367-Additive-free Episode 22 Learning, Teaching

While Barbara was participating in the study session at the church, another study session was being held in the 42nd district.

'After a few times, the students are gradually changing.

Norma, the instructor of the study group, said happily.
After the study session in the morning, she came to the Sun-dari-tei for a cup of tea.

'I've been eating only my own food lately, so I wanted to try the manager's cooking once in a while,' she said.
'If you have room in your stomach, I can make something for you.

Ginette said happily.
It had stopped raining for the first time in a long time, and there were many customers today. People who had refrained from going out because of the rain are coming to eat at the restaurant for the first time in a long time.
So, Ginette has been happily cooking all morning.
Even so, she seems to be extraordinarily happy when her good friend Norma says such a thing, and she is clearly showing a joyful expression as if she is about to start dancing.

'I want to eat something greasy and unhealthy,' she said.
'Is it a reaction to making only healthy food?Mm-hmm. I can understand that feeling a little bit.

She shakes her shoulders like she's enjoying something naughty.
Norma, too, seems to be loosening up somewhat, her smile softer than usual.

'But wouldn't it bother you if your students saw you?As an instructor at a weight-loss class.

As Loretta said, Norma is currently teaching a healthy eating diet class in the 42nd district. Of course, this was at the request of Estella.
The plan is to make some achievements in District 42 before the completion of "Lovely Yan Avenue" in District 41, and to use that as a base to export to District 41.

The students of the weight-loss class are young women who have been forcibly dieting in District 42 and their wives who have been too busy with work to take time for fashion. The students are young women who have been dieting too much in Ward 42 and wives who have been too busy with work to take time to dress up.

Currently, three classes are being held in the 42nd Ward: Delia's "Shape-up Class for Great Proportions," Imelda's "Make-up Class Taught by a Real Lady," and Norma's "Healthy Eating Diet Class for Beautiful Weight Loss.

In a little while, they will also try out Ukrines' "Fashion Class to Wear a Higher Rank of Fashion", Estella's "Lady's Manners Class to Improve the Beauty of Your Heart", and Natalia's "Self-Defense Class to Fight Off Molesters Beautifully". ...... We're a busy bunch, so it's hard to hold regular classes.

The heavy rains of the past few days have had a positive effect, allowing Delia and Imelda to have time to teach. Norma's occupation is not affected by the rain, but her colleagues (macho men with maiden's hearts) have asked her to 'do something for the maidens of District 42!We'll come too! We'll be there!

'It's all right. We don't teach half-hearted cooking that can be ruined by one or two indiscretions.

It is said that meals should be taken as a set of two days, and if for some reason you binge eat, you can reset the binge by eating the next day.

'My teaching is to eat happily,' he said. You can't have a healthy diet if you don't stick to it.
'That's right. I also think that the best way to eat is to have fun.

Experienced foodies and food professionals don't think eating is a sin, and they don't want to make their eating partners feel guilty either.
When you're on a diet, it's easy to think of eating as a sin.
Unless you binge eat, eating is not a sin.
If you have eaten, then you should move.
That's much better than not eating. Health-wise and beauty-wise.

'So, manager!I want you to bring me a chunk of meat that's been smeared with oil and garlic.
'But I think there are limits to ...... what you can do, Norma.

The health food class is just that, a class, and there are always beginners in the mix.
In the event that you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
This is the first obstacle that torments those who serve as instructors.

Once you have made a salad for beginners, you want to move up to healthy meat and vegetable dishes, fashionable low-calorie dishes using fish, and calorie-free desserts that don't make you feel guilty. I think I'm just making salads all the time. Norma's eyes are hungry for meat. It's full of calories, but it's not full of calories. She could even eat the whole fatty meat.

'So, I'll bring you some beefsteak with lots of garlic.
'And some bread, please.

Norma is happy.
I thought you said you came here to drink tea. ...... You treat beefsteak as tea?
That's a stronger idea than 'curry is a drink'.

'It's only noon, but ...... Norma, I won't be seeing any more men later today.

Loretta pointed out, picking her nose.

'Don't be rude, Loretta!It's none of your business!
'...... Yes. Don't worry about it. There's no man Norma should be seeing anyway.'
'Magda is even more rude than you are!

Norma banged on the desk, having been certified as a stinky woman even though she hadn't eaten yet. 'Don't hit things.

