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure what to say. ...... You can find a lot more information on the web at .............

...... Well, the way I read his emotions right now is ............'I don't like it.... But if you're looking forward to it, I can't complain. ...... But I don't like it.

'Ginette. Are you unhappy?
'Huh?No, no, that ......!

In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at the most effective way to get the most out of your home.

'...... Yes. A little.'

That's surprising.
If it's this guy, then let's all go see the statue when it's installed. I'll make lunch for you.' I thought he might say something like that.

'You shouldn't have this kind of feeling ...... if it's true, but ............'.

He glanced at me with his big eyes, and then quickly ran away.

'If you want to put up a statue of ......Yashiro-san, I'd like to ......our ......this sunlit pavilion. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results,.......

It's a monopoly,......?
Well, I'm not going to let you put it anywhere!

'...... Magda is also against it. Yashiro is the property of the 42nd district.

Who owns it, man?

'Yes, that it does!I feel the same way, that I do.

Don't sympathize.

'............ Yes, you do. I'm jealous, but I understand a little.'

You too, Jeannette.

'I'm with Magda!

You're not coming in. Go draw blueprints.

'Yeah, yeah. You've become a man trusted by the people, haven't you?

Estella grabs me by the shoulders with a proud look on her face. She pats me on the shoulder.

'Do you remember what I said before?
''I wish I was just a couple of centimeters bigger.''
'I never said that!
'Then let's see your Conversation Record.
'I'm not saying that .................. has never happened, but...' ......... But that's not it!I'm talking about what I said to you.
''.................. handsome(doki)''.
It's not!No way!I can assure you!Come on, someone give me the 'judgment of the spirits'!

You don't have to deny it with so much force.
You should at least take a cute attitude like 'I may have said it before, but ...... I'm too embarrassed to say it. I don't know.

I'm sure I've told you before to do good and earn the trust of the people in town.

Did he ever tell you that?

You did exactly what I told you. And just like I said, you now have a friend you can trust.
'Go ahead and say it, .......'
'As a lord, I'm proud to know that my advice has given you the opportunity to add color to your life.
'You have the lowest bust top of anyone I've ever seen.
'Why can't you just say one extra word to make me feel better?

That's because you only talk nonsense all the time.
Whoever did the good deed and gained the trust of ...... is just fooling everyone. If I wanted to, I could scam the entire population of the forty-two districts at once.
Gaining their trust and getting into their pockets is a common method of fraud.
You're all being infiltrated, all of you. If you're not careful, they'll take all your money, .......

Anyway. I don't like the idea of Yashiro being used as a recruiter, either. You see, Yashiro is the property of the Forty-two districts.
'So you, the lord who should be a public servant, are a public property, and you can flop all you want, right?
'What?Who's a public servant?That's right!

I'm not your property either.
Don't hide your little tits.

'So I've made it clear to Ricardo. I've told Ricardo in no uncertain terms that we own the rights to Yashiro's image, so if he wants to use the name, he'll have to pay me a monthly fee.
'Is Ricardo going to come to me every month on his knees and say, 'Thank you for letting me use your name, Mr. Obayashi?
'I don't think they're going to adopt Yashiro Avenue because they said they're going to use all their power to crush it.

You don't like it that much, coming down on your knees to me every month? You're a petty lord.
But I'm impressed with your ability to get Ricardo to oppose it. If you say so, Ricardo will definitely crush you. ...... Yes. Estella has improved her skills.

'But instead, she's given me a difficult task: ......'
'Think of an alternative name', huh?

The other of the two finalists was Ricardo's idea. ...... It's a race to the finish, isn't it? It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing.

'....... I'm not going to ask too much, but what is the name that Ricardo came up with?
...... 'Jokigai Street'.

I don't know why.
My stomach started to hurt the moment I heard it. This is the stress ......
The origin of the word is too straightforward, why abbreviate it in the first place ......, and the bad sense of the word ...... is ...... 'jokigai'.

'Well, ...... wasn't there a law that said you could hit a lord with a slightly larger rock?
'I'm really sorry to tell you this, but no. Some lords are good.'

Estella shrugged her shoulders as if to imply that she was one of them.

Well, that's all well and good, but in order to get Yashiro Avenue to give up, you have to convince Jokigai (it's a pain in the ass to write in kanji) Street that you're stuck with .............

'Then how about you come up with some other idea and get it adopted, Yashiro-san?
'You know, the name of a gynet ...... street is not something that just pops up when you're asked to think of one.
'I've just been asked to name a street casually!

Don't get caught up in the past!Little man.

'But I'm not sure if the civic group will accept a proposal from us from another district.
'But if you all have positive feelings toward Mr. Yashiro, I'm sure he'll listen to you.
'You're being naive, Jeannette.

I'm not talking about positive feelings.

'Most of the time, the opinions of those who collude with you have already been decided.

A stubborn will that won't budge even if you change the mind of one of them.
No matter how many discussions you set up, they will always end up in the same place. No matter how much we try to discuss it, it always ends in a dead end. This is often the case.

'They can't accept that their opinion is rejected.

If they were willing to accept compromise, they wouldn't have pushed for the stupid name "Yashiro Avenue" in the first place.
...... d*mn, that's going to use up a lot of calories.

'...... Oh, by the way, where's Loretta?

I looked around the store for Loretta, but she was not here.

'Maybe you're not feeling well yet?
'No, sir. She's all better now. She's helping out at the church now.
'The church?
'Yes. Teresa often comes to visit us these days, but unfortunately the weather is so rainy that we can't use the playground equipment. ......'
'......That's why the sisters asked me to do it this morning when I donated. She asked me to be a playmate ...... for the children and a target to relieve their stress.
It was a formal request, of course, if I didn't rephrase it.

Of course, I was summoned as a playmate.
You won't get beaten up by an octopus,......, though it will be a similar situation. Jostling.

'Actually, I heard that Teresa's eyes are much better now.
'Is that so?'
'Yes. Thanks to Regina-san's medicine and Yashiro-san's thoughtful menu.''

That means that your cooking is also a part of it, but why don't you just leave out your own achievements?

'I see. That's good. It looks like you're really going to get better.
'I told you I'm going to get better.'
'I don't doubt it. But I still do. ...... Hmm, I'm glad to hear such news.
'...... So, Loretta felt sympathy in the part that she also collapsed due to malnutrition, and said that she wanted to take care of Teresa nearby.'
'I see. It's just like Loretta. ...... Yeah, it's like she's started to think about eating properly.''
'Oh. She'll probably never go on another easy diet again.

I was sure of that as I watched Loretta watching over Teresa.
She's the kind of person who knows what's important.

As we were talking about this, the door of the Sunlit Pavilion was thrown open.
The sound of wind and rain drifted into the restaurant.

'Oh. Speak of the devil, huh?

Estella's expression hardened as she turned and looked at the entrance.

Speaking of rumors,......, that's exactly what happened, but the rumor was one step ahead.

I've been told that Mr. Obayashi is here.

Nearly twenty women entered the sunlit pavilion.
They wore very thick, self-styled makeup, unkempt hairstyles, and flashy colored costumes that made my eyes flicker.

These guys--

'We are from the 'Association for New Street Names'.

--That's what they said.

...... What the hell are they doing here? Seriously, ............