19-Episode 17 Close Words

'Bo...... Bonacon, what?

The representative of the hunting guild's face twitched as he placed the meat in the guild's reception room.

We had returned to the city after the hunt and came to the hunting guild on the same day.
I guess they didn't expect us to come back with more prey just yesterday.
The representative of the hunting guild was amusingly flustered.

'We have the proof.

To prove that this was indeed Bonacon meat, he had brought back a Bonacon horn.
He placed the heavy horn on the table.

'......This is ............ indeed, a Bonacon horn. ...... ......But, no. ......'

I'm sure you'll find a lot of people who'd like to have a look at it.
'...... I mean, come on, this is too much trouble.

'Hey. I haven't heard your name yet.

You can't keep calling me the head of the hunting guild.
After all, we'll have to buy meat from you frequently from now on.

'Can you tell me your name?
'Usse, Damare......'
'Hey!I'm here to discuss business!How dare you tell me to shut up!It's polite to at least say your name!
'So, it's Use Damare!
'That's my name!
'Use Damare?

'Use Damare, so you're Use from the Damare family. ............

'Pppp~!That's a weird name!
'Shut up!Shut up!
'Self-introduction, B!
'That was a serious request, shut up!

He's a complicated guy.
I'm not sure if it's the name that's embarrassing, or the fact that his cheeks are dyed slightly red, but it's not ...... cute at all. It's a good idea.

There's a 6 kilogram chunk of meat on the table.
After Magda took all the lunches we brought with us, we made a bonfire and ate the Bonacon meat.
...... It was really good.
The meat had a firm texture and the more you chewed, the more juicy it became.
Each of us gobbled up about a kilo.

It's a waste of expensive meat. ......

But it could not be helped.
It's impossible for an empty stomach to tolerate such fine meat .......
I'm sure even Hachiko, the loyal dog, would have ignored the "wait" command.
I'd rather be praised for leaving so much behind.

'Well, Mr. Damare.

I sit deep in my chair and cross my legs.
I put on an air of arrogance and start talking to Use, the representative of the hunting guild.

'How much do you want for it?

Use promised to buy it at the same price as the peddlers' guild.
This is the meat of choice for the finest restaurants in the central district. I'm sure they'll pay a good price for it.
Well, I can't deny that the quantity is a bit insufficient. ......

'............You're not going to get Bonacon from ......'

Instead of answering my question, Use is mumbling something.
What a lousy man.
No matter how reluctant he is, I'm not leaving here until he buys this.
No matter how it turns out, there's only one future we can reach. If you're a man, you should pay quickly and save yourself the time wasted.

You can't do that because you're a petty ...... pauper.
The feeling of 'I don't want to lose money' swirls in your heart and you can't get rid of it.
And there are many who do not know that this feeling is a dangerous feeling that will push them into the abyss.

'Did Magda really get him?

Here it comes.

'Didn't one of you catch it?If so, it's poaching. We can't buy something that dangerous!

I see. People without a permit can't hunt without permission. ...... Estella took the trouble to get a permit when she was fishing for sea fish. It must be the same for hunting.
But ......

'Who among us can kill a Bonacon?

Look at them.
They're all a bit on the short side.
Ginette and Estella are women, both of them slim. Estella is so flat it makes me sad. Estella is so flat it makes me sad. ...... That's not enough!

'You think you can beat Bonacon with such a slender body?
'......Yashiro. Can you please stop pointing at my breasts and calling me delicate?

Estella quietly releases an aura of anger.

He's a guy who cares about the little things. ...... In two ways.

'It's not the woman, it's your hand ......'.

Use stopped talking when he saw my hand.
My right hand has a bandage wrapped around it.

'Unfortunately, my hand is in this state because of the injuries I sustained in the hunting guild.
'Don't make it sound like it's our fault!You got injured on your own!
'I don't care if it was self-inflicted or an honorable injury. With my dominant hand like this, I can't hunt.''