'It's my reward for all the hard work I've done these past few days. It's not today!
'...... Magda doesn't understand why you can't reward yourself with something sweet as a ...... girl.'
'It's a shame, Norma. As a girl.
I'm not a fan.My body craves meat.
'In an erotic way, yes!
'How did you get in here, you obscene pharmacist?

Regina, who had somehow wandered into the sunlit pavilion, was standing behind Norma with a satisfied look on her face, as if to say 'I told you so'.
She then takes a seat diagonally behind Norma's table. ...... You should sit at the same table. It's a pain in the ass.

'Oh, Normally, can I order?I'll have one 'Okonomiyaki with an embarrassing story about my eldest daughter that I'll never tell my younger siblings.
'I won't serve it!I'll take that story with me to my grave!

When Loretta went back to the kitchen, Regina plopped down on the desk with a 'groan'.

'Hey, you heard that ......'.

She wants to complain.
Because she was seated diagonally backwards, Norma had to pull her chair back and turn her body backwards. ...... Ah, I got up and sat across from Regina. I'm sure she'll be fine. You don't say, 'Then you sit over here.

'The monkey's sister, the intelligent little girl ......, is there an 'intelligent little girl'?
'Why did you rephrase that?You didn't need 'hahaha'.'
'I was speaking for my own mind.
'I didn't speak for you, and I don't need you to do anything else, just keep talking.

Who's going to huff and puff to an intelligent little girl? ............ Javier would, though.

'My eyes are getting better, I can recognize the silhouette of objects vaguely now.
'Huh. That Teresa girl, she can finally see?I'm glad to hear that.
'The manager has been treating you to nutritious food all morning and all night, hasn't he?
'No, I'm just making what Mr. Yashiro asked me to make. If it's thanks to you, it's Mr. Yashiro.

Ginette, who came back at the right time, smoothly joined the conversation and placed the beefsteak with lots of garlic in front of Norma. Next to her was a loaf of crispy bread.

'You've got so much ...... energy, Fox, how much hustle ...... you're going to have tonight?
'Regina. I've got a loaf of bread in my hand that's as hard as a blunt object, you know?

Norma holds up her weapon and threatens to 'shut up'.
That black bread is more in demand as a weapon than anything else, isn't it?

'...... Regina, wait for me.'
'What, did the tiger girl bake it for you?
'...... Flour is Magda's sanctuary. However, Loretta will accompany you with the 'embarrassing story of the eldest daughter that you can never tell your younger siblings'.'
'I said I won't add it!You can't change this decision!
'Well, well, Loretta. Here, I'll give you a bite, so you can relax.'
'Hey, can I?I'm sure you've got a lot of girl power, Norma.

I'm sure you've got some girl power!
The beefsteak is loaded with garlic.

'...... Now you're taking Loretta with you.
'What?I've been conned!I'm supposed to be serving customers this afternoon, too!

I'm a simpleton.

'Look, Yashiro. You're going with me. Isn't it a pity that Loretta is the only one who has to be embarrassed?
'Yes, that's right!You'll have to take my brother with you!

With Loretta's support, Norma presents the meat stuck in the fork with a triumphant look.
The left hand under the fork is strangely s*xy. Norma's 'ahhhh' has an inexplicable s*xiness to it. I wonder what it is that gives it such a strange luster.
I'm not sure what to make of it. ...... You've never even had a boyfriend.

I'm not sure what to say. I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm sure you'll agree.
Hmm, erotic.
I don't care what garlic smells like. Then this is a reward with no downside. If she had been holding the fork in her cleavage instead of her right hand, it would have been perfect. ...... But no need to be extravagant!I'll take it!

I opened my mouth and tried to approach him.

If the other person's mouth smelled like garlic, you wouldn't have to worry about it when you kissed him.

Regina said this, and the beefsteak that had been offered to her disappeared in an instant. In Norma's mouth.
It was chewed quickly and vigorously, and then swallowed in a hurry.

You're a fool!
'You're a schemer, fox. ......'
'You should be able to smell garlic all over your face, not in your mouth!

' Norma barked with a bright red face, trying to rub a piece of garlic in Regina's face. Ginette intervenes and does her best to quiet him down.
...... Where's my 'uh-oh'?I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one standing here with my mouth open.

