172-Epilogue April 7

When was the last time you stopped celebrating your birthday?

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In the early morning, people gathered at the sunny pavilion one after another.

'Yashiro!I heard it's your birthday today!Why didn't you tell me earlier?I've prepared a present for tomorrow, but there's nothing for today!

Estella comes at me with a knife in her hand.

'I'm sorry I forgot to tell you, but don't try to stab me for this!
'What?I don't like it. I couldn't prepare anything, so I just wanted to offer you my eighth favorite knife from my collection.
'I guess the first through seventh are the ones you just can't let go of.
'...... Well, well, ...... but if you must, ......'.
'I don't want the eighth one either. Make sure you display it carefully.'
'No, no, no. I'll come to see it often, and I can enter Yashiro's room without the owner's permission.'
'Don't go in there!
'Master Yashiro. I have my favorite knife at .......'
'You're a knife too, Natalia!
'And I'm trespassing by shooting at Yashiro-sama when he's in his room: ......'
'You're scaring me!

I really wonder if the 42nd district is safe, leaving it in the hands of such a lord and his attendants. ......

After that, familiar faces came one after another, trying to force a delicate gift on me.

'Yashiro!I caught about a year's worth of salmon first thing in the morning because it was so urgent!'
'Delia, I appreciate the sentiment, but please don't eat raw food. I can't eat that much.'
'Yes, Yashiro!It's a newborn, a male!
'Living things are even worse!
'Then I'll give you Dusty's brother, Dusty.
'It's neither alive nor a living thing, but I really don't want it!
'Oh, ladybug, ...... Mirii, I made some pressed flowers out of forest flowers, ...... can I have them?
'Oh, Millie!You're so cute, Miri!I'm so glad that there's a Miri in the forty-second ward!
'Mmm!Yashiro, you're cute too!
'I'm pretty too!Look, today's tosaka is a little pinker than usual, you know?
'I look like this ...... but I'm cute when I take off my ............ clothes.'

Oh my god, the characters are so dense. ......

'Yashiro. Take a look at this. I made a great screw yesterday. I'll give you this.'
'Hey, Norma ......, I don't think Yashiro will be happy to receive something like that. Even my Piyoko (male) wouldn't appreciate it. ......'
'Oh, wow!That's amazing!The pitch of the screw threads is perfect!I'm amazed that we can see such elaborate screws in this world!
I'm not sure why you're so excited!Hey, Yashiro!Why?Take a good look at my crest again.Aren't they cute?

Neffery won't understand the precision of this screw. ...... Ah, I really like this kind of thing because of my father's influence, don't you?

'Hey!I heard that!I heard it's your birthday today!You should have told me earlier, seriously!
'Hey Magda!How far have you been?
'...... I've covered forty-one and forty districts.'
'You're trying too hard, .......'

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this today, but I'm going to be able to. I don't know why he misses me so much,......

'HEY, ladybug!
Happy birthday, DA-ZE!Happy birthday, dah-ze!
''Oh, you guys are here too...... uh, ...... Tic and B?''
''HAHAHA! Who's a nipple?'' ''Joke's on me!

The anteater brothers, Neck and Chick, came over with a lot of sugar.

'Oh, with this much sugar, we may not need any more for a while. So, what did Percy give you?'
'Oh!Isn't this order terrible?It feels contrived, doesn't it, me?

Well, I guess you're getting sugar, as usual.
Our stock of sugar is going through the roof, you know?I'll sell it to the black market, you bastard.

'Yashiro!Cantaluchka and Lemon brought you some cake!
'Oh!Thank you!
'Oh, no!Please don't make it my birthday all of a sudden!
'It's not like it's suddenly my birthday today. ......'

Paula smiles like a naughty child and grips my midriff.
d*mn, she's flapping her tail, isn't she cute?

'Oh, hey!Yashiro!I've brought you plenty of vegetables!
'Oh, Mom. Leave it there. Hey, Bertina!
Hey, that's too much, Yashiro!

I'm just kidding. You're annoying. I'll take care of you.

Happy birthday, Mr. Yashiro.
'Thank you.
'...... You've got a nice face.'

He said that, so I made a ...... funny face.

I'm not sure what to do.
'Sister!Hey, Yashiro!What did you do to the sisters?Are you okay?

It seems that Bertina likes my funny face.
I'm sure she'll be laughing for a while, so I'll leave it to Mormat.