It doesn't matter how much you claim 'we didn't do anything', if you can't prove it, you'll end up arguing about 'we did' or 'we didn't do'.
But it should be obvious that hunting is impossible with this group.
There's a wounded city girl, a diner owner with magnificent breasts, and Miss Poor Tits. Except for Magda, none of them could kill Bonacon. There's nothing more convincing than that.

'I can't buy this piece of shit!
'That's not right.

Estella, a.k.a. Miss Poor Tits, countered in a calm voice.

'I'm sure there's no clause that says fish or vegetables can't be cut up.And of course, the meat of animals.

I'm the kind of guy who catches sea fish. He's probably done business with the peddlers' guild.
Use held his tongue at Estella's confident attitude.

'That's true. We used to buy cut vegetables too. Carrot stems, worm-eaten greens...'
'Jeannette. You should keep your mouth shut. ...... makes me sad.''

Why are you buying all that stuff? ...... Before I created the guild, Ginette was already paying to collect the garbage.

'Mr. Damare'.

I'll call your name again.
This time, in a lowered, piercing voice.

'How much do you want for it?

Use glared at Magda.
It was a resentful stare, as if to say, 'Why can't you get what you want when you're at home, but you're making a difference elsewhere? The least that can be said is that Magda herself doesn't seem to care much about that look.

'Ma, Magda.

Use's face changes.
He seems to be trying desperately to smile while twitching, and a distorted smile appears on his face.

'You did it!I always believed you'd make it one day.'

Well, there you have it: ......

'I said those harsh things to inspire you. ...... Well, I'm glad!I'm so glad!You're now a member of the guild.
You're a member of the guild now.

I'll give Use a word of advice as if to dampen his enthusiasm.
He stammers for a moment, but Use quickly retorts.

'If you don't catch anything, you can't be considered a member. I'm just a member.
'So now that he's able to catch prey, he's a member of the hunting guild, both in name and reality. No, it's worth the effort I put into it.''
'So what is it?'

I look into Use's eyes as he speaks aloofly, and with a straight face, I ask plainly.

'Are you saying that you dared to make Magda catch her prey by saying something that would make her shun you?
'Yes, that's right!You know exactly what I mean!That's why he's one of us. Thank you for your cooperation. If you need anything else, I'll be happy to help you out. ......'

I stretched out my arm and pointed at Use.

'You want to be a frog?

Here's what Use has to say.
I wanted Magda to be inspired. That's why I took the attitude of pushing him away.
That's why I kicked her out, and that's why all the talk about signing an exclusive contract with the Sunshine Pavilion was a lie.

'We've already provided Magda with food and lodging. We can't afford to let it go away as 'it was actually an act'.
'No, no!That's why!I'll pay for your food and lodging!I've been planning to do that from the beginning!
'If you think that excuse will work, let's let the spirit gods decide right here. If you don't lie about your words and actions, you'll still be human.

Aren't the people of this city being too careless?
Like Mormat and this wuss, they're digging their own graves.
I don't understand how they can be aware of the existence of the Judgment of the Spirits and make such a simple statement that would be a lie.
If they want to, it will be the end of your life.

Or they can use it as a bargaining chip to push you into impossible situations.
It's nonsense to create such weaknesses for yourself.
They are so stupid. ............?

And that's when I saw it.
I saw Use pull out the knife on his hip and step over the table towards me.
Use raised his arm ...... and the arm holding the knife swung down and stabbed me ......

'That's enough!

Just before ......, Estella put a knife to Use's neck.

Use stops moving.
The knife in Use's grip stopped about five centimeters away from my eyebrows.

'Even if you kill Yashiro, I'll make you a frog. I'm also a member of the Sunlit Pavilion, you know. I'm part of the contract.

The Judgment of the Spirits is an accusation made by a party ...... who has been lied to.
So even if you're a good-natured Ginette and you're standing by to watch her get cheated, you don't have the right to use the Judgment of the Spirits.
But this time, Estella is claiming that she is in that range.

...... That was a close one.
Thank goodness Estella can read her opponent's thoughts.
Ginette is just dazed and confused about what happened, and Magda is too dazed to deal with such a sudden event.
I was completely caught off guard, too. I didn't think she'd come up with such a plan. ......
If it wasn't for Estella, I'd have been killed.
I see. ...... So if you kill your opponent, you can avoid being judged by the spirits. ...... That's a crazy theory.