'So, so. Regina-san seemed to be tired, did something happen to you?''
'Oh no!I forgot. It's ............ depressing.'

Regina suddenly starts to feel depressed when she remembers.
You're acting, aren't you? If not, she's probably very emotionally unstable or ............ emotionally unstable, I'm sure.

I'm sure you've been to church to see a little girl, right?
'I thought you were an intelligent little girl'.

Don't leave out the perverted part.

'So, after the examination, the sisters asked ......, "Can you teach the children about medicine?" ...... Ah, "Boy~n, can you teach the children about medicine?"'
'Why did you rephrase that!Sisters don't say or do such things!

I wonder.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

He took the job.
I'm sure that Regina, being shy as she is, is very uncomfortable being the center of attention.

But it's good to spread the knowledge of medicine, and I'm sure Regina wants to do that.
I guess that's why she took the job, even if she had to.

'That's why I told her, "Next time, ask the boob demon god of the sunny pavilion.
'What kind of selfish thing are you saying to me?
''Puru~n, next time ask the titty demon god of the sunny pavilion.''
'I can't accept your request unless you make that 'purr~n' in front of me!
'You'll accept the job if you make a 'purr~n'. ......'
'Big brother, I'm sorry ......'
'......I can't help it, it's Yashiro.'
'Oh, please ...... repent.'

Oh, well, you can say what you want.
It's definitely Regina's fault.

'But it's nice to learn something you didn't know before, isn't it?
'You love to learn new dishes, don't you?
'Mm-hmm. I guess so.

He muttered briefly and said this with a hint of embarrassment.

'I'd like to learn it too, you know.

In a voice that could almost be heard as begging.
I want to learn how to cook. ......

I'm sure there are not many people who can teach you how to cook.
'It's not cooking,......, Yashiro. I also have interests other than cooking.

I thought you were a creature that was only interested in cooking and pretty things.

'I also enjoyed Millie's dried flowers.

Come to think of it, I remember that Millie taught me how to make dried flowers before. Along with potpourri.
Since then, potpourri is always displayed in the bathroom of the sunny pavilion.

'If I could, I would like to learn how to sew from Ms. Ukrines, and I'm also a little bit interested in Natalia's self-defense techniques.

I think Ginette's sewing skills are good enough to be accepted as a professional. ...... Oh, and don't try self-defense. You'll never be able to do it.
You'll never be able to use it properly because you'll be saying, 'If I use self-defense, it might hurt my opponent more.

'And I'm also interested in ............ fashion,......, to a certain extent.

...... Why are you reporting this to me. I don't think you're not interested,......, but don't look at me so much. I don't know how to react to that.

I guess. The manager with makeup is a little bit surprisingly beautiful.
'...... The gap between you and your normal self is very appealing.'
'No, you're exaggerating. I'm a ......, Yashiro-san?

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before. ...... The make-up of Jeannette always makes me nervous.
I'm sure you've heard of the 'Festival of Light' that involved the church in building the streets, or the completion party for the 42nd district branch of the Woodcutter's Guild,............ um, it's definitely dangerous.

'You might want to learn some self-defense techniques to prevent the insolent from doing anything untoward.
'What's with you, self. Do you really want to get hurt so badly?You're still a dominatrix, aren't you?

Why are you assuming that I'm the one who's going to get hit?
And don't put 'as usual' in front of 'dominant'.

'Then, I will teach you the art of self-defense.

Suddenly I heard Natalia's voice from behind me and my heart skipped a beat. My heart skipped a beat.
...... Regina, you and you, don't enter the store without a sign.

'Are you interested, Mr. Manager?
Yes, I am. I'm not sure if I can do it.

Natalia ignores the fact that she is probably here for something else and starts to teach Jeannette some self-defense techniques. There are other customers here, so don't get rowdy.

No, well... Don't worry about the other guests, they're just the Trubecks and the old lumberjacks.

'First, let me show you an example. Master Yashiro. I'm afraid I'm going to have to choose you based on your face, but would you mind playing the role of a pervert?'
'There's a lot more to be afraid of, isn't there, in your case?

Who's the pervert face?
I'll go all out and grab her tits for real!

'Give me a hug or touch me somewhere furtively. It doesn't matter where, sir. Well, I guess it's your boobs.
'...... If you're making assumptions like that, you're going to get the wrong end of the stick.
'......Big brother. I don't know if you've noticed, but you're staring at my tits.
'......You're glued to me.
'It's true what they say, eyes are as good as mouths.
'I'm just following my instincts. ...... I'm pathetic.