'Yashiro-san!I'm here too!
'Oumalo. I want you to renovate the upstairs as a present. Make it bigger and add more rooms.'
'You're just being reckless!

I don't care if it's a three-story house.
No, look, I'll make a lot of things too. A workshop or something?

'Mr. Yashiro~!I've gotten even better since I carved the stone statue of Imelda, that I have!Look at this, a series of nostalgic hero statues!The Hero's s*xy Beam, that it is!
'Oi, someone please go bury that d*mned statue and its maker somewhere!
'I want you to wait, that I do!This statue has a crazy trick ...... at night!
'Don't go messing with my nipples without my permission!

Regina was taking notes at a very fast pace when she heard my comment, so I decided not to say anything more.
Anyway, let's get rid of Bekko!

'Yashiro-san!I'm here to celebrate with you!
'Oh, speak of the devil, s*xy Beam!
'Who's s*xy Beam?Well, you're s*xy, but...'

You have to admit it.

'So, Yashiro-san, for your present, would you prefer ...... 'Imelda's residence accommodation tickets (10 tickets)' or 'Date tickets with Imelda-sama (15 tickets)'?
'What, can that be resold?

Then I'll take the date tickets and sell them to the woodcutter.

'Theron and Wendy. No flirting for the rest of the day.''
''At least on your birthday, don't make me spit out my aura of darkness. ......''
''Yashiro-sama!I've come to visit you with my whole family!
'Oh!The Yap Lock family!You seem to have grown a lot. How old are you now?'

'I ...... am ashamed to say that I will be thirty-eight ...... this year.'
'Not you, Yap Lock!I asked Tot and Cheryl!

I don't know why I have to ask you how old you are!I'll ask you how big your breasts are anyway!I mean, if it's one or the other!

'Yashiro-san!I've brought the perfect birthday gift for you!Of course, I won't sell it to you, so don't worry. Hmm...'
'Oh!I'm here just in case!Look, it's me!I'm the one who captured Bonacon!Magda's not the only one who can kill a Bonacon!Ha-ha-ha!Don't be shy, eat up!Hey!
'Yashiro-chan!Why don't you wear this outfit to the party today?I'm really proud of it!
'Congratulations on the big sale!

Assunto, Ousse, Ukrines, a bunch of hamsters, a bunch of restaurant managers and clerks, and more people than could fit in the sunny pavilion came to congratulate us.

And that's how many people got to witness the ............ guy. ......

'Everyone, don't let that hexenbiest inside!Go!

But of course, no one went towards Medora, and I was captured without a second thought.

'Look at this, darling!This ribbon!
'Oh, it's ......, did you come all dressed up?'
'Hmmmm!No, it's not that... ............ The present is for you...'
'Sorry, can I get a cooling off?

My room is too small, I don't have anywhere to put it, it's a shame.

'Yashiro-kun~! I'm here too~'
'Oh, Masha...'
'Huh!What does a mermaid like you want with my darling?
'A birthday present for Yashiro-kun~' 'Yes~, a used scallop~'
'I want it!I want it so much!Rather, show me your scallops!
'Darling!I'll never let you get close to this frivolous woman who flirts with everyone as long as my eyes are black!

I'm not sure what to do.I'm not going to let you get away with it.
I'm going to muscle train!I'm going to muscle train!I decided today!I just decided!

'Oh, there's so many of you here!
'...... by Magda's popularity.'

What, that's not my popularity?

'Big brother, I, Magda, and the manager have a present for you!
'Mr. Manager!
'Bring it to me at .......'
'Yes, sir!

Medora reads the air and lets me down. Yeah, thanks. I'd appreciate it if you didn't tie me up again.

And then Ginette appears from the kitchen with something hidden behind her back.

'Oh, I see. The kind of person who comes in hiding something, falls down a step, and gets caught with the present before she can hand it over.
'No, I won't make such a mistake!
'Oh, Jeannette, there's a step there. Don't fall down.Don't fall down, okay?
'No, please don't!You're really going to fall!

Very carefully, Jeannette crosses the counter and comes to me.

'...... haha ............ I was scared.'

Then he straightens his back and stretches his chest.

'Thanks for the nice tits, guys!It's the best present ever!

'No, no, no!The present is over here!

Hiding her breasts, Ginette held out to me...

'Here ......'.

It was a black apron.
The apron was worn around the neck, covering the chest and below, with the name 'Oba Yashiro' embroidered on the chest.

'Oh, well, Mr. Yashiro was the only one who didn't have his own apron. ......'