But it was a conceivable situation.
I guess I should say I was careless.

'............If you turn me into a frog, his life will be ......'.
'Don't do that.'

Estella said in a cold voice to Use, who was trying to speak out of turn.

'Look at him, look at him.

She points at me with her chin.

'You're still calm when you're that close, aren't you?

Use looks down at me.
...... It's really scary from this angle. I'm almost scared.

'I wonder if he's got some tricks up his sleeve. He's got a secret plan that I can't even think of.'

No way. No way, no way.

Otherwise, I don't think you'd be able to stay so calm.'

I just couldn't do anything about it, could I?

'Don't underestimate him too much, ...... because he's a dangerous man.'

'Me, the most adorable creature next to a hamster?

'Come on. Let's put the knife down, shall we?
'............ Okay.'

Hearing Estella's voice, Use lowered the knife and walked away from me.
I'm not sure what to do................... I was scared.
But well, I should be able to afford to be out of shape.

'That's a wise decision.

I don't think my voice was shaking.
I was fine. I kept my dignity.
You've got to keep your dignity in these situations.

But I'm sure we'll be able to negotiate some pretty good terms now.
You could even buy it for twice the price of the peddler's guild. ......

'Well, ......, you've done quite a bit for me. ............'

When I looked at him, the stout, strong-looking Usset shrank back.
I'm not sure what to do. It's too late for that now.


'...... Well, I want to do good business with you in the future. Please make sure this doesn't happen again.

It was Use who let his voice leak out.
Use must have been prepared for this. He was prepared for any kind of unreasonable request that might be thrown at him.
But since it was only a warning, he must have felt relaxed.

Ginette looked relieved and Magda was still looking at me with blank eyes.
Estella's eyes widened in surprise.

'At any rate, I want you to buy this Bonacon. And from now on, I expect you to come here several times a month to sell the meat. If Magda comes alone, be sure to treat her with respect.'

Implicitly, I'm threatening Magda that if she treats me unfairly, I'll show no mercy.
This way, Magda will not be treated unfairly when she comes to sell meat.

'Yashiro-san: ...... for Magda-san: ......'

Jeannette mutters misguidedly.
'For Magda, not for me.
It's because it's too much trouble for me to go with him every time he wants to make a deal. It's inefficient, and a business that relies on manpower will fail one day.
It is essential to build a system that can circulate smoothly without my involvement.

These people seem to think that they can do whatever they want to Magda, and there's no guarantee that she won't be beaten up, or even robbed of her goods and the deal will never happen.

This is a threat to prevent that.
Instead of overlooking it this time, he blocked Magda from shielding him at all times in the future.

If Magda comes back injured, ...... I will frog you all for violating the contract between the Hunting Guild and the Sunlit Pavilion.

I'm not sure if my thoughts were conveyed properly.
I'm not sure. Then, good.

'I hope we can continue our good relationship in the future.

I hope the guild's representative doesn't suddenly disappear .......

'...... Oh, yeah. Same here.

Use and I shook hands with a variety of thoughts.
In the end, we sold the Bonacon meat for 4000Rb and the horns for 8000Rb.
Hunting guilds do not specialize in meat, but also deal in fur, horns, bones, and tusks. If I had realized that, I might have been able to make a little more money. ...... It was a waste of time.

'To be honest, I was surprised.

As I left the hunting guild, Estella spoke to me.

'Oh. I didn't know you could even sell the horns. ...... I should have brought the pelts back with me.'

It had been torn to shreds by the runaway Magda, but it might have been worth 10Rb.

'It's not. I'm talking about you.'

Estella says in a slow tone, keeping pace with me.

'I thought you were going to make some crazy demands. You're asking for a whole head in that little lump.'
'I'm sure that's the only time you'll get any benefit from it.

If you put them on their guard, they'll start throwing things at you that will put you at a disadvantage.
In the worst case, they may take measures such as closing the restaurant temporarily when Magda goes hunting. Meat doesn't last that long.
I'd rather die than lose a lot of money. ...... is not a joke.