You idiot!
He himself said it's okay to touch him!
If that's the case, it's biologically normal to target the part you want to touch the most!

'However, I'm not sure I want to touch Natalia's breasts.
'No, no. I'm almost certain that I can't touch them, so feel free to do so.'
'It's a matter of feeling. You can't go around desperately trying to touch Natalia's breasts, can you?So, Norma, can you take over for me?
'...... Yashiro made a gentlemanly remark: ......'
'It's been a long time since it's rained, but it's going to rain hard again, isn't it?
'Magda-san and Loretta-san are both terrible. Yashiro-san is the one who does not do such a thing despite what he says.
'What the hell, me. You're such a badass. I was going to get naked and rub the head waiter's face while he was hiding his embarrassment.
'...... As expected, even Yashiro would not go that far.
I'm not going to hide my face at all, so there's no chance of that happening.
'Hide it, that's for sure!As a girl!

There was a lot of noise, and Norma stood up to accept my request.
I sidestepped to make room for her.
I take a big step backwards, next to ...... Natalia.

I'm sure even Natalia won't be able to stop you if I'm your opponent. I'm confident in my speed.
'No. I'm sure you'll be fine, so please give it your all.

Norma and Natalia face each other with a distance of about one meter.
The guys from Trubek's store quickly move the table to make room.

Earlier, Norma had admitted that Natalia was stronger than she was.
But at the same time, she had also said that this was not the case when there were rules that dictated the place, time, and timing of the start.

Now, this is the situation where the power of Norma and Natalia will be in competition.
If so, Natalia must focus all of her energy on Norma or she will fall behind.
That is why there will be an opening.
A blind spot.

This position, diagonally behind you.
Out of sight and close enough to you that she could grab you by the eagle eye!

Seeing that Natalia's nerves are completely focused on Norma, she suddenly kicks the floor with all her might and starts running. She takes a step forward at full speed and thrusts her right arm, which is focused on Natalia's right breast.

'Tits, I got 'em!

Just before his fingertips touched the bulge wrapped in the maid's uniform, the world flipped.

'Like this. If you are attacked from behind, you can capture your opponent by bending his joints to your side and twisting his wrists up.

Natalia's voice could be heard from behind her.
Before I knew it, my arm was taken, my joints were locked, I was spun around and caught in the back, and I was completely and utterly seized.

'...... Big brother, I was just ...... 'desperately trying to touch Natalia's breasts.'
'...... surprise attack. But it failed. Most embarrassing ending.'
'Yashiro-san ......, please repent.'

I was seized and knocked down, with a reproachful look in my eyes.
No, don't look!
Don't expose the end of a man who was supposed to be a hero for touching tits to curious eyes!

'I will teach you the forty-eight self-defense techniques to protect your boobs, including the technique you just used.
'That ...... why do you have so many breasts? There are more normal ones .......'
'What are you talking about? I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.If you just focus on protecting them, you can prevent a lot of damage.

Ginette's eyes glanced at me for a moment.

'............, please.'

I've been identified as a pervert!
'...... Who's that, dude?

'What are you doing here, Natalia?

The door opened and a familiar face and voice walked into the sunlit pavilion.

Estella exhaled in disgust when she saw me being tightly jointed and Natalia happily seizing me.

'Are you learning a self-defense course?

Estella, who seems to have figured everything out by looking at the situation, looks into my face and lifts the corner of her mouth in a grin.

'That's great casting. You might be a genius at acting, Yashiro, to be able to be this much of a pervert.

Shut up. I didn't do anything. Not even makeup, not even acting.

That's right. I had to talk to the manager today.

Natalia looked at Estella and finally remembered her original purpose.
She lets go of my arm and hands Ginette a piece of paper with something on it.

...... I'm finally free.
d*mn. My shoulder hurts.

'I'm glad you got to experience this.

Estella says with a clear smile on her face.
What experience?

'If you're going to experience it, you might as well do it.
'No, no, no. It's a valuable experience to know what you'll be subjected to if you misbehave in this town. If it's sunk in, you'd better control your insolence. Next time it won't be an experience.

You say that like it's fun.
There's nothing fun about being arrested.