That's because I didn't want to have one.
There was a shared apron, and since I was the only male, it was treated as if it was for me only, but when I asked Umaro and Bekko to help me in the store, they wore it too.
I thought it was enough to share.
They would be gone someday anyway.

'...... my own apron'.
'Can I have it, please?'

Ginette asked, her face happy and a little anxious. ......

'Jeannette. Then Magda ...... and ............ uh ......'
'It's Loretta!You're going to cry!
'I'm just kidding . Loretta.'

I call out all three of their names, look them firmly in the eyes, and make it clear.

'Thank you. I'm so happy.

The faces of the three of them light up and they start jumping up and down, holding hands with each other.

'Oh, um... Can you try it on for me?

Well, it's a gift.
I put the apron around my neck and tie the strings.

Then Ginette, Magda and Loretta line up in front of me, straightening their backs and adjusting their postures.

'Mr. Yashiro. Welcome to the Sunken Pavilion.
'I'd like to welcome our new employee!
'...... Listen to your seniors and be diligent every day.'

'...... These guys.

'Oh. Nice to meet you.'

When I said that, there was a round of applause.

I see.
You don't have to say anything anymore.

You know I'm not thinking of going anywhere else.
I'm going to stay at the sunny pavilion. ......

...... I'm so embarrassed. .................. d*mn, I'm so pissed off!

'All right, then, may I ask one favor from the person being celebrated?
'Yes. Please say it.
'I'll help you in any way I can.'

Very cooperative, Ginette and Estella.

'Okay, Estella, you stand here. And Ginette, this way.'

She stands Estella by the exit and leads Ginette to the far end of the dining room.

'Now, will you line up in the order I tell you to?

Then I have Magda, Milly, Loretta, Paula, Nephrite, Regina, Natalia, Bertina, Masha, Imelda, Norma, Delia and Ginette line up next to Estella in that order.
And then I'll leave the sunlit pavilion.

Oh, ............, they're lined up in order. From this angle, you can see all of their tits in full view. ............ It's a titty contest!

In my hometown, there's a thing called a 'high five', where you hold your palms up high and slap them in turn. ...... I'd like to try that with my boobs this time!
'Then everyone, raise your hands high~'
'Wait a minute, Estella!I'm suggesting a 'pie touch' instead of a 'high five'. ......!
'Come on, Yashiro, hurry up.
I think the only way to get a "pie touch" is with raw breasts. ......!
'Then, let's hit Yashiro one by one, starting from here.
'Wait!I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I've been kind enough to leave out the young Sheryl and her boyfriend Wendy. ......!
''Well, I'm off~!

In the end, as I stood in front of the door of the sunlit pavilion, the beautiful girls who came out of the store one after another lightly patted and stroked my head in the order of the size of their breasts, which turned into a mysterious ritual.
The last one, Jeannette, stroked my messy hair and adjusted it, which felt good.

'We were actually going to have a party tomorrow, so it seems that everyone didn't get their presents in time, but I think we were able to convey our ...... feelings without losing any of them.

Ginette asks, stroking my hair.

'...... Well, I got more than enough feelings from you.

I didn't get a 'pie touch', but ......

'I'm glad to hear that. Next time, let's have a party with better preparation.

And then, when Ginette said that, Loretta threw out a suggestion with a firm raise of her hand.

'Manager, I have a suggestion!
'What is it, Loretta?
'Let's have another party tomorrow!As planned, tomorrow my brother will come to the Sunken Pavilion and we'll have a party to celebrate our first anniversary!

'Two days in a row, sir?
'I like that.I'm all for it.'
'I agree with Miss Estella.
'I don't have any objections either.
'It would be a bit of a hassle to make it an annual event...'
'Oh, Miri, I want to celebrate, too!
'I'll bring more food from my store, let's do it, Yashiro!
'Yes, let's do it, everyone!I'll bring freshly squeezed poultry too!
'Oh, it's a salmon stream here!Okay, I'll bring it to you!
'So, we can eat a lot of delicious food tomorrow. ...... Mmmm, I'm so happy. ...... Juru'
'......Majority in favor'
'I'll do it!Big brother!

Finally, Ginette smiles and says.

'Don't you think that holding the party here will help our sales?

He threw a ...... pitch that he couldn't ............ make.

'All right, all right!I'm going to have a party today and tomorrow!
''''' Yay! '''''

When was the last time you stopped celebrating your birthday?

I still can't remember.


I'll never forget that it was on this day that I started celebrating my birthday again.