Besides, you can't be sure that you won't end up assassinating Magda in a fit of pique.
Stimulation is best in moderation. Don't let it explode.

'Thanks to you, Jeannette, she's very happy.

Estella looks at Jeannette, who is walking ahead.
Ginette is holding hands with Magda and is talking to her happily.
She strokes her shaggy hair and smiles at him.
Magda's ears are twitching and her tail is standing up straight, despite her expressionless face. As I recall, cats' tails stand up when they are in a good mood, right? Magda seems to be in a good mood.

...... So, if you make a beautiful feline girl wear a skirt, ............

'I can almost imagine what you're thinking, but the beastmen with tails wear shorts and undercoats that can be seen under their skirts.
'Is that an evil way?
'If you're an outsider, you're right in front of me.'

What's with the 'I said it well' look on your face? You're annoying me.

'Even so, aren't there too many people who make off-the-cuff remarks?
'What do you mean?
'I don't need to mention Ginette, but the farmer Mo'mat also says things like 'tell me anything', and Delia of the river fishing guild has short-sightedly decided that we're fish thieves. And Use of the hunting guild made a series of unflattering excuses that were clearly lies. I think I could turn any of them into frogs if I wanted to, don't you?
'Oh, I see.'

Estella nodded hawkishly as if she understood what I was trying to say.

'It's a case that shows the generous heart of the residents of District 42.
'It sounds like you're making fun of me for not following through.
'That's not true. Isn't Jeannette a lovable person?
'Lovable. ......'

If you love Jeannette, you'll have a hard life from here on out.
I recommend it to dominant people. Not just a pretend M, but a true Dom. Or, for that matter, for those who have a reckless desire to throw their lives away.

'There are many other reasons why people love Jeannette, though.
'Ah, tits. You love them too.'
'That's you!You're the one who's always talking about boobs and ...... boobs and ...... boobs.'

Estella crosses her arms in annoyance.
But I know. I know it's to hide her thin breasts.

'Anyone who says "I'll do anything" knows it's a joke, don't they?
It's the "Judgment of the Spirits" that can be abused, right?
'Abuse is ......'
'That's what it is, isn't it? This magic is being used too much. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use it for anything other than threats and revenge.
'That being said, ......, I'll have to check it out. ......'

Well, if there are, they're probably few and far between.
Rules are made so that those who abide by them are cramped and those who abuse them make a lot of money. The more time that goes by, the more.

'It's still dangerous. Especially guys like Jeannette.

'She seems to be thinking in her own way, you know.
'Are you blind too?
'...... I'd like to hear what else you think is wrong, just for reference?'

The fact that Jeannette looks like she's thinking makes me wonder if she has any eyesight at all.
He's the kind of guy who only judges what flies in front of him as 'good' or 'bad'. And he seldom chooses 'bad'.

'You're a bit of a worrier, aren't you?
'I'm cautious.

I don't want to make a fool of myself.

'Ginette-chan is definitely dangerous in many ways, but even so, I wouldn't say 'I'll do anything' unless it's in front of someone I know well. Not even in a hunting guild, right?

I certainly didn't say, 'I'll do anything you want, just let me take care of Magda.

'But you've said something like that a few times in front of me.'
'So, it is.'

Estella walks around in front of me and stops.
She sticks her forefinger in front of my nose.

'It means you're a kindred spirit.

What's with the smug ...... face?

'Doesn't the fact that you're letting me in show that you're seriously lacking in security awareness?After all, I'm a 'dangerous man', aren't I?
'Hmm?Maybe you've been paying attention?

I said dismissively, and he looked pleased.

'That was just a way to make the business meeting go smoothly. No offense intended. Besides, ......'

At this point, Estella came closer to me.
She looks up at me from a very close position and says with a smile.

'I'm only saying this because I like you too.

I can't be bothered to think it's overly theatrical and smelly.

'Then say something like, "I'll do anything you want."'
'Haha. If I say that to you, you never know what you might do to me.