'Are you learning self-defense from Natalia?
'Yes, in one way or another. I'm still a nobleman.'
'I see.

Anticipating that she would be able to avoid me, I took a step forward and thrust my right arm out to Estella's chest.
It's a reminder that if you're amused by other people's misfortune, it will come back to haunt you.
You should be embarrassed to have your tits targeted.
You can hold my arm and spit out a sarcastic remark like, 'Don't you have the ability to learn? Or something like that.

--The right arm I'd thrust out wouldn't budge.
Come on. If you don't hurry, I'm gonna touch you for real.

They say when people die, the world seems to move in slow motion.
That's exactly what's happening right now, and I'm watching my right hand slowly approaching Estella's left breast in a frame-by-frame motion.
I couldn't move my body, but my consciousness was strangely clear and I was thinking about various things.

As I moved my gaze, I saw Estella's eyes widen in surprise.
Her arms have sprung up and are at the sides of her face. I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. ...... What's up with the self-defense, dude?
And notice. And then you realize: "This guy can't stop my arm.
And you know exactly what this slow-motion world means.

Oh, I'm gonna die after this.

Just a moment before my outstretched arm touches Estella's chest, my arm is grabbed tightly.
It was Norma's hand that stopped my arm.

The next moment the world regains its sound.
Time begins to flow normally.

'What are you doing, Yashiro?

When I looked again, I saw that my hand was close to Estella's chest, almost at the threshold.

'What's the danger?
'You're the one in danger!

No, no, no, no!

'What's wrong with your self-defense technique, Estella?
'No, no, no, there's no way I can handle that on such short notice!
'Idiot, you!I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll do fine.
'Normally, I'd be more cautious!But I just want to relax in the sunlit pavilion and in my room!I'm relaxing!
'You need to be tense!If you had normal breasts, I'd be close enough to touch you for sure!
'I don't need to be lectured by you!............ Who has less than normal tits?

The accident did not happen because Estella was the flattest girl in All Bloom.
But isn't this a bit of an incident?
If I really was a pervert, Estella's tits would have been played with by a pervert. Big deal.

'Natalia is Natalia. You'd better teach her how to do that, beforehand!
'Of course, I have the basics of self-defense drilled into my body .......'

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, please do not hesitate to contact us.
'I see. I guess I can't help it then. ......'
'Hey, guys, don't make me make a comment now!I'm going to get my hands all over you!

Estella calms down a bit, and now she's starting to get really embarrassed. Her face is bright red.

...... If you touch this, the knives will come flying, I promise.

'Norma, thank God. I didn't expect Estella to abandon her self-defense techniques to protect her boobs and allocate her parameters to other things.
'I didn't throw it away!That was just a little carelessness!Next time I'll use my weapon properly!

I wonder if 'properly' is the right word for using a weapon.
In Japan, you're the criminal.

'Don't be careless, Yashiro, even if you're supposed to be stopped.
'Oh, I'm sorry.

Norma scolded me lightly and I apologized honestly.
I'm sure the usual 'please repent' will come after this anyway.

'Yashiro-san: ......'

Here it comes.

'...... Please wear this.'

He gave me a poncho-like robe with some gorgeous embroidery on it.

'It's a holy vestments to purge sins.
'That's so much!

This robe was given to me when I was caught smuggling bread without knowing it.
I don't think I've done anything that sinful. ......

I'm not sure I've done anything that sinful.

You're very angry.

'Don't be so angry. It was an attempt.'
'I am angry. Estella is a very dear friend of mine!
'You seem to be more angry than you are, Jeannette.'
'Of course!She doesn't care about me!
'What, you don't care?
'Please repent!

What, you're no good after all.

'Oh my God!I'm angry!I won't forgive you for a little thing!
'I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
'.................. If you're that sorry...'
'Manager, you're too lenient!
'It's definitely just talk, that's all!
'...... The manager is a bit of a worrying natural.'

Norma, Loretta and Magda don't approve of my remorse.
I'm so sorry for what I've done!At least this much!

'Mr. Manager, how about this?

He raised his hand and pointed to the paper he had given to Jeannette.

'How about we forgive your sins in exchange for your cooperation on the case?
'Oh, that's right!Yashiro-san knows a good way to do that, so let's ask him.
'No, I'm not asking you to do that, I'm forcing you to do it by flirting with atonement. ............ No, you can't do that kind of bargaining with the manager, can you? It's just too much to ask.