He said that with a refreshing smile.

'Let me lick your armpits' is all I'll say.
'What benefit does that action bring to you?

Estella squeezed her sides tightly and glared at me with a red face.
Just seeing her face is enough to make me happy.

'Yes, and besides!

As if she thought she had dug a grave, Estella quickly changed the subject.

'Even if you think in terms of profit and loss, which you seem to like, there are more disadvantages to turning someone into a frog.
'Is that so?'
'Let's say a conflict arises in a business meeting and you turn Mo-Matt into a frog. Simply, is there any advantage?'
'If it's a business meeting with an individual Mormat, it's a bust, and if it's a business meeting with the entire guild, you'll have to start over with the next representative, or you can use ...... a mild threat.
'In exchange for that mild threat, no one will want to do business with you in the future. He's the kind of guy who turns people into frogs, so don't talk to him. Oh, I'm not kidding.

Maybe the limit is to use it as a threat, like Assunto of the peddlers' guild.
If it is a threat, the farmer's first priority is to think that he will not be able to make a living if he disobeys, but if he is turned into a frog, his first priority is to think that it is dangerous to do business with him. You never know when you might be turned into a frog. It's beyond the point where you can say, 'My life.
'I'll kill you! It's like a threat to kill. The moment you actually commit murder, the threat ceases to be a threat. And no one will go near the murderer.

Indeed, the disadvantage of crossing the line is great.

But wait, ......

'What about Goffredo?'
'Goffredo?That collection agency?How do you know him?'

Estella looks at me in surprise.

'I don't think he's the type of person you'd meet if you were in Ginette's place.
'No, it's the types like Ginette that fall for that sort of thing, isn't it?
'Goffredo is a collector who specializes in 'nasty customers.
'People who are habitual defaulters, people who are hostile to the ...... financial guild...'

It's like a crusher.
These are the people who get involved in slightly illegal ways to destroy rival companies.
The kind of people who come to a restaurant that refuses to accept a land price increase and start a big fight in the restaurant.
Whatever it is, they are the worst kind.
That's the kind of person Goffredo is.

'I met Goffredo on the main street. Then he frogged a man. In full view of the public.'
'It's a rare profession where that's a threat, isn't it, collectors?

Your dignity becomes a sign.
Those who are stared at by Goffredo will pay up honestly. Even if they feel unreasonable, even if they have to. I don't want to be turned into a frog. Moreover, unlike negotiations with the guild, he is a troublesome opponent who will persist in getting involved even if we refuse.

'You shouldn't get involved with that guy either.

No. ...... I've already contacted him to make money. ............
Well, I'll be careful not to get involved in the future.

'So it's okay for me to denounce you for playing "Judgment of the Spirits" in the church.
'I've had more than that cast on me by you. ......'

He glared at me with a resentful look.
He's a small man with a small heart and a small capacity for complaining about the past.


I noticed that Jeannette and Magda had stopped and were looking at us.
They're waiting for us to walk behind them.
Their expressions couldn't be happier.

'Magda, you're going to work in the store when you're not hunting.
'What about ......?'
'He's going to be serving us.'

Wow, ......, what a reckless appointment.
That's awesome, Jeannette. I wouldn't be able to make such a drastic decision.

'Magda ......, do you have any experience in customer service?
'...... No.'
'Do you know what you need most in customer service?'
'........................ arm strength?'
'Yeah, you don't need that. It's the least necessary.'

'You're about to punch a customer in the face.

'The most important thing you need in customer service is a smile.'
'Do you collect ..................?
'That's not it. You have to make them smile.
'............ good at it.'

I couldn't help but go at him in a funny way.
I've been with him for more than a whole day, and I've never seen him smile.

'You, try laughing a little.
'.................. is really funny~'
'What are you, a high school girl?
'......'Female high school student'?'
'No, I'm talking about ...... this one.'

That 'seriously funny' must have been a misconversion of 'forced translation magic'. I'd like to think so.
I mean, even a high school girl would say that line with a little more emotion.
It's almost flat. There were no ups and downs. It's flat. Just like Estella's breasts.

'You have to let your emotions run their course. Not like Estella, but like Jeannette!
'...... Hey, Yashiro. We're talking about emotions, right?
'I'm talking about the ups and downs!
'So, we're talking about the ups and downs of emotions, right?'

Estella holds her chest and picks at an unimportant part.
'I don't care what kind of ups and downs you're talking about!
Anyway, we can learn from Jeannette!

'Emotional ups and downs!
' She says, while her hand gestures to her boobs!

Oh shit.
I couldn't help but make a gesture of flopping my hands on my chest.

'............ ups and downs'.

Magda mimicked my words and gesture.

'No, Magda!Mr. Yashiro is contagious!'

Ginette hurriedly stopped him.
...... That's just plain awful, Jeannette.

I'm not sure what to do. Laugh it up.'

I said, Magda pondered for a moment, then lifted the right corner of her mouth slightly.
It's a small change, about as small as a doll with growing hair. ......

'............ Huh.'
'Don't sneer at the customers.

No, no, no.
Smiling was too hard for this guy.
He'll never be able to serve customers cheerfully.
Then he should try to provide attentive service even if he's mute.

'Don't worry!I'll teach you the basics of customer service!
'No, Jeannette. This guy is going in the wrong direction. None of your weapons of 'smile', 'energy', and 'swaying tits' can be used against her.
'I'm not using the last one as a weapon!

Ginette presses down on her large breasts.
The soft swellings and changes its shape.
Ah, it's shaking!Thank you, every single day!

'.................. Looking forward to two years from now.

I didn't miss Magda's very small murmur.
I hope it reaches ...... your ideals.

Estella is looking at Magda as if she were looking at one of her own. But Magda is only undeveloped, but yours is complete, you know?
You can't go over the wall between 'un' and 'nothing', can you?

'...... Like the manager, you'll be able to please your customers with your tits.'
'Magda, that's a bad thing to say!I'm not trying to please my customers with that!

Ginette hurried to correct him.
But some of the customers have definitely come to look at your breasts.

'I'm making my customers happy by having a Piotis Day.
'Yashiro-san!What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with you is my line. ...... Are you still alive?
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll do fine.

'What is "Piotka Day"?

Hey, Estella. Don't bite on that word.
I just want it to fade quickly.

'In the language of Yashiro-san's country, it means 'nice smile'.'
'Wow. It's a nice word, 'Piotkaiday'.

...... Stop it. Don't blame me any more. ......

'Hmm. Hey, Yashiro.'

Estella turns to me with a big smile on her face.

'What do you think?I'm pretty good at being a 'tits day' myself, aren't I?'
'No, of course not!

Oh, shit.
It was a strong joke that filled up my tsukomi gauge with a single word, so I went in on it. ......

'......Seriously, is it that bad ......?

Estella holds her chest as if shocked.
...... Ah, it's a bit amusing that the gesture is so precise when it should be taken in a different way.

'No, that's not what I meant. ...... But let's not talk about this anymore.'

I couldn't look Estella straight in the eye anymore.

'...... Magda is also going for 'Piotka Day'.'
'Right. Let's do our best.'

If you can manage it.
I mean, really, let's not talk about this anymore. ......


Magda tugged at my clothes as I crouched down in a bit of mental exhaustion.
When I turned around, I saw Estella crouching behind Magda ......, but I ignored her and ...... Magda was staring at me.

'............ Tell me.'

How to make your paiod a kaidee?
I've heard it's good to rub them every day. ............ Oh, you're the customer service guy.

'...... Magda, what should I do?'

This guy seems to have some serious work ethic.

'......I want to be like the manager.'

This guy calls Jeannette the manager. ...... while I call him that.

'It's impossible for you to be like Jeannette.'

When I say it out loud, a little shadow falls into his empty eyes.
He gets depressed too, doesn't he?

'Oh, um, ......Yashiro-san......'

Ginette starts to say something......well, I know what you mean......, but before she can finish, I crumple Magda's hair.