It seems like he's trying to force me into some kind of trouble.
What are you trying to make me do?
'You know a good way to do it,' you mean you want to rely on something I've done before--my technology?

'I think I told you before, but the Church has sent us another message.

Natalia handed me a piece of paper she had brought with her.
I skimmed through it and saw that it contained a story I had heard before.
It's a story I've heard before and kicked.

It says,

The church's bread is not selling well these days, so if you can make better bread, offer your skills for free.

If you can make better bread, please offer your skills for free." This is a joke.
...... You want me to do this?You want me to help you?

'Natalia says that bread sales have dropped drastically over the past year,' he said.
'That's because of a lack of corporate effort. The Church won't compensate us for the loss of sales at the Sunken Pavilion. The reverse is also true.
'However, if the Church's income is reduced, that means that the expenses used in various places will be reduced, so there will be many people who will be ...... troubled.'
'The only people who will be in trouble are those in the church, right?It has nothing to do with me in the first place.
'No, sir. You can't say that, Master Yashiro.

Natalia interrupts the conversation with Jeannette.
No, it's more appropriate to say she's cutting in.

'Most of the extreme drop in sales is in the outer districts - mainly the districts between 42 and 35.
'The outer wards didn't eat much bread in the first place, did they?It's expensive.

It's not only bad, it's expensive.
It's the food that poor people avoid the most.
Poor people buy what's cheap and what they can stomach first.

'Still, if there is nothing else to eat, bread is bought. The fact that it is no longer being bought means that ......'

I'm sure you've got a replacement.

Natalia nodded at Norma's answer.
Then she pointed at me.

'The tacos, okonomiyaki and pasta that Yashiro-sama brought in threatened the staple food that bread had dominated until now.
'...... Nowadays, more and more people consider rice as a staple food.
'It's true that I don't eat bread anymore. There are so many other delicious foods.
'The forty-second to thirty-fifth wards are the area where Yashiro and the others spread the taste of the sunny pavilion in a parade.
'Then it's your own fault.'
'Wait, wait, wait, wait!It's not my fault!

It's not like I'm a bad listener or anything.
If I don't deny it properly, I might be held responsible for the accusation.

'Master Yashiro. I'd like to ask for your cooperation in exchange for Estella-sama's tits!
'No, I didn't touch them!
'A few centimeters from the ribs - you've violated the boob territory, haven't you!That's the territory where boobs are supposed to be!
'There were no tits in that territory where tits should be!
'It's an unfortunate accident.
'Whose breasts are unfortunate?And Yashiro, shut up!

Estella, who was alone and stunned by the fever, came back and joined the fight.
Yea, troublesome.

'The church is also taking this situation very seriously. They've sent a letter to the lords of the outer districts.
'Then the lord should think of a solution.
''If the Church's income is reduced, the cost for places like the 24th District Church can be controlled, you know?What will you do if there are children you can't protect?''
'No, I don't care about that, do I?
'You also want to get rid of children like Teresa, don't you?

Why should I feel that way? ............ I don't like kids, and Teresa was just a fluke... .........

'You have the look of someone who is looking for a reason to do a good deed.
'What kind of face is that?This is the face I make when I'm thinking about my boob territory!
'Oh, I see. Well then, as your lord, I give you an order. Cooperate with me.
'No!I owe you a debt that needs to be repaid, but I don't owe you anything that needs to be repaid.
'...... Then I command you as a victim of attempted molestation. Cooperate.
'............, that's not fair, is it?

What's with the 'I'll sue you' look?
Can you stop calling me a pervert?It's too graphic.

'Yashiro-san ......'.

I'm not sure if that's a threat or not. ......

.................. Oh, my God. Why should I ...... be in this situation where I can't even sell a favor ..................? I'm sorry.

'...... Oh, God. Yes, yes, I know. ......'

Just as I was about to bow my knee to the absurdity of the world and its arrogant power, Barbara came running into the sunlit pavilion.
With a very serious expression.

For a moment, I exchanged glances with Regina.
I was wondering if something had happened to Teresa,.......

'Let me be cool in front of my sister!Please!

.................. What are you talking about, you stupid sister?

However, no one thought at the time that this problem Barbara brought up would later become the catalyst for solving the Church's problems. Of course, neither did I.