'You and Jeannette are different. You're different, but you don't have to be forced to be the same.'
'Even at .............'
'You can entertain your guests your way. Catch up with Jeannette in your own way.'
'............ Magda's, way .............'

If you have a good person, you can't just mass produce them and everything will be fine. It's not often that imitating a good performer will do the trick.
That's because the method is suited to that excellent person. If others imitate them, they cannot expect to achieve success.
Besides, the latter will be more successful if the company is full of the same people as in the past and the company is full of various sensibilities.
I don't think it is necessary to explain why a company with a multifaceted perspective succeeds.

If that is the case, then we should bring in a new breeze to the Sun Goddess Pavilion.
Rather than creating more gynets, it is better to create more people who have something that gynets do not have. If that becomes their "charm," they will attract a different kind of customer.
To put it simply, "Big tits are good, but so are flat tits! That's what I'm saying.

Magda also has a good face.
If you can master this kind of character, you may find yourself a fanatic.
If we get regulars, the restaurant will be stable. My income will increase.
All good things come to an end.

'You should make use of your good points.

'............ arm strength?'
'I told you that wasn't it, didn't I?You remember that, right?

Are you sure you're okay with this?...... I'll have to teach you from the start to get it right.

'I'll teach you everything you need to know, little by little.'

I thought I saw ...... Magda smile a little just now.
I blinked, and the expression on her face returned to its original expression. ......

'Can I ask you a favor, Yashiro-san?

Ginette asks me with an apologetic ...... but extremely happy face.
Well, it's better than having an unsympathetic doll in the store and having customers run away. ...... Labor is free.

When I affirmed, Jeannette smiled with genuine happiness and bowed deeply.

'Thank you very much. You're a really nice person, Mr. Yashiro.

That's not what ...... I'm talking about.
Profit comes first!
It's for my own good!
...... You need to understand that.

'......And that ............ is one more thing I'd like to ask you ...... ......'

He twisted the fingers of his hands together, and then shook his head vigorously.

'Please make another uniform for me, Magda-san!

Ginette says this with a deep bow that exceeds ninety degrees.
Well, yes. Uniforms need to be uniform. You'll need one for Magda too.

'I know you're busy and I'm asking a lot of you, but ...... I want Magda to wear those cute clothes too.'

Ginette seems to think that uniforms are fashionable clothing.
Well, even if you don't tell me, I'll find the time to make it. ............

'Please!If there's anything I can do, I'll do it!

This guy, ...... again.

'Then let me lick your armpits.
'Yeah, yeah, yeah!

You need to learn to be a little sore, and learn to control yourself.
If you don't, you really won't be able to get it back. ............

'............ later, if you would.'


............ Huh!

'Yes, no ...... good?'
'Yeah, well, not ...... much, but ............ I'd like to have Magda's uniform, and I'm sure you'll be happy with the results. ......
Stop, Jeannette!

...... How far will this guy go ..................

'I'm kidding ......'
'I'll make the uniform. It's for the good of the sunny pavilion, and it's for my benefit, too. ......'
'Oh, really? ...... I'm glad.'
'In return ......'
'...... Don't say "I'll do anything for you" again.'
'Yes............ that............ yes. I'll be careful.

Oh, shit. ............ My face is hot.
Why do I have to be embarrassed?
I shouldn't have said anything ...... weird.

It's not that. I didn't really want to lick your armpits. ...... I just wanted to let you know that you're in danger of that kind of embarrassment. ......... ...Oh, my God!What the hell, Jeannette!Hate me, more!

'............ Yashiro'.

I can't look at Jeannette properly and turn my face away.
Magda calls out to me as she peers at me.

'............ Come in.'

Magda raises her arms.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll help.

'............Please, can you not do that now?'
'Won't you ...... lick me?'
'Don't ...... me, I'm going to die. ......'

It's ............ humiliating to be embarrassed by Magda. ............

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at ....... I'm not sure what I'm doing. ...... What's he doing?
Well, what are you doing? I'm doing the same thing. ............

From now on, I will refrain from saying anything strange to Jeannette. ...... It will all boomerang back to me.

In a way, I thought that Jeannette is the most natural enemy.